North Branch democrat. (Tunkhannock, Pa.) 1854-1867, December 03, 1862, Image 2

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    pise aitlt pjjertoise.
Speakitur f
on® say 44 '.be latest Mylt." <
tile ?',
car If woman do the gres'i t* <.vi. ■ i il.
talking, they alao do the bcifer (art >| i.
car Man leads woman to the i :t ;
that act his leadership and ends.
car the yifcld of Wi eat i I ova 9 esMnn
ted at 22 000' 000 bushels this benn-, 1. 750,
000 bushea more than the crop <<f 1801
SST Atron Johnson, a r.a'ive of Ha Ida 11
Ct., is a Morman Bishop in Utah, anil has ice
wiTe, ol whom three were his nieces.
csr ,You want a flogging that's what \ 01:
do" said a parent to his unruh son. 44 1
know it dad but I'll try to get along w hut
Bragg didn't carry much bacon out
if Kentucky with him. There was more
gaolmon in his proclamations than in Ins
If a lawyer is tn danger of starving
in a market townor village, he invites another'
and both thrive.
CX- The gate of a gentlemen's door yard
ia alwaya neat and tasteful. In more senses
than on® you may know a gentlemen by his
< —
C3T A young lad), if a visitor rings the
door-bell, will sometimes send word '"engag
cd, " though the never had an offer in her
Qen. McClellan and Gen. Buell can
afford tobe removed. The only question is
whether the country can afford to have them
C3T The cries of the poor never enter
Into the ears of the covetous man ; or, it they
do, he has alwav- one earlier to let them out
then the other to take them in.
car wi,y is a crow a brave bird? Be
cause he never shows the white feather.
* ■ ®- ——
C2T Never taka a nap in a railroad car
riage. 'Jos why? the train always runs over
a soldier supposed to be raw until
be has been exposed to tire ?
C3T To vanquish a blackguard with his
own weapon, you must be a bigger blackguard
than he is.
car In Australie, not long since, 3780
•beep which were diseased or thteatened
with scab, were ordered to be destroyed.
With the help of the natives, they were kill
ed and burned. The of blood was
most horrible.
Bill, did you ever go to sea ?" 44 I guess I
did. Last year for instance, I went to see a
red headed gal, but I only called once."- -
" Why so ?" 41 Because her brother had an
enpleasant habit of throwing bootjacks and
smoothing irons at people !"
44 What trade are you?" 44 Su r e, now,
your Honor, I'm a sailor ?" 44 You in the
seafaring line? I question whether you
have ever been'to sea tn your life." 4 ' Sure,
now, and does your Honor think I came over
from Ireland in a waggin ?" *' Commit him
—commit him."
If one-half the girls knew what the others
said about them, friendship would be entire
ly unknown among them.
you observe a gentleman with his
arm around the waist of a young lady, it is
©orally certain that they are not married.
A young man without money among the
ladies, ia like the moon on a cloudy night—
he can't shine.
We have often heard of a tnan "being in
advance of his ago," but who ever heard of a
woman being in the same predicunent ?
An old woman next door to us sets the
whole neighbrrhood sneezing by shaking her
handkerchief out of the window. Is she not
the one alluded to by Shaksjieare, when he
•ays 44 Snuffs the morning air ?"
An affle'ed husband was returning from
the funeral of his wife, when a friend asked
hew he was. "Well," he said, pathetically/
44 1 think I feel the better for that little
Now, my child, I hope you will be good
so that I shall not have to whip you again."
44 If you must whip any one, you'd better
whip ono of your size."
An advertising chandler at mod
estly says, that ' 4 without intending eliv dis
paragement to the sun, he may confidently
assert tnat his octagonal spermaceti are the
best lights ever invented."
Laat winter, it ts said, a cow flo*u-d down
fh Mississippi on a piece of ice. and l>. came
so cold that she has milked nothing hut ice
creams ever since.
—; —l—
things get to the worst they gen
erally take a turn lor the better " This pr t
etb applies more particularly to a hd.x's ok
dress—when she cannot get am w • r
fry Th%tlUO that W" 16 • ■? ' r tli"'-
r-monv," straightened up afterwards.
v '■ ■
£lj( .Democrat.
Wednesday, Dec 3. 1862
Ha t"Sheet, and Why.
VTe tins week, present cuir readers with
but a half sheet. About the time tlia' we
sb til I have received our paper in response
to an order, on our paper makers, we receiv
ed the following letter tr m them:
Ithica Nov 24th 1862
Mr Harvey Sickler,
Dexlt Sir:—We are in receipt of
yours ordering Tinea Bun It s of Printing Paper 24
by 64 The price has gone up so largely that we
dare not fill your order without first writing you. We
are now selling at 18 cts (eighteen cents) per pcund,
vask Jel'vere ' :•* our Depot, an I are declining all new
customers If you want at the price stated, please
write and we will send at once
Yours Truly,
AndrCs McChaix, i Co
To have sent another order, would have
delated this issue of our pa er, lor want of
time. We, therelore, on Friday last took
the car* for Binghamton to get a supply for
this issue, at any price. On inquiry at the
two paper nulls, at that place we found not a
sheet ol the size Used by us, nor would th y
agree to ntan.ilacture any, having as they
said, orders lor larger sizes fr >m New York
city, beyond the capacity of their mills, at
prices equal to those named in the letter
above. VVe were obliged to purchase of a
size larger than used by us. at the price imi
ca'ed, and cut down to our size by hand.—
The surplus in size, being lost to us. Out
readers will see that we have taken some
pains to give them even a half sleet this
week. They will also bear in mind ihat th"
paper of tins half sheet c st us a little more
than a whole sheet at former prices. The
tai:d-rd price for our paper having been up
to a late date 9 cts. |>er pound.
In view of this unprecedented rise in price,
we have not yet determined on what course
to adopt, to avoid a positive loss of several
dollars each week, winch would be lite re
sult, if we printed a paper of the! size
at our pteseiit lutes VYe shall be governed
iu the matter by our own judgment, upon
consiMalion with our friend* and -üb-enbers
One ilung i> certain , our paper will be print
ed in so me shape, and sent regularly to our
as long as they continue to pat
rouize us and pay their subscriptions.
The situvtton in winch we are place < with
regard to our bank paper will be better ap
predated by our readers where they reflect
that the raw material out of which it ts inaile
is cotton—cotton rags and the waste from c t
mills. Ail of thein have learned that cotton
cloth has advanced in price at least 100 prct.
We ca assure thein that paper has been at
beted by the -ame causes and had an equal in
crease in price, with a piospect ola still lur
t her advance.
Wo find that meet i! nut :•<! publishers have
either adavnced the pi e.- of su'iscriptinn, or
ivdnced Hie size <! their papers. In sonic
ca>"s b"tii an advance MI price and a reduction
in size has been icsoried to. As betore -aid
we liavn not vet determined what c<>ur*e t>
adopt to mtet and pass through thin news
paper crisis. Prompt payment by our sub
• scrtbers wdl enable us to do this more easily.
If any of tliein far they will loose their
money by paying in advance ;they can pay
as we go along, quarterly. We are cow able
to repay every advance subscription we have
received at any time we fail to furnish t he
paper and expect to be able to do so at any
and all times hereafter Our subscribers will
run no risk by pa> inr in advance. Those who
have not yet paid us for the past year,
will take the hint from has already been
said, and will doubtless act upon it. Noth
ing further, therefore need be said to them*
Noth'ng of importance has taken place in
the arm}*, since the rem< val of McClellan,
except a change of base of operations. Burn
6ide is yet on the north side of the R ppa
bannock, opposite Ftedrtcssburg. Generals
Lee and Jackson are massing their forces on
the south side, and fortifying the city ; de
termined to resist the " on to Richmond"
progress of his army at every step.
The Abolition " rump" of a Congress met
on Monday last. The President's proclama
tion was promptly sent in. Lookout for the
niger, in all Ins loveliness, for the next three
More Money Wanted to Buy Negroes#
The Was lington correspondent of the Boston Her
ald states that the Commissioners under the act of
emancipating the slaves in the District of Columbia,
havo completed their labors Over three thousand
slaves have been freed by them, and while the price
paid for each is on an average only about one-half or
two thirds Of their estimated value, the appropriation
of one mllion dollars has fallen far short of the
amount required, an l nearly half a million more
will have to be appropriated for that objec .—And
the rump Congress that as enables nest month will
have no hes'tation in votingthat sum to give these
helpless, hapless wretches their mockery of freedom,
WMI tho brave men who have gone out fiom our
firesides to peril their lives for their ill-fited country,
are continually wiiling home that they havo received
no pay for months, and anzioutdy inquire how their
families are to get through the winter, the Ab ditinn
Administration can buy niggers by the wholesale.
Their motto probably is—"Not one cent for tho sold
iers, milieus tor contrabands."
NOKWAU. C*n.. N >v. 24.—Tne Charter
v el. u * u t-u ten in ti v choice of the
entire Democratic ticket by a large inajoaity. i
The lull living graphic Kc-pori, of a Teach
ers Institute, or Dull, sent U" by Essex seeUW
to have been wrUti-n, to bring nmre protni- '
nently before the public the doings of the
two principal characters mentioned therein.
We know nothing of the parties or ol the
proceed tigs, except as contained in this re- !
p rt, not havini. read the (bruit- r report albi
ded to. We fear the writer will incur the
imputation of being personal, wloch we would
advi-e him to avoid, hereafter, by all means.
' MR EDITOR :—I ha.L thought, I would not write
an/uingiimt the Toa her's Association, held at
Piu bervitle, but as such an unreliable report of it. •
appeared in th.- Wyomng Republican of Oct. 29ih
I now propose giving you a correct aceouut of the
! proceedings thereof, for your benefit, as well as the
benefit ot others, who may chance to rend your pa
! per. It appears at n Teachers Association, hold Rt
' North tnoreland last spring, a committee of tree, ;
was appointed, together with Mr M iroy, Supr, of
Luzerue County, to in ike preparations for a Union
Association, of the teachers and friends of E lucation,
of Wyoming an l Luzerne Counties On the 6th of
- Sept., tho committee all met, with the exceptionof ;
E. L Underwood, son of—we really do not know whoi
for we never heard that any one would own him.—
The reason of Underwood's absence, is simply this—
he was pr- sento 1 with a son, a few days before the
' committee met. wnich, (although it was not the first,)
had a powerful effect upon bitu, for almost immedi
ately he was taken with '• seecssi n" fits. Notwith
standing nil this, the committee fixed upon the 9th
10'h and 1 I'h of Oct for sal i association ; and think- |
i ing as a matter ot course, that I n lei wood would cer-
tainly be present, if uis health permit, <ii,l not
seid a written invitation to hi.- majesty as they
should have done, an las they n > doubt would have
done, had they known, how mu-h suffering it would
have saved him. On the morning >f Oct, 9th, a
goodly number came together, and we were antici
pating a good time, but alas' how often arc wo
doomed to see the morning sun overcast with clouds
which his beams are unable to penetrate. Mr. Mar-'
cy proceeded to tho business of choosing officers, and
being eonne tea to said I n ierwoo I, by marriage, (I
suppose she fact has i een si source of deep grief to
Mr. M.,) delicacy forbade his nominating him for
presi lent, which Mr U. (mu looking ui>oti it in the
right light,) considered a slight, to his superior qual
ifications, and when chosen for B'crctary, he v ry
rudely decline I that office, showing fcv bis in on-r,
that he consi lered himself an ngrieved person, suvl
a;soon a* he could conveniently, set himself about
getting up u secession association, but as th it pirtv
was not very numerous, he wus oY.ig.' 1 to give it up.
Fin illy we prevailo i upon him to meet with us, agiin
in the afternoon, when every thing pas.-eJ off very
pleasantly, but in the evening we were disippointed
at not lebolding the .-ight o! his ia- >• i benign counte
nance, and, on inquiry, learne I thct he had been
seized with another •'secession'* fit. aoorap nie ! by
the gripes, whi hso completely overcame htm that
he was unible to again furor us with his prcsr-n-e ;
but we were somewhat beguiled of our grief when
the choir sang so patriotically:
•' McClellan's our leader, he's gcllint and strong.
Let us gird on the armor sir i i.c' marc,lin along
After which interesiin g essays wise read, cspe. I illy
one by Miss P A Culver, in whi. h, she buried all
Secession School Teachers, t id fum she I their - -hoi
ars with stars an I stripe; we sincerely wish that
Underwood had been piescnt for then his recession
principles woul I ha.c been nipped in the bud The
second day it was somewhat rainy, but the teachers
with one exception were at their posts In good sea
s-n. fhis exception was ni less a persona*". than
Mr William Hetfiel-l, (son of Divi IT. Hetfie! 1 I>q.
and brother of Thco lore, who is at present engaged
in returni g run-a-way sol iiers to tlioir posts, when
they are not cunning enough to get away from him ;
an 1 also brother of Gordon, who in the time of en
rollment, wis suffering seriously from a breaking
out on his brenst, whenever begot warm, and on
that ccount claimed a certificate of exemption) who
was appointed to teach Algehia, but when the time
arrived he was among ths miesing. You may judge
how disappoint" dwe were, when we t< II you, that
we were expei ting something very <ru lite, as we
learned that Ire hi I spent the previous night. at the
house of Lydin, deeply eng igtd in the stu I v of the
inet sural ion both of solids and liquids Dut words
cam ot express <ur grief, when we heard that his
body had been foun 1 in a large cistern, where be
halpobably Roue to get a drink, as we heard a
piominent teacher say, " Come liii! let's go a nl take
a lrink " And t..0 two noble youths, left the associ
ation together Considering the darkness and rain a
large number were pre ent in tho evening, ami in or
der to enliven the meeting as mm h as pnssibl ■, the
Norihinorelaud choir (which it was generally known
had been practicing for a long time on purpose f.>r
the occasion,) were called upon for some sL.ging.—
The first two pieces passed off very well, but when
called upon for th> third, there arose a dilemma, for
it see ins they had intended to sing only four tunes—
that is two tor each evening, but thinking perhaps
they might be call d upon for >n ,-xtra, they ha 1
prepared a fifth. They sang three the first evening
and in order to make the 3rd for this evening, thev
were oblige J to repeat ''marchiti 1 along," which was
done with great brilliancy by calling in ti-o aid 0 f
those whom thev u id oiv rejected ; after which, the
meeting adjourned Saturday morn ng met pursu
ant to adjournment, had a short exercise in phonetics,
also one in parsing—a few re olutions were passe I
(for a true copy of which I refer you to tho Wyomins
Republican of Oct 22nd,) after which the meeting
adjourned sine die. Thus passed tho meeting which
we should ICOK back upon with great pleasure were
it not for the remembrance of our pain at beholding
the writhing and contortions of I'nderwood which
were truly awful, an I also at seeing the bodv of a
dearly loved triond, with a face as white as marble
as he was taken from tho water, which caaio near
proving the cause of his death.
The Now York Times or Thursday contains
the following on tho subject of tho increase in the
price of nowspiper?, which is now exciting attention.
The subject is also un ler consideration by tho Pbil
a elp'nia Publishers :
•' NEWSPAPERS.—The Bost >n newspapers have
" advanced their price from two to three cents a copy.
" Toe Now York newspipors will do the same thing
' just as soon as they can make up their minis that
" the world is large enough for all of them. l T p to
"the present time, each seams go fearful of losing its
" own position that (hey all pri fcr giving for tico
•' cents what costs them four or fivo, to running the
" risk of making any change.
" Every article th it enters into the composition of
" a newspaper costs inueh more than it has ever oono
" before White piper, which is th most ex ensivo
<>f these articles, now sells tor n an 1 twenty
" cents a pound, while fen has bithertno been the
'• outside price. Are >m. consisting of four hun Ired
"^ n,i - j? tvshee,t ' w 'ighs fifry |„unds, and
' 89 to SlO, in I brings back, at the who! sile price of
' a cent and a half per sheet, after it has been tirint
"ed pre isely 87,20. On tho cost oi while |,i |ie[
" a ono, ihercfor ■, there is a clear loss of over 84 <. n
"every thou*md printed, which, together with the
" cost of ty e setting, correspondence, reporting, ed
"itihg, telegrams, 4c , Ac., is to bo met by advertis
't*.rs ' ,^' 10 r<Kll '' '* 'h it the advertising ■ (immunity
" furnish the reading community with newspapers at
* less than half their cost.
" Whether this w 11 c ntinue to be theense remains
' to be seen. Newspapers in all the pr!mip>'| cities
'• of the North <ro raising their price, and the prohn
" bilitv is that in due tiins those of New York will
"follow their example,"
Local Items.--Persona resuiini in the dil re t
Townships of nur county, would contcr favor
on ns. nn I add much to the interest of the Democrat
by aendiog ns items of genera! interest for thi< col
umn. 'those not uc ustoiued to writing for the press,
need not be backward, on that account. Give us
the tacts. We'll be step Father, at least, to u!i had
spell-ng and grammar. It won't hurt us we're used
to it.
Wanted -At this office on subscription
Forty bushels of ears of corn,
Forty bushels of Buckwheat
Forty bushels of Oits,
Forty bushels of Wheat,
Forty bushels of Bye,
Forty bushels of good, unbrttised winter apples.
Foity bushels of good potatoes,
Forty p >un Is of honey,
Forty a ions of sweet cider,
Forty i-ou ds of pork,
Forty pounds of beef,
Forty ewt of Hay,
Forty bundles of goo 1 rornst.ilks.
Forty pounds of dried apples,
Funeral Sermon.— The Funeral Sermon of
William H, Mcßridr, son of Sarah B. M Bride, of
this llorou h, who wis killed at the batt e before
Mancss is Sept 30th 1562, will be preached in the
M. Li. Church in tiiis Iloiougb, on Sunday the 7th
day of Dee. fmt ft 10 o'clock A. M., by Rev. J
Donation at Rev. Will Frear's residence, in Ea
ton, Dee 11th 1862. A general invitation i- given
SrarCL' '.his Weel .—Local items and print ng
A Discharge from all tlie Foil".
A week or so ago the authoritcs at Washington
issue 1 a tin st gratifying order, liberating the pri-i it
ers hel 1 for [".-lineal re in the harbors noth of
Washington. In pursutn eof that orier we have
to-day the plcu urc ol announcing tire relensi of nil
the persons heretofore hchl in custo !y at Fort U arrtn
It ir scarcely de ding in mctaj.hor to say that no dis
charge from the forts in question h's ever beeu nine
gladly receive 1 bv both those within and those with
COL KM AN—Cie l, N .veinUr '27 It 1502, ROB: RT
NORMAN, Son of IF tj tuin F and Columbia Cc-ic
luun ag Woillhs ii days.
So young so lovely,
Bat so early leal.
Great Literary and l J ict-trial Year !
The publi.-ber of Galley's La ly s Cook, thankful to
that t udi • whii It lias enabled hi in to publish a mi g
aline for the last thirty-three years of a 1 trger ctr-u
-ation t*ian anv in A iion a, has male an arrange
ment wi h the most populai authoress in this i aintry
j --Marion Ilarl.ind An horess of "Alone," 'lli-Men
| Path,"' " Mass Sides," " Nemesis," anil Miis.un,'
who will furnish a story for every number of the La-
I dv'a Dook for 3SG3. This alone will place the La
dy's Rook in a litertry pemt of view hr ahead at
any other magazine. Marion Uarl.tnd writes for no
other pubicntion Our other favorite writers will
all continue to furnish articles throughout the ye ir.
The best Lady's magazine in the \V rd, an l the
cheapest —The 1 iterature is of that kind that can
be read aloud in the family circle, and the i.irgy
in immense n.m ers.ire subscriber< for lite Look.
The Music is all original, an I woul'ieis 2~-> cenU
(the price of the Look) in the music stores ; but most
of it is copyrighted, and cannot be obtained except
in "Godey."
Uur Steel Engravings. All efforts to rival us in
this have ce tscil, and we now stand alon in this de
partment, giving as wo do, many more and luSoitely
better engravings than are published in any other
GoJey's iui.utiCie dot. >2e sheet ; l-hion ppifcs i on
to inipg from live to seven luil length Colored i'a.-b
-ious on oaeh [date —Other tuagaiines give oulv two.
F.r ahead of any Fashions in Europe or America
—Godey's is the only work in tha world that gives
these immense plates, and they are su -h as to have
excited the wonder ol' publishers anl the public. The
publication of these plate-• cost OIUjICJ More than
fashion plains of the old style, and nothing but our
wonderfully largo circulation enables u to give
them, Other magtzine cannot afford it. W.o never
spare money when the public can be benefited.
These fashions may be relied on Dresses mas
he made after them, and tho woarer will not subject
1 herself to ridicule as would be the cae if sho visited
tho large cities dressad after tho style of
i the plates in some of our so called fashion magazines.
Onr wood Engravings, of which we give twice or
three times as many as any other magazine, arc of
ten mistaken for steel.—They are so far superior to
any others*
Imitation. Beware of them. Remember publi-
I cation and the cheapest. If you take Godey, you
wuit. no other magazine.
Everything th it is useful or ornamental in a house
can be found in Godey.
Drawing lessons. No other magazine gives them
and wo have given enough to fill several large vol
Oar receipts are su -h as can be found nowhere
else. Cooking and ail its variety —Confectionary—
he Nursery—the Toliet—the Laundry—the Kitchen
Receipts upon all su-jcots are to be found in the pa
ges of the Lady's Book We originally started this
department, and have peculiar facilities fur making i
most perfect. This department alone is worth tliei
pri- e of the Book
Ladies work table. This department comprising,
engravings and description of every article that a
lady wears.
Mo lei Cottages. No other magazine his this de
Tntirs CASH IN AUAANCE, —One copy ono year,
S3. Two copies one year, $5. Three copies ono
year, SG. Four copies one year, and an extra copy
to tho person sending tho club, Sit) Eight copies
one year, an i an extra copy to the person sending
tho club, 620
And tho only magazine that can fee introduJuccd
into the above < labs in place of tho Lady's Book is
Arthur's Home Mag iziuo.
Special Clubbing ■aith other Magazines
—Qodeys Lady's Book aud Arthur's .iotiio Magazine,
both one for S3 50. Godoy's Lady's B<xik and
II lrper's Maguzruo both ono year or 64 50. Uodev
Harpor, aud Arthur, will all three be sunt ono year
on receipt of $6 00,
Treasury Notes aud Notes of all solvent banks ta
ken at par.
Be caret til and pay the postage on your letter
addrees L. A. GODEY.
323 Cheltnut Street Philadelphia, Pa.
U tor *ile at VEttNOVS.
Mcshoppeu, Sept . 18. 1861. j
The subscriber offers'for s.-i!e his firm situate in
weil watered. ivi'li \ fill Two stnrv From* Dwelirg
Ilou:t* 13 by bl lei't with kitchen 16 by 24 f■i
goo 1 Finnic Bam, Frauie Sli I, n ! Cider Piess, wi.ha
unnnuli tint not
MEETINGS, beautifully situated on n neck f I tnd
nearly su n.tin led by the t nre water of a b-nutih.l
liiko. a.1.1s inn h to the v ilne an I bf mfv <if the pro; -
crty, It i ' situ ite I hut eight nules from TunUvi
notk the County S-it: fivemiles from the r 'ln a I
an ! about fif.ern miles ftoni Scr;fnton nn l Pirt-tn
where, the hi -liest pi ices for produce of all can
iilways 1 e obtuineil.
Pern"s wish It gtnbuycan call otid exam
lise for themselves or address
Nov. 26, 16G2. Clinton Corners, Wyoming C'o Pa.
Noitce is hereby given, "that the Coinmisrioneni of
Wyoming County, will let to the lowest responsible
bi.l-ler en siturday the I3th day of Do ember 1962.
the finding of the material an 1 the Exe-ution of a
new bri go ~n o r near the site of the old one. at or
near Eli X D icon's in the Town-hip nfNicho'-on in
i said County Letting will be at Two o'clock of said
da\ at or near the she of said bri ige.
Plans an I p n ifiefttions may be seen at the com"
tnissoners office One week before 'he letting:
Nov 2G 1362
J. W OA RET, )
F HOI 'H, > Commissioners
Attest Wlll LI A.M F TERRY, clerk.
Commissioners office,
Tuukli innock Wyoming Co.
Executors Notice.
Whereas, it 'era, icsteuietitary to tie estate of
Peg y F1 onery. late of North Eran.h Township,
deceased, have been granted to the subscribers. Ai
pers..n indebted to ih said est ite are r. quested to
i make imoiv'iutc payment, an 1 tin-' having ehtiir.a
; or deman la ag linat. sii I estate will inak - the - ;ici:
known to the subsaiiuers without delay duly au ben
JO3-PII nUP. :E9.=. )
Nerib Erin h, Nov 17, 1552.
. MLiiiY H3IS! •
tJeposi c the I'ost-Ofßcc.
\%J HERE t-av be f.m.- I -1 central
; V 1 meet 3 b..n, Bonn t M it.-rial, II vc
Ruchesy-Straw ul Fancy Dionct!, Miss rsm 1 'hi -
: lrcti's Hal', an I Shakers an I a ! other articles 111;.
j tui'iliiiery line, which will be otlcrcJ at the 1 cc-
I market pric s.
Please cad and examine before pur h sing
I where.
■jr.** B!e ichlng ind repairing den •in g>>J or r
and at the shortest notice
Tuokliai.iio It, N iv. 12, 1. 52—v2u14-3tu
f~§P .
BS - -
T U X lv 11 A X X OIL, I* a.
Copper ©Lit,
He ate r s ami Register s.
And, indeed, everything pertaining to their business
which they offer at i'ANIP PRICES.
up, n t short notice. '
JOBBING ami REPAIRING of nil kinds, prompt
ly and neatly done. (Jive tlieuu a call.
Tunkhaunick, Sep. 11,1861. I
For the Relief of the Sick A Pis'res-sed. cflic.'ed irtlh
i> ulenf and c /ironic Diseases. ami especially
fort, l it Cure of Pisca its flfie Sexual Org u ;,s
Mult-ala I viae given gratis, I vihe Acting Surgeon
Vdu iblo (.e|n>rt-on Sperm dot rhoc.-i >r Sruiins
Weakness, m I other Diseases of the Sexual Oti- is
anion the New Roine liesemidoyc I in t e Dispe_,-
r .V, sent to the affii te lin se iled'h lter envelope t
°f ehtlrge. 'J wo or three Rianips for postoge wilt bo i
trieepr ible. A 1 Iress, Or J SKILLTnTiOUGil i
TON, Ahting Surgeon. Howard Asicilion, NoOlv
Nttdh s reel, 1 hd olelphi i Pa. In'2fllv
\V V RK!?pe ctTT ! J^ : l^on'Ol
* hi 111 r.t, SEX in every neighborhood to -ell .1
R. STAFFOItI.s OtIVK TAK, and also J R. STA~i"iB„'s
ißOtr AMtSiTi.pnrn Powortis. Olive tar i . i thin
transparent fluid ; U is the best r-me lv kn..w„ for
iMseascs ot the Throat, Lungs, or Catarib. Also for |
i'lpthena. Croup, Whooping Cough, Ac. My In n
fw ! Sit phur Powders strong'hen the system iid the j
dtgo tion, snd purify the Ll.kul I h ivo a'l6 i
parn; hlef containing full expl muttons, and over 100
tesn.nonmN fm,n well known prominent t> Mens 1
whieh I will send to any on cfrtt by mai l .
J R. STAFFORD, Chcuiat,
FlncA.Tv. 4i2 Bioudway, Now York 1