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llotc Wcabs
"have a Job lot of note
Js on hand. They must go
l The price will do It.
Lies and prices for the ask-
We furnisn mem pnnteu
;ess than you can buy them
3ut printing.
ftano1"1'''' fdlt,r "od proprletr.
A Family Journal, Devoted ta Kcvi, Science, Art, Political Economy and Correal Llteratart.
Ratee: 0o Dallar Ptr Aaaani, la Aaanc
NUMB Eli 20.
Wilis 2112.
t tie and the Bustle of the
nty Scat, Told In Brief
!t More or Lesa Prominent.
Ltim Population and Evaat sf In
L. that Sallaly Carlaslty a4
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County Court la In session
Bowes moved to bis new bouae
q.A. Heboch went to Lewls-
V, Boyer of Hartleton waa In thla
L Keru waa a passenger East on
y niorning.
JorLunibardof the "Tribune",
town Saturday.
. Bllger of New Berlin waa at
LtySeat Thursday.
VaX yur cemetery Iota are clean-
Wore Memorial Day.
Bertha Wlttenmyer la visiting
luldey at Camden, N. J.
LneyJaa.G. Crouae waa a pas-
Wat Monday morning.
Hlnuie Kuhn a pent Sunday
Mends at Shamokln Dam.
Kern is expecting two more
111 of Cleveland flag atone.
Gmian of Mt. Pleasant Mills
the County Seat Tuesday.
Vi Runkle and wife of Center
W visiting John W. Ruukle's.
John Gantt of Mifflinburg la
I her sister Mrs. John W. Ban
Wnes MiddleswarthofTrox-
Mr. F. P. Custer and son of Kant.,
paid a vjslt to her mother of thin place
Inst week.
Now that the watr works question
Is settled, the town needs a good sew
erage system. The sanitary conditions
demand It.
Dr. A. M. Hmlth of Reaver Hprinirs
wa In towu Katurday. It Is rumored
that the Doctor will be a Caudidbte for
State Senator.
Amon L. Kpangler of New Italilmore
came home to atay awhile. He was
storekeeper and guager and has been
laid off for a while.
We regret to learn that D. K. HaaV
property la lu the band of the Sheriff.
We trust bis financial trouble can be
satisfactorily adjusted.
Now, get together boys and organize
a Fire Company. A company wel'
trained Is worth almost as much In
fighting tire an water works.
Daniel Stahl, wife and daughter,
Alma, of Mazeppa and Miss Dora
Mensch of Mlfflinburg spent Sunday
with Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Orwig.
Architect John F. Stetler wan called
to Hunbury Mouday relative to the
New Bank Building to be erected at
that place opposite the City Hotel.
When you want to talk to this office
by 'Phone, call Htt, Middleburg. Or
dera for Subscript loo, Job Printing and
Advertising can be sent by 'Phone.
Ootlieb Bchrey of Union township,
spent last Friday at tbe Couuty Seat
on business. He la one of the substan
tial and reliable men of tbe county.
Dr. J. F. Kanawell and wife of Penna
Creek, will take a trip Weston tbe 27t h
of this month. The Doctor's slater iu
Indiana is very sick and they are go
ing to are her.
If you have a late item of Newt,
at &wJ$l$
: r- TKi
V. t
i1 n
-4. i.i
I ami . I 41 a. -T I . .
n Ki rT)uraWlne8 and Whls-
in. t ' : It of naffer and Geo.
relner were here Wednci-
Leph Dreese la paying a visit
b at Lock Haven and Be-
iael Havkenburg returned on
ay from a trip to Michigan and
your eye on the "Coming Ev-
lolutun. Bend in your announce-
. W. Orwlgand James E. Ma gee
Ltwky for the Narrows for a
v are several cases of typhoid
pmg the road from Penna creek
Fields of Kreamer is a candi
k the Democratic nomination for
lUf j.i.lge.
Jail.Kon liowersox of Uoodville,
a Co. a rectut caller at Mrs.
r medical useTittne Middlebutir
htore. r tf.
H. 'ticking now engaged at Ma
w Hti.erinteiideut of the Penna
Nud Works.
M. fitfiiilnger la erecting an ad'
p hU house and otherwise im-
K the game,
fj L. l'blll!, one of the Selins-
Mlbrn, was at Middleburg ou
Jy afternoon.
pr MilliitT of Bt'llnsgrove attend.
fii"K of bank directors at' this
H riiumday
"iIcm L. Marks of Lewistown,
nemi days liut week with his
i r'niiiklUrT .
-A llr'rjr fywu colored kid
i inil. r ciyZffnd the owner by
A. Rlntcofe hat been select-
H'Urll tin.,,) uuriiwiii t..
StnrM hut! uil,
r. ,11 ii JK
"... nut .nw.uro Wines and
rr im (ttful ue. tf.
. . .
H' 'I'leiii, of ( JriH'iiliiii',r u-lui
V 'ni l a jtnvelry atore here lathe
"""1 ola pair of twin.
'"'I'M-rtand wifj ajKHit Stttu
"'imiuy with Mr. Camllim
I "winiuwu Junction.
fl Wuiiuv of Mt. Pluaaaut Mllla.
have all tbe partieulara, aend ua wuat
you have; We will do.
You can get
anywhere, Bl
best, tor Medical
from your Doctor ant
dleburg Drug Store for it.
ympt and
JT. WLkfi vofl
want the
to the(Mid-tf.
11.11 l'llMI-'u Vial ...l.,...-lt...u
toiler of MuKum Half V11
Em mall to this plaoe Satur
hilehwaheuuMjB t on
rdeuUugh of Mllleraburg,
wu Wedusaday and Thuradaj
wwpteu the water
Dr. J. F. Kanawel of Pennscreek,
John H. Willis and the Editor of tbe
Post of this place and W. E. Stahl
necker of Beaver Springs were in Wil
liamsport last Wednesday night.
A number of business men from this
place went to Sunbury Monday morn
ing to interview LJFf. Alllboue, Supt
of the Lewistown Division, relative to
some proposed changes in the time
Among tbe names of possible candi
dates for State senator next year we
hear those of Hon. G. Alfred Schoch,
Hon. E. M. Hummel, Dr. A. M. Smith
and the present incumbent, Hon. B
K. Focht.
A petition is iu circulation iu the
towns along the Lewistown divisiuu
petitioning for a Sunday train. This
la needed very much. There la really
a demand for another train eaeh way
during week days.
Last week's New Berlin "lteporter"
says : "Yesterday an agent of the
company that sold the water-plugs to
the Aew iseritn v aler toniimuy, was
lu town looking after the material,
which had never beeu paid for."
E. 8. St roup, SUpduptowu, is haud
Hug a high gNsffev f Fertilizers, mauu
factured by the BAtiJaojoj Pulveriziug
Company. Prices vaie from $13 to
$32 a ton. Persous areeding a reliable
article should call on him. tf
WAS lxU lUUMt Mm to pre
pare for Oovernmfft Positions. Fine
Oiteulngs iu atl ljrtuinU. Good
Salaries. Itapid I'loiiVtirnis. K.xam
lnatloiissKu. larllcuAirs Free.
Inter-State I'yr. lnt.,
6-ll-3m. Cedar Stupids, la.
James Ay res and wife have both
been slek lu lKd dining the put week.
Their mn Win. Ayiva and wlfo of
Paxtouvlllti and their ihamhter, Mis.
II. 11. Leitzel and hou Kueno of Mit
tliuburg are Ux.kliiK after iheir luvds
lu the hour of alckueas.
Kev, Fllus Noll, the Kefomud Iitiu-
Uter w lu preached here several weeks
ugo, Suiuluy uioniliiK wus ui.uuiu.oua
ly electwl pallor of the lieforineil con
gregatlou of this place. There are four
others lu this charge ami it la pivauiu
ed he was elected by all of thvut.
II. F. Philips, real estate ageut ut
Jersey Shore, waa at this place laut
weekaud tuade a contract with the
Post to advertise his bulldiug lota.
Jersey Shore la eujoylug the largest
bulWlug loom o any towu lu the
Cte. Read hl adver, lu th JVM,
The Proposed Monument.
The grand jury of June Court will be
f called upon to pass judgment on tbe
questkn of approving an appropriation t
of $8,000 for tbe erection of a suitable
tuemorial in behalf of tbe valor of the
Soldieis and Sailors who went from
Snyder county In auy of the wars in
behalf of this country.
Tbe above la an illustration of the
od a' .-. uia er-1-
d mm en abowa fMLODO, bt 0
Orand Jury In February did not ap
prove more than $3,000. According to
the Act of Assembly tbia amount must
be approved by another grand jury and
by the Court, before the County Com
mitdioners are authorized to erect the
The attention of this Grand Jury is
directed to the unusual privatious en
dured by the soldiers on duty. This
was true more especially during the
Civil War and since Suyder county bad
so many soldiers lu this great conflict,
it is just and fitting that their valor be
commemorated by erecting a suitable
The jury is composed of the follow
ing geutlemen to whose favorable con
sideration we couiuieud this proposed
Eiwnhaur, J. twtcber, AaUinicluii.
r tfthr, Kraulc bourr .uo.irur,
Mof Uo faruier HMliinKloa
liuau U C pluwrvr ferry,
limy bill P L farmer fttry Wtitt.
UusMrmsa Henry hwaiaker faua.
UuniDMl John fairuier Mouru.
Uuauiicl Jonapb laborer Jackson.
Harmaii Newtun frinr Monrov.
) Ugraiu lea larmer Adajua.
fewiuiiay Jobu Sraoiaa Faun.
KhoKlvr iu'l laborar beaver WaL
Kaafluan Mil)r buvkstor Jiuurva.
Laub U 11 (armar Spring.
LauUauiar Ol cuaubtuakrr Saliusrova
Miuaar Juwtpb laborer Kraukliu.
Keicblay I'uarlea farmer Hourue.
KouiijC C'lyuier kaavhar pin.
Kuw aUmvr V laborer Pcna.
V 11 laborer .Ulddlubur.
Sprettkie, laa buvkater I'uiou.
Waler Amniou 9 farmer Centre.
W bitmer Abiabaiu ae sellusgrove.
Ye.K'k Joiiaa feuk aackaun.
Deeia Retarded.
A. Pardee and wife to Jacob D. Sch
rader 316 a. 132 p. in Adams twp. $100,
Cbaa. Miller and wife to the Penna.
R. R. Co., lot 1 a. and 812-1000 of an
acre In Penn twp. for $200.
D. S. Boyer and wife to M. Mengel
and A. Garmau, 111a. in Perry twp.
' '' Sauan Jaiigar lu rana A.'"Br'ilHsM
lot In Port Trevorton, $200.
J. M. Moyer and wife to Carbon See
bold, 29 p. in Middleburg, $10.
Lettera Granted.
Letters of Adm. in the estate of Ed
wan I Wajruer late of West Beaver twp.
dee'd. were grauted to W. J. Tresster.
Letters of adm. C. T. A. In the estate
of Susannah Hendricks late of Adams
twp. were granted to J. Middleswarth.
Wills Probated.
The last will and Testament of O. B.
Sshalfer late of Washington twp., Pa.,
dee'd. was probated and letters testa
mentary thereto were granted to Wm'
Moyer who is named as executor, the
children are the heirs.
The last will and testament of J. L.
Kline late of Adams twp. dee'd. was
probated and letters testamentary were
grauted to C. M. Ingram who is named
as executor; the widow and children as
tbe heirs.
The last will an testament of Eliza
beth Krick late of West Beaver twp.
dee'd. was probated and tetters thereto
KrauteU to Amanda Knci wUo is
named as ex. and heir.
The last will and testament of James
Aurand late of Adauis twp. dee'd. was
probated and letter thereto granted to
allie J. Aurand, the wife, who is
! named as'executrix; the wife and sou
are the heirs.
Mrs. Laura Keiteruee Laura Smith 1
of Ellzabethville has come to Middle- J
burg to make her home with her
W. 11. Kipka, wife and daughter, 1
Miss Bertha and Miss Ciaire Ci ray bill
were visiting Dr. J. W. Devkard ami
family at Kichneld Sunday. Mrs.
Deckard w ho has beeu laid up tor some
time with sciatic rheumatism, is im
proving. Their son, Percy Deckard,
lias Uru appi'luted to the Medico Chi
The PvT is lu receipt of an interest
ing communication from the veivtlile
pen of Win. K. Miller, Esij., of IVuu
township, show Inj; many stioug poiutt
lu the life of Hon. Ncr Middleswaith
aiui his relation to public meu and
public (iiiestioiis of his day. it w ill
appear iu the ltr next wevk. The
article discloses tuauy things the p.x
pie of this geueratlou never kuew.
rinulc O. tiaulcr of the rlriu of
(Jaugler McFall of Seliusgroye puss
chI through towu TjaaWayi uoruiug.
He bad a Uad opX toiubufcue, two
to be eivcWL-tu ValenJ CemehjAy and
four at Ceutorvkto, day they
erected a uiaiv grRKe uiouumeut
fix the BrubaJklr'yat Mahontongo.
U w as large wehahTug ahnoat four tons.
These geutlemeu are doing an exten
sive buaiues aud are glxlu aatlafa
Uoa to their tuauy patroaav
Mrs. Sallie Schroyer of Philadelphia
is spvudiug some time with her sister,
Mrs. Amos Bowersox.
A. H. Smith, wife and children of
Olobe Mills, speut Sunday with Jobu
Hcrtl i Ueaver left for Homestead ou
Thursii. ..
Mis. H. P. Beaver is spending some
time at Viuloudiiio with her hus
band. Itenj. Heiiiibuch of New Builityisit-
ed James Diettich and lamily Sun
day. Ktitph Milchel of Kreamer snent
Mituiday iu tow u.
Uoyd Stetler intends to paint his new
Mrs. Lew is Miller spent several days
at b'reeburgi ruceutly.
Mrs. L. K. Wetzel aud daughter are
visiting her sister, Mrs. Long at l'I'outs
Mrs. W. Neviu Engel and daughter
of Lanaiord.
Mrs, Joe Bostian and Mrs, Frauds
Shatter aud sou of Suubury dined at
the home of W. A. Smith, Wednes
May IT, fcy Rev. N. A, Kiracofe,
Cleuuuou H. Smith and Ellen Walter,
both of neu Hujuinel'a church.
Comini; Events Cast Their Shadows
The render of the Votrr are request
ed to m-nri us announcements of all
event. No (i.arifH will le male t'
publish the Mine when the event Is of
public iiiiKrtance.
TrmoAY, May 19, 20 and 21st, Minis
terial, Sunday School and X. L.C.E.
Coraventinn, Unitel Kvan. Church at
Thursdav, May 21. Ascension Iay.
Thuksday, May 21, a moon light pic
nic at Globe Mills In the evening.
Thcksday May 21, The Lutheran
Sunday School of Kan tz will serve a
grand chicken and write dinner and
all kinds of refreshments one mile
from the acuurduct. Music will be
furmished by the Kanti Cornet
Band. Every Insly invited.
Thcrsoay, May 21, An interesting
gameof Base Ball will be played at
Selhisgrove between the ''Fats" and
the "Leans."
Saturday, May 23, Beaver Springs
Cornet Band will hold a Festival and
Cake Walk In the evening at that
Saturday, May 23, a Festival and
Cake Walk will be held at Centre-
ville, by the Centrevllle Cornet Band
in the evening.
Saturday, May 23, Mercantile tax
appeal at the Commissioner's office,
Sunday, May 24, Rev. Searle will
preach a memorial sermon to the G
A. R. iu the U. E. Church at Port
Trevorton in the evening.
Wednesday, May 27, Republican
State Convention at Harrlsbuag.
Friday, May 29, Graduating Exercii
of the Freebura- Academy, in' the
, evening-..
Sayivbw, May H taw laflar ASH
Society of tha Reformed Chorea wtll
hold a Fete oa tbe Church Lawn.
Saturday, May 30, Memorial Day
for the Decoration of the Soldiers'
graves. '
Saturday, May 30, A festival will
be held at Kreamer for the benefit of
the church.
Sunday, May 31, Whit Sunday.
Sunday, May 31, Communion in the
I". E. Church at Beavertowu in the
Monday, June 1, Ileiular term of
Court opens.
Saturday, June !, The Uth Annual
Convention of the P. O. . of A. of
Suyder county will beheld iu Fre
mont. Saturday June 4, The C. E. Society
of Hassiugers church will hoid a
festival on the church :awu iu the
Sunday, June 7, Trinity Sunday.
Monday, June 3, Treasurer's Laud
sale at the Court house.
Tuesday, June i, Full Moon.
Monday, June 13, Application will be
made to the Governor for a charter
for the Middleburg Water Company.
Sunday. Juue 21, Loudest day of
Monday, June 22, Summer commen
ces at 10:06 a. m.
Saturday, July 4, ludejieudenee Day.
127th anniversary.
Monday, August 17, National Ku
campuieut, G. A, It. oiieiis iu Suu
Francisco and continues ail week.
William Sbiudel has gone to Pitts
The managers of a phosphate plaut
iu Lackawanna County are expected
here in a few days to look over the
lou and vicinity to establish a branch
factory iu this place. We understand
their demauds w ill not le veiy heavy
and they should l-u encouraged.
A Hrick manufacturer of New York
Stale was here a few days k to
aaiine the red shale at Ued Hill Fast
ot traukliu witti a view ol lovaliUK a
'arge brick plaul at that place. We
are infouued that lie was favorably
iiuprcwcd with tlie iuaJity of the
The coutract for tiie water works
Iflant has Ikcu sigued. Mr. Frederick,
tlie eoutructoi of tlie plant, is now eu
i;sKcd with a plant at Millville, Colum
bia Co., Pa. It is presumed that teu
weeks will be consumed bvfore the
work will commence actively here.
Meanwhile, his partner, Mr. Bradeu
baugh, will put ouau euglueer, order
the pipe, cement and other material
and get everything; in shape to put the
plant hi active operation beiun cold
weather begin, ,
Pcnnsylv.ini.i R. K. i.ticc.
On account of tl.e Convention .f the
Old Order German Baptist Brethren, at
Wikarussa, Intl., May .it to Juim 3,
Inclusive, the Pennsylvania llnilroad
Company will sell tickets to Wakarusj
aud return at the following rates
.Suubury, Pa., $20.20.
ifarrisliurg, Pa., $20.20.
Helinsgrove, Pa., $
And at proportionate rates from in
termediate points and from stations on
the CumU-rland Valley
Tickets will also be sold from Ii.-H.lioic
at rate of $20.20 for the round trip
TlckeU will be sold from May 27 to 31,
inclusive, and will le good to return
within thirty days from dau- of sale.
For further information apply to
Ticket Agents.
Redeced Rates.
Onatvtunt of the Conveution of tha
German Baptist Brethren, at Belle
fonuine, Ohio, May 30 to Juue 4, in
elusive, the Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
will sell tickets to Bellefontain aud re
turn at the following ratea :
Suubury, Pa $14 70.
Harrisl.urg, Pa., $14.70., Pa., $l.l.i".
And at prop-.rtionuU raU-s in
termediate points and from stations on
the Cumberland Valley Railroad. Tick
eta will also be sold from Itroiing at
rate of $19.73 for the round trip. Tlck
eU will be sold from May 2S to June 2,
inclusive, and will he good to return
leaving BellefonUlue not later than
June 6. By deposit of tickets not later
than June 6 au extension of return
limit to June 30 may be obtained.
For further Information apply to
Ticket Agents.
VenierUl Services.
Under auanioaa of Capt. Ryan Poe,
W4e3teaf by Bv. 2T. A. KicaaMsa, if
tha C. B. CbavraV en Sunday evening.
May 24th in the Court House. Every
body is invited.
On Memorial Day, May 30, 1903, the
following details have I wen made to
see to the decorating at the respective
cemeteries named : Ceutreviile. David
Reichley, chairman ; Jacob Hartmau,
Daniel Hunt, Chas. Liimramau, F.
H. Uingamau. Samuel liolig and S.
Salem H. R. Tobias, . hairmau ; P.
Aoiig, J. S. Stetler aud P. Kraizer.
Globe Mills J. S. Meiser, chairnniu;
S. Boliuger, J. J. Mitchell. J. Diemer,
J. Smith and Heuiy Housii.
Paxtouvilie Johu H. Martin, i hair
mau ; T. ltathfon, E. Hommel, Jerry
Dasheimau, W. Zimmerman. LI. 11.
Attig and J. Earnest.
Hassiuger's Ellas C. Mini um. .'hair
man ; M. A. mith. J. Shumau. J. C.
S'hoch, A. K. Gift, A. lieniUkter aud
J. Erdley.
Ziou's Cornelius Uowersox, rhair
mau; M. Havkenburg, D. liackeuuun;
aud J. W. EUuuuauer.
These committees will have every
thing in their chaige at the respective
The Suuday Schools near the ceme
teries are expected to furnish the flow
ers at such cemetery.
The ceremony at the cemetery at
Middleburg will taie place at 3 o dock
p.m. Stetler s Cornel Hand will fur.
uish the music. A memorial address
will tx- delivered by Jay t i. Weiser, Ksq.
The presence uf ail loyul and patri
otic citleus, as well ao ltie;r lieip, will
be highly appreciated.
By order of I'.i,
J NO. Y. SillNi'bl.,
C. tiuieiius,
A-k your Locli'r r
aud o to the MidtlM.ur;
to get your Wiiii'sltid
Medicai u?e.
(.'ail on a. K. -srn-s in
lllg al.,1 Half rullll
lleU ceaiicvl il 'atl
isji ana a c.eaii
on tlie norm ile
posile t.'eolrai Hoiei.'
ail levU.
Lr. S, l. iMiK-u.leiiVi.
Uae, toiiuel.v ol leaver
ll'ers his set vice to the
euUlpln.'d with til.
ticc ou
. -
ailet alriVt.
v - r
'Hh ripiiou
-'vl,1", flit
' L. -
i"f Juuf
; -ualu-
l .l.l'Hl
i'Hi uai-
Peiii.ii i;ad-
nijjx Pa.,
uinic. Ue is
method iu
evd. Ot-
in Joiiu
Menu's BuiluUug.Xliddyeuui'k;, Pa,
liegiuiugiu MaJ yf will visii tlw
following twwus oujtays bviuw:
McCluxe Hotel, ari Mouday of eu.U
mouth; Beavertowu Hotel, rirt 'lYiaw
day of. eawh nwuth; Bevr Spring
Hotel, third Tuesday of wh uvuth-
J FiMehuig, Eatpire House, th.lWei.
inaMBj ua vks wuuuk ir.-