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.note Weabs
have a job lot of note
. -1 TL... ..-4
, on nana, mcy mini gu
C The price will do It.
pies and prices for the ask
Ve furnish them printed
Us than you can buy them
Vut printing.
Vagcnseller, Editor and Proprietor.
A Family Journal, Devoted to New, Science, Art, Political Economy and Cnrrent Literature.
Kale.: One Dollar Per Annum, In Advance
L xxxx.
NUMBEli 45.
Svely Little Liners.
ustle and the Bustle of the
Lnty Seat, Told in Brief
L More or Less Prominent.
jtlnn Population anJ Event ol In
.e,t that Satisfy Curiosity and
Appease the tor
UK . Magoeor Kreamer w
Seat visitor Sunday.
i"...,l.,r!,.lr mill u'ift Visited
ti, rir"l llv
at MirtlinburB over Sunday.
nrnuiii and lady of Mt.
,t MM visited friends iu town
t w nrirlo-nnd wlfesnent Sun-
IthH. H. Harter aud family at
Twnp Fasold of Sunbury spent
I days with her sister Mrs. J. M.
Vies Illegel and wife of Freeburg
fou H. M. Amlg's ana x . a. iue-
Ide Smith and wifeof Carbondale
. 'p.
ltlng Dauiel Millliouse auu wne
lor A. M. Aurana 01 weaver
L made a fraternal call on the
last week.
s Knvdpr and John Newman
Lilian became subscribers to the
(ast Friday,
ounty Commissioner Thomas
. i n.
!er of West Heaver was ai me
: Beat Monday.
Roland of New Berlin was at
unty Seat Saturday and made a
i this office.
tt. M. Smith of Beaver Springs
the County Seat on business
5f fliwmi
F. F. Raiick, who spent several
with her parents here, return-
Lr home iu Willianisport.
Kinney operator at Lewistown
liV fpciit Sunday in town. Tliey
away iiboiit four weeks,
i Kaiiclotilnish and daughter
i, formerly of Adumsburg, vi.-d-
il. I'lt-h und wife Monday.
building lots for sale in .Swin -'rice
from $ Ml. up to $110.
i'.mt. David Vi:t.i:i..
'.. Spcclit and wife of Siuiliury,
fluidity in town. Mrs. Sjiccht's
:it Kissiminee is very poorly.
Kern has installed a complete
tuv iras plar.t !ii Ins resilience
In 15 States and England
Deeming it of some Interest we give
below a list of schools who lire now
using "Theory and I'raclice of Adver
tising" as a text hook in their classes :
The Institute, I.Utie Hock, Ark.
Fresno lil-dllt-ss College, I'resliii, Calif'
Florida Commercial College, Tampa,
Ore. nviile Col'egc, (ireenville, Ills.
lluiul.oU: Colli -ire, 1, lo-va.
Mcl'li.'ixoit C.dl. ge, Mel'hcrson, Kai.s.
Kas. Wc-li-yuri l!js. Coll. S.ilina, Kas.
Central Bus. College, Ciniiherlaicl, Mil.
Jacob Tome ln-tiiuie, lit DcpuMt,
CtM)pei';iiive Sclio.d of Correspondeiicf
Detroit, Mich.
Traverse City Bus. Coll., Traverse City
Southern Minn. Normal Coll. Austin,
Nevada Business Institute, Keno, New
Actual Bus. School, Massillon, Ohio.
New 1'hila. it Dover Bus. Coll. New
lMiila , Ohio.
Bixler Business Coll. Wooster, Ohio.
American Business Coll. Allcntowii,
Enston Public Schools, Kaston, Pa.
Keller's Business Coll., Lewisburg, Fa.
Acme Business Coll., Seattle, Wash.
Wilson's Modern Bus. Coll., Seattle,
Marshall Bus. Coll., Huntingdon, W.
Capital City Commercial Coll. Madison
Pheonix Correspondence Coll. Broom
hill, Kngland.
It Is a matter of pride that we are
able to present such an aray of the
leading schools in 15 states and Kng
land, now using an advertising text
book that has had its origin iu Middle
burg. The book is but little over one
year old aud the first eaitiou was ex
hausted last March already, only eight
mouth from the time it was printed.
The second edition has already been
nau exhausted. "Theory and Practice
Br aavertislug" 1g the first ahrTbhly
auverusing text book in the world.
When an advertising school and text
book from Mibdlebunr was first an
nounced, it was sneered at by those in
iUiililleuurg who should have done
every thing in their power to eiicour
of age it and make il a success. By thi
1 1 . . 1
oook aione, .Ml'lilleliing lias become
mole wi.kiy Known not only m every
stale ol the I moil, but also in Canada
and every KtiLrli-hpcakiiig count rv
on the globe, than by any one means.
This book has not yet fairly begun.
W e have i;nt hail cither the time 01
ine money to pu.-h this book as it
should have been pushed. .IiK).(ino to
ou.'ioo per year could be i.rolital.iv
I.ibby and daughter,
Used to advert Ue tln-i l,,,L- Tl.i.
iiected the latter with a private amount may stagger sum - of our read
ers. but their i iiinu'i'niin f . ., 1 1 . ., i ....
aoout I'l million dollars have a I read
been spent to advertise ltoyal Baking
I owder.
ludit was held, iu Jas. C. Crouse's
Friday. A number of Union
ppinau township people were in
LlHirary organization was effect
Inlay evening, lookimr forward
fTgnuization of a volunteer fire
Id H. Snyder of Verdilla Wesley
... -
p, W m. H. Houser and wife of
ton were callers at this office on
fi Friday.
P. F. Rigel was at the Ceurt
on offlcial business Mondav
lurt atinotlt(v1 n mmr inn few
fiou of Union township.
fion hand a numbr nf o-nnil
1 - "
iiand orcrans. nlso n foil lino nf
. ,
frgaus. Come and see them.
P- Kiegle, Middleburg.
SALE. Saylor's Tortland Ce
The Water
htleft oyer and they desire to
me. inquire of Mr. Freder-
V A. W. Alirnnrt nan 1I..A
Pwternow since a new girl came
lotne. Evtn A... 1
she trims haU and waita on
FSter wan tnrno,! t ii i
I .-.ugu iuw me pipes
nd for the first time people
1:7 un"K Shade Mountain
rltllOUt Koino- It
fere all sent home.
"yer of Amnrin t.
I . t.u , iCAHO a
r w the state where they
ticketa with .
I cTuiver, was
one on account of the illness
rut Xlfl TOo a a XI-UJi.i
Contervillc Primary School.
Tlie following arc the Names of the
pupils who attended the Ccntrevilli
Primary School every day during the
second month ending Oct. IIOlli.
Boys : Lester Napp, Urie JJerger,
(. lenient Aapp, Myron Shcary John
Walter, Paul Dundore. JohnUoIund
JayKnhns Dcrscy M'ohn, Lamont
Mtisser, i rank DeLong, Jay Snook
Girls : Mamie Ncitz, Blanche
Musser, Annie Fesslcr. Minnie
tcr, Maudie Loss, Lulu Snook, Lena
Nrmnirler t'nrrln l,"nl...o t.u....
1 r F . . . ..uiihd , 1 J.I L 1 1. I
Kuhns, Sarah Walter. Clara Wnlter
Alice Mohn, Minnie Ifartman.
those marked with star hnventti.n.l.
ed every day during term until date,
riomeris. jiowersox, Teacher.
kli.T. I uecemer Term,
Do You Want Trout Fry?
Applications for brook trout frv mnv
be had by applying to the Depart
ment of fisheries at Ilarrisburg, or
from the countv trame and fish plnha
and from the State Senators and Ron-
resentatlve and must be in the hands
of the Department at Harrisburg not
later than January first. No nnnlleii.
tion received atter January first will be
Miss Heddings of Washington ville
is visiting friends in town.
Isaac Steimling and wife enjoyed a
visit to friends in Sunbury over Sun
J. M. Van Zandt has been substitut
ing C. H. Dunkleburger as storekeeper
and guager at Mart s' distillery while
the former. ia engaged at repairing
property damaged by the fire.
spent Friday at Lock Haven
J. M. Mover, Sr., and Bird I.ibby
drove to Port Ann Saturday.
John Bodge r of Dry Valley X roads,
transacted business in town Moo. lav.
Charles Patterson of Naginey and
San ford Sehambach of I.ewistown vis
ited relatives in our vicinity dining
the week.
Miss I!os(. S. hoeh is pelii!iiii' some
timeat Coburn with II. 15. Kow ami
Steiuiuger Bros, shipped I.IK) bushels
of potatoes this Fall.
Heavy Weight porkers will soon be
rep rted.
Our farmers have finished husking
corn. A fair crop is reported.
F.Imer Bihgaman, who had been
working at (ilobe Mi'ls during the
Summer, has returned home to stay.
The Middleburg Water Co., left the
water pass into the pipes Friday. They
found several ot them bursted, owing
to their not having a sufficient number
of hydrants to allow the air to escape.
The Middleburg Leather Co., are
now running a lot of extra large hides
to be made into harness leather. If
the samples prove satisfactory, they
will build an addition to the structure
iu the spring.
Monday our Supervisor Joseph Mus
ser, finished working on the public
Cloyd Walter of Vira, Mifflin Co., is
spending some time with his uncle
John Walter.
A spelling "B" .held at Gilbert's
school house recently was a success.
L. CI. Smith, who went to Pittsburg
to wojfc, came home sick.
Frank Graybill and Samuel Zim
merman of Paxtonville spent Saturday
evening in town.
Clement M. Spandcr.
Died at the home of Joseph Bowersox,
Saturday .morning at eight o'clock.
He had been in feeble health for some
time and was lingering along in ill
health for several years. Some IS
months ago, he was In Denver, but
found liltle relief.
His in .ther, a daughter of Joseph
Bowcisox, died several years ago. I f i
lather is A. L. Spangler, a storekeeper
and imager, now located at New Mn-l"i-prisc,
Bedford Co., 1'a.
Funeral took place Tuesday after
noon at one o'clock. Bev. W. K.
1 Held oiliciateil.
Mrs. IVrry An rand. '
Mrs. Perry Aurand, daughter of
Jacob Krdley died at her husband's
home at Kreamer, Thursday afternoon
li e funeral took l aee Mondav nt
Salem. He v. Wo-neldorf officiated
Aged (53 years.
She is the mother of Mrs. Geo. Hoke
and Mr. J. jr. Maurcrand a child who
died in infancy.
Lester Tittle Killed.
lhe child's mother, Mrs. William
Tittle, one mile from CentervIIle, had
loaded a gun to shoot chicken hawks
and the gun was placed on a chest
from which it fell Thursday morning
and was discharged, shooting the five-
vear-oid son, Lester, in the neck and
lie died instantly,
The funeral took place Friday at 2
i-. iu. newijuuns o 1 c ate .
The Water Kates.
The Middleburg Water Co.. has is
sued tlie following schedule of rates
First Tap, without screw nozzle, $6.00
First Tap, with screw nozzle, $9.00
Pave wash, no other supply, $6.00
Pave wash, with other supply, $3.00
Bath Tub, $3.00
Wash Basin, $2.00
Water Closet, $2.00
Additional Spigots, $1.50
Hydrant In Stable, no other supply,
T- 1 I r r . 1 i
1 wq neaa ot oiock. J $6.00
Hydrant in Stable with other supply,
.wviigouuiutiuj l.OU.
Full System, consisting of Hot and
uoia, luicnen, Bain, uoset and
Basin In Bath Room, Pave wash
and Hydrant In Stable, (2 Head
of Stock,) $15.00
Call on A. E. Soles ia his new shav
ing and hair cutting, parlor foi voui
head cleaned with a refreshing sham
poo and a clean towel to each patron
on the north side of Market annnro nm-
posite Central Hotel Satisfaction guar-
L -I .
mnieeu. U.
Coniinn Events Cast Their Shadows
The readers of the Post arc request
ed to send us announcements of all
events. No charge will be made to
publish the saiue when the event is of
public importance.
Wkknbsii.w, Nov. Is, Finest Gamble Co., will give a musical en
tertainment i.i thcSelinsgrove Opt ra
1 louse.
Sa u kdav, Nov. Jl, C. A. Fisher of
Kreamer will have 11 shooting match
for turkeys and ducks.
Tiu usHAV, Noy. -y,, Annual Tluiuks
giving Day. The Banks will be clos
ed. Monday, Nov. 30, The loth annual
Teachers' Institute of Snyder County
will convene in the Court house at
Middleburgh at eleven a. m.
-- -
WANTKB. Girls to work iu Shirt
Factory. Pleasant room to work in in
cold weather. ( Sood wages paid from
the start. For full particulars, call on
or address,
W. F. Baulk,
10-2)-2t Beavertown, Pa.
Hides ! Hides !
A reliable man is wanted to collect
aud ship country hides. Highest cash
market juices paid. Address
10-l,V4t. M. O, Ktntz, Lchighton, Pa.
Clubbing List.
For the benefit of those of our readers
who desire other reading matter in ad
dition to the Post, we issue this club
bing list. By taking the different
Combinations you can save money :
The Post, one year, $t.(Kl.
Tribune Farmer, 0 pages, weekly
$1.00. Combined price, $l.i!.".
The Post, one year $1.00.
N. Y. Thricc-a-Week World, one(
,yir, Combined price, $1.05.
' COtfBtXATTON HsK'ttb'Z'-i"
The Post, Tribune Farmer ami N.
Y. Thricc-a-Weck World, all one year,
only $I.!M).
Address all orders to
Middleburgh, Peiiiia
Teeth L'uiactcl Witlimit Pain.
I extract teeth with. ml pain, with
out sleep, without cocaine and conse
.iieiulv without danger.
Our ".Newest Oiseovery" provi s it.
Come in and have yourol.l teeili ex
tract. mI 1, 11. 1 gi t a new set. m will
enjoy life belter and von can i,innei !i'
. 11
masticate your food. All work guai
anicen. I'laeiicing Peiillstrv lor over
ill) years.
t-b lhi. .1. W. Okwi.i.
Teachers' Institute Programme.
(Continued From Last Week.)
pcrhtenden!, 1 A. R. Gil-
Wm. W.
(v 11
(x)mm rrn :i :s
Permanent Certificates, (Appointed by State
bert. Miss Rae Mover. T. A. Stetler.
Professional Reading R. F. Smith, John
Erunncr. A. R. Gilbert, Ccn Jarrett, Fannie J:w.
meet in Co. Superintendent's office nt f:C0 A. M
Resolutions : T. A. Stetler. William Rani
Smith. Sallie M. Stahl. Will meet in Countv Si
M., Uec. 0, 1503.)
Local Institutes: To arrange programs and determine placer,
1st District, composed of Adams, Beaver, Beaver We.t. Spri:i.
To '"eetat Jan. 8 and 9, 0903. 0. A. Auran.i. V
"'-'. i-M4 iumiy. 1 win meet in countv b :p r:,n- nu -a j t
fice at 4 P. M.. Nov. 30, 1903.
Second District, composed of Centre, Middleburg Borough and Franklin
1 meet at Jan. 22 and 23, 1903. Lottie Crouso. L. C
Bachman. A. B. Shcary. (Will meet in County Superintendent's office at 8
A. M., Dec. 1, 1903.
Third District, composed of Monroe, Selins Grove Borough ai.d Jacks n
lmf? Jan. 29 and 30, 1903. Mabel Stetler!
Elva M. Forncrook. R. B. H. Albert. (Will meet in County Superintendent's
office at 4 P.M., Dec. I, 1903.
Fourth District.' composed of Washington, Middlccreek and Penn To
mef, at. Feb. 5 and 6. 1904. Fred. H. Holtzappie. H.
C. Hendricks, Thomas Arbogast. (Will meet In County Superintendent's of
fice, at 8 A. M., Dec. 2, 1903.
Fifth District, composed of Union and Chapman. To meet at
.,, Feb- 12 and I3. 1904. T. G. Herrold and J. Albert Herold
(Will meet In County Superintendent's office, at 4 P. M., Dec. 2, 1903.
Sixth District, composed of Perry, West Perry and Independent District
Jomf?t at Feb. 19 and 20, 1904. A. E. Whiteley
Geo. H. Relchenbach, F. S. Gingrich. (Will meet in County Superintendents
office at 8 A. M.. Dec. 3, 1903.
To meet at Richfield, H. S. Homberger, Mabel Gingrich, Frances Winey.
Will meet In County Superintendent's office at 8 A. M., Dec. 4. 1903. All
the foregoing Committees are expected to report, Friday forenoon, December
4, 1903.
Monday, Nov. 30th, 1 1 A. M. Organization and Enrollment of Teachers.
Monday. 1:30 P. M., "The Two Worlds-Mind and Matter," Dr. Lee Francis
Lybarger. -Nature Study." Prof. George E. Fisher. -Underlying Principles
In Teaching," Prof. Chas. II. Albert. ,
Tuesday. Dec. 1, 9, A. M.. -Primary Arithmetic," Prof. Chas. H. Albert.
"Thorouehness in Teaching " Pf w r r.UAtoU. ..c! d.ii
, n "uiviu,i. wjuiiiiaiy iNcuiauuiia
of our Public Schools," Prof. Geo. E. Fisher. "Construction of the Universe."
- iic,v Darer- Tuesday, 1:30 P.M., "School Eronomy," W.
uaSiisSirEr Vc&Umy? Dr."LeeTi-ancls Lybarger. -Mhe CfcfWiJ
Life before the School Life," Prof. Chas. H. Albert. Civics, Prof. Ira N
McCloskey, Supt., Clinton Co.. Pa.
Wednesday, Uec. 2, 9 A. M., "Commercial Geography," Prof. Cha
K. Sassanian,
Pearl Hehn,
1 Idinmel's Wharf
llimimer.s Wlialf;
liolciulcr Heal L'stnte.
K. Schoch bought the farm
$L'cri0.-) ; H. H. neiininger the Hocli lot
for $HXi an acre ; J5. W. 'oder, orchard
nt ? 10 1 an acre : David Wetzel, field
Fast of Wittenmyer at fL'OO an acre;
Woodland, ricldsand Yoder, flii'i.OO
Limestone lot, M. K. SSchoch. JillOl).
The fair ground was not sold.
Attention !
Capt. Ryan Post, No. 301, (. A. It.
Comrades : On Friday evening, Nov.
-7th, 13. ltegular muster, there will
be the annual inspection of the Post,
by Comrade II. It. Tobias, also ot a re
cent meeting there was a resolution
passed to change our meetings to Urn
last Saturday evening of each month
during the winter. This will bo noted
upon at this meeting. Furthermore,
by the bv-Iuws. that date will lm tbn
latest to make nominations for officers
of the Post for next year. This must
also be attended to. 80 von hpo nnlil
meeting will be both Important and in
teresting. All comrades are earnestly
Invited and urged to come and heln us
make this meetlug one of the best In
the history of the Post. Comrades hav
ing uniforms will please put them on.
Jiy request or
J no. Y. Shindel,
What Shall -We Have for Dessert ?
This question arises iu the family
every day. Let us answer it to-day.
Try Jell-O, a delicious and healthful
dessert. Prenared in two mlnutM. Nn
boiling I No baking I simply add boil
ing water ana Bee 10 cool, flavors:
Lemon. Orange, Raspberry and Straw
berry! Get a package at your grocers
to-day, 10 ota.
Albert. "Pedagogical Value of Habit," Pu.f. J.
mum baiary bill, lJrof. A. R. Gilbert. "5k. ry
mnci.; Lvhar. r.
in Teaching," I'r:'. C!
citati -n, " IT." Oc! -r
V..!ru:f. "The K,
T:v.:r. !v:. D. c. 3,
'1 1 T I
lar Syst-m.
1:;. li. .!!
1." Mi.
lar I lv
'. A
r f t:l .
' Dr I
ay, I :J0 I . I)
rt. V, c:.l S
p t:i.: i." Dr. I.e.
M., "i'riiii iry
i'v.'. nt: -t!i C -:it-!rv,
e Fr.iii.'i:'. I.'.Tar
I. Voedruff.
cf tl'.e C. nst.;
'Z I.! : Kl .11'
.1.. M!..-, M:.rv 1
ni.v. . !
I-im; '. , Lv: v.
.!::'.;." I 1 :'. V. .1
" i r f ,':
!: vs.
' Dr.
1 1.
Ii:,t a-v.
Dr. Paul !-'. peck. Tliun.iay, I ;.''; !'
Recitativ 11, Misc, Anna 1 '"tti,-":. "Tii-
Dr. Paul K. F'eck. Vical S- I . f.! !.!
the Sclnr.l Ro;.m." Dr. Leo Francio Lyl-rger.
Friday, Dec. 4, 9 A. M.."How t.) l're.;ont th
Thon. Ilcut.:. Rep ;rt:; cf Committees. "Tlv; I
Frontier," Dr. Paul !'. F'eck. "Vhat the Wcrl l
The following qtie::tions were suggested by r..a
i.'ig note book. Read them and see whether any c
taken from your uvrk.
S-i!-j f
.- !;;t: n f
f the
in might have
or are you examinir.i; them ? Vli
vjld :-.
fror.t ol
1. Are you teaching yoer pupil
uu 1 w nun r wny r
2. If you arc a noisy teacher, how about your school ?
3. Do all your pupils answer at once, or only one at a time ?
4. How would you like to j;o to school to a Inacher :;nch as you are ?
o. Are you in the habit of calling your pupils "kids" "Dummies"
6. Do you use your coal ashes to erect a monument tj your mennry, i
your scnooi noor (
tion ?' D Prepare for your dally work' or do yu "know u aM" without any preparu
o ??J ? ta!k "down" 10 yur PUP"S or do you appear f he a student amour them?
7. wmtn seems 10 attract the attcniion of your visitor:; the more, the noi-.e in
school room, or the recitation ?
10. Do you have anv ' beer simis" ammu vnnr rl.rnroi;,,r 1
Is your blackboard full of scrawls and poorly arranged work ?
Do you teach "books" or "subjects,"? Which ? 'vhy ?
Do you teach "readlnfj." or only the "pronunciation" of words ?
Do you repeat the pupils' answer ? Why ?
Do V0U riva "blisv work" simnlv 1.1 lf.n nimllc ..1 of ;, i
w ... t ----- 'f ..m. up.i ul.i vi i 1 n.i :
Da Vnn nllnuf urgcln nnn. mi il.n IU... ...u.t. I. ... j ., i i.
- f ct. Wi, Hum iui a wnuic wccr anu men uumn u on
srnnnl ffrniinri r
1 . Aro you a growing teacher, or have you reached the "dead-line"?
18. Do you permit pupils to destroy school property ?
19. Are Vnil alminw in rrnt lUmttrtU lk& UnL . , I . i . . . , ..
,, . . t i .in vuj.ii niu ui iu iiiivc your pupus unucrsiaiiu mo
subjects named In the text ?
20. Do you allow pupils to walk up to you and ask questions while you are tryinp to
conduct a recitation ? ' 5
1. Are you reading any educational journals ?
22- Dn Vnil haim ailU ranAe ,FA..lf . - J ... 11- J . . .
w-i".vii jruuiion aim uur pupns 10 una answers 10 ques
tions asked In the book, and then call their performance a recitation ?
oefore or "after the lesson
-ww.., u. iiiuii wen muii pel iui mail.
23. Do you ask questions on the reading lesson
read bv the Chun ?
Ovl rt- . .... ...
ui u encourage pupils to lorm mental pictures of what they read ?
Which interests you the more, the success of your work, or the money that's
it ?
Pursuant to its usual custom, the
Pennsylvania Itailrond Company will
Issue clerical orders for the year 1U04 to
ordained clergymen having regular
charge of churches located on or near
Its lines. Clergymen desiring such or
ders should make Individual applica
tion for same on blanks furnished by
the Company through IU Agents. Ap
plications should be sent to the ceneml
office of the Company soon as possible,
In no case later than December 10th,
BO that"ordrM luav 1a mnilprl hv 1W
81st to all clergymen entitled to receive
Dr. Orwig Is prepared to do surgical
and mechanical work iu dentistry.
Having been in active practice for over
thirty years, his extensive experience
is abundant proof of his ability. Ar.
tificlal teeth a specialty. His exten
slve dental experience qualifies him
to do only the best work. tf
FOR KALE. In Middleburg, Pa., a
good frame house, 7 rooms, and lot of
land. Also a good livery stable on the
same lot. For terms and particulars
apply to F. F. Walter, 1 mile west of
Middleburg on road leading to Beaver
town. tf.