The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, December 16, 1891, Image 3

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I J I n t. ItMAH IIVQ MU I It I I w W C UwlWh
Urs 1 :.s.
itvuiiiumuu Willi
the medicinal
Ijf virtues of plants known to be
H most beneficial to the human
system, forming nn agreeable
I and effective laxative tvy pertna-
i,.iiciiii vuiv; iiuu'.iuai vuuau
i nation, and the nianv ills de-
.pfJKing on a weak o- - '.!
ition of the
KIBflEYS, UVFi'f "-iflK
Itli thimo'tcjcnMlinuc.i ..uwri'
CiMAtff VIE SYS TEi' . r:
When one is Bllinii ot t .
-J Tf.AT
Every one is using it ind ah . ; .
, delighted with it.
W. Baker & Co.'s
from which tlio cwh ot
oil lias li.'cu removed, la
Absolutely JPuro
and it in4Soluble.
aro used tu Its preparation. It has
more than three times the strength of
Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, and is therefore far moro
economical, costing less than one cent
a cup. It is delicious, nourishing,
( strengthening, easily digestkd,
and admirably adapted for invalids
ns well a3 for persons In health.
Sold by Crocoro ovorywhoro.
V. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
pearly evey, atterrt of ors'e
t 0.nkef is imitated in cblor and
style. In most cases the imitation
looks just as good as the genuine,
but it hasn't the warp threads, and
so lacks strength, and while it sells
for only a little less than the genu
ine it isn't worth one-half as much.
The fact that Horse Blanket
are copied is strong' evidence
that they ar! THE STANDARD,
and every buyer should see that
the ty trade mark is sewed on
the inside of the Blanket.
Five Milo
Extra Test
100 6.A STYLES
price to suit evervbody. If y on can't c;el
them from your dtaler, write us. Ask for
the5A Book. Von 'ang' it without ..liargc.
WM AYRKS f RONS Philadelphia.
ank Counters, Tyler Syetom, Port
aoio, uncquaiea in styies,
One nnrl Flnllll.
, UO Pj CtUlogii of Cuatirt, Di'L tic, lllulrttei la
p,!wrt, BboLi, Pre 1'otligt l&ttnti.
I W5EW 1HB, Also Tiler's Itoynl
Ou'CB ISe una TJT6-u-rlter
fubliieta, VOO
Styles. Hi t nnd clicnp
CM, on (itmli, with gre&t
roam tli.ii lu prices.
ISO pg ettitAfu. Frf.
rotti is ctu rIi Un o
Debit, (htlra. Tftbl.B, llool
l'tr, C.blfttti, Lriftl lllaul
tV hi.U. !., vUclu
rvjuiai ainsKCo,, Nt.i.unu, io., x.h.a.
Where be will be pleaded to meet the wauU
of tils mends ana tue pucuo in
tiVBri lUltiy IU Uiu .uiiua.suu muu
m ,t i : I.: ., t : n
For all lu
tlotks, Jcwrlry, Diamonds, Xovelt'es
audKU erwa'ent
Young Worrell's Testimony
n llow to tho Dcfonco.
But Placed It Whero Every One of Hit
Family Oonld Havo Drunk of It-
Worrell Wnulil Not Admit that Ht
Know lln AVin Su.pected ot the Crime
Wliy lie Ititnlneit Two I.nwrers to
luko Cluireit of 31m. llurunliy's Attain
The Htory that the Ittilrilered lVo.1
rami Wi lllnsntlslled With Ilr. Graves.
DENVKn, Col., Deo. 10 A llttlo re.
mnrk dropped by K. S. Worrell, Jr., yos
tunlay In tke trlul ot Dr. Urav'es aided
In wiping out the suspicion thnt his
family was connected with tho poison
ing. . Ilo said lie laid the bottle of
tho death dealing poison on the kitchen 1
tublo when ho bi ought it from his
buggy. At that time there were In the
house his wife, u jrido pf' three mn i'Iis;
his mother, tlrs. Baruaby nnl a ojWuat
The defence does not claim that the
sjrvaut girl wns la lau plot, nud it U
lmr.lly possthle tint the will claim
the young lirldo was in It with her bus- 1
band, yet this bottle was where sho
could ranch It nuJ where tho servant
girl on u Id reach It. Tho cork was loose
..i it tor it, ha ! -1 taken out t tho
oitioe and replug.. Wo ..jn aro enri-p-v
imil it, n n to suppose that
young Sir. iVwit ., v. .j, tin defence
intimate, was the arch plotter, would
know this. Even it he desired to take
Mrs. Uarnaby's life ho would not havo
cared to poison his young wife unit tho
servant girl. The servant girl corrob
"oTated ail that Mr. Worrell said. i
ltoth she and Mr. Wotroli woro sub
jected to severe cross-oxaminatlons. Mr.
'Jin con eudeaviinJd by every nrtlflco to
iuduce Mr, Worroll to admit thnt ho
was sutpocted f the crime. Ho pro
duced nn interview alleged to have beou
held witli him after Mrs. Durnnby's
death Which contradicts his previous
testimony in almost everydetnil. Mr.
Worrell u. limited that ho said some ot
the things attributed to him in this,
but ho denied evi-rythlng else.
Worrell stnttd that he was in tho real
estate businesj nud loaned mou?y. Ho
knew Mrs. Baruaby had about $100,000,
nud slit- bad tuiked ubuut investing
some or most of it In Deliver. If she
had invested this amount, ho said, of
course he would havo received a fair
commission for handling it.
Ho admitted that !iq had frequently
written bis mother while she was on the
trip to California with Mrs. Birnaby,
but ho had let the p.tckago supposed to
contain whiskey remain In the post
office from Alarch 3 to April 1, because
ho did uot know hor definite address.
After liis mother returned home he let
tho package remain in tho postolliue for
a wi'ek, because ho did not know how
long Mrs. Baruaby would remain on
the coast.
After Mrs. Baruaby died he retained
two lawyers to take charge of the case,
but claimed he did so upon the instruc
tions o f the dead woman's daughter. He
theu told tlio oft told tide about the dead
woman being disatislled with the doctor
as a business niun.and changing the will
so as to leave him $'J5,000, instead of
$50,000. , ,
Duckworth Club to Dlalmud.
Cixciksati, Dec 1C. It Is said that
the Duckworth Club, the famoitsJDemo
cmtic organisation of this city, will
disband. On account of the dissen
sions uinong the inembeis growing out
of Gov Campbell's candidacy in the
last election, an attempt will be made
to retire the present Board ot Direct
ors. Failing in this, the matter will
be takon to court iu tho form of a pe
tition setting forth thnt'ths club is In
solvent, and that it will be to tho best
interests of the stockholders to have the
organization wiped out of insistence.
The Grip Spreailtns.
West Chksteii, Pa., Dec 10. Five
hundred people in West Chester aro ill
j with the grip, many of them seriously,
i In Kounctt Square there are CO ill with
, the disease; iu Oxford as niauy more; iu
I Phcouixville, 200; in Coatsville, ISO.
and In small Chester Coiroty towns the
physicians havn moro than their hands
full. The dlsoaso is particularly liova-
! lent In the country districts. There ure
probably ns many cases now as there
were two years ago, when tho disease
took the form of an epidemic
Deutli of u l'riiinltieiit Importer.
Sacgatuck, Coun., Dec. 10. George
Phelps Lawrence, Benior partner of the
firm of Lawence, Giles Co., New York,
fruit importers, was found dead iu bed
at his residence in this village yesterday.
Death was due to apoplexy. Deceased
was a wealthy man nnd bis estate hero
is located near Ce.inr Point and Is one of
, the finest in the village. Mr. Lawrence
welgheu over UUU pnuuus ami has uei-n
troubled with rhoumutlo gout for some
years. He will bo buriod in Greenwood
Cometery, Brooklyn.
The Toleirruphers' btrllte,
AldtqceIiquk, N. M,, Dec 10. The
situation in the strike ot the telegraph
ers on the Atlantic & Pacific ltallroad
has assumed a more serious aspect.
Tho switchmen, brakeinen, firemen aud
engineers have taken up the cause .of
the striktrs, because it is snld that
the company will hire uon-uulon meu
to till the vacancies. Committees from
each organization ot the above employes
notified Supt. Gnbel that they would go
out if substitutes were engaged.
Drane's Certificate Not Yrt Vlled.
PouailKEErsiE, N. Y., Dec 10. The
Dutchess County Board of. Canvassers
was served with Jin ordor yesterduy Is
sued by Judge Fursman, of Albany, di
recting the Hoard to show cause why
the procoo Itngi lu tlio Osborne case
before Judge Dirnnrd on Saturday
should not ba quashed, and that until
that order Is heard in Brooklyn the cer
tificate of election glvon to Deane shall
bo held iu the County Clerk's and
not be sent to Albany.
IleM Aci'uuntuhlii for the Wreck.
New Haven, Conn., Dec 10. Coroner
Mix yesterday doetded to hold Engineer
Meeban and Fireman Dobbins ac
countable for the recent railroad acci
dent at Whoaton'a Crossing, near
Wutorlmry, In which George Younglove
was killed. The meu wore detained at
Police Headquarters.
iljlhcit ot all in Le.ivening 1'owei
Itelenspil on liall, anil Hipu lte-Rriesteit
nil Another Cluirei.
New Yor.K, Dec. 10. Tho grand Jury
yestorday afternoon returned nn Indict
ment against Edward M Field, the
falUd broker, nnd son of Cyrus W.
Field, for grand larceny.
There is only ono count In the indict
ment, which specifies that on Oct. S3,
1891, Edward M. Field, as bailee, had
possession of CO bonds ot the Union Pa
cific, Denver & Gulf ltallroad Company,
nnd that ho did wrongfully and fraud
ulently appropriate them to his own use.
Ball was fixed at $.'3,000, and John
T. Terry, banker, hod J. I'lerpont Mor
gftn, banker, qualified In that amount.
Field, accompanied by his counsel,
then loft tho court room. When lie
reached the stroet he was at once re
arrested nnd taken to Ludlow Stroot
Jail. This last arrest was made on au
ordor secured by 11 E. Dietz of Brook
lyn, aud Issued several weoks ago by
Judge Pratt of that city.
Field will be called to plead to tho In
dictment to-morrow.
A 3totlier still Clillil Murileroil In Cold
NDW YoitK, Deo. 10. Mrs. V, Bosch
lnskl, aged !Jl, the wife ot Max Boschln
skl, a mechanic, was killed In cold blood
in Williamsburg yesterday evonlng.
Her head was smashed almost to a pulp,
Tho woman's son, Isaac, aged 4, was
found fatally wounded beside hismother
with bis skull fractured, probably with
tho same weapon with which she was
killed. Hobbery was evidently tlio mo
tive, as $150 which had been saved by
the woman and her husband was gone.
The4 polioe detained 13 men, nil neigh
bors, but the murderer has uot yet been
Many Deaths from Diphtheria.
LANOASrmt, Pa., Dec 10. Dlphthorla
appears to be on the incro.isa iu the
rural sections of tho county. Many
deaths havo beeu reported during tho
past week from that cause, all the vic
tims being children. A greatly afllict
ed family is that of Farmer David 0.
Kready. " Sunday there was a double
funeral, two of his children being bur
led in ono grave. Upon the return of
the .stricken pcrents to tholi- home a
third child was dead, nnd two other
children are down with this terrible
disease and are expected to die. Soma
years ago Mr. Kready lost the only two
children he then had from tho same dis
Madamo Janauscuek is ' seriously 111
In Baltimore with pneumonia.
Seven brick busluoss houses iu Flor
ence, Ala., were destroyed by firn yes
torday. The total loss is $2)0,000.
The planlns mill firm of Klaus &
Bork, Buffalo, N. Y., Is iu financial
trouble. Llabllltles'$00,000; assets $70,
000. The London Divorce Court yesterday
granted the judicial separation aBked
for by Miss St. John from her husband,
M. Marius.
Boston's municipal election yesterday
resulted: Matthews, Dam., 34,021; Al
len, Hop., 19,538; Shspleigh, Pro., 000.
Mattuews' plurality, lo,U30.
Secretary Blafue has received a long
cable message from United States Min
ister Egun at Santiago, Chili, but re
fuses to say anything abode it.
The Czar has paid the sum ot $125,000
which is' usually devoted, to State balls,
to the Central iteliet Committee for dis
tribution among tho famine sufferers.
America's popular comedian,
Mr. Charles A. Loder,
Support! d by tho people's favorite, M1KS
JUS it! MIKSON. at da ureal company of
comedians aud prclu ylr s, lu the
Coiutdy . uccew of ibesfasou,
Acknowledge! bylho piess, pub'lo and pro
letsinu to lie the len lini; roniody proluc
llon. One week's r n-lnis In New
Vork o er $7,000.
llLTMI'IUlRY 4 CKOSSLKV. Managers.
Prices, 25, 35 and 50 CciitH
Heath on salo at Klrlln's dritR store.
The .
Ferguson's Theatre,
December 22.
Prices, 25, 50, 75c.
t. Gov't Report, 7, 18H9
Colored Alan Wants Damtiet,
EoNDOUT, N. V., Doc. 10. Sylvester
Stay, a prominent colored citizen, has
brought suit for $5,000 ngalnst Mana
ger Dubois, of the Kingston Opera
House. Stay purchased several re
served seats for last Thursday oven
Ing's performance, but when ho pre
sented the tickets at tho door he nnd
his party woro refused admission to
thnt portion of the house which tho
tickets called for, and ho was informed
that it he wished to see the perform
ance ho mUst get gallery seats. Ho
wns Informed that this was necessary ou
account of his color.
AlJecheuy Vall-jr Komi Sold,
PiTTSBnuo, Pa., Dec 10. The Alle
gheny Valley Railroad, togethor with
all its rights, franchises, etc., was sold
at auction yesterday in the U. S. Circuit
Court room. I. A. B. Wldener, repre
senting the Income bondholders, was the
purchaser ami the only bidder. His bid
of $.'1,000,000, together with tho road's
Indebtedness of $20,000,000, makes tho
total purchase price $20,000,000. The
Pennsylvania Railroad Is the owner of a
majority of the bonds, and the salo is
virtually to the Pennsylvania ltallroad.
The Minister Ilud 11 1'lstnl.
HALCiart, N. C, Doc 10. Tho Rev.
J. T. Abernathy, the Snow Hill minis,
tor, who was shut by W. T. Griuibley
for kissing Mrs. lrlmsley, met the in
jured husband on Mie street yesterday
and both men opened fire, four shots
taklug r" : t, Abernathy 'a face
and one in ,ley's thigh. Both
men were sir1o" ' injurod. Great ox
cltomont pi'maus In the Snow Hill sec
tion. Both men wero arro-tod. Aber
nathy resigned his pastoral charge im
mediately after his former difficulty.
Did Your Baby Ory all Last Night?
f'it if ho did, tor it weukens hlmno;
thnn, too. It can b prevented, if vou will
cal' oti J. M. Uillan and (' J. M dir'-hy,
tho druiglsl, lr a fmn 'sinplu of Dr.
H-ind's Clia Care. Uuby wi 1 iii.luillj
bo rolieved.
The State Board of 11-allh suya that
membraneous croup is contagious.
How to Suuceod.
This is tbo problem of ills which few
sntlsluutorlly solve. Home lull because 01
0(ki- heslth, olhers waui ol Itn-k, tmi tlio
majority from d'-llclont grit want of norve,
I'liey am nervous, irresolute, cliant;oatle,
easily gi-t the hluos ind "tshe the spirits
town b keep the spirits up," thus wasting
money, time, opportunity and uerve lorce.
There is nothing tike tlio ItestorattvcNervlup,
dls sivereil lv the Kreut specialist.. L)r Miles.
u cure an uervoui ui-euxe, us nu'iuaciie, ine
blues, uervotis prnst atlon, sleeplessness,
neurahrlu. 81. Vitus danre. tits, ami Iiv.teHs.
Trial totu s and flue- boon of testimonials
free ut 0. 11. Uaisenbuch'x driii store.
Dacemher 1ms been blesslne the
people with some delightful weather.
Miles' Norvo ana Llvar Pills
vet on a new principle reKulattnc tho
liver, stomach and bowels through th nerves.
A new tllflcovery ur. Allies I ins Kpeeuuy
line hlllousnes. bad taste, tnrp'l liver, piles.
constipation. Unequuled lor men, women,
children. Smallest, nillunat. surest! fVidoces.
'25cts. Samples Kreo, at 11. II Hagf nbuch's
A paste of whltlncr and benzine will
remove spots from marble.
A Fatal Mistake.
l'hyslc'ai.s make no moro fatal mistake
lhan when they Inform pulents that nervous
heart troubles come from the siomaoriuud
are of little eousequence. Dr. Krsnklin
Miles, the noted Indiana speclalts1, has
proven the contrary In his new book ou
"Heart Disease," wulch may bo had Tre nt
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uean uure, wuicn iias in isrcsisaie oi auy
heart remedy in the world. It cures nervous
slid organlo heart disease, short breath,
aut.ertng, patu or tenderness In the side, arm
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ing, dropsy, etc. Ills Itesloratlve Nervine
cures hojclache, tils, etc.
Unventllatcd liaU aro tho most pro.
11 llo cause of baldness.
Oh, What a Cough.
Will you heed tho wa Tilng? The t Ignal per
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What Father Pablo Varela Says.
CKt.WA, Oetobei 1.1RS0.
I know several peo lo who have sulIVred
erea'lv fi-om the cousequenees or Impure
bl od, and 1 n very short while hsvo felt
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ple. I reeom ne id this remedy, as o' e
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uestof its kind. lttSV.l'AIILO VAllKbA.
Hold at Klrlln's Drug Htore.Pergnson Uouse
Block. hnin1ni
IiSTgeslaid oldest radabla pnrely cash oom.
paules represented by
120 S. JardmSt., Shenandoah, Pa.
A Friend of His Makes Start
ling Statoinonts.
Posltivaly Pronounoad b; W. T. Whlto
Not to ba that of the Boston Broker
White Was Norcm' Only Intimate lie
Found M.iny Dlflet-eiieeH llrtweetl the
Otiput of the Dyiiiiinllnr nnd thnt of His
l'l lend Suspicious Circumstances of the
l.lentllloiilloii by Norcross' I'nroiits
White Thinks the llrnlcer lias Dlsup
peared fur lluasons of Ills Own.
New Yoiik, Dec 10. The nbsnluto
ldfiitlllciitlon ot Mr. and Mrs. Norcross
ol :he head of the dynamite thrower as
tl. of their Bon would have cleared up
the mystery that has enshrouded this
mos remarkable caso had It not been
for the appearance yesterday of a new
.ind apparently reliable witness whoso
testimony goes far to u pset the alleged
Identlhciitlon. ,
It will be remembered thnt the ofllce 1
adjoining that ot Norcross was occupied
by V. T. White, n designer ot machin
ery and a promoter of railroad enter
prises with whom Norcross was
on terms of the closest Intimacy. In
fact Mr. Whlto was the only really In
timate friend thnt Norcross is known to
have had, and he has been the only per
son who knew Norcross who from tho
first has resolutely refused to believe
that, he was the dynamiter.
Mr. White enmo ou from Boston yes
terday and was met by a reporter ou tils
arrival by boat.
A start was at once made tor tlio Mor
gue ami on the way the reporter told
Mr. White of the Identification of the
head by Mr. and Mrs. Norcross and re
marked that he had little doubt that lie
would Hnd it to be thnt ot his missing
'1 he head proved to be In the Jar In the
Ice-box down in the cellnr of the hos
pital, and. ns it bad been positively
identified and claimed by Mr. Noi cross
and wife, Warden O'ltonrke was un
willing at first to expose It for inspec
tion. On learning that Whi to was au
iuiimate frieniVeut Norcross he consent
ed to do so. They went down into the
cellnr, nn 1 the head was taken from the
jar and , 1 on a stand under u
strong window.
Mr !: ii 'i his task oalm-
ly n .. First he ex inl
ine 1 in iu a atlvly and scru
tinized i i.i Theu ho asked
to havo t. ii 1 1 i.i, I on ono side, mil
giuutl long in 1 a' teatively at tho pro
file. Not a word was spokon until Mr.
Whlto exclaimed:
"1 am willing to stako my roputatlon
and wager every dollar I have that thu
head Is not that ot Henry L. Norcross.
It does not resemblo him in any particu
lar, with the possible exception of tho
nose, nnd even in that there is n marked
difference ubuut the nostrils. Tho beard
is not that of Norcross, that I'll swear
to. He .'ind 1 begun to grow our boards
on thn same day, toward tho end of last
August, and we used to compare their
growth and joko each other. His beard
was black like mine, but tho beard on
this head is of u distinctly reddish color.
The hulr too Is not that of Norcross.
His wns very lino, whereas this Is ex
ceedingly coarse.
"Then again, Norcross had a conspicu
ously long chin, while tho chin of thnt
head is decidedly short. The shape ot
tho head aud contour of the forehead
aro also very different. But laying all
these descropancles aside, thero Is one
point alone that stamps tho lead as
other than Norcross's. 1 mean the ears,
which you will notlco are remarkably
small and delicate and fit closely ngalnst
tho head, Nqw Norcrpss's ears wore
simply Immense aud stuck out straight
from his head."
On leaving the Morgue White was
asked what he thought about the letter
to his mother, alleged to have been
found in his safe. He, said that there
was butnexhlng strange .about that, and
that hedld not believe in its existence.
"It's a singular tiling," ho said, "that
his father never spoke to me about it,
ultbqughj havo seen him almost daily
since tho, explosion. ' As it, Is the, only
bit of , evidence positively connecting
his sou, with tjio explosion In ltussell
Suge'B ofllce, I think that in the inter
ests of justice it ought tp bo produced.
This is absolutely the' only thing that
can prove hlin to be tho man,'
Mr. White does not scruple to say
that Henry L. Norcross is nlivo and
well nnd has simply dropped out of
sight for a while for reusons known best
to himself, und possibly to his relatives.
He Buys that Henry Mas not thn austere
and purltuuically modest young man
t hut his parents hnvo represented him
to be.
The behavior ot Mr. and Mrs. Norcross
since their ldentillcatlon of tho head ot
tho dynamiter has been such ns to ex
cite some vaijiie suspicious ot their sin
cerity. It was observed that when confronted
with the bend Mrs. Noicross showed
very Utile emotion nnd did not hesitate
to remove the cloth from the faco her
self. Iu spilo of tho disfigured condition
ot thp heud the recognition that followed
was Instantaneous, not u moment being
devoted to uu examination ut the face.
Mr. and Mrs. Norcross have mado
long affidavits describing th.-ir reasons
for believing tho bend to be that of
their son. The posltiveness of White's
statement, however, has railed attou
tlou uucw to the dead dynamiter.
Doerfllnger Not Vet Heutenretl.
PlXTsnuKfi, Dec 10. Theodore Doer
Qlngr, the ex-treustiter of the Dexter
Spring Company, and Franklin School
Board, was brought into Court yoster.
day for sentence on the charges ot em
bezzlement, to which he pleaded guilty
last Friday. Sentence wns not imposed,
however, owing to uew charges of em
bezzlement nnd forgery, entered by the
I Modern Building mid Loan Association,
! of whloh Doorflinger was president.
1 These charges will bo examined by the
grand jury, and all Indictments will bo
disposed of together.
Tiv.i Cniiiiilluii Ni-iialors Hying.
MuN'liiv.AL, Dec, 10. Two ot the best
known French Canadian Senators In
the Dominion aro dying. Senator
Chttffors is seriously 111 at Notre Dame
Hospital, while Senator I'aiiuettu has
received the lust rites ot tho Church at
his homo in St. Cuthbert. lloth ars
Liberals. Thu former Ja 01 years cS
age aud the Utter 01.
will be paid for a recipe enabling
us to make's Acme Slack
ing at sucii a price that the retailer
can profitably sell it at ioc.a bottle.
At present the retail price is 20c
This effcr Is open mull Jsnaary it., lies. Fer
pitticulirs address the undersign.
Acmk llLACKiNn is made of pure alcohol,
other liquid dressings are made of water.
Water costs nothing. Alcohol is dear. Who
can show uj how to make it without alcohol
so that wc can make Acme Blacking as cheap
ns water dressing, of put it in fancy pack
ages like many of the water dressings, and
then charge for the outside appearance in.
stead of charging for the contents of the
WOLFF & nANDOTjPnjjphiladelphia.
is the name of a paint of which a 25c. bottle
is enough to make six scratched and tlalled
cherry chairs look like newly finished ma
hoganies. It will do many other remarkable
things which no other paint ontl do.
All retailers sell it.
Purifies the blrort by ex-
polling the impmities through
the proper clmnriels and never
causes eruptions on the skin.
Regulates? the bowels Cures
dyspepsia, liver and kidney
troubles, tones up tie system
and gives you an appetite,
Novor fails to curo any con-
didon produced by impure or,
impoverished blood, or a dis
ordered state of stomach, liver
or kidneys.
Sold at Klrlln's Drug Slore,
Fergwon's Hotel Mock, Xhtnamloah. 1'a
Mill prrnkptly rolievn the hi ( (list
troBlug cam- of Acuto or CL runic Klitm-i
nmlmm or (Jtmt. Bv itrlctly otaenhm
the direction, it will cure yon irriw.B
eutly i., ' ,
lulUt tho nutnnrmia preparation! tbat
tlifrouutrr. ibis iiitiUuluv in a apcoifiu fur tt
tnruri it-unit or mo unmuntn oni, tori liftlfa
mi) ;n ' .-ur an Ou tult will mk
a until-la torv iunnnlnn an iniH .,
lo connection with Urn jilll, comiti't in tuflhrtr lb'
tti proper Tfiw It hu btva fouud You ate eartttntlr re
qu :1 In l-ut ttio tmrfta rtf
u iu ralunMc pff'Ttlfli arc cuttorafsi br ItUbtlredM of Ua
Uiu't 'n'lfrm t"tlniimt"''
Onl ' hinriiMii rrmaatMi-for thrlr ruratlra
t i.r, ru tis 1 In tli thhi ul tur of KKUL'T M
KUKlHf MH, t i MUY
$1 00 U: Etttlo. C Battles, 36.00. TUli, 20 Cts.
If y ur lori.'kv-rprT d not keep it, Mud f I.S5 to lb
U-iimUtiturnr, atiU uiu 111 noetic ft,
amiuut mtoi;T,
3G37 Marl;t Struct, I'M JHt. , pJU
Newly Refitted and Renovated.
six Aviasro,
Haw Cutting and Haw Dressing I
Under Postoffice Building,
Main and Oak Sts., Slienautloah.
Air-Hot and cold baths. Polite, oromntund
careful attention.
COQ North Fourth 8t.f
uOO hi Hrvro, PuiLADtLrMi.
ths nlr cnnlD ficrman Aaierltju
Bproialtittn iht Lotted HUi who !
o m rnirs DIood Poison.
Norvous Debility "i8pt
clal Diseases ' MX
Fkla PltwaatM. HrdHpoUFatoilo li
biiQiat.soroThront Mouth,
ni-lch, ritnlei, FrupUori, wfl tf
tard L'hvrit, bwelllnn, Jrrluilatv
latlammatlooi and Rsanlnga,
Fuioturca, Weiknen and farl
drviT l"t memory wk bar nertal an let?, KUnj aa
H(l r IiUi'ue anl all Dlwasea reiutlioft from Kw"-".
In lis. r tlou or OYiTworlT Kvvat caoei eurfd in 4 to I0otj
rulli'f at ouw. Do nm Ime hop, to roatler wlial Mt-tlliir-Iliwtor
Quack. FaniilT nr II ii tta) Phjalelaft h falM.
!r TIIt.LI- eurra pOPltlvely alitout dtWnUoo tnm
loilm-M. dip vocmi Minntt nan 4nTri clTtiriTi"a
tftaaitna ri-h or r-nr. .nd 2e atawp for bonK
"TRUTH" KiMwlnn guacki aitil-r iworn tettmnlal
Hu -m .Ullr from 9 li 5 Ft' to 9. Wed. and Cat.
' ! in. 8nmlav 9 till II Writ or call and U
far KfiDof t Wn. "A Saturday PnJia. dally Tim
If you want to see a fine display 01 Hoots and
Hhues, goto
Boot and Slioe Store,
(M&steller's old stand,)
corner Coal nsicl Jure! In Hln.
Cuatom Worlc nutl Repairing:
Done in the best Hyle.
IP. J-. CLE A-IEftT,
Dealer In all kinds of
Shoemakers' : Supplies !
Large nnd first-class stock.
All Demands of the Trade Suppliea
Ferguson House hollaing, SHENANDOAH, PA.
"j a PJtfEHOY. "
,m - '-. .hnMiIln rtrner We) .
orace-'iu West Lloyd Hlreet, BhenanOoah