The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, March 22, 1900, Image 2

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    Teat as n rrmrriv and olMiasnpn
"entivo for this dreaded diMiH i
hi ' eiy relli b I p.
irrr.t for
I ina i. Dot a nirrf
,Mrl" ,Vv, r- theory, for it bu
krn r.r many yeura thoroughly deni
astrsted. There are various methods
of applying it. but the higher the tem
pwaUuw thp better, says L. P. Haskell,
ia Uiusilulr (Mich.) Beacon. If access
rauld be hnil to the Turkish bath,
that! would be preferable, ns its high
temperature of dry heat in far more
poU-tit us n remedial apent than moist.
The next best method is the use of
tha ordinary bath cabinet. Next In
rder is the old-fashioned "corn
aweat.,t Take a half bushel of rorn
in the ear, bring to a boll, ami cover
lh patient with sheet, pile the corn
all oer from feet to the neck, then
ixtvijr with blankets and quilts. Have
.t (food lire in the room. After a half
Buur or more, wipe off with tepid wa
ter, dry and place in bed. Renew this
toily. now noted physician In CM
ago, npon hia graduation from the
wdieal college about -i) years ago,
mat into the office of n country pin
rioian, and during the Drst winter scar
fever was very prevalent, He had
Balder hia Immediate care 20 or more
earh i fever patients, whom be treat
ftl. in- ibis method', his attention hav
ing' been called to i: by an old phy
sician a year previous. Their reoovery
vas rapid II nd without any of the mi
Eortun te sequels of tin?, disease nf
.'ccti;,:' the eyes, ears. etc. This phy
rfciaa related the fucts soon after.
Some at lent ion was recently directed
n an American medical journal to the
professional fees paid to physicians in
the states, and the curious fact was
pplnted out that a fee of $500 was quite
exceptional!) netted. In the land
rherc millionaires abound, as well as
men of large wealth, this certainly
seems a surprising thing. A surgeon
mt long ; vo operated mm ssfully for
appendicitis In San Francisco and his
aoillloniiire patient voluntarily hunded
lira a draft for $30,000. This fee must
CClipse any record WC have in this
country, says an English paper. It'
anything, however, there ore signs
everywhere that "operation stock" is
a (ailing market. That is to say, the
fees for operations are not what they
used to lie. .Many causes, no doubt, are
sontributing to this doleful state of
affairs, bill perhaps the most active 01
r.ll is the Increasing number of those
. whose hands the public find that
vhi ir surgical needs can be placed.
A foreign exchange says I hat Prof.
Sollicker, of the Naples aqtinrium, re
rently went down into the Mediter
ranean in nn iron cage lit up by elec
tricity. With the aid of a powerful re
ceiver and a specially constructed pho
tograph he registered the expressions
j ., "ise with which the fish wel-
some 'itis appearance, lie notesthat
the sound made by one Bah differs
greatly from that of another, ami has
summed up the results of his experi
ment in the convict ion that the sounds
ivy fishes w ill yet be recognized as a lan
guage. Persons who are accused of
talking like fish may yet find that the
ujnilf is not so far fetched after all.
A current report says that the ti ns
'res of nn Indiana church have barred
the doors of the church building
against the minister who has been
Holding revival services with remark
able accompaniments. It is said that,
c the midst of his exhortations, the
Sinister would leap over the pulpit
( '.lie floor, and then with a hop, skip
Ml jump, go down the aisle like a
eUrlwind and back again, jumping
v(t benches, chairs and even mem
jits ' f the congregation- When he
reached the pulpit he would take up
his discourse where be had left off.
A New York expert says that a coun
try girl is better than her city-bred
lister as a saleswoman. He gives as bi
reasons for this that the country girl
i not SO likely to have her head full of
social amusements; that she is, as a
rale, more attentive to her business
Mid that she studies the wants of her
customers more than I he city maiden.
Many business men are of the same
i - !
Scientists till us that worry injures
beyond repair certain cells of the brain,
and the brain being the nutritive t en
ter of the body the other organs In
come gradually injured, and when
some disease ,,( these organs, or a com
bination ( them arises, death finally
ensues. Then let the "Don't Worry"
?luls multiply in the land!
A Pbiiadelpblan notes that o layer of
snow over the count ry saves thousands
of dollars to the people by the saving
in gas. Snow is so powerful a reflector
that one can see to read at least a
half-hour longer on account of it, and
thus about 15 cents' worth of gas is
saved each evening.
To move an immense building, con
taining the executive pfllees of the
UnitedStates government in Cleveland.
)., and weighing over 60,000,000 pound: .
without so much as cracking the pias
ter, is the gigantic task which con
fronts the Cleveland government au
thorities. We buy each year 1,000,000 senti
mental valentines, at an average cost
f ten cents each, and 20,000,000 comic
valentines, costing one cent each. This
at tarn means an outlay of $300,000.
A loung Woman Hnu (u Katie?
h Diirn'l Somebody Ulva
Tlirn a Km Hints.
I do wish some one would w rite a few
rules for men, said a young married
woman recently to the Baltimore News
writer. I'm awfully tired of reading in
magazines and newspapers that I must
meet my husband w hen he comes home
from his ollice "pleasantly and cheer
fully." That the house must be like a
sew piu. 1 must be prettily gowned,
the dinner must be daintily cooked and
served and that he mustn't be worried
with a recital of the t roubles of the day,
no matter if delirium supervenes for
These precepts are all right theoret
ically unci under ordinary circum
stances are practical. Every woman
follow s them Instinctively who wishes
to retain her husband's admiration,
but why aren't there a few laws of this
sort laid down for men to follow?
Why isn't there some one to tell
them to look cheerful when they come
in. and to forbear to grumble if dinner
is a trifle late for any good reason, to
be a little sympathetl 'and affectionate,
and remember Hint thcii arc not the
only troubles in the house.
.According to the ordinary writer, a
woman' whole married life should be
spent in practicing expedients to keep
her husnand's love from frrowing cold,
while he apparently may pursue any
course he pleases, civil or uncivil, tyran
nical or gentlemanly, and be sure of re
taining hers.
"I'll is may not be the masculine idea
of the case at all: t he sterner sex may
not really expect to gel the whole
glob" and give nothing in return, but
it is not the w riter's fault if they don't.
I sedulously keep all such articles away
from John, for he':, a very good hus
band, and I'm afraid such literature
would pal ideas into his head and spoil
Vow. poor, unenlightened soul lie has
an idea thai my Bide of the partnership
has Its own worries, and be tries to help
me straighten them out. but who
knows how he would change if lie ever
discovered that he is really made of
china and has to be handled with care
to keep from being broken'.'
A Tin on the Effect of Zero wVeathee
en People's I'eilfll
A burly man, with a red mustache,
was staled in a shoe store in the shop
ping district, anil was having a good
deal of trouble apparently in finding
something in footgear that exactly
suited him. says the New Orleans
iimes-Democrat. "This feels first
rate," he Bald nt length, "except that
if pinches a trifle across the instep."
"In thai case I would take a wider
last." suggested the clerk, "especially
ion such a day as this." "Why. what
flu- dickens has the day to do witli
my shoes?" asked the customer in sur
prise. "- great deal," replied the
clerk, promptly. "It is cold to-day
unusually cold for New Orleans and
ill such weather anybody's feet shrink
from a quarter to half a size. Conse
quently, they " "(Hi! come now!"
Interrupted the burly man, "fou're
having fun with me!"
"Not at all," said the clerk, earnest-1
ly. "I assure you it is exactly as 1 say.
and for that reason we have to be very
cai i ful on days when the temperature
is low or we would have a lot of pur
chases returned. Vou have been wear
ing a rather thin shoe and your feet
are at this moment more than a quarter
size lii low the normal. U you buy
anything with a tight instep now it
will be intolerable to-morrow ."
The man Willi the red mustache
looked thoughtful and took u wider
The Feminine Philosopher Mnkt-s u
Pew Snit. mill Bavncj Ite-
Now - lav s a ffni Ic roll is just as apt
to contain a sausage as a sonata, says
the Philadelphia Times.
With I he rudder of I ruth gone and
the compass of faith lost, love soon
comes to shipwreck.
soaie women's idea of their rights is.
all that thej now have together with
those enjoyed By men.
man realizes flic value of his wife
when she goes away on a visit leaving
him to mind the children.
It is a wise woman who knows her
own business, and it is a wiser one who
thoroughly attends to it.
To refuse a man in order to have the
fun of hearing him propose again is
dangerous; hi may propose again to
tome other girl,
Jt is not always wise to ask a child
for his opinions in public; they are
generally uncompromisingly and some
times uncomfortably frank.
The young woman w ho w as prevented
from going to a dance because she
dropped a hot curling iron down her
back probably tit the time of the ac
cident danced enough for one evening.
An Ocean of Liquid Air.
Sir John Murray, in a recent address,
drew a vivid picture of the time, in
the remote future, when temperatures
us low as those which I'rof. Dewar pro
duces in his experiments nt the Royal
institution will prevuil all over the
earth. The atmosphere and theoceans
will then have disappeared within the
rocky crust of the globe, their ele
ments having entered into new combi
nations. In other words, to use Sir
.John Murray's expression, "the wafers
of the ocean will have become solid
reck." IJut over their surface will roll
i he waves of a new and most wonderful
sea, "an ocean of liquid air about 40
feet in depth." At that time, of course,
life as we know it will have vanished
from the earth.
With Women
If a person is ill and needs a medi
cine is it not wise to get one that haa
stood the test of time and hst hun
dreds of thousands of cures to its
A great many women who are ill try
everything they hear of in the way of
medicine, and thia experimenting with
unknown drugs is a constant menace
to their already impaired health.
This seems to us very unwise, for
there are remedies which are no ex
periments and have been known years
and years to be doing only good.
Take for instance Lydia K. rink
ham's Vegetable Compound; for thirty
years its record has been one un
broken chain of success. No medi
cine for female ills the world has ever
known has such a record for cures.
It seems so strange that some people
will take medicines about which they
really know nothing, some of which
might he, aud are, really harmful;
w hile on the other hand-it is easily
proved that over one million Women
have been restored to health by Bydia
K. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
We have published in the news
papers of the United States more
genuine testimonial letters than have
ever been published iu the interest of
any other medicine.
All this should, and docs, produce a
spirit of confidence in the hearts of
women which is difficult to dislodge,
and when they are asked to take some
thing else they say, "No. we want
Bydia K. I'inkham's Vegetable Com
pound, which has been tried, and
never found wanting, whose reliability
is established far beyond the experi
mental stage."
We have thousands of letterslike the
following addressed to Mrs. l'iukham,
showing that
Monthly Suffering is
Always Cured by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, also Back
ache and Bearing-down
" I suffered untold agony every
month and could get no relief until I
tried your medicine; your letter of ad
vice and a few bottles of Lydia K.
l'iukham' Vegetable Compound have
mado mo the happiest woman alive. I
shall bless you as long as I live." Miss
Joik Saul, Dover, Mich.
" Four years ago I had almost given
up hope of ever being well again. I
! w as afflicted with those dreadful head
I ache spells which would sometimes
last three or four days. Also had
backache, learing-down pains, leucor
I rlura, dizziness, and terrible pains at
monthly periods, confining mo to my
bed. After reading so many testi
I nn minis for your medicine, I concluded
I to try it. I began to pick up after
I taking the first bottle, and have con
i tinued to gain rapidly, and now feel
like a different woman. lean recom
mend Lydia K. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound in highest terms to all sick
women." Miss Kosa Hki.kkn, 126 W.
Cleveland Ave., Canton, O.
Two Letters Which Prove
That Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound Will
Remove Tumor and Cure
Other Weakness.
"Two years ago I was a great
sufferer from womb trouble and pro
fuse flowing each month, and tumors
would form in the womb. 1 had four
tumors in two years. 1 went through
treatment with doctors, but they did
me no good, and 1 thought 1 would
have to resort to morphine.
" The doctor said that all that could
help me was to have an operation und
have the womb removed, but 1 had
heard of Mrs. I'inkham's medicine anil
decided to try it, and wrote for her
advice, and after tailing her Vegetable
Compound tho tumors were expelled
and 1 began to get stronger right
along, and am as well as ever before.
Can truly say that I would never had
gotten well had it not been for f.ydia
E, Pinkham'a Compound." Mabv A.
M'a in , Watsontown, l'a.
"After following the directiona
given in your kind letter for the treat
ment of leuoorrhosa, I can say that I
have been entirely cured by the use
of Lydia 13. i'inkham's remedies, and
will gladly recommend them to my
friends."' A. B. Davids, liinghamton,
n. y.
Another Case of Womb,
Kidney and Bladder
Trouble Cured by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
" Dear Friend Two years ago I had
child-bed fever and womb trouble in
its worst form. For eight months after
birth of babe I was not able to sit up.
Doctors treated me, but with no help.
I had bearing-down pains, burning in
stomach, kidney and bladder trouble
and my back was so stiff and sore, the
right ovary was badly affected and
everything I ate distressed me, and
there was a bad discharge.
"I was confined to my bed when I
wrote to you for advice and followed
your directions faithfully, taking
Lydia K. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound, Liver Pills and nslng the Wash,
and am now able to do the moat of my
housework. I believe I should have
died if it had not been for your Com
pound. I hope thia letter may be tha
result of benefiting some other Buffer
ing woman. 1 recommend your Com
pound to everv one." Maa. Mast
I Vavohjt, Trimble, Pulaski Co., Ky.
Ha Petrnt ! Tlew. 1
"Darling," exclaimed the bappy hus
band, after the minister bad pro
nounced them one, "I am not worthy of
your love."
"Of course you're not," she replied,
"but st my sge a girl can't afford to let
even an opportunity like this go by."
Chicago Journal.
DoniMtlc Economy.
Husband My desr, I thought we
were going to practice economy for i
Wife So we are, dear. I went
down and countermanded the order
you gave your tailor for a suit, and
bought a bonnet that cost only half
the amount. Tlt-Biti.
Alack! Alaal
A. they skated they looked at the stars
There wert a million or more;
Their hels flew up and they observed
A few they'd not seen before.
Chicago Dally Nwa.
"Aren't you going to have a game
with us, Nip?"
"1 feel too bad to play with you, Kl
sie. I don't know whether it's love
or that last hunk of puddin'l" Ally
The Safety of ladolence.
I wlM be Idle all the day.
E'en thoUKli to work my yearning wakes,
For then I truthfully may say
That I am making no mistakes.
Washington Etar.
"It must have taken a lot of nerve for
him to laugh and joke while the doc
tors were tuking his lep off at the knee.
Didn't he seem excited?"
"Well, I thought he talked in a rather
disjointed manner." Chicago Tribune.
LOW Te in ie rain re.
Teacher What happens when a
man's temperature goes down as far
Cs it can go?
Smart Scholar He has cold feet,
ma'am. -Boston Christian Register.
Tilt'. HI VI O! AIX.
Forever llfty yearn Ma-. WnrSLOW's RooTII
iNi; Bvaur ii- been used by in other, foi their
ohlldten while tsethlna Are 'on disturbed st
eight and btoken of your rent by n stek child
suffering and orvlng with palaof eattlngtsetli?
If eossnd nt ones anil get ft bottle of "Mm. Wile
stows Soothlna syrup" for Children Tasini tig,
Its value is inoslaulable, it will relieve the poor
little -offerer Immediately. Depend upon it
mothers, there is no mistake about it. It cures
dlarrhosSi regulates the stomach and bowels,
cures Wind C'olie, softens the tiiiius, reduces
nftammatton, ami gives tone and energy to the
whole system. "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Sy
rup" for children teething is pieusnnt to the
taste and is the prescription of one of the old
est anil best female physicians and nurses in the
flitted states and is for sale by all druggists
throughout the world. Prjos, twenty-live cents
a bottle. He sure and get "Mas. Wissuivv's
Boornnra Btbot, vs-iy
Suubury & Lowiritown Division.
Iu effect Nov. 19, l&M.
m'iiT' A M CM
am 'O.w Bonbnry 'J0 5. to
III 1007 BeUnagrove Junction 9 09 5 2ti
2 19 10 It Sellnsgrove i 901 5 15
21 10 SI Pawling NM 55
2 31 10. VI K reamer , 1 49 5 01
uai in 27 Metier i 4 46 4 hi
2 40 10:CI .Middleburg Hill 4 52
2 4(1 I0IIS llellfcr K3I 4 II
2 5-5 10 40 Beavettoww H25 487
300 10 it I Adamsbure sso 4 32
3 07 Iust! Banbs Mills IU 4 25
313 u in fcteOlur hot 419
8 22 '1113 Wanner 7 57 4 09
S5 11 16' Slnndlc 7 54 4 06
8 30 1121 Palntsrvtlla 7 49 4 00
ll.ifl 1127 MaMland 7 V5 3IV4
8 45 1IA5 LeWIStown 7 3a 3 45
3 47 1 1 37 Iewlstow n ( M al n Street ) 7 . 8 48
3 50 11 40 Lewistown Junction. 7 to U40
Train leaves Suiibury 5 klT r in, ar
rives at SehtiKgrove 5 45 p m
Trains leave LewieiOWO Junction :
I M a at, 1" IB a m. 1 10 p mJM p m S fJ p at, 7 117
II MptD, for attoons, nttSDtim and the We.t.
for Baltimore sad Waihiugfoa atsaai in
ilia 43:1 h in p iii For Philadelphia ami Men
York :W 9 MS m. 1 Of 1 33 4 33 aud 1116 pin Foi
Uiirrlsbura s 10 p ui
Philadelphia & Erie R R Division.
Trains leav e Snnbury dully except Sunday :
1 21 a 10 lor Brie and I'anandalatui
1 10 a m tor Hidlelonte Krle and t'annnilalaua
9 12 a in for Iiok Haven. Tyrone and t lie West.
1 10 pin for Mellefunte Kane Tyrone and t'anaa
datw ua
I4Bp in lor lAcnnvnanil Kluiira
9 23 p m lor Wllllamsrmrt
Sunday 5 lu a U lor Brie anil I'aniinitalgua
I46am fur Lock Haven and 9 25 p in for VII
it Mam, R 88 S m f 00 Sad 5 48 pm lor Wllkes
harre and Hazclton
7 CO a m. lo 20 a m, 2 05 p m, 5 45 p m lor Sbamo
kln and Mount Carmcl
Sunday 9 55 a m lot Wllkesbarre
Train? leave aaUBSaTOVt Junction
10 00 a in, week dtys arriving at Philadelphia
Mi" pin Now York 6 53 p Haltlmoro 3 11 p m
Washington 4 In p in
534 p in dally arriving at Philadelphia
.0 20 p m Now York 3 53 a m, Kalilmore 9 45 p m
Washington 10 56 p m.
S42pm, week days arriving at Philadelphia
t 80s m, New York 713 a m, Ilaltimore 2 30 am
Washington 4 05 a m
Tra'ns also leave Sunbury :
2 27 a m dally arriving at Philadeldhla 6 32 a m
Baltimore 6 33 a m Washington , v am nen
Vnrli a 3.1 a m Weokdsva. 10 3S a m Sundays.
7 50 am week days arriving at Philadelphia
11 M am, New York 2 13 p m, Baltlmcte 115.
a m, Washington 1 00 p m,
........ Bub , w a .nl.lnir . Phlla.lalt.hl
1 U.I ; III. n. UBa ... u.iauv.,.u.
23 11 m . New Yore 9 SO p m, Baltimore 6 00 p m
Washington 7 15 u m
Tralni also leave Sunbury at 9 50 a m and S 29
ind6 3lpm, lor Harnsourg, rnuauoipnia ami
1. K. WOOD, Oen'l Pane Agent
1. B. HUTCH IN sum it eni manager.
furnishes reliable Information on any sub
ject pertaining to Colorado's Mines, Fruit Oar
den and Uraiiog Land. Live Stock. Poultry
Beea. Irrigation. Railroads. Scenery. Health
Heeorta, Sanitariums. Country Homes for Inva
lids, etc.. etfa. Mrgl-90. Special reports on
mining projerttea,at reasonable rates. Send 26
cento and get three finely illustrated books on
Colorado resource. Address :
1 ea. M. atlakely , Dearer, Cot.
for Infants and Ohlldren.
Castoria Is a harmless substitute for Castor OIL, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. It destroys Worms and allays Feverishness.
It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teeth
ing; Troubles and cures Constipation. It regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
X aeasM
Use For Over 30 Years.
ThiH Ladies' Donpola Kid Boot, Lace or Button, sole leather
rounter, inner, outer sole and beel, fanoy top stay, Patent Leather
Tip, Opera Toe, 'J to H, D, K, or EE, sent postpaid on receipt of tl.
Equant nit y ,s'j boot acid. Oiw nmkx. Money refunded if unsatis
factory. We guarantee fit, style, wear
PBBBv-OoreaUlogiMwitaiUutirattoaaolirn bargaloi lasboeai also a Bubaertb
rr's Ticket wbloh neoavi a Liberal c.isii n laua oa your year's trading,
mTorpTTlrrAWT A T O Equals anyW.OO aoo i irifBtrent barefoot rattier than
X liiO X AlrlUJH UU40 buy anytutng-bai tb8DEXTEB$i.ooBhoe.
bSXTU Shoe :
I. c, ir rilrn Tin' shoos are proving satisfactory. Tills pulr I hut I now have DMa live
different styles 01 shoes tbatlbave boush of you ami iliev arc all good. I showed our
merchant a pair of $1 OO sboi a tbal I boa USl received lrmn vim is i id he look Ills knlle :ind
rut into tbe heel and exnmtnea them Lhtfoiighly and pronounced them cheap at $:)oo.
Vuu will iimi an order with I nis letter for i wo mure pair of shoes.
Respectfully yours, Mits j.m wii.i.iams,
WUletZ, McdHclno Co.. cat.
p, s, Use mytname it you like.
Dsxtbe Shoe Oo.:
Oeuts Hease Una enclosed, herewith, express money order. Please send rae snoea
out without delay I atn needing them, aty wltelaalaioai barefooted and t doo't wish to
by, v s at any other house because I have used the Iexler and Iluil Ineiu the bust lor
tbe money. Yours Uruty,
I' at. BCKALH,
Ncvvoka, III.
DEXTER SHOE CO., siSSSsSk Boston Mass.
Established 1880, Capital 9600,000. Incorporated.
H! PA-N-S ies
Doctors find
A Good
Tor mankind
Tte for fire cent,, at Drueritt, Croctr,, Rstauranl,
nalooui, News-Stands, Grnaral Sleres and Barbers
Shops. They banish pain, induce sleep, and prolong life
One (ins relief No mailer what's the matter, one will
do y.Mj good. Ten samples and one thousand testi
monials sent br snail to any address on rrceipt of price,
by Ue.Kipans Chemical Co., 10 Spruce St., New York Citj.
UAH fR UP bABINET sllitl'ICn S:Wil ! ifACHit ''J i.:sn.i..u.i,..u.ijfMin-..ii.
,.. r ... 1 1 1 ..I l.l.rt'ir, . i , .1. . ' n - t ' ' l...-il. uI to mar
M SWO.IW. ami III- ' II. '-! HtKI.O.V lot
fcUKiij AKn.ii. pa, Special Oflcr Price $15.50 .
our fifivlit aurent tiur S.
and fn'inht cnatves. Mii-h".e wotgiis voj i ntiitdan'thefreltrlit will
averuKo 75 0MM for Ach 6ou miles. GIVE IT THREE MONTHS' THAI in
your uwd h'ltne. and we will return nr any ayou arc not
aatl-O.l W stll dlsTereat aiakes lati fcratiee of ewltas; Maflilnes al
9IO.IMI, 11. OO. 1 12.00 and u;, all fuLy dMOfffbtd In nur i-r.f HrwUf tatslwfse, bUlttU.iU for this DBOT DKMt USItVT lit KUUk U
tberrestrat vine ever onvrvu oy anv aituitr.
tl. -U'.l'IltS.ulferlllK S-Vd.WS murnlr.. UPiJer various lUUIieil. With nnuii.,11
a.rrar.. W rlt w s MmS la kir.a.Bd I.srs N sr. nrllsbl. sail who aro sirt.
Tlir DllOnifV "7 aonrit iii-koiiisvt.
I Mii DUnWlVlV aiiKr boiiii poitok s.nir
.Kadi ba. him badk. with tiix
ayaraaTS or wm
b..t asakero la Amrnrs.
prrooi the
rss bur.
I H SAsaM cIomO i head
3 I larTai 1 .rank, the
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