The Somerset County star. (Salisbury [i.e. Elk Lick], Pa.) 1891-1929, March 17, 1892, Image 1

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or desired information
23 Coup Tk Ofice 18 the United States |
Gen'l Tht, & Pass. Ag
Walls Meat Market,
is headqtiarters for everything usually Rept hn a
first-class meat market.
The Best of Everything
‘10 be had in the meat line always ou hand, in-
Fresh Fish, in Season.
{ Ge Maanger,
atronage, and if 1 dows trent
right, there will be othiug 10
Insurance ABoncy of
Wm. | B. h C00. |
fou re of gaselh.
MPT ATTENTION given to et |
ilemént of clatms. + W. B. COOK.
MP. BMITH Agent,
General Boticdtor and Golisotar £4
treats all Gurable diseases hotse flesh 1s heir to:
flas the latest and most improved veterinaty fur- |
® gical Instruments and appliances, also & com: :
“plete veterinary library,
Veterinary Obstetrics a specialty. :
te stock of veterinary m
nd, tsreby saving trou ud an
ot ‘3 miles west of Satay,
ille, Ma.
STOVES and dell
We handle the celebrated kine of Cinder
ella Stoves and Runges, also the Sunshine
‘| and Rival Ranges, or almost any kind of
fl stove that may be desired.
- We aim to please the people in giving the
| ots shelf and other hardware, including Oils,
| Paints. Glass, Nails Pumps. Hollow Ware.
Horse Pads, Blankets, Robes, ‘ete., elo., and
| such other things that may ‘be found in a
. Jearduars store.
accept & stinte. If your ¢ do 4
sell them send (00. or oe 3 ay
stamps to F. G. Stewart & Co., i
: 358 Desstiomm ., Chicago: ak
In the line o :
| we can Furnish anything made of tin. and
of-any quantity or quality. from the cheap-
eat to the best of graden; ¢ at lowest prices.
Spouting, Roofing
and all kinds of job work, guaranteed to give
satisfaction, at reasonable prices. Solfeit-
ing your patronage, ‘we remain
|. R. Haselbarth & Son,
Salisbury, Pa.
On the Corner of Grant and Ord Streets, iE
And yet we are not content. While our trade has been
growing’ year by year, we are today working as diligently to}
‘enlarge our business and serve you better in years to come
{than our efforts were in the past.
“Onward!” Is The Watchword,
{pitigonce, Perseverance, Generous Dealing, |
Low Prices, . .
a’ matured experience and unflagging enterprise a are the keys
to success, .
We thank you for your patronage, which has made this |
tere what it is today. A continuance, we hope, will be as}
fruitful in the future development and enlargement as it ha}
been in the past, and your happiness will be increased pro :
portionatel y.
We keep in stock a full line of Dry Goods, Notions, Boots |
and ‘Shoes, Men's and Boys’ Clothing, Hats and Caps, Hard-
‘ware, Queensware, Groceries, Confectionery, School Books,
Stationery, Wall Paper, Coal Oil, Lard Oil, Linseed Oil, Cor-
iss Engine Oil, Neatsfoot Oil, Lubricating Oil, Turpentine,
2 Varnishes, Dyes, Paints mixed, Paints in oil. Putty, Window
. Glass, all kinds of Miners’ Tools, Ropes of all sizes Wood and
illow-ware, T runks and Valises.
~~ Mining Powder and Salt by the Carload! *
‘Royal Flour, Minnehaha Flour, etc.
n in exchange at market prices. |
: necessary to make up for bad accounts.
A. i aN AGEY,
—Dealer In— .
le Merchandise, =
Grantsville, Md.,
] takes this method of returning his thanks to the many patrons
| who have enabled him to make a complete success of his strict- | §
% re Ke
ly cash system venture,
We find that we can, under the above system, give our pat-
rons any goods they may need, without the "additional profit] §
1 pay Cash and sell | §
goods. at Cash Prices, for Cash, and give you a cordial
invitation_ to visit us and i inspect « our stock; we will risk | yo u
\ Bargains!
| nothing to dv with her preference for
Country Produce tak- :
ee AT
Look at the following quotations and
govern yourself accordingly :
Minehaha Flour, per barrel
Plilsbury’s Best, per barrel...
Minesota X.X X, per barrel
Reita's Best, per barrel, .
| Bécker Flonz, per barrel FE Le My wee
Stanton’s Buckwheat outs per » cia 5% of,
Shelled Corn, per bushel .... .l..........54 ls,
White Oats, per bushel ..... aie Sei ood dl
Salt, per sack del salcna ny nine
Mining Powder... . . arn kD
Patent Meal and all Kinds of Mu ead a 5
Give me a call and I will save you
money. EE. ©. SHAW.
Dr. D. 0. McKINLEY,
2 =
| tenders His professional services to those’ requir-
3 ing dental treatment.
Office on Union St. west of Brethren Church,
Physician And Surgeon. |
Office first door sonth of the M. Hay corner, |
af Physician And Surgeon,
tenders his professional serviees to the citizens
of Salisbury and vicinity.
- Office, corner Grant and Union Sts., Salisbury,
3.0 , LOWRY,
SomeRrant, PA.
H. LOECHEL, Proprietor.
3 Board by the day, week oF nth. First-class
accommodations. Rates roasor ble.
We take ‘pleasure in trying to please our pat-
rons, and you will always find Tux Vaureya |
good, orderly hotse: :
+ 1D
1 desire’ to HRA the publi¢ NE 1 Bave be
team and wagon aud am well prepared to doail
kinds of draying, haullng and anything that can
be done with a team. Prompt atten ton given to.
all business entrusted to me, and chi reason-
a a a AR A a Ye
_proprintion committee.
Tne third party mevenient is not so
amusing to some people as it ‘was ‘once.
Cy eee er
Miss CornumBIA will not be’ embarassed
by lack of material when the time comes
for her to chouse lier leap-year mate.
PorrricArLrLy blessed is the ‘‘favorite
son” whose hold upon his State delogniion
will last until he can make a deal for
something. ?
Hut’ 8 Presidential train hus an electric
headlight of great brillianey and carries
an extra supply of steam calliopes and |
Dass drums. ®
Tue politician who has not heen
“prominently mentioned” for the Pres-
idency is not oun good terms with his
home newspapers,
Tae New York legislature is discuss:
ing the bi-chloride of gold cure. Some
of its mémbers have a personal interest’
in the subject, perhaps,
IT fs no reflection on Secretary Foster's
personal habits to say that he went to
Burope on a Spree, as that happened to
he the name of the steamer that carried
him over. .
i Hioves CLEVELAND says the present
Democratic congress has never been ex-
ceeded for blunders. Grover is not much
of a statesman. bat once in a while he
utters a mighty truth.
CrarmaAN Haken, of the House Agri-
cultural committee, proudly wears the
sealp of Chairman ‘Holman, of the Ap
It was taken in
a fair fight on the floor of the House,
BELVA ' Lockwoon says her being a
widow and Hill's being a bachelor had
him as the Democratic candidate. She
passed the flirtation Stage several months
Ago. :
A Hosrox man has heen figuring on
the pepulation of Heaven and the other
place, “although he presents no evidence
of having visited either place. Perhaps
he had socepted the Hab idea that Bos-
ton was Heaven, and New York the oth:
er ‘place.
“Brau of twelve members of the House
committee on Public Buildings and
Grounds concluded, after hearing from
| their eonstitnents, that it would not be
wise to adopt that reselution shutting
out all legislation for new public build:
ings. Great heads, these fellows have.
bas yi RAT <
“Turow physic ‘tv ‘the dogs.” said
Shakespeare, and our County Commis:
sioners: should throw their pretended
ecopomy to the dogs.’ Let them visit
each township and JDorough to hear ap-
peals. Tt. isu’t economy to save the
county a féw dollars by robbing the peo- |
ple. The Commissioners want to roh
Peter to pay Paul, and (he people nnd
Peter nre protesting against it.
As will be seen on second page of this |.
issue, all England is on a strike! Itix a
move in the right dir ection hy the laboring
men, The time is coming when there
will be a great upheaval in laboring: eir--
cles the world over, and the laboring
men, the producers ofall wealth, are go-
ing to have their share. of the comforts
of life, Bome people may not beliove
this, but it is only a quition of time un-
til it conies to pass.
IT is, of course, shocking to our Amer-
ican ideas of freedom In all things. to
kupw ‘that. 8 newspaper has been sup-
pressed, in Germany, for having expressed
an honest opinion; but before wa say too
much gbout it suppose we think fora
| moment of the minister dengged from the
| rostrum by police, in a New York town,
‘and of the: mobbing of a band of Free
Methodists in an Iown town. What do
these people think of our boasted free
“domf 5 !
Tur difference between notoriety and
reputation. was sharply brought out by
the death of Edward Pierrepont. Along
in the late seventies this man while U. 8.
minister to England achieved a world:
wide notoriety by being made the siliy
dupe of a spiritualist medium in London;
| for fifteen yenrs he has been entirely un-
heard of, and not many of those who
read the few lines in the newspapers an-
| nouncing his death, oven remembered his
London escapade.
THERE are various ways din which a
man ean make x ridiculous fool of him-
| self, but the light-brained preachers whe
| every. now apd then hob up and declare
own was destroyed by fleod
her reason than because. of iis
; ‘wickedness, have the surest way of ex-
posing their ignorance. The good peo-
ple of Johnstown (and there must be a
few good ones there) should’ move to |
some plous place like New York City,
come not to Sesttoy the. city,
‘BoME of the Law and Order sneaks got
their just dues, Inst week? in the Pitts.
burgh Dispatch office. They had sneaked
ito see who wus working. on Sunday;
{8a that they could have them arrested
and fined. Three of the “Blue Law So-
ciety” had guined entrance to fhe build:
ing, and all of them got a sound kicking
| for their pains, which was perfectly right.
It may be all wrong to work on Bunda. /
but the man who works on that day is
always a gentleman along side of the
sneak who makes it his business on that.
day to sneak around and see who is break-
ing the Sabbath.
Tae kid-gloved gentry. known as our
County Commissioners, have it real nice ;
in the matter of lienring avpeals.. tsa :
soft snap to sit in their office at Somerset
and issue an edict compelling people to
come to the County-seat from all parts of
: the county to make their appeals, but of
couige they are doing all thut in the namie:
of econatay. However economical they
may pretend to be, they certainly. ought :
to know that it is a poor quality of econ:
omy to rob the people of their time and.
money by making them come to Somer:
set in order to save, the county a few pul:
try dollars. To tii dogs with such econ.
omy! ; % $Y Rn
By some Scotch atistion recent vy ul
lished it appears that. in the five 3 3
life between the nges of 20 wid 25. the
mortality of unmarried men is 1
100.000, and of married men’ only ;
From 25 to 80 the numbers respectively
are 1,896 and 865. These figures, as shove
indicated, are derived from the deat iE
registry of Beotland, but the proportion
of the bachelor to the benedict death rate
is believed to beé'uboul the same in this
country. Taking the whole of the may:
ried men and the whole of the unmarried
men from the age of 20 to theclose of life,
it is computed that the lives of the former
average 59% years, while those of the Int-
‘ter average only 40 years—a difference of
194 years in favor of married men: that
is, marriage increases - the average dura:
tion of ‘man’s life hy. one:half, lacking
six months. ; Lai
‘THERE is a movement in. Congress. to
have stricken from the pension roils all
foreign eitizens and non-residents of the
United States who are now receiving
pensions, Justice and: common decency
alike forbid such a step as this. Pen-
sions are not granted’ to men for living
in’this country. ' They are given for ser-
vices rendered in its defense. Whenithey
entered the nrniles of the United Sta‘es
their nationality was no bar to their AO
ceptance, nor were they asked where:
‘| they would make fueir homes when their
B: gervice had expired, They
terms §
exrne are presumed to have eurned,
the pensions they receive, and to take
them away for no rensan other than that
they have chosen to spend their declin-
ing veurs in their native luud is a propo:
sition ‘so unjist that respectable men
should be ashamed 6 advocaty it. —Piuts- :
burgh Times.
Complaint Concerning the County Com- |
There 18 a great denl of complaint i fn
this part of the connty concerning the
County Commissioners. They uve ac
cused by a great many ofour farmers and
other tux-payers of being too anxious to
have people come fo Somerset to transact ©
business. Where ibe kick comes from =
is the fact that the Commissioners donot ©
visit different portions: of the county, as
used to be the custom. to make it more
convenient for people in cases of appeals.
It doesn’t benefit w man much 10 go to
Somerset and pay car fare mul hotel bills
in order to have his nxes reduced a Mow.
our farmers to be put to that much
trouble and expense, and the Comiuls-
sioners. shouldn't be too bad afraid. of
earning their Stnry. The people wre
not always. going 10 stand that kind of
rad tape” business. Even if it does cost
the county alittle nore when the Coni-
missioners visit different parts of the
| eounty to hear appeals, the accommuoda-
tion and saving in othér directions will
more than make up for it,
We thought we were onto about all
the different ways that the ingenuity of
man had invented for rising money,
but a church at Durand, Mich... heads us
off. A few days ago they had a sacinble,
gotten up for the purpose of raising mon- i
6y 10 pay the preacher, They arranged
slx comely misses ina row with a ng
atinchied, “you wy kiss me for a guur-
ter.” It is suid thal iw less thnn un hour
every man in the room was. “hroke” and
the minister “had four years salary in his
pocket. “The Lord loves a cheerful aiv-
or.” and (ie Way these old men parted
with their anarters for the benefit of
church will surely be abnndantiyrewarded
in the next wold,
bitter and now ilioge old dncke have
a hard row to tryvel. Their Jealous and
a sad reality. They say “that this w
raising: money will never agin be:
in Durand. Mich :
It is just a trifle too tough en’