The Somerset County star. (Salisbury [i.e. Elk Lick], Pa.) 1891-1929, April 21, 1892, Image 1

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od SP. PAL,
pte north and novihwest northwest between
or desired uformation
Office in the United States
Gen’l TEL. & Pass. Agh,
* cmioaco, mE
I's Meat or
| uarters for everything usually kept fn a
meat market,
e had In the meat line always on hand, in-
Fresh Fish, in Season.
Come and try my wares. Come and be con-
vinted that 1 handle none but the best of goods.
Give me your patronage, and if I don’l treat
you square and rignt, there will be nothing to
pel you to continue buying of me. You will
nd that I will at all times try to please you.
and be convinced that I can do you good and
that I'am not trving to make a fortune in a day.
Thanking the public for a liberal patronage,
and soliciting a continnance and increase of the
"same, I am respectfully,
Casper Wahl.
Insurance Agency Of
Forty-four Million Dollars of asseils.
PROMPT ATTENTION given to set-
: " W.B. COOK.
General Solicitor and Collector.
\ complete stock of veterinary medicines ak
Ways on hand, thereby saving trouble and an-
otses taken for treatment for $2.50 per week
wards, according to treatment required.
me before killing your broken-legged
and tetanized horses. I have treated tetantus or
1852. 1802.
lasted 40 fe
On the Corner of Grant and Ord Streets.
And yet we are not content. While our trade has been
growing year by year, we are today working as diligently to
enlarge our business and serve you better in years to come
than our efforts were in the past.
“Onward!” Is The Watchword.
: Diligence, Perseverance, Generous Dealing,
Low Prices,
a matured ex berictie and unflagging enterprise are the keys
to success.
We thank you for your patronage, which has made this
|stcre what it is today. A continuance, we hope, will be as
fruitful in the future development and enlargement as it has
been in the past, and yous happiness will be increased pro-
ud | portionately.
We keep in stock a full line of Dry Goods, Notions, Boots
. |and Shoes, Men's and Boys’ Clothing, Hats and Caps, Hard-
ware, Queensware, Groceries, Confectionery, School Books,
| Stationery, Wall Paper, Coal Oil, Lard Oil, Linseed Oil, Cor-
liss Engine Oil, Neatsfoot Oil, Lubricating Oil, Turpentine,
Varnishes, Dyes, Paints mixed, Paints in oil, Putty, ‘Window
Glass, all kinds of Miners’ Tools, Ropes of all sizes Wood and
Willow-ware; “Trunks and Valises.
Mining Powder and Salf by the Carload!
| Royal Flour, Minnehaha Flour, etc. Country Produce tak-
en in exchange at market prices. :
~~ Beachy Bros. have made a great hit hy
establishing in Salisbury one of the larg-
est and best hardware stores in Somerset
county. Buyers of Hardware and Agri-
cultural Implements will make a great
hit by patronizing this store, for they
will find that Beachy Bros. will please
them in both goods and prices. They are
in the business ta stay and will leave
nothing undone do please their patrons
and tive the people what they want in
‘the hardware line. Their stock is bright
& pnd new and made up of the Intest styles
of goods. No shoddy goods will be kept
* in stock, but improvements will constant-
ly be added as fast as American brain and
skill can invent them.
error of supposing that you can buy hardware cheaper in other towns than in Salis-
bury, for you can’t do it. Neither can vou buy better goods in the hardware line
than those sold by Beachv Bros. Our goods are all new and the best that the mark-
et affords or ready money can buy. We want to
with the statement that we will not be undersold. We will séll von the best goods
at the lowest living prices. aud we invite you to test us and see if our word is not
good right down to the dotlet on the 1.
We have piles of goods on hand and many more on the road enroute Yor our store.
Our stock will at all times be complete and embrace every thing usually found in a
first-class hardware and implement store.
Harvest time is approaching and you may need ome new farm machinery. We
can save you time and money on your purchases and supply your wants speedily
and satisfactory, But we can not tell you in print of everything we carry in stock,
for in order to do that we would have to charter this entice paper. But suffice it to
say that our store will at all times he headquarters for Shelf Hardware of all kinds,
o | Cutlery, Paints, Oils, Glass, Tinware, Woodenware, . Gans, ‘Revolvers, Buggies,
Wagons, Stoves, Ranges, Agricultural Implements of all kinds and in fey every-
thing in the hardware line that there is a demand for in this locality.
our best to please yon, . and we respectfully solicit your patronage. Hh respect.
AL BLL the hue ws
the dean RE We are Boh ve aie nd
Lay the hair overand apply the CANE iT.
a few
De Eh A ee Bln as ie
fora like purpose, ve been annoyed
_ with hair o who G5 nos spprecatd attest st its ts merits,
Mark . find a pricelcas hoon in Q Quperrs 4 ik AH ais fie which
Antl-He ine 8 por baie, Robe 6 paid by ©
. e - 3?
7 ConBaeRtEY Th ch rere by letier with full address Ewin pal
EN Ski Bun 174 Roca Breasts
hdl y
Wea Sonfide
ed Shai
Ve will do |
ee handle the celebrated line of Cinder-
ella Stoves and Ranges, also the Sunshine
and Rival Ranges, or almost any kind of
| stove that may be desired. .
We aim to please the people in giving the
on shelf and other hardware, including Oils,
Paints, Glass, Nails Pumps, Hollow Ware,
Horse Pads, Blankets, Robes, ete. ete., and
such other things that may be found in a
hardware store.
® 5 5 X
we can furnish anything made of tin, and
of any quantity or qualily, from the cheap-
est lo the best of grades, at lowest prices.
Spouting, Rooting
satisfaction, at reasonable prices. Solicit-
ing your patronage, we remain
C. RB. Haselbarth & Son,
Salisbury, Pa.
Look at the following quotations and
"| govern yourself accordingly:
Minehaha Flour, per barrel... ............
Pillsbury’s Best, per barrel.....
Minesota X X X, per barrel
Reita's Best, per barrel, .
Becker Flour. per barrel. ie Sey
Stanton's Buckwheat Nious, per ®..
Shelled Corn, per bushel ..
White Oats, per} bushel
Salt, per sack . v
Mining Powder, vie
Patent Meal and all Kinds of Mill Food at
Bottom Prices.
Give me a call and I will save you
money. H.C.SHAW.
just received a fine assortment
of Spring Goods and is now|
prepared to meet one and all
with bargains,
Men's Shirts, Moleskin and Domet
Gents’ Dress Bows, allsilk............
Slik-embroidered Suspenders 15 and 30¢
‘Diamond Studs vy assieaines «+ 28¢
Ladies’ Hofe ..................0.5, 10,15 and 2c
Boys’ Knee Pants, Heavy Satinette........
Large Linen Towels......
Table Oil Cloth, per yard..
Violin and Banjo Strings .
45 and 50¢
Statler Block,
Salisbury, Pa.
Persons having .
oak, Hemlock and Black Oak
Bark for sale, to address the
undersigned, stating quantity
and price, delivered at works
of Standard Extract Co.
W. T. Buchanan, Mgr.,
‘Elk Lick, Pa.
| &™=
about the
THE dark horses in the political stables
are beginning to get restive.
Topay it lovks like Cleveland and Har-
rison; next week it may look entirely dif-
IT is qiestionable whether the discov:
ery of dynaniite and other powerful ex-
plosives has been beneficial to the human
Ir may in time become the proper
thing for presidential candidates 10 go
through the same course of training that
prize-fighters do,
MR. BLAINE must expect to do some
hard hitting hefore long. or he would
not have gone to William Muldoon for
points on physical culture.
sellron CHANDLER, of New Hamp-
.| shire, is opposed to the election of Sena-
tors by the people. Does he doubt his
ability to carry his state?
“SuaLL we Annex Canada?” asks an
exchange in a long and learned editorial.
Certainly we shall, when the proper time
comes. Ask us something hard.
Mg. BraNe says it would be ‘‘con-
structive suicide” for him to attempt to
do the work which devolves upon the
President of the United States. Next!
SENATOR GORMAN appears to think
that the road to the Democratic. nomina-
tion lies through the Cleveland pasture,
hence the. “taffy” he has been giving
1 Cleveland.
A NoreEp Chicago divine recently
preached a sermon on’ “The Devil's Har-
vest Time.” That time must be when
preachers indulge in heated theological
AccorpiNg to Mexican testimony the
military officers of the United States
cansed more trouble in Mexico than Gar-
za, the alleged revolutionist, did. This
is serious, if true.
New York City is going through one
of its periodical shake-nps in connection
with tbe erection of the Grant monu-
ment. Everything goes up in New York,
but the monument.
THE donkey is said to live longer than
any other domestic animal. If true, this
accounts for the occasional turning up of
| noliticians whom everyone supposed to
have died years ago.
The Indian celebrates the return of
spring by engaging in the *Bear Dance,”
the white man by holding primary elec
tions and nominating conventions.
Viewed from the Indian’s standpoint, the
white man is the fool.
Tae Chinese Exclusion Bill may be
a8 unwise a measure as its opponents say |
it is; but the methods of its opponents to
create public sentiment against the hill
have not been such as to earn for them
the reputation of being wise.
LoNpoN, Paris,'Madrid, and now Vien-
na has a visitation of the Anarchist with
a grievance and a bomb or can of oil.
Happily for them they have no Somerset
county moonshiners, and their lot is not
80 sore as it might be. —Pittsburg Times.
SENATOR SHERMAN'S recent speech on
the character and public services of his
brother, the late Gen. Sherman, has re-
opened the controversy, which raged in
‘1865, concerning the terms offered by
Gen. Sherman to Gen. Joseph E. Johns-
IF one may believe Washington advices.
the free coinage of silver is dead again;
but when death has been so often an-
nounced, and as often followed by a vig:
orons kicking on the part of the alleged
dead “‘gritter,” one becomes a little sus-
ORE of the funny things of the day is
the chairman of the Massachusetts Dem-
ocratic Convention congratulating that
body that ‘‘the danger of the passage of
a free coinage bill seems for the present
averted.” Isn’t that a littlelike thanking
God at heing delivered from themselves?
—Pittsburg Times.
Tar Duke of Portland must have heard
that the late Senator Plumb attributed
much of his political success to his hav.
ing for years subscribed to all the papers
published in Kansas, for the Duke :sub-
scribes to every paper published in Eng-
land. Hy and by, when England becomes
a republic, the Duke of Portland may be
elected President.
Tae Meyersdale Commercial gives it
out flat that the Garrett county silver
mine is a fraud. Bro. Smith will be made
to see his error later on, and when he is
| thoroughly convinced that the said mine
is all #0. K..” then you will see long ar:
ticles in: the Commercial every week
Meyersdale silver mining re- |
Heres political profundity for yeu
The New York Herald says of the Presi
dential election: “If the Democrats pu
up the right man on the right platfor
Rhode Island is more than likely to whee
into line.” The same might be truthful
ly said of all the states. The only di
culty about any party carrying any s
is the selection of the right man and the
making of the right platform.
THE STAR is creditably informed tha
the Garrett county silver mine is not
“salted.” the Meyersdale Commercial te
the contrary notwithstanding. If Mey
ersdale does not get a move on herself,
Salisbury will have electric connections
with the silver mines before that tt
gets done dreaming about her proposed
electric road to Salisbury. No. the sil
mine is not “salted.” There is good 8
ver ore there in abundance and itis
ing worked with§much profit. Garr
county has a ght to feel very prou
her silver mine.
Since the murder of old Hochstet!
the whiskey business is being discus
in all its phases. A good many of
exchanges are of the’ opinion that
whiskey tax should be abolished
THE BTAR is of the same opinion.
is no reason why the government shoul
rut the traffic into the hands of |
men. If itis a legitimate business
man should be required to pay a
gointo the business. Years ago whi
there was no tax on the stuff, there
no moonshiners, and should the whish
tax be nbolished, the moounshiner’s oe (
pation would be gone. This woul
away with lots of murders and other higl
crime, which the whisky tax is direc
responsible for. The train of evils rest
ing from taxed liquor is far greater |
could possibly result from free whis
The world would be far better off wi
out any liquor at all, but if we must ha
it, there is no good reason why it sho!
be taxed. When whisky was made
nearly every farm house, years ago, the
was no need of adulteration to make
fur the revenue, no desperate bands
movnshiners, and there was less drunken-
ness and crime resulting from the traflle
than now.
Se ————
. What the Rhode Island Victory Mona
There are one or two features of th
Rhode Island election of especial in
For years the Democratic stock assertion
was that & large majority of those citizens
who were debwrred from voting by the
provisions of the State Constitution
Democrats, and that many of those
did vote, being largely employed in
manufacturing industries, were praet|
ly coerced by their employers into ve
the Republican ticket, and had little,
any, more rights at the polls than Repub
licans claimed were accorded the negroes
in the South. When all the former class
were enfranchised by the recent changes
in the law, and the Anstralinn ballot sys-
tem was adopted, they confidentially pro-
claimed the downfall of Repnblicaniso:
in Rhode Island. -
Wednesday's election shows how un
founded were either their assertions or
their hopes. With a secret ballot and
10,000 new voters, the Republicans wou,
gaining over 6,000 adherents to the Dem:
ocrats” 8.000. Could anything prove
more conclusively iow woefully the Iat
ter under-estimated both the independ
ence and intelligence of- the voters of
Rhode Island?
There are some Democrats, too, whe :
are trying to place the responsibility of
their defeat upon Grover Cleveland,
while his friends claini that had he no
dropped a couple of tons of his elognence
and argument into the contest, the result
would have been even worse than it is,
rejoicing with the joy of the celebrated
young doctor who had both the mothe
and the child die on his hands, bu
‘pulled the old man through.” Thereis
nothing in either position. The result
in Rode Island was not the defeat of any
man, but the defeat of a party and a pal-
icy. Democracy and Free Trade were
alike repudiated and no humiliation at
taches to Mr. Cleveland in whieh his par-
ty has notits share. Nor could the Dem-
ocrats, much as they tried to do so, hide
the free silver issue, or cloak it with Mr.
Cleveland's presence; for more significant
and more potential than his letter again
free coinage was the vote of his party in
Congress but a few days before. Thi
Demogcracy cannot belittle the result in
Rhode Island, nor dodge its significance.
Their party and its policy on protection,
and finance were on trial there, and the
verdict was against them. Pitsburg
Times. .
An exchange says: Masked hugging
parties” are coming in vogue again
some localities and are drawing cards for
church socials. By paying 15 cents
man is allowed to hug a girl, but I
frst blindfolded. It is pleasant for tk
company to see how mad a marrie
man gets when, on removing the ba
age from his eyes he finds that he