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Editor and Proprietor.
VOL 37. NO. 21
Week's News Dished up in
.. si AiUfi Vlci4sff-c in
Town During the Past
Week-Other News
of Interest.
ri. n,.sie Smith had beeu visit-
frieuda at Sunbury last week.
r:..T.Lia Grimm is visiting her
. Bamh (Jriiiim. at Al I til I II-
C. Renninger of New Berlin
l i :.. .. ... n4 one uav inc.
1 1
, ,i .r I -
i.i nutinp III U1I2 11-iK.UL'l
in ,i,...-
nations witli dates will be found
his issue.
m 1 II 1. kMIMaltllt I I I 1 I. il I 1 ll I
I i, li I lM rli V 1 1 In Vlll 1 I '
inev 111 r"J
ii it!. ...:...-
ir I r Dl.Ln mm Timul'iv u t ilt til
I - i I - I .
'nriun n resume worn ui
, millriirht
tl Qi! A I
.iMoaAII H II nilllH (II 1 t'llll D
1 - .1 lllltlll tv seat visitor
'K wars a . ,.... r
I t uraalf
airnaiiKs oui
bale cheap. Address Box
, ., inrir I I'll. CI--11.
L - ... . . I mI
Fourth at Sunbury, the guests
. a 1 i
i . neenoia uuu who.
.... i u
yI it. ir . HI. .Allium, vi
I 11 1.... lqat U.Ub
. Burns ennui, oi ii .. n.-
V'.l" y-"Trr...J;. n lour flnva in
JU. id n
1 ! ...,.t Liin - 'Vlll-
11. HUVlUg ttlMWI A.AV"- .
He Dtiyaer vjuuuv tmuwia
. I CJI I ,..1 in tin. i 1 1 1 i i i i '
111(11 h R IIVFW1 WWVt'WW I
building t tins uorougn
... - w
" " "6 "" 1
oh and Mrs. Joseph Walter in
loses Jennie Keller ol Aaams-
aiid Jennie Charles oi Port
erton visited Prof. Edwin
rles and family last week.
nring the past week we erecieu
W..I.. t..,. flnanltna Knirini' tl)
the press ami other machinery
lis office.
Adviaor, published in New
Bays under "Peculiar Names":
. Duck is a local advertiser in
llalitirorh. Pa.
T 1 1'
Mil, a student ot Susquehan-
Divereity, is visiting Wm. H.
We will lie a festival at (ill-
school house on Saturday,
If), 1900, tor the benefit of
i i i
....v.,, ,7i.llWI
KfitniDg struck in the barn of
iam Herrold of Chapman town-
ast Thursday night and the
uig was entirely destroyed Dy
large piece ot dynamite was
(ii in ti'i.nt mi tl... fx.iirr iiii.i
I'Vl'Ilinir nt .1 n v 4th. ITI lk-
b v. v ,
lute a utmt inanv window
Suudav evmimr. Julv 15.
r w '
rilllt ltrw it-III f-inr in ll... T
Urctl. I hn nacitir u tlinnin will
IIP rnwpr nt Sonir " A stwv-
vitation is extended to all.
hnr T. Ql U Tl
Frederick Kline of Shamo-
J'y 4th Irom the effect of
he died. Brown is arrested
urder and is lodged in the
ry jail.
Ir WITH Iho 4 . 1 .r a
.. .1 - . 9
j ivwu MUUJUI D Ul VlOT
lllw Sum.. : A. ? I
-v ue juai, reoeivea is onm
the product of the best brains
lnn.1 1.1 L 1 .1
"w wieniea auwors.
John Howell and wife were at
Sunbur) last week. Mrs. H. was
at the hospital for treatment.
Isaac Snlts, one of our ex -county
commissioners, ol Meiservil.'e,
was at the county scat Thursday ol
last week.
Quite a great many fishing
parties went out from this place on
the Fourth to various places along
Middled! ck.
Mrs. II. II. llartcr and son, Brier,
and the editor of the Post and wife
spent the Fourth with the editor's
mother at Selinsgrove.
A. 1 . Kramer, the wideawake
and progressive tanner and phos
phate agent of K reamer, was in
town Friday of hist week.
I). A. Keru of t Wis place sold his
plamug null property atiove Bea
vertowu to Jacob Middleswarth of
Beavertowu for fG00.
Mrs. Rev. 1. E. McLain and
LIU .1 i I . o II
cniiurcii sueni lasi ween ai oeiuis-
grove the guests of her parents, J,
A. Lumbard and wife.
Ex-County Treasurer v'm. 11.
Riegleaud wife of Adamsburg were
in this place Sunday a week calling
on some of their many friends.
Mrs. H. R. Bickhart,Mrs. II. II.
Grimm and daughter, Mabel, spent
Saturday and Sunday with relatives
at Adamsburg and Bannerville.
John Bhipton, a student of the
Scotland Orphans' School, is in this
place to spend his summer vacation
with his guardian, Calvin Stetler,
and relatives.
Mrs. Paul Billhardt returned Sat
urday from an extended visit to her
brother, C'has. Frain, and wife at
Akron, Ohio. Ib r brother accom
panied her to this place, his former
The school hoard of this borough
last Tuesday evening elected the fol
lowing named teachers for the bor
ough schools : High School, A. 11.
Gilbert; Intermediate, Ed. Charles;
Primary, Miss Lottie ("rouse.
II. H. darter, who has been resid
ing in Lincoln, Neb., tor the past
year and nine months, came in from
his western home to spend some
time with his eastern friends and re
latives. He likes the West and
may return to Lincoln again.
J)r. J. W. Orwig and wife of thin
place and Merchant James E. Magce
. , . i ' ;.. I T 1
an, wile ol l reamer were in union
County last week and joined a lot ol
relatives and friends in a (idling
pari v about ten miles west of Forest
Miss Maine Billmyer of VVash
ingtonville has been spending some
time very pleasantly in this place as
the guest of Miss Lillian Stetler on
the French Flats. The latter gave
a party in honor of the former dur
ing the visit.
Go to A. E. Soles for a smooth
easy shave or up-to-date hair cut
,, .I i -.i i i
and head cicaiieu wun a reircsning
shampoo or dandruf removed with
his tonic, clean towel to each patron
in hank building one door east of
Post Ollice; satisfaction guaranteed.
Hon. (!. Alfred Sohoch, Presi
dent of the First National Bunk and
of the Managers of the Main Shoe
Co. of this place is now enjoying a
trip through the wist. He will visit
Chicago, Pierre, South Dakota;
Kansas City, Mo., and other places
in the great West.
The valuable farm and mill pro
perty of Mary W. and Geo. G. Mc
Cullochat McCulloch's Mills, Pa.,
will be sold at administrator's pub
lic sale on Wednesday, August 1,
1900. For particulars, call or ad
dress C. C. McCulloch,
McCulloch's Mills, Juniata Co., Pa.
A Chance Acquaintance.
The most beautiful niece of color
which Maud Humphrey has at-
tempted has been secured lv the T, , ,
great "Philadelphia Sunday Press," I be leople 10 OGVEPal Districts Of
ana copies will lie given tree to1
every reader ol I lie issue of next
Sunday, July 15. Fur delicacy of
shading and hcnitty in every particu
lar this picture, uhieh i entitled
"A Chance Aeuiiaiutauce," is with
out ail equal annul!' water colors,
There is certain to lie a
tor it; hence Votl had
Snyder Gounty Who are 70
Years of Age or Older.
The older people of
Teat demand marksaudii is interest
'. . 1 .1. . . ii- i i.
netter order : 1111 same n e iiiiiiii-
yotir copy of next Sunday's "Press"
in advance.
A Sad Doath.
On Suudav evening, July 1 st
.1 i iii i
tin- niiiy fin iii, the seven-year-oil I
daughter ol James II. Diemer and
wile took sick and died Ttiesd.iv
morning at seven o'clock after a sick
ness of unlv 3(1 hours. The sickness
u hich claimed lilt le lain' as a
victim was pronounced scarlet lever
and the authorities requested a
private burial and quarantined the
family. The little one was buried
in me hi uuiieoiirg cemetery ui nve
o'clock Wednesday morning, July
Itli, The Post extends its sym
pathy in this sad Imur to theberenv"
ml family .
J, II. Seilerof MeKtes brought
the mail to town Wednesday instead
of P. A. Troup.
Mrs. Malonev and daughter, Eva,
of Camden, N J., are visiting Mis
Librae Disnkelberger.
Card ot Thanks.
I desire to most heartilv thank
our friends and neighbors for the
kindness and assistance shown us
during our recent sad nffliction in
the loss id our only child.
.I.s. II. DlRMKR.
Special Sale of Dress Goods
and Linings at Weis'.
lieeu able to secure th
i i t -
Saturday, July 21st, as has been
our custom tor several years, we
will allow a discount of 20 per cent,
on our entire stock ol Dress Goods
and Linings. This discount will be
allowed only to upot caxh buyers.
This sale will include all our
black and colored Henriettas,
Serges, Crepons, Cashmeres, Cloths,
Suitings, Poplius, Novelties, Silks,
Satins, Dress Ginghams, Lawns,
White goods, Piques, Organdies, etc.
Remember 20 percent, ofl on all
of the above mentioned goods, Sat
urday, Julv 21. s. Wew.
Festiyal and Picnic.
There will be held on Saturday
and Saturday evening, Julv 1 I,
HUM), in Pace's Grove, near Holler,
a grand pio-nic and festival under
the auspices of the United Brethrea
church of Susquehanna circuit. Sev
eral good speakers will be present,
from whom good speeches are ex
pected, A band will also be on the
ground to furnish music.
Refreshments of all kinds will be
served. Proceeds of the festival to
be need tosrard digging a well and
painting the parsonage. Come one
and all. By order of
IP-ported by A, ll Swart.
j Daniel Nerhood,
Susan Fuhrman,
Jacob 1 ). Sehrader,
Maiilda Shrefller,
Leah Musfcr,
Levi Musser,
Su.-an Hendricks,
William ( . Smith,
M. ( 'hristina Swart,
Thomas Thomas,
John 1 leudriuks,
Rttchuel Smith,
Eve Lepley,
Daniel W. Fiss,
suae Biugaman,
Lovinn Lo.-i',
Wght Bi:.VKn
llnpiifted bj In o WlddleiwartD,
Mrs. Geo. Kline,
A. K. Middleswarth,
Mrs. A. hi. Middleswarth,
Mrs. Amos. Nerhood.
illiiilietli J. Plumsant,
Mi. Geo. Stuck,
Beujamiu Peters,
Mrs. Jaeob Miller,
Jacob J. Matteru,
Mrs. John Kriek.
Mrs. Isaac Baker,
Adam Waguer,
Llialietli Ivriek,
Mrs. Adam Waguer,
Mrs. C W. Fisher,
Mrs. Pi ter ( Joss,
M rs. Henry Jos-,
M rs, Solomon Krebbs,
Reillien Maker,
Mrs, Joseph Peters,
Geo. P. Goss,
Isaac I laities,
Iaac Baker,
C. V. Fisher,
Joseph F. Goss,
Mrs, I Iciiry Treaster,
William Kriek,
1 lenry Baumgardner,
Solomon Maiin r,
Levi Treaster,
Mrs, Henry Felker,
M i s. Joseph F, ( io-s,
Samuel B. Kline,
Mrs. Isaac Peters,
i(cinri -ii by w. c. Bnyder.
Samuel Witteumyer,
John P. Smith,
Harriet Bachman,
Absalom Snyder,
Maria Stahlnecker,
I lannah Smith,
Joseph Bowersox,
( atherine Witteumyer,
Elizabeth Smith,
Anna B. Bilger,
Sabilla Bowersox,
Susanna Schoch,
Anna M. Bowes,
Mary Long,
John S. Stetler,
Sarah Dorn,
tnunity are historicul lam
examine authentic lists o
ol such as far as we havi
s'lll', ( 1()
i- r ninh. Air
Fell. 21, 181(1, '.Ml
Mar. II, I NI 7, n.;
July 31, 1819, SI
Aug. 2(, 1821, T'.i
Jan. ti, ls:;, 77
July 2f, isj:;, 77
Aug. 7, 182.'), 77
Mar. 5, 1825, 75
Mar. 21, 1825, 75
Oct. 2H, 1825, 7-".
May 7, 1820, 7 I
Feb. 24, 1828, 7 J
June :;t, 1829, 7 1
Sept, 28, 1829, 711
Jan. 4, 1830, 7i
Jan. 1 7, 1830, 70
XHliii, I )
1814, 86
Jan. 22, 1815, 85
Mar. 9, LSI 7, 83
Apjil 'M, 18J9, g,
Miv 29, 1820, 80
Nov. Hi, 1822, 78
Nov. U), 1823, 77
Jan. 31, 1824, 7'i
Feb. 9, 1824, 70
Feb. 13, is-r., 75
Mai. 4, 1825, 7-".
Mar. 5, 1 825, 7-".
Mar. 20, 1825, 7-"
June 'J.i, 825, 7.".
Nov. 30, 1825, 7"
1825, 7"i
1825, 75
1825, 7--.
1825, 7---
June 30, I vJ''., 7
Sept. 25, 1820, 7 1
Nov. 19, 1820, 7 1
Dec. 23, 1820, 7 I
Mar. 15, I iJ7, 7:'.
1N27, 7::
Aug. 17, 1828, 72
Mar. 20, 1829, 71
June 1 "J, 1 S29, 7 I
June 5, 1830, 711
July 12, 1 830, 711
Sept. J7, 1830, 711
1830, 711
April 7. 1831, 051
April 'Jii, 1831 09
Dee. 13, 1808, i'L'
Dec. 13,1814, 80
Jan. 10, 1815, 85
Dec. 'Jl', In 7, 83
June 10, 1819, 81
Feh. 17, 1820, 8( 1
( )ct. Hi, 1 820, mi
April 25, 1821, 7'.'
Jan. 28, 1822, 78
Mar. 24, 1822, 78
Oct. 22, 1823, 77
Julv 24, InlM, 70
Aug. 21, 1824, 7;
Oct. 20, 1826, 74
Feh. 2--.; 1N27, 7o
June -I, 1N27, 7:;
Sept. 25, 1827, 7:;
"What is the price ot Dobbins
Electric Soap?"
"Five cents a bar, full size, just
reduced from ten and your choice
of 217 25-cent books sent free,
for each 3 wrappers and 5 cents
for iwstage. Hasn't been less
than ten cents for 33 years.
"Why that's Uic price of common
brown soap. I can't afford to
buy any other soap than thus
Send me a lxix of Dobbins'
Report) by s. b.iimumd.
Sarah Keen,
Christian Kessler,
Samuel Getuberliug,
Samuel Bower,
Robert Leslier,
Peter Fisher,
Amelia Fisher,
Jacob Bay,
John Zimmerman,
Samuel Bitter,
Sallie Trutt,
Mary CJeist,
John Derk,
Matilda iaugler,
( 'atherine Bailey,
William Slear,
Mrs. Leah Bitter,
Joel llolleiilmi'li,
Musi - ( Jeist,
Sophia Lull::,
I (aniel Sassiiman, Sr.,
John ( '. I lakeless,
I larriet Bower,
I Ian v Jarivtt,
Mrs. Mary Derk,
.1. M. Kessler,
Asaph Fide r,
Jonas Trexler,,
Andrew Trutt,
Mary M. Kessler,
u 'ported by 11. .1 . tiplt-y.
Elisabetli Stuck,
Catherine Leplev,
William 1 teoker,
Polly M. Uomig,
Andrew Ulsh,
Anna Manlii'ek,
( 'atherine Shiirv.
Samuel Bachman,
Mrs. Paul Benfer,
Sophia Arlxigust,
Paul Benfer,
Levi Smith,
I ievi Swauger,
Pettr Ki.gel,
Mary F. Bingamau,
Daniel Pricv.
Isaac Auralid,
Augustus Biulniaii,
J Eliala'tli 1 ' niiiiis,
j Isaac I hum,
I Mrs. Daniel, Price,
i Isaac Ulsh,
Barbara Ivnepp,
Mrs. Peter Riegil,
Mary Shannon,
I fxio.N Tu
Reportod by 1 Innle K Aucker.
Kate lClllg,
Abraui ( iaugler,
Eve Houser,
Mary Aim I link le,
William A. Shnflcr,
Israel !harles,
Mary Herrold,
Sarah Shah r,
II. A. Bolieh,
John Wolfe
William Stall I,
Samuel Witiner,
( leorge ( 'anipliell,
Mrs. Christ Fox,
Klizalxjth Witmcr,
Li'vi ( iiMxlling,
Mr-. Wm. Staid,
Mr-. Jacob Riegel,
Christ Fox,
( 'atherine Sholly,
Kavhael Wentxel,
( 'atherine Seclirist,
Jac. Shotsberger,
Emanuel Bordner,
Jeremiah Bogar, Sr.,
Jacob Riegel,
ramp, (30)
DMtl III III rill Agr.
8ept. II, 1805, ",
Ajir. Hi, 1813, 87
Feb. n, 1816, 84
Sept. in, 810, 84
Oct. I'd, 1817, 83
July n, 1818, 82
Dec. 20, 1819, 81
Oct. s, 1822, 7,x
Sept. 14, 1822, 78
Sept. 18, 1822, 7s
Nov. Hi, 822, 78
Mar. IN, IVJ::, 77
July 1 I, 1823, 77
Oct' 7, 1823, 77
dan. 1, 1824, 71 i
Oct. 1824, 71;
Oct. -v., 1824 7;i
Aug. 7, 1825, 7.-,
Sept. 23, 1S25,
Dir. -j:,, 1825, 7:.
Mar. 12, 1820, 7;
Aug. 1820, 71
Nov. 14, 1820, 71
dan. !, :,N27, 73
Nov. 15, 1827, 7d
Feh. I, ls'.s, 70
Nov. I 1, 1829, 71
Nov. 18, 1820, 71
I'ce. 21, 1829, 71
Jan. 28, 1830, 711
sill I', (2.-.,
Jan 28, 1808, 92
Aug. 8, 181 1, Mi
Sept. Hi, mi,t n-
Oct. in, 1816, 84
1818, 82
Jan. 21, 1819, ,N
Jan. I, 1820, Mi
Jan. 1, 1820, Nil
Jan. 7, 1820, Nil
1 821 , M 1
Sept. I, 1821, 7'd
1821' 7!
1822, 7h
1824, 7..
Nov. 2::, 1825, 7,-,
1 825, 7A
1820, 71
-.'. 30, 1820, 71
Sept. 21. 1827, 7::
duly I 2, I S28, 72
I v2 72
An-. In. 1828, 71
S: 1. l::. 1828, 71
1820, 71
Aug. 27, 1830, 711
Willi', (20)
Sept. 8, 1819, n2
Jan. I, 1819, 8
Feb. 13, 1810, 81
May 12, 1819, 81
Mar. 25, 1821, 79
June 8, 1822, 7!
Sept. 18, 1822, 78
Nov. 2, 1823, 76
Dec t i, 1824, 70
Dee. p.), I 825, 76
Jan. ::, 1 825, 7"i
May 10, 1825, 7.".
May 23, 1825, 7..
Apr. 2, 1826, 71
Feb. 1827, 73
Apr. 4, 1827, 7:;
Apr. 30, 1827, 7:i
May 1K27, 7::
May 2, 1828, 72
May 17. 1828, 72
June 13, 1 828, 72
Am:. 4, 1828, 72
Aug. 1828, 72
Sept. 15, 1829, 71
Dei'. Hi, 1829, 71
( ' (. 1 I, 1830, 7i
Quite a few of our young people
spent the Foiuth at Sunbiirv.
In the organ contest Ebeoeser
chinch of Washington township
lead in the first and second counts
and the United Evangelical church
of Pennscreek has led iu the other
three. The contest at present ap
pears to be between these two, with
no chance of foretelling the result as
there are a great many premium
coupons out that may lie voted at
any time during the contest.
Miss Netta Gemberling ol Penn
township is visiting Miss Dora Bick
liart in this place,
W. H. Bideni, optician and jew
eler of New Berlin, will be at G. C.
QntelfaMr store room Wednesday of
each week for the purpose ot testing
eyes and repairing all kinds of jew
elry. Mr. Eidem is a graduate ot
the Philadelphia Optical College
and all work entrusted to him will
receive his most careful attention.
The citizens of Selinsgrove have
issued a protest against the removal
of Susquehanna University from
that place. It is is.sinil in pamphlet
Prof. F. C. Bowersox, County
Superintendent ( has. Miller, H.
B. Mover ami Dr. K. W. Took of
Freeburg ami Prof. Win. Noetling
and Miss Jennie Miller of Selins
grove were at Williamsxrt attend
ing the meeting of the State Teach
er's Association, last week.