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ilorii Ttie )lir ol tho Nnw Nnvl
Jlrroe" Honervd Knll Meunro ol
V'rlM t'nefiil I.on Dreirn From
'shrlv Hrnverr nml Ievotlon,
iCi pyrlght, Ijoiiitt :h, HS0.1
, (frfliiiH(iTo!, D. C At ft llmnwhiM) tho
; K1 nation In ntlrrod with piitrlotlc emo
ti at the rotnra nt Ailmlral Clporuo
I nf ey nod bin Riillnnt rami on tbn criilner
tmplH nnM the miiRnlllcont recnption ne
filed to them, the Uov. Dr. T. 1)8 Witt
i lmniiit, In Ills sermon, preaching to n
. It nudlniipc, appropriately recitlls for
. to it nod I ntrlotlc purposiw Rome of the
jut niivnl ilendiof Miluu and more recent
t ". Tnxl, James I'.i., 4, "Heboid alio
I '.t thin exclamation win appropriate about
, f2 year" aeo, when It wna wrltton con
I rulnKtli0 crude llsblnptnackat!sntalld
I kn Gallltie, how mnnli more appropriate
. an rtROwhlnh hn. lai'ioohed from the dry
,. e. f')r pnrpoani nf par? tho Ocunulo of
' j While Ht'ir linn, the Luonnlu of the
v Jiard lino, the Ht. I, on In of the American
, . the Kaiser Wlllinlm der (Ironun of tho
, Kb (lermun Lloyd line, thn Augusta Vic
, Ja of the Il.imiliiirK-AmerlciiD line, and
i an ae which for piirpone of war has
iiieb'id tho fi'tew afoops like the Idaho,
, Hlinoandonli, tbn (NMpno, and our Iron-
di like the Kiiliimnzoo, the Iloanokeaml
, t Duruliirbertf, and Ulnae which have al
: ,iiy been hurled in the c"eop, like the
Dltor, tho Housntonlo nnd tho Weo
... irkeii, tho tnmpcstn over since sotinillnir
i, olley over their wntory sepulchnrn, nnd
I I OrnRnn, nnd the Drnoklyn, and tho
tan, and tlieOlympin, tho Iowa, the Mas-
. hnttf, tho Indiana, the Now York, tho
j' rlettn of the Init war, and tho aoiirrml
!, eriuia of war alilppliiK, like tho Oonptl
l Ion or tho Alliance or thn Constellation,
thrive pwniitf Into tho naval yards to
' dd their hint ilnyn, tliwlr dealt now all
' nt of tho foot that trod them, tholr rlR
' g all Hunt of the hands that clung to
, their porthole ollont of tho bru.eii
, oats that nnoetutindiired nut of thorn.
I!ull Juntlne him boon done to the men
I at different limes fought on thn land,
, not enonifh linalmon said of tho;e who
t,tliVp'8deckdnrcd and suflerod nil thlnr.
t d Clod of tho rlvnm nnd thn ana, hnlp
In this sermon! Ho, yn admirals, coin
lt, Jdern, captains, pilots, minnnrs, boiit-
'a ins, sallmukors, surKeons, stokers. mens
, ws and seamen of nil names, to use your
; I parlance, wc might ns well get under
I nnd stnnil out to foil Lot all liitul
,() 9ors go ashoro. Full speed now! Four
looks picturesque nnd beautiful to son
ar veaaol going out through tho Nitr
',.', sailors in new rig singing,
" : . A life on tho oconn wave,
: A home on tho rolling deep.
' colors gracefully dipping to passing
'' , the decks immaculately clean and
'". gnus at qunrnntino firing a parting
' ite. But the poetry Is nil gone out of
"' t ship as It oomos out of that ongage-
it, Its decks red with human lilood,
lelhooso gone, t he cabins a pile of shut
!r id mirrors nnd destroyed furniture,
' ting wheol broken, smokestack crushed,
indred pound Whltworth rlileshot hav
left Its mark from port to starboard,
1 :l; shrouds rent away, ladders splintered
hl; decks plowed up and smoko blackened
' -Bcaldol corpses lying among those who
' :gasplng their Inst gasp fur away from
ie aud kindred, whom they love as
''" ih as we love w!?o and imrents andchll-
men of tho Ame lcan navy returnod
"' l Manila and Santiago and Havana, ns
, as thosu wlio nro survivori of the
1 ll ooBlllets of lH0:i and lHtll, men of the
,:ern gulf squadron, of the eastern gulf
' ulroa, of the south Atlantic squadron,
"' he north Atlantlo squmlron, of the
"" Isslnpl squadron, of tho Pnelllc squad
: of the West India squadron, nnd of
rotomoo llotlllu, hear our thanks!
1 I tho benediction of the churches. Ac
'"; the hospitalities of tho nation. If we
Onr way, we would get you not only a
'" ion, but iw home and a prlucolv ward
J" and n u equipage and a banquet while
j1,! live,- and nfter youi departure n
' 11 tulqae and a mausoleum of HR'.ipltured
" ' lie, with a model of tho ship in which
''''wonthe day. It Is considered a gal-
thing when In a naval light tho flag.
wittj Its blue onslgn goes nhend up a
'f or Into a bay, Its admiral
' " ling in the shrouds watching and glv.
Ilium. Hut I havu to tell you, U vet
J'1'5 1 of the American navy, if you aro ns
c i jto Ohrlst as you were to the govorn-
I there Is a flagship mllln ahead of
"I - f which Christ is tho ndmlrnl, and Ho
Itli bes from tlie shrouds, and tho heavens
us' be blue ensign, nnd Ho leads vou to-wit-
the harbor, and all tho broadsides of
onU and hell cannot dainiige you, and ya
Je ' o garments were onun red with your
In blood mhall h.ivo a robe washed and
hi:r white in the blood nf the Lamb,
if"' strike eight lutilsl HjgU uoou In
t I snl c
e1. lie we nro heartily greeting nnd bnn
11') ng the sailor patriots just now re
in I Kl wo must not forgot tho veterans
"",! wivy uow lit marine hospitals or
wl! ting their old days In their own or
atiu. ,ohUdru's homueteads. fib, ye vet-
I j liargo you bear up under tho
he I an weaknesses that you still carry
uti'l jho Wartimes. Voiinrenot as stalwart
S. U Would have been lull tni- I litil- , ,.,.,..
jtral und for that terrlll.) e.posnra..b
i I ' 1 pain, insteau oiuepress
nd ifrutiiil you of your lldellty. Tho sinking
IV'', v'"fMhiiwkeu olT Jloiris Island, l)e
w -1 u) liifti, was a mystery. Ijho was
Jewondtr llie. Tne sea was rough.
"K Adailrnl Ualilgren frjn the deck
n a beV Mag steamer Philadelphia
It wi niv gradually sinking and
Je Btruek tho ground, but the
"ug'itlll. Iloated above tho wave lu the
"- l0L,ho s,,ll'l'lug. It was ntteward
. ..K- that slin sauk from weakness
aunijh Injuries lu'previous service.. Her
le In: boil been knocked loose in previous
thM' rk you have In nervo and muscle
iigiUOaaand dimmud eyeslglit nml dllll
.li. arlng ami hortues8 of breu'.U many
nee ttlotis that you nro gradually going
. " . tho servl-' f :nany years ago
bn I tsBing on yon. Hoof good cheer,
ingireycu juat as much ns though your
llflwdbad gurgled through tho seup-
sh' f the ship la iheno.l river expedition
n Uhough yon had gone down with the
d w Jaofl Haiteriif. Only keep your flag
il f (is nut the illustrious Weehawkeu.
Iieni f beer, my buys!
anlt;ctlrni'S olt llie ooast of England the
Dlie :lmily iivh Inspeeted the llrltish
see mwi. euvered Ijeforo them for that
his i 1" tliu liultlo sea tho czar und
is ! litve reviewed the llussluu navy,
lool tig before the American people th.)
lug-hoy owe to tho navy I go out with
hum tin Atlantic ocean, whero there is
ii an toG roura, aud In Imagination re.
li e:i tio ar ,p ot 1)ur four lt
the s il77li, J-H2. l.Mij and Hivu
us u.hnf nil y0 frigates, ironclads, tire
gutibunlM nnd men-of-warl Thera
om, ill null set nnd all furnuoes
njasf, mIihuvch of crystal tossing
1'ir Hitting prows. That Is tho
5' iaaul''' l!uvolutli)uary craft,
Uiqi'd fty Cominoiloro jjecatur.
rs r I koiw tlto Constitution, Com
'yhP nil cominaiidlng. Tliore Is tho
ntlv!!':0' ,umman(Jeil by Captain
, ,,'H- w'10"" uylng words were,
-loiii-t ifjvo up tho ship," and the Nlaga
2 Ti F'V-. commanded by Commodoio
iced ft'! wrot" "" thv 1?U ot mi old
i ha 1 "K " "'vy "P, "Wo have
me Wiemy, nnd they lire ours." Yon
er n:fM flagship Wabash, Auuilrul Iu.
ll gd'PMniuiniliii'j yonder, llio flagship
P9- Admiral loldbi,inii.-li ,.e..
KS VOldler thn e.,...i.i 1.1.11...1..1
tU'Wifirnl Diihlgrei. comuiHudliig: von.
ige, rjiingsiiip San Jiicluto, Admiral
'uiBuumg; yonder, tho llugshlj
lajvk, Admiral l' eomninndlng:
I at.'
ijie flag steamer Jleutou, Admlra!
iiiHiKllug; yonder, tho flagship
Unvld U. Fiiringiit counuanit
1", the Brooklyn. Hear Admiral
BBS I'L. T""""llllg
yonder, ihe Olyinpln,
I lewev eniiirriniiillMi.. vAi,.t,
man ,
ina:u lurit oominauillUK: yon.
lal aP IVlll. Cillitulll I'lillln ,.n,.i,. .1
thun"11'. 'ho New York, Hear Admiral
rlglilJU '.""""ollng; yonder, the Iowa,
, I ''"ly 1. Kviiuscoinuiaudliig.
'our f"'' ' yuu who were in the naval
1 mei'li',lng the war of jkhj are now m
P'Tia00" or "vuul", f !"' With
hoc id . 1 . 1 o-uioen,
Wo Ulook. Illld It Will noon lie mm.
sen '; If you were uf 11 u uIihh tlm w.,,.
you are uow at 'least (i'J. Many
ave passed Into (lie vml.u
Christian enmmanrters on sea and land
than In any previous conflict, I would re
vive In your minds the (act that at lenst
two great admirals of the civil war ni
Christians, Foote nnd I'lirrngiit. Hul
tho Clirlstiau religion been :i cowardly
thing thov would have had nothl". r to do
with It. 'In Its faith they lived nnd died.
In Drnoklyn navy yard Admiral Foote
held praver mmilluirs nnd conducted a re
vlvnl on thn receiving ship North Carolina
and on Sabbaths, far out at sea, followed
tho chaplain with religious exhortation.
In nnrly life, aboard tho sloop. of-wai
Nntnlipx, Impressed by tht wor Is of a Chris
linn sailor, he gave Ills spate time for two
weeks to tho Whin, and at the ond ot thn':
declared npeuly, ' Henceforth, under all
circumstances, I will act for lod." His
last words while dvlng at the .Wor Home.
New York, wore: "1 thank God for all His
goodness to me. He has been Very g o I
to mo." Wlion he entered heaven, be did
not havo to run a blookade, for It was
amid tho cheers of a great welcome. Tim
other Christian admiral will bo lion . red
on earth until t'10 days when tho II res from,
above shall lick up the waters from pc
neath nnd there shall bo no more sea.
Oh, whlln old ocean's breast
Hears a white sail
And (lod'ssoft stars to rest
Guide through th gale.
Men will him ne'er forget,
Old heart of oak-
Fur rag nt, Farragut
Thunderbolt slroki!
According to his own statement, Far
ragut was very loose lu his morals in early
mnnhi od and practiced all kinds of sin
One da..' he was called Into the cahlu or his
father, who was a shipmaster. His father
said, "David, what are you going to lie
nnvhow?" He answered, "I am going to
follow tho sea." "Follow tho sea." said
the father, "and be kicked 11I1011; III"
world and die In 11 fonlga hospital:- '
"No," said David: "lam going to com
mand like you." "No" said tee falhei;
"a boy of your habits will never command
nnythlng." And his fnther must Into tears
nnd left the cabin. From tlini day David
Farragut started on n new Hie.
Captain l'enningtou, nil honored eldei
of my Drooklyn church, was with him in
most of bis battles and had his Intimate
friendship, and he continued, wuat I had
hoatd elsewhere, that Farragut was good
and Christian. In every great crisis .. f
life ho asked and obtained the Divine di
rection. When in Mobile hay tho monitor
Teciwnsoh sauk from a torpedo and the
great warship Brooklyn, that was to load
tho squadron, turned back, ho said lie
was at n lofs to know whether to ad
vance or retreat, aud he says: "I prayed.
'() Uod, who created man and gavahlui
reason, direct mo to do. bliall 1 go
onV Aud a voice commanded me, 'Go
on," nnd I went on." Was there ever a
more touching Christian letter than that
which lie wrote to his wife from his flagship
Hartford? "My dearest wile, I writo and
loavo this iotter for you. I am going Into
Mobile bay lu the morning it God is mv
lender, nnd I hope Ho Is, and In Him 1
place my trust If He thinks it Is the propet
jilnoe for mo to die, I am ready to submit
to His will in that ns all other things. God
bless and preserve you. my darling, mid
my dear boy, If anything should happen to
1110. May Ills blessings reat upon you und
your dear mother. '
Cheerful to the end, ho said on board thn
Tallapoosa lu tho lust voyuge he ever took.
"It would be well lt I diod uow in harness.''
The sublime Episcopal service for tin dead
was never moro appropriately rendered
than over his casket, una well did all tne
forts ot New York harbor thunder ns his
body was brought to tho wharf, und well
did thn minute guns sound und the beds
toll ns in a procession having In Its ranks
the President of the United States and Ills
cabinet and the mighty 111011 nf land nnd sea
tho old admiral was carried, amid hun
dreds of thousands of uncovered heads on
Broadway, und laid on his pillow nf dust In
beautiful Woodlawn, Heptember 31), amid
the pomp of our autumnal forests.
Hi We bail with thanks the new generation
of naval heroes, those of the year 1H1W. Wo
are too near their marvelous'deeds to fully
appreciate them. A century from m. w
poutry nnd sculpture nnd painting and his
tory will do them better Justice than wo
can do them now. A dufoat at Manila would
have been an Infinite disaster. Foreign
nations not over-fond of our American lu
jtllutlons would have joined theotUersldo,
aud tho war so many months past would
have been raglug still, und perhaps 11 hun
dred thousand graves would have opened
to take down our slain soldiers and sailors.
It took this country three years to get
3vcr the disaster at Hull Hun ut tho opeu.
lug of the civil war. Uow many years It
would havo required to rocoviir from 11
defeat ut Manila in the opening ot the
Spanish war I caunot say. God averted
the calamity by giving triumph to our
navy under Admiral Dewoy, whose coming
up through tliu Narrows of New York har
bor day before yesterduy was greeted by
tho nation whoso welcoming clioers will
not cense to resound until to-morrow, and
next day In tho capital ot tho nation the
jeweled sword voted by Congress sliull be
presented amid bocmlr.g cannonade and
embannercd hosts, aud our autumnal
nights shall become a conflagration of
splendor, but tho tramp of I hose proces
sions nnd tliu flash of that 'Word anil the
bii..a of that gieeting and tho roar ot
tlios'i guns nnd the illumination of those
nights will be seen mid heard 11s long ns a
page of American history remains Inviolate.
Especially let Ihe country boys of
A ,11c rl en join in these greetings to the
returned heroes of Manila, lt is tlnlt
work. Tho chief character In nil the
scene Is tho onco country lad, (leorgo
Dewoy. Let tho Vermontcra 001110 down
and find lilin older, but the same modest,
unassuming, almost bashful person that
they went to school with and with whom
they sported 011 the playground. Tho hon
ors of all tho world cannot spoil him, A
few weeks ugo at n banquet lu ICngtuitd
some ot the titled uoblumeii were af
fronted becntiso our American minister
plenipotentiary associated tho naiuo of
Dewey with that ot Lord Nelson. As well
might we bo ufl'routfld because the name
of Nelson Is associated with that of our
most reuowned admiral. Tho ono luiiu lu
all the coining ages will Ktnn.l us high 11s
the other. Ho this dny sympathizing with
nil the festivities and celebrations of tho
past wee'e and with all thn festivities und
celebrations to come this week, let us
anew thunk God und those heroes of tea
America 1 navy who have done suoli great
tilings for our beloved land. Coma aboard
the old ship Zlon, ye sailors and soldiers,
whether still in the active service or hou
orably discharged and ut homo having re.
sinned citizenship. And ye men of tho
past, your lust battle on tho suns fought,
take from me, In God's name, animation
and good cheer. For the few remaining
tights with Bin and deaths and hell make
ready. Htrip your vessel for the fray. Hang
tie sheet chains over the side. He ml down
the topgallant masts. Harricade the wheel.
Kit' lu the flying jib boom. Hteer straight
for tho shining shore, and hear tho shout
of the great Commander of earth and
heaven as He cries from thn shrouds, "To
Mm that overcometh will I giro toentot
the tree of Hie which Is lu the midst of tho
I aiadiso ot God." ilosauuu! llosuuunl
Anrcdote of Hubert Hums.
Robert Uurns was once standing up
on the quuy at Greenock when a weal
thy merchant belonging to that town
had the misfortune to fall In the har
bor. A tailor plunged In, and, at tho
rlslt of lils own llfo, rescued the mer
chant, v.ho could not swim. When
tho leacutd man was restored to con
Bclousness lt was found that tho fright
and tho wetting were tho only bad cou
neqiiencea of his mishap. . Calling for
the uullor, hW preserver, tho merchant,
presented him with his thanks and a
shilling. The crowd loudly protested
m;aliist such shabby conduct, but
Uurns, with a scornful smile, begged
them to bo silent, "for, said he, "the
gentleman munt, know best what his
life Is worth."
Nut til Hume.
Ethel "He told me ho made hU
money In wheat." Edith (trlumphant
ly)"I felt sure I had seen hU faci
before. That' tho fellow that leave
mi our bread niornlngs in the clty,"
Lea'.lo's V.'cckly.
latest News Gleaned
Various Parts.
Two M, r, Rlot Afler Hot llsinl
Alionf KllRlo,i and Oil Vlrlllll Will
- iHai'ovrrlen of opper ltrtnrtnl In
r,l,M,,,n I'.nini, Horj lr Manaackrd
KosldniK-e at l.anrnslrr..
Another murder Is likely lo bo added 10
the long Hut of tragi diet lately enacted In
the LeblKb Valley. The vlitlm Is John
Veioo, a HiinKorlsn, and bis brother, Hike
Voico, Is nlio bndly Injured, The trsg.dy
was (be outcome of n Hungarian wedding
eelebratlou in L'pper Cainsniiqus, hru
George Kapchag and Annie Gila were mar
ried. After Ihe ceremony Ihe usual festivi
ties began. K-g nfter keg cf leer disap
peared and the guests became boisterous.
The Vnsoo brothers reside nt l'.nypt. this
entinijr, nnd belong to the Culled Greek
Catholic Church, while the great tr.njorl'y of
thKuestat tho wedding nro members ol
the Orthodox Greek Catholic Church. The
Vosco brothers had been warned lo remain
away on account of the bitter fooling le
tween the members of the two factions of
the Greek Church. They attended, bow
ever, nod a discussion 011 rellgiuu was
started. Tho argument grew hot. and the
cilinnx was reached when John Yonco, It Is
alleged, made nu Intuiting remark nLout
the Orthodox faction. At llrst the fight was
limited to a few men, but soon ull win con
fusion, nnd knives, beer glassy, furnltuio
and everything that was bandy was ui d as
w-apons. In the excitement the lights wmn
extinguished. Hoon after a pistol shot was
beard and John Voico fell to the floor with
alullet bole In his abdomen. A minute
later Mike Toseo was sl.ot In the nose.
A'ter the shooting the Huns left the hoiib'i
and went to a dance hall. Chief ot l'ollee
Hlieckler, of Calasniiqua, was notllled.
Vnsle Mackr-nlvh and John KMmshny, of
Catarniiqus, were arreted on suspicion of
having done the shooting and they are In
the Cntusniiquu loek-U. On Shlinshny
revolver wlib an empty chamber was found.
Hu Hi d that ho ind fired a shot In sell-d. .
fense, but does 'not know be bit anyone.
The wounded men were taken to thi Allen
town Hospital. Tho doctors say that John's
oluineea for recovery are very flight. Mike
may recover. ,
Mining for
The residents of Kugarloaf Township,
located lu the extreme northern end of
Columbia county, hum the copper craze,
Wlilnn sight of tlielittlo town of Central
they have discovered 11 rich Iliol of copper
and reports have It mat miners are making
from S3 to SH n dey In this nuw Kldonulo.
On tho Inriu of J. V. Frlisi 11 rich Mud of
the metal was made and a large smelting
plant la now In course of erection. This
lias spurred tho owusrs of other farms in
the vicinity, and In many places on each
farm cnu be seen men engaged lu sinking
shafts or the largo plies of earth showing
win re a shaft has been sunk and abandoned.
There Is uothliig talked of t ut copper In
that sectiou, and if the hopes of the reel,
dents are tut partially renllr.-d, the upper
end will soou hnvo chunged Its Mimdln.t mid
btcomo the richest section of the county.
Ilnrgliir !a I'lilornffti in.
Hurglars entered the residence of Sirs.
Nicholas Goodman, Lancaster, and the In
dications are that the family, Mrs. Good
man and her four children, Including a
nearly grown son, were chloroformed. A
peculiar feature of the burglary Is the feci
that a watch dog made no disturbance, al
t'lOugh a very cross animal. The burglars
eutered through the cellar, forcing the door
lead 11 if up into the kitchen. The house was
rniisncked, but only ilH was stolen, being
taken from 11 bureau drawer in Mrs. tlood
in tin's bedroom.
Death In the I'lpe.
Charles lilddhi wns burned to death by
the explosion ol 11 can of powder. II" win
a coal miner and was lining a flask from n
large can, when n spark from his pipe
dropped into tho powder. Hushing from
the house enveloped In flames, he jumped
Into n 1 Istem filled with water. He was
rescued, but died shortly iilterwards from
ids burns.
Fust In Mud nnd Drowned.
Frederick lt ed, uged 2U years, was
drowned In the old cnual uear Wheatland.
He was seined with an epileptic lit and fell
into the water, which Is less then a foot
deep. He became fust lu the mud and was
unnldo to extricate himself. l leaves
Killed bv l-ep from Trnln.
H. II. Warbuiton, L'2 years old, of Hayre,
was almost Instantly killed nt Wyluslng sta
tion by jumping from n northbound rust
freight. Tho entire top of his hesd was
torn off. Ha wus proprietor of a jewelry
ttoreut Hay re.
Sh w Mill Hurned,
Thn sawmill owned by W. I. Harvey nt
Eddy Lick, eight miles above Ileeck Creek
borough, was destroyed by lire. Home nf
the lumber was also burned, but tho most of
t escaped the flumes. Tho origin of the
fire Is unknown. The pUnt was valued nt
2000. The loss Is partially covered ly n
lurauee, Mr. Harv y will rebuild at once.
Thieves' HhIiI at Tnwnndn.
Thieves made a raid at Towanda. A
.freight ear on Ihe switch was broken open
'nnd three kegs ot wllsky, a quantity of
coff e, some crockery and cutlery was
ttoleu. A large quanilty of wheat was also
stolen from the grenury on the Wells farm,
ut South Towanda.
Uiaullful Mirhie.
That beautiful transparent stone
palled Tabriz marble, much used lu the
burial places .of Persia and In their
grandest edifices, consists of the petri
fied water of ponds in certala parts of
the country. The petrification may be
traced from its commencement to its
termination. In one part the water la
clear, in a second it appears thicker
and Btagnnnt, lu a third qui to black,
and in the last stage It Is white like
frost. . When 'the operation Is com
plete a stone thrown on Its surface
makes no impression and one may walk
over lt without wetting one's shoes.
The substance thus produced Is brittle
rnd tranaparent, arid dome-times richly
striped with rad, green and copper
"lor. Po much Is this marble, which
may bo cut into large slafca, looked
u;.un us a luxury that none hut the
king, his sons and persona especially
privileged are permitted to take It,
Ilats and ""leads.
From the Elizabeth Journal: Dewey
bats and Funston hats are already on
the market in (reat numbers. But
Dewey heads and Funston heads are as
scars as ever.
(erman Ironoelast bsmollihu a .mis
established Heller.
The lyancet: A lorg scrlen of experi
ments tins recently been made, by Prof.
11. Grlesbarh, of Ilasle, upon the rein
live ecutenrsB of the s-nses of hear
ing, touch, tnBte nnd smell In the rase
of the blind and those who josat'ss
normal vision. The ickiiIis ore con
talnrtl In Pfltigr.'s Archlv. The obser
vaSions were nimie on tb.os who were
otherwlso healthy. In the differentia
tion of tactile l:nprCT3lowi no remark
able cUffercncca wero observed betweo t
the seeing end Ihe blind, or If tmnll
differences, did exist they were in favo
of the seeing. In those born blind the
tactllo sharpness was somewtrat Irs
Ihsn In the seeing, and In some ensej
the sensorlum generally was equally
defective. Tho blind In particular feel
less acutely with Ih? tip of the Index
ftaifcr than do these who see, and in
many cares the tactile uruteneHS of tho
two index finger tips differs. In the
blind, (-specially In the region of the
hand, a stronger Impression Is re
quired to produce n tactile Impression
than In thosie possessed of slsht. In
Ihe capability of localizing Impression
of sound no difference exists between
Ihe blind and the scelnc. hi both
great Individual variations occur. As
a rule, both in the seeing and tho
Mind the t;se of the orpin of both
sides gives better results than the use
of or.e ulone. No difference In the
BeiitenPi's of hearing exists between the
blind ond those who see. No relation
was observed hetween thn BcutenesB
of hearing and the power of localizing
sounds In cither the seeing or the
blind. No difference was observed in
the two classes in regard to tho aruto
ncss of pnit-ll. In the execution of
mnntinl labor tho blind become fa
tigued sooner than do those of equal
age who eeo. The blind nro more fa
tigued with manual than with mental
work, which Is not the case with tho
srrinp; of the Lanto age. If any dlffer
1 ncrj exists In regard to exhaustion af
ter mental labor It is In fnvor of those
of the name ugp who see. Hoth nmong
the blind nnd the s?eins there uro
pei-.tons who hnve many, others who
have only a few, nnd others again who
hive 110 illusory or erroneous impres
sions of touch. Those results are In
many rc;pectH opposed to generally re
ceived opinions, for it Is usuiilly sup
posed that deprivation of sight leads
to exiiltutlon of the ncuteness of the
other senses, especially of tho touch
and hearing.
I nlli'd States' I'enslnn Itoll.
On June 30, 1898. the pension rolls
of the Vnlted States contained 193,714
names. Forty-three thousand were
dropped during the fiscal year 34,345
because of death and 8,841 because ol
remarriage. On the other hand, 40,991
new claims were allowed, so that the
number of pensions stood on June 31
last at 991,519. The decrease in ex
penditure (luring the year was much
more marked, the total falling from
$144,051,0110 In 1897-9S to $138,253,000 in
IS98-99. This last is the smallest sum
disbursed since the new condition?
created by tho dependent act have hat!
to be faced, and reasonablo assurance
of u further natural shrinkage in the
tin nual expenditures Is to be found In
the fact that $3,000,000 less were paid
out last year than thrco years ago,
when the list of pensioners was fully
11,000 shorter than it is today. How
slight an addition to pension burden!
the war with Spain will make may he
guessed from the statement that, al
though 16,980 claims have been filed
for disabilities Incurred In that biirl
contest, only 295 havo so far been
passed on favorably. Altogether, the
outlook for a diminished pension ac
count has greutly Improved.
Hoping Milk for Coffee.
Holling milk should be sent to table
to serve with coffee; cold milk entire.'y
tpoils the flavor of coffee.
Cnlted States Senator Ilnnsbiouuh a (piir
iwl hiseducbtlou In a newspaper olllee.
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1 piiil
Jimttee, Who Doesn't Know ''1'ut" from
"Call" Kits on the Came.
Without regarding the fccllnss of
r.ovo'.ren of golf. Justice Potts cf Jer
sey City has lirouglit Ihe aristocratic
Same which cannot hp played without
(icchf, marhles, lofier, and drivers
down to the level of "shl'.ney." a gamo
that only rrqnlrc: u crooked st'.cl;, uny
aid thing that will servo ns a ball,
tottsh slilnn, and an opponent whom
Ihe player does not like. Mr?. Pauline
r'( hnrff lives near the links of the ,Ter
icy City Golf dub, ond has liled objec
tions to having her children twattcd on
Ihe head by golf t alis driven In an ec
centric, munner by beginners tit the
iranie. Despite Ihe heat, Mrs. Scharff
ilso objects to having the windows of
her home suddenly fall to pieces in a
most disquieting way. lt was to stop
these ntinoyani c:i that Mrs. Scharff
mused Albert I,. Drayton, nresident of
the club, to explain lo Justice Potts
not only how lt happened, but alfio
how he would flop It in the future.
The elite of Jen-cy City crowded the
courtroom yesterday, hik! listened to
Mr. Drayton explain (h?t the organi
sation, through lale rci rult i, hud made I
nnn of the most wonrlrrfr.l strokes on j
record. Me added that In a few days a 1
new course would be arranged, and the
beginners quarantined nine miles from
any sign of civilization. Mrs. SrhurfT ;
was willing to compromise, and even i
went so fur us to express her ndmira- 1
lion of the game when played In an- j
other state, and everything was net- j
tied. "But the game Is shir.ney,' Just 1
the same," was the decision given by j
Justice Potts, and which caused the
elite to loft their noses nnd foozlo their
glances ns they left the putting green
bound for the next tee. New York 1
Press. I
M ait re 1 .nhnri I- one of the hct. all around
amateur In Paris.
(.ion timili' bv thi-ir Arm.
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Who l'ver Dors?
She "I wonder If it is hard to
write dialect stories?" Ho "I should
think it might be. I know It's hard t
read them." Homervllle Journal.
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an nnlalliiiR medieUie. V. If. I,oTz, luoj Scott
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Mine rollf'len,
Chicago Xews: InMirance Clerk--"Here
is n woman that wishes her pet
.nt insured. Mannger "All right,
hut tell her she'll havo to take out u
policy on eneh one of the cut's lives
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The Celeat'nl YV funicular ami ( antral
the Court l.otn of Trouble.
Tim various forms of oath-makl.-.,-.,
even in tula country, are of consider
able Interest. U would not, however,
be easy to find un inutuueo In which
anything like io queer a medium ol
attestation was employed as a ruII
lutlned black cockatoo. Hut no less 11 it
extraordinary medium than that wai
what the police of n country district in j
New South Wales had to provide the
other day for u finical Chinaman, whf.
declined to swear on anything else.
IIiiw'i 'I Ills ? Pfl-W'V- 4
We offer One Hundred Delia,-. Reward for j lfC$&f- J
any ease ot fatirrli that euiiuot be cured by ; kKll .-v,.-6S,i Ski J-" ' ' Vf . i (v V-
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ney lor the last 15 years and believe 1,1m per- 1 PjVV':';, MWrLWS heuoMhle III all business transactions 1 IV9L J '.A
nipi iiiiiiii lain nun- uniuij J I . " TVL. it
Hendless fowls were brought, but in ' rave xiven me more relief iinin biiv other reme
vain, and as the matter was Imptu- tllXl1
tant, even n black mvun, a
lllAlll J
surely for a Cliineso wltucsj, was kuk
Kestcd, only to be Immediately refuseil
After some time hail elapsed, and
when the representatlvce of the law
Bcemf d quite nt their wits' end, u dead
cockatoo of the required buo was
strangely discovered In a but of one
of the other celestials, who mulcted the
anxious officials in $2.50 for tne bird.
Then the solemn und peculiar oath w.v.
duly administered, on which thn illIU
cult witness with a bland aud cliiltllik.
expression, declared he knew nothing
nhont the ens" end R-t down Ki'llne!
nre being sold daily to the pccple in the m.-ilr.rial f-ct'oi-R of the Url'.cJ Stair?. Tho
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Grove's is a prescription
- to Wig
siv "Free
Some think it is the nation's hope;
But no one wants "Free Alkali,"
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COPvniGHT uno ov Tei
A llruger Ktory.
j President Kruger recently refused on
j Interview to a celebrated Englishman,
I who thereupon sent back word that he
j must Bee him; thut he was no ordl-
nary person ; that, lu fact, he was .1
I member of the house of lords. The
! servant went away und returned with
I tho message: "The president says ho
I cannot see you, nnd utids that he is a
cnttle herder."
Cook In Kartlienware Vemielii,
Cook nothing In Iron vessels that
yoi, can cook In earthenware. The
heat In the latter Is more uniform, the
flavor better preserved und there Is lesj
liability to burn.
Self-trust In the
first secret of suc-
Tho best reruedv fur
Coi.Miiinilij!-.. Curia
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't n
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silver i :i curse,"
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li Jour Cubau war there were more