The Middleburgh post. (Middleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa.) 1883-1916, April 30, 1885, Image 1

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ITL..I i.v lli'lirt- hlliH'1.
Andtb-bomMhai i.t.aPi M,
jjr1"1it,'"t in i1
At.-t wlioro U.. y "'I
Whrmn-. r!rooni.f..'1i.-i-
Tl."T'.t of v..rl
Ami .."tray I.Hir.-.l inotli.T
l8li..n.i.Mitl) .ar.-:
In li. Ij.tT nl"..",
Put ik'Ii ' ,","v
Till tli work i iloiif.
Tbcn'iiKitliiTlri- l.'iMir.'
y,. Until with h.TcirK
Bh'c shiuos nil h.TM'.nvts.
Ti.vMnootlibtTM.M '"iN.
.Ami I -oil V V--l..r-Thci-.-
n"v.-r uu tM--i1..-r
go wi.i'"i"' fil1''
' .7
Anl r.thiT !- j-l!y:
J j.(..rios utrl l'"1
..... nr.. ..r tlv hoiist li
Ii.. tin. Ii"t
Who .lorn not think fnth.-r
. Known h.'ft .uit i
Ami wnnl.l not work !..ul'l
Vlii.t if n.i;;ht l.ikt! n-.-t.
Ha l,. l..!n ' MH'h otln r
WVi " "I '
1 I il...i-ori'hiy.
IoJi;iiiiio- v r
J'lii' your.- pa-:' iiwi.y;
Tor ii'..'it-uri'.- tiro lii i:;ht.'st
.'i ii'it many lioni'tf fhai-'1.
' Ami ''"i'l an- lihi'-ft
That many Imml I't'iO'.
' !IY mi;;', w. r. :liS
Meniorios c.f joy, why onio yo l..-U
.Totr. nihlo o'i I' th" lo ai't liUoj.aiii.
Reoiillini-' nmny a miiiiiv trark
OitT tuoi,t.-i n.'Vr Miail ti-a. o aainV
Lovodf Tins now cr.'.-t nson tlntuir,
Lovi I v..i.-.' tr.-mhlf h our i ar-.
And iihniiioiii j.Wa-'ni-o i-v.-ry wh'-r.'
Lauiih at tho h.octorof our fours.
We 8n- hi ij;'.it frtoi-s nil a-lo'v
Wifh yonl'.i an l l h-aii oV !)rij.htosl
. j tioatu,
r.OllOil'L- fllllt!-tPH O.'IIIO flll'l 'O,
And vi.-iuiis ii'ir tho fum-ios Kloam.
They ci.iin.' liko mini" nioloilioiii tlroiini
WIiom iiryiiitf cailouoo olih and
Or, UUo tin- sho1 iwr on :i sironm
O'er whi.-h tho honth w i:nl ntly
i blows.
Only r iii' t lane wo foo,
. Tho Miiihiit (.'l.i.iou in t? i n i j 1 I
Approai-hiiiK it, jiorchnnco, may ho
1 A frimi'lo I'ojwor our Mop h-'jilot..
n"o!ilor hi'tish, whoso ljlosomo white
Ii'onlt tho froshnos ofonr h;
Th4 happy lii-art, the owo.-t doli-ht,
Tho wii.l, whoso utniiispiu'i'o was
j truth.
I7 hear tho row-hollii on the hill.
Ami, bloniliii with their tinkling
( lays,
J7Hioar within onr momory still
Tho hons of liui-furjjotton days.
tafthMonly an odor Hows
from somo swuot Ihjwor romomhor
-4 o.l well.
rho tromhling honrt st ring's fool ro-
I buhu- from whonoo? Weonnnot toll.
i' ( UAI'TICU I.
fAmbrooo Nettlt-Hou bun wlmt ho
i'mks is a vnluublo manusefipt. He
inks bo, doubtloHs, beoanno it ro
irda a part of bis Iifo. Ono Dt'bt
ceotly; while 1 wnu ftt bis hoiiao,
i brought out tbo rnnnuHOt ipt nud
jnd lo mo. Although I did not ask '
Jb pcrmifisiou, yet I do not foul that I
Molate bis confidence by giving ns
iurly ob I can remember, tho cou
nts of tbo paper which ho treabur-
with eucb affection.
The prospect waa not cheerful.
Kaa riding n boreo acrows a coun-
igh which bespoaka the long ab
itico of souio ono. Night waa cotn-
ig and a storm waa gathering its
ets. A ftighieued owl llittod
fit mo, icfcatniug iu ray faco. Tho
a of year waa when nature hobi-
ta whether to continue winter or
Go ppiing. My horse alruobt
iook me off wbeu ho utoppod and
livcvoil. The owl Bcreamod ju my
gain. Dead lea vcb, for a ruom
it would whirl before mo, and thou
U. scattered aud torn aa though
cy bad by no angry Land, been
'pt from their lonfj damp rest,
ly to be mocked. "What a dreary.
pry placo this iJ" I mu80d. "I
VI na thou-b aomothinjr terrible is
i:- i .
ito unppeu
The air, just be-
'f no tho groat Bf-ilfition which must j
. i 3 :
curuo, nuciuo 'i n
i l.nnr Iho Konnl of murder, mnv-
rnf'V TlT 13 HAPPIES?- j(lor j A I iiv vendor is 0 light. IV.booU lliot wet very dtilt-,;u-nt
-T ! . lu ,HiWo I tUall reccivo ebcl-ib d-rt Uirm. l.'iv
. ' , 1h-1i(oiip1 I, ... for mini v vi-iir Ikva l.'cn ro
Thnt many Wnr, i r,.io(T my )lCl., f,)t wnr.l, I won ! baJ lUt 1 tin 1 to .1j .!! liis rrn.liti;: .
And k-n.u:..s rc- 1-iU'Uf I pmu i,r,nso. thoji'r t.iui. Ho n boot; ! nil i.f
Unmmit rf n dsolato pr'
o!j. overlook.
'iorlbo Arkin.iw liver. I oV-! r wlmn he f -.w..l n.o v olunr it. h"
i mount 1 Ibo door-llioro wnn'tiu'k it nwr fio.n mo nn 1 bainod it !
no fonca nronud lUo Iiouho. My
mo nml
in ii pvj ii"'. ....' j . . (. ----
ilhont ftt'liss rfmi'sil'" fr"ni nny-:it.
IOCO .Vltillll, I 1IM mi.ii;i:h IUU.
!..,.!. Unl nnl Mol. i i'l
. I .... : I . ..
FVl liO nn l I'll ..v. if i u,
iiiiimnlmMnron tlo rivcr.i
' .
Whin I ni'ivoHOUi-d tho
iloo.r. I
j I honrd ii wail I Uivkc 1 nn l I ;
. l.card tho Willi rmnin.r slowly t.-wm .1
jino. Tho door win ojv nod ly n p. ill J
ipoitiTf ly more liiv.i Iwolvo ycais old
'It e - .1... ,,f .1. i.'-iif .
I If I 111. o v as i in: j ii iuii li .ii'i hi.
Sno ei.i I iiothin;!. hnt ' iolo I lo n
ho,, nj.on wlocli by ii oi l in'..'
'i;!ir.'7 for l::-nth. A fl't oarhi vr
j li'in. I ha- thai l o l.'td l"it i. f.-w
i (ililillti'S to livo, ho !!U ll h'.s i l..
i tho old man. llo trioil to nl I i 1
! lliltid lllloll l.OT ll'':id. I',' ; 1 i :;.:, 1:
j looked i.t mo au ll ii.- ,i,;..'d h'tii.
i Ho 1 1 i.'il t i s-poo!;. but r-.ul I m-t
j I ho Ki' l i-ol-!.;-l franiieuly. The
'ruin :ir.trl ilos:t and tho Rt;.i :;
i-bi.'. k tl.o h-m-io.
' Ho will i v i r w . ! t-..:'-
cried. .My fji v.idjn will dio. '
Yes, 1m r f;i -m Ipa w onl 1 dio Hi.-,
iifo had ulrcidv pt"u.-d away. 'J'Ja
hand on I:t hea 1 wnn oroiti'.; f.-.!d.
Sho loi'k'id nt m,d sloid.d.
Wl:,il ti r.i.'ht wo rj-etit in 11. a!
honso. 'J ho M'ono how led lll.d the
rain fell nearly ibyl: .;ht. The
jjirl, Mibot.i I h.iv; intidlicont, wit!,
an impel i-ivo f'.'.-o, i ai 1 thnt !.; i
mituo was MtiiK tto Eo;etaon, :md
'in. fcinon I if. i- rnrlicut . oc dit c'. lol.
fho bud livo.l witli tho old iiu.i.. a blr. M..;.iin' hi.i wif". "Dor tw.-nty-wLobad
r.pui;l t'.-o of l.ia lito.o. ! i ,;hl ji-i.r Id .;;!.! r th-.t nt iiie d
iiit-o fil:o b'Kii to tuJU, in ttaeliin- J !im moH'; aitt'l it lot-'iin' la tia
'I La to no l ekitivcn," pbo raid
"iny f:it:nds .''
' No friotnb."
'Von hiTn i.t.i;1 !cr?
"Notio. Tiiu n?;i io
neaily i:i;dit r.olo-t tiwny.''
I klll-W tJtlt wllllt lo do- S'll'i
tho Hiluiitiou was Korioos. I'.irlv tit
tuorninp, wo buried tho old man in
tho yard. As best I oonhl, 1 mn lo u
o iVin of n troupii which I it
Ihn btiihlo. After tho burial, I writ I
out nud found t tiinomh com f.r mvlhcoti n nho d
bnreo. I loft Mnnotlo lit the ptavc, Il iM'd to live o o,laii!M many books.
on which hlio bad, bobbin bittetly. j If yoti want, tiieiu jmi may ;o li.i in
tbrown lioisolf. j and ji-t iLeiu. I never : af-,
"Wl.eto volt ToiL'. litllo "ill? "iter them. 1 euii'd Diver leiid tin-in!
I ai.ked whoa I liuntd, bliil liudiu;, -
Ltr on tho grave.
'How can I i:o nnvw! ;irc ? '
n?!ad "I bavo no ffiendit, I
"Yon can not remain bote."
"I nnnriot go tiwiy."
"I will not loavo vou hero.
ntust go with tno. My mother li'tlJ
no bttlo nirl. Sho wiil n-oeivo von."
Slid Ivitur en tho or;ivo and wilh-
i n r - - -
i oat looking up, bho replied :
"I will "O nn, 1 work fur i,ir li.inr.l "
'I will go and worker my board."
-Yon will not buvo to work,
When I toll my tucthor of Ike cir -
cimetauoos under which I found
you, hIia will tuko yon in lor nruiH.
(liinm. I'M ennp ol.t !.. 71 i:...
ir-'-v.--." ji. in linjo,
wo wore lcitviug; hero. It ia k now
liiv t.,r !, "
.v.. jvu.
Withlillt. l-fvt.KJn .!, ...1
. .-t v...h,, r-n niutu 1.1111
.... ...
tnrnoii lowniiiH nio. Her faoo, even
iisido from bc-r grief, wns ho Mud. nnd
Ler even woro a look of biicIi tender
nppoid that even though hho l.nd rel-
iitivei I would buvo thought it my
duly to lake her homo with uio.
Sho went into tbo bouso and boon
returned with a small bnndlo.
"I haven't much to tako," l:e
eai 1. ' Orandpa and I wero vei v
V whose Ioneline88 waa aa deep nsipoor, and you boo, hiving inboritod
his poverty, I ana poorer than ever."
I was not BurpiiBed to bear bor
make biieh a remark, for I had dis
covered that Kho never associated
with children and was consequently
wiso rd Ler ngp.
' You bbiill hnvo somo Diso diessea
after ft while," 1 replied.
Trolly red ones ?"
Tho ehilding waa as'eiling itself.
"Yes, and bluo ones."
Sho, wept noo'.v aa wo mounted
the borne ,bho Boated behind me
A8 loug as tie wero within sight of
tho houso che eai J cothing, but
when we bad descended into the
thick woods, eho said :
'I won't cry any raoro, if I can
Le'p it."
lie lint ill net vrar-on is :i 1ni;ot; lie that rannot i a ionl ;
- 11. . il'l
..... . '
os, but ho madj mo read many
'cnrion.R t!.ii .;-. nn.l in '.ml 1ui oin'm:i:i if my mnihii'ii i -o yi'v.p po,
!... It v.v,M Imvo bud and U'
Ituu - 't Uvc. ht-cn hoitv that, 1.0 wroti-
Wh.'.t i onr iiiuno
tl.,lll I. ... t
I n in I . nil I . A ( . . . .-n .-.n-,
lit i-'fi flat "In- i.'l fiot iiji lif-r f,..k. .1
, ., ...... : ,i
-It wv. p'.oo to l.-H me
.. .. ... i
Hi'. MU my (-.!!;.', cIiDM;.! -V. I, ell
I to! 1 y.itt my r-f.;r.r? y,,., chon!..! b-ivo j
t.-ld mo ycui i Don't yon m-o ?" i
I iol;n.ilido tin j i .ti'' ; .f lior
i : K j
'It.., r..l!ri" f 1 rf-i j'i f i ' I
lh- il'V r'- i r i'l rr t vinatitlv
v i'!i ti.r pt: oi of P i : c j ! !..
of the t ;M h..:.'ie. ihie!i l;'it';ra:l
i t'ei'iT'i siio c HiM n.d d.Ki'il ti'il
.',!.-:i ! O'.u'd n I !.e-p from .v.i -.-; ; i
'e. it-i-.'.'iu .-. V fot . 'I a o;j n-t.l ;
t; ,ii;rer MiPioTo's fei ro I; .
u'ivo mo udd.' iv.f.-d in ild into hei
el .'i hah;'. i,f i di'- ( -l'. e 'll 'o"-
V. I'l V.l) f t-. J I ' d !.t M
f iri.i 1 ' . 1 1 j . v.'.ioro tl.o sa l sd! ly of
lilt; !.'.'! hwo! 0 r-.u-h inrnj-sl'iv
ih-.t th? d I'-.-'-.-.v.i:'-
I,,.; J t: 1 0 t i i.ii.'lV the rhi!d to 1.-,
' i
w.'.i: hrr i
"It is ii .pi'.i'tr. (hit s!k i i:t-l
dooido," I lej-'im1 I. "V'l. it .1 i. n
av, ?Ii!iei to " j
"I o -it i rpri ' I '.'i-it yo'i 1
e tii -J Mien ii ir-teni i.i't. mo- rem
i d. aiO'l 'I'l'-l.inir ll.n chair nie r
, ,
.-it ntid t.'..ri' my hind. "V n! 1 it
not l o ii!.;:i( !i!f ol in mo to do ''! I
yo'l v i !.:, or t ) V'-r dosott o;t ':"
' .S!.;'i .'..I i:.t.r.i f : :i:!.. th-ni an ! I
' iv. otuau l '. - i.t low, t-a:-I t.
' "tV'v .IoM--.o.-o!i." r.ui.l hi.' wifo. in
' mil l (.'liMii'c.'Mi.irv'.sret niti t tweutv
i-iit y ivtj s nl 1."
SI ..'.i n.i .?
.i'ii in: n: .- r. i ' .
! ' 1 1 i....t..
; lilt) W Oll'.'lll, "i ho
I." fii.tit.r.i
iiivt-r had
i i lj.-tlioe,'
! -l'idi'. t b
! ti n
i . i f i j ; : i r-
''i!en m arly (.v.-r jour,
il 1 Vl;.'t
rho-.v .1 ;
want I'd hko t;
ot oiu:-, 1 iv it-
kiiow ? '1 ii 's lu'h
. tn.t you r.evi r i is b, e:t tj i c'.i.m.
Jts, sir. ?.b: wiiol.j li'.t ha-;
l lin old ll.lUsu -.v'u i e
U'1 l,!.i.i i-it lnOt.ina if I .1 ,1,'f
' .". , ,
biiolmofv i:t tliiit w iv. I fun t nr.ieli ef
told I a hehijiar but 1 iccken I can wuirj
jtluuuoli with ii tot of thorn."
j i i-t i- it i ; .
I My mothor wul.- mii-d M unci to,
Yotr!4"d ' related tho sad bt'iry of how I
found her, tho Hjmpullielic woman
' jok thu chiid in hoi nrai9 and kibn-
: od hof. A fe..V dnja lif Id ival d.'
wh' ti I ro(,iiiH.d homo nfter it bhoil
iiosotioc. cho tl tH'.a-'l Upon nm lit it i
Ti.Y rod .he. Sim wa, mo:o of (l
'ohild than 1 bad eve. hocn-mote bo
' than 1 h i 1 thought it p-ibb for
' kuv to booiimo My tuolhor was do-
li;;ttcd lo ... o I:or muoeor.t praLkH.
'in, ,1 1. f.T Ihr. CiihI lino, t; Ivji.,1 I tin
- ' , v....,
..V..,. nr. 1 ;o,.l I 1....I ' ,l.n'K
I ll'il llilIU I.,ii3i : iiu ii l.l-M, nilU
I ..: 1 ..... T I 1. ... ... -..
Mini, i iu uioiiuau i ijvis. oeuer iu
i thin dionn J"
"It in Locuubo you look tr.oro like
n -'bild. Dofore, ou lxtnindod mo
bo much of a womtin."
"l)j not women like to bo kinpod.'
I laughed und my toother, Hhuking
her bend I can boo her gray huirsland ttijcomfortublo Inuring in her
fc.ii.1 : "Ah, Ambrose, our young ! head and told her daughter, Miss
girl bus ft very tld bihd." j Wnlkor, that it felt aa if bomo inject
Vi'o bout Mutiello to Bchool. The ; was in it. Tho latter having board
toucher, a man who had tho u-pnlu- that in cnaos whero there i i nn in
tion of being piofouud, met me one ect hidden in tho head a light will
day and eaid : "Look here, Miinetto sometime bting it out, tried bold
ia tho most lemnrkiiblo child 1 ever jog a light to Mra. Walker's oar. lo
taw. Sho baa rend no many bookw a 8,0,t Uiuo a Rruull blu-k ppider
nnd nniko mo Mich wio observatioi)Hje,1Uj0 01,t and Mrs. Walker wan at
that I am coublanlly Bu.prbed. Toonco waa ft narrow escapo
tell yon tl.o truth 1 cannot advance from ft ,lrtn w,jicU Wll,jj bl,u
her. .Not that 1 tint not intellcctu
ally able abetu but boeauaa 1 do
not think that at bor ago it would bo
Bafo, Thertforo 1 would adviao you
to tako her front school. 1 know
Iho effoct of too much loarning lma
on youth. 1 know how narrowly 1
When 1 spoke to Munetto, eho
aaid : "That school is a very dull
nlttce. It h a coDHtant bum of
1 uthintlio. 1 don't like to cipher!
must LnvoflHll'H rbildretj call it. Fi actions!
irn - A .. I...., I anilil fill. I tl UHll I II a i
i i .
nootm c.Tftviplcs make mo i.ei;
Jt-t !
m - M.i - .1ynt l.t.-me. jl.crer asked u Ln.i ist of
1 l.-.-U U-r from n-!..T)1. i'Uc m mw .
li.-f .'.cJ Mml.'i.l, l)'it wni lii-vrr1 "Wall, M t:io ll'ivc n v
ho i b. .t 1.o wns . I).nim. ll:,it Ik- n n't l oll
to tb- bill" rI Mii.r.n wl.icb n vn-j.r,,, l:,. I cotr... b..iv,"
Mni'iy. .'.in run ,;i-w i.,-,..i .u.u;
to m hIh was
.d:.i!y bcc;.tt:i"S nuw iricbd.
iiai i kii m.
I ho rtcr ong.u on. now r,n nmi
i I !., i'l I.llll. n 'I'M. ' .'
V'"W C" 1 ' '
1 "it
.ft. - ty. imd uotb.n,; rrn W n.or
n tin tl nil: .nil titioh it in t ui 1
i "i
'"' ' " .
I,. i Iriiwii- 1 inn 1ielio:i. I' - ll -
f.'io, wl:"ti 1 ny i:m w.i cumv
on. 1 intend tint tlm .1-cbnti in
i.honld have ltd f ul meiilil! 'fH I -Wl.en M.n 1,0 n pup i"
bom. full of j.iido. 1 wim u .ipUiu '-lit f on lo- vmw n d ... of iMiirM..."
Iy tnothfr pmyod; hnt f,h.!:e!t',J "Vyf.i'ti!. M" theio n-u. y old
di I I -..1 f. ' m !o to"" i.ii'-otod. (! '-.I-',,,..!, , ,., j,, .lltl put i.f tl..- i-i.-.iu-ly.
" siio sai I. "Wur i- oi'.o i f the liy
i. htils of -itdiiti-.n. 1 !i'. iw
:;at Jn'.l Will do -jur d it 7. 1 th.l
vol will i."t f y,-.-t tho liitlo ;:ii!
Vlholll J..II ( i '.: s--.V F . hi . I'.ll h I
tl.." h.uiil of a ilyino mi.n. U'hoti
VU let'lili. 1 (-bail ho i 1 I el. ileji to
1.:-.- .'.oil."
1 look- d fll her in ris! ni Im-eiit.
M"itii..o!.l sp'u l.!o I i" ho' .yo-i
Vo.l d 'li't hkv t ) kiss ehl ilell, It
( I 'I;
.M- n. tto. yon nto i-lr.o:-. 1 said thU 1 did lad k; S voil;
la 1-1 11 so V. II looked like It V. t.l-Ul.'' j
Oh. m-h. Hut is tin.' 1 !hoiU'.b j
that hi did not want to kl-H nn ,
I, ,o,iil e 1 W". so Hi.llil. 'I'Ci lioivl
capt'lill, it.-t. I MV. Up M.o ,1 U..H..
' . . I 1 J 1 ' "
1 ti.l i:e l ii-viiv. ii:io e;..l. .1 l-o-wh.
n 1 was id -j'lt il l u:e!i.'l yui b
kw:.v 1.'. 1 Hii.l : When you pa:--.
tho l.l '
1. oil Ihd Y, band
1 1 i .i ami f .mi 1 Ibo v?ov.K 4 1
i,:v.! jou. " t'it.b-r thlM 1 V. loll'.
i 'A t.d 1 1 vo JOU."
j 1 tli I not i.-oi-ivo but otio lo! loi Mum lie. r.'i'l that mi;.'M jo-1
1 ...... . .... ... ..i .Miiton nv n p..-
l '
: f. fMtV of "i-lib , for ilrt four pa'i ii
hi re d.v -to I toil i!-. ciij.'.i. li if i'
i'.i vf I c'jhl-.ii hhd I. ad l .-.iu.l m
e.ivo. i
I 1 i(.!m tiod homo l".,'
. . ,
iMnm-ilo w,n .b-hol.l.-d to boo me ''' ' i " '
:SI,)wh p(-ou! thou;;!. th,t b ,l'a U A' a,'
.'o.uld not toll wl.olhcr or m-t bh.i'1'"'- ... . .
; .H! i ivod nn'. It i ei ni"d that hln
lid not. fit' o h" t-evof 1 ii.tti Uipli d
! to I'lilld I.t r of it sho oli:itii.-d ti.el
sr.'. j' i-t. Ij'ko all truo lov. iv. 1 1' '.l '
'that witiioilt lor my bfo w-.o.ti I be i: i
Link. I si.oko lo m v inotker cm-i
. , i
.i iiii.i; iu nun, in
i , i I t 1
":-lio nm very t;!r.i:i,,") gnl, but 1
I ;,l-.v:;VH found hof batik XO. l't when
1 asked her if bho loved J olt, lilid teii'.ie. I that tho h.nvks hi I ear
, , .
u I that tho h.nvks h id o:ir
t ltd Oil Uil CO til 1110 b
hen's: chickens."
One d.iy, in p i-iaiti,' Hm bi,; g
I ivr,.ti on tlm I'ost tho fjl'.owiuj; :
"Vv'ill you marry mo T
Two d ijs Kftcnviirdd t vi-ilcd tbo
. i pluoo and found Urn word "Yes."
Without farther coiiiuiunio i1 ion.
' f xccn umppmni mo umo ny ..hi,
i .... 1 1 "
wo ivoro married. 1 did not hud
bor di-poMtion to bo poouh-ir only
i(1 lL i'di'USily of lior lovo for mo.
I '" by d.d you treat ma ho ? ' 1 one
u"' ""1;d her.
"Tho dominiekor has s Rfcnldcnl
' of t ro'ib'io willi her rhi"l.i-rin," hI.o
replied. iSltoitly tiflerwHrb, when
ill Ihiinrrhf 1 .lit. 1 ivim Iflit llKlklUL'.
' ' ' r, " n'
:al... Il ,. I..,,L. I,i.. I 1.11.1 nn.l Lu-.. tli.
' -"- v.. ....v. ...t)..
:... ....
Ar,ni.itm nn;cr
Wcr.h FvCntCKtboiir.''-
Ono day 1 nt word; Mra. .Edward
I Walker, of To wand i, fnlt p. peculiar
notions if not Mul, and the simple
expedient i worlh reinemboring.
Tho bill hits passed the Connecti
cut legislature mtiLing it an oUVnuo
lo diechargo a workman without
cause or without tiotieo.
Joseph Ilanna, of Chagrin Falls,
O., advoitiaes that for 150 he will
become the substitute for any man
sctteuccd to bo Laoged
ItO that Jnr not is n !Ei
Jl..'4 V ta-.4 4. W. 42. .1
lt' long Imvrt j-ioi I von living
jheroT ' tasked a louiist if an A i k, iii-
tinii' t i:t ii .'
n:., i ..n.: . n, o.i u.-.p.y .,,,;,.,..,, Ilia.,,. , , ,nn
Mo wuh n miity ..m-iy .n in tbo.ibrm to h, : . .... in ilm.; i.r.t.-'i
jfti.t .!,i-.., ,?, wo ,li,l.,'i thick i
.woni.i i.v nonow. h . wo t k.-..,
;,,,. v. fn , ,r,l f I.Mn.'.i. I'nt.,
y ao.l .1. tl. .Pi'', lo .-iortc.l uj :
- i lv. I tlt I.o'h
(;. ttii.
!l litllo old '
o .. . . ,..,.. w r ..
.'" ',,,.,...,.,,..
l I I I . .... '"
)!., m-;, , wr i.mee d.' wa.
n j ,
(ii. y.-s
II. nv o! 1 r
Si'l'K- ii' tl.
,t" a l.uttdic I veai!
old, 1 f.
You d. n't t.'i! .a- '" 1
How d.. yo-.j i.-i nv I ! oi'l ? '
oonvev !! M 1 1 .'11, Ol lliat I lay I'.lo.
tl,, Id. '
I h'lt'a nh-lt 1 do :
I 'I uonll hi." to
tlik t
, i,.,,.,, lo lll4 , x.
e: 1. t.0'
S Would 1
..Viy doll 1 yo.1 ' "
..,. Van. .1. a!, than:" r
sr1 ,;,.,) ,,,,,, j.,,,,,. '
Dei I)
,.., , .; :-
I,, ! t o
;,,J11)1Hi sr.,., u tl , ,t . , , j r : . , ...h .-t
I .il tl
f -w U.oiii, I 1 1:.
iii ttii, uioi.o toward tiio ipiii,'
o tho j i nr."
' I no mi wV.'it li:n of d-iv '
'l'oii'l know, it 'm eh.tidv.''
'TI iven'l . ou K 't a tiuio piiH'o in
tho l:oU-,'V
.., hnt ll:o old v.iiiu'in Im.-i "
Well, eall't JOU Hco what, tililO it
.i '.iy 1 1 1 n 1 '"
-Noidi ''
-'.V y
' (I'd wop-.i'.t.'n too h!:0'-v. Si."'
' j h w s tho old just ejvi-s '
;.'noii .!i iniio tor i.t r nn tuo d-vh. i
i , , , .. . ,i
! 1 i- f,,. ti. 1 v.,n im'ii ei r 'tn.
"Mv fii.nd.
voiy euti'ius sp
yon mo oeiiaiidy n
1 1 s, S;l i -
i wat-r-.I. i.' "
"I nm n ilr tti.f itt tlti'i o.T.'i! i v.
bill I can let I'm ! any f n itd; n oti d
i noi!;:h to givo u-.o iiny iiiformui ion
W but is land worth by lie uoie,'
W hat is l and worth by I le. uei e '"
-l'-ud on- price iiii' I lift, another
i ... , .1
i "bud ore I'liCO iili 1 lift, aij-'lliel' I
1 , ...
I'M. vi, I. u- 11,1 1.1 1." lillll- 1.1.11'., !
" ' i
i .. i :.,-. .. i , i , . ' i . . ....I i ; t '
..III I U lu.ll'l
"If jo't were to b.-li i1, what would
you us!; for if .'"
"VVotildi.'t. nx iiothin' fur it if
witn'.ei m11 it. "W'uti! in't bo mine
"Ilnw roanj- noron hnvo. you?"
"Nevif moif nn d il,"
"Where, in thU diieetion, doc
jonr lino bt "p ?''
"Ain't g it no lino."
"li.isn't tho phioe boon Mirteyrd?"
"Yea, but the lino was but fit lip
when tho '.vooda oolcli mI'hc. '
'ot good
"1'L behevo you've
' An' I know yntj lm:n't ''
' How do yon know il. V"
'Vau:-o you Mop nn' t ilk to lour:
to ft mini that you dou't Leliovo is
o '' f-To.t prilHO.
' TijiiiH nil i ight. Siy, hoiv ran I
Jstiiko thu liittlo Rook 1:oh,1.'
''.Villi a htick, I reckon."
"You arn a fool."
"So uni 1. Ai'ktnisith"' Tvwilv.
Lnst beiiMOu there wero over l.tJ'.H)
prof-.-Hbional bull pInvet-H cii;,"','ed iu
tho national gaiua. The nianufitotiin.
of the base ball n'.ono glvr-'i'.y
ment to ntntlv five hundred people.
Then there aro tho bata, tho busea,
tho nnibriDH, cap.i, and shoea. A
peculiar bhno is reipiirod, aud comIp
an averago of ?il per pair. Some
clnba pay as high as .?l pur pair. It
ia estimated that J 1.0 TJ.iHH) ii pii I
yearly by pernot-.H who witness pro
fcbbional gatnes.
11 may bo that war on the other
side of tbo ocean would bolp the
trado of this country, and so make
better times, but for all that it
makes one foc-1 piccr to hoar a dis
ciple of the IVitie.o of l'ouco wish for
war on such grounds.
What Is taken from yon before
you get it! Your photograph.
. ---
l-'ir i onif 1 1 in c us n rivii'ry Ima
Ni- lcil Iii'Umcii IicliiV nu l
l.lnMi'iih iSiiHi'ii"! tc l!n cli imiiioii I
' I
nf li'i:.);ti . 'J i.oV Ii!IVi II- '
- 'ii;' I in Iiiiin. i p in'i."l(hi(inli.
"it j. i .ty, i) 'lit of tl.o ot . ! I'.l li.l
li:.vo in v r Ii. fii lirul.n. J'li.nllv
si. -i.-i ..! h Hot. !. li. lh nuts
- -i cni . i... n , .
I'l, - -li.-t o.-ti-d "s hv.;r toiddimr.
Wl.rii tho Ihmu1 r.: livod tin: Lull
"as Cl'.nvd, .1 Si'hli.idi'i I) iel:er nn-',
iioiih'i.,1 iliat kin mull, in -p it '
. .. .... '-,
i.ii.l Ids.,,, t... . r....u .t...r.n.t
h ,
i ll.ii ted p. mmj tiiil; y. IT., i . f if j
, ,,;, ,,. ,. .,tl.,..' Then Mais j
piotto, a i in lil m:m, went nt it nl u:o 1
I'. 'i- I ho pin so. A blip, di.di iiflho'
pil ! !il)' v.,1-. l:.- h I jlo him nnd ho
iro fir .in hour, oi.Jy st. jin. t w ioo j
' I i u ii. :: 1 t!:o t l ire. 1 n this
limn hi- ! a 1 eoi,.-ii'ned four and one- ,
lu:f i.o.ip.b . h. -Hides a 1 , if of hie id 1
i ll ho i. oi:t 1 s i ! liti-r. tli' Ol. OS i, I
.valor, tin. .. o.,l.l,;ts ,.f whi..:.. v. tw.i'
,-;,! t-i of -1 ii fib i mi 1 u hot I to ouch j
f x,'Mf,M,- lctt-op. His fiionds!
.t it i i i i ...i il
tli 1 1 IIOI" I lillll '1 I'VII till. I I Oll'-il i
i,: I ... . , . 1,.. I, u-u ,
s Ii i th ie- h d li-v. II.- itiOC n to ft i
in.: te l i,: i i;:ii.ii;' t w lily p iiiudi
ill !: uti.t ol.t- half b 'UlM. At ull-
o!1!' ! li'll" I'L lit" dllly t-'iX "OO'.O
r .
t ,; ;e 11 tint ly d.:y. -.inii It i net
d: ji'l. ii"! om's i.f h.M- in thiei.;
i i i i .... Li t ..... i . . i
in 11.-. lliel i:js i ;iii ii i - - iiHivin
'ino.i in.. i . " iiw a. i"io Mi-.ii'K :
.., . . ., ..
I Ir.i 1 w ; l' ,; '' 1. "ii a'i, nie n
ilil:;; i I eh Vi n lie. I olio Illif Jill b
I- th'l I;. -! .ur feel ui HlO -aoo at olio
A I'HVix otmsisliuo df sii rowboys
ho'iidod tho All'irt boil tiain ut Mins
in :ijn lis tiio ol hsr d iy fir Chioa'o.
I hinoi iimivi J til i m t-iiioolhly until
i'l" Ol tl 111. 'I' 0' pill ll I H l'l'tl I though
tin: do. if Htld Jl iled !
.jo!,.-', :
howled beck o: o ef
"Wlllll, 1 H 11 It 1 t-IJ
don't belic-vo it, ji si
,ji( ,,,Jrt'MVq
,v ,vi1 . ,.r x
' ' '
look , r . h.,1 !"
A r.d ball from tl.o rowboy'H ro.
ivolvor knocked t!,,.. ticket pnm-1. out
,,f lilM ,.,,,. ,,.(, .AU.
ft.- .nxuvvtmiaoan sm
I;. iks . 1 1 1 1 , 1 v giHiid j iry bus
no immi-iidod () tho ('ouit th-it all
t j-.i . t, j . , In, hni.isiird from the rout.ty,
J tliot till vagrants nrreiitod bo
ina.Jo l.; do bard Inbur.
r, , I ,,,, I i:.,,1 V.hia tins d.i
.'Oi'i-iMei -Hem-nil ti iu ins ito
. . i . r
lol t ' i . i : I I 1' iplil'O Itppm'HIHS 1,-r
pot i'.u i.s us poiit-oflifo itispeotoi s to
pj::;i i Ui.l physical and ex.
iiuiinati "ii 1 1 foio uppoiutii'j; them.
'J ho body of Thomas Motley, who
dibopl'.-iircd from bin lu nio, near
Scruntoii, l'.t , on the night of Des
comber til), wan found n few nights
bineo in u pond of water into which
ho b supposed to have accidentally
Tl. o body ( f M iUhi ii rf -ilYor, u
pifip.-r, whr- died in the Hoiks ooun
tv iilui ,1-oiuo hist .1'iniinrv, was
1 - .
' "botit to bo oonvcjol ton inodietd
jc'.llego iu Philadelphia for ibsseo-
tioii, when oidois cimo from his
wealthy relatives in liorinany order
ing a iloivi't bnritl at (heir expense.
Eight said SehtHicg 'is the
thought of nattito ' Yon, nud tbo't
is tho light of t'lituro.
lu tho ed lO'ition of 'children love
is first to bo instilled, and ont of
lovo obedience U to bo odueiiled.
What does it take to make a good
husband f l'.iradox'eal as it may
r.eem, a pood woman.
Rtiike from mankind Ibo prino:p!o
'! of faith, and men would have no
more bi-tory than a fl-rk of sin ep.
The E.;vptian bondlioldirs aro
beginning to wis'u f.r a litllo more
tea! profit, and not so much, false,
Chambers!, nrg'n Dorongh Connri)
has already given notion that it will
enfueothe ordinaneo against fire
works on Iho Fourth of July.
When is a plant liko A pig when
it bein to root.
Oricinal Western settlors Pistols
and knives.
Jokes are liko eggs they can nev
er bo too fresh.
Me saved,nnd bo foved.and be savod,
Economical, good Mr. Ituzband i
And wbeu bo bad got all be cravod,
It w cut to LU wi.'o'a tccoud busban J.
i. 1 j m . ri' .hp1 1 . .ii i w
i.nnoi: a.m. I'Koi'jULiuu
- u.
NO i!L
Altorn cys-At - La it'.
A T I' O R N E V A T L A W.
i i- i if i)
: M'.-'i'.l I.N emj III t
i ' i m l v
.1 .'i.Miituii"" in.uir
IU til Ml
ii ii
i'ihij iu'f ('! urn lor nl Lt
.M.noi.riti HI. II. I'l,
i" un l . f r I u -In-1 irutn n
in ... ! I Ij
1 1 in i ll
uilll I .11 In KuhIkIi .id
I. I M.
- - ;- -
V M- i ii
i f
l I I i.Im K. I'.,
-t a ' i ll.rf li-u -i I I ii. it,,... prmiifi.
I 'oL.Ull.ltl.'UI 111 I p ll.ltHBte
l'....fl .Tl n
u '
1 1 'Tin n .
J un I,
...;'.".., Pinna
ill lui-ii... no, iei..a t.i ii. .i,ro wilt It
t ' 'i'i ,11) ii I ivn.Uil lit,
K .t .1 .'.!'.
i. di:: i kicii.
i t i r:i:Ti t r.i,itr.
All r .-! .ii n 1 ' v' lii.-. I r-ini.tlv mirriJcil
1 t 1 i In il II ill In I i: l; !ii in: i Irri'.Mi
i l-.l.5V'0.
lt K" V
....V,.y. Vr
fii-ulim! r. tr Vnl'th
..1 lll'l I , '
" '
l 1. SCH'H'll.
ai iui...;i i - n I-A li ,
otwhti. i v t in-
Hew i3;.iin. I'enn'a.
I'- f ,
I ' ' i I riii. hi
.'-tii-i mi..i.ti.:i. ,lnr ,;.
will r. .1
iti . J I I.Iili 'H
A'tC-n-T k Cm:-, if.'h.r.
mil.-, in Ai; Jin Mo
" tl mil Ntirtli h f
' I I bnl l t ', I-Cllll il.
r. II.-"!!' 4i"! I utl iT pr .l.dnc.oal ll
i.i - I- .U Oii. l mi l will rcc. lv rumiiil
1 r. 'in 1 1 ii. A).r.i),'tit.i.
I lll'TIII..
.b KM I Til.
ATT!" II SfV jlTl.AV.
' irrr-,. prufci". ..iikI f tri lrr to 1 1. Bb
i:)imiIUIIiiiih Ik l.tKUtli kDil Ui mju.
.mor.v.y at law.
fo'linsKi-ovc. Po ,
till r ti,lr i r..ifi.t,.Mi ,..r oi lliti vallld
1 II .. ... i .i -1 ,',., ru-1 ml .. ll.tlr m, wi
rri i lvf .r..i4i.t ultumli o. I'lttcmili Mala ii,
.l.ilv 4, 7..
J J H . bill M M ,
t At f iMf' Tnw,
.Ml l'.t I lil I Tliil,M.V tl'R Shl;Blt
. ' H'MI,
I'i i t !hii p t'n.
'-. Pf il'i'l ti lu ;i,"lli J-.i14fll.-t. rM t!rrmn
l.'I'K I fcr". net. t, t.
Altoni.v nl 1 iaw,
MIIHll.K.-.Cmi. PA
it I litlrn, i nlr,,r'. t , Cur wlH
l." i' i; . li iiiirti.'i.I in
Il Kl4 H. OEWIO,
A TJ 'Hrvry A T I. A Tl',
Low UImii p. r Hint. i n.. I'ui
;Ti -f"ti M irL 't str. ut ttUu tlitvr ttrt cl Okm.
,'i n 10. u- h
lef.i.J, JsTT If J
i'iysicians, ,c.
Jj .1. (SMITH,
Physician & Sttrrjrcn,
,V,o''i Sj,,i,i,s, Sin,itr ( ounly, fa
UltiTH li! ,r,tlro;r4i kerv!f. I to It I ultt
ofiii o tin Alktn Hrret. JnnaiS '7,,
. '. tit rei ill. I'l iin'n.
( Kt-rt i. I .f "-'' I prv tren . t tlm tlllmtvj
i,l i . r.i i . rii'B nn l i ,Unli j . Ann. X, 'M,
Middleliurh, Pelitt'a,
nit r-I rr ,. ?.nmt frvti-r. i., tkt i ll l one
ot ill i , . ','itiiii i,n viwlull)'. I'lfcrti Ir. 1 1.
V-I,l,,.i a. il'.u-.'. Aj t.r.'ll.
Mi. I lloloirJi, I'etiri'a,
(Ml, r. di. rriifi'imtrnM i !i't 0 tl'S lilkvk
l M I 1 .1 1 0 1. u i mnl I'MMly t in.ea k Ira iloort
Wti.t ef ibn l os rl Unu'k. In A ru,,i'a l.u I Stkm,
lo -llfDC 0,,iKl( oi'i'uiili- I'.,t 1'rlollal
Ftcmont. Snyder county, Ptr.
M;iMf III mors l'nl( efPkri'ki.kO
r.. Su-Kr,.ii. .,tltr Mil rolfikfU Dal .trt
ia ilia p ,i,llr hpi.kiia t-.u(:Uh kDd riak4V
Mkrfb, 17, ISM. If.
TT"fw. tool!
physician and surgeon,
Frrt-bmrg, Fa.
or.p hta )ir fftMunnl rrrlt.,. to lhi hllo
1. rnni. rnt la Ikiti Knkll-.h kiiil UkikkkB
Hitter on M4ln Klrcat.
TVf pjinnrk id,dv Ihun kt knylhlna bf
liuoii .ill. II-kIhi'411 buie-i-a-l nrkniUf. Kiiit
A A.V mitiiiK kn nn n,-j mr in nrai tkiiirf
1 3 k I ii if kn n n,' lor lh bral aMItmr
.1 IT - N"U
IT, 'St. IT.
mil. Til'iil Irr. MaLIiKfT ny tlf.
i uruann Main pe
Knvtirt.irm ADTHk-rumo Huiuu (HI w
pinwij, wiittra iwivt
itiit wiirrtii'ts iutr
14-1 t
rt. prnei
t ) 1
Iy kill
.- ?
la Kn
ie falu
lo 1 1
I ki '
d Mi'
mi .
'it. i
. rmt
Be Ii
r.f j
k V. -1