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Ho that will not reason is a bigot ; ho that eannot i m fool ; ho lliil dure not is a slave.
TThWi lot of fun Injcourtlng,
If you know the way to dolt 5
lt'a th oholceHt kind of sporting
Onw you (ret accustomed to It.
Do your courting moderately,
A a business, not a f avor ;
Make hasto slowly, It ads greatly
1 1T0 the fun a piquant favor.
Court your sweetheart in th kitchen.
In the parlor, In the park ;
And you'll And the most lwwitchin'
Time for courting after dark.
Court for love ; most women like it,
Na. f am cot-tain they nil lo ;
And the fellow who can strlko it
Onco wlll.hanktr for it too.
urt a woman for herself, air,
For the virtue that In In hor ;
Iton't go court lug for her pelf, sir.
You vrilliriielit if you win her.
Court your woman bohlly, bravely j
Never court her for a foul ;
When you do, she'll teach you naively
How a woman scornaJ can ruht.
Court a woman' for a wife, sir,
For a mother good iiniljtrno :
And my word you'll find this life, sir,
l'aradme enoiiKh
Andiu-h courting heat strawberries,
Peaches fror.eii in ! cream :
Chatnpaigmt Yappe. braiidedj-herrtt's,
'Tis a sunny, golden dreimi.
K I11 r M.' 7. iVi 1 a .
Tor tllQ I'OST.
Tho Gen of the 1Ionntaliis Its Ilis
tay, Area, Sell, Cliaato,'.Pr:duc
tions, Minerals, &c
As the Tost lias a largo number of
pitrons who doubtless desire to be
come posted in regard to this grand
od prouporous Territory, 1 have
prepared tbo following, from porsou
1 observation and otberwiso for the
beottit of its readers ; wbioh I hepe
Vvill givo tbeia something of s.n idea
of the resonrcu, DaturuJ ..-mrwHitio1:,
tc , found in luU glorious Terri-
Idaho was created a Territory In
an act of Congross i,of. March 3rd,
18G3. from the territories of Ne
bratks, Washington und Dccota. It
tbeu embraced what is now a large
part of Wyoming and noatly all of
The name ia taken from aa Indian
Word K- da-Loo and eiguifio, "Tbo
Gem of tbe Mountaies." Idaho bnn
an area of fCdOO spinro miles or
abont 55,000.000 acres of land. Tbe
entire Territory is situated in what
might be called tbo Rocky moun
tains, there being hardly a location
io tbe entire Territory that a person
cannot see tbe mountains as tbey
rite above Lira in evory direction.
As I sit writing, tbis lovely Februa
ry day, tho bud shining brightly, the
ground covered with "Nature's white
shoot," almost hemmed in by the
Salmon and Saw-tooth mountains, T
nn see through a gap toward tbo
tooth tbe white capped mountains of
CUh over a hundred miles distant.
Notwithstanding all tbo snow
around ns, there are probably, to
day, within a radius of fifty miles of
where I now ett. hundreds of horses
nd cattle grazing and growing fat
opon tbe Dutritions bunch-grass
which covers tho ground in this sec
tion. They are not only there dur
ing tbe presout time, but will re
main there tbe entire winter, witb
no shekel, save the broad canopy of
beaven. And as they are needed
these same cattle are driven direct
from tbe range to tbe slaughtering
poo, where they are killed for the
regolur meat market, and allow me
to add, no fiuer atall-fed beef was
ever produoed in tbe states.
As before stated, Idaho contains
about 55,000,000 acres of land, which
M nearly as can be estimated ie di
vided as follows : 25,000,000 ootos
aro the finest of grazing lands i this
comprises tho lower foot-hills and
aides of roountaius not included
among agricultural lands. Alio ffiug
12 acres to the bead it will bo seen
tbat there is a supply for 2,000.000
bead of stock. About 10,000,000
acres are magnificent agricultural
lands i this includes tbe valleys,
along tbo various rivers, of which
there are many. ' These valleys are
at an altitude of from 1000 to 5000
feet above tbe sea and well adapted
to the raising of any variety of cere
It is not unusual for immigrants
to locate on wild land ia Idaho val
ley and adjaoent to raining regions,
pot op comfortable booses, good
(eocea aod r7 fvr U 8QCu improve-
incuts with the first crop of potatoes,
or otber vegetables taken from only
a small portion of their farms, the
former generally soiling at from C to
10 cents por ponnd.
Tbe fuct tbat Idaho furriers are
generally "well off ' and bnro fine
bnildings, tbo best of f uming im
plements, together with large herds
of slock id Rittllcient proof tbat this
is a lucrative pet-unit. hit)' nerer
heard of the inortyaijiiuj of an lla
ho farm.
Tbo forest pnrtof tho Territory is
estimated at 12,0'JOUOO acres where
in tbo bent quality of limber is found
As soon as tbe snow mult away in
tho fprit.g. cattlo wandor no on the
sides of tho mountains, whore tbey
1 find excellent feed.
TI. ... 11 ll. 1. In ,1a
jiiu leoiui ip, on iu i. .....v.r.
:.. -,.... ...i:.. il, r...nuu iu ,.1l..v.,,1
Iil.uun m:u.u.mim.n...'"".
to grow duriug tbo entire summer
and ia easily cured in tho fill mak
ing feud equally as good as tbo best
Timothy or Clover buy. Tbo pres
ent population of Idaho is about ",
000 It will, by a littlo figuring eas
ily be scou Hint thero tiro "00 acres
of grazing lands, 2"t0 acres of timber
and 220 actes of agricultural land
for every man, woman aud child in ;
tho Territory. With a fow head tf
catllo to start with, Idaho has ninny,
men, who in a few years, will l.e
wealtb. and their acre, and cattlo
numberod by the uuou.e-.l
'Ihere yet remains thousands of
smooth agricultural laud within easy
reach of timber; tbat can bo taken
by merely fencing or pru-otnptiug.
Tho cost of living as compared to,
tho protiU of labor ure as much loss
... . .
hero than elsewhere iu tbo Mutes
that many will find this nloue in
ducement enough to como and cut
tbeir fortune in tbo coil or mines of
Sinco tho organization of Ibis Tor
ritory tho mines bavo attracted more
attention thau any other enterprise,
and during tbe first five or six years
after its organization. Moro people
came to the Territory for tho pnr
poso of mining than for any other
purpose t owing to tho great distance
from raiiroad communication and
the groat cost of transporting provi
sions aud shipping out oro or bullion,
many of the mines, wbero tho ore
was not of. tbo highest grade, was
not worked.
Commencing with tho spring of
1880, when so many now discoveries
were made iu Wo ad Ilivernnd a rail
road crossed tbo eastern portiou of
tho Territory, a now impetus has
been given tbo tuiniug industry of
Three years ago thero was not a
smelter uor a mill ou Wood river
whero now half a ilozon smelters and
us many stamp mills aro not ablo to
work half tbe oar produced. Sev
eral new smelters And mills of im
mense capacity and of the most ap
proved pattern uro contemplated for
the coming soason, 1X815.
To givo a description of tbo mines
of tbis section alouo, would take
more space than is containod in your
paper, 1 will only mention ono or
two tbat I have visited personally.
The General Cantor mine, at Cus.
tor city in tbo Yankoo l-'otk district
has produced an averago of 70.090
per month in gold and silver bullion
with not moro than thirty men em
A few of tbe mines ou Wood river
have been sold to corporations in
eastern cities at front one to five
thousand do lars each, witb hundreds
of tons of ore valued at $100 a too
and upwards lying on the dumps, on
account of the mill capacity to utilize
it. Tho advent of tbe ruihoad (a
branch of tbe Orcgou Short Hue)
which is completed to within a few
miles of us at tbis writiog is giving
this country such a boom tbat will
make it a mining district not cjual
od by Leadvillo itself.
A good picture of ''life in Idaho"
is seco at night around tbe stoves of
stores and hotels, where at this sea
son of tbe year, miners are collected
from tbe gulches, brawny and wea
ther-worn, clad in their fur-skio
caps and buck skin pants, defying
the snow storms of tho mountuius.
With tbe stimulating influence of tbe
adjacent bar and tbe heat of tbe
stoves these mountain rovers relax
and contribute tbe etorj of their ex
perience. With half tbeir bodies
thrust into heavy booUlegs, their
feet hoisted over a chair, tbey regalo
tbeir bearers witb encounters witb
grizily bears or stage robbsrs
Miners witb tbeir shirt front dick-
,ed with gold nngguls collected iu
tbo mountain streams, busily dis
cuss the prospects of tbo diggings
and tho pan-outs of tbo gulches, ever
and auou drifting up to tho appe
tizing bottles placed conspicuously
on tbe hiilo -Imi t.
Tbo strong digest ivo organs of
Iheso "sons of toil" rebel against
muttou chop, .and ewei t-tueiits bat
tbey call out li..dily fur bear steak
r.d plenty of it. Wild gaino i- ipiito
ploutifnl. Tbo wutetri abound witb
tbo liuest trout and salmon, wbile
bear, dotr, btuvi r an I lutmerou a
other iiniiutils iu such numbers (lbut
tbo hunter has a profitiiHu Inx-inc
us well as very often exciting nnd
dangerous. Tbe cliniato is healthful,
t llfl II i' illl f lllllil ti.'I.I.J.UJ ll.lll . V -
, cent Inn.' .ln.n:im. nnd 11. n ills
I -
brought by invalid visitois.
Tho light utmuspht'i'u iu Ibis home,
of the clou, la txi its a strutigu intoxi-
cation on tbo systt'insof visitois from
tho fcvet-ladeu bottoms of tho stales.
ei ..: .i i . ii . . ..
x .iu uii'.-r iii-uii in u com ami can
: I ... a at.. 1 . . i t.
" mu u,u nr.guian.i!
l: . . '
sniieniiiy, ami mo siairy lamps el
tho sky, in their cold I.oui.h si a ni to'"l I'.-th had Fct nut to n.-t a --. t -
rival each other in brightness. The
therinoin. ter ranges from 10 to do
degrees below zero in tho higln do-
vatiyns, but those puio biting win.hi,
from the banks i, f tho purer snows,
exei t snel. an influence on tbo sys -
lein that, (if ill cxoicise') keeim wai in.
unlike tho chilling winds fieight. .1 ;'l"i,'l;l.v H"t he .Ii i i;o. even throw
with dnnipness. or tbo cold foos )ik.'M '"'' iVibajM h- uttm ,. I ;.
eiioonnters in the lower lmda of ,e sl"''1'' "r' or "larmcd
Atlantic cot wh.neoil dijvts tLe
external heat inward luivin tho sub-1
ij. ft heuuaied and chilled.
Invalids will I'm I that, what the
oliinnto fails to do. tho nil.
lino M'on-
ery and meditated Hot spt iuga will T ' ' "" 1
ueeo.nplisli by plca.-ing ti n evo a.,djW0 t"'n,', l' l it
stimulating tho system through Vu) I Kav whtto and
healthy scenic action ou the mind." f"",f' ,:v"-v l"a,, 1,1,1 ,,"' w
W.J. S I'Kki.v.
cuas fop. DrwUi?Er;:r33.
I'nmkennesH in cured in Holland
in tho following manner
Tl.,. ....i: . t :.. ..!... .... it .
ui- I' luuui, m runt uji in inu room
and dtb.urcd all communications.
.,.....(...;. I. I : . . I l ri
eveoiit. ii-1 1 1 1 I, u tin v. ,,i ,i ,1 iu ,,f
r'-j-' ..a ..,. oj Dincniiv mi. .io wo we i o near
as ho wishes, tpitits btuiidy, whis-L,i.)u.:h lo 'op. n liio, and ii was p.,,,r
key, gin. Ac., aro given him, but consolation lo t-1 vn tho w.i,;,.u-,
micl wilh two-thirds water ; r.ll U'hilo all li,., I, lu-u ,m io yi t, w.ii.o
other drinks, such as beer, wiuo, c.f life had .1 -pal led eaeii and ev
fee, 5n, aro all mixed with cnn-lhinl I iy one. We. weio clicting tie mi
brandy, jTho vaiiotts viar.ds, loo, in a heap, to niako i-einty for Luu il.
that uro given him bread, meats, j when a sudden wail btsi ted cvi-ry-
.vc, aro all prepared with brandy, :
consequently tho patient is in a cm
tinual statu of intoxication. This
lasts abnt five days ; at tho end of
that timo ho aslfH with entreaty for
some nourishment without his re
quest being complied with, and not
until his organs absolutely abhor al
cohol. IT10 cure is complete, and
from tbat day forth !ho very smell
of spirits produces tbo tfi'uet of an
A recent number of the Sunday
School Times, in au article to en
force au illustration on persistency,
relates tho following. '-Jimt before
the buttlo of (Icllysb.iig, when (Jen
Lees army marched throng!, Cham- t,ld ratth ho. clutch,,! fast i hi, li -
btrshurga ret-ident of that city do-! i , ,. , , . .
. . , , . ,, . " " jtiy hand, andho never kt go of it.!
lermined to count tho host. To this;.,- ;, lvu . , -, ,..: ,
end ho took ono hundred erraius of
corn, which bo held in bis right band
: i 1 : . a 1 . I
. . . . .
"uuo ,u" m" V'" pocKot.
lia took his i sland ou the fctopsol
tho bank, Jiko any other can-loss
looker-on, and for every hundred
men bo dropped a grain. When bis
band was empty bo hud numbered
10,000 mou. and thou ha gathorod
tho grains up again to repeat tbo
census. Thus bo stood in tbo hot
sun that summer day, counting
through its weary hours, till ho bad
numbered tbo entiro host. G;),0(H).
Tho night after tho march this reso
lute man sent the information ho bad
gained to the Governor of l'viinHyU
vania, thus reudoiiug bim most val
uablo aid.''
In Siatu tbe people worship tbe
elephant. In this country tbey on
ly want to see him,
A cold snap is likely to occur
wberover thero is a pieco of tea tbat
can be broken,
It seems a lil tie paridoxicaJ to sny
that tbe mao whoso Itfu is insured
roust din to raoovcr, bat it ii never-
lulvn truv.
ev2yi:;3:tiie salt.
I remember that th f ir-anv re-!
. . 1
potts Of tiflcb roused lis from sleep I Slowly, teiideily, grievinj;1y the ! Iilthi son, "Suinsoii a um tbo ettuig
in gray dawn, nnd ns we stood on I lit t to f mn waa laid away, and it. man, wasn't be .'''
our feet and listened more intently Jackson's cunt that canm i ll' bis l id, I -Samson was tho strongest man
wo could now and tben catch tbe
echoes of an infornnl.war-wlj.iop.
I Iso! o 01 twenty of ih. minor, ,
nil, and wo ( r( iu tbo fontlull i o
! I"1 '-!ios, not moro t!un l,tlf u '
mile h-om tbo gie:il Overland trail, tbeio was a bea l-lo:ird to in-uU li.
"ilovM, thoiu m itinds menus an Injpot. An I m tbo bo-ud a keilo ba
dianntlack nnd a bnlcbeiy," ibiper-j ,..,. -raved the sia-ln wor 1, -!! AUV 1'
' ' onr l,,l'1 ' wo lislene 1 ; and;
w i'ln-ut another word wo picked up
; "l,r ,r,,rH l ead- d f.-r tbe spot at
' bnlf run. Tw.i i)iiaiTai)i f m.ilieM
'.irmers fr m In li.iiu, bo b 1 1 vtatt
ed for tbo I and of gold and had pep
'1 1' !1 1 C C 1 fl ( ) 1 1 I ! 1 1 1 I I'll I II 1 1, i III 11 1 ! Ml , V
f - j
; aoeidi 111 . bill eno.taioo.l in n till i.r!
, - l
jreen valley bct-ido tbo tiv.l. Tin r-
wet o thii loon S'-niis oftheni. n?i 1 one
I ... , . ,
i "ngn" v.dii.I. r if th Inav. n-noi';.'
them did n..t t-Iind l. r w it !i f. :.i- tn
; tho night crept down an 1 tha Ir.w l
!..r ii if i
, ' iii eauu ircin n.o t o. l v
'II ..l i. ...
i no men mm seen i'i: ir .1 l-v'cr
! """ thron-h the loii f ni;;h. H on
after hour had ix.d mv.iv n!l
in nlui in, and jit as .1 1 vn wai
; U meici!, . mva-i-s creep
j a'"i'g l:k snak.v, had f oin d
i'"'" 11)0 fentu-.el.i nl, cp A
1 1 f""n 11 Ii,lif" li"ish(. hmi so
other, fot'tlit! send ono u n shot
1'"" r","";; i-'ai-.i tiio wa.;( n-.
'...i.i . .. ...
i.ifii, au imiu inell li-n l, e-i-a.'
the nihil upon tln w.uneii nnd dnl-
a . .. : , i. t ,i , .
ten. I'nlv con . a siioh
T I . , . '
i 1 "."' " mo scalps I,
i It-en tnl.. .ii uliil.t i .. . i
Iho bo-lins were hacked and gashed,
........ win; i m - i i i ti'i a 1 1 111
i. ... i ... , ,
N un" ""' vero'i, t.ra.n.
lieali-n o!it. eliilili-Pii ll.n:r it.I.i th..
i(.:.,,p uuu iu KpecUCM wuoue
' 1,1 I
i.. i; ... : ' . . ... ,
i, inu in ..iriuiiiy V, UI'll Illl 11'
' i),:eti fol "otlei).
Tho li.nds had finit.hcd Heir woi !.'
. .
.? ... i . ,
'(I,viv-ow nw 1" eamo th
soiKid, aud each man looked in th
air above and on tho ground holow.
"That 'ere noi.-o pnieci;.,s J'roui a
baby, or I Hi not the father ..f Ihn
teen cbildu n l-.n k in Ohio :" ex
el limed .lacks. ut, as hi. ina l j fur tho
ueai est Wilson.
Ho was light ; down besido tho
chest, nlniost sai'd heiod was uyeir
old boy baby. alas ! when hr
was handed out wu found that lie
had been fatally wounded by a I u!
let. .Jackson mi. do.Mt on tho ;ia
und chit pad to him whilo tli.. ml
of us looked on ill wonder and
doubt ; but in a .pun !i r i f an
hour tho luby was dead. It had
....Ml. Ill ht.'l.ll 11.11 t.l.rl.t I...I'
i., i i, .......... . ,
. .:.v . i ,
biiiieue.i iiroilll'l 11.
Well, thero w-iii a general break- !
j , . .
tIu ouo W(la f,oilJ Jfo thl,,w ( very H.tperiot-tirti.-l,, of wood, u god
' bj Ulll)il(( gasped ouco or lvi(.( mii'ovi b fumiKhed in New V,ik.-
!tl0ll 8oU0,i ,mck ...... ..,, I ; ,. .tll ..
on bis fuco iih babies wear w hen
their dreams uro sweet. Old Jack-
hon wim crying, crying bko a child
and Homo of tho men hid from each
other behind tbo wagons. It was a '
long tirno b. fore tho old man uroso,
luid the littlo body down nmong the
praiiiu lliiwers, uud Lu.-kily viLispur.
e.l t
We'll bury bin; by Lisself. One!
of thorn bodies out there wan bis!
mother, but as wo cuu't toll which'
fiotn wbic
, ,, ... , tllO RfCOtld mail WC'lUPt) 1 till 1 ntC.I
Jtcb, well miiko no niibtako.' L . , . , ,
. , ,, td his h snid to bo tmbarr.i'.s-
j was one largo gravo for lh . , , ,. . .
, . . , ing for feeding man, especially when
3d remains, and when thei ,. . , 1 J
., , , , , , ,
earth bud been prosed down ubovo
. i i ...i. i . I
tueiii an. i rocKB luiioci U'jwu lo iiro-
volittbowoiU of tbo wolvoa wl
went to the centro oftbodell. und
c iuD vbuwo ui tun nun, UUI
tbeio. ouder a one piuo, wo hollow
,lnta r,kn lin t.
ed onta renttDg place for baby.
When nil was ready Jackson took
the body up tn his arms, dropped
uts uai on iun graa tiua looKeU!Uof trousers! I ilticlure I,1''
around and eaid t
I f it h oil', men I Mo mi) neuter
en-tii' nngi.U tbU mot in' tl.nii any of
iih will ever (Minu n .; i 1 !"
to c vcr it l.ef no th.'ean'.i w n liil
1, (1 iu lively i-im-lo nun i;i
,.,d ii I !io hIiov.1 by t-in.-t t li!
in ,.). r, n;i 1 .. .ivl. 1 1 . -:
t, el it, nnd bcf.iro tvo w.-i.l a -i ,-i .'
It tr'i ..'' x.
J.,n II iard, tbo livelv tn W V -I I
i ic.-..nd. nt of tbo 1'bil ad- Ipbia J
I ...
4 iiii' ia 11 close dlincrvT . I hnii.-un
... ...
inatHIO. MP. I 1,010 S WlUl llO HU
about but'il :
; .. , , , ,- .., ;
l.iii'ii in nun i mil i"""M ;
. . i f . i,,. ,1 ,
(.. (. (i) v ,,,, .,. iw,ihvi
; , " , ' N . Tl.,H
; iv t, , ., ilw.ii- il u.,,1
wo rut asalVti la on, tied with ia.;s
' -,,., tlt, M ,,;lt tin. habit. It
1 i, . I'm-n,.. r
j SlV;li,lw,, n,0 j
1 ,1, r m h-i.aI , ii iav l:!.l. i-M .'mt
; ,K, ,"s u,i t;i ,,,;.,. ,.,,; i,lU;. , ... i
! ;il j,,.,. ,, , i, ,, j.- uh
. (,j ) Ma, k. d l.i i tiinnd), I st. j pi.d
,,f ,.. IJlV fitl, v. I l,..vo :h
,,.,' ,,..,, .i,,,,. n.,,r, iI,. ;;,,
,.. ,;,),,. ,,,., dl and lin I it
,llli;rtMi,; t ) ,,,. Wm ni,
I;, ,1V, u.i ,.;(,. ,,, ,i.,u
,., s,n l ,.v,.4- he tho one or the
,o(4r u,t 1 (.,m ..n.ill v am -1 lit
lllsi!f Ulni.'.li a.'.d I'linl.lli;' M. I
i crow ing .in it.) i h' 1 1,. It I' ii'V. -i
i, .. .
I .lou t l.iio.v win' lull
. it thus. I have I n told by iadi.-s
,Ul (,Ul(.,. tli..i?tt that I wa-:
j j,,,,,, , !lt tri. in. but lil. is loo -hol t
' f-.-r tha' kind -f p,.i t. I d .1 . it
!,, li(V(,r H'rt habit. Then.
I i
i I , . f .. ' .1 ... ... .,,1. .j
; 11 U i II' I 3 lJ III If ' I'll IM.tH I-. I ' (
. ,.,-, Wii... ,;,, !l;Uti fj i
,., ,lu)
I t I1,.!
d . y Mm l;c
Wbv i" i:
II.V' i If. I'llM'.llt O..I.O.
,. . ., ,.
i '
i . II mm
, i i'c a.-o i i ,-. sue i oio'-.. i
cl'CM.'.l I ..', ni.-) i:io-i. I '..t luC'i
tii. ii i i : v . -i w 111 .l!:v,l n.i I i mIi-i ii',
.. ... n
I mi M-.i'l. il .1, I ill ll.ll IV Ml!.
I.) M'.l'l.'K.I, I'll I.
all well leu! t I iu!.' .tin, s I sn i
it ho, I '.e! ,r Wi.y. ell iinlv .
'ih' r f II .'.vs tell mo they u! n,
iiioi ! i!,::,l, ...f k !i'!' :i i'. .' at,
on tho icad wilh,,'.i! a ei-ar llni'i .if
boding tin if own baby ,.r hi . al.l.i-.'
or . un f. i' bin cii. IL waio ..I ! : 1 1 if,
1 know la.-n wh.. thn.k t ... no. I'.'"1
i iill. in. n -- . ! thi-y t-W'.ar like pi
I at is. Net thai I clef F ; W a pi
rate or h. ,ii I . f on . iiidnloo pi'...
fan. ly, but. that's 11. if n p'.l.itn.ii
and next lo I . n;,; ii. !i i i to b.
ih "l,;ht i- ". S -.1 in;; is a lei 1 ,1.',
1...V I a'.-;:, i. t t, ;s ,.f Ih,, . .,' .!
''." r. I'.;'! -, o. ! ('" y .-,. -ii- id
' .in i :n ,.;! s 1 - ' N't :,(
all. Th"V nr. i in th .. !, ,'i.t ,,- r,v,. nv
in,' h.'l'e ill. ! tin lo, lial lei i -.ciy
where. Mi;;... I', is a .' u iroM il !(
liah.t, but -l ill a h! it. .'l-i
why I am i. t mi old 1 till., i I
ti 'll't kll I V. ,! . . ;y ., I(. j,
some go.,, I Ii, i-o Ii I', r il. lull I '.','. i: Id
deuily I .'. a io give some of v oil f. 1
lo.vs the gi t to I'eo y.i'i!'.--i Ives a-
others rieii VOtl, ll'rt ;;ivel lil I'p. (;1'.
' "''! 11,1 ' ' '
i:.'l'' ! ti t
T 'T " " l'l'UH"
al v.-, s pjeasaid.
'1 ho hi iitlieil have nmv given up.
"IL w"'"-1,il' id- Is of f heir own
crca.h.n.astl.eyhav.) found that a
Il ia now bcoonio f rdiomib hi in 1
'' enniod as rally
" " " t:v l" ,:'""'";r-
iveM '' '''' f' r- Lit i v-. s
tiuin ta say pond-by t.j ltd' b.-forc
tho evening train goon.
Tho N'.ivnl'i wny ff catching bears
I is for ono man lo feed tho animal
with salt, wbilo i second slipa around
Iriud licsbi'i Iiind kga topotber. When
tb'i sal t ih nearly gooo.
.nr:ii!.,. .....
,..- i, I,
" ilb.-iiii. iav snn. ' savn an rcf.n .
....... . . ...
, omicsi moiuer io ner son, - jor mer . . .
. i j . i . , and is (In u t.ivi.rito pie.soii;i!i.iii
cy'H ettko don t keep on tramping up r,.,. i . ti.-- v,i, . , t.. v.,.; . . -. .
,, . , r !ro "'ll'l,stf y
Ho finer id that loaDtior. I '.vckn. -M or coiii-iluinu .duuixu, to
Yoll-U woai-out your new boots. (IIu j (hu hCX. Jt Boh ,,y j,,,, ,
Hits .lown.) Thero you g -sitting per ..,it... Ladica inn nht.,!.,
loxvn. Now you'll wear out yoVinbioe J-'j:ni-:. siiiinp tor
uvea hitch a b y I"
I'n." sii 1 tho K.-v. MnoiiUlc's
Mb it ev.-r lived."
"Tl .1 t!K l.l.'lllt llitll "
"It w,n intend. .1 tl.-it f-.-ims .
.!,.; i: 1 I, , (Id ti ..n -,..,t, nun. and
1 ... r. 1 1 !. w i . I. n i '"
; Ti... -.1 l-r.-d t piessioii n the
lo'.iil.i's f-i.-o arro.tol Hi ) min.-e-r 111
bin 11 mali 11.
"i'.L f. I e bo was b .'Mi f
"Yi-o ; la -I !' f..r: bo
a;ked tie
i f nit. .1
i:i tin. i.T !.i ,i f. ! 1 1 -. . ; i
' .1 1 1 f !i!;. .,.. ci 1 "
"Ye.", j-lt In I' mi' I,.- w ." f.i-iiid. an
in:.-' I nppenre.l and f 1 1 t '1 I o! .r
h 1 1 . t ' t , t-aviii' that n ) t r mn.-t
.1 oi ! h;-, lo ad '
"Was th. mmtI afraid tbo ru.- i
would oat I no "
N i ; tbo ni::.'!.) meant that hi
i.tleiiglh lay in his hair and that I n
h i:r n.u-t not lo cut It"'
"If i h i in v h ni-gro v Ion can I
lilt mule than I can n.ov . '
"I .1 ,ii'L know nl "ill llial."
' Aio (ti'.ng'i- than nut.'"
N ..."
'II it th'-v havo g.-.f long hail-. A
woman o. ml I ti t whip y A c.i.ld
"No : n.if easily. ''
"Was Siiii'i iii a Pcinociat ' 1
"I gll" HH. '
pli.l' w hy .1 .n't yo't l.tiovv ? I'd
I now if I was 1. 1.1 ns vii:i. II. w
t.i'U.y was it that aai'ioti kit d ' '
"l 'no th'.'o-and."
"I'o w is b id ; wasn't I.e. f
I ;.. win n a tnait k'lla nnj.l.ody
iio's had ? '
"1'iio I.ord was with S iiiisoii."
"IJut th.. ..'i-d saysyo'.i mitrl not
kill iod a:iisoii goto
"I "'Ipposo fill,''
"lie i . the btr.iu;e-.t linked thf ie.
i:-a'i ho
"Voit aio g King fo .'ii-
i!ii'. I wmit t kn.'.v.
! again.
Will you
bj !kav-
'.'lllll li.lll W llt.l . Oil
elpp !i
I'-.; y
v. 1
a w .n't to d 1 hiin
If ho was to hit v hi I,..'. I
1 1.
if wi'iks. w.i'ildn't I.,, ' '
' l'. t 1 y nil- He !h- l. 'I'ho next
lime you nit. ..i.f I., .j ie-li',11 mo on
tl. i loi lo I
id whip Mill."
A '' . tni:ian. h.iviii 1 hired hiai
'elf to a farmer, had a eheeso set
do.vt. I. ef iii. hiir.. Hint ho might l.eip
hiiiiM-lf, After s.'i'io tini,. ilm ti 1 11
tor n, ii ! lo hi 11 ; ' Sui ly. dike
a I iii.g line, to lire a', f is: " '-In troth.
11. a -t"i , ' t-a' I S'l.idy. "a cliee.-o o'
till I : i 1 r--.l :iUO ;l ...:i ea:.'!l .1.1 y...
may t . 1 1 K -' "
'Ti, is tho i.ttlo hits ov things Hint
t'11 t aiid w..riy iik," Ki.ys Johh !h;i
ings : -wo kan .1. Iga an ii, -pliant,
out. w e can t a lly. '
I v 1 1 1 I I," .M'll,
"W, :'.' II. rit, ;
h'-allh and 1 a', en ; . I
,. .tenev, -M ', . I h,X ,-.
,1, lie
Ik) wl' Wil 1.
Yv 11-11 ally e
,'.'in,'ii, i.i-.i
.'in. 'I'... ii,- In
IT--". -I
'ti 1! I .ih . r t , 1 1 ,
iiei.,' l,'l' l'.ilh.'lV
11. I. -. ii -.1 tj .-Jit I io
r.'i .-v io .." .. ' i. n - - aii, I
.. .-iini.' l 1 I ... inu. I;
'.!:. 1 Ai'.i-..
..'ir In .11 'y in
-ulVorin . lliil
in il.- I I', ; -
s. w,i , SeHn. r,-,,-,... i,.,.. , ,.. .,, ,
' vry hn-;" ,.-.. ,,t . r w al! lv,, ,
!i tho h.i.-t s,..ig si!. An in
;.- I'.iii 1
ro.-Ji -,'!!l'lly
oil iipplienl ii.ll In ,i- ,
IV . t
CittAlon's Ar;tica Sn'vc.
Thf I''iT .wi.vk in tho w.iild for
'.''lly. l'l'iiis.'s, ' 1 1 1 , , Snics, I'lcii-,
SaU lihc'llU, 1'. m I'..-. !. .-, V'e'l. I', ( h:.i.
e.l HmuU, (''iil.hl.iii, (,,,., ,m, ;(
l;i:i I'lri.piioi.s, sod p. i .'!-,- cuu."
'ilc. It is i;.iiii',iiiled to.civo peii.'ot
.itil:i'li.,n or money l et'iui'h d.
i ei'iils n r h'.r. I'.if .iiiln l.y
i;,,,,,, I.,..,, :., i,. i ... i ,
.'oat, Puij-.atst AI ut..U lm jr. I a
.. . - .
,.i r.,r v. 10
L.iJif. i'J.iIIC.
Tin: (ihi:.iT i i:i.t i. ;: i;kmi:!v
t.i ,.r 1 I .- .1... ll'l I il l.'V'.' ii-r.
,.i i i , . , ... . , i it.i i v ' .', l.l n ,. . , i f.
. 1 ' ... i.i
MVI. l.NallllMT: )L' .'L'l'I'.ILO
whohsv.. titou C'l'UKU.
Bara Pss5
r -. r..-.; . .'..'!
i V-V ' ,.
r, f. f
0? 4 w KK i j ft -
1 1 1 ! ' f i V f, - , . if m r
k - . , i 1 , , ,, 1 1 i - , , . r' i-r.
i ' ' ' .fi - I Ik ! . t ' ji , t t f
' . ' ! it, - r
. ' , I " At ,
, I V. ' i li S: . . V .
. . . !.. .
li i.M
i . , i . i ;
A i. . .
I v :'l -i: ill
I'"- .Imp'
I . , , I. i . , 1 1 1 , ,. , I
ro.ii n. . i iv i-ir
' . I ,1 ".' . ., ,i . I'll I : ., I - In . ,i, ..
' . I..-.-..-I .1 .11 ,:l i,- ... ,.( hair
, li .. I . I 1 I..- I ... "i. . ' h I i , , I n, i, .
' J ' . fl.N V AXKI.l.t a : , Itf
11' 'I-1 I I
I . Il 1 1 . I
I'' " .1 i v ; -; . , i, , , . a i n ,r. , A p if
. HO' I I ' 1 i . . I 1 ' I .1,:. ,,'.,..,
' 1 !-.' ' I , I - ....... U II' 11 '..
' !'"''' '.!. .."'i' ,. . ,, r,;,- '., ul
-" . " It. ' " ill , .-.- -I ' . .n'.
' '.
'. i ' a -.' i II 1 1 fl
.1.".' Ii'
II h
I . . .ir .
:l . I '
', i, i . i:
i .it..,iil,i,, , ,,
I- . rl ir. . ' .... - l ,. e ,. I
t ill., I.r
'. . ' M ( .'" 'l
1 I I 'I IU 1 1
Il I . V ' I I..- 1 ; .
Wli,l..:.,-,,t,;l NY.
I ' I I N I I.i 1) I N .-ir, -, ,i. - , r .r.
X' i'i I'll . i. rn a 1 1 i, i t;
' . ,11 I' .. o.'. - - . N'T ,.i.,i
I - ' ' - f -t" :-. Hllltt-
i" .' I I' i i . i '.'.!., i, e :,n, .11
r ,' 1 1 . .. I ' , ., I, I iu II.,. I ii. I." M..-I . , .v I
'"' ' -' ' ' ' I ! .'- II.'' I.
' I I '".: I - ,..''-.'.. M .I . -u I J- 4.
.11' t M',; I I l.-'l . I ,, ',,, .
.1 . ii M I - . . ni. , I . , ' il r M N T,
I .
tJ J .v". 'j - A. -J Jjj
nl r ;o. Xnj ' unir. l'.i , it irtpur
i-.i n. 1 . 1 1. . a
I'! I'I i. !.'. I II ' I, I,. ...... I ;,n.l II Kll' I i, .IIIOSI J.
-II. I. V '. -I I.- '.I -I II,'.
I 1 -. V .li'.. lllO
! m . I". .' ,. ........ AH. W.M. K WA'tllANT-
! I I . I . 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 - 1 ' 1 ' 1 ,1 . .
Ill . , .1 if, I r i, 1 r nil C f I o
i l,','r" "-v 1 "- ' '' -f" 1 uo 11...I1 fc vl. t.
I ' - 1 u
j rci!nv-,i:i;.: . -Their d'. i n
; t .-.I ,,!! r 1 li .- ., , . . 'I p , li I n
oo' I"- r-. 11. 1 i .1, .., ., ,., ii.oi, ...if. u,,n..
I 'f I l'.i M.I, 11 1 ic.
V I i i; I I.I.I !i,
II. '. I l I M V,
I't"- '- ll.n.r: n. f ..
' k':.? i' :; S-ty lis- Ciiioi'.., ra.
'''' '' ': 1 ' I . 1,1 1 si' a 1. 1 11 1; ll..i-,.T
(V'-l it'.!" I" . II M g t.i tl.O I lo
. 1 " " 1 ' - I t . i -l-ic.. cvrv
;.. ' .' r I ' .! ., linu-cr.
"'., , I . r I - ; . . .' , M ,,M ,',.,.,
' 1 1
i w si. m A H B . y
iEInii!:: linker Sta
i Uicr, nnd Steam-
1 . Power
IP -R 1 1 T E R ,
' M'o j-Iarlret Street,
in i r, i u: r .
r,-iiin;hif..i. fhir l'ri-r S'lfinf
'".; .!.',, ., .1 On AH ,,'(,. ,
'''"". Apr. IH2.
I V. .SKi.ll 111.',! KH
I'MAl.t U IK
Iron, ir rila,
Steel, Ijitlr,
Painta, Oils,
Coach & Gadii.Jcr Waro
AND MAN L'l'Ai I . 'tf R ,)!'
M !'.KI .i' KIT.i'Kl',
1S"V. 4, 7i.
Farmers & Dairymen :
(JKOKni-j (lAL'ULKii, Agent..
O il- P 'lit! 1,1, .......
-.'i.t,inc.i.u.N KMi)uCUi i it
Tli. ei.uni n , koooms II. fttvor U
.t..lll..l.,ll.,kutfj. UIB)l..j.U,lBl.l)CU1.l',t'
I lorn, dur.L u hii.i n,..j it .!.."'; ... "'". .
Uii rai 1 1 w..r!i m.y oilior ohcru vr Ii..
loro.'. (Imuki.. u-l 1-ili.ri.i.iur. i.
lru. r' li wLu ud li l. . ..'.. i
I . .'" "Ji". UUI l m
luriU4,.irii,M..,. i,:',
Chly's fetrrVir..
" ' .w '-..rr;
. r'"r" . . --- S" ''v
5 - - ''""K j K