The pilot. (Greencastle, Pa.) 1860-1866, April 21, 1863, Image 1

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(North West Corner of Me Public Square,)
t the following rates, from which there will be no
deviation: .
Ingle subscription, in advance
ikhin six months 1.75
Within twelve months
,• No paper will be discontinued unless at • the eption
tit the Publishers, until all arrearages are paid.:
0' No subscriptions will be taken fora less period
• n six months. .
, ,
4, c tect pqtrb,,
Why should we m our n ? the loved one sleeps
In sweet eternal 'rest,
Where Howells of lieitlify'ellent.'Weep
Above berldtgy Krehe t t' 1 '
Where stermsmol More- shall rage around, v t-4
Or Bin or sorrow come; ,• e ••, I+7 I V
• Where, peace, kwelt Pf4l qFlke if. foPti d 7 r
The grave, ,her " earthly,,home.
1 ' 11
i 'Tis end to,,riesr the Isolly opot
, t ,
. 1 ,
Where bending willows wave,
Where 'peeps Our lilt)l one of earth
4 1 1 within theAstici4nne gre "" ►i f ""
04 3 Yet sweetly abaci •nv
illy And guard that sPotiwitlithearenly,ldve
i ,
', ob And d'er it weep a tear. ,- ft; ''. -IA ~ L ~ . *1 nit
.., But on, my child,. yet, calash thou know , f,,
, The tears that 4110 r thee.. „t —.fit t,...i
' How deep , the glqorn l atern trtdit t , ,,throw , ,a,
~., ,
Around th,y loss and me.
Canst hear tViitile ehildroi l eall
l Thy naine r ai'COmes t fitiiv i thi'r'l' '7' i "..1411.)
1 1 Host vier mir tears of4Orrewlall (1 'lltultt.
1. In thy brightthomeln, ifilftVetai 1 ii i , , t 1 ' .-, • '
b . But no—'tia vainthoweinetAlcit hew r.•
Death lies,between int•new; yxy r „ 1 .. ;; .. ,
The grave is lying cold anti drear,
, Deathisssamich
But yet agaip tbosp ezepeutipAnh t
Thy voice wake from the dust,
'' And imniortality bethine;' --1
Amid the pUre. sad %juit
Then mourn ;to more—.the . loved•oue,tileeptt e ,
From sin and sorrow free .
Bright angels guerdiker lomb, why weep?
For'an angel pUre
And When a Pe* Thoth' suns *hill id4e; .7
A few more drisltsit
We'll meet her as we tread, the skies,
And par ted be ao4Tote,
• • I
st 1 41 . t:,lf ;I,xtf -
CAN you.A.FEoßrrr?
,7 7 . 1 7 h not) wr:r,
B T. rY• Airs`Wi l Y4,r, s fi , nrrrlar
rr,rl 1 , a3't '• I. 2 t J'A•
he question was nnswereg by a look . of 19-
, q won ipet.t V14( 0 .1F)1 7:14
'Afford it'?
an i ng. )41.1 , 11511311
free 4 iuiled
she responded in thAqiiery.
"Can rift afford thetipoisessiiia Ofisbokoitly
, ormiu d t ar 11'10
•.. ••'
"Still in the, litrk," Bahl . the San g
th whom she was .covecsing. "Costly ?"
liEx petisite if tird 'beck? , 1 1 1 H61145/ , - I
timid havelifd b elp;Olitiii:' I Th'e dfigitieridit
. .
, . 44-.1. ~,, ~• ~,,, ,,,,,, ,, ..liara• ea akooala
tbe amen, tor tne article is the in our
41. , ,,aa a ;14- ~ , t . , r4, , at are ...woo
r rket. It is the expense o f %minuend all
~,,,, ..a. , ta r ot iv
swards that shosidAhe.talren into eonsidera
„ . a.. 'Ali) .161,1¢W"..1R littiff.o yftet
dow ,rh lo ..ItWo
! I A h 1” . Liilit klititiett tipiiii" t h e young [usu . !
I perceptions: ...:' .'' " 41 I.t-sr.l ~,,.,
4 14. , ,, , .. a ,4.,,f,, , 3 tri , T f , 1,., i
You apprehend me 7" I
4 'Not clearly." .
"I plain words z thed'redtrj yen afford to titke
Araminta Brown fur a 4ii ° 7 4 "I '
'Why 'not ?" .
,i/ . 1
Have you counted the cost t
II believe N No."
y idd'Yeit elitnitate; 'Mints DOniti
' 4 .111 • •
kme officrou; or ever•curtd,ha. rin
d,,as yon are aware • and olti.,true friends!
tchNheir privilege sotnetiineaoThcp
more than •nenuilyminterested, us I do now.
''ve made tio igt ?" 1 " . ? 2 ' °i " ) `'
• 1,4 3 1; *di
A.h +. I'm glad of thatt,,ws , 4,6m4,oxt TC
rom the field,without.dishenong! 4- •
iptitetire I no thought ohretiring,4fra.'
rdy." - b.0ri0414
A prudent soldier will — retriertiiidlaWhis
,es for successful 'encounter rntngiliert
e sees the Oda too strongly ngaitmc
Still enimatioak. Atn.L.pressing forward tq
Olangerous a ednftrdffli Ll , b4i; A
4 4 1 n any judgMine YOU ate."
laho encounter, Thomps,tow.hieb I,.referi4
sw world's battle... Marriage makes or inar
Itt men ; and I thictlc tI have 'studied your
itacter blosely enough `fdte ishtisfied thatit
makeor'mar yod
tdoll—gt bundle of uselesp ii i kompliibments
fr. vain, sitAW-gic , l7 - ,a dainty butterfly in,,tbe
Irld of fashion—but a woman for awjfes.
• be all verrptekdilbt to - dance and fliqi to
t •
(3 , the gee- i pile tu pale tnoOnlight; to time
music while your.ohartner sings,, to talk , of
and pootrk4but, loydriend, these are oni
the bloonvon.theirape; The , essentiel of
is all belok and !We grape must to
lue•prois: Ihir, ;Themes ! Is
rich juice
5Y the heart of Araminta
• 6 fat ta`
r ,
sober hue of thought crept into t he face
6,11 as Wiper, totaigirebend
.thined what Wean treliTyrti
"Lifc,is not ,all a holiday," continued the
lady. "The play is, short, and when the cur
tainifalls, We go back .into sober and often hard
irealityr,,The summers' airs,• in which the but
terfly and dainty hummingbird,,:enchant 'us
,withatheir grace l and beauty, doutipue. only•for
;a 'brief season.l ',The twinters are •lo n g,an cold.
,What,:oft the( butteakrand'h um mi ng-bird,then
Gone to matiner •ol tn es, Or My ,friend,
there! is, millopein the butterfly, or the hum,
ti 1,0 1 1 nt'•lihtti J J .
" , ./tr;do .soot, hold the • compailson good," said
i ,the• young .reply. ! ;AtAraminta t is not a
Shei lis aw•girl, of, min,d and
fueling:lc ;! ,
noidlottmtmhrnitncl, Thomas,; and as to feeling,
,thabuctly be inqhe right or wrong direction. —.
But let US) .o :.back. •,to my Rrst.-suggestion.--
There is,a practical dollar-and-cent, side of the,
eittestion s , ;which be' folly‘ to,,ignqe-
What,:will be the. cost of ; this,allianceir That,
determined, the-tteat query veonies in order—
'Can you; ,afford .1. think 4110 t ,..• But,this
is for. yo,undecisiom ,;What is ,your. salary ?"
"Fifteen hundred. l ,rl , ~
11,Kikberitl,,,aw the; times go.P
ii , Yes•P? r,,, - „• y/ • I , i
?J i ltDo,iyoulook ' inorease:7"
"No,.but thcre bare been intimations.whicb l
lend meltoebeliese , that An.interest t in the busi;
nest will , lbO,offered:at no tve.ry Aistarit.period.'' ;
' , l'm, glad' to bear,,yon N say,
arta ?is .a i ..thing. on , which,,,nci reliance can be
„ "So that in estimating,the.expense of tmar
riagdj the salary alonet musts be, taken,iii to ad
"Very well. Now, what do you suppose it
will'ebst: you , to dress ,Araminta, according to
ha presentAtyle r
i.(The young luau -shook his , bead.,
~ ) ifaii, e an. estimate,7 said,:tha lady.
er,Ointro hundred.dollars a t tyearer t'
e eat putithe ,isturktlargeg,so as , ,to .be sum of
indluditigt:the otitsidunpenny. 't
~,a +Youiret jestingli answaettthd, young man
`f „~i+NoY9EL r~ a
ftEkizimadred dollars W
"Or seven, . mayhe, ; The fisafer,esti mate ,is
adieu Shalllgitrelow 80[1mi:of ithe hurei ?"
vo*ltiyoo , please.'r ; •
, I"frake your pencil. andwftildow, me. I happen
to knowithe , young toladps oiil l itier ; and :dress=
inalrespandaui postedfinal few i , She it
fashionablet .Do just *hat that
misnal4ll ii'iit ilk
ttiAt us•seeo, The fashionst change :twice a
year, at least taSottietimeethreel dr four , tinies:
A'ouvtimetinditivthe ultras;'and Aramintivis a
littl .cto lie the ultra-,Tashionable •in
chiess: -; 445 ospridg ; yre , Will.. say!. ~:Weil, the
wardrobe of your wife—you have , married-Ar.
a 'nip ta (l —needs rFpleni4hing. And, firm, there
is a bonnet. Of course, the winter bonnet
wont do for spring; and, besides, she has worn
r ,• 't,
it so long that she hates to he 'seen in the stree.t.
: ,
ow, what is your idea in regard to the cost'of
, 1•1 , 1 11.,*1‘ /AL regard
a spring bonnet ?
.Let' rue see ? '
,irr.7 ir 1 rr: Tr
, 4 pay, fiv i c ; do! !ars ; fo i l: a c hat."
"and k t,e 3 tt r i n n. i 's wear costs more than
lallle9' 011
~.“ .rt:
,‘ .
"Which shows 117 well Yon. are, posted.—
Put down twenty-five dollars for the bonnet."
Y"mPrejatiiii.'" Wilder looked
aauii`ifi'e g eo v se . of fier y bonnet this skit*. as
1 1 h4pen'to 7 liniow. po put down twenty-five
t,• • • ' , DI If • - more4'
dollars, and twienty-nve ore for a spring roan
'..x.actifor'iy dollar's for iilull-tritumed Silk
dr ai . 44 •. ft 11 •
" 4 orty
She must
hayriftWoVßA niro,:A
"Well I've got the items down," said the
112;;;414,'71 C ,
young Finn, bu in atone or !ncreaoiity, if
hiSftiend'were making spnrt.
Ydiiihink 'the" price of these' silk
areaseWhi g h".l' Your 12411er wore black lustrinc ,
dolfar and u teti" yards Were a full
pattern," said Mrs. Hardy.
° y,l l P „. •
“So ipferrect.'`: YOuthet:A b raminta at Mrs.
Blanchard s last Week.'wereboili there.
.iou `notice` the elegant dress she 'wore ?"
"Not particularly. But I retnember` thet
she looked charming.l, feel the whole effect,
but hive'no eye foidet )1f lt4 eil." t.
, .
"That dress coat forty , -fine dollars, You can
figure it
1f t out yourself. Fifteen yards of silk at
• • 4.6
two dollars and twetity•five cents a yard. flow
wtich ?"
"// 41yr r' 11.51.) 4 111
a);: . /y0e iz e
-L_ •
•• • .
1, ft
, b hE
' ll
7 $
". 110
4 0/
% /_
4). .
. ,
~. ,
"Thirty-three seventy-five," answered the
young man, who was quick at figures.
"Trimming and making twelve dollars."
"Over forty five !" Look and voice express
ed astonishment.
"Ale so. Fashion plays into the hand of
trade. Wide skirts, flouncing and trimming,
cut deeply into dress goods of all Itiuds, and
swell the, mantua-making bills 'enormously, in
the eyes of those who'havi to pay them. Let,
us see, `you havee - pfoiided two silk dressea, a
bonnet, and, a,' epring
cost ?",
"One litindre&and'twenty dollars." There
was an unmistakable"dep'iesiion . in' Wilder's
voice. The thermometer of his , feelings Was
running down
"Valeneienne collar and sleeves; twenty do
lars`face behdered'handkernhier;'efgh
dollars. 'A Ql'tanhlly vatl, twelyei . ,lacp
soly eight. Bracelet, : pin and earrings,,;new
style—"P. . . .
"There, there,' there! .'No more!" An the
young man cruMplett . the piece of paper on,
which he liad been figuring, and thrust
gOlch.pencit into his pocket with , am 'air.of 'des
"You thilikque• trifling," said Mrs:
"If you are in earnest; I am all at sea," was
answered. • ' • • •
"Better-be ateea in a tight ship, than too'
the'llietiiiers'On t end:lst - like this; my friend.
.It;. is junt ss 1 1 , Say.., e
`Th cost maintainingthe Luxury of a fashionably dressed wife, how
ever deSirable the article •thay be, is not within
the range' ofthyduribility: Another item ' Which
; • • . Pi;
must be - considered is the summer tour item.
Aratu,inta r gOeS i to ISaratoga and Newport z .as
you' are ~ iiware. , The,east of an , extra outfit
will not fall below one hundred - dollars, and
the'eipenSe of' the. thing--you will 'have' to
join' her fora part'Of ihe season,'at least r --can-'
not' safely entered' under one' hundred ' and
fifty dollars." !
"It doesn't toilet" Mistered Wilder, mak
.'" 11 • - •
inn a feeble attempt to rally frOM'tbe effects
of these ; astounding intimations, ;which, came
marshalling Ftlreiri forees under the guise of
hard facts' ;"that n 4 wife must go•to Newport
and Saratoga, and- Spore the wardrobe tot a'
duchess. The woman who marries me -Must
adapt dierseiSto , iny'eireurnstances: , Again; if
the' cost ofs fUrnishitig - Araminta is•.so' ;great,
how :doeelher father smaintain himself?' illisi
businesSiis only of - moderate range, and she 'has
four diughterssin-society. I . think- there must
be'soinc extiigertion in your estimates:"..-
"Mi. 'Bran bus' faired in 'business to
my: e l Jraii'
i l linOwledfr,e';'*itiiin the -fast I ftfie,E , '
years," said Mrs. Hardy.
"I ietneniber, DOW ' that lie'ivas in trouble
abont five year's' tigci," 'returned
When he 'gel a settlerneni' irith creditors
ati foity cent: on the dollar, as "I had' certain
intermation at the time." "
"Elu-ni . :m." TIM Young nian dropped his
eyes toileoor, and sat musing for Both dine.'
• Vail'twiCel" lid looked up at `Har-
"Fes, twice, and may have to do it once or
twice mote, ere getting - these' four 'AperiSive
daughters off his bands, WhO are fitly edecated'
for taking' their hti'sband,'if they 'sticceed in
captitritig foolish young Men who have their
own' way in the world `to tnakei—your case;
Thonil"-:•-along the hard ''road of ''ankions eare,'
incessant 'toil alid'sharia humiliation which
th'eirlather'fial ? trOd'atid temiding.
never` goes to Saratoga or Newport. - You did
130 t: fihd 'there fast vest?"'
s 'uNo'r'the year before'?"
IVilaSi'ili;ok' iii head
arle thust. stay at luitne, and 't nanc l ier,' as
yon"trietf . dall it,.thrOngli 'ail the dull, hot stub
rnerrooOths; in order to' keep off the disater
of failure, which habo-s'eVer over his
the baked 'sword' of Dabiocles."
Wildei looked down at the flpor again, and
sat without replying. .
"Can fq aflord the expense ?" inquired his
maternal friend.
"I'm afraid not." There ; was a depressed
air abqut the young, man. Araminta Brown,
arrayed in the fine feathers that wake a flue
bird, had captivated hisfancy; • nay, wore, she
had qualities which, under better training and
influences, would have given a preponderating
side to her character, and these Wilder had
After leaving Mrs. Hardy, he went, home,
and in sober communion with himself, recon
sidered the whole question. To advance or
recede•- 7 that must be decided now. For a
time he argued against his friend, Mrs. Hardy,
and doubted the fairness of her estimate touch-
big the cost of dressing a lady who followed
in the wake. of fashion; then, her character
for sincerity and, truth weighed on the other
side, and certain considerations which she had
presented, loomed,up into grave importance.
Still in doubt and perplexity, still undecided
was our young friend when tired, nature bore
him away into dream-land, but did not.remove
from thought, the subject on which it dwelt so.
intently, was with ,Araminta, and more
charmed by his :charmer ; than ever. , ;They
ere.wslk - a, garden .among flowers, she
in colors decked as gaily as ,the..children" of
spring, and ,sunstuer, awl with ,breath, to her
lover r as perfume laden as theirs.. Then they
'were passing, down:the, city's crowded streets,
and ever and anon paused to admire the beauti
fsl,tkings displayed in .windows. A splendid
bracelet,attracted Araminta's attention, and she
uttered s,desire to, become its possessor. They
e,itered• the store, and soon the brilliant thing
,was glittering on her wrist. Fifty ,dollars was
the ,price., As Wilder took the money from.
his, purse, and was handinc , it to, the jeweler,
a pain of stern eyes looked into his. The jew•
elerwas transformed into one of. his n employers
and theexp,ressionof
,his eyes made his,hear
'She is i your wife?" said the employer
In one ,of the,, usual. kaleidoscope, changes
that accompany,dreams, our friend found him
elf, a moment afterwards, at his desk, deep, in
the mysteries of accounts and business. lie
was aware of voices near him, in conversation,
and understood that he was the subject of dis-
7,S i hallwe take him into the firm ?"
Almost breathlessly he waited for, the. ans
wer. It came in these words:
'.No; that would be imprudent.
: His mar
riacre extravagant oirl will involve him
in expenses beyond the dividend his interest
would yield. Debt and temptation must follow,
and we know where they lead. I'm sorry.
But the step :.cannot be taken."
','His salary will not support hitrtnow,"
marked, the, first speaker. .
"Of course it will nat,',."
then ; ? Will ;it - e debt and ,tempta-
• "Van lehe anything else ?" was the response.
'aTh'en 'id it saib to retain him as a clerk ?"
' • '
The answer Tarim with - stibh a shook upon
(the Aredniei; ihat he " awoke. "Starting` to his
'feet 'lie croised the 'room two or three tlines be:
fore bewildered thotighti'were
'"Onlya dr6aiii" ttme'"Of
as he sat down' again at' th'e fi'o
wliidh he had atiseu, and . `recalled i in
minute particular,' the vision , fibih had
ed' his imagination'. "Only dreinn," he re
Pelted ; "‘bitt' how full of warnind !"
Did'yie marry Aramirita Bi•oWn ? The que
ticn how put in' sobei' earnest, -"Can I afford
it ?" 'Yecciireci . such I nn empliatic "INI*6;"" that
the 'argument closed F and Was never' ()Pen=
eci" again. 'Araminta bas beep consoled' by
ant:other lotrei; who' may b l eCome her husband;'
bitt-we pity the busband unless his cOlteri'llie
deep; atid e ' v'en then' should he'happeni-o'prig
sess a heart, he 'will 'fiod that 'be ha's given:
gold for th en si 1. --N." 'Y. ledger.
Will' evdry 'one' of oar readers please under
stand that, as says an eminent ;writer, a woman
May have all the outward'niarkg of beauty, and
not possess a lovely character. It is the be
nevcilent disposition—the kind acts-and the
Ohiistian dcia l o'rtnsecit. It is in the heart where
meekness, truth, affection, and' humility are
folind=vathre we look for loveline . ss, tier do we
look in vain: The woman who can socithe the
aehini heart; 'smooth the wrinkled brow, alle
viate' the anguish of the mind, and • pour the
baltii`of cOnsolation'in the 'wounded break, `pos
sesses, in an •eminent degree true loveliness of
charactir. 'She the real companion` ef man,
and does the work of an angel. It is such a
chdracthr that tlessek with warmth and sun
shine, and maketh the earth 'to resemble the
Paradise of God.
MAHOALET undoubtedly understood how to
raise troops for his wars, and to make them
fight. He ordained that the soldier who per
formed any single exploit in, battle should not
be refused, during the whole expedition, what
ever his , age or deformity, a kiss from any wo
man that he chose to aA for it.
FANCY cao lay only the past and the future
under her copying paper, every actual, presence
of the object setting pmits to her power:'just
as water distilled froln roses, accdrdini; to 'the
old naturalists, lost its power exactly at the
periodical blooming of the rose.
Advertisements will be inserted in TUE PILOT at
the following rates
1 column, one year
of a column, one year,
1- of a column, one year.
1 square, twelve months.
1 square, six months
I square, three months
I square, (ten lines or less) 3 insertions 1.00
Each subsequent insertion 26
Professional cards, one year 6.00
NO. 12.
As long as a miser lives, his money chest is
very sure to be heir,tig`ht,
A fly in a man's buiter is decidedly the least
pleasent of all kinds of butterflies.
It is to be supposed that a soldier will be raw
till lie is expos d to fire.
When a vain boaster talks, echo herself
praises him—but she is alone in her praise.
Humor in conversation is better than humors
in the hlood.
It is no doubt a great deal easier to accuse
one of the'sexes than to exonse the other.
Every abridgment of a good book is a foolish
As small print most tires the eyes, so little
affairs most disturb and annoy us.
Oftentimes the most costly thing we get is
that which is given us.
An order issued by poor and imbecile rulers
is the order of things.
They say that justice isn't sold in our courts
—but those, who try to obtain it . , often are.
Grtekt talkers use their minds as spendthrifts
their cash, bestowing, it on a.l objects alike.
,Fear springs sometimes, as well from want of
'udgment as from want of counrage.
The elements of„wator. c .e,arth, fire and air,
are no more the instruments of life than they
are of death.
,Folly has more commentators than wisdom
7 -perhaps because her :works are more mutter-
A man -May stand or walk upon a couple of
pumps and yet never indulge in the. luxury of
cold water. - •
,Tl?e„ .. peop! pf London , vpho boast of liv,ing
n a realm upon which the sun never sets, live
n a city•upon, which it never shines.
If 'good luck befall you;' think that it may be
a blesaineto'soinehody felse, and that your turn
may come next.
Rush says that physicians are the, ser
vants, of the sick. We suppose, then, that
oculists are eye ser,vanta..
People should never kisS tli'ose'of their orn
sea; vie ''never kissed a boy a our liVeiLeieept
J . I
occasionally a pretty tomboy
,The enly wapto escape the huportunities of,
beggars is tn' make ;yourself look like one of
the, brotherhood
It mar perhaps be thounfit difficult to decide
which is the most destructive—the mortar in
• ,
he field or the morrar to the drug shop
.A - live turkey 'would , seem to be less noisy
than a dead 'one f miakes only a din, the
other a.din der
~ . .
In these days when "sack's are fashionable fe
male, dresses,.agentlemao may be thankful to
to the, lady who gives film the sack—and its
contents. • .
It is verrbsurd to think that the best trial
of- truth must be' he multitude of believers in
a crowd where the fools are to the wise men as
en -to one
There are persons who are never abreast of
the aot • they dive into the stream of the past
and never come up again—their heads stick in
he, mud
We •like to see a noisy mountain brook pat
its broad shoulderi ever and anon to the wheel
of a mill, and show that it can labor as well
as laugh
Far sweeter music to a true woman than the
tones of a harp or piano touched by her hand,
are the cheerful ,voices of husband and child
ren made joyous by her presence.
Some'people keep their sterling worth in all
chang,ei of 'fortune;, others if chain ed in con
dition, lose their character. Nrs of gold are ,
less prized than diamonds, but gold reduced to
dust is Valuable, while diamond dust is worth
The tree of liberty rears itself' with inde
pend Int, grandeur; and graciously fills the world
with its ordor, while its branches, streaming
'magnificently, towards heaven, make it appear
as if the stars were only the golden fruit of its
wondrous limbs.