The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, December 20, 1900, Image 8

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Editor and Proprietor
at the Pout omm M Ml.lcll.-bur, Ha., a
accoml claan mail matter.
' History. Established in 144 its the
Union Demokrat, at New Merlin, a(it-r-autu
Whig paper, ChaiiKctl name to
the Post In IKHl. Oldest Republican
ewttpaper in Hnyder County.
j MB 55 sirisefl i
when vou
read that we
are scllinK
If we told you how we are
able to do this it would not
be so surprising, but let it
hi- sufficient that we arc
BelltDff tlieni at
Don't worry about bow we
( Sail and see our
Fine DIsplayof
Fancy Rockers
Furniture Dealers and
I'unvral 01riCtO.fl
4th St., SUNBURY, PA.
8 n I AMI
' ' 1t h M Neon M il I by
.Jwii.i li tve waited our
q Ottoman
-t n tllltt
wl heee the Itriast isteatioa in
UieeKy mi 1 Ibfl priest are wtthl i
the roach of all w9
Ml we osn wy in, 00HB and
lo k ixir stock over an I vt
in buy, Our good
tfrcon vincho y u.
ur enough
1 b&vi twloa
'oil ten doll AN
r till MUlfl ar
th I .tO '; w "V
Wo 'l.i u t ;i I
anil ot ler 'h e
ticle. O ir j U nr." nil tn irko.l
in plnin (Igurei.Wtj tm eh mp-
ei tha'i any one ol.
Bfl It rflMt with nirel ve,
Tli, Hiking yon all for puit pit-
trOflftfa Md vrtfhing yon all
240 market St., SUNBURY, PA.
A. iVoce eitory
Born lo Serve
A strong, dramatic .hrillinir
Xserial storv by tho world's most
popular writer,
Charles M. Sheldon
Author of " In Hh Stsps," ste,TT"
On "the SbTFaat-SHrl Qaestioi."
The atoryi doali with the, STVSnt ;ir In linr
hne. ohnreh, and society relations. It eSoSnda
InatrikiaKsttoationa, and tenches powerfully
fnincRrcatly iiim'c1m1 Icnson.
The Christian
Endeavor World
BsCianltlg December B.
Balwcription Price, fljayear
Xe StilMtrribera Iteeelve the)
I'np' r theJKeat of moo PHKi:.
Subaerlbe now and gel the whole of thin re
mrkiible Ury',: also th autobiography of .1
tiam T. 3tcad, tlia ftmoui Engliahrefornier;
tan J slarsn'a ;rle on ;" The Homely Vir
lues" '.liepli ook on UrealKOratora; pr,
Ctryler's and JoMph Parker's brilliant articles,
awl core of attrac 've features.
The Christian Endeavor World
002 Tremont Temple, Boston,
183 Ij Salle Street, Chicago, III.
It I a eomtnor; thing t
man being propi i :y poor
Am Eubiruiuirnl
a kino 1 1 1
i hat im.'t he .u.
f Rlrhra.
toon e qukIi. bi
there is a man in Pittsbm. . accord
iag to the News of that c If, who it
postage atamp poor. He diiln't know
there really were bo many stumps la
exiatence until he camp into his stock
and now he is eager to dispose of tht
lot cheap, for he needs the money.
About a year ago he loaned his broth
er $800 V start up in a small buaineu
with a large mail-order department.
Under the mistaken idea that stampa
are legal tender, with a deposit of bul
lion behind them in the national treas
ury, the debtor recently paid hli
brother the $200 in atamp. That
amount of money in one-dollar billi
makes a rather bulky roll, a anyone
who ever nati that much at once can
testify, but $200 in one-cent and two
cent stamps would till a large waste
basket. The Pittsburgh brother takes
the debtor'B word for the correctness
of the count, for lie cannot afford to
hire on auditor, and his own time ii
too valuable. The stamps ore not
even yi sheets. They came in little
strips of from three to ten, while sev
erul thousand were sent singly, lit
has stocked up nil his friends with
enough to last them for months, but
he still has enough left to begin at
the other end of on endless chain-letter
scheme and work it backward.
In the Boston Journal the fashion
able ladles' tailor relates the tragic
story of "J he
Trousseau." The
Story of a Trona-
lady lived in the
country. Periodically she came to
town and ordered gowns without both
ering about the price. "Finally one day
she came to town oh she was n fine
woman as well as a fine customer and
she said 'I'm going to be married
soon. I should like os good a trousseau
ok you can make.' She knew whut that
would meanin the way of expense, but
;he nev, 7 'd a question about
pi ices; .iii.a rartc blanche order.
vou see.
,118'. we went to work nnd
impnrlt-df "e of the best goods silks
and ntiiy' V'd laces that could be
found in iiris. You may be sure that
it was a trousseau we were proud of.
In round figures the cost was $2,0(M). It
was nil ready a week liefore the data
set for her marriage, and we were just
about to ship it, when what do you
thing? we got word that she was
dead. She hod been killed accidentally
In her own house. No, we didn't lose
our money. We put in our claim
against her estate. It was a tragic bill
wasn't it'? 'Trousseauv $2,000.' " -
A lady resident of Mexico, Mo., has
just won a curious lawsuit brought
against her by a Connecticut firm
which manufactures bronze monu
i msnts. Some time uco she ord tired
from the plaintiffs u $384 bronze mon
ument to be erected on the grave other
parents, with this inscription:
"The Lord Is my shepherd,
I shall not want."
The engraver made it read "fear" in
stead of "want," nnd Mrs, Doty re
fused to pay the bill. The lawsuit fol
lowed. The judge instructed the jury
that if they considered tfce inscription
to be a material variance from the
words of the psalmist they should lind.
for the defendant, and they did so.
Many humorous features were de
veloped in the taking of the ceusua
of 1900. One quesfion wns indicated
by the remark "length of residence,"
which was expected to show how long
the people living in various localities
at the time of the census had beea
there. 'When the reports came in H
wns found that many of these queries
were answereu in figures in this way:
20x 40, 15x30, etc The enumerators
had gone around with a foot rule and
had measured the length of the resi
dences of the people they counted.
Rest rooms for farmers' wives are
lieing established in some towns in
the west. They are located in the
business center and are made cozy
anil comfortable with easy chairs,
lounges, books and magnzincs. Some
offer tea, at the nominal price of three
cents a cup. These rooms are sus
tained by women's clubs in the cities,
or the merchants of the cities contrib
ute to them, with the idea that they
help to draw trade.
The death of Levi McLaughlin, a
citizen of Wichita, Kan., brings out a
story of his remarkable fondness for
children. lie had 12 of his own, of
whom 11 are now living, but at dif
ferent times he adopted a round dozen
more.including five orphans of one
The pair of new corduroy trousers
offered for the best country fiddler at a
Kansas street fair was awarded to a
pretty ranch girl, who blushingly ac
cepted the gift with the remark that
if .-hion continued to drift in its
p sent direction she would be able
t wear 'em by and by.
Up to the end of September 33,804,
000 ticket to the Paris exposition
had been sold. The figures indicate
that it baa been considerable of a
show after all.
A scientist says a sigh It due to
worry, but that a deeper cans U . lnck
of oxygen. Novelists have a in
to introduce new effects in Bent 'U-
Bhr v i on.
Dolly was out for a wslk sad met SB
frw nd of her graudfather.
"And how old are you, little oneT
...-ked the old gentleman.
liut Dolly was indignant.
"I'm hardly old at all; I'm nearly
new," she answered, tossing her head
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Wails Btllen Hla Stories,
He had come home late the previous
night and was telling bow it happened.
"You really ought to ha married
that little Miss Jonas instead of bbs,"
she said, at last.
"Why?" ha demanded.
"Oh, she's such a creduleas amis
thing." Chicago Poet.
la Eiperlaaa.
Mia I don't llks the eold formality
of some fashionable women. They
ought to put more warmth in their
Liz Well, you marry one of them,
and you'll find out she can make it
hot enough for you. Detroit Free
Am Vihiowi Qaaatltr.
Mrs. WhliHetree So your son Rube
has finally graduated as an M. D.7 la
he any good?
Mrs. Swamproot We don't jewt know
yetl None o' my neighbors' children
has been took sick yet, and pop won't
risk letting him practice on the cowal
Two Mm with Oh Hope.
"My boy telle me he is getting much
valuable information at college," said
the proud father; "I hope he won't for
get everything when he comes home."
"I hope not, sir," ssid the profeseoei
"he's borrowed $35 from me already."
Yonkaaa Statesman.
Met Be Straase.
"Plane music by the pound."
Exclaimed th music buyer.
"O! well, we never can, I've fouaa,
Expect It by tht choir."
Philadelphia Press.
Miss Oldham I want a birthday caks
sent up to the house to-morrow with
"eight oairKeii ou it. '
linker (slightly deaf) Did yon say
M candles?--Chicago Chronicle.
The Prudent Lover.
I'd serenade you, love, but 'tweuM not do;
Uood sleep I'd have to lose and so wuuld
Chicago Record.
A D1k Beat.
"Women beat the world!" said the
unmarried man, reading of some new
exploit in the suffrage line.
"And men beat the carpet," added
the married man, bitterly. Chicugo
Daily News.
What She Would Do.
"When we're married, dear, you
won't be always threatening to go
home to your mother, will you?"
"No; I'll threaten to have mother
some and live with us." Chicago Rec
ord. THE
For qufrjk reading
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r f ?1 ra
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you am
Did you ever try to dodge the
rain-drops? Did not succeed
very well, did you? It's Just
as useless to try to escape from
the germs of consumption. You
can't do It. They are about us
on every hand and we are con
stantly taking them Into our
Then why don't we all have
this disease? Simply because
these germs cannot gain a foot
hold In a strong throat and
lungs. It' when these are
weak that the germs master.
The body must be well supplied
with fat. The danger comes
when the blood is poor and the
body Is thin. If your cough does
not yield, and your throat and
lungs feel raw and sore, you
should not delay-another day.
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comes well fortified and the
germs of consumption cannot
gain a foothold.
It's this nourishing, sustain
ing and strengthening power
has made it of such value in
all wasting and exhausting
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At'lil HT FLOW IX".
'"It is a nirpriBing fact." says Prof.
Hou.ton. "tliut in niy travels in all
parts of tlie world, for the Inst ten
years. I Imv int more' people hav
ing used (ireen's '"AtlgOtt Flower"
than any other remedy, for dyspe
psia, tleiangetl liver and stomach,
mil for constipation. I And for
tourists and lalwrasit, or for persons
tilling office positions, where head
aches a (1 Keneritl bad feelings from
irre til haliits exist, that Green's
"Angus Flower" is grand remedy.
It does not injure the system by fre
quent use, and is excellent for sour
stomachs ami indigestion." Sample
bottles free at the Middleburg Drug
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Really the moat ralUible
Oaaee mt Hla Sorrow.
Jodge Yon are charged with break
ing a chair over your wife's head.
What excuse have you to offer foi
such an act?
Prisoner I'm very sorry, your
honor, but I did it in a moment of
Judge And you now regret your
hasty action, I suppose.
Prisoner I do, Indeed, judge. That
chair cost me seven dollars. Cb'cugo
Daily News.
V r
J Call to
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otii'ii t. i.,t.
opened B store
mm Worth
Clothing, Hats aud Men's
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i i
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ceiving Holiday Goods daily
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JL-F Clothlf Store in Sunbury K,
aa u
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Flour per bbl
43) Vlircst St,
see them.
V '
sag sgafll
m 1 1 1 1 n m m t n 1 1 m tL
Began SopOE
The old :iih1 reliabe WOLF FRIEDMAN,
merly of Mifflinburg and Lewisbunr, Pa..
..... el... .... . ... ... I I I
at 81 Market Street, (Ixeb'8
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Men and Boys; Suits oi'the
rfl , 1. 1
New York TRICES.
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