The miners' journal. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1830-1837, March 19, 1836, Image 2

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Y jEVOilig
i sitte count
ttvve Itiptgluei)amu ofqu
Peibeing whi(formod'
litt'vre- must not forget, th
4‘thig cheek, there is coo
*oat produeinc seine
an enjoyme#t. A , fib
ier , ii . ..ccuning out of the
and sending alittlithr
Irdstrifitte. Vilna is this
'bre *any; but among i
ale is in it - a alumbertng
ideed never beinalled intn tt .
eMsits.andisways ready
tg it oh, to the instru
Id miutterab e suffering.
every case it' remains h
etlll it is there, 'slump
apd at is celled into
mius best. And it is not
'bAtthroughout every part'.
Wrens of 'offering lies co
Arabic which le Seldom oat
leranges and weakens the
nn interferes wiltilhis; it
Mrt. in theeye, the ear, the
every organand every limb,
do God's bidding.
sor. ITAVZ sin? moms
.tanghe his disciples that el
hearts of men was sawn
and salvation. ' , Ye
id he. VI have chosen you.
al How solitary it mak: ,
old he bad come to •redieS
years he - had eperzt here,
and proclaiming carers
?ardon, and now on the last
=Wed by Inveterate foes, ;
to them, and with but a feu
Its A
Lining, he gatherii privately
Lis may have-, one last sad
iii and hefelk had to reflex
fifths friends, among ten
, chant him; hp hid c
d l , alone, after all; the only
dune, original holinesii. Th
tigodliness and sin, had
gOo,fie 'had chosen ludividu
ine4 them. by his ' own puce
ness and beauty.
I 13imagist solitude, he ahru ,
.; to fact almost the only enj
...ett ropily to love, was itig
ta t
ht, for rest and prayer.
b thus,' we are , told. As
g,t at after the 'lOlll4l crow
..,nrs of the day, he. should , l.
.03 end seehntion4to enjoy
i the refrestitg *Mors, an
dglories pf. idnight,,amon
Galileanial s; tcifind.there
th his Father, and togather
labors asd;trialst, that yet ,1
BECIph AC material ideal; of I
your tmagmation struggle
.' to - soroe material heifv4
d idle conceptions of a MUT
roue. - The striking and heal
s Bible never were intended i
.. a a spirit, Lit leaps in if
ne.l . Where 14 mitt, there or
.41 the wide-tip/4d oinniprt
everywhere ernpfoyed—but
- -; and never know, exeep
. .
eat himself 4 4 tus din
imairim orb El ,
At distant as theyey ,
ti a
41, heaven and ear are ~
hot into each other, e,t, g.;
foreigners on earth, hire th;
given, and are fcillovrtcitize ,
d of the household 'cif God
ively to the pat!rilirchlal Vi-i
~: els;—only. as yet, at the 1
nd some anger alts only m l
e top of it.
% - i
alaian atanfie with his'
. shadow and the shaddw
jeers are before him. It is t'
things. God is the ann of
tares are bnt shidows. W
' from their shadOws
and their affections. Whe
116 thin , becomes' their all i . 1
Hellas his little clouds
course of hie happiness' is
and any considerable? scar.
dent puts it quite to death.
.sariea or conveniences, b.,
shperflnities of lite, are vita
10 any of them, he may
They that havt bless ion
since landed on 4 g•a , life,
Is Coeur burnt those:of h"
*oast. The- !Oiler of the
every. deidr.ofienibmiting
return tnipt Cqablii.'
t _ : isrrtz or
Be *boob soil! reposes
&definer, like the haleyo!
Waves, if storms arise, ma .1
dangers 4. Oqgranting e
snultnoos billows that dev.
overlastiv rest.
DIVS . =
In the midstiofour re.
like 'tie gun •iwben mai
'shows nc a mdreifal face
*four impiety but beca
would warm o r hearts.
• An old subscriber.—T
Intolligoncer ttchnowled !
enclastng the thirty
their paper..
gmsVV it; Pa
~ fel day in Paris; me
I, ever visited, ex-ce
employment is so urn
ssestick: w re I to- I
national eh cter fr
before my s e es on rth •
• books and nowspape
tikimpst .rimarkabl ,
Otijulat aad• parenta
' to sea eitb a man
d str"
t#lolwe tit. and ,
being ace mpanied,
• ofreln e iftv en The
th cull
bet m them: e
fot hill4Ment by t,
1 1, : lOWA' ,a nd
orwbetiW i r it ,be my
'4, ded on tb i • day ot
4,lifili share it etti
Pabst` ISSN..
i •
• f
1 ,
-ittnioa d leuti ,
taili rtil
n that t v
at 1
ived an tippet-
ing very dit-
na net-work
nk from the
lender b iarnift-
Meyer point,
echan in fir?
other proper:
power, , which
on, but which -
ent of mane-
We admit
irnilmaanil in-,
rthe, an ,al
- whenever
' merely in that
rate frame that
.i • ,
Some den may be Sinned a
count ry 1.0
1 m
theisiA that in
gainst e were Made by the 1
the aOtinief,Xs7B. s o o MAint•
is eitimal r ed to be bee
sared.ptosign - ;
At is 'd that the FOnch leideri
uni 'abc4„to krill - it : thts horiP intO '
a polio of filmic annorne.
- .81ectitint,, in Engthiiii old ._
with .a population „of 533100,000, hi
elemors.l Engla, Lth a popilat
000, has 1,000,000 e act ors. la Fr
leelor Mint pay 300.
• A hanineorit—lt is said
of them ills of Westminster al..
sterling r day. When the lenses
ber of h
belarOag to his j len
WI income will be niore- th an deubl
the Condon pepe4 announce that "Mo. Jack
son, son bf the President of theiUnled States, is
residing let Ilastingi4 , . .
Noto4y liable in Itio.Frerich p 1 rs about the
Indemnity. They leek upon the atrel as at
an end. 1 ,
On di 17th Jantuiry,_all the 'con eats in Med
rid were closed; the ',mites lel d from .their ,
wows. sent home to their , fam lies. 'ln six
monthsttliere will not be a monastery or convent
in Spairt
ed; and it is
(order. Sick
er powers,;it
.rain, die ha d
• d.always rea-
to their re
, ave not chosen
V hat d den.
the Savionrin
!, More than
oing good con
f reconciliation
igbt of hint's,
Cady ca y actually
hours of liberty
/hstwelve friends
interview with
wand enemies,
aen them- He
sample of lode
en broken only
to be saved, and
to moral fruit-
. ,
O'Codnell is making a tritimplituit progress
through; England.. On Wednesday Other people of
Lrverpold gave him a Oldie dinned i the. largest
ever held In, this . toxin-1000 perso ' tti, at a guinea
each, having dined tivHA ether. One sage of his
speech is, "We (the merubm ) rittood by the
minislrY when,they : abolished 'negro slavery, and
sent it across the Atlantic, to covertAmeeica with
disgrace.." In private converiidtion ha said: "A.
ruenca. , --where their only idea of Oberty. is per.
missimi to lick the triggers" lt #enielhat O'.
i Connell has taken some dislike to Amhrica. lie
goes out of his way lo attack you. :1' ! ;
1 : George Thompson is'now at Gla. ow!,
Of at tempei. -
ranee ten parties (with brandy by .ay cream)
T o,
given the saints and stain snit Who sent
him over. Ile saps, or swearis, hq wdl free the
nigger! or die! i 1 •
Toni Paine's bones.! ! !--Culikers effects were
put upitO auction last week, , atla . farm, near
Earnhatri. • One of the last lots " ate.a 'box con.
taiding Tom Paine.% bones and co , n PlWte, which
Cobbet had brought from Amer' a. , ' The Auc
tioneer refused to sell these relic 4 air they were
returned to the , box! Was not a life pt Andrew
JacksOn written by Cohbctl ' .Wirthy Ilan:mien!
[Stealing thelie r boriesNvill be ever ( h greatest
- stigma on Cobbet'a memory.} ,
1 k from observe.
yment which ho
ler.* ramble at
He spent whole
it•is not surpri
s and exhausting
e to tame to si.
cool and balmy
all the beauties
the solitudes of
I,appy communion
fresh strength for
j • mained.
_ .. ,
Talleyntnd's.wife, as you may haveltarned, is
dead. She was aged 74, and hacii`;beeti:seperated
4 ,
from her husband for thirty yea s. :'lle has got
better' since her death, and is sal, to:be thinking
of second spouse ! . ' i: :
What would be an exc,eHent joke, Hilt had not
turned out seriouslyl, recently odhurred at Pariri.
One cif the National Guard, a gentleman married
about; 12 weeks, wers''colled tb hisiftrontine of duty,
on guard. He was ordered out esi ant of ere in
quets, bad forgotten his great coal, went round to
his hnuse fin it, could not get in *A theidoorycall
ed to his wife to throw it to ' hinitr out of the win.:
'dow,l received it from her fair handsi put it on,
walked away with his compartiginsi retArned to
the gnard'house where the pitiu 1 svaover, was
hailed with a shout of laughter, at the coat
it ri
and found on its breast the red r b n r and cross
of thb Legion of Honor, ran' horite; succeeded in
enteriug his house., struck his unrnithrtil wtfe dead
with 'Jong blow of his sword, *AR- imrehended, and,
as the peculiar provocation was ltrest,; will not be
puniShed. It is said that the:gallant was the Duke
of Otleans. This, however, cane no more than
suspicion; as he rematestundiscered,
A(111r. R. D. E. Henerige mush connected with
the nobility, by birtitAnd f rendehip, has.recently
been committed to a months Rinpritionment, by
the Resolvent Court of London 6 .' for tunning up
delis to the tuncsof.Slo,ooo (ss4,ooo)lwithout the
me :+. s of payin ,: them. 4' ,
I Deity, anti do not'
• find its, ay op:
n, with indefinite
I arch, seated on a
tifuhnetaphora of
give .u 8 this idea.
I: Most emplratick
ly can we see him.
sent power, which
r-hich we can nev
so fat as he shall
I, than . ht
.by the
ear together, so
men are -truly
it conversation in
with the saints,
r" Do speak alma
on, good men are
.ttom of the ladder;
made perfect, at
Back to the suit, hie
of surroundntg ob
e same in spiritual
ha universe. cite
rile men look away
copy their thoughts
1. they turn to God,
1 -
Mere than four years— fi re whiaters,ihave Posed .
singe the opening of the Baltitiere tknd Ohio rail
mita to Prederick-60 mile* since , which.,
thongh we have had some 'terrible' annw storms, a:
sinle trip has not been lost, smite were,a little de.
lay . ,to give the snow cars timii tooperate. Many
tri have been lost on the PhJadelphia and Co
lu bia, and Camden and Amboy ,rafil roads, and
in others; not more incommoded by snow
thin the Baltimore and Ohio. fiTlie# trains have
alsic. been •repeatedly fired; tuidlimich.damage mml4
trashed—but, .by the use of iCathraeite coal, the
latter have been safe. This 411, ton, is a product
of iPerinsyloanio.—Niles. 11 . ! -
"'Cools: to Netocastle--Tht, 'Banish schooner
I. , dwig, orrived yesterday, Ohm Antwerp, with
1 I boxes of rye, 50 firkins Of but*, 70 brie, of
... _ add @ bags of barley. L i, • , ;
It the brightest; the
!retarded by a straw;
considerable, acci•
Not only the neces•
the decorationi and
to his sickly felicity.
ive a deep or deadly
tossed by folly, when
hould burn titsir ship,
legions on tho Briush
ernes should destroy
fr. ilL,:arrd render big
, I
' Iforribk Rumoy.—A i ltepont has reach
e ; us that within the' pas week, there has
•en perpetrated in this _it:At" - ':H a most iti
human .anci bloody --ttrisietioni, whereby e
whole family, e onsistingsf pd-less than 0
individuals, have' been mit 011 in the very
prime of life! We forbciar ,- a ,t present to
) 6
mention the name ofth lieratin inculpated
.-who has hitherto hel i a 'verytrespeetit
,le rank in Society ; and hall merely state
é sirriple tact in relati fp 'this murder
ouscatestrophe, theta lid 'residing near 1
theitital-acene'accidentelly discovered the
unhappy vietims, welte&giie their blood,
and' yet scarcely dead-1-, iri the shape of
three pairs or -darkt.--Td*ucket inqifi
-rer. _ L .' ' ;II •
I 4 ,
I, his fixrdtrnst in Mir
that builds ibn the
be teased, but not en.
I en the - sVorst, those tn.
nr others' rocl him -to
!hoe against him, God,
rig - through a cloud,
not ,that hd approves
by these berme be
I : editor of the National
s the teceiptor a Letter
year's subscription to
Sunday-is a delight
s° thartia any, plans
Fittaktort. • me,
:rsal,imd yet so do
r any idea of the
inkhe seenesriming
tiday, instead offri,!n
I should say that
,Teateres in it were
egotism.. It is rare
r a woman, of anager
rentaorithont their
byffitir parnier 'aid
of light wine isrdiunk
Inc . that is sought
e one
. is Mao enjoyed , '
ether it can be, tittle;
eh, hiit , expen-.
*bile% be Juan and
From Ste N. Y. Star. T.,
The . IDiference. '`,. on melancholy, 1
aCciden „such as drown .g,Mangiag or tin-
jai& 'into a marr, - • :an, the world
beco .Wonderfally enlogt*ic, croaking,
canting andqurprithatie. IThe "unfortu, ,
mite m n,"fis always - 4e to] die 'possessetd
of ever virtue under t - 4Elfl, and to leave
behind I him a "disco . .hkiDd widow," 44nd
# ie
soma less than a dozen hi! a "to mourn
his untimely loss ." Ba :wli one'who has
neiet. I?et.n. caught ; in ~Itel arrittge we "shuffles 'ff themoF • cOi °' thelastiwe
, ,
1 . 11( . 1 told o : him is c. it in a nevitspa
ii)eilill ' ph', which: ' l rc'h aces With\tin
tonal, ii , aria.bitid. ii, ' .brevity, \ t
of f. : ;aril), .ti.isi sit el * about 8
ni l i tge
yearli- i'• ' 04a:oil r. .ffi the-woods. d
Ilia b. - Irthiough - • - *Will. -
_ _ .
•k a t J t.l . I : ' :) - i, l i• -".
... - I ,
• ' :A 1 ' I
us in
1 1: 13 k 135 in'
iopu. tit.-
tio* rep
that plr , accuses era of blackguard-
ISO, dl , hYp&tis c Y; sycophancy,
Olt Rom. iess„ ivi#l ether beautiful at.
'is utesfin Aug whieh, i however, -he ne
e tsj. do One thing of etiry inferior itn.
pp tam ,naeV, to disprove the soundness
our siti ns in respeeC rn
to the aiipveen.
t in
!tinned r sot tions. Wie cannot condescend 1
to band with him epphets of abuse and
elearriii —we leave i to! him the pleastlit
tea 'of eking the filthy Common sewer-of
!oaths° e obscenity. We entirely disVaim
, ap ication of, the, terms he repeats to,'y
of the respectablet members of the W
- eadinik meeting. e. applied them to
_ -
tao,4P . arie,
, again as
of .02,000,
ace each e.
tthc incOme
its to Fl,OOO
ramaxt mem.
'hip, expire,
tt, , par isans of Robespierre„notlhe path y
tabs o Martin Van Buren. We made no
Paiticu r personal allusions, but spoke of
the re l otions generally, and the meeting
Cellecti, ely. We did not believe that any
te;spectelle press woald be. found willing to
eqdorse such resolutions. 'We believe that
the respectable gentlemen who composed
, that meeting cannot but be ashamed oc
them, when their . character and tendency
are duly considered. We assert that their . .
direct tendency is to subvert every princi
pie of public virtue, and to destroy every
prospect of nubile and private prosperity,
besides being a gross insult to the Legis;
lature- of this Commonwealth. And no
unprejudiced man can read them without
coming to the same conclusion. The Press
nbt satisfied with abusing us, gees one step
further and denounces our whole borough,
anti charges tjie whole; with' being under
the eontrid of the United/States Beak.
The United States* Batik, however, does
not own a single house/in this borough ; or'
a foot of Coal Land tli this region, to our
knowledge. We have no connection, with
that institution,
,poiilicior private, direct or
indirect, beyond that of the eountly at
large. The editor is also wrong in A
sing a,"melancholygloom" hangs ov : r
boroagh—bur prospects were nevefb right
er—all bur houses are filling up rapidly,
and we look forward * better time§ than.
ever.' We holie in his next that he will
Offer us his conaratulations instead Of his
•Conoolence, 14.d0 not desirelhati there
thouid be any strife•between us, but when- 1
ever (resolutions like those referm4 to are
any where in this country adopted, we ,
Shall be the first.* speak , out in open and
strong terms of condemnation, withbut re
gard; to consequences. Unfortunat‘ly for
our country the current, of the times sets
too strongly in favor bt. mob-iasoi We
'think it our duty to discountenanee'every
; •
;thing of this sort, whenever and wherever
;exhibited. We have felt the evil conse
quences of the new and fatal syittem of
:lawless public violence and outrage, (the
prominent feabire of the present times,) '
and shall we not lift up our voices against
any and every proceeding tendiag to en
courage it?
__ .
Among the numerous evils of iocorpora.
ted Coal Companies,. that of absenteeism
may be mentioned as not the leak. The
„stockholders of such companies do, not re
side among us—no! for the most part not
even within the. limits of the state! The
dividends of 'such companies go into the
pockets of individuals residing in Delaware,
New York, &c. The curse of absentee
ism. has heed long exemplified in the
picture of misery and starvation, presented
by the - laboring classes in Ireland. The
nobility & gentry go abroad to spend diets
revenues, while their tenants remain in a
state of starvation at home. , Our legisla
ture is asked to incorporate individuals who
have ncr clainis upon them as Pennsylva
nians—who refuse to reside not only at
the scene of coal operations, but Within the
limits of the state! Upon the plea_ of 'want
ing time to wind up their affairrOlie . Del
aware and North American Coal Compa
nies got theii 'charters tacked to a Libra
ry bill, at the end of the session 0f1832-33,
_whets the Representative of this county ,
had left his seat and returned. trotne, toge
ther with most of the other members op
.posed to monopolies. Under any -other
\ e
circumstances we do not bell re that the
representatives of the people could have
been induced to vote- in favor o t he
system in this region. No 4 ingi .we
solemnly believe, but mistep nlijition
could have induced any of them :to vote An
favor of thesercompaniesi and the Libia4
bill concealed the'objectfrom Ober*, who ,
had not left - their :Seats, and whe . eotild not
he imposed upon by specious. pretextii.— .
Winding up.their :Weirs irideeo Wbo , has
seen any atteuipt Of ibis kind • ;--Ind yet this
was- the grbund oi n wiiitii t ► asked for
hart five fears' 0 5
rters. ' Ati Ins they
have the.hardihd to assert t the faith
f the Ceeinneuweilthis pledged te - :pf3ntin,
e .thsir eitiStenee.--beeamnittithei ',efts '
rented to - them!ttr wind up leir l .a:ffaira
Owl exempt the* from the operytticio of the
Preheat Bill - WO repeat * ' we have
rbefore - esserted,that we haven feelings of
personal animosity st against any Member or
i t,
members of theieCer9partieli. "bject
``Only to tbosti ei !wive pr ,':, We
should be very t to see t he* ansnogiril
tiddivithUdly. BhotiltrUnlthuir4asTii.
ys• S'.
viiiTrep; of
Lew:milt °four
Sank resoin
lties held in.
tot e A 1
Ile at OIL
Coal Companies.
*rah, :war
'rail], at y
tity of rnaabil
ly consumed to;
upwards oral
_ doenpri 8. Ls
dent of the Sehuyik,
nY:died in Philade,
in the 58th year of
We understand .at Judge allery ie.
signed his seat on t 4 Bench t., e' presbbt,
week. Caute--sal ry not • . fficient to
support his famil . There . are now
three vacancies on the bench tO be suppli
ed by Goverpor IWner, to wit. :. One in
Philadelphia, one . in t e Lancaster district,
i ll
....' 1 1
and one in the Berk district.
for the remota! of ,
m Danvilloo Blooms
linty, has paced the.
IQ to 9. ; . .
• The B 11 providin
e Seat of Justicef '
'tog, in Columbia
•' nate by a vote .o
The Legislature o
adjourn on the
third Monday irt Ma
is for the purpose o I
ports of the , conical
civil code, and for
A resolution ph i . trtg for ii.e distribu
tion ofthe surplusirevenue ampng the dif
ferent stEttes,passed the Senate of this i
State cnkthe 11th' ' st. by a vpte of 24 to
7: Our member, 111 . Krebs, voted against gi
the resolution. .V. erY public measure 133 .
having a tendeneylt benefit ti people of
. 7 1 1
the State, or this Co nty, is intrariably op-
posed Ir —Or ~ -..t 'Harris
• An .
the groin
of Stage
cc at this place
.The Legislature! of NQW JOrseyi during
its; late session, passed no less than fourteen
divorce bills. •
'The WlLige
setts legislature, i
termined_ to ailheir;,
:Da NIEL Wriarriul
'bare uonlitiatecl
thie Vice Pie:Aden;
We undersfatidl
has appointed': OE
o the. Court df Co
t)i of Philadelpit - M.
Vieux, deceased. ,
tter to the • le0i:
c, res that he will
t • instructions
i • favor. of Be4tl
He says "I can 44
t a degree of slavisl
the justly despiestdc
e .. 6 a n of those who!!
spool obey it, wit
peet forever."
I The Hon. IV
From Great Bri
reached Washi'
The following
toasts t
C. B. Penrose, JJ
silo knows no ma..:
Uzal HaAkins, ' olumbio—Pennsyhcania mea
sures not men; so •rted by all worthy of the
pruud name of Pe• •y Ivazians and opposed only
by radicals and dei
John C. Mont
Putiiac Passe; whei
palladium our
atealo the vehicle
the carte of a free
Lion and venality
John Diekry—
the Union. She
'Union. Devote
41, will not, oug
to interfere with .
a dictator in her a centre
George N. Bak,
istriet adherence
11. H. Foy e— •
nil pride and " 1
maierials,,the ke
ready to protect,
Jno. MO". of P. iiadeipkia; tensylvania curren
cy—item:omit ... lia wiThecnntmuid the highest
,ptetnium. • . i.
D. Bulleckof 1 ; ralfoid/The State of Penn- -
syleania—Free d independent in her proper
-sphere of action.' She will assume no improper ,
dictation and as mit to .none in her conneiion
and 'intercourse ' ith the general and 'state gov
ernments. ('
John R.' Walk r of .PAiladi4lia: The State of
Pennsylvania; G eat in resources—solid in capi
tat. She .knows her rightts , —she knows her inter
ests, and wilt m main them spite of alPoPposi
tion come fretWitritat Source it may. ,
. 1
Isoac Ballet now Governorelect of New
Hampshire. l'
\ 7 -
. Appointi
Jaws P.- S
the reacts, in 1
and Ingnirer. •
tihal copy. ofth
of this State,'.a
flavainan the .;
which eatablia
Minn, or any ,)
.posa ofpieven
chinks/to* ;
nr:Pit*. - in tin
to miliStenetit •I
,113194. foimerly Presi.
iI Navigation . , Coppe•
hia,_ on 118t day last,
s age. I-
this state has agreed
of April until tile
. The extra session
passing upon the re
sioners ka revise the
ier purpof
the 14
hers of the Massachu- -
. Convent o n, have • de.'
to the anmination of
for the pr_isidency, and
that U ocernor Ritner
.s R. JON* Esq, Judge
atnon Pies(* "
of the coun
ie the pinee of Roberts
ator from . , irginia, in a
!attire of that state, de•
neither resign nor obey
t heLegiilature, to vote
n's Expunging Resotn-
obey it, without depeeadtim
baseness qua would render.
and e=pos ti me to the scorn
ye commatided the deed. I
1 . t folfettint my own dell-
Fox, thei new Minister
in to this zountryi has
ton. .
I . re some qf the volunteer.
1. • Stategl ights' celebration
.n the. 4th of March:
umber di—Psmast.vaNts
and sbe well submit to none.
I eries.
mery of rhatidelphtl— Tire I I
influence 4 by truth it is the
mien, but When it deganer-
.ffederal dittation, it becomes
ocernment.l There is corrup.
all .parta l zt"The Gtoaa."
svrt.vs ; the key stone of
erishes . the I pnneip. of that
to state • rights, she can
not, to pertnit her ststei states.
cm, much teas will she suffer
mebtic coneierns—a state legis
power. .
I —Tha Usroir; *nerved by a .
/ state rights.
Innsylvunia 'talent, Penns),lva
! nnsylvailic party—with• each
stone state Will be at ail times
,er intereste.
eat by tike Gitees'noti.
cur., to be a Justice o
d for of Potts-
ditimi, v . New York %Aulet;
r e We have received an alittren4
decision Of, the &toe Om
d the iiiiiitoa - of ier,
• of tbe ippoptetti• Oecdtth -
icerter; and Ai itriOny a lloyav
thO Krim: 0e that this . Tiades
.. - bioaartiforme - Cht }be Wl.l
smi l
"e . ..ttaili., ,- ' Fre* or . other m
, krig- -. cattail tied, rat;
"Add, aid tdects lii3 olikadeis
. .
- 'I
Wit ,.( ; '
;ME Or
- ititINNTNT ' ),-:
11 ` - -il`• -'•''
• t RV11:1" / - ;
VIE - commasn.g.; -- :
c lui
mmifteeellar • to inquire - into thicir
-4,e, of the atte 14. illegedq have been
jlenyi •
W. uradi. a Member Of the
• RePresentati ea, fihm the .county 'of
iru T
, ilk / Corn:lp li influence and brit* the
' achb Kreb a ti3ember of the Seimte. from
,torial di ckbohipoaed 4 the mantic:
I and Schn lkilk in reference to the bill .
i tal
"AD • att to re the state iaz cni real
! .
nil property and to contuiue and ex.
• improvements of the:state 0. rail roads
ale, and ,to cha r a vtate hank, to be cal:
bank of the tilted Srateatt—licport
they have care ully emmihicd into all the
, , ; ected with, the transaction 0, referred to
in the resolution, add icansed to bd . iedneed to
wtititi the testimohy OCAS the WltheatiOr exam.
ince], tilph is herevrith trammiitted Tor the - con
sider; ' , n of the House. It appears from the tee:
timiali ' 'that an the, tenth day •of Ed:diary, alb.
; lathy: rubs, a member of the Senate, stated in
w ' to ibe Senate a follows:—, - I
"h. , ,ut pelOth of . .Motiary list, or the let of I
Fetid , y Inst. Henry . V. Conrad ; Esq. ttad 71:10
thatill• our be merle imfependent, iifi Wald vote
for th ;
that; could- for bill
Bank 011ie . United
Sta ' ; Isrlitin let twenty thou.
eta ~
Ala* and-that i I:apted hi do - so, that I
,*aderson would ) make the iiitangerried
with fbi the same; that I could get if in two -1
wed after the bill had passed tido* lasii_ li
told • : M. that the VniteS Staffs Bank had not mo
ney . ,migh to buy my ; vote." ' .]•
11l as subpoenaed as .a witness !before the
-corn . , nee; and repeaudi the same etateineuti on.
de( , 'di. The representation originally *made
by; • in to the Senate, and hi earlier eornsnanica.
'ion lee Oil ?mendicant, and °them-were =len
s , !land willicrat doubt intended to' induce the
e ' Ant tbAßank of the United Stand', through
i il pets, hed ‘endeadored to procure a charter
ishontitand dishonorable means, "consent
*.(l,ll;an attempt, 'if not an actual pnrchase
„...e or more members of the legisla
tdo, Wee deem it of great importtne e o slicer ,
ap hether the .bank were guilty o such at
i 6 1 ,
add if not, whether the propagatiOn ot such
Ali erns° from honest igneranee or wilful !nis
i% of Lion. If the Bank ot the United States
pd Its agents were guilty of such corruption, it
44 !ley meat the unmingled indiguetion of the
itl,l*b. If they be innocent, and idly member of
LI legislature rashly and ignorantly:mot only
c ol zd on tero witl d i uc il,
o b;i rn t
let atur9, it would be difficult for the most vil
la ' d charity to look upon him without abhor.
r 4 But if such slander were the resolfofde
li - ' ate and wilfoidesign, its author deserves to
II '' a mark' fixed nixie him, that hereafter he'
. , be...known whenever he- walks forth among
b ' , t an)] contidinglmen. f.
.; e testimony mitres that, while the bill refer
i lo,wrie pending before the legislatn i re r Henty I
redpou informed Mr. Krebs, ttAat fortune a.
w*ed hie; that if Ae would vote for the thank bin,
fieVouid retire from iniblie life independent; that i
heiluld i4eeive, 20,000 dollarti for his vote in two
wags after the bill tecame a law; that Bard Pat
tetk):ls was; rfqady tr make the anarneements with.
hi 4 Such leas the .estimony of Mr. Krebs, who
statue -that, at the t me, he beheiretlir.„Connid ,
selicies in the proposition; from what he has since
heard him'say on the subject,,fie belicees him se.-
Hone in the asiertioa, that he was ,authorized to
ir i i4e such proposition; but says: thatlhe did not
ider Mr. Conrad as desiring him to accept
th ;Offer. Mr. Conrad has produced evidence to
p ;ti that he had n 9 desire, and_did -- rieit ' attempt
I to- duce Mr. Kreb s to accept the bribeoillhough
he admita that be elimmunielterito him Such ab
r red lies iltn especial pain throughout
.th • hole invests tion to prove, and has folly
;aa 'fi,eiii th 9 committee, that he - repeatedly, and
ea tatty asserted ind attempted to Make others
be va thatlAuch„a Proposition Sad been. made to
hi idnd thAt eforte were making 'by the bank
to beibe theßenatei
i r
testimonyo has been produced to create the
al liteit suspicion th at the bank ever authorized.,
a y i•orson EU make any such overbite; or that'
it vex was made tio Henry W,' Conrad 'by Mr.
Patttirson di any 'other person.- On the other
434 Mr. Fineman, whose character for truth is
naimpeaehed, andlwbo is proved add, admitted to
be a gentleman of proverbial honour and bones.
t , onelnikvally denies ever .oring said any
cg' to Mr. Conrad :Which could he mistaken
f such a proposition; and'he ai positively as
, s that he never , bad any agency from or in
I e nr.ection with lid, bank of the United States.—
s testimony is corroborated by Mid ~ ) 9hn Well
yr, a wi th ers calk-di by Mr. • Conrad, who was
p client at the conversation between Mr. Patter
r n and hina I * • e
The committee; are therefore 'constrained to
I s
d C lare their belief, that the allegation made by
r. Conrad , that he drag autharizeil by Mr. Pat
ram, or It ny te i. /;. r person, to • tender to Mr.
7 ,, .4
raw any peat • reward or pe 'n... advan
eas th e consideration for ' his vo is wholly
d tittite of truth, and the mere fabrication of
r. Conrad. Not can they - believe that at the
t Me he first made the declaration lb Mr. Krebs,
I intended 'to be understood, or was underatood
OsMr.krebit, or ' who y those ' who heard:Oh:9,as se.
' 4 attemptil, or assertingk th atlothere could
tempt corrupt] .to influenim. the vote of the
Mar. It was said in 'it jocose and rallying
inner, in a public tavern, in thepresence of
ix. er eight gendenon; the what() ; convessatitm
as in so loud a +oiee as to . be ..dtstinctly audible
taz Aio
the adjoining har,.tootn, which was
.filled wi th
company, and the ' door tpetween • e - two rooms
n. It is hardy credible that m of edmmon
indent:to would ricaullY maliaa corrupt pro Po.
•• n under au circumstanees; ci that it earidd
under by discreet , en., This opinion'
gto rated the negleet of Mr. Kiehl( ' for
en da to coin imitate the n itnets to the 'Belli:
end then er i lydoing it after*, vague ritme• of
!their existence ltd reached that body from . :
ldistant county which he repromnui, and upon a .
itt l r
,Xormitl.resoluti calling upon las! tnfotta-r
litin. Had he - feted such ittein tto be eeri usi
:hie duty 'mini him prompily ter n9g- the Mat:
teibeforetkl ate, and demand the punishment ,
of l'iti principal' and the agent And big • *lour
and integft !Ohl ncaplul to bottleoply-,•corgOm,
miseirby-fili Mate to* go. . 1 0 i. Eq
. y imperative
also. was lei* -Mt: Conrad' tn ha /planned' the'
gimes of the'ftattattempt toll - him di_ e ore
Imo agent of lei tag:Hoag i tra ' etinni that the
offender •migh be dealt', orttlili - idiot- tii . .hti
Omit& • 'Olio polo:ghat liti:Con - bad *els:
ied nicht ildo on , or, th at 10.14 laWbe4
lieved,andYetcortetfaied it Igioni legislature*
e l m
would twee* "so insensible - die; inattita of
• cortnpfion intr.% co higlifoli4 i piiiilimeitt at
'their eitarinteta, as tOdeteilthi inittel6with
'tuft cionvinCing'prige, from cumi n to these Con
` elaiiona - They, therefore: finetionrocaltj 'Acquit
.11ft:Coniad-oftht charge of, atteini ing *bribe
Mt. Ent* ot 1 f hiving betiiii, nileing degired
tabecprith an g ent* thati r parpire AO they
regret that_liti . 'acquittal introit= hi x under the
inudentia ' thetit k in thn: - .4*Sictim l c i m ian;
tingle n o - litsni:l Nnitci ' and guilt mi• 4sa -
table thin' bribery aid - they',
'game remi t * ' 1111L-Krelis; fiii'ttah •-'' ' '
ion thin 'oflOtisdigthMogieldiik„, . i
~' trhe'ioanilitte beiheuilitlit:ae
rarcointocted bevand Abe tknelt
sib; to ceintrolthe deliberatkis '
bY- 1414 . 14 "" re 1 ' 111 'i*. 31 44. 1 ‘.
nsi l iris
~. by peendiam
forth! up6n ible saithopty,
bank 'with bri ry, and thn'Senatt
.editreitthery. - And
that fi t ins ti um me for AB :nice
plot, :were lionnd among theffseprt
people,-Who were willing *it or
chair* of the legiidAttftl dth
but, o sifcrifiee its inter s - to tied
die te1,../d_PArrr. In the • lieh
detai ins is. believed, - Attri his'
frie dwin Scheylkilllunde "., AN
rut .1836, the lugs innt 1011.
. ac
cons tea the, testimony i.-in lated
that hi had beCo cattail triani ff/ hip;
rot Of the Sink, end that heensto ;000'
for his ; vote.-7 He testifies' that. . Prato
this le t er, he knew that a - meeting about to
be held in Schuylkill coniny t in i_ibi h lie 'belga.
ed the letter tube read. Charlea'rr , hy, to whoa
.it was directed, testi fi ed.that hexe vett anothea
letter from Mr. Krebs. iitaltaalux stiktialavit
ing 'him to read!the “letter7tr'llim eeting, but,
not to, allow* ti be initile:apii4 . -of' ir. fltocced.
ings. Thui evidingy - inteAdinetei 'Mance a In
olent itripreisiOn opOiri Ilie - ,' , piilitio' , pd, and con.
neat thh.eadie, that'sit Might F:ippe to be the
opontaneoul'indignation orthe,ped i against tke
provisions of tb bill, and to : prey _ by cOnceak.
meat, the '.dete li on , of, the fajaeh I : 'alt. Con.
lad, about the Erie time;_ had ri "
_akin to visit
Schuylkill Icon qt',.'lrbirstfiit!iS": "dly'haserter. - ,.`.
that ir.-Xfoi , -wets. red Ibribes 0.. -
s2o,ooo . toSupOrt 06 . 141. Ilei:e. ' n went so tar
as to Phint,out . nd a printed Bitof iturs'whieh .
brag iup in a I psiblic tense at inegrove, the -
mimes of eight I Senators ;who bull voted for the
bank, bill. and *the be staid wer "sobour op.
Bailin." Theicontents of the lett r thus written '.
by Mr. Krebs, and thodeclaratio. of Mr. Con.
rid, came to be known at Hu i ig u! s g, 'end Mr.
.Krebs prevailed upon to, make - ' similar ' state: -
ment - for publicition, whi6 was tensively 'elf.
el:dated in habObills throUghout ibie state. Hit&
lerto themalxte of the agent bad not been given
by htl4Krehs, and it is ciiremelydoubtful whetii:
er ate time he wrote his "lette4" he had any
party ter person - in vier. Coln it is, that had
he n 'ed Mr.conrad as the egen i the plot would
havil "le d of effect-And been deemed ridieu-
Jou* ' sbe belonged tb the came l political party '
with imaelf, iindlied , hien, and wde a uniform
and temperate 'opponent •Of th bank. But
wbe the charges vildich!he had" t forth were
disctikered, and he was chlled tipoii to answer for
therti.beferi the Senate, be took* ' ant* Of the
caanil and unmeaning rernarkit o Mr.Conrid, to
shelOr himself Nan" the censer noes of detect
ed calumny. Anil Mr..Conrads finding himself
charged with being the anther se kvelFas the pro
pagator of the Slander, attempted .0 divert public
indignation fr m himself anti fix._ t upon another.
by boldly ma ntainipg
_the real ity of the corrupt
proposition.'fhate,.as Kit,aa we exemptible of
Judging, are therfactian the motives of the ac
tors in k these korai : list' g seene4 disgraceful a.
i ii
like-to M m
r-Cdnd, wile her re Consider the pro.
positiori as• haying liven actually made to him,
and, by him' communidated tor. Krebs, but
concealed from the House; or, 'w ether we deem ,
it II sheer , inyention, , ,indostriousl propagated for
the purpose of bringing ,diegrami upon the bank
and the Senators, and of deceiving the. people.
Whether we, adopt the - -former or latter supposi
tion; whether , we awardtlie front rank in this- in
glorious race to him or to Mr. Krebs; can be of
but little importance; in either. event, he will
have acquired spfficietit notoity La
,semire . lo
.himself an immortality infinfam . , '
The committee feelg•leat deheaey in attempting
'to commend to the II vise the Wieder measures
wiOch it may be necessary toaddpt. Hire are eor
reOlintbe opinion that,Tdr.Conrhd hail resorted to
w4ful misrepresentations to
_bring ollinni *Upon
honorably men for the faithful. ntucharge •of their
official.duties, nd punishment, in the power of the
House to intlict,could be deemed disproportionate
to the offeroCe.'ince and eelf-fhapeet *Gold seem
, to.reqtfire th at e House shotild be pprged of his
prisenee. But is expulsion ;Isaac', create - the
netessity of a special electioN whi t, would be
eihensrve and betriheneeme t his constituents.
The committekere • unwilling et, recommend a -
me:heath whict_would ',involve e innocent with
tint guilty. They therefOre au e mit to the House
tfollowing resolution: '- I • -
essilved, That on the eleienth day'of MarCh,
/Spry W. Conrad bet:Pce
lad it the bar of the l.
IfiCuse, and publicly reprimeniled by the Spea
ker. , ' -
Mr: Woodward . , one of the Committee,
made' a Report,.,whieh doili. not exculOate
Conrad from the churges.preferred against
him—and winds : up by
. sayin* that he ‘,
Conrad, Is censorable sae member of this
' Howie. - '
. Mr. Dewart, another o the .6.
also made a ' RepOrt,, w icb
Conrad's conduct, but do not I
he was siotts in his'atte pt ti
Kiibti, and- winds irir.hy oterinl
lion discharging '*enry lir
Thin Conventionassembled at If erisburg, on "-:: •
Tuesday .the fltiv,-' • iyu., A ... t - ,'` y .delegates
Were present fionirvartone z ..ieti -. besides some
gentlemen hellingingtlethe • &lit . , Who took
Seats as members.i Joseph L w -.• • se q . Tree
.layer oft,* Stattiv:*eit td • l'resident of the
Chorention.: Stkveril:italitab ; repents Were 'lead
&Om Temperanne&n Soci eties, wing a- consider. .`
tide increase ad thelfeltn - c o C reformation in
ertnaylvania t in ttnittattrt . ear - ... An . excellent
ipirit pervaded the -.Ctmyertti . , and • -several im• -
'prin.* resolutions were ' with, good ennui.
nuty:--one deelarition :brine tnbetiVon all Tan„ .
PePinee a ri,tofAbitiiii - all. intoxicating
' 41trults, • reitioituneeding, -f ormation of Tem
-*ranee Societies , onl y, on • 'principles of total
,hstinenCe freest ever" , 'lli -t hat intoxicates—
I tt . other reconimendinc *to ch.Pounty society -
4: • :like the Means! of,. - *rjg - . a Temperance
- gent itt.thrt-n*tt thep - tit. season . . : A me
nial wasipreparertand r. to .09eLfSiatatura
"on the license syateni . _- . . . . ' - .
tlit Wednepday'avening mai* meeting was
held in tlter , tp*byterian reti)itchytil ich . his Ex ,
collency! the yovernitrk -'. - I Membeis of the
l'eSialatara , ... and ,a respects - - number citizens
attended. neveral - ablettel. ' , nem were made by
*ambers aribalOdififitt `,, .. .Aiiiiiii*e Cintien- ,
uon was. Soled 10 ,- Ateitietd. y!.This l iirbuit on the
firs TtleidaY,,nr.igiretyl ~...::, ."
: i .
• " ' .-.',: , " ,----, -'4 1, :/: - 9
be:operas* iii'ikii'lr' ar Aril* , ers --
young ni*l*titiiilt tiWt betwetin Letue* .
ville, 11"* . : . *OCroetlar id. i company with two
vuitbles,**fietti - ohil itribi`.'Stidilenly eleizsd the
Young mitChrthriPitiiiiti,lii4,l the °that' robbed
hito .coesiew. - - - .._,- - .•
it iiimaiitid.l4:4lle " ' 'Wrei,oltitiOw iti the,
U.S. 8 0 - ta . t.4 . ltOetiiiiletiti erdiiiritt of Ceittutbia
to the oritt,lYorineiti,llliin: land i tt Vireos. This int eitiiigaiiiitir.• Abolitibit . petitions
th li enilto thislnatteroiod I ..610isatily to what
must sootier Of. latisr.iti "Mii! - i
. knoval of the seal
ef Governineticiiiiiiiiiithl Waite y of the ' Misfis.
. .
diiidi c-1' 1 ' . -
ornmatee ?
lie,. that
. , .
, Writ-