Johnstown weekly Democrat. (Johnstown, Cambria County, Pa.) 1889-1916, July 12, 1889, Image 3

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    nr the " J |f
ft. In the depths of mldnlgA "i mmm
Whet fancies haunt the brain. ;
When even the tigh of the aleepae OK
ij Sounds like a aob of gain.
A sense of awe and of woinler
I may never well itertne.
For the thoughts that ooiue In the ahadotra
Never coma iu the ehlne.
The old elor.k down In the parlor, "
Like a slcepl* * luourner grieves.
And the seconds drip in silence
As the rein drips (torn the eaves.
And I think of the hands that signal
The hours there in the gloom.
And wonder what angel watchera
Wait iu the darkened room.
And I think of the amiling faces
That used to watch and wait.
Till the click of the cluck woe answered
By the cliok of the oi>euing gate.
They are not there now in the evening—
Morning or noon—not there;
Yet I know that they keep their vigil
Aud wait for me aomewhere.
—James Whltcomb itilev.
Bat Ilia keperior VVua Willi
OffletoJl responsibility in China Is a very
different matter from ollieial responsibil
ity in this couutry. In the i'elcin Gazette
recently itUc governor of the Htuiuu prov
ince reported that some thirty boxes of
bullets, weighing about a ton in all, being
government stores, were deposited iu a
temple at Kai-feng Fu under charge of a
soldier, subject IO inspection twice in
twenty-four hours by a petty officer. The
soldier being very poor—for no doubt Ids
pay was in arrears, as usual witli'Chinese
troops—determined to help himself !•
these bullets, and proceeded to abstract
them from the boxes at various times und
sell them to a tinman, who melted them
down. Iu this way the soldier gradually
curried away the greater part of h.s
charge, and then, seeing the theft must
be discovered, sooner or later, •deter
mined to make it appear that the bullets
hull been carried off by outside robbers,
Iu the middle of the night he took the
empty boxes out and scattered them
about in the street, leaving the temple
door open.
Iu the morning the petty officer came
round as usual, discovered the empty
boxes, and believed, lite soldier's story as
to a robbery having been committed in
tec night. tin reported tho theft to In*
iii uvea ant, t in- Intlcr to the general, w he
invoked tin' niii ol the eivil authoriti,--.
AM soon as they investigated the mutter,
they came to the conclusion who was tin
real culprit, ami he confessed. In the
iket place, the soldier, the actual robber,
is condemned to penal servitude on the
frontier—a sentence nearly, if not quite,
as had as death—and a Hogging of 100
blows. The petty ollieer, who no doula
looked at the boxes twice a day, but d:d
not take the trouble to see whether lla.y
were full or not, is condemned to recciv.
eighty blows and is dismissed the service.
The lieutenant is cashiered in order to a.
t' ied i<4f connivance m the theft, but
disappears, and his ease has been post
poned until he is arrested on one of la
warrants out against aim. Finally, 11,
board in l'ekin is requested todeterniiu
the penalty lo be indicted on the genera
in command.
llcre the chain of responsibility is fol
lowed up to the highest iiilleial concerned
and no one is allowed to say lie had noth
ing to do with it; that n is impossible foi
him to concern himself With such de'.ads
that lie does his best in selecting his sub
ordinates, and does not guarantee tneiu,
Tills i• i 'ling of interdependence and r--
sponsihility runs from the canal cool, ,i.
the street rig! it up to tho emperor. Heaven
punishes even t ie emperor if his subor
diuates misgovern, and if heaven con
tinues the punishment, the people recog
nize tlie emperor's uiiutness to rule.—
London Times.
.ftiliit I'rtght's t'oloirit Oilrtt,
Wliiie tiie late CoL John W. Forney
was in Loud u us tho commissioner of
tlie c< uteuiu .1 board of 'rector-, ia tradesmen to send exliiblts lo for tlie centennial exposi
uion, lie one day mot Professor John 11.
Li-iigston, the colored scholar, and hav
ing an engagement with Hon. John
Bright the evening of the same day in- in
sisted upon Leugstou's accompanying
him. He did so, and was hospitality re
ceived by bo' )i Mr. and Mrs. Bright, MI.V.-
the Philadelphia Press.
As the even, g wore away Mr. Bright
became so much interested in the
scholarly attainment of hi- colored visi
tor that lie anu Col. Forney wercdctuiin-d
so lute that their host and hostess en
treated the gentlemen lo remain all night.
When the Irish servants, who for the
ilrsl time saw a colored man, were in
structed by Mi>. Bright to prepare two
ni'mis for Mr. Blight's guests, they, ue
eordingto the story as told by the lady
herself, stared in wonder, but obeyed the
order without saying a worl. "When
the professor came down to breakfast
next morning," Mrs. Bright said, "would
you believe it, all tho servants in the
house ran up to tho room which he had
occupied and looked carefully over the
sheets to see if he had blackened them.
Mr. Bright always enjoyed the story."
Stonrwtill J tick MIII'M **uc<#hor#
Gen. Walker, the famous ex-confedc
rate, who succeeded to tlie command of
Stonewall Jackson brigade after the hit
ler's death, recently puid a visit to Gen.
Isaac S. Wlster at tho olHco of the Penn
sylvania Railroad company. The iirst
time tlie two veterans met was on the
battle lield after a heavy light. Wistar
hud been badly wounded ami lay upon
ihe Held unable to move any distance. A
confederate private who found him in
this plight, took to taunting him as he
lay on the ground; orderfng him at the
point of tho bayonet to move this way oi
thut, in pure maliciousness. While en.
gaged in this brutal pastime Gen. Walker
and his staff rode up and discovered the
private's occupation. The general re
buked him bitterly and going up to Wis
tar asked if there was anything he could
do for the wounded mini. Neither knew
the other at Unit time. They met
after tlie war and became good friends,
learning of their precious meeting by ac
cident. Gen. Walker is now engaged in
the development of Southern industries,
and is said to be amassing u fortune.
Tlit, fmlitenl'i Kirliitn-e Reatfur,
Tlie official at tho White House wiio
does tlie president's newspaper rending
and clipping Is Benjamin Montgomery,
the telegraphic secretary, lie is one of
the most valuable officers of tho force, as
in addition to ills knowledge of telegraphy
he possesses a wonderful aequuintunno
witli men uiid measures, and is singularly
active in clerical work. He now attends
to a duty that was formerly performed by
Col. Lamont, namely, perusing tho news
papers of the country and transferring to
a scrap book all articles regarded us
worthy of the president's consideration,
either because of their praise or criticism
'I his udniiuistrutiou.—Exchange.
A SCOTCH preacher In London recently
speaking of the frequent complaintß of
preuciiors for being dull,gave his hearers
t.ds shot. "Tho fault Is not that we are
poor preachers, but because you are
mighty poor stuff to prcooh to,"
Take a Hrl|hi .l>ax lor It, bat to II
Wirt the Wintowi are In Shade.
CM no Soap and Keep the Water
Warm. Adding Hoasehold Ammonia
to Soften It,
The cleaning (if windows seems to lie a
very easy mutter, yet many housewives
would prefer to do any other part of the
housecleaning than this. As at this sea
son of the your the whole house Is sup
posed to receive a thorough cleaning, the
windows must, to be sure, come iu for
their share.
Never begin this work until all ths
paint is cleaned, but, more especially,
that part about the windows. If the
window glass is done first, it is almost
impossible to wash the paint round it
without smearing l.ho glass.
Never wa-li windows on a damp day,
nil hough a cloudy one is not objection
able for the work. A blight, clear, -iiuuv
day is tile best, choosing that part of ii
when the windows are iu the shade.
Windows washed while the sun is on
tomare sure to be si icaky, no matter
l ow well they may be done, for the sun
dries them quicker than they can be
wiped, ami, ,-uiisequcnt'y,Jthe water dries
jliet us it is put ou by the wash cloth.
Always dust the windows thoroughly,
both inside and outside, before begin
ning to wash them. I' e small, dry paint
brusliesjo get Into crevices and corners
when uu.-tlng
Wash the inside of the window lirst,
and it will be lu.ich < aster to detect any
defect when doing the outside. Take as
much clear water as desired, but have it
as warm us it euti be convenii ntly use I,
without parboiling thebaic!-, and add to
it enough hot household ammonia to
solten it. With soft cloth mat is free
from lint wusli each pane of glass thor
oughly, using u small pointed stick wit.ii
a cloth ori it to go into the corners.
Use old cotton to wipe with, and diy
each puno mimed ateiy utter
Where t :ie iva'.er t • quite hot, if the glass
is not wiped i;nmedia-eiy it will dry so
that it will have to be rowa-hed ere
Where the ammonia is not convenient,
use clear water, and never, on any ac
count, use soap of any land if you want
your glass to be clear. After washing in
clear water, a nice polish may bo ouu..iicu
by rubbing the glass wit.i tissue paper,
but where aiamoniu is used the lintel
gives a nice gloss without any extra
baking soda on a dump cloth is said to
'••• nice to give the windows a good pol
.-m. Cleaning windows with a eiolh wet
HI kerosene is recommended by some for
the same purpo-e.
In the geie ral house cleaning it is a
good plan to clean the outside s a ;
•re beginning the windows, il.i.e a
-ui.ull, dry pumt brush, and .villi ii brush
*he blinds thoroughly fuside ale! out;
a n lake another brush ol li. same s.„e,
oni dipping it into elenrwut'u. over
lie blinds with ir, rinsing it itvq . ...
When done, change the w.ii. r..n . r.n e
the blinds Well with tie e'.e.i, , .1,1
Although this will oe. I. .• II n I ii'jv.
work, tnc appeurunei of t, n i w..
well repay any labor spent -i
A Pretty KIM K t U,.,
The illustration hem ll,e .'. mvric: n
tcriciilturist siiows eicarly ii iw i.,.t
i , , fy book case fo.- a ,-OMle:'.
A strip of lllCli l our . I'll-, e 11l -he w
iiu! four fee; long is scree-d io tie ; I
U' It e shelves at each en... A |„>■!
oar l two anil a iiaif I' t- angan .•• gin
-lies wide, em in ;■;>' riianiental p
ern, is atu chml t" • i,<- '•> . -hell as a .-■•
•nee. and a , ie,,.ve Inches .eh
:o tae bottv .a a...if a .. curt of -vie/..-.
siSjl§ i ■ L
I mt £
T-- f (fc ■*.-**<;li'if
j : J1 *v. ■■ A -.1U..,. !,■
If preferred the pieei s may be cut plain
and covered with any bright colored
plush that will harmonb.e with the cur
tain. A rod of had wood, oiled or staiue d
to match the shelves is fastened by i .1
eta in front of the top shelf and provided
with wooden rings to which the curtain
is attached.
The curtain mav be cretonne, plus!;,
Oanton ilannel or anv other material de
The lower two shelves ore designated
for holding newspapers and magazines,
the next three are for books, and the top
one for brie-a-brae.
To Prevent Moul in Fruit Jam.
One of the great troubles in preserver
fruit in glass jurs is to prevent the form
ation of mo! ! on top, and the consequent
-.polling of fruit when it rises above the
top of tire syrup. A very effective, cheap
and simple dovieo is a disk of thin veneer
of wood, from one-sixteenth to one
twentieth of an in h 111 i• • u ami from two
and-three-quaner* to three inches in
diameter, for one quart jars, made from
gum, beech, birch, elm or ash, as tics '
woods have no taste nor flavor and will
not injure the fruit.
To use, dip in hot water to prevent
cracking, slightly bond so as to slip in
tiie neck below the shoulder of the jar;
press down on the fruit so as to allow t he
syrup to rise over it. The shoulder w,!i
keep it down and in place. When yu i
wish to use the fruit, remove by ruimii.;
a fork under and picking it out.
Your ClillHi ru WofneMN.
A disorderly, ugly, gom to-rackschool
room is a poor place in which to teach
children neatness, thrift and appreciation
of beauty (which is virtue) —tilings more
important to be learned than the geo
graphical locution of Tomsk or the biog
raphy of liameses.
Itii({out of Onluna.
Cut a couple of bunches of young
onions iu slices; add double tire quan
tity of potatoes, peeled and sliced ; season
with salt and pepper, and cover witii
broth of any kind ; simmer until the po
tatoes uro done; add a teaspnonful of
butter, and eat very hot.
Htertwood and Klaaoa.
There is much written about being
loverlike to your wife, and the idea is a
good cue. But more than one wife would
tike to trado kisses for stove, wood.
Better supply her with both.
Some Foolish r..|.lf
Allow a cough to run until it gets beyond
the reach of medicine. They often say,
"Oh, it will wear away," but in most
cases it wears them away. Could they be
induce ) to try the successful medicine
called Kemp's Balsam, which sell on a
positive guarantee to cure, they would im
mediately see the excellent effect after tak
ing the first dose. Price 50e and 1.00.
Trial iie free. At all druggists. cow
Tax-Payers Take Notice.
Does prohibition prohibit f We claim
it does not ; the facts are on our sides
Consult you friends in Maine, Kamui* and
Twm. They will tell you it is a farce and
increases taxes. Consult your own inter
ests bv ordering Wins* and /.a/wir* direct
from headquarters. We Mire you moneys
give you better and purer goods, till orders
more promptly, and prices are lower than
else A- here. Silver Age absolutely pure
rye, endorsed by plivsieiutis, used ill hos
pital-. Only full standard quart.
ifir o Ilielaier pare five. , ir. old. ,'l o:> quart
.lb.on '• " lull "
overli.tlt " r. '• tno •'
l-'tuclis ".older Wedding "• " ton "
( Uoi,i les -.V),
Ports.Siienies. Brandies.Whiskies,Gin.
etc.. ."(> cents quart up. Goods shipped to
all parts of luc I'. S., csrefuitv packed.
Xoexlra charge tor package*. >ni i uial
onlef. Write foi complete < Tuniiigiicaiiil
Price list. Mention illis paper.
M \ Km is.
No. S2 Fed,". I .. Aln go y. I'a.
lieei. it
Ott' ij <i"o.
r >., i, .... u i-" w i r 'i \>
,• . . \"i' .U u\\ \'Z■• >'
.• !. i< •
>• V • * ! V C'M'llill slmi.
at... iY li ..I •'- '. rlc 1* - o X i'•
l * r
Original. !*•!, only fwmlwr *nl
t MlnWcplUli-fulr. Never
f&S- >• At DrugrUU. Accept \7
fA no other. All pill* In paste- v
y/r i. ir t boxes, pink wrapper*.are admirer
\ ■•*. F III 'Miiiiif t'i'lVlt. Pcii'l 4r. (tianipo; for
w /J?. i ami ••Kelleffor l.ndhO"'*
- I ttrr, bv return mall. 10.000 ti-atl
aranlaUir<' ' LADIES o."iee - i,.r.l lira. Xmm Pl"r.
"/r' -...v.
■'r-• • . I•' ,' 1 , •
IF-XTJ I I- ' St. AhW XOi - .
A We will also send free a romp Ida
1 iID " | tut
I/FX jNEmndc *her ib* Niliut'i' polenta,
out,i * o,< * for,h "
1 Pis-. 'n"the n Coriir a SH ,, .i
U l;lsLc ■ ■ No capital required. Plain,
brief ino'nictiono jrivm Fnone who write lo u* at once can or.
cure free the bc*t cn inir-marhine in the world, and the
flneftt lineofworka of b>ah art ever ahown together in America.
TICI E A CO., I*OK -3 to, Jkugtmu, Maine.
* t. .a li.e Ui .1 'N
i A I I c .lOUt, U. iU 'i .b-4t
mm m HINrSS CU^EO^^aP^
I )Ki 1\ li o ri,ibirTUßU'.Aß EAR CUSHIONS
PW I Hhlapcrk heard dlstinrtly. Comfort
able. Sneeetfu I where al I rrinoillf fall. lll*.hook * proofs
free. Addrt.h or cwl.uu V. lIIMOX, llrwttdnaj, >. •
Resulting from the Errors of Youth, Folly, Vice,lg
norance, &c., mar he cured at home without fail or
exposure. Infallible and Confidential.
Treatise, 300 paces, only $1 by mail, sealed, postpaid.
Small hook, with endorsements of the press, free.
Send now. Address the Peabody Medical Institute,
or Dr. W.ll.Parker, N0.4 Bulflnch Si.,Boston,Mat-h.
jf' ND R F TURNt j F !"TS3URGH. PA.
I* 1 Pint, Quart S. Gallon
mar*M 3in
CAT A!i?uv'H,
Catarrhal 9e?..'.:css and H y Fever.
SuffereM are not ge.iei.itly ic.vife that
tt<ese diseases aro eoiita •ions, or that they
•x ■, due to the jiresetieo of living jmrnsltes in
1.,0 lining tiieiul'fai ■ of the nose and etts
tachitin tithes. M:o ■ uui •, how
ever, lias niMved to.s to boa fact ami viie
result, is that a simple remedy ha- been for
mulated whereby catarrh, catarrhal deafness
and liav fever are permanently cured ia
from oiie to three simple applications made
nt. home by the patient once in two weeks.
N. B.—For catarrhal discharges peculiar to
females (whites) this remedy is a specific.
A pamphlet explaining this new treatment
is sent oil receipt of ten cents by A. 11.
DIXON & SON, FTFS West King St., Toronto,
Canada.— Sc lcntljic American.
Sufferers from catarrhal troubles should
tead the obovx carefully,
to eanvuss for Ike sale of Nursery stock : steady
employment, guaranteed. Salary unit expenses
paid. Apply at, Otiee, stating age.
CIIASE BKOTHEKS. Hocliester. N. V.
tltefer to this paper.) uiayit
" Good morning, Jack I whv I haven't
sceu you for a month past. What in tlie
world is the matter with you ? You seem
to have renewed your youth."
" Well Phil. I have. Don't you reiuem
! her the last time I saw you, how misera
ble 1 was 'I Sick and blue, and in that
sort of mood a man gets sometimes when
lie feels the most noble thing In life is to
J go straight to the devil."
'• Not so bad as that, I hope ; at all
events you didn't go that way, you are
, looking far too happy and hearty."
'• Thank goodness, no ! or rather, thank
; Vinegar Bitters. Do you remember that
; day 1 saw you last, when you recommend
ed that remedy to ine so persistently, and
! 1 wis first vex'(laud then half convinced."
I remember it perfectly, and you
needn't say another word upon the sub
j jeel; your looks tell me that you took the
| medicine."
•• No doubt of it: everybody remarks
upon my improved looks and temper; but
1 must really tell you all about it. I got
the obi style, us you recommended, and
didn't mind the bitter taste at all. I fin
j ished the bottle in about two weeks, and
! was greatly improved, so much so that
! I determined to change off and try the
! new sty I*.
J " Well, how did you like it?"
I '• Yo 1 told me your wife preferred tli
new style, I believe; well, I must say lagrc
| with tier. I like the old style very much
I hut t'oe new is a fitter, smoother, more ex
I pensive p'epar.ition."
j " 1 tieiieve it is; in fact. I have heard
' m, am! 1 wonder the McDonald Drug
Company sell it tor the same price they
lo t.u- style, la-cause it i- really a very
costly pic| aration."
"Well, that dusn't concern us. Mho
; "Vll- it said that people fancied themselves
1 pious sometimes when they were only
| bilious ? No matter.' I was only going to
-ay that 1 believe people often seem wicked
when it is only their liver, or their slum
i nclt. or some oilier cantankerous organ of
■ rtie body -o our of onler ilicy couldn't be
g'M if they tried."
j " And if all Die miserable dyspepsia.
1 and victims of hillou.-iu-ss, headache and
, the ili'Mi-.nid and one ills that tlesti is lieii
to would only take Vitiegar Bitters, what
i a happy world litis would he! "
' I -liotild recommend the lie.w stele."
" I '.ever go back on the onl style."
j " Wed. tliey can bay their mo ie.' and
j take tlu it choice, for both kinds wink mi-
I .i nb'e."
'July Temperance Bitters JCuovri -
1 1 IJxjfPA9f?>f" '.A
j Vpw-t-s ll
f /-C/Vso" VsL<"S*(
Trie Great E'.ocd Purifier
• idi IL-.i'.tii Ec.-hinvi'. Cures it'
Lt.l- t"! r ten In . e within thirh
minutes—' ry it.
The only i<-oj ounce Bitters
I 11 ••>". it sti'ini ates the Brail-
I i. . 4 ..< is ; ite X-rvi s. riynJates tin
! '• c -.samite if s a ]>■ f.-ct !> o>r
, 01, To ui- i , h the huboin v in-,
i •. hi h 1- e t'> restor • peil'ee
i i" I • U-.L A itii'iil li olc fr -e
| if./!. Ai iXtXXK DRUG
.)., -i.l .•
V \ .ui) K)li v • ■■. I ! (If 1
1 > *'II. lu-l 1 i ' •. 'ii ton. o
11. . ; IHs*. • . .■-; v; I •
clatl I'! • - , "RV. ... - ,"-r. ii
firm rn- •, rr-.
nir: 3 t:? COR WP,
""oVrpi. ' • to 1M .riri. > ■ ui* j •. r*imr6t
t . >. lln I f. 1 iilSCvi.. *. • li., IV.Y.
ft StrOpliS Ui IPfIVE
H ■ "H C'ouornTßr-• Ititllir. - -.ii'l'-o
< x vER'b Oil; .£R TO iO. I( haavtiiW
I.- r-i-i-s .•:.■ 1 i . • ..I* ft!! ill- M-i-iiiq
! MU tic 1 cut Ivo nuuiiioH. lukeLi Liut, !AK. mhl
P'arke rrs
it : ■- ' 1 .vi r.
rF- R ..r, Cray
TL. C.-'-.
iv'• • t ' • ,K
SoLj 0 S?one S I
Wfry /mass s/ue GeM/avs J
Aak your DrugglX or Qrocer for It.
Aiblng Sides and truck, III]", Kidney and
I tei-lne I'aliis, Kheumatlc, sciatic, sliurp and
j Weakening I'aliis, relieved in ONE MINUTE ty
i itmt Cuticnra Auti-Paiu Plaster Ii?
only instantaneous paln-kllltng streng'nenlrig
plaster, as cts; s tort). At druggists, or of POT
M Pimples, btacklieads, chapped and pi PQ
oily skin cuied by CUTICLKA SOAP. ILDO
UJoot), fUorrclt CEo'o Store
Mammoth Store,
Near the P. R. R. Depot, Johnstown, Pa.,
Is conceded to be the Most Extensive and Best-Appointed Establishment of its class '.e
the United States.
Foi longer than twenty-six years the Company's Store has been the Leading Mer
cantile House in Johnstown, and its rapid growth is unprecedented. From a small
beginning it has developed into a concern of massive proportions, carrying immense
stocks of every variety of goods, and employing in all its departments more than one
hundred men. It has always been the aim of the proprietors to supply their custom
ers with the very best goods in the market, at the lowest possible prices, and they
have reason to he proud of having made their guaranty indisputable.
In their different Store Rooms can be found a full and carefully-selected stock of
every class of goods in their line of business, additions to which are constantly being
made, so that their stock is always fresh and new. In the wide range of goods car
ried may he mentioned
V\w Attention of Country Merchants
Is invited to the Facilities of this Establishment for supplying cveiy artiea ia >.ctiiuna
by their customers, goods of till descriptions being offered
Their Goods being bought in large quantities and on the most libera! n-rms. the
management arc enabled to sell at the very lowest market prices, and to -uis-es-fully
lefy competition.
Ladies will find this spacious Store Room fitted up with every con', eaicuee for
hopping, and a Stock that will equal in a-sortment that of the most -.etc Dry
oods and .Millinery Stores in the larger cities. A splendid assortment . ' lotlis,
C, ssiinercs, Trimmings, etc., may also he found in this department r>r -1, • by the
ard. Carpets. Oil C.'lotUs, etc., iire kept on the second Boor, accessible hv eb-vator.
None hut the Pest of Staple and Fancy floods are handled, and "long m< a,-,. . " guar,
in tiiis Department Heavy Stocks are carried, selected especially for the Johna
in >, trade. All goods are warranted t) be of the very best material, well made
tviisli and durable. The Stock uf Gents' Furnishing Goods in gt'. -ia! cannot be
ex i l!cd.
:V:>ot \Ni)
F in" the Hop nailed and Woollen Shoes of the workittgnn 11 to the dainty Slip
p-rs of ill • iady, the stock in Ibis (]• iMrtmi-at is complete, ami < 1;-towers wull have us
itlicultv 01 coining to an 'unilerstauiling." Only t!.- iest of leather i-11-e tin the
a.iufactitre o these goods, am! tie y will be found at once stylish and durable.
•hfii' Simp mhl Sitialher
Oa tie' -eeottd and thir I tin >rs. with eoeeenient eittraip e bv bailway fro 11 Wash*
. lon slice" is the Shoe Shop and Leather Department. ■ nine Fine .mat Boots
1 i Shoi - m to or.ler. and "h re 1 ! .rge -to xof Sho ■ Fi.t ling- > f -.1! kinds,
111 I a fine assortment of Upper in I > ae Leal.ier is k- pt constantly on ha.. .
•iirocerirs, Hani ware, Kic
The ,st< <k of Groceries. I'rovi-l. i Etc. i- tin-iirpassed i 1 quality, a:..1 is always
f esli, licing turned one : every uioitUi. dpi ' the very tin. -i 'Las, • ny.iss. gpiccs,
rite., in tin' market are purcha-eu. '1 *-1, r"x- are under \lers t"i ;i.variably give
' lowu Weight" ami • heaping til •i> ir -." File- >ck ot ly.teeiiswa: - "- Is large and
varied, and from the common Eirthe . vare to tb" finest 1' .icelaiu ami •' 1 a Ware
the assortment i< complete. Aa opeti tair> ay lends from the Grocery to iue \ ege
t-ihle Dcpartmcut. where e cry vari.-'y f SiM-ottablc I'IO lae.- amlG e. 1 1 os.ceries is
kept, inclttiiitig F -ign mid Domestic Fruit . Oysters. Fisii. lit the rear of the
are tl e Ilardwiire ami Tobacco Departments, and the buyer ;• ;-..ired tliat
he will be offered the very best goo i- at the lowest prices.
Mm'hanl Tiiilo; \n% Msh;Sviisliinent.
The Tailor Shop oeeupie-' several rooms in the second mil third stories of the
bni'ding— entrane.e from t'ie river side. I' ie Cloth Room is well stocke I with Cloths,
Cassiineres, Cheviot-, Etc., and al" a line assortuient of the celebrated Woodvale
Woolens, which are without a rival in in- market Clothing will be made to order
promptly and in Fashionable style. Inferior trimmings are never used, and .satisfac
tion is guaranteed in every instance.
This Department is located just east of the Mailt Store Building, and is uue of the
lies! Reg dated Markets in the country. Particular attention is paid to the selection of
every animal that is killed, from a lamb to a bullock. Tite slnuglitcry is a model of
neatness, is supplied >vitii all the modern improvements, and while the Steaks and
Roasts arc always lender and true, an air of mystery does not surround the Sausages,
Puddings, Etc.,'in the preparation of which the greatest possible c.;u is exercised.
Venison and all kinds of Game are kepi in season.
Here tons of Flour are stacked away, and huge bins are tilled with Meal of every
description, for use in the house or stable. The stock is always fresh aud good.
In this Department are kept a full assortment of Kitchen, Parlor and Bedroom
Furniture, from the lowest to the highest grades, and the customer will be promptly
supplied with House Fnrnishiug Goods of all descriptions.
Our Entire Stores are presided over by courteous gentlemen, wlio are thorough
masters of their business, and strangers and citizens alike will have their wants at
tended to promptly and intelligently.
Johnstown, l'a., Nov. 19, 1879.