The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, June 18, 1903, Image 1

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    tjijuriGa U, Lj(iulonG "Tiio UnmvTuur" will begin in the POST noon,
behave a Job lot o! note
U on hand. They must go
ir The price ww oo 11.
,nples and price for the ask-
Ve lurnisn mem pnmca
less than you can buy them
lout printing.
. Vnneller, f dlwr aad f raprlttar.
A Faally jMraat, Derate u Hew, Scltaet, Art, Palltlcal tttmj lad Carreat Lltcntar.
Bates: On Dollar Ptf Annum in A4rn
ivcly Utile Liners.
. 11 i rl..f
)unlv Scat, '",u -"
a 1 A
f M ire or Le -rominei:.
Minn i'"ru'iOB ani Evn
L.i that 5allsly Cufhwlty and
A,.,.r..f lh Thirst lor
lor the I'OST. ,
,t fur teachers' examinations
,11.1ml III the PosT."
1 ,... i iii i of Center Hall is y
i.ii t Miss Maud JCunkle.
.I ini.ill. IbVmer spent Hatur
li ii. i parents at Glnlie Mills.
,r I. in, of tint Danville "New"'
f, w hours in town Friday after
. your eye on the "Coming Kv-
oliiiiin. Semi In ynurannounce-
f. I). Dietfenderfer and fiimily
biting friends at Llverjiool over
run net pure Wines and Whis-
medical use at the Middlebuig
Ittr-. tr.
V. Witteiiuiyer spent Sunday
is daughter, Mr. K. M. Greene
Alfred Clelan has been spend-
w days at Hunbury, the guest
to- Moatz and Harry E. Bolen-
Lnt Saturday at Hunbury on a
kg expedition.
!. Uipka, who baa been super
ug a job at Mapleton Depot,
unday at home.
is A. Boleuder and wife of
Id township, were visiting their
IiaW East Pittsburg. .
i Vurg"brug tjcore 1m jauV
Ml line of pure Wines and
w for medical u?e. tf.
Frederick is expected to arrive
urtly after July 1st to begin the
of the water works plant
li'l A. Walter of Kissimiuee
f in to see us last Thursday to
subscription a year in ad-
lii'ln i i ;i Witgcustller of Selins-
fiit Saturday and Sunday in
liu. -i of the Editor of the IV-t
four !Knolor for a prescription
t tin- Middleburg Drug Store
our Wiin:: and Whiskies for
u-e. If.
let John F. Stetler, went to
vitiitday morning to look
I' . tract lor Lue pro.iosod nw
111.. .!U.
I':i ;-t. the a liable hotel pro
I K' .iw rtuwu and treasurer of
'iii'.i'-au Slaudiug I'omuiittee,
if ( oimty Seat Saturday.
ou uaul to talk t this ottlw1
. '-'II Middleburg. Or-
SuoK.niition, Job k'riutiti and
ini; i iiii It- sent by 'I'hoiie.
W. I'oitcr Thompson, of Mesi-i-it
it 'o , and (.'ashier Jerome N.
"" "I Wilkvstmrre, fa., ieut
lib t MNhU'r JamesU. Thoii-
vliu'd j-n-hocb, a lueuiber of
k'l i I'TriNteeit of Susiiuehauua
!"'. atieiidiuif tbo various
i-uim'ttKl with i'otumeuce
i f'uhijrvivD this wivk.
" have a late item of Sew,
Tlioue, Nil '.V;'. MMd'e-
" I U l v.!. hw u. If you do not
1 tin-I'ltitU'iilai, M.'iiU us wiijil
h' W v w 111 ilo the mL
n m t Wiuin and Whkies
i' . I'd T, wheu jou waut tlie
The Lutheran parsonage U Hearing
conidetlon. ,
Mli It -rtlm Wlttenmyer returnel
lt Thursday from a vlult to Camden,
X. J.
Merlin Hhanrioii and wifpetit Hiir
day at Kunbury with H. V.. SjK- lit and
I'.rndy Kelly of JiufTalo Township,
L'uloli county, was at this plnre lust
Hopnai Hamiixell, net- K, father f
the Hheriir, m reportwl seriously id at
IV nnwreek.
Win. If. Heaver and Mrs. If'-nry It.
Tobias are on the Hick list. Mrs. Wan
ner of Miftlinhurg Is visiting the lat
ter. f 1.7"i will Imy one gallon of pure,
white all rye whixkey at J. I.. Mark's
Middleburg, I'a.
liev. W. Iv. Iiehland family S:ti:r
day returned from their visit to Haiti
more and York.
Miss FJrrnr and Mrs. Jarnes K. yfc
g -e of Kreamer, were at the t 'ounty
Seat last Wednesday.
(e. M. Khindel and w ife entertained
John Wert, wife and daughter of Sha
mokin, over Sunday. Mrs. Wert and
Mrs. Shinik-1 are sisters.
Children's Iav Kxerfises were ren-
dered in the Lutheran Church on Sun
day evening. The exercises were ex
cellently rendered and a profusion of
flower made the occasion all the more
pare for Government Positions. Fin
Openings in all Department.
Salaries. Itapid Promotions. Exam
inations coon. Particulars Free.
Inter-State Cor. Inst.,
5-16-3m. Cedar Rapids, la
The following are the dates of the
Fall faira held in this section of the
State: Centre Hall, September 12th
18th : Huzheaville. SR. "fend-25th :
'LewfaMwg; feept fo'Ocf o6e 2n.f ;
Milton, October 6th-9th ; Bloonuthurg,
Oct I3th-16th.
Charles II. Ililger. formerly a resi
dent of Reaver-Springs, Pa., -is now a
citien of Bellevue, Ohio, and has re
cently been sufficiently fortunate to be
appointed a Night Policeman at a sal
ary of faux per mouth. The Pom
desires to extend congratulations to the
young man upon his success.
Mr. Ivayeahgohalalilia, full blooded
Tuscurora ludiau of Laitimore Medi
cal College was in town canva-sning for
useful book. He is educating himself
for the medical profession, and ls now
trying to earn his st-holastic expense;.
selling Uks. He seems to t worthy
ot'ei.iurm:eme.iit. He will be b.u:k in
a few iav to deliver the books.
The iHiuiuittee on State Permanent
rtirii-ativ nill meet at Fr-jeborg, Pa..
on Tliuriay ami Friday, June i'th
and 2'ith. W. Teschers who contem
plate taking the examination should
uotify auy one of the uudersigued committee.
Mis Rae Mojer.
T. A. Stetler.
A. K. Gilbert.
FOU 5?ALK. Store risxn ami
"iwilliusr. New builiiiuiT, gicl Imsi
uess statul. usine i.-arrieil on at
present. For paMieuIars, AiMress,
"M." wre . f hKr, Midille-
liurj:, Va. tf.
Have you ever read any of Swwten
borg's Works '.' IfnolwiU you seud
tue your address euciooing a stamp or
two and twill wru one of his
isxis t:REE. St r Ii-i 'i.-r von k
u i.i K.i'lUu io tieiiimo.
N) Clevelaud street
tf. OpiLge, V.J.
Trit; and Simple Costumed.
i grown inor extravagant.
I Onemust have a taMor'I morning, or
Elaborate ; w"l"t'r,f frwl, wvere and smart as to
; moflel, preferably on of wnoltex con
'struction and finished with .- binding
... ... . atthflhem ; forexAliple, tlie one on
anctv in Sashes and f.irdkv ; h(( Mt , my
The mrMlerately well-i;oWiiei womxii tivene-s of whi-h Is streatly enhaiii-ed
of t'wlay iieeils two or three frx ks to by lielog worn with a Foriythe waist
every one n)ie would have neeiler) ten of white linen, hand-embroider.-d.
years tgo. FaKhion has beeorne more showing workeil eyelets in fonjtinrtiin
arbitrary, and feminine Mens have with solid embroidery.
The Kditor Vi:ls lei-eiveil iihivn r'nmi
l I. I . . ... I -
oo.vrtn.Msgetapr-ripuoUiHutit'uicton, IV, ami Cumlvrlaud,
"' lKvU" t "b MW-Md., where Indian Itill exhibited last
fi.KMoivfw-it. tf. I wwk and very wrely tud.-ed hive we
" ii' v Treasurer, Ucuuevtlle sivu such Iiterul auuouucemeuu and
li vUiula,v for AWtu, Ohio, such tlit'.tcriug reports of any show.
In-v.ii in law, Kdlu Charles, i They lava !rt ears. At HuiHiundon
i - .. ivul'y reported thai Mr. jmo pn'plo wituessid the show. Theru
o il i vv-i luully liKatv lu Ak ' are no idi- nhiovs, pink teruonade- ven-
jdersa.ol cut throat fakirs traveling
Mioup, SUouptowu, U haud-' w'lh lu"-'!!in li11- Tb'wia not a paid
Kb uituU) of Vrtlli.ers, mauu- j adverllseiueut, but we publish tb'w for
" v thu llaltlmoru Pulverizing th " lH-'n'nt of our rwulern who do uot
" i'lU-n rtiuuu .. waut to miss a !ew snow.
" IViKuns uvvdlug a rvlluble' '
ibouluwllou.hlm. tf
hvbid OnwVoMof thi borough,
Miui tukwiiug If'tWav eveuluK,
Hol. A. It. Hrlu . Mlu
Ou th 10th lust., by Kv. W. A.
Haas, Cbeil. 0. Oruvr of Lewlstown
aud Nettl !v GcmberliUjj of Saleuo.
Pf. Is Pfcrdel
.f ieoli . Fisher et. si. to .1 Ft. Nf:irf
'' m-res and -'A per.-b' in Chapman
twn . ?s;, on. j
Samuel Wiilon to Win ff. W.ll io. ,'
trai'ts eontaininir 17 :o-r.- l it pereh". 1
in West perry t-p , ,
Win. I'(o.m :iii, i ;f.. (,, K.-ini-i-' . J
I'.iiiirainun lot No Ji in . -1 : 1 1 1 -1 . ' i .
I at ii' .oriir i,, . . 1 1 t t - l.ontr :
li-i'He ami !. in Se'iiirov..
' Joseph W.-.Iit an. I M-:t'e
nip fiti'wf
Co'ti'n'j Kvents i.' ivt
Tile Tell!, r- . f he
d t n l h i '
".! 1 1.. ' . : a.-..
iF ' l ('!'.
I'heT slv!,,
' a't
. ! r, , 1 1 1 e
T .1.
Smith ami IV K. kewet. ,
I I I'er.-heu in -'prill'.' -v;i : .
iV'iij. Kiiiie :.) I t.-i. e . v..
1 '.v.:.., 1,1)14111 nii.T.-:l'e 1!
j I f ! rs .f Kinanuel -t i,-( 'n
, S'Uek, l!l XT. !)-
: i l'a " r ' 'V i '1 .,isi :i
j .1 .'if I eilllieniian jto.riier
i ! lie iieitM of !''iiliti ll.-nf.-r
j A 'lle!;a Wet e :A .I.T.- I I. .,
I Monroe ! vi-ji t.i jui i'h
ii. I i-:'.-
I lilt
III '"aet I
. 'i , i r
Kitianuel -tin!.
Suek o II I :e:.i .' ;,er. Ins r,.
West Prfaer . ;1"J"' ."0.
' '"'li, f I'a. -aniii.-l M. lav -wnl
v'.fe Jf aiT'-s .ui ;,eri'hi"M :n H.-a .-r'
twp . XorTlinini lerlaiiii i o. 'ii
H. I., -barter ami life r,,
iaii!!er !u ieri-s ,n 'i.-ii 'Mian 'iov.-, it, i
V l..Kt I S I' : ' 1 1 1 . v '.
Joe! i i. -tahl ami .v;fe ; .J..e:.h 'A ! .lel.t it .',...
Jliiiil. -t) aep-s .a i ', m i.i nan -oivtislii) . J vi , v .,,,,.
'"' vices at - in
Ulit .'...I'.'e ",
I ; r ril . l '
"1:ilntv -.'
lie ..Vel, I '
II' ,(!. V
l-ili -e!l -il.aa-
And yet, the trlir and simple trotting
costume will not do for all street wear.
Beyond the province of Xilor-maries,
stretches an interminable vista of more
ambitioua frock ad.-tpted to various
oceaaioM arhl include the most ela
borately lace-er1mmet and exquisite
emUinna whin tuhWy holdir with
dainty grR, ahowin a bewildering
array n( frilln and mrbelows and sul
sciibingfuithfully to the eternal Iraew.
of thimrs in orira.-iinnai iiin'ps of her
Gordo-dyed, lace-tiwrvd hoe
Now, as to these ame fiirelow in
other words, peuiiroau look our. for
gissl .supply ; a chauir" in peftrt-i.itts
and smaller iletAils .n ennsntares x
phasing variety of toic. P impmioiir
silks mark the correi-t heia;r, in
elegance in pettiii uts, and taimu tl:e
more servicenble 5r jvtieril w-ir.
none excels the s,,n which ha tl.e
new Pauin interlining, ihem
etrective asilnipn-kirrs w-rh anv m.
tume; In my il!uf n'tidi, . n !-in--t
H ittie Auii i viMr.ii'e
lieni-ath a gown of Mohair Sicillienne
With it is worn a smart Forsyth
shirt waist of Scotch Madras, having
stiffcurts and peart button fiiteninirs
pearl buttons heing the most popular
trimming for up-to-date enstumes.
Th t atvrfr-'to Tinnfnntlr irrow-
ing ui popularity, espeHaliy th one oft
fcmnit ribbon whieh must tit with tin
nmpmmisitig smiwithness, and forrhis
l fea!hertoue foutiilation is ai.solutely as isentiai. in tiM-f. :is it :
tor 'tneks. KikiiMin stm-ks. however:
i.-" .''.vin.j pl.'iee to the Transparent 'ni
iar t' lace faggntjinr, "tc. on -lieer
"r . bur ribbon jirdle and -st-ne-re
t nor" iniportuuce 'nan Tliey have
s--ii in many yean.
I.-ng s:u.h mfs are panciiar'.v
'" Iliinil tlllrt jfjisill : tin e ll.-lie- are
'te!i :iei iii oriTiiiii fasii :'!. i.e::i
X l"!!et. not nn.v a: the waist . lie ...t
oii. e nr twice l!tiw That.
Wiiloiv ni'l heir if I'.-ter Hotl'inati
lee' I . ro N'er 15 Miilitlcw-irfh. .
len-. l) .jen-lies .n A'.-at iteaver ;-,..
f:'wl -'Teimiey in.l v,fe -o .Ver B
.Miil.lleHiv irtb. z met.s. ai resi m
W.-it i-teftVer WII . H-1..MIO
( hrwian i in -s ami vife'o elmlon
P. ttross, 7.i :u-res in I5e;iver Townsliip,
Henry Utuh ami wife to
Grrw 2re. 7' wtfli. WlO.nn.
Henry IT. Walter, Gnu W. Walter
and wife to V H Winer, lot No. Is in
innk'in twp. S'idvcO.
Utter r.r.initrt.
l.ettern of admin i.-t rat ii n .n In-
i i;n '.
. ' tie
iH.'ll lSlH"
t'.rv uh! - I
iipvh i
, ,. ii..;est
1 l:m:i.
I Mi iv 'i v.
I iia i-l.lir
! Atlalit;.-
MoVli iV. June
t'artiival i'o ,vl II exhibit ,,it i-p,k
at i.-laml I'rirK i.enr -untuirv.
Moxnav, Junii Snmmer commen
ceaat I(i.Ua. m.
rt-F?iTAV. June it. Pawnee
Willi U'wt -how V i I : e at
I'.e i'.-'-.l.-v!'-Itl.i'i
I'll .H'f in
Tllalll lee ill
7, , .iti-h- il.ams
;ate of .John Hontz
-.V).. tlT I. V.--'
Hoiit itiit Wlil 'V
Lew 7"
' V'-iti i n r.
'.-!; i
'air ' Imnml.
1 ;
v ii.ia .. -
r';.ii .
J"bn H. ShrtinhaKh drivero "n'.--ville
Ii. V. Mitchel ft Hurnhwti -psr
Sumiay in town.
'"nrt'e Ncv-
'.'. aerever tlie t '-ai: je i"es . o.a..e,
u::iry life better 1: has :i ...
- i.e'.'iif thousands. I' Iia- -.i.i;:;i
!)e:i t.i think on tlieir r'eer uit :u .i.e
i"-et. ft has tiauied :oys ami iiris m
t :ie ise of their powers of iii!i'i uM
oisjv. It has rilled the ii"-- ..f tiioit-
Steininger Brokers shipped ev-r-ii -aods with the maii:tiir and pur.r
car loads of eross-trim this week. it has brouuhc lien t: and -tii-ouiii-
Mrs. Craybill f Richtto vistiimj lli'llC iut, un.n.mtisl house!ioi,. a .
ber daughter, Mr. W. B. Winey. . W!, JI ,hi" ix Utt w-ruiii.
Mis Jennie Bili-r of rVarer Springs ( '""' ,''''"n
sjent Sunday with H. M. Amws and MV jni" vv .orjan-l u
"''' Peiin'a. duriiiur the annua of M:v
.iiitiii ':-i -i...r
! :!; "lll.-Ule ! .
:..-i 'it".'. A.:,-.
a. 'e. 'lit : :a:.- . -ii.
.- :i I,:. .i- .
v.-r l''i iijv J ; -.-
.1 i'.v
I". ir-."ii !-,-..
Jiy '. -. -i-:.ii ' ;
ruie ;' .' nhiian
ri i a-'
e xi :;:!-..
-l.i . . . '
rnvrn s
".ir- .n.r. :.
:'.ir-lav- .1 .. .
' IlLlilr:: ...a
ii.i r-:
- ..I'lne!
"a l
Samuel Bos erox and Warren Sham- -N "
hnch of Salk-aj Cburcb were in town Howden.
McKt-on ',.. liv
L. W.
I.. W.
No. li:s. MeKran
No I !;. Crawford t
r.ryaiu md W. b'. H.U.
Nine .n new irainjvt have i).ii
n:t -en -itie. Ja '. '.si;:
Jonathan Biniriman, wire and chil
dren spent Sunday with the former's
parents, James Biceanian near Pent).
I'..-i. -l nll'1 wife, w ho 'irt.i
i 'i ii s-fenoH.n ser-ral k- in . m
relu.-i,eu Tuesday to their Lome in
Went Astkay. A Blue Homer
Pigeou, beariug rvvjistensl baud iiiark-
i sv.. . . i riuuei- win the battle fields fn.ui -ill to 'U. -i
kindly returu the -ome to H W. i,.in.I. ,.r I,..,..! t..,.,..r
bet priMiucc of the farm, an.' more
needed iu public siTuii's tis-iay than
ever. The Grange is the farmer's Inch
etiaivn :i. in. l -i .- :a. itii'-ntir
rus ma-ti-r. 1 ;..t-- r: : nt.-.
iioX Traiisii.'.tat: !: : LI !s-,-r. 1
-or:mr. r i' iiw -!ur::
man oerrii. uni all le -ji-v i
dimiiir '-a.yfiiM Tj-nv.-r.
' 'it
Vl -
a.- '.iiiow-:
one oert.i. ii
t.vo .11 one leit... r
Trj) rtite. '-"Veritii;
pen-e on "iiii;
' riosiioi ta: 'on to. " 'niiii- aiii.i'" -Htiet 'h.s oo. .
inel s lomjUt the Uilllli s of l..i; i, i
tion. Mvist of the founders of
iverament wen-farmers. I'!ie til
of the soil werestrninii v in eviden. i
I! '
Smith, Swinefbrd. Pa.
$1.75 1 $1,731! si.rstrr
Is what I will sell one gallon of
schiMil to rlt him to ? to the front
White All Uye Whiskey for. These :lt"am
gtHKis are pure tut white. Cotue and
try a gailou and be eonviiiced. This
Whiskey wilt bit ou Up after June 1st
I'JtKJ for 30 day v
L. Masks,
2t Middleburgh, Pa.
A s5ssi lauith is better thau medi
cine or ailvice fr tireil peopie. The
Gramm must'help to make the labor
of this lifti cheerful. It i a'u old lesson !
but it needs constant repetitioa aud
fretpuent enforcement
Engiue Fur Sale
, A twWva hors power portable Frick
1 Kliiriru lu r- n m . .. H I.. T .
- " fi&.cew sfuv, tl m cicau wkvi )vj. wu vw
IoUmi tiMi.iker II... I..t....... I ( l I... 1. ... Vf T w ' .. w.. - k .i . . . . .. . . ...
.. v. .v mwiiuvj m w, 4. m. ciV'-ii 4uua wi ma u cuviiuwu. imiuire ot oa m nonn siue ot aiarset square op
aiiw vutH SNiaitx aH tiouseworu) auJ Meua oraingtfr, ' iS. Stkocp-, I posite Central Hotel. Satibfuctiua guar-
Call 00. A. & Sole In tua new niav
ingauU hair cutting parlor for your,
head cleauttd with a refreahimr shaui-
pou and a cleau UwI h each patron
I yl ihi Vi Uuary huol.
both of SeUusgrov
Strouptowu, Pv anteetk
TWO 111 llll If!
tii'iiate rale- 'r
nan ai'sniiiui
:uc.ildei 'o.v w i;,,. ., r:-i a;
sie.-':ik :ran -'.-e-'-a, i.
Peuv. r at li.. ; ao- " r
tion oi'-o.n-e. .: s.- -. i. i '.,
maiiou. ii'i'iv To :ifiip-i .'ir..
Ivaiiroad l':ckvt Veat. i i
usi. W. BoV'd. I 'r!lt-mi 1' I
Ajenl. X-et -laio ii. .'
puia. i'a.
. Tniiy 4 iUvji icw4id. r ie en-
Uavuioud Beaver, the nine ntr id Meu- U .ui i l
sou of merchaut James Beaver found a has 'wu a:'.::
purse iu front of his father's -tore, on will taie lac-
FrWay arteruoon. ivtituiuimr-isty-i'iiur ititieraxy :.
dullars, several chwks and other vaiu- Xatiouai FM
able papers. The-nwuer iu the person Yellowstone-
of A. W. Miller, who resides uear th iicusca fo-miery risivl .i t. MUll
Centreville bridgrv was soon loi-ated bun; auvt Vvrtid the pntiut'n ttavi t
aud generously rewanied the hoy with the P i-T prtutui xmSL Coi'rai
tweuty-dve cwits. Mliinburg Times, laiwui.
an:' -.t'.aikiu
Nortu 'Ja&
. . .. , J . i
i '. J. -LUll
"'. ir:.- ?.
: i '.'i,l. oaitf
Ftl-i olc;
July .wi -aw
.:tp 'tih :t
i. :e- a
iCi::a sv.'jittv