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A Week's Doings in Rural
Interesting Items Picked. Up by Our
Staff of Wide-Awoke Correspondents
April 28th. Bill, the baker, says,
"What do I care about Patten? A
man that can make Ice cream with
out eggs, can make bread without
Joe Dorfllnger and Charles Wen
ders are' going to Newton, N. J., on
Saturday to play a game of baso ball.
They made a great record at Mil
ford playing basket ball this winter,
and now the MUford base ball team
bus secured these two professionals,
to play the game against Newton.
Edward Murphy, who caught a
number of games for White Mills
and llonesdalc last season, has been
engaged to catch for Mount Cnrniel.
All the boys are wishing him suc-
1 observe In an ngriculturnl paper
an account of cows giving better
than llfty pounds of milk per day.
How many cows are there In Wayne
county giving thlrty-llvo?
If Congress does not make the laws
In favor of the Steel magnates, there
Is some talk of their moving to
China. 1 ider if the coal opera
tors will take the coal fields over
there, If the men do not come to
their terms.
Misses Maude and Ethel Brooks,
of Hoboken, returned home last
week, after making a short visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Fermer.
John Peters and wife, 'of Corning,
arc. visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Herman Peters.
The N. P. L. Installed their local
officers on Tuesday, April 27th. John
Boyle was deputized as the installing
Miss Frances McCabe, of Carbon
dale, Is at the Hotel Frederick.
You have heard about rat raps,
mice traps, bear traps, and traps of
different descriptions, but Herman
Peters hns invented a trap to catch
chicken lice. He made a frame of
iron pipe for the roosts to rest on,
and about eighteen inches from the
floor around the iron pipe there is
an oil cup. If the lice go down
from the roosts they get in the cup
and If they come up from the floor
they get In the same trap. Patent
Sid. Woodley and wife, from Beach
Lake, called at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. Butler on Sunday.
Abe. Seaman and wife have just
returned home after spending their
honeymoon In New York and vicinity
for two weeks.
Erastus Austin held a farewell
party on Tuesday evening; he moved
back on the farm the following
April 26th. All of the members of
the Hiidegardo Kcbckuh Lodge, No.
3.)9, I. 0. O. F., Lakeville, Pa., are re
quested to be present at the next regular
meeting of the lodge on Wednesday
evening, May ."th, at 8 o'clock.
F. B. Pennell sold two cows to Mr.
Deerfield, of Arlington, on Friday last.
Mrs. 0. W. Pennell, who had the
grippe a few weeks ago, is not recover
ing from it as fast as her friends would
wish. This disease is taking a very tirm
holdf its victims and it seems almost
impossible to shako it off.
Mrs. Hobert Lovelass, of Lakeville,
and Mrs. F. It. Olmsted, of Uswick, are
now battling with this terrible Grippe.
Mrs. Charles F. Utt is alsoindisposed.
Aaron Goble bought a horse of C. O.
Cramer at Adelia, on Wednesday. Mrs.
Goble accompanied her husband to
Hoadley's and from there to Hawley
along the Middle Creek, on his inspect
ing tour on Wednesday.
The Audell school closed on Wednes
day the 21st.
James Sheeley went to Scranton this
morning and has returned as far aB
Hawley this afternoon..
The Lakeville base ball team will have
a box social on Wednesday evening at
the P. O. S. of A. hall.
Miss lieahen will closo her school at
Lakeville, on Wednesday, April 28th.
We are pleased to learn that Mrs.
Lovelass was able to sit up part of the
time today.
Mrs. Peter Osborne and daughter,
Lena, are recovering from their recent
illness. Sorry to hear that Mr. Osborne
is now ill.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daniels jjenter
tained company from llonesdalc 'and
Hawley over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Mauer and Mr.
and Mrs, Charles Lyons, of Hawley, and
Jacob Sleezer, of this place, visited Mr.
and Mrs. Christian Schrader at Ledge
dale on Sunday.
The farmers In this vicinity have com
menced to plow, while others are work
ing the roads.
April 28th. Mrs. Josephine Culver
and father, Orrin Noble, of Battlo Creek,
Mich'., recently visited at the homes of
F. W. Tegeler, W. B. Yerkea and L. P.
MIps ChriBtlne Hocker arrived home
from Honesdale, the first of tho wook,
to spend the Bummer.
Mesdnmcs Beach and Skinner, Miss
Minnie Gay and niece, Elizabeth Skin
ner, and Win. Pulis spent Saturday at
L. J. Hocker is improving his house
this spring and will add an acetylene gas
plant. Mr. Hocker is entertaining two
New York guests. These people, who
are Atistrians, spent the greater part of
the summer here last year.
George liurcher lias been building a
kitchen addition to his house.
Mips Minnie Gay recently entertained
Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Hrectle, of Cocliec
ton. Invitations to the 1009 commencement
of the Glade township high school have
been received hcru. Miss Katlierinu M.
Shercr is among the graduates.
We are sorry to learn that Lester I.ove
lnss, who lias been very ill with pneu
monia is not gaining.
Whatever Lowers the Temperature
Is the Cause of Rain.
The general law of aqueous precipi
tation may be briefly staled. What
ever lowers the temperature of the
air at any place below the dew point
Is a cause of rain. Va'rlous causes
may conspire to effect this object, but
It is chiefly brought about by the as
cent of tue air Into the higher regions
of the atmosphere, by which, being
subjected to less pressure, it expands
and in doing so lowers its tempera
ture. These ascending currents are
caused by the heating of the earth's
surface by" the sun's rays or, in fact,
by anything which raises the temper
ature of the superincumbent air, and
It Is very obvious that the continual
discharge of large pieces of ordnance
will have a considerable effect In rais
ing the temperature of the air lying
on the earth's surface, which will as
cend, expand and discharge in aque
ous particles In the form of rain for
the foregoing reasons.
The gingham-shlrted boy had made
a break to pass the ticket-seller at the
circus entrance, but that gentleman
had caught him and rudely thrust him
"Poor little devil," said a Beedy
looking man In the crowd. "If I had
the money I'd buy him a ticket my
self." The crowd looked sympathetic, but
said nothing, while the boy sobbed as
if his heart would dissolve.
"I've only got a nickel, little feller,"
pout on the seedy looking one, "an'
that won't do you no good. Say," ho
continued, turning suddenly to the
crowd, "let's do one good act In our
lives. Let's buy him a ticket."
It looked for a minute as If a col
lection was to be started, but a benevolent-looking
old gentleman nipped it
In the bud by slipping a half-dollar
Into tho hand of the boy, who prompt
ly disappeared into the tent.
"I thank you a thousand times for
that kind act, sir," said the seedy
looking man.
"You seem to take quite an Interest
in the little fellow," remarked tho
benevolent one.
"Well, I should think I ought to,"
nnswered the seedy-looking man,
proudly. "That's the only son I got!"
Ate Eggs 100 Years Old.
At the banquet given In San Fran
cisco recently to celebrate the estab
lishment of a Chinese Chamber of
Commerce priceless Chinese delica
cies were served. Among the guests
were fifty Americans. Although chop
sticks were used, all of the speech
making was In English.
Some of the Items In tho dinner,
that cost $25 a plate, were as follows:
Snow fungus, which retails at $40 a
pound and Is one of tho rarest Chin
cse delicacies; sharks' flns, birds'
nests, preserved eggs, one hundred
years old; melon seeds, which tho
white guests could not eat with chop
sticks; brains of yellow fish and water
lily seeds with ducks. In all there
were seventeen courses.
A Mild Rebuke.
When one woman rebukes another,
tho cynical bystander thinks It well
to have his ear open. She was a wo
man whose clothes were better than
her manners, says the Washington
She walked Into tho railway car,
tilted her hear superciliously, sniffed
once or twice, and asked, In a loud
"la this the smoking car?"
"No, ma'am," answered a demure
young woman In tho first seat "I
think you'll find It three cars for
ward." Jumped at Conclusion.
Two small boys had strayed In the
mummy room of a certain museum.
"Wgt'B these?" Bald one.
"Them's guys wofa bin dead a Ions
time," answered the other.
."And wot's them letters, B. a 14,
o.ver tho guy In the corner?"
"Guess that's the number of the
automobile wot run over the poor
Osgar und Adolf Have a Breezy Dla
loguo In tho Forest.
"Osgar und Adolf," the unique
creations of F. W. Bchaefer, now ap
pearing in literary vaudeville, re
cently Indulged in the following dia
logue: "Here, Adolf, we are plgntggln'g'ln
der haunts of nature."
"I knew somedlng wass haunting
me, Osgar, bud I though Id was3
chlggors." i
"Llsden to der voodpecker's lilt
as he drife's nails In his family tree."
' "I thought dot wass der bullfrok's
reveille among der daffydowndlllles."
"Overhead der trees oxtend der
branches from der main office mlt a
frlentllness to each odder."
"Yes, yess; bud Id Iss a vonder
dey don'd knock their heads toged
der when dey bough. Ha, ha, hat"
"Un dor pure breeze3 blow."
" Do you really dink dose zephyrs
Iss all vool?"
"Look how der Ivy clings to der
"I vonder who nailed Id on? Oh,
dere Is a limpid pool."
"I vlll try for der corner packed,
ha, ha, ha. By der vay, I can boo
myself In dor water."
"Dot is a serious reflection on id.
Say, we arc nod alone. I see hoof
printings In der mut."
"Of course. DIbs Is vere der cow
slips und der bullrushcs, ha, ha!"
"Led us pull some vlld flowers be
fore dey pull their pistils." (Biff!)
"I dink I vlll prlng here some
day a chain gang to mako daisy
"Dere Iss some fir tree3. Dey come
from Iceland, I hear."
"Vot grows on dem?"
'Den dot blace musd be der orltch
Inal Coney Island, he, he, he!"
(Blng! Biff!)
Then Polly Spoke.
Young Slmpklns (making a call)
You have had that parrot a long
time, Miss Ethel.
Miss Ethel Yes, we have had him
several years.
Young Slmpklns Quite Intelli
gent, Is he not?
Miss Ethel Very. He can Imi
tate most anything.
Young Slmpklns They have a re
markable parrot over at the Caster
11ns', Miss Ethel. It can Imitate the
sound of a kiss to perfection. Is
that among the accomplishments of
our feathered friend here In the cor
ner? Miss Ethel (Indignantly) No sir.
Ho does not attempt an imitation of
a sound he is not accustomed to hear
Mr. Slmpklns.
The Parrot (remlnlscently Walt,
George, dear, till I take this bird out
of the room.
Absent-Minded Benevolence.
A Dellever In organized charity
cites the following as an example of
misdirected tender-he.artedness:
A very benevolent, but absend
mlnded old gentleman, riding in his
carriage one hot July day, noticed a
toad In the dusty road gasping ,wjth
the heat. In the kindness o'f " his
heart he climbed down, tenderly
moved the poor toad Into the shade
of his carriage, and then, thoroughly
satisfied with his good deed, climbed
up again and drove on.
He What a beautiful set of teeth
she has.
She Yes, he inherited them from
nor mother.
Measure of Train Speed.
A traveler waited at a certain
English provincial town In vain for,
the much overdue train on the
branch lino. Again he approached
the solitary sleepy-looking porter
and Inquired for tho twentieth time.
'Isn't that train coming soon?" At
that moment a dog came trotting
up the line, and a glad smile illumi
nated tho official's face. "Ah, yes.
sir," replied the porter, "It'll be
getting near now, Here comes the
engine driver's dog."
Oupld's Curriculum.
"She thinks she might eventually
learn to love me," sighed the young
"Then send her Dun and Brad
street. There are no better text
books, my boy.
. But Not the ''One."
Mrs. Hoyle My husband had
1100,000 when I married him.
Mrs. Doyle How much has be
Mrs. Hoyle Oh, he has most of
the ciphers left.
Market Reports.
WHEAT Ona cent higher: contract
grade, April, Sl.Xal.37.
CORN Two and one-half cents higher;
April, 79a79c.
OATS-Bteady: No. 2. white, natural.
BUTTER Firm, with Kood demand: re-
celpts, 7,533 packages; creamery, specials,
27aZ7ftc. (official Z7c); extras, 2Ca2SHo.;
thirds tq firsts, 20a2Sc; held, common to
extra, 20a2Bc: stato dairy, common to
choice, 19a2Sc; process, common to spe
cial, 16a23c; western, factory, 18al9Hc.
CHEESE Firm; receipts, 2,867 boxes;
state, old, full, cream, special, 16al7c;
small, fancy, 15c: large, fancy, lCc;
good to fine, 15Kc; common to fair, 12a
13c; new, colored, fine, 14rialEc; white,
13Hal4Mc; common to good, 10al3c. ; skims,
full to specials. 2t4ac.
EGGS Steady; receipts. 31,687 cases:
state, Pennsylvania and nearby, fancy,
selected, white, 2314c; fair to choice, iZhla.
ac; Drown ana mixea, rancy,- 23c; fair
to choice, 21tta22V4c.i western, storage
packed, 224a22Uc; firsts. 21Wa22c: sea-
onds, 20a21c; southern, firsts, 21c; sec
onds, 20HC
POTATOES Steady for new: old do
mestic steady, but Imported weak; do
mestic, old. In bulk, per 180 lbs., 32.75a3;
per bbl. or bag, J2.50a2.75; European, old,
per 168 lb. bag, Jl.80a2.10; Bermuda, new,
per bbl., $3a4.50; Florida, new, per bbl.,
J2a4.CS; sweet, per basket, il.G0a2.
L.IVE POULTRY Steady: chickens.
broilers, per lb.. 30aS5c: fowls. IGalBHa.:
old roosters, H!ial2c; ducks, 15c; geese,
DRESSED POUI.TRY-FIrm: broilers.
nearby, fancy, squab, per pair, OOaMc: 3
lbs. to pair, per lb., 40a45c.; fowls, barrels,
lGc; old roosters, 12Vic; spring ducks,
nearby, 2la2tic.: squnbs, white, per doz.,
J2a4.25; frozen turkeys, No. 1, per lb., 23a
2Gc; broilers, milk fed, fancy, 24a25c;
corn fed, fancy, 21a23c; roasting chick
ens, milk fed, 23a25c; corn fed, 17a20c;
fowls. No. 1, lGc; old roosters, 1214c.;
ducks, No. 1, 1'alSc; geese, No. 1, 12aHc.
HAY AND STRAW-Steady; timothy,
per hundred, 70a90c.; shipping, 65c; clo
ver, mixed, COaTTVic; clover. MaCSc; long
rye straw, i
Closing Stock Quotations.
Money on call was 2 per cent; time
money and mercantile paper unchanged
In rates. Closing prices of stocks were:
Amal. Copper... 77 Norf. & West... 81
Atchison 109 Northwestern ..180
B. &O 114H Penn. R. R 135
Brooklyn R. T.. 774 Reading 146
Ches. & Ohio.... 76 Rock Island 29
C. ,C..C.&St.L.. 74 St. Paul 150
D. &H 181 Southern Pac... 120
Erie 30 Southern Ry.... 29
Gen. Electric. ...158 South. Ry. pf... 68
111. Central 145 Sugar 133
Int. -Met 15 Texas Pacific... 33
Louis. & Nash.. 139 Union Pacific... 188
Manhattan 145 U. S. Steel 54
Missouri Pac... 74 U. S. Steel pf.,.115
N. Y. Central... 130 West. Union.... 71
He Didn't Go.'
"Going to the lodge, Arthur?" ex
claimed the young wife, In surprise.
"I didn't know you were n member of
any lodge?"
"Why aw yes, Georglana," said the
young husband. "I belong to the Or
der of Elks."
"And would you rather spend the
evening with a lot of Elks than with
your own little dear?"
And Arthur meekly hung ud his hnt
Colored Dress Goods
At Important Reductions.
High Class Materials, consisting of Satin Directoire, Prunellas,
Surges, Voiles, and Fancy Dress Suitings.
Silk and Cotton Mixed
u ress Fabrics.
Plain and Fancy Weaves in all
Linen and Union Linen Suitings
Carpets and Mattings.
A Splendid Assortment of NEW SPRING PATTERNS.
Linoleums and Oil Cloth.
Lace Curtains and Shades.
New, Fine Spring Goods at Popular Prices.
We are showing the Finest Assortment of Paper at the Lowest
Prices Ever Known.
The Era of New Mixed Paints !
This year oDenwicn a deluge of new mixed paints. A con
dition brought about by our enterprising dealers to get some kind
of a mixed paint that would supplant CHILTON'S MIXED
PAINTS. Their compounds, being new and heavily advertised,
may una a sale with the unwary.
the: only place in honesdale
There are reasons for the pro-eminence" of CHILTON PAINTS
1st No ono can mix a bettor mixed naint.
2d The painters declare that it works easily and has won
aorrui covering qualities.
3d Chilton stands back' of it, and will agree to repaint, at his
owit expense, every, surface painted with Chilton Paint that
proves uoiecuvo.
4th Those who have used
ana recommena its use to
Shoes In Which She Could Walk Far
ther Than In Others.
Mrs. Frlnk was a trusting soul, and
rarely questioned the opinions of oth
ers about matters concerning which
they wero supposed to be Informed.
Ono day she came home with a pair
of new shoes under her arm. "Got
them at Brides'," she explained, "and
they're the best I ever bought you."
"What is so very good about them?"
Inquired her son, for whom the shoes
wero Intended,
"Why, the salesman said that you
could walk farther in them than In
any others without getting tired, and
I said that you couldn't walk very far
Just now on account of your knee, you
know, and he said that he meant
farther for the same distance. So I
boi'ght them, and hero they are. Save
the string, please."
She did not notice the smile on her
son's face as he undid the package,
and he was spared the trouble of ex
plaining. A Punctual Bird.
What tempts tho little humming
bird that we see in our gardens to
travel every spring from near the
equator to as far north as tho arctic
circle, leaving behind him, as he does,
for a season, many tropical delights?
He Is thi only one of many humming
birds tnat placidly loaves tho land of
galiy colored birds, to go Into volun
tary exile In the North, east of tho
Mississippi. How It stirs the Imagina
tion to picture the solitary, tiny mi
grant, a mero atom of blrdllfe, mov
ing above the range of human sight
through the vast dome of the sky!
Borne swlftiy onward by rapidly vi
brating little wings, he covers the
thousands of miles between his winter
home and his summer one by easy
stages, and arrives at his chosen des
tination, weather permitting, at ap
proximately the same date year after
year. What a methodical and punc
tual bird! Tho Sabbath School Vlsl
tor. A Good Reason.
A professor tells this story at his
own expense. He was Instructing a
class of boys about the circulation ot
the blood and to make sure that they
understood him he said:
"Can you tell me why it Is that If X
stood on my head the blood would
rush to my head, and when I stand
on my feet, there is no rush of blood
to the feet?"
Then a small boy, after pausing for
a short time, answered:
"It is because your feet are not
empty, sir."
the Now Shades. Imported Irish
m the most desirable colorings.
UlllL I UN 5 111 I AuU TAIN I U
it are perfectly satisfied with it,
Atlo rn c vs-at-La w.
Office, .Masonic building, second floor
Honesdale, Pa.
WM. H . LEE,
Office over post office. All legal business
promptly attended to. Honesdale. Pa.
lu&"Llb,c,rty ILaI.1 building, opposite the
Post Ofllcc, llonesdalc, Pa.
Office over Heirs store. Honesdale Pa.
OITlce near Court House Honesdale. Pa.
Olllcc over Post Olilce. Honesdale. Pa.
Charles a. Mccarty,
Snecinl unci nromnt nttpiiMnn elvpn tn h
collection of claims. otUce over Keif's new
aiuru, iiunt'suuiu. i'U.
Olllcoovcr the nost olllco Honesdale. Pa.
Ollico in the Court .House, Honesdale,
Patents and pensions secured. OlBce In the
Schuerholz building Honesdale. Pa.
u9filfes.Scond, P00.r oId Savings Bank
building. Honesdale. Pa.
Office-Next .door to post oi)W. Formerl
occupied by W. H. Dimmlck. Jlonosdale. Pa
Office First Honr. nlrt Svln Iinni- l,.,n,i
ing, Honesdale, Pa.
Office and residence 1116 Church street
Telephones. Oilice Hours 2:00 to 4:00 and
r:uutos:w. n. ro
late of the township of Lake, Pa.
itiuGuieu w auiucsiuiu ure null
iitw ,u li.uivG umiicuiuie lmyiiienb 10 me un
clersigned : and those having claims against
duly attested for settlement.
. , , Ji- x"Jyi,!11V" Aomimsirator,
Ariel, Pa., April 12, 11)03. 30
Late of Preston, deceased.
The undersigned, nn Anrtitnr nnrtnlnfo
report distribution of said estate, will attend
the duties of his uppolntment, on
iin TUKHDAY, MAY 18. 11)08,
nt 10 o'clock a. in., at his oilice In the borough
of Honesdale, at which time and place all
claims against said estate must be presented,
or recourse to the fund for distribution will
ueiusi. u. i.. mnvi.Aisi), Auuitor,
Honesdale, Pa., April 20, 1900. 33
Late of Paupack township, deceased.
The undersigned, an auditor appointed to
report distribution of said estate, will attend
to the duties of his appointment, on
FRIDAY. APRIL 16, 1009.
at 10 o'clock, a. m.,at his office in the borough
of Honesdale, at which time and place all
clnlniN llL'fllnst Hiltd fttntn ninot ha nrflsanfuH
or recourse to the fund for distribution will
ue ius.
- R. M. SALMON, Auditor.
Honesdale, March 29. 1909. 29t3
To A. M, Hcnshaw from Wana
maker & Brown.
Deak Sir:
We are In receipt of an unlimited num
ber of congratulations from our sales
agents upon the superb assortment of
Spring Clothes. They agreeing with us
In pronouncing them the handsomest
ever gotten together.
We send forward this supplemental
line of Grays and Oxfords from the fact
that It Is being whispered that high
priced merchant tailors arc preparing to
Introduce them as their leading lines; and
these fortify you In tho statement that
you have everything that can be demand
The OLDEST Fire Insurance
Agency in Wayne County.
Offlce: Second floor Masonic Build
ing, over C. C. Jadwin's drug store,
Honesdale. -
One ol the best equipped farms In Warns
I county-situated about three miles from
- lionesaaie,
Eraytblij fyMAjgg
years In buildings, tools and Improvements.
165 teSS
'S acres are good bard-
sold reasonably.
For further particulars en,-
W. W.WOOD,"Cttln" sffles