The miners' journal. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1830-1837, May 14, 1836, Image 1

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Two D
in advan•
be insert
cents for
tareests not
three times
very subseque
I letter, dec. 0.
°lanceted with
r they wtll not
Ig' A
post paid
Jonatgan Coff
of wholesale:deafens &retailers of foreign
Mediae within'ihe county or Schuylkill. to
t!. ate different el 1.001 ender which they have
iry the Pi-.4..cirdelJudger and Communion
moonty. Thotia ked with a 0 bays paid
do •
- do
!, Markham township
do .
do • •
gether w
bwn pie
ere of mu
hodgeos '
roam Jr.
& Co.
—4 pt. Co.
& CO.
Bu - n et'
Jaws Si
Miller &
John T
T.& J.
-r Harris
West & Co
& Seligtaaa
aas &
.• Rittatr.
• Whitney & Co
eterges •
. Krebs
. Offenian
of the coo L. ty of Schuylkill
AT a joint meetin g lof the Commissioners siftl
the county-of Schutlkill, and delegates (roll
the several sehool digs e ta in said county, hill i
at the court house, in,4l borough ofOrivigsburgi I
i on Alonday the 2d di r ty of May, A. D, 1106. id!
pursuance of an act la establish a general sysi l
tem of education, byen.inoti Selmok it wee
Resolved, That
.% eilitesday the 181 1 a day ot
May, met. be ' appoinpdi the time, for the toce4
Mg of the people in Bach school district in said
county, is hose
,delegiiqs voted in favor teen tip!.
propriatioa fin. sclidool purposes, at their usual '
,- 1 0 Order ' s.
of holding the lit township and borough e's
“.. lialud p
o - Orders. -
nid inhat itants of the County lections, at 2 O'clockir. M. of said day. under Utz
Of provision of the ith flOctlon of the lan. establish.
OYlltilif*O., toPeanglho 30th 30 1POle°, tP. Mg a generat aystent lot education, and , its sufl.
I take !Wine that' they arc requited to Po- Filament*.
lia nail& as fo wini ' •
ualion*ill.par de at McKeansburg, on i Extract
fr4l2 th 4 . I 4I I3. u". POTTS, Chairman.
•-, the I t TO day a .Itlay next. I testAt . • ,
a ll ...
...! pa ado at.PoUsville on Wed.. .- Jaceb Td , Sccietary.,
day of ay next. , i Hay 2 1836 I.; •
ins tively'will to formed. at ......4.—.1. , ..--
St , I
.ryOffice, Orli!
April 23, j 24-3
'ersosslpirthe;abose List ate requested to call
e first tlip of May, and take out tbeir licenses.
M. w
Atop SeinlY
Light Infentr
By order o
I tPI he
'L t tca• 10 .
payable aewi•aanually
To Contractors. +
VII.ROPOSALS will be', Oceived the 16th
Al ' May inclusive next, foil Grading all Lying
a Rail Road from that Mill :Peek Rail Road. to
the Coal Mines, opening onlWolfCreelt, distance
from one third to one halfiaile. The timber Will
be fciund planding,on.thepud; the Contractor: to
pay all expenses of cuttingi;awing, hauling, 'Lc.
For information tend par culars apply to •
PottsSille, and to *hem 16 proposals are to be
directed. t April 30 24-3
!-. ing twelve lines. will
• ne dollar—twenty-five
'on; larger ones in
used to the Editor, on
establisbmeni, must be
attended to. •
- - -
erchants Coffee Heine
eel Ritter, P. M.
Orwtburg .
. do
- do
• do
East Brutuiaiek
West Brunswick
Upper Mahantange
Lower Nlebantangis
do •
• do
West Penn
West Norwegiast
East Norwegian
do '
T . ill County Cavalry and
will Parade with the 2d
the Coked. -
• t 30th Regitnenti
, • 224
eby cautioned hew tree.
the • ibecriber,
Immv.oL. io
same Of
• 'Pe'
tra e tml
' and
" ' - m• • 4 '
' 'J
- i ; . '''' "- i• : •-,N44 ,4 r.. 9 • ~ _ -.... 441 4, . 4:-. - - 4 ; 414'f. 4 4 . '" . "- t e '4i -- .4' . .,'0 ... .24.14 - ,. * 4 1,/ . ...' 4,4,7 '7. 1.4: -'` 4 . .4 4 :4 , 71 • - 74 . 4 - _ - , or = - 7
4 ,11.77 r - . ~...: 1 '' t...T. , 1 1 1,44:4c:,
------- _:_________ .
. .
it i
11 ' , 1•- , 2 .. • -- -----, -.,..-= --- - , r 1 .•• . - •,. --..,}-, : - 4 •,i• • 1 6 1 . I
1 i
1 ' =
a ~. , ..
.. ~„..., . .._ ~
, „.,
..., ~
v., .. •
i Itl • .
, .
. ~
..,., ,• ,
_ . .
• L ,BY • .' ,
To Boatmen it ad others.
i o
rilkir. Alcrria Canal at ' Banking Company, in.
' A- tending iltertly to o 4 the Canal for Nevi •
gallon, offer for sale to Omen and others,
whole of the Boats own b y the Company, in
number about ISO, of capacity of about 2S
tons each, now lying at ark ,and other placep
in the Canal. ; I
The boattr,to be ernplo . te# ea constantly as may
be required in the Tranepqtation of Coal for the
Company, from Maack elritak to Neil:parker from
and to any intermediateip:ace, at the rate corona
and a quarter of a cent oerlion per stile, being e
qual to one dollar and tupenty cent' per ton for
the whole distance.
About one-half the to were new in 1834,
and tbt. other half were *lir in 1835.
They will be disposediok' to approved applicants
at.low valuations atrized:to!each Boat respective! ~
A small part only of thelpitrchase mertey Will c
required to bepaid down in cash, and The Wan
in instalments uut of [hi claming, per trip of the
Boat. • • i I
Application will be recc!ved by the Collector of ; i
Tolls at Newark . it. Eastor4 for Boats lying at those
places, ' THOMAS WRIGHT,,
April 30 24-3 : i Superiztenuent,
English & ch Priv
lau subscribers hSv just received English
and French Prints, super or Cashmere and •Ptu•
niture prints, 4-1,7-8 on 9-8 Frennli clitniaT. d
Cambrictn Ginghas,.whi will be sold Ch por
cash by WU . R A. „BAGGER
april 30 „ "i
Propossds fo'r ratatration.
PROPOSALS will WI received by the Potts-I'
vale WaterrCeniOny until the 18th nipt. for i
excavating, pedaling ancl flagging a Baain,.filly...'
five feet square at the top, and • Polptive feet at!"
the bottom, and Ism feet deem • plan or specificii•
tiou may be seen by applying to the subscriber.
President Pnt.).•yilio Water Company. i
May 7 I 2 5 42 ;
Pottsville Water Company.
iN porsuince of a repairman of the hoard of
. l lLLtii colors of the FlOttineilic Water Company, the
books of said cotrapeni,he opened at the pub •
lie house of Mr. Mortimer, on Ilinnday
next, the 2cl'of - May, ! thee purpose of receiving „
additional subseription4 4, the stock rifsair:COrnpri.
ny. The hooky will cantiaue open from day to ij
day, until the fituaber la shares required to in. p
troduce, xho..frater into the borough arroubscribul,l
April 30 fl 4-3 tit
Natitinal Light infantry.
PARADE) on Wednesday the 18th
day of 4iay, 4 15136, at past 9 o'clock,
A.-M. at thel Armory (or inspection, ac
cording to latr. Be Command.
1 . First Sergeant
COmpantill Drill on Monday Ow
9th and I G IMay, at'l3 o'clock,.l'. M.
at the Arind/,
i .
, Net •
Geeds , '‘ i 1
X.:.lll e ises ft • Coal
a i l
r'!.l. open lill y a !splendid asaoilm'ent f
v V faisluoUble g and , Hemmer Goods. -
aiming of ! i ;I . ' I
Lando* primal
Crape last:age ~
Canton cords I
'Fancy wind*
Marseilles reap
• Cloths nod egad
Bleached and ii
Also—Fresh ql
, printed siosimeries
do ohoetiags,e &e. &
Cheese ood:Friut 4
a, and c WOO, do
etc. etc, etc. ,
!oda, *ater a
, wawa&
'Curran*. r 1.7
ApOtti 1 -
144683 RAGA
M* paidter chap
Sep!' 12 43
01P TUX LZre amp sat*
sr Wag. Anne.
where is she? Each scene mains,
j Where o ft at blushing morn she roved.
I The warbling birds in tuneful strains,
Still carol from the wend she loved;
Simbearns their glowing radiance fling
' O'er each fair flower and waving tree,
All bloom beneath the .00ex:of/Spring,
All breathe oflife—but where is she?
I The softening shades of eve desce nd, ,
Around the-hearth her kindred meet,
llow oft they mourn that gentle friend
Who once enjoyed the converse sweet:
Pow, at the hallowed hour Of prayer,
(IsThey lift the hand and - bend the knee,
ihsre was one who loced to share
Those orisons —.but where is she?
Say, need, we iskt—in'yon blot aky k
Remoted from pain, from care and wo;
:he tastes a bliss more pure and high
i Than all her deareat joys below:
$h walks with spirits pore and bright,
From sin, from bondage, she is free;
41nd while we view those realms of light,
Say, should we murmur—where is she?
Lu faith and trust on Earth she dwelt, ,*
In calm seclusion's path she trod,
Peeply her Saviour's love she ,felt,
Who died that she might bee with tiW;
the Christian's bnpe out sadness cheers,
L The Christians's rock our stay must be,
11 . :sen let us cease our selfish tears,
Nor ask in sorrow—where is she?
!trim Letters, Conversations, and Recollections
of Coleridge.
And what is love. I praie the teU7
It is that fountain and that well
Where pleasure and repentance dwell;
It is, perhaps, that passing bell
Which tolls ail tato heaven or helle
And this is love as 1 hearts tell.
There is a beautiful moral im the lohowing
, ;ion tramthe ever sweet muse of Mrs, &pur-
r -Y "
The Ludy:Bug-eat in the rose's heart,
And sonlcd•witli pridoand scorn,
'Ae qhc saw the plain drresetl Ant -go by,
With a heavy grain of corn.—
So she draw the curtain* of damask round,
And adjusted her silken vest, .
linking leer glare of a drop of dew
That lay iu the rose's kreast.
Then she laughed noliaud that the Ant looked up
And seeing her haughty leen
Took no inure notice, 1 tract lied on
At the same industrio r pact:—
But a sudden blunt of Antolini came,
And rudely swept the ground,
And down the ruse with the Lady,Bug bent,
• And Scattered its le-arcs around. '
Then the houaeltse Lay was much amaz'd,
For she ;:riew nut al sell way to go,
An,' hoarse November' early Vaal
Bad brought with it ra - nd snow;
lier wings were chill'd nd her Owl were cold,
And she with'd for Ant's warm cell.
And whet she did in th wintry storm,
F sure re I cannot tell -
But the careful Ant wa .in her nest • . '
With tier little ones b her side.
She taught them all;likt herself to toll; • I
Nor mind the sm4r o ptidet— -
And 1 thought; as I rust the doss; of day, . I
Eatinkusy tied end milk.
It was wiser, t rk and improve
m' my time.
' Than hike i arid dream in:silk.
rivg cetas
its Itatriby •
f B
tied ' n
UT YEW TUB SAVIERNIIIDIP TIE 11011=11111114 =MIA e WiLL altt
Yet *hat is late, I praic thee spiel
It is a work—a holiday:
It is December mr.tched with May;
Wlien lusty Blames in Ikea!, artiste
licare ten months after of thrt plait, ,
Anil tills is love, as I hears rale
'•• • . •
it is a game whcrc ions &nit gains,
The lasse 'tithe no, and would ful! talus;
And this is love•, as 1 imam sayne.
Yet ghat is lave, I pray thee sty?
it is • yea, it is a nay,
A mitie kind of sporting fray;
It is a twine will soon away,
Then take advantage while you may
And this is love, as 1 hems say.
Yet What is lose, I pray the shoal
A thing that ercrpo, it cannot goe,
A prize that passeth to and fin;
A thing for one, a dung fur two,
And they that prove must 6 , 0 ii 8 , 1
And this is love (in) fri,nd) I tru.
Never was there a time since our existence as
an independent nation, when oar efountry had
stronger claims- upon her Young Men, thin atli
present. Never were they more imperatively call. l
et upon to losit "tient them—to examine, to learn,
to understand thelitui position they occupy in
the temple of their coentry's freedom, thin• at
present moment. Op 1 them depends her Cul
destiny. TO them !tits Genius of lo " ;
1 4
seems to turn In the tiUitude of imploring co 1
dence, for refoge -scalp:decd.:RN .TO th em i 1
appears to' 'Moteise itle, quettion, shall-1 yoi rel.
11111 4 n-to ,t, 11064 , _yPtij IP. prosper yeo, iliisteikd over i
yon my . pardoos .ame, or meal IOM - Mid - ale,
part, bittega.ii loss+ a dwistllig _plates - among
. . i ;
yowl -
- Fee sixty Years vie have nowenjoyed thablessa.... 4
WO, the insaleablelaiivilegei of i flee Mag iiide4
pendent proillec,_ We have bees Meths prosper
cd Omni lltsl9lbcf at** atlas einia. Vehavii
Aileen the !meld askemem plarcif a' - pee* gametal
themiehmi4the. , people UM mislai Awls ow • '
1 laaha. they hive . bait. their .ows co ilistegtg a
Mari their rstfeM in .tate have. • hut •
_setimitehlia ro. • Under - our ulna:.
• =beeil Ofjuiima hahilstll. IS farastroal ilmfliW t
4111-:(06 ,
- vielMaiiisr 1,103114614 of OM:pie*. ire have i
lamed' ,Omit Militaismed' eacaltat Ma • .
.thit hal 'askiired lb* 1 1 14-FalVecit elgle.
' some iaslasiees the aft a thiailblis OsmsmaheM
of Um gush: . - i ±
, MOW it be remembered •at NibErty is; • --
ed ttqleatt only upon con • lion of eternal, vie.
farmer ilritherto the prop! of the United States
have been vigilant. .They have watched lbcir
litterties—they have . • -• them with a jealous
sym-ighery have net yet fiatiratter. the oppresalon ,
1 1
of a foreign task master., • y have not yet ceas
ed to member the bonds under which they
once i • ned, but f ro m Whi their own coergiVs them. Thn file.' as our 'Young
Blen,Mve onsieftrward to* are in the privileges
of freemen—to enjoy the protection and assist in
the deeming of the countrre laws, they have been
Welted. With the mimicl and favored with the ad.
vice.iifthOse venerable moniteho realise the bleis
ings,of a free government, because they assist in
the acquisition of those hie:Wings. They were at
the laying of the corner storm of Freedom's tem.
ple-etheir own blood completed the cement of the
1 glorious edifice, and thus they were the more an.
%lions to preserve the migkii fabric in all it. oriel.
nal beauty, while they fondly hoped that ,it should
pin new strength vitro evtry succeedin g age of
us existence. • But the p ro file are beginning to re.
lax their wonted vigilance; as these faithful mon
itors- ere, one by one, dropping from aiming oe
They no longer stand as !sentinels upon the watch
tower lo warn ageing approaching danger—they
Ino lOnger remain to round the alarm note of pre.
pa rations against the advance of the enemies of
freedom, or to raise an arm in its defence. Their
sward falls powerless, and their trumpet lies silent
by their side. -., ' ;__ •
We can scarcely take rip a newspaper without
finding, in the record of death'. doings, • brief
notice of the departure of some venerable patriot,
closed with the expressive sentence; "lie sees a
ervehrliestary pensioner." i These notices, it is
true, as the number left ot these master sphite de.
creases, are breotrieg Ices Aquila—but they
are toll of melancholy inuenst to every American
citizen. One cannot read them without feeling,
as every successive exit is announced, that one
more pillar is gone from the fabric of freedom—
' one more . prop from the stately edifice; one more
slime from its very foundation; and that unless
their places are supplied With fit materials, the
giant frame Must soon totter to its fall!
. But how are their places fl bed , up? Instead of
these patriotic men, who loved their country fur
its own sake,& considered het institutions worth
fighting fur, to preserve and protect, a new set
have arisen—men who indeed consider these
things worth contending fur, bat only fin the sake
of dividing and sharing profius'among themselves.
luatend of thinking it thelyluty to serve their
coputr,v, they seem to view Will out intended to
perte them; as 4. rich prize indeed and ho who
gets the largest share is the best fe low. In the
hands of such men, we ask, whet is our boasted
. .
i form of government 1 With'. the Young Men it
', now reunitea to say whdthet' this state of things
shall continue, or whether their country, her fiber.
Oillatitlcherisbed institzitione are Worth an effort
to our
Our Ifbettitio are iiiiianginand on.)
Tour Young Mmseopie up to the rescue, they
ate gone; and eventl is generation may yet live
1 toII:MUM ovi.r Nye •Ii of the noblest system of
govement the wort las ever known.
It is the duty of the Young Men of our coon.
, try, thrrecoro, 'to examine well the ground on
i which thryistand in relation to this subject. They
!Ito uld look far themselves; bAd regardless :of the
hoe and cry erased against wawa the moat Cher
: Hazed. illatitutions of Out lend, under which the
nation has gniwn up, and which has been, in fact,
1 the very tire 'blood,pf tee business community,
, judge of them from I'lir own obsertation, and,
are whether there . any cause for the war so
ficrceli waged again then,. They ought also
b kh
t studythe constitution of the UnitedAt,atev and
of the several States; to 'examine thE - Mondation
on which tbererrernment rests; to decide at once
whether •their free institutions are really worth
, preserving; mind if they are, then act with refer. .
enc., to their resevation. It is only on the uni
versal diffusi n of knowledge, in the general in
telligence ofhe YOong Men and the rising gen.
elation, that our country must depend for her fu
ture welfare.
While on this erubjeUt, we cannot forbear ur
ging upon those who have. the cage of common
6 chook the importane4 of making the system of
government under which we live, a regular de•
pa/Latent of education. i ' Lathe Constitution and
laws of the land be stl died by our youth. - Let;
them he analyzed and zplained; let their impor.
twee and the necessit , of a strict 'observance of
Ahem, be enforced, so that the rising generation
luny understand the tree nature of their country's
, institutions; the bearingsthey have uppn individ '
.ual and general welfaw; and that wit children
may have correct view k orate only conditinc np.
•on which their future happiness. and indeed their
li very existence wino; independent people, de.
pends. In • despotiel government, where the
• people have nothing tel do but to obey the laws
which their , rulers matte rot them, this Wight not
be necessary; indeedlto inch a government It
I would be dangerous. i But under a oeyetem like
11 ours, yawn, the peopleinzake the laws, as well as
enforce them, it is our - -- ty sategnaph, We hi'
no fears; as long as ttu
Wand their rights and
~ ordet to this, it is 111
shOuld grow up with t
Then, as out Yom
stage f action, to „
thois'wbethcr as pelt%
one departments of pa
responsibilities to thezt
country, to *withal,
duties, they will' smite
thus filled, they wilt be ,
'There are other await
attention Cl our. -Young
ducalbein to dente thei.
to reading, and the. at
"ration. especially izi -
political interests, to \i
jude,..a.4boyltern Can
The Viittet.--Haat
mat evon.tidel, and,
erlltibout thee, ortlit
it censer Haat then 4r
hfildtattleieath iiif
-that which gave its Olots
Thus; my child, shciay
the place of his good
!natty, aboold'ha eat
himself. When tholk4
the naked clothed, the - .
widow. comforted-14er ,
Sourer wham all-this
rull•eftemi thattbe Choi
strained; kir.* .10
- •
lllsw}iileseold ealigittesi
Tu. Egg. Whitesbeme
to Hootiltoo CoUsgo,,v ,
JUL Itio. Jim '
to oust WIDSA3D
f en s
- 1 pew a
readmit muk
his theologi
."that ho w
Ante of radii
Chriseit` to ay
(wive duet I
proved and ,
ever equld 1
g r a ctus
teet f be
measure a
man Mind, t
lid as lo ma
be behaved
Ilia faith at
o f
es, and neg
A hoirible glot.
and thr eh dow,nt
his furor e peel
unutttfrabl darktit
rrprnthn before
commbnio with
Holy. Sp it t. lie
gnereys tha he W
more than I midni
volvett Isin;ell, n
inatiob of he d
rashotitta, s id a re
has leirn that,
fleet:woke t tho b
only dnpa ialbtal
: ! •
7 wporalruilmjcpoOusx , 4lwo
! oe site,n 4 . •'. - '
• man of en iegnisitire sae
; lair Proems Ighrn
respect to
ho at the corn nceent of
, • ics, adopted the resolution,
. carol to get his SoMd into II
' , MUM in to theitrutb of the
, d that he sisitld amsei"re.
true, anima it ;witir sb clearly
. rated, that noobj6etion what.
7 •ht against te'l This datt.-
carried into skeet.. 'there!.
I 1.
.. those who are m awe good
, with tho nature .of tho ho.
3 became more and more doubt-
I 74. 1 d
; so
Ittl en
- Ind'
:ins as
t he
I in.
I h " .
.d hope
ha th
religious truth; till in the sad
*ng. but "in
and happiness were wrecked.
e of grace. restrained pray
e duties of the Christian
gathered around his mil,
eternal death settled upon all
. And it cost that dear youth
' and distresr, and years of
he was restored to faith, and
rod, and the Comforts of the
now _views it tea a' miracle of
not loft to perish in that
hi darkness in which he in
r by a fair and impartial exams.
l '. 'nes of religion, hut by pride,
unciation of dilrinn truth. Re
hatever may be the Wait of
o of (Awl and Ilia word ii the
[- of mind. • -'• '
eastsierxes. 1
besetting sio :dour &nth na
with kird ;Adulterates the lore
excludes from our bosoms the
self-lore, solay from being an
: pie, is am essential part ail*
• rreentient etistence, and in
-•• ma Meant: is assumed as
ed, a s as jul been'eaid, the
c l h
o tit e rg . he reasoning of
'beast f illy Mr:Mi. when he
eth a cr bath fulfilled' the
On l ish t not *Munk adultery,
11, Th shalt ,not steal, Thou
with ss, Thiu ' shalt not am,
any other cbmmandment, it
ended - in tide paying, namely;
y neighbor aii thyself. Love
tie neighbor; thdretore, love iv
laarYln iii fieart . searchin;
r i
'shin nd sintplicily, its reads
' • ft, its lei of united appeil to
I and to the heart, its compte
as to Ihe objecti it embraces,
na and conduck it inculcate. tp.
recent - sallvinel4larrhy of tha
eking I and kive to
thee', well migliiiiiir divine Alai
. , them twit etimmandstienta
• nd r t y l i ;prophels.l" ' • .
began, we know not. There
there lwas a place of angelick
the o r Lion of man and orthe
r his idence; and even among
al7Cel, there had been a
111 w long these spirits had
many jet ! her oi&rs of being, be.
.7 us'lO conjecture; for corder.:
• noibi 'g surer than itself. But'
• re, ce 'n: Olaf; how ter back
• the mrneimemeni of clu
b be, of only .beyond thq ac
• efinite range it can be said to
12 ion inatioa, but even beyond
•nt of a that' figures, in any
- old made to express; still
unimaginable and incomputable
de notlthe minutest deduction;
ty of eterniti,, that it can nisi
d byte addition,por shortened
• n, of the longest possible pert:
'fore the commencement: of chili
bekire rthe tint' of Omnipotence
g tot r I fi rst dependent existence
ginni of thie---•in infiiiite and
e solitude; yak,, in thi boundless
his blessed :nature, feeling no
rineke 7 Jehorih had, Omar eter
' I , „ •
bat' write oritirxassi
ra acencettef musician' play.
• or eight several parts. ill con-
up onehiumcmy, will immediate-
tlitue is some other cameo that
- ,those several particular ell.
ck the several instruments; for
• would be but* cause of his own
hued; but the Unity of the whole
hich all tliel several parts coo-
Is proceed frog} the and mu-.
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iif that vocal harmony, which
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lust, of neneaity
archetypal and
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within himself.
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‘kill epics
- Nal •
WEDDED L0V.14. .. '''' `-
air au's. W.Lten• - , ... ,
We are somewhere seer the dcitriat 11.
that to a in the state of courtship letkirl
true , . titude of this life; stafto he ; autirH
ed, be and tiny other_fornitelettotteventot
a tho • .d years! ,TheWritetor theft 64
pini . could not hive been mantled, ior ; at
least, a, t experienced a wedlock even Born. i
manly ortunate, otherwise; his Ore 'hap.
piness Iwould have taught him a digredo
and juster theory. ""-' - ,, - i..
lathe conjugal union, love may 11o"!
some of its vivacity; it_ naY be less UN, -
meat or rapturous: and the inagimitlO, ~
which; during courtship, commonly
as it were, on nectar,sand Arobrosts, ~,.., 2
sports On a bed of roses,—rims - hew 't
comparatively inert and sterile; t :Asiit
pleasutes of pure, intense outlined,
i boundless, mutual confidence, ameihe "
citements of virtuous and tender hophoitts
infinitely multiplied.. ,
Lord Verulefn hair truly said thak testi.
riage halves griefs and doublesjo . It
combines, in hetouid transfuses stet*
for each party; it blends tied i Edi fi er
.?,.,„,_ so as to • render common to there
their sovend susceptibilitirsofgratificadoe
and refthement; new objects of ealear.
meat and reliance; numberless •redected
and reciprocated favors of regard and 1..
Bat what gives it a superior ch ' •
of inherent dignity antfirnaintam
is the religious essence peculiar to it;
Vein of duty which pervade; it; the .
sciouness of those who are suitably al
in it, that they have adopted* tie ball
ed by divine sanction, and are flat* •
the noblest ends of existence: ~' ~. , 1
The scat:teat of courtship are dashed
by fears, jealousies, misappreliestioes,
which are unknown to wedded partnere - 4
sound minds and affectionate -hen' It•
With men, all is trust suid iiecurityt . t. 4"
faith is beyond the - sphere of tem 4
p 4
accident; their adversity, if , misf '
come, has consolittions-derived from '
most exalted sources; from the -itiVilible
and holy world, - as Well ran the present
chequered scene of heinert ;teflon.,. •
The qualified worship of an extielliet
kilow.being, natural and delightful as lb is,
involves something.more rational and4i.
rated, when the object is et with or
band, than when it refers tea mere We*
tress or lover. In the first ease, it also.
ciatesqtaelf with duty, and implies anleih
teem the more proper and grateful as;
ccimpan' led by intimate knowledge.
In proportion, however, u marna' g , it
of a, sacred and permanent nature, p , - 1
cing weighty obligations; and liable to "
vial dr. severe cares or calamities, it saiglit
to be cautiously, and deliberately, and
piously contracted. It is not to be viewed
or anticipated as a tettely halcyon Canter',
rich as it often is intmitingprospects eed
auspicious events, and settee as it mat be
rendered in all
,ihat the humaritcreater•-
can control. k childish penchant, *laden. •
latioeofconvenience,,a momentary =pike ;
form no warrant for it; though they be so
frequently the only incentives:
Such• a bond require& matured and4is
criminatinglittachmeht; comprewswi or
its gond and evil; resignation to all the
chances. But he or she who has the
intelligence, feeling, and opportunity, and
yet avoids it, yielding to-'selfish Or
cowardice, sins against the deal& of'Pro. .
videnee, and loses the final rewerdi of
counigeods andsuccessful trial,-, -.--
It was a fitverite rime* of Lord Lyts
ileton, they ounger,lbat nianiage le
. 41rili '
tery,, , and that, of Course, itlaas p r :rep**,
rous to rejoice at a weddingots it Imbibe
to exult in purchasing a,ticket OW One
`. cording to film...--
~ . !
ACOrding to the same quelifilio,Pl
thOrity, all epithalamtunis are,' th erefore:
at least 'pi:mature in their winit atiaim
the adventurer in the connubial, sett;
should ascertain that he haidittin ars - -,,-.
before he indulges himself in:seltgmbile=
ticm, or welcomes the' greetings •of• his
friends. The analogy is not, howeve r, ex: -
act—because it is in the:poWer of the bri,
dal parties to determinetheii own fate, ia
a material degree.. !Ilk • itself might be
equally styled a lottery, looking toiliii . 4.
'emit} , of its chances and .the 'rilti#
of its iimidents; but it is, - Oeire fieleis, 'is
poflis blessing with . 'welt ._ . nitiftitea
moth and healthfulsframei." .130 net
i* marriage, whielviliaill- be• ' ' s a,
as life is acceptedr , •witkat t`'' jpeiet •
tOon or - arca! dam' lio. - 1-11 . 1;." . r tikin)
ions and cheerfit ,reiskiifoesi., labia,
With a: spirit of philosophies', tie cliAstkiiii
r e i
i t e.
stibmission to whatever ' Tiovidiecii r ime
o in to its course; , Tfii.Graeka i l
~.. -
imen descend from ; " Apollo;.
'Hope. , This origin. from ,t1Or:
o harmon7 and liilit'anil thiplAtOko4oo4, -- i.
the muse , AllisVitfa iirF ~ , - -11#11 .-
411 4 *MAO - of_iii. . r _ , • Arnoi
hick the- ristidea gedvOiiiiiiii.
yhigunl6-ind Oiditlit - '' 14,104
, .....-__:.;:i r .l,'".
it has beiiiiiiiiidalbt it s
is ' - - kit=
isw tasey,-distibs' 4 arkeer Uffist44llVs
• -..i bar 1010110kil 1/ 1141% - -,,' -,1 1 '.. 1 -,' '
• - , F - -• -,';:-= .1: .
''', -.;:•:-1;:ri;- :11,
naives 'may think
irtant end mrhidh
the' ele.‘
ter, in thelpenti.
Aundirodit tear:
knee and devotion
Jaws; and bate tea.
otc of
ear oww,. boa
it azad.4
marry. who bad
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I fii' it 'is Wit w e
I ° olll i4 f!gisrd
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—*Kong 4deed l 10. 41
i irsi 74"Ptc"ImoritylZmis
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;:: :. • . 1 .1- :; i I. ; : t6: -. 1,,
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