The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, June 05, 1891, Image 2

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    The Evening Herald.
S, C. EOYEE, Editor and Publisher,
W. J. WATE1W3, Local Editor.
subscription rates:
DJUiT, per year -'. --
yfXKKisr, per year -
.8 00
. 1 fin
Ranted at the Postotltce, at Shenandoah, l'a.
for transmission through the Malls
as seeond class mall matter.
A ZETLAND winter.
Row frowns the min god on tho liortliUnd dark,
An.l turns awny th brightness or Ills face
Pr, iui bill on 1 shore ami sen u dreary siwoo,
AijcI Mills tlie gladsome ilnglng of the lark.
Wow lli" the nortliland all sno.v sheeted, stark,
Au.l bUx)l coM sides are ever nteiwl In night,
S.u c wheni tlio moon elves ilatiee In sliver light
Ami irleamlnir stars the roi eye's limit mark.
Hi nee comes it that the fiery nortliland heart
Is t'liiclii-il with Borrow, ami Hie tale of ilnom,
And sings the winter's deep encircling gloom.
In llvlni: words, whence soul fires glowing, dart;
That ml;;litv thoughts like wild auroras sweep,
iud flitiK their splendors o'er the northern deep.
J. J llvldaoo Iiurgoss lu Chambers' Journal.
Colliery Engineer Poolcot Book.
Tho Colliery Engineer Co,, Scmnton
Pa., Publishers. This is a convenient vol
tne of over 400 panes printed on film ppm
with clear new typo, Urns enabling the
publlshor3 to furnish a vast amount oi
matter in handy Bhapo.
This book has beon especially prepared
for tho use of colliery officials and minon
who bavo long left tho want of a convenient
nnd simplo reference book, containiiiffrulot
nnd tables specially adapted to tnoir use
It la a loxt-book for tho miner who ii
Btudying tho principles of vontilation, min-
in?, etc., and tho most convenient pocsei
book for tho mining onginoer, superinton
.lent or other colliery officials. It was nol
propared for college graduates, and anj
intelligent man can understand tho princi
r,ln nnd rules contained in it. Noothei
book is required by tho student for a mini
foreman's certificate.
ti, following, amonc: many other sub-
loots, aro treated on in full :
Arithmetic: mensuration: weights and
moasuros; strength and woightof materials!
prospecting; timbering; methods ol worn
Sue: cases: ventilation; colliory machinory
surveying; mino railways; steam; faults;
electricity; tquarof, cubes; square roots, am
rnlin roots: sinos: tangents, otc, travorsi
tables, etc.. etc.
' Hound In cloth 2
ilound in flexible leniher, round corners- 2 W
Bound In flexible leather, with flap 2 7fi
Found tho Suspecteil Murderer's Hody
TlnsTos. Juno 4. The body of tho man
found under Clinrlos River brlilRO has
been Identified by tho Pedhnm pollco as
that of "Auttust." tho farm hand who Is
supposed to have murdcrod Miss Euior
son at Dcunam.
Tho best silver service to a needy man
tho loan of a silvor dollar.
Suddon Doaths.
Henri dlsenwe Is hv far the most freemen!
cause of sudden death, which lu three out of
four casts Is unsuspe cte d. The syniptouisare
not generally understood. These are: lying
r.n ton rlirlit hide, short breath, nnlh v. (lis
iresB In side, bncK or shoulder, irregular
pulse,, wenK ana hungry spens, winu
in Biomacn, swelling oi unmet, ur uiups
onprefslon, dry cough ana smoineriug. m
Miles' illustrated book ou Heart Disease, fie
nt.r. II IlnL'enhiuh. who sell nnd cuarnnte
Dr. Jllles' uncquuled NewlleartCure.undhis
Hestoratlo Nervine, which cures nervom
ness, headache, Blecrles snes, cllccts of drink
IDE, etc. It contains no opiates.
Tho world would bo much bottor if mon
would live up to their obituaries,
Shlloh's Consumption Ouro.
This is beyond question the most sue.
cemlul Cough Medicine we have ever sold,
a lew doses luvnrlnhly cure the woitt cascol
derlui succefs In the cure of Consumption is
without a parallel lu the history of medicine.
Since It's first discovery it has been sold on a
guarantee, a test which no other medicine
can stand. Ii yon have a Cough wo earnestly
nsk you to try it. 1'rlce 10 cents, 60 cents, and
tl.10. If your Lungs aro tore, Chest or iiack
lnme. tif.e Mhlloh's I'orous Flaster. Bold Ijv
O. II. llagenbuch, N. E. corner Main nnd
Idoyd Btreets,
When n man goes down tbo genoral
verdict Is that ho has gone up.
Ob, What a Cough.
Will you heed the warning? The signal per
oi i
' the sure approach of that lnoro ter
rlhlo disease. Consumption. Ask yourselves
if you can afford for the sake of wiving CO
cents, to run tno risK ana no noiiuug lorn.
We know from einerlcnce that Billion's Cure
will Cure your Cough. It never falls. This
explains why more than a Million Dottles
were bold the past year. It relieves Croup
and Whoppina Cough at once. Mothers do
not bo without it. For l.ame Hack, Bide or
Chest, use Hhlloh's I'orous l'laster. Bold by
O. II. llageubucn, N. 13. corner Main and
Uoya streets.
Everybody's holiday is tho
man's hardest working day.
Hold It to tho Light
Tho man who tells you confidentially
net what will cure your cold is proscribing
Komp'e Bulsam this yoar. In tho prop
itration of this remarkable medicino for
coughs and colds no ozponso Is spared to
combine only tbo beet and purost ingrcdl
onta. Hold a bottle of Kemp's Balsam to
tho light and look through it; notice tho
bright, clear look; then compare with
other remodios. I'nco 60c. and Jl
Tho singer who cots up to high O must
havo n soar throat.
Miloa' Korvo and Llvor PIllB
Act on a new principle regulating
liver, stomach and bowels thtovohihenet
A new discovery. Dr. Miles' nils speedily
uuiu uniwintuw,., uiui itiBie, lorpm liver, piles,
constipation. Unequaled lor men, women,
children. Bmallrst, mildest, surestl 6'idohes,
aicts. eampiea f ree, at c. 11. Ilagenbuch'
ii rug store.
Tho oxcurslon and picnic dodger will
soon be thrown around.
To Korvoua, Dobllltatod Mon.
If you send us your address, we will
mall you our illustrated pamphlet explain
Inr all about Dr. Dye's Celobrated Kloetro
Voltaic Belt and Appliances, and their
churminsr ouocU urxn the nervous do
bllltated system, and how they will quickly
restore you to vigor, and manhood. Pamph
let free. If you are thus afflicted, wo will
send you a Bolt and on a f rml
voltaic Bkit Co., Marshall, Alhh.
May was rathor a dlsagreoablo month
taking It on the whole.
rictures by Machinery.
In tho now drop-a-nlokol photograph
mnchlno tho tlmo required to produce
tho plcturo Is ono nnd threc-quartor
mlnutos. From tlio beginning of tho
operation until tlio completed plcturo
no hand has touched tho plato. Thero
Is an orrniifroment on tho front of tho
caso by which tlio tlmo of developing
mny bo Biiortcncd or prolonged ns a
darkly or lightly printed plcturo Is
wntited. Tlio picture after belnyv
dropped out Is taken by au attendant
and dried and fitted In a noat brass ease;
for this lattor servlco an additional
nickel Is olmrged. Tho machine Is
equipped with four hundred small
plates, lmown to the photographic trndo
as argentic dry plates, and sufficient
chemicals for a day's run.
Red Haired 'Women.
A writer In a ladlos' journal has a
word of encouragement for girls who
lament having red hair. Tho Cathe
rines, who made Ru&bia great, had rod
hair; so had Maria Theresa, who saved
Austria and made it the empiro that it
Is; so had Anne, of Austria, who ruled
ranee for so long; so hatl lidizauetn, nf
England, and Cathorlno llorgla, ns well
Mario Antoinette, wnoso oionuo
tresses had in them a glint of gold.
A Long SUenco.
Tim unlro of St. llolen's church, In
the Isle of Wlttlit, which was built In
tho beginning of tho last century and
shortly afterward struck uy ngntninrr,
had, as was supposed, tlio largo oen oi
... . -.
Its chime cracked, ns the tono was very
much muffled. Tho other day a church
warden hannencd to bo In tlio ucllry,
nnrl throuo-h curiosity osamlncd tho
bell. IIo found that tnoro was not h.
crook In It. but a pleco of wood broken
from tho wheel was pressing against
the cdiro and stopping tho vibration.
Tl,la liolnn- removed, tho boll, after
being mufllod for ono hundred and
Koventv voara. rang out merrily to tlio
astonishment ol tho Inhabitants of tho
Where the cause Is unknown. Tho wonderful
cures of scrofulous and specific poisons by tho
Cactus mood Cure seem lino mtracies uecausu
science cannot explain how tho blood 13 punned ,
but It cures these terrlblo diseases all the same,
No failures and no relapses.
Hold at Klrlln's Urug Store,
Block Hhenaudoaii.
Ferguson House
The vestlbuled comrartrucut sleeplnecart
recently Introduced ou tho Chicago, til. 1'aui
nnd Kausas Cltv Ilallway are models ol com
ion, convenience auu lusury. Any imirpu oi
thesleenlncoar Is enabled, by the Introduc
tion of " hebo compartment cars, to secure thf
same privacy and onvenlence that he woulo
In the best hotel. No other line west of Chi.
cago ruus the compnrtmeut cars, lu add!
lion, mo irainBaro equipjieu w in mo reguiu
open Pullman sleeper, giving passengers theli
choice. Tnedl Ing car SPrvlco Is fully up le
the requirements ol modern railway service
Au excellent cuisine, promptly Berved amid
elegnut surroundings, at moderate charges
leaves nothing now lo be desired. Any of our
people contemplat Ing a trip to any part of the
west or northwest cannot roslbly cecurt
hotter accommodations or lower rates than
by addressing W. V. Cooley, General Agent ol
the Passenger department, b38 CnesluutBl..
Philadelphia, Pa.
Colorado Is a land of thatp contrusls, ol
brilliant lights, ol Intense shadews: a land
where heights and depths make obvious the
meaning of the word antithesis; a land where
every mood in mind can And an nnsnerluc
mood In nature. The high, white minarets of
the mountains, from whoso slender pinnacles
noat, uie wuiU'Oiown uaiioers oi mo snow, ap
peiil Willi pueiiL eioqueure to mo loiiy luipirii'
lions of the soul: the sombre chusms cleft bv
Titan forces through granite-hearted bills
wlthlu whose depths dark shadows throne
nnd BWlrllng torrent dashspeak to the heart,
a language that thrills, Inspires and awes. It
does nol follow that there glories ol white
peaks and those glooms of dark ennons pre
clude the pleasant intervals, the sunuy
meadows or the secluded nooks wherein the
tired mind or wearied body may rind pence
nil rest and reluge from turmoil and toll. To
oue making a Journey in Colorado, New
Mexico or Utah, or taking a transcontinental
tour from Hast to West, or rice versa, the Den
ver and Klo Grande Railroad oilers accom
modations equal in eligance, convenience and
luxury to those of any other line with the ad
ded attractions of tho unrivalled scenery
along its line, abounding in a magnificent
opulenco of white peaks nnd dark canons.
i i.u .uuu.. v. ...iTiuiuij, .uiu, nt.ucEEn, 1110
or the most important improvements in rail
road facilities that has vet been made In Col
orado and the West. The completion of the
standard gauge of the Ilonver and KloQrande
uniiroan irom uenver, Colorado, over the
mountains to Oedeu. Utah, which Ilvo vears
ugu wut ueeiueu ua linpossiuuny, ib cenaini;
a iriumnu oi aanne ana enirineerinc bkh
ino new lino is uy tne way oiijeaaviue, tun
neling Tennes-eo Puss, threading the canons
of IheKairlesnd Grand Rivers, uivlnca view
ol the Mount of the Holy Cross, enroute, tak
ing lla trains ihrougli Glenwood Springs and
down the Grand Iflver lo Grand Junction.
thence to Bait Lake City, Ogdcn and Han
runcii-co. uy tins route one is given an i
tortuultv to behold the magnificence of Kai
tlver Canon and the marvelous I eautv and
grandeur of the Canon of the Grand. The
overland unm is a model In every respect.
l- rom tbo engine to tho last nrst-clasa coach
everything is bright and new, and of the
most elegnnt style of workmanship and
If any reader desires to know more about
t hese Mupoudous works of nature, write to H.
K. Hooprr, General Passenger Agent.Denver,
Colorado, and he will send you. free ol cost.
elegantly Illustrated boons, giving a full de
scription of tho marvels of the ''Bcenlo
Line."- Btanicy wooa in tno "Great Divide."
Is and trill over bo
Bomody for
Gout. IntluonzQ. Baokaaho,
Fnina in tho Bido. Ghost and
Joints, Nourolgia, Sprains, &o
Before yoa seed to tray, ottiaa
he valuable bookl ' Quids to Heutn." wltl
eadorsomenti of prominent pbyticla&s.
8IO Broadway!
Prize Medals Awarded I
"European nooBeBlKuJoletadtiLondon,
KaremberK, Koustela, Lelpslo,
50 Cents a bottle, For Salo b7
and other drnggltti.
Tho Accused Man Is Blob, but FrototU
If Is Innocence.
Nnw Yoruc, Juno 5. A short tlmo ago
Paymaster Fred 0. Ward of tho Dslawaro
& Hudson Canal Company wns Injured
In a railroad nccldont. Ho was taken to
his homo In Albany, and tho officers of
tho rond, with whom Ward Is very popu
lar, did everything toprovldoforhlsconr
fort nnd quick recovery. A substitute
took his place.
Aftor he had beon doing Ward's work
for a week or ten days, he discovered nu
apparent Bhortngo of $10,000 In tho
Albany accounts. Tho officers of tho
company, particularly tho President
Robort M. Olyphant, woro horrified, and
Immediately oxpressod their diabollcf In
the reDort. An Investigation followed
and tho results vroro such that Ward wn
taxed with making away with tho money,
Ho strenuously denied that his accounts
In any way, sluipo or form, wcro nils
niauaiied. and asserted his Innocence. Ho
said that If ho could only get to tlio ofllco
ho would strolchton out hU accounts Im
mediately and oxplaln tho nppnrent
Ward s caso was critical from the start,
as ho suuorcu from concussion of tno
brain, nnd tho fact that It wns alleged
that his accounts wero siu.uuu snort
cnuscd him to crow rnnldly worso. Ho
beenmo delirious nnd continually talked
nbout tho case, assorting his Innocence of
wrong doing.
In his conscious moments ho would do
mand that ho should bo takon to tho
offlco, so thnt ho could show his superiors
whore tho mlstako had been mado. It Is
croatlv feared that ho will not recover,
His mind never wanders from tho sub
ject of tho shortago and ho nover hesi
tates to say. "It's all wrong It's a nils-
tnko. Oh. if I could only got to tho
Ho Is a round man. and it is said hns
always led u regular life. He performed
his duties In strict accordance with
neo witu ins
rules and was never delinquent,
Thirty Men Arrested for alloy's Mtirdor.
HiLWAUKEr, Wis., Juno 5. Thirty
vounir men. whoso namos aro unknown,
havo beon arrested at Waldo, about
twentv-llvo miles from Sheboygan, on tho
chartto of causinc? tho donth of Fred
Kopwood, agod 14 years, near Cascade.
It appears tho men wero shearing sneop,
and on tho boy coming along nnd rofus
inn to drink whiskey with thorn, ho wns
thrown Into a mill pond, from whence
ho crawled out, and dlod in the woods
from exposure
Gold Is booming In tho Argentine Ho-
publlc at ?3.2a premium.
Edward P. Thompson ' has beon ap
pointed postmnstor at Indlannpolls.
Charges for heresy nro to bo preforrod
ngalnst Dr. Dnlton, rector of St. Stephen's,
at Portland, Mo.
Gorman Immigration to America for
tho past quarter of 181)1 was 41,092, tho
largest on rocoru in six years.
Tho Stnto Reform School at Capo Eliza
beth, Mo., wns dostroyod by Are early In
tho day.togother with tho lurnlturo. Loss,
5Iu,UUU uninsured.
Tho death sentence of Jacob Schulo,
who killed Constnblo Droko at New Ga
naan, Conn., In 1683, has beon commuted
to llfo lmprlsonmor.
John Yoh, an lnmato of tho county
liospltnl, Iicndlng, l'a,, 41 years of ago,
partook of food for tho last tlmo 7 days
ago, and yesterday died, having starved
to death,
Van Holso, tho professional hangman
for Now Jersey, has been engaged by
Sheriff McPhilllps to hang tho nogro
murderor Helllnger on Juno 80 at the
county jail In Jersoy City,
Judge William Allen, of tho Suproma
Court of Massachusetts, died yesterday
at his home In Northampton. Ills death
was quite sudden aud was due to nou
ralgta oi tno noaru no was O'J years old.
Frank Tracy, supposed to bo tho head
of n gang of horso thloves which has
been operating recently along tho Hud'
son itiver, was arraigned in tho Circuit
Court at Kingston, N. Y., on chargo of
horso stealing nnd pleaded guilty
Tho striking qunrrymen at Mllford,
Mass., have consurrod in tho action
of tholr commltteo in accepting a ten per
cent, raise from tho firms of Norcross
Brothers, Darling Brothers, nnd Wood
bury & Lolghton in lieu of tho prices
demanded uy tno men,
In a suit for divorce brought by Mrs,
L. Rood of Hartford, Conn., her husband
.ww u, .,ui..ui,i, vuuu., no uuauituki
nllocres that tho wholn trnnhln in rtiin t,r
his Mrs. Helen M. Atklna.
: " . ' 1 ,
ol Bristol, and lias sued her for ?l,Wv)
- . .w. v -
of enticing away
rges her hUBband
uamages upon a cuargo 01 0
his wife. Mrs. Rood charges
with nnlnctnt,,! hnWr.nil lnlln,n0
There is complete stagnation ninona
the lumber lirms at Bangor, Mo., ow
ing to tho boycott existing In tho
lumber trwlo In New York. A number
of vessels are lying Idle In the , harbor
awaiting cargoos. Noarly all tho saw
mills have suspended operations, and no
lumber whatever Is being shipped.
Weather Indicattous.
VABntNQTON, Juno 8. For Now Englaud
Fulr weathen vnriablo winds; stationary torn.
For Eastern Now Yorkj Eastern Pennsyl.
vanla and Now Jersoyi Showers: stationary
teinpomturoj Mirlablo winds.
For Western I'enusylviinlnnnd Western Now
York: Fulr; warmer; variablo winds.
New YonK, Juno 4. Monoy on call loaned
cosy at ajt ana per cent,
Closing C
Yostoi-day, T
4Ws, 1801 Ilcg 100
4$), lh91 Coup 100
4 s. 1007 Hoar , 110
t s, 1007 Coup 121
Closing C
Yesterday. 1
Canadian Tncino 77W
Central Pnclllo 80
Chicago, Bur. & Qulncy., HTM
pelawaro li Hudson l.ioli
Del., Lack & Western lMlT
Brio , ml
Brio prof 60
Lake bhoro 10OT4
Iuls.& Nush 74
Mlchlguu Central
Missouri Paciilo , 07
Now Jorsoy C'entriiU 11M
Northwestern I07?
Oregon Navigation 71
I'aclno Mull am
flooding..., 31
lloclc Island 11
Bt. Paul 00)1
Union l'ncillo , 44U
Western Uulon ,, B0J
Juno. July,
Wheat lOMi look
Corn , o:,U 02U
OaU i-ril m
Butter Market quiet. Western oxtros, 180,
Cbocso- Murkot dull but staiJr. Btato
looiory now nui cream onoioo wine, c,uH,
u.XKa iu uiu uujera nw, a
ISouiimjo.i western, ltto-alttlSo.
tirX'SwioTOHoofland's Podophyilin Pills
f be up TTo-t to gSpllt: I
Ithe mark!
iu in. 1 BEARS
, fincof fl, ;,ltr;nv nf
j-"j " " "uv -
the State. Only available
health and pleasure grounds
in the Anthracite region.
The natural attractions and magnlfi
. cent scenery of the place are un-
equalled, nnd a day of recrea-
. . lion and pleasure may be 1
spent in it to advantage.
There is good Ashing and
bathing In the twin lakes --.
Burroundlugthegrounds. Boat
houses will be built on the lakeside
and regnttas.wlll be frequent this season
For Sunday Schools, Lodges, &c,
The grounds aro most suitable for pic -
On and after Nov. 24, 1890, fraftw mill lea
a.'ienaiiaonn as lotunvs:
For Wleean. Gllberton. Fracfevllle, Ne
Castle, Bt. Clair, and way points, 6.00, 9Jr
m and4.15 p ra.
Bundaye, eou, V.4U a m ana 8.1 u p m.
For Pottsvllle. 6.00. 9.10 a m and 4.15 p m,
B unsays. 600, 9.40 m and 3.10 v m.
ror iveaaing, u-w, tuuBmsaai.iopiiit
Bnndays, bOO, 9.40 a.m. and 3.10pm.
For Pottstown. Phoemxville. Norrhjtowr
and Philadelphia (Broad Btreet Btatlon), 6.00,
v,iu a m. ana 1.1a
1 4.15 pfflwed days
nucoays, eou, vau Rmuupm
Trains leave Frackvllie lor Bhennndoah at
10.40 am and iz.14, 7.1Z, iu,ua p m. Bunaayt
11.1s n m and 5.40 x m.
Leave joiuvine lor nnenanaoan, iu.w auo
11.48. a ia 7.15. 9.42 p m. Bnndays, 10.40 a a
5.16 p m.
i ,L,eavo x niuwieipmi torouu bireei. HlAUUIll
for Pottsvllle and Bhennndoah. a n
h.10, 4.10 and 7.00 p m week days. Bunday 9
jror w Yorfe, 8.20, 4.06, 4.40, 65, 60, 7.80
1 r Ui w X Ultt. OtttJ, S.W, UHW, U.W,
8.208.30. J.60,11.00andll.l5am,12.u0noon,0lra
La "PIBS:i;w. a5 A,B m-i JftK- h3
., 1, 0,, 0.00 l.ia O.H uuu iu.uu V iu,
On 8nndays,"8.20, 4.05, 4.40, 6.35, 8.12, 8.30, 9.60
a ra. and 12.49, 8.20 (limited 4.50), 6.28, 6,80, 0,M K.19 n m and 12.01 nlizht.
1'or nea uiix, opnos xjukb, jjeimi,
Ocean uruve, ABbory rare, ana ixmg xtranci
week dayr Foi
llaUlmor- and Washlneton. 8.60. 7.20. 8.81
9.10, ll.20, J 1.18 a m, W"i (limited express) 8.41
1.41 6.W anf. 7.40 p. m., and 12.03 night. Fo-
Halt lmorei nlv. 2.02. 4.1 1. 6 08 and ll.aO n. m
On Buudays. 8.60, 7,20. 0.Ufind 11.18 lu m. 4.41
8.67, 7.40 p m. 12.03 ulgUU Baltimore only
m Klin ii.uinui.
For lUcumond and the South 7.20 11.18 a. m.,
(Limited nx press p. m.,) nigni,wees
xruma leave narnsuurg ror x'ivibdujk auu
ll.B weal everv dav at 12.25 and 8.10 B m OnC
3.C0 (limited) and 8.40 p m. Way for Altoona,
4. IS n m nnd 4.10 n m everv dav.
or ntuourg oniy, ii.ju a m aauy ana iu.jj
P m week days.
Lens Hnnbnrv for Wllllamsnort. lilmlra
Canandalgna, Koehoater, Burlaloand Nlagan
rails, o.iu a m aany, ana i.w p iu wwn uiye.
For Watklcs, 6.80 p m week days,
l1 or x.rie ana iniermeaiaie puinui, o.iu u ju.,
dally. For IxicK Haven, 6J0. and 9X3 a m
.lullv. iju and 5.X!) n. m. week days. Foi
Kenova 6.10 a m 1.43 and 69 p m week days.
l.iu a. m Hunaayi.
U11AB. is. Jf uuti,
Gen. Pass. Agt
Hen. Man''
ItlilXQ J.T 1IAXV,
Coiumlttcemen should benr In
mind that the Herald office
is. prepared to do all kinds of
Posier Work!
at the most rcnsonnble rates.
Give us n call and obtain our
prlcea. All work dene when
promlBedJand In a satisfactory
HRiaiiTCN the urns,
Summer Resort, Pic-nic
and Pleasure Grounds I
LAKESIDE (East Mahanoy Junction) mid
way between Mahanoy City nnd Tama
qua, now managed by a new stock com
pany, will be open to the public within a few
weeks, nnd dates can now he reenrcd. A
number of societies havo already been booked
and others wishing desliable dates should
make application without delny.
Under the new mnnagemeDt many improve
ments will be made, some of thera being now
under way, that will make it the ple-nlcand
pleasure grounds of the region.
A lnriro ilanrlnir tinvllllon nnd a (rnttlnir
A lsrge dancing pavilion and a tt'ng
park arc among the new additions.
The best I.
horses in the State will be secured to ran or
trot thls'season.
nics and outings.
For dates and other
call on or address,
Excursion Manager,
' "Williams & Bro,
Chamber Bets,
Easy Chairs,
Parlor Cabinets,
Mnslo CifblneU,
Wash Stands,
Dressing Cabinets,
Piano Chairs,
Hall Stands,
Dining Tables,
China Closets,
Dining Chairs,
Hmoklng Chairs,
Card Tables,
Tea Tables,
Parlor Snlts,
Hall Tables,
Fancy Tables,
Wood Mantels,
Book Cases,
Writing Desks,
Book Cabinets,
Bewlng Machines.
Arwlv discovered MINERAL WATER,
the use of which will supply important ele
ments ne msury to lienlili. It will cure the
Kidneys, Liver, Stomach, nnd all Bowel and
Bladder diseases, it will dlwolvo calculi and
rtmove Hum. It n moves Iheiirloacidrrom
the blood and thus destroys Malaria and
Chills. It cures Brlght's disease, and is es.
reclally recommended for neonle advanced in
life, and for genera) deblllly. For undoubted
proofs ot this tend lor rnnvpklet giving full
parllculnrs, to J it. VKH11Y, Water ol LUe
Co., SI South Main B; , wilkes-Bane, l'a.
Philadelphia and Beading .Railroad.
Ximt TabU in ejjeef May 10, 18V1
For New York via I'blladelphta, week day;
2. 0 5.25, 7.20 a. m. and 12.85 2.C0 and S.Ei
. m. ouuuuy 2,iu aua j.w a. m, For New
'ork, via Mauch Chunk, week days. 5,25.
20, a, m. and I2.a and 2.t0 p. m.
. K.OT.Vfa9Dg ana Philadelphia week day,
MO, fi.25, 7.20, a. m 12.35 2.C0 and 5.85 plm
.auday. 2.10 and 7.48 a.m.
orc ftrrlsbW8t, week days, 2.10,7.20 a. m,i
o, 5.00 p. m.
Kor Alientown, week dayg,-7.20 m 12.33
0 p, m.
HOr I'OttSVllle. Weelr inn illn.M. M,
2.31 2.C0 and 5.56 p.m. HnWay, 2l6and7.l3
For Tnmaqna
and Mahanoy City, week
...v, w.4, a. ui. , iiioj a.ui ana o.w
Klinrtov. 910 OTiri 1 Aa m Ai..An1
'or Mahanoy city, week days' 7.0O p. ni.
ror jjancaflier ana Columbia, week days,
'.2d a. m.,2.C0p. m. 1
For Wllllnmsport, Bnnbnry and Lewlsbure,
veek day, 8.25, 7.20 and 1130 a. m 1.85. 7.5J
.m. Sunday 3:25 4. m. ,...
For Mahanoy Plane, weekdays, 2..0 8 25,
7.00 and 1,215, p. to, Bunday, 2.10, 3 25 and7.nj
It. IU 1,VU , ill.
For Glrardvllle (Rappahannock Utatlon)
12J)5, 1 3o, AtO, 6,66, 7.0U and 8.25. p. m. Banday,
2'1U, .2,,7.tSR.m..3.l5p.m.
por Ashland and Bhamokin, week days, I
5.25, 7.20, 11.31 a. m., 1 35, 7.00 and ,2l W
. m. Hnnrtn v A n . tn . . 51 e.1 .
leavo Kew York via Philadelphia, week
lays, 7.43 a. m., 1.80, 4.00, 7.30 p. In., 12.16
Ilsht. BnudbV, 0.00 p. m.. 12.15 night.
Cca,ve Now Yortt "la Mauch Chunk, week
lays, 4.30. 8.45 a. m 1.00 and 4.03 p. m.
Leave Philadelphia, wetz daiB, 4.10, and
UMX) a. ro. 4.00 and 6.00 p. m from Broad
nd Callowhill and 8.3.5 a. m. nnd 11.80 p. m.
(rom Sthand ureeu streets. Banday 0.06 a.
mni.SO p. m.from eth and (Jreeu.
Leave Heading, week days. 1.35. 7.10. 10.(5
nd 11.50 a. m., 535, 77 p. m. Bunday 1.33 ana
lv.4Sa. m.
Leave Pottsvllle, week days, 2.40, 7.40 a. m..
.130, 0.11 p. m, Bunday, 2.40 a. in. and 2.15
. m.
I.ave Tamaqua, week days, 8.20, 8.48 and
ii 21 n. m., 1.21, 7.13, and 9.18 p. m. Bunday 3.S0
S-3H. and 2.50 p.m.
Leave Mahanoy City, week days, 3.40, 9.18
ind 11.47 a. m 1.61, 7.42 and 9,44 p. m. Ban-
uy, u. iu., o.Ai u. ill.,
lAXLMo iunnnnoy fiane, weeK oays,2'40,4.iu
i.30,95, 11.1.9 a. m.,1.15, M0. 5-20, (128,7.57, and
10.00 p. m. Bunday 2.4J, 4.00, and 8.26, a.m.
141, p.m.
Leave Glrardvllle (Rappahannock Station)
week duys, 2.47, 4.07, 6.36, and 9.41 a. m 12.05,
J.i3, 5.28, 6.82, 8.03 nnd 10.00 p. m. bunday, 2,47,
4.27, 8.26 a.m. 8.41 p. m,
Iave Wllllamsport, week days, 3.00,0. 15 and
iL65 a, m. 8.35 and 11.15 p, m. bunday 11,15
1). m.
For Baltimore, Washington and the west
f la B. A O. K. K., through trains leave Glrard
Ivenue Btatlon, Philadelphia, (P. A It, U. It.)
it 4.16, 801 and ll.i7 a. m 1.34. 4.24, 6.55 an t
1.23 p. m, Bunday, 4.16 8.02 11.27 a, m., 4.24
1,55 and 7.23 p. m.
Leave Philadelphia, Chestnut Btreet Wharf,
ana Boumuireei wnari.
For Atlantic CItv.
Week-days Express 9:00 a. m. and 2.00,
(,00 p. m. Accommodation, 8.00, 6.00
Bundays. Express, 9.00, a. m. Accommo-
Jtuou, s.uu a. m. and 4.30 p. m,
Ketnnung. leave AlinnllO City, aepOl Corner
vtluntl0 nnc ArkanEaa HVenneH.-Wcek-day
Express, 7.30, 9.00, a. m. and 4.00, p.
I Accommodation, 6.00,
8.05 e
I L80p. m.
oacaays. express, i.ui p. m. Accommoaa
tion, 17.SO a. in. and 4.30 p. in.
' CO. HANCOCK, Ueu'lPas9'rA8l
1, A. MoLKOD. Pros, dt Gen'l Manager.
Leliigli Valley Railroad.
IiIAY 10, 1891.
Passencer traliiB will leave Bbenandoah for
Mauch Chunk. Lehlebton. Blatlngton. Cata.
sauqua, Alientown, Bethlehem, Easton, Phil.
adelphlanndMew Vork at 5.47, 7.40, 9.08 a.m.,
IXJK, B.1U, o.j p. m.
For Belvidere. Delaware Water Oan and
Btroudsburg at 6.47, a. m,, and 6.26 p. m.
jror Liamuenviiieaua xreniou, v.vo a, m.
For White Haven. Wllttes-Barre and Pitts.
ton 5.47. 9.08, 10.41 o. m., 8.10 and B2S p. m.
For TunKhannocs:, iu,ii a. m .iu ar.a o.m
, in,
For Auburn. Ithaca: Geneva and and Lyons
10.41 a. m and 6.26 p. m.
xor Lacey-vine, Towanaa. eayre, wnveny,
Gblcaeo and all points West at 10.41 a. m.,and
to 5.26 p. m.
3.10 p.m.
For Audenried. Hazleton. Stockton, Lnm.
Tier Yard, Weatherly and Penn Haven Juno-
tlonat5.47,7.4U,a,uaa. m.ana iz.oz, a.iu ana
' .(Min.iiv!lla T.nv1ntnT1 and tlpfiVAr
Mejidnw. 7.40. 1) OS n. m. and 6.' n. m.
ForBcrantonat6.47 9.08, 10.11a. m. 8.10 and'
PS P- .... .
X or xiuzio diuuo. u euuu, xjriiivu nuu x' itrj,
land at 6.47. 7.40. 9.08. 10.41 a. ra.. 1Z52 8.10 and
6.20 p. m.
p ar iuauuAo hi, o. una v.uo u. iu., tuju.
10 p.m.
For Wlggans, GUberton and Fraokville at
,60 and 9.08 a. m., and 4.10 p. m.
6.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10.41, 10,58 a. m.,122,3.10,5.26, 8,03,
9.2' and 10.27 p.m.
f orxxisL uiees, tiraraviue ana ahuihuu,
,.27, 7.46,82, 10.15 a. m., 1.00,1.40,4.10, 6.85,
f'O and 9.14 p. m.
for Darswater, Bt. Clair and Pottsvllle.
0, 9.08, 10.58 a. m., 122,3.10,4.10, 5.20 and 8.0J
For Rnntr Mountain. New Boston and
Morea. 7.40. 9.08. 10X8 a. lr... 12X2. 3.10. 6.23 and
8.03 p.m.
For ltaven Run. Centralla. Mt. Carmel and
Shamokm, 8.62, and 10.15 a. m., 1.40, 4.40
una 8.uo p. m. ,
xrains leave noamoain lor Duvrntuuimu,
11X5 a. ra.. 2.10. 4.30 and 90 p. m.. arriving
Shenandoah. 9.05 a. m.. 12X2. 3.10. 5.26 and
1.15 p.m.
nuniJii iiuuiia,
For Lost Creek. Glrardvllle and Ashland.
6X0, 9,10 11.35 a. m., 2.45 p. m.
For Darkwater. Bt. Clair and Pottsvllle,
6.50, 8 .Oil, 930 a.m., 2.45 p.m.
lur imesviue, juuuuuoy uy nuu wuiuu,
8.00, 11.35 a. m 1.40, 4.40, 6.03 p. us.
For Lofty, Audenried and Ilaileton, SDO
m., 1.40 p. ra:
f or Aiaucn cnunK. x.enignion, ciaiinsion.
Catasanqua, Alientown, Bethlehem, aston
and New York, 8.00 a. ra., 1.40 p. m:
ix ur ruuaueipniu, i.vj y. in
xu. xi. jiiinuiun,
Gen'l Pass. Agt., Bethlehemi
' No matter bow many useless nostrum yon
have taken, how much discouraged, or what
anybody Bays, rely upon It the Cactus Cure
will remove n'l diseases from linruro blood,
whether scrolulouB or specific. No mineral,
nd failures, uo relapses.
Sold at Klrlln's Drug Store,
Ferguson' Hotel Mock, Shenandoah, Pa.
Thousands tigy ivu ikjrmaaeiitly' cur i uy
I'll 1 1 AllI.I I'HIA I'JI F.nnt. 4MiA nnoiteratlCD
or luwi or intia tr- m u-tiuesa. uasea nrouomu u iu-
CURE G'JAPAUTEED. oaceauourVto.