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i News Items of Interest From Near-by Places, Gleaned by The i
i Commercial’s Special Correspondents. }
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S. E. Knupp, wife and daughter, Formerly Keim P. O.
Miss Ruth, have returned from a few| Rey, E. S. Hassler is attending
days’ visit with friends and relatives Pittsburg Synod this week at DuBois.
in Indiana, Pa. | There will be a teachers institute
Mine Inspector and Mrs. Fletcher | next Saturday in the St. Paul sehool
‘W. Cunninghan, have as their guest, (house to which all patrons and citi-
Miss Nancy Statler, of San Fran-| zens generally are invited.
cisco, Cal. i | Mrs. Mary Engle is on a trip visit-
Raymond F. Kressler of Allentown, [ing friends on the Eastern Shore, i
are the guests of Mrs. Kressler’s par- | Calvin Rhodes is improving his
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Bingner. | house with a coat of paint. hk
The new Lutheran church at Grants-
x Rdwan Gp ns Foe I | ville, Md., will be dediaated next Sun-
Now York Oiyy Whee le BD | day, and on that account there will
be no service in the Lutheran church
Mrs. Andrew Swartz is spending a | ¢ this place.
few weeks with friends and relatives
in Youngtown, O.
several days.
Misses Mary and Pearl Hay, teach-
| ers in Somerset and Rockwook, were
Dr. and Mrs. Harry B. Bruner, have | home over Sunday.
gone to California to spend the winter. |
Miss Tracy Countryman is spending | Miss Irma Sipple, visited her parents
several week with her brother-in-law | home near Summit Mills last Sunday.
and sister, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Hay, | George Sipple, formerly of this
of Jenners. place, but now of McKeesport, was
Mrs. Charles J. Harrison is the 2MmOng the friends Sienle the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Annie Me- | faneral of Olia Sipple last edanes-
Cutcheon, in Pittsburg. ly.
. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sechler spent
Francis E. Straub and wife of New Saturday and Sunday visiting the
Baltimore, are ihe guetis of John / ert father, Mr. Isaac Enos, in
Weigle family, in Somerset township. Addison townskip.
Miss Edna Critchfield entertained a| mpere will be no church service in
party of between 35 and 40 friends at | {1,6 Reformed church next Sunday
her home in Milford township Wed- | owing to the pastor's absence at
nesday evening. Synod. Sunday school at 9:30 a, m.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Staniford =————
of New York, who had been the GLADE CITY.
guests of Mrs. Staniford’s father, J. G. Deeds, the county Union Sun-
Capt. William M. Schrock, have re- | day School organizer, called to see J.
turned home. W. Forrest last week and pronounced
Lawrence E. Sipe of Somerset, has | the Glade City Sunday school one of
organized biass bands at Bakersville | the best in his district.
and Friedens, the members of which| Mr. Wilderman, who received a
he will drill weekly. stroke about two weeks ago, is'in a
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Huston, | critical condition. )
recently had as their guests, William | Fred. Graham, who had been con-
Meyers and Edward Williams, both | fined to his bed for several weeks, is
of Irwin, Pa. able to be up but not in condition to
Mrs. George Hubert Steed of Buffa- goons I 4
lo, N. Y., who had been the guests of| Wm. Lindeman, who had his foot
her parents, Attorney and Mrs. Mil- fractured several weeks ago, is now
ton J. Pritts, has returned home. |2Pleto get around on crutches.
She was accompanied by her brother, | The Savage Fire Brick Company is
John E. Pritts. working steadily right along and has
Dr. Ira H. Shaffer of Hooversville, | prospects for an indstinite period of
Hh 8 | activity.
spent several days with Somerset re-
latives and friends. Rev. Mr. Romesberg, of Garrett,
preached an excellent sermon on Sun-
H. W. Menser has returned from day. Rey. J. A. Yount preaches here
Meyersdale, where he visited rela- | .y¢ Sunday and he extends a cordial
tives for several days. invitation to all to attend the service.
Rev. 8. G. Buckner, pastor of the| Fred Swearman, our old reliable
Christian church, and Dr. 8. J. Me- | merchant, is doing a good business
Millen have returned from Toronto, | handling fresh goods right along, and
Can., where they attended an inter- | Samuel Bowman has established a
Miss Eva Faidley, accompanied by
national convention of that denomi-
nice business here in merchandise.
Crimi i A
nation. ftir
Miss Susan Berkey, daughter of INDIAN CREEK.
Attorney and Mrs. John A. Berkey, | Oct. 4—Harvey Younkin of Connells-
has gone to New York, where she | ville, spent a few days in Mill Run on
will enter Columbia University. business.
Miss Alice Scull of Irwin, Pa., is| Frank Stindel of Mill Run, was mar-
the guest of her brother-in-law and | keting in Conne.lsville on Saturday.
sister, Attorney and Mrs. Frederick| J. Zz. Lyon and F. D. Swearman
W. Biesecker, on the East Side. spent Saturday along the Indian
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Scott are | Creek Valley, hunting for chestnuts.
visiting their son-in-law and daughter,| Jacob Cole of near Mill Run, is a
Attorney and Mrs. Robert Morrow | Connellsville visitor today.
Brown, in New Cumberland, W. Va.| J. D. Slater of Connellsville left for |
Mill Run last evening to spend several |
Miss Sallie Zimmerman, of the >
"North Side, is entertaining Miss Julia | 48ys with his mother.
Demming, of Lincoln, Neb. | Charles Newell returned . from a
Mrs. John M. Rose, Mrs. Edward | {rip to Connellsville on Friday even-
Matthews, Mrs. Wesley Green, ahd | 118-
Mrs. Givven Rose, of Johnstown, |
were recent guests of Mrs. Clara |spending the day in Connellsville.
Barchfield, in the West End. | J. M. Stauffer and family of Scott- |
Marcetlus Halbrock of Springfield, | dale, are spending today at their sum- |
Mo., is spending several weeks in| mer home at White Bridge.
town renewing acquaintances. Warren Watkins of Magnolia, W.
Miss Emma Grove has returned |Va., arrived here today to spend a|
from Philadelphia and Atlantic City, | few days with his parents at Mill Run.
where she spent several weeks.
Mrs. J. Milton Black is spending a |ing a few days at Indian Head.
week at the seashore. | H. I. Fisher left for Wilkinsburg to-
Mrs. James B. Friedline of Bakers- | day to spend a few days with his fam-
ville, is visiting Somerset friends and ily. .
Budd B. Boose has gone to Ann | Saturday to visit friends and relatives.
Arbor, Mich., to complete his studies| (Cora and James Bigam are visiting
sity of Michigan.
SHAW MINES. | here today calling on friends.
George Walker, who had been visit-| ,. . ie . Lean
ing ab Td Rovaolds lett for Har-| Link Davis and son are Connells-
g 2 "Monda ? : | ville visitors today.
galing a a Match, of Moy. John B. Eicher is spending the day |
. : : 2 lin 0 llsville.
ersdale, were the guests of Wallace | in Cope SviLe
ike’s on Sunday last. | On Saturday was clean-up day on
|the B. & O. h
Mrs. Frank Shumaker and children | ie & 5. nele,
who had been visiting in Larimer | 2
township, returned home on Tuesday | Y©2r'S; from Roaring Run, was struck
Iasi : e | by lightning and instantly killed on
Miss Margaret Py HoT | his home,
i J St O. allace Iike’s |
DD uu | 8. Albright, of Youngwood, after |
on 4 y = | spending a week here left for his
Miss Madeline Reynolds left for | home on last Friday.
Harmony last Monday where she will |
spend a few weeks.
On Friday afternoon the pupils of |
our school took a half holiday and |
| James Cole of Lisenring.
Children Cry
William Miller of near Mill Run, is |
R. W. Sutler of Pittsburg is spend- | ed nearly three hundred pounds. Mr.
A. P. Doorley left for Scottdale on |
in the law department in the Univer- | their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. |
on Tuesday last.
spending this week with their daugh-
| ters in Avalon, Pa.
- |
| William Stickel of Connellsville, is | children of Meyersdale, spent Mon- |
day with Eugene Wellen’s.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones and| Out of the camp, the period of Is- |
child spent Saturday and Sunday at| T3€''s rejection after (which Period
Boynton, with Mrs. Jones’ parents, |
Mr. and Mrs. Grove. |
Paul, made a business call on Mo
Edward Kalp, a young man of 20| day in our town.
| Friday while working in a field near } Inglewood, Cal., will answer BOY | he oflce
{ inquiries about Foley’s Honey and | Sulitlons hie call in question the
Tar Compound. He says further | wisdom of his appointments or the
‘Honey and Tar Compound has |
greatly benefited me for bronchial| work. Mir
trouble and cough after I used other tenth com
| remedies that failed. It is more like |
|a food than a medicine.”
Miss Ida King, who is staying at
the Sanatorium at Markleton, visited
with her: parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.
King, Sunday.
Miss Lottie Wills, who is teaching
school at Markleton, spent Sunday
at the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Wills.
Mrs. Robert Holt, who was visiting
her mother, Mrs. Chas. Robinson, re-
turned to her home in Ohio Pyle,
Thursday last.
George Jamison, of Juniata, spent
several days here with relatives and
Miss Helen Robinson, is visiting
relatives in Ohio Pyle.
Miss Elva Maust, visited her sister,
Mrs. E. Kelley, at Humbert, Friday.
County Commissioner Millard Walk-
er of Somerset, was operated on last
Friday in a Cumberland hospital for
appendicitis. He is doing fine and
will be back among friends in a few
day. His son-in-law, C. D. Fritz of
Garrett, was with him.
Miss Goldie Burnworth of Markle-
ton, is visiting several girl friends
here this week.
W. A. Merrill left Monday for Ken-
tucky where he is interested in coal
Miss Hazel Snyder of Rockwood,
was a guest of her friend, Miss Nora
Bittner, Friday and Saturday.
Miss Ada Mitchell of Meyersdale,
was a Sunday guest of her friend,
Mrs. F. D. Godel, at the Merchants
Rev. Mahlon Brougher of Greens-
burg, visited his aunt, Mrs. C. T.
Bittner, Thursday last.
Misses Minnie Weaver and Emma
Rector of Jerome, spent a few days
of last week with the former’s parents.
Mrs. B. S. Rush and daughter were
guests of Mr. Rush’s parents in Hynd-
man last week.
The home talent play ‘‘Golden
Gulch’ played last Friday night to a
crowded house. The play was a big
success and the members of the Y. L.
B. C. are well pleased with the neat
sum added to their bank account.
— ee
George Primrose of Coal Run, spent
Sunday here with his family.
The youngest daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Aukley, had the mishap to
fall and dislocate her right hip one
day last week.
Rey. Dr. A. E. Truxal, W. H. Ha-
ble, and Prof. W. H. Kretchman of
Meyersdale, were welcome callers at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Smith
on Sunday.
Miss Edith Smith of Meyersdale,
was visiting relatives and friends at
this place on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Foust of Akron, O.,
spent part of last week visiting rela-
tives and friends in this vicinity.
Joseph Lowry of Greenville, was a
visitor to our town Thursday last.
Mrs. J. G. Malcolm and children of
this place, left on Tuesday for Okono-
ko, W. Va., where she will spend a
few days visiting relatives and friends.
(By E. O. SELLERS, Director of Evening
Department, The Moody Bible lastitute,
Chicago.) ?
LESSON TEXT—Numbers, chapter 12.
GOLDEN TEXT-—‘“Love envieth not;
love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,
doth not behave itself unseemly.”—I Cor.
13:4, 5 R. V.
In order the events from Sinai to
Kadesh-Barnea were: (1) The march-
ing host, Nu. 10:11; (2) The fire of
the Lord at Taberah, 11:1; (3) The
lusting jafter Egyptian flesh-pots,
11:4; (4) The complaint of Moses,
11:10; (5). The selection of elders,
11:16; (6) The two irregular prophets,
11:26; (7) the quails and the plague,
11:31, and (8) Sedition, chapter 12,
which forms today’s lesson.
Miriam’s Leadership. .
I. The Accusation, vv. 1, 2. This
is not the first nor the last time a .
A Savings Account with this
you on the way.
bank will help!
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semi-annually,and absolute safety
Starts Yol on the ‘“ Road.”
marriage has caused a family quarrel.
‘Who this Ethiopian woman was we
are not told, though we are inclined
to believe that it was Zipporah (Ex.
2:21), and not a second wife whom
Moses married recently. Of all peo-
ple we would least expect jealousy to
show itself in this family circle,
among these the chosen leaders of
Israel. Nothing so hinders .the work |
of God, or gives more delight to the
Citizens National Bank,
“Where Savings Are Safe.” |
- = $1,000,00
devil, than just such a situation as
lay (v. 15). The occasion was not,
this one. It brings confusion and de- | ~~~ ~AA AAA A mS Pm,
however, so much the wife of Moses |
as it was envy of Moses (See Luke
22:24-26; I Cor. 1:11-15, and 3 John
9, 10). It may have been that Moses
was culpable, for no man is perfect
(Rom. 3:23), but Miriam and Aaron
were not his judges. We must re-
member in this connection last Sun-
day’s lesson wherein we had present-
ed such a radical change in the form
of government. Miriam and Aaron
were desirous of having an equal
place with Moses and because he did
a thing they could not understand
they criticised him (Rom. 14.3, 4;
Jude 8). :
Il. The Arrest, vv. 4, 5. “The Lord
heard it” (v. 2, 1 ¢.) God hears what
Wwe say in criticism of those whom he
has set over us. Instead of being
jealous of the preference accorded to
others we ought to rejoice (Phil. 2:3).
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Though we are free to admit such a
course often proves the measure of
his grace in our hearts. God did not
let this matter stand nor run the
(Goods Delivered Free.
course of idle gossip. He at once,
and in person, came down to cham-
pion the cause of Moses (v. b, see
also 16:20, 21).
He Saw Jehovah.
Centre Street
Both Phones.
Hl. The Arraignment, vv. 68, Je- | i
hovah pointed out very clearly not | = =
only the difference between them and |
Moses, but also between Moses and |
all other prophets. They were proph-
ets, so was Moses, and more. To the |
North, South, East, West
prophets God revealed himself in
visions (see Ezek. 1:1, Isa. 6:1, Dan.
8:2, Luke 1:11), and many other simi
lar instances, but with Moses God
spake “mouth to mouth even mani-
voice speaking audibly to Moses (Ex.
19:19 and 33:11).
any interpretation. Verse 8 deces not
Mrs. Lydia Bangard spent Tuesday
of last week with relatives at Berk-
leys Mill.
Wm. Stein and family moved their |
household goods from Meyersdale into |
the stone houses owned by E. D. Lee |
on Tuesday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crone moved
on Tuesday®, their household goods |
from the McKenzie property to Mey- |
ersdale, into the Dugan property.
A. G. Maust took charge of the ad- |
vanced room in our school on Mon- |
day. The same room Prof. S. C.
Witt taught one month while A. G, |
Maust was sick with typhoid fever. |
John Seigner butchered one of his |
fat porkers on Tuesday which weigh- |
Seigner had intended feediag the hog |
a month longer but by an accident it | ! 1
| broke one of its legs, hence the best | evil with good (Rom. 12:12). His
| thing to do was to kill it.
Asa Shuck’s moved to Sand Patch |
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer are |
Rev. and Mrs. Rittenhouse and |
Rev. and Mrs. E. S. Hassler of St. |
edt] |
went nutting. It was enjoyedbyal.! CC AST ORI A ers Everywhere. ad
| like character. Christ prayed for hi
| union; the
she will be restored to her land and
| her God in Christ Jesus.
This lesson is a great teaching of
| the jealousy of Jehovah for those
n- | upon whom he confers honor. We
| Serve him
he will defend us. We should think
reyy 2 5 | highly of any service to Which he
Vill G. Richmond, a d 2 any service :
will G h resident of | calls us and say with Paul, “I magnify
rights of his appointees who do his
thority. . Let us peware of this form
Do not | °f sin. Such envy is. not only a lack
| ; | ‘ef 0 of God.
| accept a substitute. Sold by all Deal- | °f love for man but also of God
did have a visible manifestation of
the similitude (“form” R. V.) oi God
(John 1:18).
IV. Judgment, vv. 2y 10. The de:
parting cloud from. off the tabernacle
was a token of God’s displeasure, Let
us not forget that future time when
it will be others who will depart
(Matt. 25:41).
able. Read the stories of Naaman
and Uzziah.
Aaron’s Sin.
V. Intercession, vv. 11-16. Aaron
in his appeal to Moses acknow ledges
his equal transgression with Miriam,
his foolishness and his sin, and in| Calvin Weyant, eof Mt. Pleasant, |
turn Moses revealed his noble Christ- |
enemies (Luke 23-34), Moses Wa
not overcome of evil but gvercame
prayer was an effectual one (James
5:16). Some have vieweq this epi-
sode in a typical light. Moses repre- |
| senting Christ is rejected by his own |
people; the Ethiopian bride as the |
church, chiefly Gentiles: Aaron and |
| Miriam as Jews opposed to any such |
leprosy as divine. jude- |
> Jews who are inter- |
ment upon t
| ~ 3
| ceded for by those whom they oppose; | Downs and Mrt. Frank Clouse.
| the Christian church: :
Miriam shut |
by his appointment and
God will not hold those
n and Aaron broke the
dment by coveting au-
——— —
festly,” that is, others heard God’s |
This voice was |
clear and distinct, it did not demand |
imply that Moses had a full revela- |
tion of the person of Jehovah. but he |
The lifted cloud re- |
vealed to Aaron Miriam smitten with |
leprosy, that most terrible of all dis- |
| eases; loathsome, contagious, ineur-
2 | mother, Mrs. Mary Wyant.
{ Uuiontown, has heen spending the |
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| bydefective or irregular action of the organs of digestion and
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RO a a nn rr SISO
Mrs. Andrew Coughenour
if Oct. 6,
arc daughter of Dumas were in town
|ard de Mrs. Mary Arnold, John Beeler,
| shop ing Saturday.
W. J. Donnelley, 2; Stanley Basard,
Miss Mary Hamilton, card; W. J
Vorrids. Foreign—1. O. George
Oct., 5, 1913, J. F. NAvGLE, P. M.
J. H. Weayer spent Saturday in
Connellsville transacting business.
spent several days last week with his .
| Quick Help to Backache aud
Mr, and Mrs. W. J. Murray moved |
to Slippery Rock, last week, where
where he expects to go into the mer- | The man or woman who wants
cantile business. quick help from backache and rheu-
Bs . oy : matism, will find it in Foley Kidney
X y. such good effect that weak, inactive
Mrs. D. H. Shank, of Oakland, Md., | kidneys that do not keep the blood
has returned home after a two weeks’ | lean and free of impurities, are toned
visit with her daughters Mrs. Samuel |UP and strengthed to healthy vigor-
| ous action. Good results follow their
s Ear) Miller as | use promptly. So:d by all Dealers
Mrs. Earl Miller and baby of near Everywhere, Y eal os
past week with her parents, Mr. and |
Mrs. Jasper Parnell; | Statesman’s First Duty.
: : | he first duty of a 3
Mrs. George Waas, and daughter | Preserve the public Ba eaman Bd
Rosa, of Addison, were guests of Mrs. | stone, !
George McDonald Saturday. |
| elf messi eemmmnspantans
Miss Bertha Reckner has returned | Foley Ki i
home after having spent the past four | y dney Pills Succeed.
weeks with friends in Ohiopyle.
| Because they are an honestly made
Mrs. Chas. Springer and two child- | medicine that relieves promptly the
ren, of Uniontown, were guests of | Suffering due to weak, inactive kid-
Mrs. Daniel Smith on Saturday. (neys and painful bladder action.
. | They offer a powerful help to na-
| ture in building up the true excreting
To feel strong, haye good appetite | kidney tissue, in restoring normal ac-’
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TS 0B 2 eh A A ah Th A hl aa a
of |
a si