The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, July 23, 1903, Image 1

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fcThave Job Jot of note
L on hand. They must go
U The price will ao iu
Cples and price for the ask-
Vb turnlsn mem primea
less than you can buy them
lout printing.
L -ateoMllr, Mlur es4 Prasrlstur.
A "sally Jaaraal, Dt.u4 U , Sclcaca, Art, Political tumr Carrtat Lftaratar.
tttf. Oat Dollar Per Annum, ia JMrin
vely Little Lincr3.
ju?tlc and the Bustle of the
punly en'
More or l-ess Prominent.
. .. .4 ! . .-. la.
tiling I'upUHtinn nu ..--
fJl that 3lly Curlonlty and
P.r tht Thlrt lor
Vg day are here.
Kr.cgerof Olobe Mills wa in
IsiMla Bousu ia visiting
Ll Ulchfleld.
D'eter Bhoad and arm of Harrls-
V visiting Mrs. Mary Khoad.
Iyer Walter of Hellnsgrove spent
lava In town the post wee.
L Lulu and Miriam Hmlth are
friends In Hunbury and Dan-
. Kawlnger, Cashier of the
liville Bank, was la town ths
k. C. Hmlth of Kreamer spent
lay with friends at the County
Jy Superintendent Geo. W.
h ha been connnea 10 urn
N. A. Klracofe preached a. aer-
Hummel's church Sunday
and baptized two chl.-
Sarah Hnyder and friend of
Hpent Sunday with her par-
Hitorand family visited rela-
Bunburyand Belinsgrove last
7Wl and familv scent Sun-
Lwn with Gabriel Beavsr and
L A. Snyder and family are
'relative and friends in thi
irabers of the Lutheran church
u the Lord's supper Sunday
u eet pure Wines and Whia-
liedieal Use at the Middleburg
ire. tr.
L Burns and family of Home-
visiting her parents, John
hi wife.
He Williams of McVeytown, is
:is grand -pureuts, Janiea M.
It ami wife.
ry James O. Crouse had a
lie Perry County Court at New
Id hist week.
nee Sale uext week, July 22 to
ihoda McDonald of Patterson
eutsitaiued by the Misses
Buil and rtuwtrs will be sold
Inn half price next week.
Hddlvburg lrug Store has ad-
ill lice of pure Wines and
L f ... ... I : I .. . .
lor invuicat use. u.
ur IVvotor fur a prescription
!tlu Middleburg Drug tore
ur Wines ami Whiskies for
n tf.
lite shirt waist prices $2."0,
L 10 and W eta., will go uest
i i - from $l.'5 to 4S cts.
tv William K. Miller of Salt ur
iMtiuL iut b'liJay of lt
ruiu hvie lie wvut to Li'wit'-
Hon. O. Alfred Pchfnm, Trealdent of
the Kirnt National Jiank, attended a
meeting of tiie F.xecutlve Committe
of Huaruebanii!i I'nlversity, at Helina-
Krove Momlay.
William Itntith, the oblia;inK niht
at the bank hrp, has bren compiled
to lay olt a T.-w j on amwiunt of
mime painful (kjIU on his neck. Tojy
HiUMt have :nu.vil tbem.
Ir. A. N. Warner, fffiMtrar -t Htis
'iiehanna I niverMify, at Hellrisirrove,
Iiiih len frrantfl a year'd t-aiAiion and
lie bat giri? to New MpxIco f;r tb
benefit of hU !ihI(i.
Wilmer Ih ker of Cleveland, ()., I
paying a vixit to hia parents Ihtvid
Ockerand wife. JfeUone of 8nyder
County's sucresHful young men who U
making his mark as a clerk In Cleve
land. T. If. Kixenhuth of Helinwjrove waa
at the County .Seat Monday aftemorn
between trains. Mr. Knenhuth pro
pjea operating the DreherShoe plant,
ife is certainly building up a large
shoe business.
Miffllnturg will get electric lights.
A contract was signed for $2820 (or
lines, material and wire, another for
equipment, such as Dynamos, switch
board, etc., for $.640, or a total of S,
280. E. S. Stroup, Htrouptown, ia hand
ling a high grade of Fertilizers, manu
factured by the Baltimore Pulverizing
Company. Prices range from $13 to
12 a ton. Persons needing a reliable
article should call on him. if
You can net Wines and Whiskies
anywhere, BL'T, when you want the
best, tor Medical use, get a prescription
from your Doctor and go to the Mid
dleburg Drug Store for it. tf.
Call on A. K. do lea in but new uv
mg and hair cutting parlor for your
bead cleaned with a refreshing abjtui
poo and a clean, towel to each patron
on the north side of Market square op
posite Central Hotel. Satisfaction guar
anteed, tf,
tfrs7JKrrMagee' IndrsT Wm.
Grove of Mazeppa; Mr?, Wm. F. Ma
gee of South Bethlehem; Mrs. J. E.
Magee of Krranaer and Mrs. Milton T.
Orwig of Philips')urg were guests of Dr.
and Mrs. Orwig last week.
Henry K. Bickhart has resigned h -i
position as nisjht watchman at tL.;
first National Bank at this place and
hia place wxs rilled by the appoint
ment of Charles II. Walter. Mr. Eick
hart has accepted a position with
Mr. Kuhn at the Central Hotel.
Edwin Charles has secured a position
ou Park's Floral Magazine published
at LaParke, Lancaster County. He
will take the place that has been AIM
by John A. Suyder for the past tw.;
years aud Mr. Snyder will be promoted
to a position in Mr. Park's office.
The Beaver Springs "Herald", tlie
suyder County "Tribune'' and the
Middleburg Post are each contribut
ing their weekly issues to the Snyder
County HistorWr Society. The
other editorial brethren of the county
sliuuld rise up aud do likewise. The
papers contributed are all carefully
Prof. T. Bruce Birch, and two chil
Jren passexl thrwuirh thia place oneilay
last week on his way to MitHinoun;.
He is Professor of the Latin Language
iud Literature at Susuehautia L'ui
versity aud was a clase-uiate of the
Editor 1-4 yean ago at the auuie iustitu-
liou. Mrs. Birch was a pupil of the
writer in lMt-wo at Cowan, L'uion
Hiimiiicl's Rc-urjiou.
Miss Eva Kothrock of Lewistown
spent last week in town.
Aitim f'(fXft and wifejnt Saf
unlay aud Sunday at Lewlxtown with
the former's brother, iii'.ah IUwer-
Ii-au!ab llaOifon, 'i.'!. r .p:nding a
few weeks in Selinsgrove hsu returned
Saturday Paul Winey bad th mis
fortune to break his wrist.
V. II. Winey hiw the fonndation
dug for his new house. The Masons
commenced Monbty.
Last week II. A. Kaucn received a
new threshing outfit.
Int week Middlehur Leather
Manufacturing Co., had the foumla'
tion dug for the new addition which
they intend to erect this Fall.
Saturday two representatives of the
Middleburg Water Co., secured the
right of way which leads from the
public rad. They intend to com
mence work shortly after the 1st of
Fred Wockley of .-'trouptown trans
acted business In town Thursday.
Our coal dealers are busily engaged
in filling their customers' coal hius for
the winter.
The huckleberry pickers report
that the early berries are past but that
there are a large amount of late ones.
Charles Felker ami Clinton Wagner
have quit hauling props from Shaile
Mrs. John Verger of Milton is visit
ing relatives in town.
Jas. Shuman transacted business in
Sunbury Thursday.
Victor Lenig of hunbury is spend
ing a few days with S. B. Spitler.
A. O. Bashoar spent Saturday at
George Sholter, wife and child ol
Weikert, visited i. L. Libby and wife.
Ralph Wagner and W. FL Smith
apeat Vaday at PutrnwiP?,
Cored by an Infuriated Bull.
Friday evening Jere C. Bowersox ol
Centre township was vpiivd by a mad
bull. ?Ir. Bowersnx was severely in-
j sired at the risht shoulder aud hip.
ff. :s ! .-irii that the shoulder has ;
ceived i pei'iuauent injury.
T!i inim-.i! had made an ati;irk
on ;fr. i;.)nr.-Kj: l.efore, liur tie wi
r.or apprehi'iisive of any further '!:ui
er. This should 1h a warning to 'nil
fanners and sfoo!i raisers either to kill
such an minis or not permt them any
Cbartes Buyer Killed.
Monday noon Albert Boyer of tins
place received a telegran. that his
oroiher, Charles, age 20, was killeil at
He was a brakeniun on the P. R. F,
l)etweeu Altooua and Pittsburg. His
lxly was tirought to Middleburg Tues
day morning and taken to Fremont
where it will be buried Thursday.
He is the son of Wm. Boyer, a
brother to Irwin Boyer married to
SaJlie Hatkeuburg, Selin, Phiires, and
Jennie of Fremont aud Albert of this
place and Margaret, married to Edwin
L. Miller of Niles, Mica.
kT. Kiuioli of haiiiokin sjs'tit
alv bis putvuts. Charles'
b n iiiuiii ti.- jk fust clats:
lolUu Cunise left last w-k to
f.Mvf, litU, 111 rhiladel
't' '. vikvIs to go to the Sea-
'U lo'.UIIilli.
'NtuinRvd b is takwn vbarwe ol
i'l 'Uiayblil, libou 0 lu.. at!
lilM. UolJlll-VilllI SllllLll 1H Lin'
Si' lit of Nuv Jersey was bvre
'.v. Hu In iiuutliirf a hx'aiiou
mill aud chiuo lo v the shoe
oiviu Smith of Caiboudale
visit to bur niothor. Mrs.
"i'ljurwho Is vory ill. The
r ywua of age.
Uiulnud rise to siinuvat that
buui to viocM to the uicuiorv
M'S ho werekillud by the
" MWUleorevk lownshlo.
p vvuds the mot,ion.
There w ill be held at Clement' sl'rk
opposite suul'ury ou Thursday, Aug.
-7, wlmt pi i:u --s to be one of the:
I kTgvsl gallii mis of Us kind in tii.
s vliou. 1' wll 1 1 l;:i'.v!i the'
I'uuinielS ii-iriion and will embrace '
a 1 thedi'sceud i.'!' - f fln th.-'.-c oriir'iiul I
bivthers w ho . aio.' ''-mm I'.ers county j
arly in the- iiiii. tt-. it'a iviturv and
settled alonn !'c r;-er i:s nlat is now
Snyder on I "'!iU.i counties. Tliey
were farmers and by their energy and
thrift aco,uirud and cleared large ureas
of the uioi tende soil aioug the Sus
iuehauua; much of which is still n
tnined by diicci uiceuiauts of the or
Hiuul owners.
All dcaccuilauts o; these old pioueers
with their families, relatives, ueigli
Ivns frieuds. uid acpiaiutaucee are
cordially invitct! to attend this gather
lug, thereby rcuoviug old acquaiut
suewship aud making uiauy uew oue.
I'ood euteittuiiinuut iu the way of
muivic, spixxbes and games will be a
bailing feature.
An Uld Citizen i!uc.
Knos KJiug'.er died Sunday night,
July 12. having been in ill health for
sev.-ral yearn, he rvacheil the aire of 7 ;
years, t mo. ami 2tdays. Mr. dingier
wa boru iu Penn township and was a
rodent of it ail his life being one of iu
progressive farmura. Funeral services
were lie! 1 Wednesday morn:iig, Rev.
W A. H.u. oiliciutiiig. Mr. Klingier
w-Ls a Ide long member of the Refunu
ed ciiire lie is survived by a widow
and tin'-' -e-i children: Charles, Mrs.
Alii e Miller and Mh. Frank. Ivliu:ler
of t'lkarf, lud.; John and Mrs. Wm.
Maurer of Dry Valley X Roads; Mrs.
Calvin bmiu.s, New Beriiu; Mrs. Jacob
leuier, iCruamer; David, Ohio; Mrs.
NeAton Sleller, Annie M., Sauiuei,
Wm. and B. Frank, of Salem.
Now Pity Shown.
"For years fate was alter me con
tinuously" writes F. JL Gulledire,
Verbena, AJu. "I hud a terrible
cuse of Files causing 21 tumors.
When all faiiled Bucklen's Arniia
Sh1v cured me. Equally good tor
Burns and all aches and pains.
Only 25j at Middleburg Drug Co.
Graybill Garman Richneld, Dr. J.
W. Sttmpsell, Pcnns Creek.
AHm Township.
Troxelville Gram. ft. K. Smith.
' " Primary -John Smith.
Moyer's- f .w. A. Aarand.
Port Ann John f). Cingaman.
Flan'- L A. Foreman.
Good's - Katura Deobler.
Kreanier-Tbonms Arlxigast.
Wetzel's - Well ie Hei ntelman .
Melser- reorife F.rdley.
Hauer's (leore j'.','s:lehurer.
Krause's--f jfiru.- I:.W'
Halenv-Herliert Herman.
Schoch's Wm. A. F.rdley.
Kantz Michael Bnuey.
Bollg's Minnie M. Trutt
Grlsainger's Gertie (iood.
Boyer' Lillian Herman.
Fair Gak Catherine Witmer.
Hill End-H. C. Hendileks.
Ott's William D. Jarrett.
Fremont Gram. eo. fteiehenliach,
" Primary Florence Winey.
Hietr Valley o. X. Kaltriter.
Smith's Maggie Shailel.
Aline-H. E. Keitr.
Troup Valley Mr. fitrawser.
Shaffer's Mr. Hm'kenhroeht
P. Valley Father Harding.
Portzliue Arthur fjiadis.
C0C8T B0CSB CHIPS. B(cordt.
Daniel W. Fiss and wife to Harrison
Dean 10 acres iu Adams township.
Mary F and W. J. Klose, ai. to
ThomaH J. Keller lot in Spring twp.,
Reulen Klose and wife to W. J.
Klosa lot in Beaver Springs, $-x).
Heirs of John Mengle dee'd., to J. J.
Yerger house aud bit in Perry twp..
Philip Arnold and wife and Samuel
AfB.fci-Sfr.lfcMi .RiB3rBBan.t xrx i
Cuion twp., $375.
Jobn,i5i"leman to Bmrmf MToyw
house and lot in Penu twp., i2."ifl.
Richard Budd to tlie Mbldlehnrtr
Water Co., 2S2 ai-re n Franklin twp.,
A. W. Musser and vife to A. M.
Aarand lot No. I ( n liwr pnnirs.
s. P. Bmwn and A.ueiia A. Brown
to Joseph Deppeu. ' :nu U .umiaiuiiig
21:! acres 2 pennies .u :iiapmau twp..
Wills. Pri.t..iicil.
The last will aud Testament of Anna
Luck late of Penn t.vp. dee'd.. wiis
pnibateil and letters testamentary were
grauusd to William ii. Luck, who is
nameil as execuUir.
Uarrtafe Licenaca.
i John D. Hinkle. Perry twp.,
Virgie A. Beaver. Perry twp.
July 14, by Rev. R. Botafont at
Sunbury, Ralph E. Gift to Lottie I.
Gift, both of Pastouviile.
Odd Fellows Reunion.
The Odd Fellows' lodges of Cinon,
Snyder, Mifflin and Juniata counties
will hold their annual reunion in Hon.
A. M. Smith's grove at Beaver Springs.
Pa., on Saturday, Aug. lo, :m. Prom
inent speakers will be present and a
full representation ol the lodges is ex
pected. A I passenger trains will stop
at the grove. Further particulars on
By Ohukhok Cm ittkk.
Reformed Reunion
The members of Beaver Springs Re
formed charge, consisting of the :on
gregatious at Beaver Springs, Beaver
town, Troxelville, Black Oak Ridge
and Samuel's will hold a reunion and
picnic in Hon. A. M. Smith's grove at
Beaver Springs, Pa., on Saturday, Sent
I!), 1W3, to which everybisly is wr-
dially Invited. A number of pmrn-
inent speakers will be present. All
passenger trains will stop at the
Cider Making.
I will operate my cider press ia
Franklin thia year and I invite ail my
patrons to bring their apples in. to my
mill. I will begin to make cider Thuiav
day July 23 After that, the days will
be TuesaSay- and Thursday of every
week until otherwise notified.
CaiVts G, gXHocP. tC
Coming RvenN Cist Their Shidows : ,
Before. V"rnllst Vomtoj i1--,c-,t r;nmn ',
The renders of the Poc-r o- riie-1 b n,,t I'-i'-Mn".- r
ed to end u. annrsineements of all! fau'aln .-1. A e s v ,,
, .,. , . i Mr1. H"i Al V'- c . - '. -I . -o
events. No i h rire will niadw to I , ,
.... . from a ln . r -tr .. - ,; ! r
ti? .s or
publisb tbo ssme when ii"
public imiiorTHiK'e
TfCRHnv, July J:i, i!eform-d
union at Nlnnd Park, u-tieen ,Jun
bury and Xorbuniliertrind
FittoAV, July 24 and -o "be SIIn
tnl,"'ri!' 'r.r '-.r.!. -
.-terr'.farv i'iv ,
of iiisslst -n fv.i,,i
It inT 'im .'. rif p
i n
grove I'.Hlld will hold :'.sM' lis in :be' V
Klsr VOhlrrl
ST'rAY, July 2.', 'iloi f;i; Sunday
school will hold a festiv ,1
S.rfKnAV, July 2", -'sitivil of f !V
church in Town Hull S--v iWIin in
the veiling.
STrirAV, July 2.". -t. .(.hri'j '""b.. siti.-e ,.iv ;
Sunday srhool a Fremont jvIII hold f'1"m!"''"' -''ti
tneir annual picnic ,n .-tclins in,tnn
Mrs jim ; ;t'atnrt
hOTIS .It AtimiSt M it ft "! . ir
T'ltr'en .nyi !,.! f nrliw
rT iplonriM ,f o iafo'.s .ri . wrM.
roast for i !iJ r h
rh 'trer'lCrt . ',.nrt '-O...
SATt:il)v. July 25. The enrrevflle1 has awn oflelall frr1 - T
Cornet Hsnd will hold fewtivil at i applvinn ror v,rW n1lvMitiiii
Herman's School Moiiim.
MoVhav, July 27, June adjourned
Court at Middlehurg, i'a.
SATtariAV, August. 1st Hummel'
Sunday School will hold their An
nnal picnic.
Satt-utiav. Aug. 1st.. Hummer P.
B. church will hold ,k fmtivnl ;ii 'be
Satttrd a v, August 1, A Literary
F.nterTHinnient. Lunch and Tee
Cream Social hy the V. P. . C. R. of
the Liitbentn t'hurch, ilenvertown
in the evinlng.
SrviMV, Aug. 2. ' 'onimuiiion erv1cns
in the Shrlner I'nited Hvariireticnl
church at 10r:0 a. :n.
SaTTRii.v, Aug. s. snr.jth Sunday
School will hold a aicnic near
S.rrunAY, Aug. 15, shreiner's Snn
day School will hold their annual
picnin and a festlvalln th evening
for the benefit of the schooC
flATtTBDAy, Aug. ?jTh Iflth Annual
Clioir (Convention of Snyder ijounfyi
at Fwwhnrg.
SaTVTMMV, Aue. lo. Hip Odd c'e(low-
of Snyter. Pninn. Mifflin and Juni-i
atn l ountles will hold i ri-:,,,,,,, lt ;
P.eaver Sprlnes
M.vnv, Aug. :: :t:ier.a; ..,!
Stock :uid Breeder'- i.-sii-:ai.o.i
Mt. i "iretuii.
.MoNilaV. Ailifli.-t " uiU,,!:. .i
.anijMiiwit. i. .. , - .t.n a -an,
Francisco and . ntlniies all
T:n-ian.iv, Aug. 2t. Hurd vnni;ai!
1 r,
r: ' 't
jilltllS .ytimill,,ier
tJis .it. :'ls ,oi'u .f i,.'.af,
cnn1ctefi f .Hherv ,tv jai...
jvn ;-(-ars' . ni i,r'soriiM';i
Cam to . i.inn. ; ;-mh
burned -o !aih, int v, ,i
and anotlier iitl -tr' e.m-v
by in Tiiloslon f
"Slaving :.oim" if iriil!hnar,o;
s"-Mav. jtjly '7
ih -oiT.ersii ,n f .'.
new .-anil., I 'itiiMtng .it
Will b :Alit 'hi -.lli
Tb .imotint if 1 inil I - iit
oni1s rerolvorl it he :;llrt
treasury :or vrhHnife .no J
consols a f7 .n i. oo
Th wnty of ,olin ,fcr.,v. f
lnmhl.a. i'a. vn 'onnd n i r ,
th .Snsnuehanna rlvor J. i(kri
missing -vral .ias.
Th Mountain inn ifotei tr .Mn
Hill. .V V., was destroyed j ..r. .be
200 uest having-narrow .caoes iui.1
losing all t&elr .-ffecTs.
Preslder.t lioosfvoit has issued an
ornr eliminating old aire a a !!.
qnaiiflcatloa for appoiotmeot as U
"botmm-u-utm (iswnawat arvtoa.
Saturday, July 18.
Txni Trtcht w hanred at snnrh
NfcAlisTrr I. T.. for 'rie Liunler f i
7-esr-ol(t irlrt.
Wllllnni I. nadd. i "impr tt.s'
of -an "tnnRr! vnnlri fat .al?.af:r
fptt '.end r his ' t ijjsrnn.
Thp r t rvt" ! r iw.T',.:
TPX.. .UK eon . i
ecrr'ar.- iav .as
-ner om- n -.lie
vfier" . -'!! ""nam
Uarr ".uI.-ikv. .&
in::, a.
iiurch i
:r i.-
Slear re-uiiion vll :e h.-id .it
P:irk near Lewioiirir.
SAn-Rii.vv. Aug. J. i, nil, i,s
Sunday -school vll aoid :i
uual iicmc.
dan:i)AV, August 22. nogjdays -na.!
Mond.aV. Aug. 24. State i 'onvutlon. I
P. ). S. of A., Lancaster, i'a.
Mosn.iv, Aug. 21 -o 2i). 'I ranger? '
picnic at Williams lirove.
rairBMUAr, Aug. J7. Hummel s T-.
union at Clement's i'artt.j; priositei
-1 r-
.1 'm
ii tu-
".iirr.ert '
'Oaxcces s :er .uir.u
'Vh::t ' u t .t
"V. '.'a.. .Van .;
Wtssiv -ver? .!.'.. r. I -e.
'ertoualr r.iir".
The .::an onar-s .id
tae V.J f - r i tu
May 20. '..(':.
The socauon C
Sail way Mail Vn:s v:.. ae-t 2 :a.
rr stnn. x.. a ;3U5.
it !s -ai . N"ew2ersee ro rpacse
t:s rear v;: e itout :3.--) '.assets,
ir )ne-r.f!i -to loraal -rrrn.
WKD.VEanAV. Sept. 2nd. Jemis-raiij 1 a .-.jii ::t .'.ail -f.m -aused -.0',:-Staie
Convention ai iiarn.-i 'ire, i'ai acila :i :iars jataap it "r.r.iciau.
'S ;aa :a !e : ;r
-a;joa t :.i.-:;s
'liL'tiat'i .,d:z
3:;:ar;:on. iun-
.v-:ar-s t
SATUBDAy, Sept., ,i. DemoeraUc i.-i-- C1" ":1-y :aa:'
mary Election for Suvder ".. i '""1 ,;vrs' ,
' Thile rriDblBK 'ie
Monday. Sept., 7. Deuiocrat.c ;nven-' "Iran .2 rtoit.yr .V
of Snyder Co. :xa vui :..;:,.a :y ..
TcEsu.vy. Seut. s. r.-ri,, ..1 slj8., :ai2i3 ilo -grrrr. wr
,iiehanua Cmversity neus it -e-i u;c:'le!-ta':
linsgrove. jcNtHAL.
H-KSDAV. Sept. s to '., t!.Kii..y:vur.a
State Fair Aasc:iiioii
Wkdnesdav. Sept. 3t,iM. r-miaMl
County Fair at P"rr iv. ;
S-irraoAV, ,-ept. :u .
uusDanury i-.iii.iiuo'i
HaiL Pa.
Tri-2DAV, -ept. I,. U, !':.i:
Fair at Lewishur.
aac. ;:i.A. . a.. '. .
, 3.10: ?n-sytvan:a " -r.
1 i'i.Zv: .".:y mi lis. z:rz.
tve :lour vas ;u;c
rel. '.Vhv..t vaa :i: :-.
nia rro. new oi-- ;
No. 2 ye. w. locai
nuiet: N . 2 -.vra
luwer - s. Uc.
N'o. 1 '1::: UUy. $i .
!leef va.-: M-auy:
porit 'irra: 'a.
loultr. r.--:9. ic.
Dressed -utry.
S.vrrHUAV, Sept. hi, Hie Reformed ! "'d rnotf,V' .', '. j
ohun-hes of the West end of the I mfy "w'Vork !
County will hoiu a re-union audi IbH'C't'c. ier so-ten.
picnic in Dr. Siuiiu s a'rove at Bee, v.', iT-,?.' .''"'l'.'..' . '.
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can oe seen at stmptown. Inquire of
E. S. Stiuiitp,
t-f Stmuptown. Tx
Who Is He?
Who ia it that makes the Fewer
gallons; wears-longer paint ?
Dr. Eyer Walter is having tho Cen
ta Hotel treated to a ooat of paint.
Live Stock Markets.
East I.i''erty, Pa.. . n.y 2J. 'af!e
were stesily: choice. ia.Zi ij, a.4i :
prime. 4.juUo.10: wod. 4.-i0 i 1.S5.
Hoks active: prime heavy. $5.35y" a.ii5;
mediums. $5.73'45.!!5: titavT Vorkers.
$5.S5iO:5.iO: Ught Yorkers. S.HHi"s.5;
ptxa. $6.30 iAQ; roiiKhs. $4'.f5. heep
at roan; lest wethers, J. 21) tf 4.50:
calls and common. $1.50 if 2.25; rear
ling $3tf5; roai calves. 6.i0t6.75.