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    liie I)ail3' IJev iew
Towanda, Pa., Wednesday, Dec. 28, 188!.
fi lPaiti/ on/ 1) 535 cents per
month■ JTI'!/ it,
Sixteen of those known as experts
' . 1 Guitcau sane.
It is generally believ d that the ver
dict in the case of Cadet Whittakcr is
unfavorable to that young mtn*
A g-eat revival in mining iutcrefts is
eported in Northern Mexico Much
Ame./can capital is ilowiug in, and the
authorises aie encouraging American
The Governor of Cuba has discovered a
number of false certificates, by which 170
negroes, who ought to be free, are held
in bondage. An investigation has been
Regno, the last Secretary of the Trcas
v y ruder th 2 Con federate Government,
spates that the contents of the Treasury
at the evacuation of Richmond amounted
to only about $150,000. One hundred
thousand dollars wrs paid to soldiers
and the i\.it captured by the Federals.
A lc . Reading, Fa., states that
a 1 raugements have been made with sev
c al mutual associations to secure an in
surance not exceeding. SIOO,OOO on the
life of Guitcau, and requesting his signa
tuie to an inclosed application to be pro
cured. The application is for SIO,OOO
' sr unce in the Reading Mutual Aid As
>c'a lon, and the beneficiary is Arthur
J. Bo dnei.
So rapidly are the new railroads being
built across the continent that in a short
time there will not be less than five sepa
rate roads to the Pacific coast. Let us
hope that they will not all be controlled
by one company, or else we wont be much
better oil' than we are now. To the old
rood, the Union Pacific, will be added the
Northern Pacific, the Central Pacific, the
Atlantic and Pacific, and the Texas and
Southern Pacific, the latter be -g r'-eady
f dsl; J.
Dr. and Mrs. W. S. Webb are not ex
pected to return from their wedding jour
ney before the middle of January. In the
private car which Mr. Vauderbilt placed
a. his sou-in-law's disposal Uiey will
ravel wherever incll-.ation prompts
tb n n and will not return until Mr. Vau
de bit moves into his new house. They
will be guests of Mr. Vauderbilt for some
time, while the bride's house is being
refitted. The bride will give her first
r ept'ou in the new house, and Mrs.
V" lit will also give three reception
o I her account.
The fact that this Christmas 101 l 011
Sand ay gives occasion to exercise one
self in some curious calculations . Some
one who has a taste for such matters pre
sents the following statements that are
not generally known: The falling of
Chr'stmas 011 Sunday takes place four
t'mes in every 28-years, after the expira
tion of every 5, 0, 11 and 5 years respect
ively. Take, for instance, the year 1859
as a starting point. In that year Christ
mas came 011 Sunday. The succeeding
twenty-eight years during which Christ
mas has and will come upon Sunday are
1864,'70,'81 and 'B7. Since we last celebrat
ed a Christmas Sabbath before the pres
ent 11 years have elapsed. In six years we
will have another, and there will not
again be an eleven year skip until that
between 1910 and 1921. Owing to 1900
not being an actual leap year, though
divisible by the figure 4, from 1802 to
1910 Christmas (and, of course, New
Year also) falls on Sunday regularly ev
ery six years. This calculation ma';es
an iteresting centre-table amusement.
A statement of the anthracite coal trade
shows the production for the year to be
about twenty-eight million and live hun
dred thousand tons. There may be a
week's suspension in January, but after
that, it is thought, that the demand will
be such ;is to make work imperative.
Thirty million tons is calculated as the
production of ISB2, and with this view
preparations are being actively pursued
in all the anthrrcite regions.
There are now three hundred and lift}'
prominent Irishmen in jail, but the tale of
agrarian outrages in Ireland does not de
crease, although there are now fifty thou
sand armed men in the country.
Game must be scarce in the vicinity of
Towanda. A celebrated landlord and a vigi
lant police officer went out hunting one day
last week. After traveling all day, without
success, so some of the knowing friends of
the parties say, they went into a farmer's
pigeon-roost and knocked down a half dozen
of the birds with a club and departed for
home. Go to the filwell House, or ask DIM
MOCK, if you want to get further information
on the subject. Ilere the brave hunters hive
away of going to one of the meat markets
and buying game to take home with them
when they fail to bag any. They dont pro
pose to run any chances with indignant far
mers since the time the boys shot that pea
cock for a wild turkey.— Athens Gaz.
WEEK OK I'RAYKU.— 'The World's Evangel
ical Alliance has appointed the first week in
January as the week of prayer, the following
is the program which is sent forth to all t lie
churches of the world :
SUNDAY, January I.—Subject for discourse
"Renewed Consecration."
MONDAY, January 2.—Thanksgiving for
the blessings, temporal and spiritual, for the
past year, and prayer for their continuance.
TUESDAY, January 3.—Humiliation and
oufes. ;- )u oil account of individual,l social
and national sins.
WEDNESDAY, January!— Prayer for the
blessings of God on His Church and His
THURSDAY, January 5. —Prayer for the
young and all agencies for Christian training.
FRIDAY, January 6.—Prayer for the uni
versal prevalence of peace and righteous
SATURDAY, January 7.—Prayer for Chris
,rn missions, the outpouring of the Holy Spir
et and the conversion of the world.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of t'w Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, SMail
ings and Sprains, Burns and
Scalds, General Bodily
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
No Preparation on earth equals ST. JACOBS OIL
as a safe, sure, simple and cheap External
Remedy. A trial entails but the comparatively
trifling outlay of 50 Cents, and every one suffering
with pain can have cheap and positivo proof of its
Directions in Eleven Languages.
Baltimore, Mcl., JJ. 8. -4..
New goods opening every day at C. P. Welles'
Crockery and 99c store.
If you call at BLUM'S boot and shoo store
you will find that you can got more and hot
ter goods for the lhoncv than at at any shoe
house in Towanda.
liest :ri<l Cheapest Holiday Stock ever exhibited
in Towanda at C. P. Welles' Crockery a >d Ode
LAWRENCE HALLOHAN, the old reliable and ski!
ful SHOE MAKER'S again "on deck." and wishes
to Worm his customers - d o that here
after, in "rain or shine,' - . , • found at his
post ready to do all work in his iiue in the best
manner and on short notice. Shop in rear of the
REVIEW office.
LOST, Thursday afternoon, on Main street, a
Beak-skin Glove, for right hand. Tin* tinder will
be suitably rewarded on leaving at this office.
A good girl, for general housework, wanted.
A good girl, competent to do general housework,
can hear of an excellent situation by calling at this
Immense shipments of TOYS for the Holiday
trade, are being received daily at the 5 CENT
William Brown, at Miller's Barn, cleans and oils
Harness, and washes wagons very cheaply.
Second hand Herring Safe for sale cheap,
quire at this oftire.
Elegant New Style iof picture B ack't- and Jap
anese Brackets at the 93c stoic.
Car loads of new goods now being received at the
Five Cent S„ore.
a number of dwelling houses for -em or for sale
on easy terms. Also, eligible and deferable build
ing Lots which will ho sold on long credit to per
sons desiring to build.
Oct. 17. 1881. L. ELSBREE.
H. A.SCOTT, of the "Sugar Creek Mill," lias
left an order hook with O. 1). Wick'-Mii at the Post
Office. All orders for Flour, .oed, Meal, Grain
etc., left there will receive prompt attention.
.V good girl wanted in a small My. Inquire of
Smidi Brothers.
The Baltimore MINCE MEA !' which has a world
wide reputation, is for sale a. UINDEI.R'H Market.—
Those who once use this brand are never satisfied
with any other.
We ate constantly receiving orders for " Lum
Smidi's Imitation Stained glass," and a.e ready to
give our patrons the full benefit of an inexpensive
and handsome decoration by placing it on any glass
wlic-tln"- dooi or w'ndow 'ar- size or small glass,
gmen or white, round or square, in fact any posi-
tion, shape or kind of frame or glass that needs
shading from the rays of the sun, or from the ga*e
of inquisitive eyes. Thankful for the very liberal
patronage bestowed since we have received the
agency of this imitation, we shall by a strict atten
tion to business, hoping to merit a continuance of
the same. To those who have heard of the •'lmi
tation Glass," and have not seen it, we extend a
cordial invitation to examine into its real merits,
and ask the prices for which it can he obtained, we
are prepared to contract with churches, halls, or
or other public buildings, and warrant all of our
work to surpass in beauty the genuine stained glass
and our prices are less than one-fourth the cost of
the srmc. Those in need of anything of tins kind
or who are lovers of art, whether they wish to put
chase or not, are respectfully invited to exarnin
the same at. CuAS. F. Cnosd' Book Store.
LOST OX MONDAY).—L< nt between Dr. Pratts
oflicc and Bridge street, a black Ivid Glove, 3 but
toned, No. 6 1-2. Finder will confer a favor by
caving at this ofllec.
UPHOLSTERING —In this line of business I make
a specialty and defy competition, as I make my
own work and can sell at prices thai others have to
pay wholesale. Call early and leave your older, as
1 have a number of ordors at present, but will try
and accomodate all. My goods are the newest and
best for the money that have ever been put into
this city. J- OTTARSON,
Up 0113 light of stairs. Bridge st., Towanda.
FORPALE OR RENT.—'The Dwelling House
fronting on Locust Avenue in Towanda boro, late
residence of J. M WARD, together with the Tenant
House, Barn, lee House, etc., and the grounds
within the encloseure—covering several acres—in
eluding a tine garden, choice Fruit Trees. Two
Large Cisterns and a Well affording an abundance
of Water.
Also, A lot fronting on York Ayenue, large
enough for several fine buil. ag H,,S.
Also, A lot fronting on Mam street, adioining the
Fenna. & N. Y. railroad, containing several acres.
The above property will lie sold together, or as
divided. For particulars apply to,
R. A. MERCUR, Esq.
A""" UDITOR'S NOTICE. —In the mat
ter of the filial account of Tamer A. Chaffee,
Guardian of Pluebe G. Chaffee. In the Or
phans' Court of Bradford County.
The undersigned, an auditor appointed by the
said Court to dispose of exceptions tiled to the fi
nal account of said Guardian, will meet the parties
at Ifs office in Towanda Borough on Thursday,
January 12, 1882, at 10 o'clock A. M., when and
where all persons interested in said account and
exceptions will be hoard.
Dec. 14, 18S1. Auditor.
ft, if. woof* x co ,
are up to the times in making new styles
of Pictures. The latest is a small Card
Photograph, called MINETTS which are
very pretty and take Aveil, Price only 81
per dozen.
Their Tintypes are also made 4 at a
time, made very quickly and sell 4 for 50
cents, card size.
Remember the piaco, Patton's
Block, corner Bridge and Main Streets.
jyt. A. E. BURR'S
ej & vr r s.
This remedy is thing new, both as to name
and composition. This is one of the wonders of the
world. This Syrup, 1 claim, is better and more
effective than any other ever often.d to the ople of
America or any other country, and what 1 say of
.his 1 can prove, This Syrup, like the Tills, is
harmless and safe, ft contains no opium or other
narcotic poison, like the most Syrup, and is not dis
agreeable to take. Any child will take it. And it
will cure any and all inflammations arising from
Coal. It is superior to all others in every respect
and especially for the following reasons :
"Ist- It' 'II cure Croup every time.
2J. It will cure Inflammation of the Lungs.
3d. I."will cure Quinsy.
4tli 11 will cure Whooping Cough.
6th L will cure Bronchitis.
6th L wih cure Hoarseness. x
Tilt 1. will cure Sore Throat.
Stli T. will cure any Cold.
Pth L will cure Congestion of 'he Lungs.
10th It will cur any Cough.
11th It will cure Scarlet Fever.
12th. It is the best •cmed" that anv one can take
for Const- -nption, and if taken in the first stage I
will guarantee a euro.
13th. 11 's perfectly safe for all ages as there is
nothing in its composition hat can harm a child.
For sale by CLARK B. ROUTER.
No other Rcnewc? yet discovered docs its work
so quickly and sa'.isf.te';rLy as this. It will rcstoro
gray and faded hair t > if: original beauty ; it will
immediately prevent the falling out of tho hair;
itcuro3dandru.?, itching c-uptions, and keeps tho
scalp clean; it will c.uiso tho hair to grow whero
it has fallen off and (rnpi.rf: ;.I'.;33and freshness;
it softens tho hair when bar h and dry and is en
tirely froo from all irritating matter; it has tho
very bcrt reputation an J gives universal satisfac
Do not fail to try it. For salo by all druggists.
Trice, 75 cts. per bottle.
Prepared by t has. Davis, Canton, I'a.
For salo by all Druggists and Dealers.
C HE A P i
Lii mb her no tit • the Coal
Dealers of Towanda will sell
Pittston Coal in yard at s4xo
. ion.
Loyal Sock in yard at $3.-50
per ton.
Ed. Williams
Ptnmfoer crust Gets-Finer,
Respectfully informs the people of Towanda that
he is prepared to do all work in his line on the
hort st notice, and guarantee satisfaction.
lie keeps a LARGE ASSORTMENT of stock,
and will furnish pipe, all plumbing materials and
gas fixtures at a smalladvance from jobber's prices.
I refer to my numerous customers during the ten
years I have been in Towanda as to the character
of my work, and solicit the patronage of those hav
ing jobs in my line.
KiT Estimates furnished when desired
Shoj few^doors north of Mercur Block-
May 6,1881.
R. f PIW st 9\ TiSl !
The celebrated Stallion has returned to his sta
bles in this place where lie may be fbuml. Term*
—Same as heretofore.
Oct. 12, 1881. [y Ck DEWITT.