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The Middleburgh Post.
Published everv Thursday.
Geo. W. Wanensatier.
Editor and Proprietor.
Subscription $1.50 per year.
rttlcb mnat be paid in advance wuen aent out.
Ml transient advert!rmoM4i not otherwise
.wntracied tor will be cbiuved at the rate or la
n-nta pnr line (nonparlt'l measure) for tlmt tnaer
lm and loceuu pr line lor every aubaequent
00-Drzlk noHeet publUhtd fret , obituary poenil,
tdutM ofmpuct. rfc thrrtcentt a tine.
'rwernor-Col. W. A. Stone.
Lieut Gov.-Ocn. .1. l'.S. tinhin.
c. Int. Airalr-Jtin. J. W. Lalta.
superior JmlK'e W. W. I'otter.
Congress at Larue Hon. 0. A. Orow.
' 8. A. Davenport,
roncresa Ilon.T M. Malinn.
Assembly Dr. A. M. smith.
aoClftte .Tudgv Z. T. Oemborllng.
rsuotysurveyor U. A. Uotdorf.
Thursday, July 14, 1898.
Editorial Excursion.
Asprcviously annotincetl in these
columns the 20th annual Excursion
of the Pennsylvania Editorial Asso
ciation was destined for Philadelphia
and Atlantic City. The local con
tingent was made up of Dr. J. W.
Orwig and wife, John Kreegcr, Miss
Libbie Pinikleliergcr and tlie Editor
of the Post and wife. Mrs. II. II.
Hartcr of Northumlierland joined
the party at Selinsgrove Junction.
Leaving Middlcburg Monday, June
27th at 8:40 our party was safely
landfid in Philadelphia at 3 P. M.
and domiciled at the Windsor Hotel.
The first entertainment took place in
the Bourse from 8 to 10 P.M. when
and where the Philadelphia business
men had provided an excellent en
tertainment by a magician andscrv
, cda luncheon. ThwlnMiig completed
the entire party of over 200 guests
were invited to the Pen and Pencil
Club on Walnut Street, where they
showed the Editors how to sjiend a
"Night in Pohemia." The club is
made up of the most active newspa
per r.i.'ii in Philadelphia.
Tuesday was sKiit in a go-as-you-please
way many of the party
visiting the Philadelphia Museum
n South Fourth Street, the IWc
Art ( Jallerv at fihnhel's and clsc
'vhere on shnji:ntrcxpcditins. The
Pennsylvania Uiilroad Company, at
.'!:! 0, had a special train in readi
ness at Itroad Street Station to take
our party to Atlantic City. This
cnterprisinir corporation now has a
double track all the way to the sea
reducing the probability of accidents
to a minimum. The lied of the track
has lieen oiled in order to avoid
dust horn rising into the car win
dows and mar the pleasure of sum
mer travel. At Atlantic City the
headijuarters of almost the entire
party was at the Grand Atlantic Ho
tel, tinder the skillful management
of Charles E. Cope. The rain pre
vented any sight-seeing on Tuesday
evening, but Wednesday owned
bright and fair. The morning was
spent in visiting Young's Pier where
among the leading attractions is the
young lady diving into the ocean
from the elevation of 00 feet, the
raising of a seine with 12 to 15 ton
offish and the trained lions. The
afternoon was devoted to a yacht ride
upon the ocean which then was too
calm to make it pleasant and having
liecn caught in the ebbing tide, we
had to get ashore by means of a row
boat. In the evening n brilliant ar
ray of musical talent entertained our
party at the hotel. Thursday was
destined for us to lie the most de
lightful of the week. The miu was
scorching hot in the city but on the
beach it was cool. A plang into
the surf was next on the pramni,
The pleasure of this part of oor trip
can only lie attested by the thous
ands who every day are afforded the
opportunity of having an exhiliating
Ixith that drives dull cares away. In
the afternoon we took the street cars
for Long)ort, then boarded a Steam
boat for Ocean City, another resort
rising into prominence, returning to
the hotel at 6 P. M. The evening
was spent on the board walk where
thousands parade lek and forth on
the busy thoroughfare and upon the
stl pier where dancing was the
chief pass-tune of the cveuing. We
a . . 1 1 "a?
were loth to leave sucn luviung
breez-es and the thought of returning
to Philadelphia where a different
temperature existed was not to our
liking, but duty prevailed. We re
turned to Philadelphia Friday
morning and immediately went to
the Mlogical garden where all the
different specimens of the animal
kininlomcan be seen and appreciated,
but the extreme heat made sight
seeing extremely unpleasant. Dur
ing the afternoon our party was
D m
somewhat scattered, some going shop
pine while the writer visited Ger
montown, the historic battlefield of
the Revolutionary War. lie was
shown and invited into the famous
Chew Mansion still standing where
the hottest part of that famous bat
tle was fought. 1 lie bouse at mat
time was the headquarters for the
British officers and hence was a cov
etl citadel and after a loiiir and
bitter struggle the colonists obtained
ml t II . . I J
possession, Hie ouuei marKS ami
other evidences of a fierce struggle
are still aptiarent. The building
has remained in the Chew family
ever since and is now occupied by
the descendants of the family of co
lonial times.
The heat of the evening was in
tense and the only avenue of escape
seemed to be a visit to AVillow Grove
Park, the pleasure-mecca of Phila
delphia. The ride affo'tled a wel
come change in temperature and
opened to our gaze the great pleasure
resort so much written and talked
about The electrical fountain is a
phenomen rarely beheld ; the music
of the Marine band of Chicago is
enchanting ; the frizzing soda foun
tain is inviting ; the Shoot the Chutes,
the Mystic Maize, the Scenic Rail
way and a hundred and other things
afford abundant pleasure for the vis
Saturday morning at 8:30 we
started for home arriving here at
The association will long remem
ber the twenty-sixth annual excur
sion to the seaside and Philadelphia.
r or courtesies extended in Philadel
phia we arc indebted to the propri
etors of Hotels Walton and Wind
sor, the president and manager of
the Bourse, the director and manag
ers of the Commercial Museum, the
trade cominitte and Hotel Walton
for the grand luncheon, and McKel
lar, Smith & Jordan, tyN' founders.
In Atlantic City we are indebted to
Mr. Young, roprietor of the Young's
pier ; the proprietors ofthc Atlantic
City steel pier, the proprietors of the
various hotels, the musical party
and others. The editor of the Post
thanks the managers of the Penn
sylvania Railway for the courtesies
extended to him and others of the
V''"'iy' -
Private Postal Cards.
The jMistofliee department at
Washington has notified Postmaster
Van Cott that on and after July 1
next, private cards learing written
or printed messages may lie sent
through the mails at a postage rate
of 1 cent apiece, payable by a stamp
affixed by the sender ; says the New
York Evening Sun. The card
must not be larger than 3 by J
inches, and in quality must 1m; siiIh
stantially the same as the govern
ment postal cards.
In color they may be white
cream, light gray or light buff.
The cards must liear these words in
print, on the address side: "Private
mailing card, authorized by act of
Congress of May 19, 1898," and up
in the upper right hand cornerthere
should be an obloug diagram with
the words : "Place a 1-cent stamp
In the lower left hand corner the
words, '.This side is exclusively for
the address ' should be printed.
The address may include the oceu-
pation or business of the person to
whom the card is sent, and advertise
ments, illustrations or other printed
matter in black or in other colors
may le printed or written upon the
message side. The letter rate of
Ll. II i Ml 1.
jtosuige, - ceniH, win oe required
upon private mailing cards to be
sent to foreign countries.
Snyder Caaaty Choir t'oaveatlaa.
Daisv Gift. Annie Swemrle Hovt '
Graybill, Ralph Gift and Churl'-.
Swengle attended the vlinstuut
Endeavor Rally at Sunbury on
Monday. . . .Uur people comniencea
to liarvest huckleberries last week.
The crop U not as large as it was
last year alter Uilham and
Frank Gilham of bliamokin circulat
ed among frieuds in town last week
...... Prof. F. C. Bowcrsox and
family visisted his mother on Sunday
Miss Hattie Heitnbach of
New Berlin visited her grandma,
Mrs. Mary Howell Ellen
Weirickof Centreville Michigan,
came to this place last Eriday to
visit her many friends. She came
by way of Niagra Falls having spent
a few days there. . . .Oliver Howell
Frank Miller and Warren Ernest
came home from the lumber woods
in Lycoming Co., to spend a week
with their families John Bruner
came down from Shawverville this
week to harvest his wheat Kate
S. Bowcrsox and her mother Mrs.
Sallielkiwersox left for Chicago on
Monday noon. Kate will attend
summer school at Chicago while
Mrs. Bowcrsox will spend most ot
... .
her time visitinir lier brother and
sister at Hampshire a town 50 miles
west ot Chicago. 1 hey expeet . to
return sometime in August.
Geo. Gordon, who is working in
Shamokin was home over Sunday
and the fourth The R. R. Co.,
was engaged in constructing the 11.
R. bridire lxilow town on Sunday.
They did not make very good head
way. They will complete the bridge
on Sunday. Quite a number of
cycl ists of Midd leburg and surround
ing towns were present to witness
the construction of the bridge
Gideon Gordon was stabbed in the
hand with a fork while unloading a
load of wheat br Howard Walter
Some villian while passing
Mrs. Levi Erd ley's beautiful lawn
sometime ago made it his business
to steal several of the most beautiful
and valuable flower plants theculprits
would better ask next time if
thev wish to be wived future trouble
Miss Ida Fields was a Middle
burg visitor last Saturday evening
Last I riday nisrht Mrs. A.
A. Heintzleman gave birth to a baby
girl Frank Mitchel attended
the Christian Endeavor convention
at Packer's Island on Monday the 4th
Ihe cillzeiH il Krcanief pi'"-
chased a flag tli it is 2S it long I
17 ft wide and raised it on two .'litt
last Monday evening. The Kantz
Band furnished excellent music and
the orators were Prof. F. C. Bowcr
sox and Dr. E. W. Tool.
I Lever it a chmich deditatioa ,
Sunday J.J. bchoch and wife
attended the funeral of John Leisen
ritig at Bear Gap on Tuesday. Mr.
Leiennng was an uncle of Mrs.
Schoch. . . .Mrs. Rev. Dietrich and
family of Whiteiuarsh, Pa., are be
ing entertained at her father's, Dr.
Dimm and family Rev. F. P.
Manhart and family of Baltimore
are welcome guests at the home of
Mrs. Manhart's father, Dr. Born . .
Mrs. Hill of Sunbury and her
daughter, Mrs. Gcarhart and child
ren of Harrisburg spent Sunday at
Geo. Davis' home. . . .Mrs. Dr.
Yutzy died on Monday forenoon at
her home. Interment will take
place on Thursday forenoon from
the residence. Mrs. Yutzy has suf
fered for some years from the dread
disease--consumptiou; The shoe
factory is gradually increasing the
! out-put of shoes ; they are making
hue work The farmers in this
section are quite busy getting in
their crops which are quite large.
There seemed to be a fly scare, but
since the grain is cut, it is found that
the fly was nut us bad as was sup
posed, especially with the usual
magnifying glasses that are usually
employed to see things that do not
Carpoto 1 Carpeto U )f CarpataTi
AH Qualities.
ah races.
The whole lower floor nf mv
Art Squares, Curtains, Window Shades, Curtain Poles, JW,t
Rug Fringe, Floor, Stair and Table Oil Cloths, Ac., Ac,,
We can show you the largest and best selection of the above .1
ever shown in Lcwistown." K
Rag Carpet, as low as 20c, and .
Cotton Carpet " 22n u
Velvet Carpet 75c. ,
Brussell Carpet as low as 50c. and up
AH Wool Carpet " 50c. " "
Half Wool Carpet" 35o,
-01iina and Japan Mat tine' 100 Holla in 8aW Tt
d . V.VV 1UJQ
Compare quality and prices, you will find that our store is the
place to buy at. The goods are first-class, prices are the low
1 est, our rooms are clean cud no trottble to show irooda.
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. For the short time we hare been
iu buainsss, our store and goods
have Njcome well and favorably
known as to quality, LOW PRICES
J Di td ri t rvr-i
Jost BetnM
The 11th Annual will convene
near Frecburg Saturday Aug. 20th
1898. The Church Choir contain
ing the Choruses for the day can
now be had for rehearsal for 4cts.
Address, Wm. Moycr, Pres.
Frecburg. Pa.
An Inquiry.
Will the Editor of the Post
please answer in his paper and tell
us the numl)cr of stars on a correct
U. S. flag, also the names of the
remaining territories? IxyuiKKK.
1 There arc now 45 states in the
National Union and hence a correct
flag must have 45 stars, one star
for each state. Utah was the last
State admitted.
2 The regular territories of the
United States are Oklahoma, Arizona
New Mexico, Alaska and Indian
territory. To this should lie added
theterritory of Hawaii justunncxed.
Then the war will probably bring
such as the Philipiues, Porto Rico
and Cuba, depending upon the treaty
of jRtice.
from New York and PhiladelpL5.
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c:i : , h' mi ' "v ! e our
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Liberal Aftnstments. Prompt Payment
On It- fll.ll Oj i n , n .
v iucbi, lou-ungesi v;a8n uompanies,
Fire, Life, Accident and Tornado.
Ho AsseeamfiTita No Premium Hotei
fall--. a "MMMMM"TmMaaWaaaaaaa1
x .e Aetna f ounded A. D., 1819 Assets 811,055138
- J803 u 9,853,628.51
- X9iy 09,584.53
me oiauQara Acciaent insurance Co.
The New York Life Insurance Co.
The Fidelity Mutual Life Association.
Tour Patronage Solicited.
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2 pnekages 25c.
Fourth of J uly litis come and gone;
it was more generally observed this
year than usual. .. .1). W., Crouse
and wife of "Wallinglbrd, I)elaware
Co., are spending several weeks
with Norton Crouse and family . .
Harry Hummel, wife und child of
Northumberland spent Sunday with
Grandma Eby A brother of Dr.
Voelkler with his wife of Corning,
N. Y., were welcome guests at the
doctor's Postmaster Wagensel-
ler took charge of the oflice last week.
He has retained the efficient assistant
II. E. Laudenslager. . . .Mrs. Kate
Gallngher nee Schlce of Norfolk,
Va., is being entertained by tiki
Misses Hendricks. . . . Misses Deckie
Covert and Mary Schnure are spend
ing several weeks at Harrisburg
among friends... Mrs. Annie Shadel,
nicco of Mrs. Kr ':e "Wagensellcr,'
circulated among friends last week
A Tally Ho Coach from Danville
stopped overnight Monday at Key
Btone Hotel; we did not learn where
they were going .....Rev. Barb as
sisted Rev. H. C. Salem, Scalp
1 Ginger snaps. 5c. a lb.
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Mflio .
Peu EJardi-jare
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