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VOL. VI.--NO. 216.
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Republican State Ticket.
AuniTon avtrmtAT,!
ffoatf J-l-Xf?rf to t
County Ticket.
Judge lion. D. B. Green.
Sheriff Benjamin Smith.
Jury Commissioner Maj. William
Poor Director George lleffner.
Unexpired Term Harry H. McOtnnis
Constitutional Convention Delegates.
S.111IUD EDWARDS, Pottavllle.
J. a. l'OMKROY, Shenandoah.
JOHN J. COYLE, Mahatioy City.
It is learned from reliable source ;
that the Democratic State Committee
e'yds to inaugurate a mud-slinging
campaign. Beginning this week it
is proposed to circulate thousands of
copies of the New York World and
New York Evening Post which will
be filled with slanderous attacks on
the Republican candidates. This
plan of campaign has just been de
cided upon at a conference in Phil
adelphia of Democratic bosses, at the
inspiration of Harrlty, who has al
ready enlisted the same newspaper
Influences against that estimable gen
tleman, George D. McCreary, the Re-"-"hjican
candidate for City Treasurer
I'"1- ' SsJ.'a' now'nB that not
of PhJld!?S lix I'uiladehihla
a single new8papeicrG1asll:ueirmo8S
would say one word agW m j-y
Creary, who is a well known busiuVw.
man, and whose reputation as a phil
anthropist Is known throughout the
state, the Democratic leaders have
.gone to New York, from which point
f, fc have started 'in with their as-
2ults. The same tactics are to bo re-
b i CENTS for a window shade
ll Uk with fringe, others for 55c,
I B 65a and up. Khades made
mid nrlvate dwel-
in. A new lot of shad
ings and fringes to match.
Carpet Store, 10 South Jardin St, near Centra
Wo open to-day our first lot of
-' We handle no Common,
M4,7i.f wrnmmend
tvlf'w iinynvuin-vy -
to be the Best in the Market.
"North-westexn Daisy" "Flour
Ai,a ta vntiRtnr.tinn.
J u uv
When you need
T. , t tn examine
patterns to select from. All TTls and Prices.
sorted to In the state. The Demo
cratic papers throughout thoCommon-
wealth are expected to reproduco the
slanders originated by the New York
journals. The campaign of villlfica-
tlon and mud-throwing is all ready
for launching; but It Is believed that
with tho knowledge of the source
from which these attacks emanate, the
people will know how to fully ap
preciate their value.
Aothew, who tried hU own
hand at versifying, utters this truth
about poetry I "To rhyme is one thluff,
to bo a poet qui to nnothor. A good
doal of mortification would bo avoided
If young men and maidens only kept
this obvious fact well posed In front of
their vanity and their ambition."
How Tins Rothschilds aro housed atJ
Ferrioros, near Paris, mny bo judged by
their flvo establishments, worth S4,000,-
900, needing tho eerviccs of 160 pooplo.
Tho stables contain 100 horses. When
Louis Napoleon visited Ferrieros tho
ttothschllds guv-o a grand breakfast In
his honor, tho cost of which was
Meteobs of various sizes reach the
earth in many places. Tho largest
known is that which fell on tho plains
of Incuman, In South America, which
weighed about fifteen tons. A recent
calculation shows that tho lncreaso of
tho earth's weight annually, from
taoteorlo sources, is about nlnoty thou
sand tons.
It Is said that tho woods in tho Btato
of Washington aro now literally full of
girls, about one hundred and fifty young
woman having taken timber claims
there within tho last six months.
Horace Greeley's advice to tho young
men is as applloablo to-day as it was
when that sapra first gave it to tho
young mon of his timo.
A Budget of
Interesting Articles
on all Topics.
The Shnmnkln electric railway com-
-viu extenu their tracks, worn to
upon TiiUew uays. Kails navo
whero his injur1 '.hnson & Co.,
hpl-i. J Edith promptly ion i" "
Johnstown. -- ) )p, . , ablln tho Jewish calendar, and from sundown
llTJt, ZU.nerease of biuM W'down food is net tasted, not oven by
ness. From the day the line was
opened to the public trafllo had been
or sucu a grainy my umiuio i
the company to lay piaus ior a iuuBiu-
ening of the road.
Patrick J. Brislin, of Summit taui.a
well-known pack-peddler who has
. nM... " ,i., vU1mt foil Into
I", ""A " .rir Rnmmlt Hill, a
14 CttVClLl wi f v1 mviii - ; " .' 1
amtia tttlrrv I PPT.. UI1U WU3 1U" 1
ntnntlv killed.
Tnnltpr la Hfl hriirllt On these Clear
evenlnRsastocatchine auunring eye
V . . . , ,
"ue stars,
even of those noi usuauy imcBu .u
Inferior Goods at low prices.
,. ..
So does "MlVeraiue.-
and are Easy to BaJce.
our s'Zbul. Over 30 different
Tho Perpetrator of a Theft at Mt.
Carmol on Grand Army Day
Arreatod In Town Last
Whilo tho celebration was in progress on
Grand Army Day in Alt. Carmol David
Daudrsy, a well known offender, under
took a plundering expedition. Ho gained
an ontranco to Al. TJmkoltz's houso and
stole clothing, a watch and othor articles
aggregating in valuo to tho amount ol $01.
Duudray disappeared and his whoreab uts
remained a mystery until yesterday, when
tho town polico "spotted" tho man in town
and plbccd him in tho lockup, Last night
Constablo Jesse Neiswonter, of Mt. Car
mol, arrivod in town and took chargo of
the prisoner, Daudray was taken to Mt.
Carmol on a lato train. Ho is an old of
fender, having served ono term in Sun-
bury, two in l'ottsvillo, one in Scranton
and ono in Chorry Hill. Ho dresses well
and travels about the country on his nervo
Constablo Noiswonter oxprossod tho opinion
that tho prisoner would bo a rosidont of
Sunbury for about ton years hence.
Ceremonials of tho Celebration of
tho Jowlsh Fast Day.
Yom Kippur, tho Day of Atonomont,
was yesterday celebrated by Hebrews in
all parts of the world, as noarly after tho
manner of its observance in tho days of
Moses and Aaron as the difference in the
civilization of tho timo permitted,
It was tho most important of all days in
tho Jewish year. It was the day of atone
mont for all tho sins of tho past twelve
months. It began at sundown Sunday
night and ended at sundown last night,
and during that holy period evory Hebrew
abstained from ovory act that would havo
rominded him of tho world of tho prosont.
No work, no-play, but humility and solf-
abaeomont; the reading of the Law' in tho
synagogues, and prayer for reconciliation
to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
filled the day.
The day falls on tho tonth day of Tishri
to I- "zeiccpt under strict orders from a
tho siciinsK.GJrls under twelve years of ago
puyticmu. v. 'vqiriecnwcroaDsoiveairom
ana boys under U Pluse of theabsoluto
tn0 rjgors 0f tho fast bee '-y
nceQ3 of tb0!rowingehild. T
Shonfar was blown in tho synagogue,
calling tno worsnippors vu
hearken unto
the Lord and renew their vows.
A Common Sonse Remedy.
in the matter or curauves wuaiyuu woui,
. ,l,lil,.,t -,,,111 An Its wnrV whlln
K I.UCU ..... "
vou continue t0 do yoursa remedy that
- inr,nnv0ninncQ nor inter-
foro with your business, buch a remody is
Allcock's Porous Plastors. Thoso plasters
are not an experiment ; they havo been in
use for over thirty years, and thoir valuo
hMteen attested bv the highest medical Company's assets on January 1, 1801, wore fornIa was forced to close Its doors, Rals
has been attestea Dy ine nignesi raeuitai 44 It liaDiiity by its own ton made a deed of trust to Sharon of all
"""l ta;f;u-moro conservative than that of his property, and that f.dled to
thoso who havo used them. Thoy require
nocnangooi uiov ..u ato
j; i. nH hn
wetorcold. xnoir action aoosnownvunuro
i.w , h,inHSs: vou can toil and
vet be cured wane uaru ai wure. j."oj
aro so pure that tho youngest, iue oiuosi
and most delicate person of eithor sex can
usa them with groat benefit.
Bowaro of imitations, and do not bo
deceived by misrepresentations. Ask lor
Allr.nMf'. and let no solicitation or ex
planation induce you to accept a suDHiluio.
Wators' "Weiss beer is the best.
John A'
Roilly solo agent.
The Play To-night.
Tho romantic play "The Boy Scout" was
nresentod at tho National thoatrolast night.
Tho titlo denotos tho adventurous quality
nf tha nlav. but gives no Idea of tho
amount of humorous character acting
which orevados it. Tho audience enjoyed
Itself thoroughly and gave frequent dem
onstration to the fact. Philadelphia been-
:n Tho Theresa Newcomb com-
n, a Tlnttlvn"
1 nany win in uum-u j '
Ferguson's theatre to-night.
Children Enjoy
Thn'nlcasant flavor, gentlo action
I -nt i
soothing offocts of Syrup of Figs, whon
nonrt a laxative. Bnd It tho lawior or
mother be costlvo or bilious tho most grat
ifying results follow its use, so that it is tho
best family remedy Known anu every
family should havo a bottlo.
Phoenix Phair,
The Phoenix Hose Company will hold a
oraml fair In Robbins' opera houso, com
" n , ion, T
-.onMnw nn Tuosdav. Hoy. oru, 1DJI. 11
will bo one of tho largest and host fairs evor
tiolrf In ih s county. lu-n-u
A Voung Lady
nMwnen tho aces of 14 and 10 years
get a nice situation at Keagoy's photograph
a nrv hv ariDlvlntt at onco. u
Elootrlo Sparks.
Tho argument that the "T" rail will bo
cheaper for tho company is true in but one
particular, and that is on tho principle that
it Is cheaper when about to do anything to
do it right.
Mr. Eberlo, tho Philadelphia gontleman
who is betake charge of tho olocttic rail
way construction, is a most agreeablo gen
tleman ahd lias made many warm friends
hero. Hp was besieged by many of
tho most fprominont citizens of the town
who have at Ia9t awakened to tho truth of
tho olectr(ic situation.
For mouths there wero poople in this
town who declared that it would bo im
possible to run an electric railway through
tho valley. Tho electric company has
demonstrated thai it can be dono with the
"T" rail.
Tho "T" rail is used in Bethlehem,
Wilkes-llarre and other largo towns and
the teamsters do not grumble.
Reader: A flange is a projejtlng edge,
rib or rim of a car wheel to keep the car on
tho rail. A car whool with a flango cannot
run on a flat rail, honce that kind ol a rail
makes a road on a sleep grade dangerous
for traffic.
Oysters are in Beason and tho best in tho
market aro at Coslott's. 8 22-tf
A Contemporary's Consistency.
Judge Green and his Iriends feel confi
dent that'he can bo elocted without tho aid
of tho committee, and thoy aro, theroforo,
indifferent as to whothor or not Mr. .Tamos
commences a campaign. "With tho other
candidates, however, it is different. Thoy
feel that thoy need all tho assistance an ag
gressive and woll directed campaign could
give them, and thoy aro consequently dis
couraged at tho situation. Threo
weoks from next Tuesday will be olection
day. 1'roni this timo until tho polls close
on tho 8d of November no Democrat
should wasto an opportunity to do what
ever work is in his powor for tho Domo
cratic ticket. It is no summer picnic that
wo have beforo us for the next month. To
raako victory BUre we will havo to work.
Simday Snews.
The finest noto paper and envelopes 1
the country at Max Keeso'e. tf
A Live Lord Playing Orlokot.
The visit of Lord Hawko's team of
English cricket-players to this country has
attractod the general attention of tho sport
ing world, and very naturally tho enter
prising Frank Leslie's Weekly this wook
devotes considerable space to tho illustration
of Lord Hawko's cricket club and a variety
of amateur athletin sports. Tho pictures
are uniquo in that thoy portray the sports
men in tho livolieft attitudes. Politicians
will be intorestod in the presentation of tho
issues in Now York, Ohio, and Massachu
setts by representative Kopublicans of theso
states. Tho paper is full of good pictures
Imipo reading matter. Special prizos
a , '""""I oiKronch dolls aro offurod to
of skates and i-H, . , . , .
, , , , , get up clubs,
boys and girls who vfai...
thoy should addross irann ljt.-,,
Weekly, 110 Fifth Avenuo, New York
'If a woman will, sho will. ' If she will
lako it. Hull's Cough Syrup ior ucr ram, ouu
will be cuied.
Its Assets.
Tho Connecticut Mutual Life Insuranco
department was $53,175,
anv lnsurmiuu
. ... ..,... . ar. r,79 nm in. David
i,., - - :r .
Faust is tho local agent for tho company.
The Tottsvillo Chronicle and M.
nnvln. of tho yNews. have formed a com'
pact by which it is understood that Doylo
shall eond to the cviromcie an common w
n WrI affairs that ho li afraid to puonsn
: i,ia own .mnnr. Miko h s holding nis
ill Mia w..
end up admirably.
Buoklon's Arnica Salvo.
The Best Solve In the, world for cuts
nmioi. Hnrea. Ulcers. Ban niwniu, p ?:.,
Sores, Tetter, unappea V"'Vivfilv
ed It Is euar-
anteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money
in,,TrtP,i. Prloa ffi cents rer box. For sale
by C. II. Hasenbucti.
Tho Republican olub, or town, nas
placed in front of their club house some
at yu,J' """ .
I D run K'n OtPflMlHra W1LU 1UUUUU3 VI
I ..romint eamnaien,
Eisteddfod Committee.
A meetine of tho Ivoritos' oisloddfod
eommitteo will bo held on Wednesday,
1 CyiUUItHivu nm uvi -
111 14th Inst., at 7i30 p. m., at tho residence of
J. H. Evans. 30 East
Centre street. By
order of tho president.
m,. ,i nH,.i.A i inivB nuflcred with Ytt.&
headaches for yar, and Have tried many
iJiKayette Mniket, ISalllraore, Md,
Tim mnii who urowla tho loudest
about the length of tho sermon Is tho
Bume chap who thinks the circus per
forinauce altogether too short,
Always go to Coslott's,
street, for your prime ovstors.
Fou tintypes for 25 cents, at Dabb's.
Said to Havo Paid Monoy to Bards-
loy, tho Lato Treasurer, to In
fluence His Aotlon Tho Sou
ato Convonod to Invostlgato.
1IARRI3BUBO, Pa., Oct. 18. Oov. Pattl-
son Uaucd another proclamation yastor
day, Hiking the romoral of certain
magistrates and constables of Philadel
Tha paper allsgsa that many of the
magistriiUs of the courts, uot of record
of police and civil causos, In Philadel
phia, have been falthles and dishonest
In tho porformanoo of their offlclal dutlos;
that many of said magistrates, together
with the constables attached to their
courts havo been part lclpnnts In a con
spiracy to cheat tho Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania In connoctlon with
tho collection of delinquent mer
c.intilo Uceuso taxes in tho city
and county of Philadelphia, by which
large sums of money havo been lost to tha
Commonwealth; and that many of said
magistrates and constables havo been
guilty of bribery by tho payment ot
money to John llardsley, lato Treasurer
of the city and county of Philadelphia,
In order to iullucnco tho official action of
tho said John Bardsley and others for
the purposo of obtaining control and
jurisdiction of tho suits against delin
quent dealers In Philadelphia.
It Is alleged and bolievod that tho sum
of $350 was paid by each magistrate bo
fore whom tho suits wore brought lu the
yar 183S), and that in tho year 1800 to
the said John Bnrdsloy, for the personal
ujo and private gain of himself and
The doourasnt further alleges that In
the year 183D tha sum of $31,811.83 wa3
paid to Israel W. Durham, Horatio P.
Hackott. William H. I.lslo, Jsmti P.
Nsall, Johnson Honor. Benton O. Sovern.
Robert W. Smith, Thomas V. South aud
John T. Thompson, magistrates ot Phila
delphia, as magistrates and constables,
insults aanlnst dellnnuont dealers In
Philadelphia, from which cults no collec
tions TThatoyer were made for the use of
the Commonwealth.
In the year 1890 tho sum of 431,194.30
was palit to William U. Ahern, Israsl W.
Durham, tloratlo 11. iiackett, James i.
Neal, Ambrose P. Pulltuger, Thomas
Rnndoll, Johnson Koney, Ilobort It.
Smith and Thomas W. South, magis
trates of Philadelphia, as magistrates
anil constables' costs in suits against de
linquent dealers la Philadelphia, from
which suits no collections whatever were
made for the use of the Commonwealth.
The Govrnor convenes the Senate to
meet for tho purposo of considering
whether rfcas mable cause exists for the
removal of nny of the magistrates and
constablos of Philadelphia.
Au Eight Million Dollur Suit.
San Francisco, Oct. 13. In tho U. S.
&rKHit"Se4irt.y08torday the suit of Liszio
F. lialstou against the trustoes of tho es
tate of William Sharon was taken up.
The action referred to asks for an ac
counting of tho estate of Ralston, which,
It Is claimed, was In the hands of Sharon,
and which has passed Into the hands of
tlmRdefendants. The amount Involved
Is about $8,000,000. The complaint sets
forth that at tho time the Hank ot Call
return the deed or make proper restitu.
An Important Arrost.
Pnnwv. Ta.. Oct. 13. The arrest of U.
B. Lowe, here yesterday by United States
Morshal llarlng, proves nn importnut
one. The nuiuaruies uvtmm w.u
has been acting i a "louco la ma
groou goods aud saw dust Ueals oi no
ons Harnoy jjcuuire, on
of the
llrlct crooks in the country. Lowe's
immcillntB sunerlor in tho crooked wors
la nniil tn he ii luuu named Drown, alias
Wilson. who Is now In custody al ocran
ton, where Lowe has been taken.
A I'rlui-ess Who Wnu't Vay,
London-. Oct. 13. A case of scandal In
high life that Is ottractmg soino nno i-
tlon is the failure ot tho 1-rincons jmry
liohan to pay a debt due to a
f,,lBMm.,n. si, Iimrrled, In 18S8,
Prince Haoul UoIihh, n family that holds
n iifoli i.liioo uinonu the princely houses
nf Hnmn. Sho lun gonu to the castle
. i .
0I her uusunna turner m ui,u,..i..,
. Dublin tra.l?nn
recover 41,160 ho
. . it
claims sho owes mm.
The Umbrla's Itmigh Fnnsage.
New York. Oct. 13. During the re
cent voyage of the Umbria sevoral of the
pas&eugers were Injured. The weather
during the entire trip was very squally.
Henry Harrison, ex-jiayor 01 oueiueiu,
Vnir. was thrown from a sottoa in the
smoking room ana uaiuy injureu buuui
the head. Mrs. Moorman, 01 ijouisviuo,
K Be),,e(1 jtj, apoplexy during the
folo, was knooked down and received a
severe scalp wounu.
A Murderer Surrenders,
fHMWEjf. N. J.. Oct. 18. Jockey An
nersnn. who shot and killed Win. Robin
son in a drunkon row lu a Gloucester
dlvo. some time In September last, sur
rendered hlmselt ' to 1110 auiucrmtn av
Gloucester yesterday, and wai taken to
the Camden county jail and was looked
Chiof Hurgess Lessig spent part of yes
terday at l'ottsvillo.
Miss Mame Wasloy returned from a visit
to Philadelphia on SurieViy.
Thomas D. Davies, and his son, Evan J.
Davies, were at tho county seat yesterday.
Mrs. J. Roxby and daughter and Mrs.
Charles New attended tho lunoral of John
Wylaai at St. Clair, yesterday.
Robert Binning, salesman for Robbins &
Qousnick, left town yesterday to transact
buiincss for tho firm in the far Vet.
Miss Elizabeth Hopkins, aflor sponding
soveral weeks with her undo, Frod. II.
Ilopklns, of town, returned tohor home la
Silvor Brook, yesterday.
Elootrlo Sparks.
Now that etroet cars are running round
tho New, Church and Main; street circuit
wo aro as eagor to commend as wo wero
previously ready to find fault. The tardi
ness of this arrangement was naturally
irksome. It had long ago been promised
that tho cars should epeodlly run over thot
courso, and tho; doiay of fulfillment ren
dered citizens justifiably impatient. Now
that tho cars aro actually running at tho
earliest possiblo dale, tho officials assure ub
it dovolvos upon the peoplo to witness
thoir appreciation by liberal patronngo.
There havo been not a few annoyances
connected with tho inauguration of our
electric railway, but its benefits havo far
outstripped its disadvantages. licihlehetn
As soon as tho l'ottsvillo eleetrin street
railway company got upon its feet tho poo
plo who were opposed to tho enterprise
commenced to put on tho screws. Tho
bjrough now wants., tho company to pay
57,000 for tho use of tho 10,000 bridge.
Tho company can put a trestle ovor tho
creek, and bo independent, for much loss
than that.
It is difficult to pleaso tho Mahanoy City
Tribune. Tho learned contemporary feels
aegrievod because tho headquarters of tho
electric railway are in Shenandoah and
fears that the location may load to discrim
ination. It is hoped our contemporary
will educate itself to tho truo situation and
becomo convinced that tho company is not
governed by prejudice, but intends to cater
to tho wants of tho public in general.
Ladies, if you want fine writing paper
and envelopes to match, call on Mai
Reeso. tf
A Stunnor.
J. Coffoo, having purchosed tho groator
portion of Goldman's stock at sheriff's salo
recently, consisting of inoro than 2,000 pair
of boots, shoes, etc., ho is now prepared to
sell the same at prices not to bo beaton in
tho county. Como early whilo tho sizes
remain unbroken. Don't forget the place,
31 South Main stroct. Look for canvass
sign. 10-10-Gt
Tho Water Question.
Tho Borough Council held a secret ses
sion last night. A Herald roporter button-holed
somo ot tho membors aftor tho
meoting and loarnod that tho mooting was
called to consider tho water company
question. Ho nlso learned that Council
had authorized a commit too to havo a
quantity of dodgers printed for the pur
poso of calling a meoting of tho citizens in
Robbins' opera houso to-morrow night, to
give oxprossion to thoir vlows on the action
of tho water company In suing tho bor
ough, and lay a foundation for tho forma
tion of public water works. An advertise
ment of tho meeting appears in another
part ol to-day's Hkrald.
Auction Goods.
T heir to inform the public that I have
purchased at sheriff's salo a big stock of
groceries, otc, which will bo opened for
salo by Tuosday morning next. Now
Orloans molasses, 25c. per gallon ; uoiong,
Japan, English Breakfast and Gunpowder
teas at 25c. por pound. Dealers lu need of
Bhow cases, tea cans, quart moasures,
shovels or scales, will save money by
purchasing from mo.
J. Coffee,"
29 and 31 South Main St. 10-10-3t
it. don't do to neglect nature's warning
aches through to. neu.u-
Horn Nonrnh-la. and
Oil, the Fumous l'alu Cure.
lln's arug sioru.
Legal blanks of all kinds for salo af.tho
Hkrald ofUco.
For BreaWast?
A Mackeral?
Wo havo 'em.
White and fat.
Bright and sweet.
No oil. No rust.
4 lb, Ub, lib, lilb, Hlb,
No. 122 North Jardin Street.