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Goversou PA'rrisoNbn) Mgued the
new ballot law ami eoustltutloual
convention bill.
In hid address on Decoration Day
Aitsjor MoKluley said: "The only
"debt tula governineut can never pay Is
tho debt it owes the brave nioa who
.saved the Nation. The soldiers waited,
for tholr pensions), patiently waited
patriotically wallod, while thegoveru--mont
was btruggllng under tho
mighty burden of money debt incurred
by war. They stood firmly for the pay
ment of that debt, they resisted every
form of repudiation, under any guise.
They have saved the country In war,
they helped to keep Its fiuaucial honor
freo from stain in peace. The great
war debt is almost paid. Who bhall
say that the government obligation
shall not be as scaredly kept?" The
American people will contlnuo to
Btand squarely behind such sentiment.
Oh, What a Cough.
Will yon heed the warning? The Mgnal per
jliapsof the sure approach of lliat more ter
friblo disease. Consumption. Asa: yourselves
fit you ran milord lor tlie Bake of savins 50
joints, to run the risk and do nothing for it,
e know from experience that Hhlloh's Cure
Wlll Cure ycur Cough. It never falls. This
explains why more than n Million Dottles
wero Bold the fast year. It relieves Croup
and Whoppine Cough at once. Mothers do
not be without It. For Lame Back, Bide or
Chant, use Hhlloh's Porous Master. Hold by
C. H. Ilagenbuch, N. E. comer Main and
Lloyd streets.
A Hew Business.
P. J. Cleary has opened a etoro in the
Ferguson's building, on East Centre street,
and is prepared to furnish tho local trado
with fine leather and shoe findings and all
kinds of shoemaker's supplies. His stock is
a large one and wll equipped to fully
supply all demands of tho trado. 6-15-tf
It Is u well known fact that l'an.Tlna
Cough and Consumption Cuio has cured Con
sumption. Coughs and Cold, wlin ail else
fnllfd. 25andG0 ceuta. Trial bottles nee at
Klrlin's drug More.
The largest atocjr of wall paper and
window shades ever received In this town,
or county. Good selection, at P. J. Portz's
book and stationery store. 8-20-tf
Best domot shirt In town, at "The
Famous" clothing house, 60c. Shifting
pants from 76c. up. '
iffrPny Keystone flour, lie careful that the
lno Lessiq & Co., Ashland, Pa,, is
printod on every sack. 8-S-3taw
Waters' Weiss bear is the best.
Iteilly solo agent.
John A.
CETSTTS per yd for tho
Sold In other stores for 35c. All floor
Oilcloth1: reduced. Cull for bargains
Carpet Star, iOJSoulIi Jardin St., near Cenlre
3 pounds for 25c,
Aro guaranteed equal to anything in the market at
' higher prices,
obreslt Cakes Ginger Snajis and Biscuits, 3 lbs. for 25c
crTJsa? QozMziasra- msr
Another Lot or
Fine California F runes, two
jr. A .7 T" 7. Y
Canned Fears andFlums.
qoiietq- otjt past,
-w- wr w t t mil w Til T7i rr - .
jNOW 02V 2
Two Cars Choice Quality TImotliy Hay baled
Government OHlcials not Disturb
ed by the'Situation Uncle Sam
is Ablo to Pay all His Obli
gations on Demand.
By Xatlmal Tress Association.
New York, Juno 20. Flnnnclal olrcles
are agitated over the announcement from
Washington thnt the last Treasury ntato
ment shows a deficiency of $787,108. This
la tho first timo In many years that tho
Treasury hns had a deficit.
Tho Treasury officials uro not disturbed
by tho situation and say that Undo Sam
la amply ublo to pay all bis obligations
on demand.
It is pointed out that this dooa not In
clude $23,627,412 of government funds
on deposit with national banks and J29,
1320,000 of fractional silver. It is esti
mated that tho receipts of tho Treasury
for tho balance of tho inontlj will largely
exceed the expenditures, and there will
probably bo a surplus of $7,000,000 by
July 1.
A loading bnnker in discussing tho
financial outlook saldi "In caso an un
usunl drain has to bo made- on the Treas
ury in order to move tho crops, tho Sec
retary, if tho 4 1-2 bonds are extended,
can purchase considerable 4 per cent,
bonds. The outlook is therefore rather
moro favornble than it first appears."
Iliitlsh Columblnus Incensed Over tho
Beul Agroouiont.
Wasuesoton, Juno 20. An Ottawa
Bpcclal says that the agreement nrrlved
at between the British Government and
the authorities t Wachlngton, regarding
tho killing of seals In Bohrlng Sea, has
raised a storm of indignation in British
Premier Robinson will petition tho
Governor-General to protest on behalf of
the Pacific Province to tho imperial au
thorities against the agroomont.
Over twenty Canadian scalers have
been fitted up at a cost of over half a
million dollars, and have anllod north
from Victoria to cngaga in fishing for
seals during tho coming season.
Tho British Columbians aro greatly in
censed at tho unexpected manner In
which tho British Government has acted
in tho matter without considering Cana
dian interests. The Government at Ot
' awa is also coming in for a Bhare of abuse
from them. They claim that tho Minis
ter of Marine deceived them by etaUjg
In Parliament that tho Imporial Govern
ment hod been notified ot tho Canadian
Interests involvod and that no agree
ment would bo sanctioned that was
prejudicial to Canadian interests.
SufVerluc from n Tecalla? niseuse.
Scottdale, Pa., June 20. Tho Hunga
rians in tho coke region aro suffering
from a peculiar disease, greatly resem
bling tho terrible black leg malady,
which some years ago infestod Europe.
There uro twenty" patients now In tho
Westmoreland Home, nnd 200 cases in tho
region. Their limbs present a loath
some appearance, and tho disease la rag
Inn. lbs, tor 25c.
.7 nw-r,m wm wt -wr . a w
Johnstown Pnfrerors Commcnco Frocccfl
inns Aenlnat tlm Pithing Club.
PiTTSBcno, Juno 20. Two weekB nftor
the sad celebration of the second anni
versary of tho Johnstown delugo, In
whloh over 2,000 live were lost, comes
the aunouncomont that damage suits nre
at last to bo entered against tho South
Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, which
owned tho artificial lake who?o wntors
caused the great destruction of life nnd
property. The club wos principally com
posed of millionaire iron and steel man
ufacturers of Pittsburg and Alloghony
W. D. Moore, the celebrated criminal
lawyer ot Pittsburg,' has baen retained
by tho Johnstown plaintiffs. Litigation
has all along been anticipated by tho
rittsburg pooplo. An attempt to Indict
thorn for criminal nogllgence was killed
in tho grand Jury room of Cambria
A Tordlct for tho l'lulutlmi In tho lint
Trimming Cate.
PmLADELPnu, Juno 20. Importers aro
elated over tho result ot the Moyer &
Dloklnson test suit against tho Govern
ment to recover alleged excosilre duties
paid on Importations of hat. trimmings.
The jury returned a verdict in tho
United Stntes Circuit Court in favor of
the plaintiffs.
Tho plaintiffs claimed that tho goods
woro llablo to only twenty por cont. duty
while the custom house officials held that
they woro dutiable ot fifty por cent.
Washington, Juua. 20 Acting Secre
tary Spauldlng says that tho covornment
will probably appeal tho hat trimming
case. Tho amount Involved Is from $18,
000,000 to $20,000.
White Elinors Ohjnct to Colored Men
llolnjr Employed.
WABniKQTos, Pa,, June 20. A riot
and strike Is in progress anions the
miners at Findoyvllle. So far no serious
outbreak has occurred, but Is expected
overy moment.
Tho causo of the outbreak Is that col
ored men wcro employed In open
ing a new mine. The white miners ob
jected and a general fight occurred.
Sheriff Lockhnrt with several deputies
have gono to tho scene.
Dospandnnor Drove 111m to Suicide.
Eiue, Fa., Juno 20. George Hamilton,
a young man who lived hi Edlnboro, this
committed suicide at Conneaut last evon
ing. Ho lost his wife a fow years ago,
nfterwards failed in business nnd slnco
thon had been despondent. He was
found elttlng on tho doorstop of nn Erie
friend yesterday morning, was put into
bed, but clandestinely left tho house and
was not hoard of until ho was found
In Conneaut dying from tho effects of
The Children lVaot 6.100,000 Damage!.
Prrrsuuno, Pa., Juno 20. The guardian
of tho five minor children of the late
Charles Achonhell has entered suit In
their behalf against the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad Company for $100,000
damages for tho death of their father.
Achonhell was killed In u wreck on the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad on Juno 20,
1800, while on his -vay from Baltimore to
All Roada Lead to Rome Only
One Royal Road to the Sea.
Coaches and parlor cars of regal sump
tousness, whirled seaward by fleet and
smokeless hard coal locomottvos, carrying
passengers safely and comfortably, in 80
minutes or less, from Delaware avonue In
Philadelphia to Atlantic avenue in Atlan
tic City this Is why it is called tho "Royal
Reading Route." Fast, frequent and con
venient y arranged trains 6tart from Chest
nut street and South street ferries. And
Its the only double track lino to tho sea.
That portion of the Pennsylvania Rail
road's Trenton cut-off extending from
Morrisvllle, If en Jerey, to a point of con
nection with the Schuylkill Valley branch
at Ernest, near Norrlstown, will be thrown
opon for regular travol nei Monday. Tho
completed portion is thirty-one and four
tenths miles in length, leaviug fourteen and
seven-tenths miles to Glen Loch, this side
of Cownlngtown, on tho ms'n line, yet to
bo finished. When tho entire "cut-ill ' Is
completed, it will effect a saving of go'r
taon miles batweon Now, York and Down
iiXtowa, The new line, oxcoptinx o.'
cjdrse the local pp 'terser travel, will be
used crclusively for de'xht UaHlc and l
intended to removo the necessity of b. los
ing through f.-eight to and from Now Yo k
and the West Philadelphia. On the po--tion
to bo opened on Monday nozt toe v
will be stations at Dun lap, Attleboro,
Roxton, Dreeher, St. Thomas, due Bell
and White Ma. .h Junction.
Thore's a baltu la Gllead; theie'i one
cool spot In Ibis land. The sail
winds that blow through oid Nep.une's
whiskers and sweep across Atlam.c Oi.v's
board walk are what everybody is pirhg
for, It goes without s.tying that tho f.ivoi
Ue route to that favori.o resort .3 tue R?au
i.ig Railroad's gieat and
equipped double-uack line. EV-i.y
ute express trains start at frequent lole-va s
f.-om Ches.nut i.r ot and South sireot
wharves, Philadelphia. And l.'s the on'-
double track line to the sea.
Glen Onoka, Glen Summit and Harvey's
Lake, on the popular Lehigh Vallov llai1
road, are just r popular to-day as ever anu
are being greatly patronized.
Ono of Them Sorlous'y Injured.
Sun Stroko Causes a Woman's
Death Notos on tho Movo
monts of Pooplo.
Tho members of the Coat Exchaogo of
Philadelphia and vicinity arrivod in town
yesterday afternoon, shortly before two
o'clock, by Bpecial train, and were received
at the PhiUdoIpbia and Reading Railroad
depot by Division Supo'lutendont John L.
Williams, District Superintendent J. J.
Bradigan, Mr. John H. Pollard, of Ab
land, and Mine Inspector Stein.
They remained horo about half an hour,
during which time tho outside workings of
Indian Ridge colliery wco visited and
about half a doaon descended iho shall, in
charge of Inside Foremen Davis and
Tho visitors wco under tbe chatgo of
Mr, Wellington BeoleUo, of Mabanov
Piano, Mr. Fiank KeHVr, of Frackvillo.
Mr. John K. Rnu, of Philadelphia, was
tbo spokoirmm for the party nnd to a Her
ald reporter ho made an indignant denial
of tbe report puhllshia in the stato papers
yesterday that an accident occurred while
on the way lo Wilkes-llarre and endan
gered tho lives ot the members. Mr. Rau
said there was absolutely no foundation
for the report
The visitors left here at 2.'J2 for Sunbury
and Hi.rrifburg.
Tho pirty v, as composed of tho following
gent'omen and their wives: J. F. Rau, E.
y. Bonbright, Samuel Lodor, 11. W.
Johnson, Julius Cantl'man, J. U Paxson,
E. W. Doron. El wood llurton, W. F.
Lender, J. L. Tyson, James Caldwell,
William R. Tyler, John Love, E. H.
Richards, G. V. Deakyne, F. V. Berle
wan, Thomas Insoll. Also Mrs. II miry
Baity, Miss Miller, Miss Burton, Miss
Agnes Oonlhin, Miss Dorii, Waller
Crowder, damuel Crowder, W. R.
Bifchail, O. O. A. Baldi, N. Ickman,
Frank Janazollo, B. C. Hancock, J. L.
Jones, L. II. Koo.l, William Kced, Charles
Schwo lHgor, George Wtbor, H. Wnbor,
II. Weber, Jr., L. Jwuonlioson, E. S.
Jackson, J. H. Kelley, ,1. M. Kelloy,
Jacob Schweibw, Charles McGuire, John
Smallivan, William J. Walls, Patrick
Kyan, George E. Weiss, H. M. Cramp, D.
T. Morton, N. Borzner, Alonzo North,
Edwin Gallinger, 0. A. Strouse, T.
W. Merldolh, James Walker. H. H
Yearick, U, Erinvachter, J B VanUuzni
C. 8. Lowrcy, Frank Prcuzo, T. Ate
Icheney, Charles Jloiz, Goorge W. Fishtr,
Gust. Hein, Julian Heln, L. W. House ,
Henry Tailor, L. C. Modera, William
Lichton, James McGratb, J. L. Penncoci'
W. T. Riolds John S. O-over, Georse U
Ross, U E. Young, H. B. lVirfon, O. II
Endenborn, John llohcnadel, D. I!
Butfnbr, Mr. Love, James Sinne R .ber.
Arthur, H. K. Spaulding, U O. Black
Charles B&umaG, L T. Tierney, D. B
Whimsy, W. U. Spotlord, William
I'harlton, William Glass, Jr., J. A
Bloomor. C. U Buclio-, John Dougberly,
W. H. Dougherty, G. S. Bolton, Simon
Jacoby, J. Pazel, Thomas Quigloy,
Thomas Quigley, Jr., S. B. Chapmac, T.
S. Mize, Mr. Knight. Thomas McConnell
J. 1',. Dclberl, II. O. Maulave, W. T.
Bonbright, T. P. Jonkias, Messrs, Dobson
and Maderi and Frederick E. Saward, of
tho Cbai JVat'e Journal of New York.
Women are Failures on tho Dia
mond. Tho "Cincionaai Reds" female base ba i
club tackled a local organization at ut
trotting park yesterday aPorooon aod
admirably illustrated how little women
kuow ol tbo tactics connected with tho bate
ball field. Those who havo seen a wodihi
throw a stone can form an Idea of how the
females played ball yesterday.
As a bii'lesquo on tbo na.Ional game it
was a g.and succoss.
It was a regular show aad tbo spectators
"oaredwlth laughter, but the merriment
was brought to a sudden termination in ibe
first half of the seveath Inning, whon one
of the female players, whose name on the
score ccrd was,Carmon, met with a sellout
Carmen had hit to second bate and ran
with excellent speed for first when tbe
young fellow at tbo latter point uninten
tionally stopped backward, causing a
collision. Carmen was thrown into the air
and, turning a half somersault, fell in a
heap on the cpposllo side of tbebaso. As
she fell the shrieked and then swooned.
P. ompt assistance was given tbe vlc'im
and she soon recovered her senses. M.s.
H. E. Bowman, of East Centre street, very
kindly took charge of tho young woman
and had her taken to ber residence, when)
Drs. Callen and Hamilton. wo. o summoned
The doctors found that Carmen's right
colla -bone had been brokenn two places,
and .hey said the breaks were bad ones.
A Heuald reporter visited CVmon at
Mrs. Bowman's residence last evening.
She was found resting eay on a lounge in
thesltting-room. Sue said: "Tho doctors
say 1 will bo laid up for a month or more,
but I hope to get upon Iho field again bo
Core that. 1 will go to Now York i itv to
morrow morning and will be cared for
there by tbo mother of M, . thniu, wii
i tho manager of our ciub. The lady is a
particular friend of mine and I have no
nther friends in this country, as I but re
cently came Irom Scotland, whero my
notbor Is still living. My ball playing
.lame is Carmen Latenville. My real
name is Agnes Helton. This accident is a
great misfortune to mo, but as I will bo
well cared for by Mrs. Johnson and my
salary will nin during tho liaio I am laid
up things will bo all right before long "
The young woman loft for New York
his morning on the 6:47 Lehigh Valley
train. The club loft for Mahanoy City lasv
night leaving thn unfortunate member in
Mrs. Bowman's rare.
Tbo bating order of tho female playe s
wore: Ca'mnn, s. s.: F'ankie, p j Goorgie,
lb.; Grace, 2b.; Lillian, 3b; Nellie, c;
Angio, e. f.; Flora, r. f., all very preliy
names; whlio tlm homo toam registered
themselves as follows: Ansonbergpr, lb.;
What, ab.j Mayoali'haCHn, p.; Toulato, s.
s.; Mufrun, c; Fitsall, 3b.; Wack, c I ;
Hivesome, 1, f.; Grandspill, r. f.
Tho lemales wont to bat first. A scuror
attempted to keep track of iho game, but
tho errors, misjudgments and a number of
discouraging side issues piled in so f: t that
tho task w s abandoned. Ansonborger
disported himself in a mimnor that would
make his Chicago name wild with envy.
Tho umpire, G.itlln, who is manager ol
tho femalo club, mado somo voiy unique
decisions. He promptly settled all disputes
with the reminder "Don't dUputo with the
umpire." lutlio third inning ho refused
to drularo the female side out until 7 of the
club wero thrown out. One of the homo
club, in another inning, knocked a hot one
to tbe outfield and the umpiro magnani
mously gave tho pitcher a ball from his
pocket so that sho could throw the batsman
out at first.
It was a game of games, bop-scotch,
hide-and-seek, marbles andolhorchildbond
sports being delighlljpy Intel woven witu
ybat might be termed as a slight shado ol
base ball. At the timo ihe accident occurifd
the tcoro stood IU to 10 in favor of the
I'omalo". The homo club accomplished i.s
tcoro by walking around the u.ites.
Sunday Specials.
English Baptist church, South Jardin
street, Uov. II. G. James, pastor. Preach
ing at 10:80a. m. and 0:30 p. m. by the
pastor. Morning topic: "The Divino Life
In tho ChrU'.ian." Evoning topic : "Tbe
Tiial of Abraham." Sabbath school at 'J
p. m,, Deacon John Bunn, superinten
dent. Monday ovening at 7:30 tho Young
Peoplo's Christian Union will meet. Wed
iieeday evening, at 7 o'clock, prayer meet
ing. Tucday and Thursday evenings the
Iliad of H.ipo will meet to prepare fur
Children's Day.
English Lutheran church, Rev. D. B.
Proibley, pastor. Services to-morrow as fol
lows: 10:80 a. m. and 0:30 p. m. Sunday
school at 1:30 p. m.
Ebonezer Evangollcal church. Rev. H
J. Gliuk, pastor. Services lo-raorrow a.
10 a. m, In Gorman, and G:30 p. m. in
English, Sunday school at 1:30 p. m
All are heartily invitod to attond.
First Methodist Episcopal church. Ray.
Wm, Powick, pastor. Divino worsbont
10:30 a. m. and 0:30 p. m. Morning sub
ject: "Holplng tho Truth." In iho oven
ing the Children's Day exercises will be
held, Sunday school at 12 p, no., to be
followed by tho devotional meeting ol
tho Epworth League. General prayer
meeting on Thursday ovening. All aro
cordially Invited. Seats free.
Pcesbylorian church. Children's Diy
iervlees at 10:30 a. m. Christian Endeavor
will havo cervices at 0:30 p. tn.
P. M. church, corner of Ja.xlin and Oak
streets. Services to-morrow at 10:30 a. m.
and 0:80 p. m. Sabbath school at 2 p. m.
Young Peoples' Christian Endeavor at 0
p. in. every Sabbath. Glasses meet Tues
day and Wednesday ovoninga at 7 o'clock
and Sunday at 0:30 a. in. General prayer
meeting Thursday at 7:30 p. in. H, G.
Russell, pastor.
Service in Triuity Reformed church at
10 a. m. aad 0:80 p. m. Rev. Morgan, a
pastor from Fogolsvllle, will officiate.
Welsh Congregational cbu.-eii Services
io-morrow, Preaching by Rev. D. 1
Evans. English in the morning and
Welsh In tho evening, Sundav school at
2 p. in.
The Greatest Strike.
Amonzthe ureal strikes that of nr. Miles
in discovering his Kuw Heart Cure has
p;-oveu iiseir u:oeoneoi ineniosumuortaut.
Tue demand for It haa becojie astuuUlilDS,
Already the treatment ol heart dizain 1h Iih.
ng levoluuouized, and mui y uuei peeled
oureWeUfcled. Hmjou relieves stioit brr Hh,
Buiterlutr. ualns lu bide. nrm. shoulder, weak
and hungry spells, oppression, awelllug of
anaies, smothering and heart dropsy. Dr.
Mile' uoolrou Heait uud Nervous biea 'es.
tree. 'Iho uuequaled New Heart Cure Is wild
an guaranteed UyC. II. Haeiibuch,thodrug-
ifiei, ttieu iiid jveaiuriativu iervmu lor iiea'i
ache, U' soree, hot lUknes, nervous Cuills,
Thero are no flies on this. A 60-cont
window ncrcen and a lib. box of baking
powder for oO conts at the Grand Union
Tea Compauy'i store. 0-io-it
Sullivan'o Baokors Mako Him a
Proposition This Morning A
Now OHoaus Olub OfTors a
625,000 Purse.
Dy XaKonal Press Association.
San Fraxcisco, Junu 20. Baruott, Sul
livan's trainer, is In 'Frisco. Ho said,
when seon, that there was nothing in
the dispatches regarding Sullivan's al
leged challenge toSlavlu. Barnett addodi
"Sullivan always consults mo beforo
making a mntch, and It Im.i always been
John's custom to refer all people looklna
for mntch to mo.
"When Dougheity and Slavin called
upon Sullivan and mo in St. Louis Suill
van told Slavin whatever I said ho would
iigreo to. I accordingly told Slavm
John was under 18 mouths' oontract
with mo, but at the end of that time If
ho, SI117I11, was still In the ring and an
undefa.itcd man, Sullivan would glvo
blm a match. Slavin said ho he was sat
isfied, and wo parted good friends. This
is tbo understanding bctwoen Sullivan
and Slavin, and all those utorlos amount
"You can, however, say that Sullivan
will make n reply to these challenges
from tho stage at Ccrbett's benefit next
Wednosday night."
The general opinion among sports hers
Is thnt Sullivau is talking flgnt with
Slavin Bololy as an advertising dodge
to help ids Australian tour. Still n
majority of sports here would back Sul
livan against Slavin at 2 to 1.
V.'hat Hulllvau Says.
Sax Jose, Juno 20. Tho ouly John L.
Sullivan was interviewed horo regarding
the telegram tent to Now York. Ho was
asked i
"Did you authorize Wakely, of New
York, to mako a match?" asked tho re
porter. "No," said Sullivan, "I am In the show
business now, hut on my return from
Australia next September I will show in
San Francisco, and thon my contract Is
up. I will havo three months to nrrango
matters nnd will bo prepared to talk or
light anybody."
When asked Lis opinion about Slavin
bo said :
"I think Lo Is a very good mitu; his do
feat of Kllraln provon It; but you can say
for mo that If we ever meat In the ring
Sullivan thluks ho will comoouton top."
Flavin' View nf tho Matter.
New Yomt, June 20. Slavin returns to
England to-day, und ho says arrange
ments will have to be mado quickly, If
nt all. "Pony" Moore, of tha Slavlu
party, said that It was his oplnlou thnt
Sullivan's challongo was a bluff, puro
mid simple.
Slavin made nnothor statement ns fol
lows: "Sullivan wauts to meet me when
bo comes.back from Australia. I'll toll you
what I think would bo tho hest idea, I
think AuBtralta can offer a sum as big na
any place lu tho world. I will postpono
my trip to England If a match can bo
made with Sullivan for $10,000 and tho
biggest pur&u tboy cau raise. I will moot
him with or without gloves to demon
strate who is champion of tho world.
Sullivan will ho recolved much hotter lu
Australia It ho can make a match to fight
mo there."
A Chnlleugu to bluvln.
New Yomt, June 20. Sullivan's back
ers, Wakeley and Johnson, deposited
$1,000 with Arthur Lnmley this morning
to make a match with Slavin to fight
Sulllvnn for $10,000 a side. Slavin may
accept the offor beforo ho sails for Eng
land to-day.
82.1,(100 for Sullivan nnd Sluvln.
New Orleans, Juno 20. Tho Olympic
Club of this city has telegraphed an oiler
of a purse of $25,000 for a fight lu tho
Olympic club room botweeu Sullivau and
Slavin to take place February 27th. t
Miles' Nerve una Livor Pills
A'.t on a new principle-regulating tho
.iver, Momucli und howela throuyh the nerves.
A ucw discovery. Hr Miles' 1'llln uptcdlly
lU.e blliimsneeM imd taste, torpid liver, pllen,
cDosilpatlnn. Uuequaled lor men, women,
children. Bnmllmi, nillaesl,uriu Cldo'.es,
Vi:i3, Hnmples i'ree, ut V. 11. llagenbuch'H
.1 '.lg htore.
15 Cents a PotincU
Npt off' grade goods,
But First-class Stock.
No. 122 North Jardin Stroot