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The circulation of this paper .s in
crbw 112 rapidly. It will pay you
to ' the AMERICAN.
Be Sure That Every Republican Vote in Your
-District is Polled.
Committed at The P. & R. Station Early
Saturday Morning.
One of the most daring, and well plan
ned burglaries ever committed in this
city, took place Saturday morning. The
Philadelphia and Reading depot office
was entered, the operator bound and
gagged, the safe blown open, and a sum
of money stolen, without the smallest
clue as to the identity, or whereabouts
of the per]>etrators
At nearly two o'clock a south-bound
freight train passed the station, and
Annon Keiser the night operator, had
just reported it, when some one called
to him from the baggage room window
that "his friend Thomas" wished to
speak to him on the platform.
Keiser replied saying "I don 't know
Thomas and I don't know yon." At
that movement the window shutter was
rained, and Keiser covered by several
revolvers. Several of the men, at once
crawled through the window and Keis
er was securely bound and thrown into
Agent Fonst's rear office. Before leav
ing they relieved him of his watch aud
about 11.50 in money. They also took
his tobacco and helped themselves liber
ally, to his lunch. After a number of
trials the safe was finally blown open
and the money taken. The amount is
not known as the officials have refused
to make any statement in regard to
their loss. It is supposed to have been
quite a large .sum, possibly $250.
After the robbers had made their es
cape, Keiser managed to extricate him
self and gave the alarm. The officers
and Agent Fonst were soon on the scene
but careful search failed to reveal any
cine by which the thieves could be trac
ed. It was stated Sunday that some
money and papers had been found near
Catawissa but these reports are entirely
without foundation.
Mark a cross in the circle at the
head of the Republican column, and
then your vote will be counted without
question. In marking over a ballot
the voter is liable to make an error, and
thereby his vote is endangered and it
may not be counted.
H. E. Landis Sentenced.
At a special session of court on Sat
urday afternoon Judge Little passed
sentence on Harry R. Landis who had
previously been found guilty of selling
liquor on Sunday and of maintaining a
slot machine during part of the time he
was proprietor of Hotel Oliver.
Sentence on the charge of maintain
ing the slot machine was with held but
on the charge of Sunday Liquor selling,
Landis was sentenced to pay the costs
of prosecution, a fine of SIOO, and to
undergo a term of 30 days imprisonment
in the County jail.
Death of Fanner Smith.
Frederick Smith, one of Montour
county's oldest residents died on Satur
day morning at Ins home near l.iine
stoneville. Death was due to a compli
cation of diseases though he hail only
been ill about three weeks.
Mr. Smith was in his 91st year and
was a native of Heading, l'a., moving
into this county when quite young, lie
was an active member of the Lutheran
church, near his home, helping to form
that congregation in 1848. Three sons
and two daughters survive him.
Vote for John (J. Brown for Regis
ter and Recorder. He is worthy of
the support of all voters and would
make a most capable official.
Will Locate in Reading.
J. C. H. Lynn was in town Saturday
evening for a short time while enroute
from Philadelphia to Berwick- Mr. Lynn
has severed his connection with the
Danville Stove and Manufacturing Co.,
and will locate in Reading where he lias
already accepted a lucrative position.
itlontcmr American.
VOL. 45—MO 44.
j Occurred Monday Evening at His Home on
East Front Street.
After a lingering illness of over a
4 month's duration. Councilman John
; Rebman died Monday night about quar
* ter past 0 o'clock. About live weeks ago
I an attack of liver trouble confined Mr.
i Uebman to his bed. He improved slight
; ly after several days but a little later
i another and a more severe attack over
t iok him and until the end came Monday
I night he suffered greatly.
I The deceased was born in Stuttgart,
[ Germany, on Jan. 3,1847. When he was
[ a lad of thirteen became to this country
■ and for some time was engaged in fol
i lowing the barber's trade after which he
traveled with many of the leading cir
cuses including Forepaugh's, Robison's,
Gardner's and Stoke's as an acrobat.
While with the latter he made a trip to
Kurope and was billed as the special at
□ About this time he introduced the
double soiner-sault to the world and won
great fame on that account. After tra
veling through Ilrazil and Cuba he
located in this city and engaged in the
liquor business with Simon Krebs. In
1887 he became a traveling salesman for
F. P. Dilley & Co., of Philadelphia, and
for the past thirteen years has continu
ed to represent that tirm in this section
of the State.
The deceased is survived by a wife and
three sons, Fred, of Youngstown, ().,
Harry, of Philadelphia, and Samuel, of
this city.
Mr. Rebman was an industrious and
warm hearted man and a good citizen
and had many friends in this city and
throughout the State. He was a mem
ber of Danville Lodge.No. 510, F. and A
M., Lodge No. 109, I. O. O. F., and at
the time of bis death he was a member
of the Borough Council.
If you want a good Associate Judge,
vote for Robert Adams.
First Game of the Season.
The first basket ball game of the sea
son in this city will be played on the
Armory floor, election night, Nov. •>,
when the strong team representing the
Bloomsburg wheelmen will line up
against the local five. The Danville play
ers are doing considerable in the way of
practice, putting in an hour every day,
and will be in good shape to put up a
rattling game.
The locals have been circulating a pap
er soliciting subscriptions in order to de
fray necessary expenses incidental to
organizing and equipping a team and
are meeting with a generous response
from the public.
Mahanoy City, Bucknell University,
of Lewisburg, and All Collegiate, of
Philadelphia, have applied for dates and
will likely appear here early in the sea
son. v
(Jet out every Republican vote for
the whole Republican ticket.
Entertained at Pilgrim's Rest.
Dr. S. Y. Thompson entertained a
party of friends Monday afternoon at
Pilgrim's Rest, his country home.
In the party were: A. M. Gearhart,
J. M. Kelso, Levi Sechler, J. 15. Gear
hart. James Riehl, Robert Adams, Rich
ard Eggert, Robert Callicart, Dr. J. J.
Kline, W. (4. Kramer and Thomas C.
Butter milk in large quantities was
consumed and on their return the guests
wore a contented expression which be
tokened much in favor of the culinary
department of the "farm."
Attendance Increasing.
The attendance at the night school is
still increasing. At the session Friday
evening, ten new pupils were taken in
making a total of 120 pupils to date.
The question of providing for the large
■ number of pupils will be taken up by
the Board of Education at a special
i meeting, which will be called during the
Copyright, 1M», by Charles A. Gray. v
The work of ntlin<; the Bessemer
mill, previous to its removal to Sault
Ste. Marie, was commenced yesterday
morning. Sufficient cars for use in the
transportation of the machinery hud not
yet arrived on Wednesday* so none of it
was taken apart but a force of nine men
were at work and the lining was remov
ed from both the vessels and a greater j
part of it from the four large cupolas.
Mr. K. 1». Wellman, one of the mem
bers of the WellmanSeaver Engineering
Company, arrived in town on Tuesday
evening and was busily engaged all day
Wednesday in getting measurements
and other data necessary in order to '
draw up the plans and specifications for
there-erection of the plant.
Although it was given out that work!
on all three mills would be started at
once, the rail and angle mills will not
be disturbed just at present as the En- i
gineering Company desires to get as
much as possible of the llessemer mov
ed before the rough winter weather sets
Vote for James ('. Foster.
Nominated for Chief of Fire Dep't.
At a meeting of the Friendship Eire
company held on Saturday evening. First
Assistant Engineer John G. Waite was i
nominated for theolli - eof Chief Engine
er for the coming year. As the Wash
ington and Goodwill hose companies,
have placed no one in competition this
practically endorses Mr. Waite. The I
assistants nominated were Edward Fur
pur for the Friendshipcompany,Charles 1
Gibbons for the "Washies" and Dallas
Hummer for the Goodwill company.
The Continentals will make their 110111
. inations next Saturday evening and the
election will be held early in December.
A vote for C. F. 11 nth lor Congress
1 means a vote for the continuance of
Foot Ball Game Saturday.
Foot ball is daily becoming more pop
-4 ular in this city and teams are springing
r up in all sections
1 The latest arrivals 011 the gridiron are
. two new school teams, one representing
8 the Fourth ward Grammar school and
112 the other the First ward Grammar.
1 These two elevens are matched to play
e 011 Saturday next and will line up on
the "meadows" below town at L'rliO p. m.
DANVILLE, l'A., Til l! I'SDAY, NOVEMBER 1. 15)00.
Mr«. Webster Foust, Front street, en
tertained a ntimber of friends last even
ing at a Hallowe'en party. Those seat
ed about tlie table at tbe excellent re
past which was served were: Uev. L. j
D. I'lricli and wife, Mr. 1). C. Daring
and wife, Mr. I). (J- Jones and wife, Mr.
D. A. Montgomery and wife, Mr. Charles
I Bausch and wife, Mr. K. C. Hole and
1 wife, Mr. Thomas Johns and wife, Mr.
VVillard Fetterman and wife. Mesdames
j Allied Kemmer.J. C. Mincemoyer, Amos
Wohlfarth and l'hilip Fotist, and the
Misses Marie Fetterman, Ratherine
. Kemtner and Irene Lonnenberger.
A party of friends were pleasantly en
| tertained at the home of Miss May
j Fotist, Walnut street last evening. Sup
per was served at 11 o'clock: The house
was tastefully decorated. Those present
! were: The Misses May James, Aletta
Bausch, Maine and Sadie Rear, Mary
Rilgus, Maude Freeze, Nellie Schick and
Bosa Byerly. Messr*. I'aul Andrews,
Isadure Rosenthal, Aunon Reiser, Frank
Rear, Roy Smith and Howard Aten,
Will Hover and Harry Mitchell, of Ber
, wick.
Vote for Robert Adams.
Attended the Convention,
The Seventh Annual Convention of
j the Pennsylvania Young Men's Christ
, ian Association, which was held in
Northumberland, opened its session in
j the Presbyterian church at L' .'JU o'clock
Friday afternoon. JO. D. Soper, of liar
| risburg, made the introductory address..
Kvery Association in thedistrict was rep
resented and much interest was man
ifested. At Saturday morning's session
j General Secretary W. I). Laumaster, of
this city, conducted the Bible reading.
Mr. Laumaster also conducted the ser
! vices in the Northumberland Methodist
• Kpiscopal church Sunday morning.
Will Locate in New York,
i William Kggert, who for several years
past has held the position of book-keep
j cr and billing clerk at the oHice of the
, s Reading Iron works, has resigned his
[ position with that concern and has ac
, cepted a position in New York for which
, place he will leave in several days.
I While in New York Mr. Kggert will
study voice cultivation under a noted
• instructor.
, ; K. VV. Peters will succeed Mr. Kggert
i at the Heading works.
JOpjrltfht, 1800, by Kockwood, N. V.
Alex. Billmeyer expects to make some [
extensive improvements at his beauti- '
ful park near Washingtonville in the !
early Spring. ; i
Among otjier things, Mr. Billmeyer M
contemplates building a half mile speed ;'
| track and one or two fast, horses will be | 1
; purchased this Fall. Anotherinnovatioii j '
will be the stocking of a pond exclus- j '
ively with gold lisli, There are now 70 \
deer in the park besides an abundance
jof small game. All the tish ponds are
well stocked and fruit trees are plenti
ful. It is wortli an especial trip to those
who have never seen this beautiful park.
It is an ideal spot.
Vote for John (i. Brown.
Foot Ball Teams Disagree.
The game of foot ball which was to
have been played in Milton on Saturday
afternoon between teams representing :
the Danville llitrh school and the Milton i
High school did not come oil on account i
; of a disagreement which arose between i
j the two captains over the eligibility of
four of the players that Milton had on
■ its eleven.
Danville plays a strictly High school
team and Milton had previously agreed
to do the same hut when the two
elevens appeared on the lield Milton had '
four older men who were not "school
hoys" by any means and who laid no
claim to being so.
Captain Maiers protested against this
imposition but Milton refused to remove
the ineligibles so the Danville team de
cided not to line up and the players left
' the field.
Considerable disappointment was felt
in this city over this failure to play as
the result of the game was awaited with
much interest.
The Republican County Convention i
did a wise thing when it nominated i
David Ruckel for Sheriff. The peo
ple of Montour county will show their
. wisdom by electing him to an ofliec j
• which he is so well qualified to occupy.
A Painful Injury.
1 Charles Seitz while playing with a sis
• ter at his home on Railroad street,
' evening, accidentally struck his arm on
I the sharp edge of a hatchet which was J
lying on the floor, inflicting a painful
t flesh wound near the elbow. Dr. l'aules
I dressed tlie injury.
Mahoning Tribe No. 77, Improved
Order of Bed Men, held a reception and
musical at : heir hall in the Lyon's build
ing on Saturday evening in honor of
their 33rd anniversary. The exercises
were opened by the singing of the Visi
tation Ode. The Rev. Dr. M. L. Shindel
then offered a prayer, after which the
following program was rendered:
Recitation Miss Olive Rank
Recitation Mrs. William Richards
Duet Misses Morgan and Trowbridge
Selection Oberdorf's Orchestra
Recitation Miss Strauss
Recitation Miss Lizzie Russell
Recitation Harry Bedea
Selection Oberdorf's Orchestra
Recitation Lulu Rlase
Duet.. ■ Misses Morgan and Trowbridge
Recitation Annie Bedea
Recitation Miss Diehl
The Rev. Dr. Shindel made an address
appropriate to the occasion, after which
refreshments were served. It was a very
interesting and delightful evening to all
those who attended.
Vote for Davit! Ruckel.
Work of Company F at Rifle Practice.
The season for qualifying with the
rifle and the revolver for Pennsylvania
National Guardsmen ends today.
Range Master Gross has qualified near
ly all the enlisted men with the rifle
and with the revolver.
The men seemed to take special in
terest in this work this year and in con
sequence thirteen men are first class
marksmen and six men are eligible to
try for sliar,) shooters. None of the six
attempted to gain that distinction and
were satisfied to shoot at 200 and 500
The new man silhouette target, being
larger, is a great advantage over the old
bull's-eye and teaches the soldiers fo
shoot low, which is more effective in
actual warfare.
Next yearC.impany F, will be repres
ented in the Regimental matches and
hope t'i win out as several of the men,
with a little more practice, will be able
to ma'.e very good scores.
Death of an Infant.
Frances K., the three-month-old
1 daughter of Photographer and Mrs. I. C.
Lee, died about S o'clock Sunday night
at the parent's home on North Mill
; street. She had been ill fur several weeks.
For Bessemer Plant Work of Removing
Machinery to Begin at Once.
As the result of negotiations which
have been carried nn for a number of
months by the Consolidated Lake Sup
erior Company, intimation of which was
given in these columns some time since,
j the Danville Bessemer Steel mill and the
1 rail and angle mills have been purchased
by the Canadian firm and all the mach
inery and equipment will be removed to
i Sault Ste. Marie at once.
Nothing but the machinery will be
taken and the buildings will remain in
j tact. The contract tor dismantling the
mills, also the moving aud the re-erec
j tion of them has been taken by the En-
I terprise Construction Co., of Cleveland,
I 0., and two of the representatives of
| that concern,* Luther A. Roby and D. J.
| Carpenter, arrived in town yesterday
and expect to start work today.
Local labor will be required and no
doubt a large force of men will find em
ployment for a period of about three
months, the time it will likely require to
complete the dismantling and removal.
Chief Engineer W. H. Munro, of the
Consolidated Co.,also arrived here Mon
day and will look after the interests of
his concern.
The Consolidated Co. has large con
! tracts for steel rails to fill for the Canad
ian government and has hut a compara
tively short time in which to manufact
ure them so in order to obtain large
grants of mineral and timber lands,every
• effort is being made to turn out finished
material within the time specified and
for that reason is the Bessemer machin
ery carried such a great distance. The
amount involved in the transaction was
; not given out.
It was reported about the city Mon
day that the plate mill had been includ
ed in the sale, the Canadian officials
I themselves being under that impression.
| Superintendent Howery stated Monday
night that this department had not
been sold and that from present indica-
I tions plate may be rolled again early in
j the Spring.
What disposition will be made of the
buildings is not definitely known as yet.
A large corporation,who for various rea
sons do not wish their names mention
ed for the present, but who are favor
ably impressed with Danville as a man
| ufacturing site, were recently repres
ented in this city and the buildings at
the Bessemer works were examined.
! Should conditions prove favorable an
offer may be made to the Bessemer com
pany for their purchase,aud an industry
| employing a large number of hands may
; soon take the place of the former busy
: steel plant.
Vote for (J. F. 11 nth.
The Tissot Pictures.
The authorized reproduction of the
famous Tissot Paintings of the life of
Christ will be given in the opera house,
this city, on Tuesday evening, Nov. 13,
I under the auspices of the Shiloh Reform
ed church.
The pictures are exhibited by means
of the stereopticon and illustrate the
actual outward life of Christ amid the
sacred scenery of the Holy Land and are
the result of ten years of hard labor in
Palestine. Admission 25 cents, reserv
ed seats 35 cents.
Some of the newspapers are agitating
the matter of farmers painting their
names on their barns, thinking that in
terest would be redoubled in a drive over
an unfamiliar road where people live
whom you know but not their places of
residence,and it has been suggested that
it would he more interesting for the
farmer to add a foot note if he has any
marriageable daughters, cross dogs or
Remember that you want a man for
.Jury Commissioner who is capable,
honest and unbiased. See to it that
your friends as well as yourself vote
for J. F. Patterson.
The office of the AMERICAN oeing
furnished with a large assortmen
of job letter and fancy type and job
material generally, the Publishei
announces to the public that he is
prepared at all times to execute in
the neatest manner
Of all Kinds and Descrption.
: our prices before place
your orders.
By The Boys and Girls of This City Last
Hallowe'en was observed last night by
many of the boys and girls who made
things lively in nearly every neighbor
The old fashioned "tick-tack" was
brought into play. Gates were lifted
from their hinges and many people an
swered door bells only to find no guests
awaiting them. Several masquerading
parties could be seen and several Hal
lowe'en socials were given.
The Hallowe'en superstitions, born
hundreds of years ago, are rapidly being
forgotten but the sports aud depreda
tions still remain. Last night our police
force was kept on the trot during the
earlier hours in response to appealsfrom
residents who were nearly driven to dis
traction by the actions of the children,
and in a majority of cases their older
brothers and sisters. Porches and gates
were stolen in numbers and unhoused
vehicles were spirited away.
At George M. West's hom?, Pine
street, the front porch was torn from its
fastenings and then a number of the
bricks were torn from the pavement and
piled in the door way. Prayer meeting
service at St. Paul's church was so in
terrupted that at one time it was al
most impossible to continue. A beam
measuring over fifteen feet in length and
weighing up in the hundreds was placed
on the step in front of Pursel & Mont
gomery's store, Mill street. It was simp
ly laid there, no particular damage be
ing done with it. Lamp black and Hour
were freely thrown about and many faces
took on an ebon hue and frequently a
pedestrian was seen who had the ap
pearance of having passed through a
severe snow storm.
Vote for J. F. Patterson. I
Bi-Oounty U. E. Convention.
The Bi-County Christian Endeavor
Convention, held at Orangeville {ast
Thursday and Friday, was
tended by representatives from the en
tire district. From reports read at 'the
meetings it is learned that the Society
has made wonderful progress in ' its
work during the past year. The liev.
Houtz, of Orangeville, delivered the ad
dress of welcome which was responded
to by the Rev. Dr. Hemingway, of
Bloomsburg, president of the Conven
tion. Miss Sarah Cunningham, of this
city, read a report on "Junior Work."
The Convention was one to be remem
bered for its solid instructions, its fervor
and the truth and earnestness which all
carried away.
The society of the Mahoning Presby
terian church was represented by the
Misses Elizabeth Russell, Sara Cunning
ham, Sara Hinckley and Mrs. M. Mc-
The Voters of Montour should elect
Kol>ert Adams by an overwhelming
Entertained at Dinner.
Miss Ella Snyder gave a dinner to a
number of her friends at her home on
Grand street yesterday in honor of her
18th birthday. Those present were:
Misses Gertrude Philips, Anna Wood
side, Cornelia Prout, May Moyer,Beulah
Mills, Marv Smith, Mrs. Agnes Snyder,
Clyde Snvder and Mrs. Barbara Shultz,
of Sunburv.
Erecting New Office Building.
A new office for the use of Supt.
Thomas Price and assistants is in the
course of construction at Fiowe and
Polk's Structural Tubing works.
11 is a frame structure 14 by lti feet
and is being erected at the intersection
of Market and Railroad streets.
Called to Cincinnati.
Mrs. John Murray of the Tommy
Shearer company left last evening for
Cincinnati, Ohio, in response to a tele
gram announcing the death of her