The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, November 30, 1891, Image 3

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    Presnta In the most elegant form
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
and effective laxative to perma
jietltly cure Habitual Const!
jjatiou, and the many ills de
fending on a weak or inactive
condition of the
It is the most excellent remedy known to
When oneli Bilious or Constipated
Every one is using it and all are
delighted with it.
03T" 3PXG5-iBS
W. Baker & Co.'s
from which tho excess of
oil lias beon removed, is
Absolutely JPure
and it is Soluble.
No Chemicals
arc used in Its preparation. It has
more than three times the strength of
Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, and is therefore far more
economical, coating less than one cent
a cup. It is delicious, nourishing,
strengthening, easily dioksted,
and admirably adapted for invalids
as well as for persons in health.
Sold by Crocors ovorywhoro.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester. Mass.
Nearly every pattern of Horse
Blanket is imitated in color and
style. In most cases the imitation
looks just as good as the genuine,
but it hasn't the warp threads, and
so lacks strength, and while it sells
for only a little less than the genu
ine it isn't worth one-half as much.
The fact that . Horse Blankets
are copied is strong evidence
that they are THE STANDARD,
and every buyer should see that
the 5iv trade mark is sewed on
the inside of the Blanket.
Five Mile
Boss Electric
Extra Test
at prices to suit everybody. If you can't gel
them from your dealer, write us. Ak fot
Uie 5a Hook. Vou can pet it without charge,
WM, AYRES & SONS, Philadelphia.
Bank Counters, Tyler System, Port
able, Unequaisd In Stylos,
Cost and Finish.
150 rate fatalogua of Connton, 1mW cte., lUculratod la
Colon, Uoofc., Fro Fo.lasa ISCt'at.
Alto 'Xyiei-s jsoyai
Office )Kka and Ty le-
U l iter I'uulnrta.
Styles. lK'&t unil cheap
I cat on earth, wlta groat
rednct!on lu prices.
u n. a. c.i.ioiu. trrr,
ro.l. lit .!- Full 11... af
Hatha. hlir. TALI... liftok
('., Cabla.U, Ltgal 1)1. uk
rtttiinrl,, tr., alwaj. In .tot,.
T Via: 11 lir.SICCO., St.JL.oula, Mo., v.h.a!
1, llnn) ana Oulr Cr.iulne. A
IF. h.v. I lutil. LAUrhS ,K S
monu Hi.. ' 'u 11,-d m t. .1 OH'ftlUafW
(tXv , .,!, I, 1.1 1 r... 'leVoV
uaol iei. Kf. ie iltii.'mt., hultHtw V
tiv.i. u id .rr.iiafK.n. A 1 Drily tji.. or.ead 4a.
In t.i fi-t j,i I . '. .tiuoaiaU ids
IleUi.'' for Xwili." 1 t'Ucr, by reter
Alttll. I',,l"li . . .1 .luiu ii'. rtxptt.
rne.ier' aui.iii:iui-" i- iaaiuura
llr.. ,.t "I 'S
To tost a l'Mltlv Cure rot; tbe cft.j-t at lrjlliue,
Biiiual Vuwcr, IninoUin r, io. Bo irrontlj unr faith la
our Ptiet'lno we 111 win
and llufll Valualilo Inforinaliou l My- noresii
r fiiiet'lflo we uieeiiu uiki j ,, i".?""
tl. M. CU. bll& Ijrvudwar, JVew YvrL.
Tho Svticrotury of tho Interior
on His DenartiiiLMii.
Thoro Wore 138,210 Claims Added to tho
Bolls Dating the Pan Year,
Sixteen Tlimi.nnil Indiana Have Alrendy
Iteoome United Stat.t Citizens, unit
Hirn Arn More to Fallow The Official
i'opulatlttn Nicaragua Caual Declared
to be In a Forward State.
Washington, Nov. 00. The annual
report of John W. Noble, Secretary of
the Interior, has been made public. It
is a bulky volume of 171 page, giving
abundance of detail.
The Secretary announces that the
years of the present administration
have been marked to a notable degreo
by the expansion of the public domain
for private settlement.
On the Pension question he savs that
there were on June 31, 1691, 070,160
pensioners borne upon the rolls, being
lua.aiu more tnan wove carried on the
rolls at the close of the last fiscal year.
Tharft WBra nahdlnip nn .Tnltr 1.. IR'II.
1)23, ili claims, of which 659,027 were
claims or persons who were not on tho
pension rolls. The remaining 369,440
wore claimi for increases of pensions
and duplicate claims under different
laws. There are also in the flies of the
1'ension Office 140,030 rejectod claims.
There were 222,521 first payments of
every description made during tho last
llscal year, requiring $UH,oj3,374.(J1,
Over lU.UUJ Indians nave already be
come citizens of the United Stated, and
about 4,000 more by taking tholr allot
wonts have signified their desire to bo
como citizens. To theso numbers should
be added the 7,019 Indiaus in Oklahoma
Who have taken or agruod to take allot
ments. A total of 27,010 Indiaus natu
ralized, and total of acres acquired for
settlement of about 2 J, 000,0110 during
the present administration alone.
Including the census tho Secretary re
marks that tho announcement of tho of
ficial population Nov. 20, 1890, as 02,
022,250 has never been changed, and
upon that announcement the apportion
ment law was passed nearly two years
sooner than nt previous censuses.
The Maritime Canal of Nicaragua is
r eported to be in a forward state. Tho
railroad from the Atlantic port to the
divide has been completed, equipped
and is now lu operation for a distance
o II miles, with good culverts and
roadbed and track In first-class condition,
The jetty or breakwater, which is to
protect tne Harbor entrance on the At
lantio coast from the effects of shifting
sand, has beeu extended 1,000 feet or
moro Into the ocean, and a second break
water against northerly storms has-been
About three thousand feet of actual
excavation along tho canal has been
made and a channel formed from 150 to
230 feet wide and about 17 feet deep.
Important Work has beeu done on tho
Machuca Rapids and In the bed of tho
San Juan Hlver at that point.
The murder of Mrs, Leonard.
Atlantic Highlands, N. J., Nov. 80.
Public Prosecutor Ivlns, nccompaniod by
Drs. Vanmater and Field, went to Chas.
II. Leonard's house yesterday where the
physicians made a vory thorough au
topsy of the remains of Mrs. Leonard,
who was so brutally murdered Friday
afternoon by Louis Harlot, Mr. Leonard's
hired man who Is now In jail. They de
cllue to give the result of their exumlna
tiotl but it will be made known at tho
adjourned coroner's iuiiio4tnext Friday.
The funerul services over the remains of
tho murdored woman will be hold this
afternoon at the Duptlst Church. The
excitement anions residents over th r
cowardly murder Is unubatoJ.
Sou Lino Trausfor Klevutor Ilurned,
Minneapolis, Minn,, Nov. 30. A
special from Gladstone, Mich., says
that yesterdny morning tlie Soo line
transfer elevator caught fire from
sparks and together with its contents,
150,000 bushels of wheat, was totally
destroyed. The flro extended to tho
flour sheds and consumed 10,000 bar
rels of Hour. 1 mm there It wns com
municated to the coal docks upon which
wero 40,000 tons of coal belonging to
the Lehigh Coal & Iron Company and
tho Pioneer Fuel Company, of Minneapo
lis. The damage will bo at loast $250,
000, partly covered by Insurance.
Grain lUooUalo Itetuj; ltroUen,
Buffalo, N. Y., Nov, 30. The harbor
men feel u Uttlo easier over the grain
cargo blockade. They have gained on
the fleet somewhat lu spite of many ob
stacles. There are 4,000,O004bushels of
grain afloat here reauy lor tne elevators
to beirln work to day. If they were all
free and the boats ut liberty to go whore
they pleased thoro would bo snort work
made of It, out cars aro scarce and tne
outlook ls,ionythtng but encouraging.
X.e(rqtee 8mltU Released.
PnovWENtji:. K. I., Nov. 39. Obadlah
Smith, roslduary lo:jate8 under tho will
of the lato Mowry bmltn, wmcu ins
widow is contesting, bus been released
ou 10,000 bail, having beeu con lined In
prison for three days to prevent his
leaving tho btato.
Col. Frank ltoborts, ex United States
Consul to Coatlcook. 1'. Q , and his
brother Willis, assumpd control of the
llldddeford, Ho., "atunuard" to-uay,
Miss Elizabeth Blauchard. late prln
clpalot Mt. Holyoke College, vitU whloh
institution she was connected lor more
than 40 year1, died In Boston yesterday.
Ashtuger won tho six days bicycle
raco at Boston, which closed Sutunlay
ulght. He made 702 mllos, beating tua
world's record of 741 miles for ia hours.
Bachol, daughter of tho lato den. W.
T. Hherman. will be murrleJ In Wash
ington to Dr. Thorudyke, of Boston,
from the residence of Senator John faher
John C. Lynch, the last of the flvo
convicts who made a bold nuu success
ful OHcape from tho Massachusetts State
Prison on June 30 last, was recaptured
yentorda v.
Tho JU'v. James Field Spaulding, late
rector of llinst Ciiurcb, (Jambrluge,
Mi'.,. has become a Itomau Uatholio.
Yesterday he took formal leave of his
lato parishioners and gave his reasons
for bis change oi faitu.
highest of all in Leavening Power. TJ. S. Gov't Report, Aug. ij, 1889.
The robbers who mads such rich strikes
at Alden, Nnnticoke and Plymouth
Friday night are still at large.
Mayor Wyman, of Allegheny, has beeu
arrested on charges of etubezzletnont
and extortion. He has given $2,000
ball and will be given a hearing next
The discovery of the coat and hat be
longing to William Iloborts proves .be
yond doubt that he and his cousins,
William and John Graham, were drown
ed in the lake near Erie lhanksg lvlug
The four prisoners who for many
months had been dtggln a tunnel be
neath the Western Penitentiary at
Pittsburg have been put lu solitary con
finement. They had dug from a pack
ing house In the prison yard to wlthlu
five feet of liberty.
William Nlbsch, aged 73 years, of
Ironton, who was shot nt his home by
William Keck last week, died from the
effects of his Injuries Saturday. Nibtch's
wife was also shot ami Instantly killed,
at the same time. Nibsch made an
ante-mortem statement churglug Keck
with tbe crime.
ItOirrei ColdlCo3tl,SorThrot,Croiip,InBtieii,
Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Aithma. X cenala
,ora for Conlumptlon la fir.t itairw, ana a r rcllr la
advanced atarta. Uia at one. You will eta the ax-a-Utnt
effaet after taking the Hrrt dtaw. Boll r
Aealara arerwntro. larfa ftoiuoa, 60 auu an4 flXC.
Grand Opening
-No. 26
East Centre St., Shenandoah, Pa.
The flncstand largeot assortment
In IlalB, llonnets and Taps ut re
markably low prices. Our line of
Children's TltlMMED AND UN
Canxiot Too Squallocl,
Newly Refitted and Renovated.
Hair Cutting and Hair Dressing I
Under l'olofflce Uulldlni!,
Main and Oak Sts., Bhoiiantloah
4-JIot and cold baths, Polite, prompt und
eareiai litieuiiuu.
??- J". CLEARS,
Dealer In all kinds of
Shoemakers' : Supplies
Large and first-class stock.
All Demands of the Trade Supphea
Ferguson Iteuso building, SHENANDOAH, PA.
Has removed to Bill Jones' old stand
Where he will be pleased to meet the wants
or 111s menus ana tne public in
i Everytliing In tho Drinking Mae,
ffiffr DELPHI
Pines Cannot Hciuelett the Arelililshop.
Paws, Nov. BO. The Archbishop of
Alx performed mass yesterday at Four
vieres, near Lyons. An immense con
gregation nttomled. The Archbishop
assured his hearers that the line im
posed upon him would not prevent him
from speaking whenever he felt called
upon to speak as a pastor of the Cnurch.
The prelate was heartily cheered on
taking his departure, the sentiment of
the crowd evidently being against the
action of the governmeut.
Is the Metba Divorce 8uit OfTT
Pahis, Nov. 30. The rumor that the
Duke de Orleans' father had succeeded
In stopping the Armstrong divorce suit
by paying tho opera singer's husband
$50,000 to "let up" on the Duke ts not
credited hero.
The lower Saranac Lako is frozon
over for the first time this winter.
Vt. CrosR, who Is engaged to marry
Miss Florence Griswold In New York,
lies dangerously ill of typhoid fover lu
Edward M. Field, of tho defunct firm
of Flold, Llndley, Weiehors & Co., was
taken to the Blooiniugdale Insane Asy
lum on'Sitturday.
Gov. Hill has ordered a special elec
tion for member of Astentbly In
the Third Albany district to till vacancy
caused by tho do.tth of Willlutn K. Mur
phy. The disappearance of Supervisor
Thomas J. Welch, with bis origi
nal and tho County Clerk's dupllcato
copies of tho election returns for five out
of the Heven districts of the Third Ward,
Is still tho sensation in connection with
the Muuro-ltyan election case. Welch
has not been found, but has beau so en
In Auburn.
Tired Mothers, Here is Root.
Instant rellof for btD7, if colic hurts.
Send to J. 41. Hillan or 0. J. McCarthy,
tho druggists, for samplo bottlo of Dr.
Hand's Colic Cure. Always cures, No
dtngorous drugs.
Everybodv.aluiost. would like lo see
a white Christmas und good sleighing.
A MyBtery Explained.
Tho naners contain frenueut notices of rich.
pretty nnd educated ulrls eloplu with
negroes, tramps and coachmen. Tho well
known sneclaltst. Dr. Krank.Uu Mllr". savs all
such girls are moro or less hysterical, nervous,
verv imp1 Islveunb.iUncod; usually subiect
to headaclio, neuralgia, siceplcHsnoss, im
motterale crying or laughluK, Thcsoehowa
weak nervous system for which therols no
remedy equal to Hesioratlve Nervine. Trial
bottles and a line boo, containing many
marvelous cures, free a. C. II. llageubuclrs
drug xtore, who also sell, ami guarantee Dr.
.Miles' k-elebratod New lloart Cure, the flnost
of heart tonics. Cures fluttering, .snort
breath, etc.
Nice fried mush don't make a bad
breakfast these cold niorniugs.
Miles' Nerve and Liver Pilla
Act on a new nrluelnle repulatlnp tha
liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves.
A new discovery. Dr. Miles' Tills speedily
cute biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles,
jooatlpatlon, Unequaled lor men, women,
children. Hmnllent, miMost, surest I Sldoses,
inm. ampio.s r ree, av u. 11. iLagenbucti's
drug store.
The shoppers will soon ho looking
up things for Christmas gifts.
Height of Cruelty.
Nervous women seldom receive the sym
ptoms thy deserve. Wlil'eof 'eu the pUlures
tit, nicy itru oouHtatiiiy lining, tu
wllhliold svmnathv from these unfortunate
is the hehrlit of .cruelly. They have a weak
heart, causing shortnetw 01 breath, llulitrlng,
pain In side, wnak and huugry spells, nua
rlunlly swelling of ankles, oppression, cltok-
nij, niuoiiieriuK nuu uruiiy. irr itiiiee iutv
Heart Cure is Just the II1I114 for I hem. For
the r nerv usuess, heidache, weakness, etc.,
his Hist ratlve Nervl Is umiualed. I-'lne
treat se ou "Harlund Nervous Disease" and
marvelous testtmon'als frea. Hold aud
guaranleeil by O. U. 11 igeubuch.
Storekeepers ore busy in the pre
parations fur the holiday trade.
Oh, What a Cough.
Will you heed the warning? The signal per
nans of the sure approach of that more ter
rible dlseavo. Contumptlon, Ask yourselvos
If you can attord for the sake of saving M
cents, to ruu tho risk and do nothing for It.
We know from experience that Hhlloh's Cure
will Cure your Cough, it never falls. This
sxplalus why more than a Million llottles
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and Whopplne Cough at once. Mothers do
not be without it. For Lame ll.ioit, Hldn or
Unest, use Bblloh's Porous Plaster. Bold by
U. It. llnenbunh,. N II. iinrner Main and
Uoyd streets.
lJatent lcallier plioos aro responsible
fot many tender feet.
Shlloh's Consumption Curo.
This Is beyond question the most sac
leiuml Oough Medicine we have ever sold,
1 lew doses Invariably cure the worst o iters oi
"! u ... vi.vuibin, nun. iw i.m-
lerra! sucoeas In the cure of Oonsumpttna ts
ivlthout a parallel lu the history of raedioln.
since It's first dlsonvery It lias been sold on a
uamnte,atai whloh no other medlolua
'an Bland. It you hve a Cough we earnestly
ink you to try It. l'rlee 10 cents, $1 cents, and
11.00. If your Lungs are sore, Cheat or flask
tame, ush Hhlloh's Porous Piaster. So'd by
13. a. Hageuluioh, N. K. comer Malu aud
Lloyd streets.
The huekwheut rake Is again mon
arch of breakfast table. ,,a..n Il..nnf.l.l 1 1. ...I.llu II. ir..h
A Glorious Reoord.
Hluce tlie Introduction of the Famous Pan
TluaCouiih and Cousumptlou Cure lu this
vicinity, the deatu rale from Consumption
hisdecreased wonderfully; It never fulls to
effect u on re, and Is the bt Cough medlolua.
Try It. Trial bottUs free at I'irllu's drug
The next holiday is Christina?.
A Parish Priest's Certificate Cer
tified to by the Archbishop
of Mexloo.
I, paroe' lnl prlaataad eoelwjlastloal Judge of
i4iayu, mum u uii'tT'jiutio, liereuy caroiiy
that I ku w sever tl po inis who have bean
Hired by Hie Caului nio.xl Cum. It radl -illy
aud aileotually dispels all liuimr'tl .s of the
blood. FttA.NO' ) AI CONOHtV
The above slgnaturi is th .t which he uses
man ins tjusiness, n'nria ly ,
audho is an old u iml ol miue
a ly aid ollieiwihe,
t l'.A., Areli ilsho
, ,, ,
1 ak3TasaocmM0a Uou6a
A Crazy Gorinnn Fires Throo
Shots at Him. '
lie Took Deliberate Aim, but His Weak
Eyesight Preventod a Murder.
John Goorgo llotlt, Who Imnclnea Dr.
Hall Hai Huliietl Ilia lluslncis, At
temiiU to ltlll tlie I'reachnr as lie Was
Coining from Church t lie Would-be
Murderer Arrested Story of Ills Hal
lucination, New Yonir, Nov. 30. John Goorge
Tloth, a etiuy German of middle age, at
tempted to kill tbe Hev. John Hall,
V. D., pastor of the Fifth Avanus Pros
byterlan Church, after the morning ser
vice yesterday. None of the shots took
effeot. The would-be assassin was im
mediately arrested and lodged In jail.
Dr. Hall had just reached tho steps of
his house when ltoth, who was close be
hind, fired tile libit shot. ' The Doctor
'turned round, and then,-seeing hlsidan-
ger, quickened his pace up the stops.
Ho had just reached the landing' When
tho mau fired again. The Doctor thou
hurriedly opened tho door and entered
the bouse. He was not a moment too
soon, for, as the door closed, n third
shot rang out and n bullet outered tho
casement of the door.
Thero were but few persons on tbe
nvenuo during tho shooting and the un
usual spoctnele they were witnesses of
seemed to paralyze their powers for a
time. When Dr. Hall had, however,
safely escupud inside tho house, several
gentlemen sprang forward nnd quickly
disarmod the would-be murderer. lie
offered no resistance.
ltoth was undoubtedly a man of more
than ordinary intelligence boforo his
misfortunes drove him insane. In his
insanity he has attributed theso mis
fortunes to tho machinations of power
ful enemies, among whom he counted
the Ilev. John Hall.
He has busied himself In writing out
his griovance, real and fancied, and In
his pockets was found a printed "Ap
peal to the Public."
After delivering hlmsolf of the text:
"Ob, Human Justice, tear tho baudagu
from your oyos and cover your face for
shame," ltoth begins:
"Agents in the service of wealthy and
influential people who do all In their
power to prevent me from rising again
In business aro continually watching nil
my steps anil make it Impossible for mo
to obtain justice.
"Furthermore, day and night I am
bodily and mentally tormentod; my
persecutors used to mix my victuals
with some obnoxious a Hill', causing mo
the severest distress; to koep a watch on
me, and to molest me with moan, im
moral talk. It Is cousplracv which was
Inaugurated against me In 1870, aud
has no equal in human history.
"The most sacred rights of an Ameri
can citizen who never harmed anybody
ure trodden down. My businoss has
been ruined, and efforts are bolng made
to ruin my health and drive mo mad by
tampering with my meals and drink."
Tho writer then says that through tho
machinations of theso unseen and un
known enemies he was forced to iloo tho
country and return to Germany. Hera
also the hallucination bothored him and
bo determined to return to New York
aud publish a book exposing the acts of
tho conspirators. He worked his way
back on tho stonmshlp Denmark In
According to his printed circular ho
then spent some years In writing hiB
book and substantiating his allegations
ns to the acta of tho conspirators. Ho
professes to have had many Interviews
with Judgo Hilton and Mrs. A T. Stow
urt, both of whom, he declares, took an
Interest lu his case. He also says that
his appeals to the members of Gruce
Churcli and the Fifth Avenue Presbyto
rluu Chuich were not (uttlo.
Many of the members woro In favor
of appropriating various sums of mouoy
lor ins million lato necessities nud to
produce his book. Others, howovor,
tho appeal says, objected to sueh appro
priation bolng male. He mentions
Ilishop Potter, Dr. Hall, Judgo Hilton,
Mrs. Stowurt, Mrs. Iiowdoin, Trustee U.
11. Sherman, Sexton Oilman and many
According to tho nppeal It was sug
gested lu the Ilrst place that he should
receive $1,500 for tho publication of
his book, but cortalu churchmen ob
jected to this. Then bo declares other
meetings wore held, at which H was
voted to give him 3,000, ?35,000, $o0,
000, and llually $,-,00,00,), but thoro
wero always objectors, of whom tho
chief was the Hev. Dr. John Hall.
Tito Cllerokeo Stllp Deal.
TaiilkoA'AH, L T., Nov. 30. There is
h well founded rumor that tho two com
missions appointed by tho United Statos
nnd the Cherakeo Nation have comu to
nn iigroement ami tbo trade for the
Cherokee Strip has been made subject
to tho approval of the Cherokeo Legis
lature. The rumur says that the price
to be paid is $8,500,000, or $1.40 per
ncro. In addition to this the United
Lutes commissioners agree to nil the
points asked for by the Ouerokeas.
hi. I'uul Aitt-rllla Colivnutloti.
St. Put., Nov. 30. Fit. Paul has
formally entered tbe Held for the honor
of belli'.! tht Democratic convention
city ut lSlW. At the mass meeting pre
hided over by ilayor Smith at the
Chumbei of Commerce a resolution wns
adopted pledging the city to erect a
(tuitnhle permanent convention hall,
agreeing to ratie $100,000 for tlie pur
pose. A committee of 100 wns uppoint
ol to manage the campaign und to open
it at ouce.
CiiiiiilhalUni Aiming ItijHtlan 1'oaiauts.
St. Petkkshuho, Nov. 80. A number
of peitaantu. driven desperate by atarva
tlou.iiiurdoroil a faruittr nuiiittil Abramo
vich ami lila family of twdlve persons,
ut Antojiol near Vllna. After Nlaughtur
Ing the iumutoH, thuy plundered the
dwetlius. und feuHted ou the fdrmer's
Urder. Horrible Crimea of a similar
character are becoming commou, and
attest the deuporatlou of the famine
stricken populace.
I.ynii'. 870,000 1'lrti.
Ltvm, Mnss., Nov. 150. Tha low on
tlio burr.eil four-story wotxlou block on
tlio corner of Market iiml Andrew
btreets, ownixl ny T. E. Parker anil the
Hclra oi J. ill. I'ulluin, aud occupied by
i .ooa
We Can't do it
lut firo willing to pay for ltantrnp; linw to
jnuko as good an article as Wolff' Ai hk
llt-ACKreu of t'lM'Rp mntcriaj so that a
retailer can profitably sell it nt 10c.
. Our price in 20p.
Tlio retailer says the public will not pay
it. Wo say the public will, brxnuvo thev
will alwavs pay a fair prio fur
article. To slimy both tho trade and tlio
publlo that we want to plvo them tho best
for tlio least money, wo will pay
For above Information j this offer is open
until January 1st, 1893.
WOLFF& KAH-DOI,Pn,Phlladelphla.
Pilf-Ttnn ia i, ,.
-- ivuumuuii, miui which
Goes work that no other paint can do. Arte
u.uuu (Himiwi iviin it iooks iiko tne naturui
wood when It Is stained and varnished.
will And It profitable to Investigate All
paint stores sell It.
Purifier tlio blood by ex
pelling the impunities through
tho proper cliiinnels. and never
causes eruptions on tho skin.
Regulates the bowels Cures
dyspepsia, liver and kidney
troubles, tones up the system
and gives you anappetite.
Never fails o cure any con
dition produced by impure or
impoverished blood, or a dis
ordered state of stomach, liver
or kidneys.
Sold at Klrlin's Drug Slore,
Ferguson's Hotel Mock, Shenandoah, Pa.
Ank my ncrnta for I,. Ilonsliia Shoos.
If not lor anlp lu your place link otir
denier to aeud fill cnlnlogtir, aecuro the.
nsencr, nuit set tlieni far )ou.
It la a wain tend aiioc, with uu tucks or wax thread
to hurt tho feet; matle of tlu best lino calf, sttlUIi
and caiT, aud because we male more .( s of this
QrtuXetlmn any otiur manufiu tmer, it equals baud
sewctl filiKM costing from $t.tx) to ft5.()i).
CjJK, OiMJcniilnn tltiml-tfurdt tho finest calt
i9Jm nhoo cer ofTcrtMl for S5.Ujj equals KreucU
iiiiported Fiuies which cot from to $U(U
CIA Oil iliiuil-ewed Wi'It Mitir, (Ino calf.
6t1lh. rniufortubloana durable. The bo it
fihiw eer oftureil ut this iirlce ; suine Rrndo aa cu
t inn in ml o alii in .HtliiK from ft 'U tt!i,i ').
OSO 50 INilh Shoot Funiiers. ltnllroad Mea
4JJ uoti I.ctter( uri lerKuil wenrthem; Hue calf,
Bt'ninless, smooth Inside, heavy three Holes, eiteu
bIom edne. duo jmlr ill wear a 51 ur.
SCO Hup culfi iu heller hIioo ever offered at
H?fa this price 1 one trial will roiivlnce thosa
who want a shoo for euinfort aiul s.rvlco.
mill S'i.HO Wnrliliiiiiitiin'H shoes
Mfrnmrn uro ury str"H' and lurublo. lhono who
haro (riven them n trlol will wear no other muko.
aSttTWiC' $'3. Oil and 1.7. school tb'-i'S aro
DUjO urn Iy the ljt.Heverywherei they soil
on their merits, nt the lncri'atiiiK mil tn show.
P lae Wl.OO Iliiutl-Mcurtl hlioe. best
UdUlC9 Uoimolii, or nfyliKlr, cnUuUlTcneh
IlntMrted HhoeacoHtliinfroin gild tit 81.00.
Kndi(H, 0 nd 81.7. shoo for
MlflMes are the bent II tu- Umgotu. Mj lish aud ilurable.
C'uutlon. See tliut V. DoUttlni name und
price tiro stamped on the bottom of each shoo.
W. L. PuUULAS, Urocictou, Haas.
too North Fourth St.,
thj uulf gtnuiat- (Icrinim Amc-rlcu
Ppclilil lo the l' lilted Sulci tto U
kbi to curt Blood Polsoni
Nervous Debdlty"8p
clal Dlsoooes 'r
&kla 01m twtM. iua Spoti Tains la ta
U'iic,soroThront Mouth,
B't'loliM, rimi'lri. Imiil i.s, tMft cr
htri I lc-r, bwellltarfi, IrritHtont.
InHaniinatloo ktut HuDiitn(i,
bimmr Woaki idi) Early
4My. loit memory, wflik htwt mcrtal anjlety. Eltjnej "
ni.ll r m-w and all DU rni!Mnir from ' ,,
ln.tni.r. tin 11 or Or rwork Kvfrnt eawi rntM Id 4 lo 10 "Fl
riUcf l once. Do n.t low hi, r matUr fcat
tlftinnD t.r g.wk, I .nlU -r llo-i ltal Pin-Man h fallad.
nr. THt.j b our positively w'11 u' A ""n " 0 m
bttlnca. old. Tot-. Minota .bt awd th c "tkw tip
MHHiiia rl -h or i wr mti I 2 s'amp f r bOnK
"TRtlTH" r.ln iiuwV ' I "t rn t.i)n nlal.
II .Uilr fr 1 1 to H 0 . VM fc-
lT'RtAi.110 9 tlMIJ Wrili" ci all ami 1 1 1
Tr Uthrtuaw aw Wadn. "n4 i uru irttlla. dally TlmM
If yon want to w a flno diniiay or Ho.iMand
Uluiea, o to
Boot and Shoe Store,
(Mtviteller'i old ttaxud,)
Corner Coal aittl Jai ttm H?ft.
Custom "Work and KepalrluKr
Dane In the best itylu.
Dully, Quloklr, Permanently Reetored.
W'ukDaa, Aervoiiaiio.., nvtiltlty. en4 all
the train ut evil, from early errtiraurluler exi'eri( a.
tbo rmulta ut oyerTtirk. aiclnuM, worry, ct. t ull
Btrenglb, derelopmeut, and uue uivon tieicry
organ aud portion of tba body, simple, natural
method, lnuuudkaui luipruvomont atit.n. loilure
tmuoulble. I.nuo rulor.'iioea. Uoik, eapl&natlou,
na pnuif a nialled (aealed) free. AUtlreaa
H. UKIOKhtt M. !..
j' K T: TA -V IxVP S V ff WxV,
.' .9 Waal rientre Blreet, Mab.-ioy Cltr, 1
Htln unit ail ni;)lailHioa6ittiiKj ,ly.