Towanda daily review. (Towanda, Pa.) 1879-1921, December 06, 1881, Image 1

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VOLUME 111, NO. 100.
Rev. G. D. STROUD, of Tunkhannock was
in town yesterday.
Lawyer TOM MYER, of Wyalusing made us
a call yesterday.
Mrs. MKXAKDI is visiting Mrs. WILLIAM
DITTRICII. on York avenue.
GEORGE WELLS and wife, who visited
friends in Ilerrick last week, returned home
on Saturday.
Mnj. ROBISON, one of the first subscribers
to the REVIEW, made us a friendly call yes
terday, and renewed his subscription for an
other year.
L. J. CULVER, one of the government
farmers, who has had charge of the ainber
cane experimental farm during the past sea
son, is visiting his family in Wysox.
People who are in attendance at court, as
well as town folk, will be welcomed at the
social, at M. J. LONG'S this evening. Re
member that "bon-bons" will be served.
Buy the Waverly crackers.
cember 15.
"Ilazel Kirk" is like the sun with its shad
ow and sunshine—patbo9 and joy delightful
ly mingled.
D, Y. STF.DGR invites his old customers
and the public to give him a call at his ew
shaving parlor, opposite the post office.
JIM KIRWIN is out with a new hack. His
establishment looks very inviting and we
have no doubt he will receive his share of
patronage. _
We llearn that Prof. L'AMOREUX organ
ized his dancing class last Friday evening
with nearly seventy scholars. The classes
will meet every Friday afternoon and evening
during the course.
"Hazel Kirke," which is to be produced at
Mercur Hall to-morrow evening is proba
bly the most remarkable play of this genera
tion. It had;the longest run in New York of
any drama ever produced there.
BON-BONS, BON-BONS !—The well-known
hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. LONG is
sufficient to insure a good time at the Social
this evening. Bon-bons will be one of the
many attractive features of the evening's en
tertainment. Everybody go and take their
" There's no mistake that it is a grand rem
edy for rheumatism," said Mr. Mackenzie
Davis, of 1903 Brandywine street, Philadel
phia, Pa. "1 suffered terribly for three years
with inflammatory rheumatism, and St. Ja*
cobs Oil alone cured nm, after everything else
had utterly failed." It's the way of the Oil.
Old Mrs. SHOEMAKER, who lived at the
head of the upper narrows, on the Waverly
road, died on Sunday. The old lady was
about f>o years of age and was well known
to those who traveled the road in the days of
stages. Her adopted son, JAMES KELLY,
kindly cared for her in her old age.
HAZEL KIRKE.— Hazel Kirke is a story
told so truthfu Iv that it goes home to every
heart, but there are aeeeesories which make
it tell that cannot be found elsewhere. We
hardly know of any piece so well calculated
to draw large audiences. It certainly is a ve
ry pleasant and pure drama, and deserves its
We tind the following nothe of a well
known engineer in the last Waverly Free
lv reference to not ice muter head. "Drifted
with the Tied," it. will he seen that Mr. 11. N.
GBIIU.KY has taken unto himself a "better
half." We must cordially welcome him to
the fold of the benedicts, and join with his
score of fiiends in congratulations. Now we
know why lie added so many improvements
to his beautiful home during the months past
and hope tli" happy couple may live long to
eiijov the MINI','.
Prof. DANIELLE'S classes will continue ev
ery Thursday, afternoun and evening' until a
change can be made to Fridays. Lessons at
4:30 and 7:30 for beginners, and from 8:30 to
11, an Assembly for all. All who can do so
are privileged to attend both the afternoon
and evening ieesons and the Assemblies, as
well, for the one charge of $5 for ladies and
children and $0 for gentlemen. The Profes
sor teaches all the dances in the one course
of lessons.
COURT. —December term of the several
courts of this county couvened yesterday
morning. Judge MORROW presiding.
After hearing arguments of counsel, on mo
tion of the District Attorney, the Mann hom
icide case was put over to February term.
At the opening of court in the afterhoon
the names of the grand jurors were read
over by the clerk, and the following answer
ed :
Peter O. Biles, Philip Crans, C. A* Cum
mins, Perry Dodge, Geo. Emery, R. S. Hakes.
IK Iliggins, Floyd Kinney, J. Ketcbam. jr.,
R. H. Oliver, M. Osborne, R. R. Palmer, Jo
el Pitcher, C. A. Plummer, G. Riehaids, 11.
L. Scott, E. C. Strong, C. 11. Turner, C. L.
Tracy, E, G. VauDyke.
Hon. H. L. Scott was appointed foreman
and they were sent out under the charge of
the court.
Tne constables of the several townships
and boroughs made their returns.
The News Condensed.
The President's message will be sent
to congress to-day.
All the republican caucus uominees for
officers of the House were elected yester
day aud both branches of congress pro
ceeded to business.
Yesterday was occupied in taking the
testimony of medical experts in the Guit
eau trial. Mr. Scoville said the defense
had no more witnesses.
There is a coal famine at Erie, owing
to lack of supply.
All the public school children In Pitts
burg have beeu vaccinated.
More peanuts are sold in Pennsylvania
than in any other of the northern States.
A guard of six mounted policemen ac
company Guiteau from the court lious
to the iail.
President Arthur's message will not,
it is said, be printed before it is* sent to
The Lehigh Valley railroad company
is prospecting for a route from Waverly
to Buffalo.
The salary list of the employes of New
York City amount to the nice little sum
of $10,000,000.
Mrs. Senator Cameron teaches a class
in the Sunday school of Grace Methodiste
cliurcli at llarrisburg.
Buy the Waverly cracker,
Manufactured by
Robt. N. Manner & Co.
ot Appleton's Cyclopedia. Edition of 1879. Full
sheep binding. In good order. Price, $75. Agents
price for same, SU6. Address or see
G. A. GURNSEY, Canton, Pa.
UFH MASTERING—In this line of business I make
a specialty and defy competition, as I make my
own work and can sell at prices that others have to
pay wholesale. Call early and leave your order, as
I have a number of ordors at present, but will try
and accomodate all. My goods are the newest and
best ftlu-money or that have ever been put into
this city. OTPARSON,
Up one flight of stairs. Bridge st., Towanda.
Has greatly increased his
goods for Holiday Presents.
He has a fnll assortmen of Ladies
Watches,' Swiss and American, CJOLD
Gold Spectacles.
Sterling Silver Ware.
Roger's Celebrated Sil
Clocks of all dis
The finest
Low Prices. Everything gu
Engraving done by
Blank Deeds,
Blank Leases,
Blank Notes,
For Sale at the REVIEW Office.
FOR SALE CHEAP.—Good Farm, eoutaning (
One Ilundred Acres, situate near Potterville; good
portion of it under cultivation. Inquire of ARTH
UR BURCHILL, at the Marble Works.
Keep your family well supplied with "Sellers
Cough Syrup." Use it in time; you will avert bron
chial and pulmonary affections. 25 cents.
" A lady had the flesh eaten off her arm by scrof
ula. Could see the sinews working. • Lindley's
Bood Searcher' cured her."—J. llolston, Eldcrton,
George Carter having opened a Barber Shop one
door South of the Methodist Church, solicits a share
of the public patronage. George is a Good Barbel,
Give him a call.
The "Senate" Saloon is not only supplied with
the best oysters in the market, bnt on the lunch
counter may always be found everything ths ap
petite craves. Under Chamberlin's jewelry store.
Select Dancing Class.
By special request Mr. F. LamerbauX, of Bing
ham ton, will give instructions in the above art everv
Friday afternoon and evening, at Mercur Hall.
Hours of tuition—Ladies, masters and misses at 4
p. m. (parents and guardians admitted free), gents
at 7:30 to 9p. m., assemblies from 9t012 m, All
the modern dances will be taught. Kound dances
a specialty.
Under this head we will insert FREE, notices of
situations or help wanted.
A good girl wanted for general house work. In
quire of G. b. Estellb, at the Prothonotary's
Good servant girl wanted by Mrs. Jas. Lewis,
Nortli William st.
WANTED—By Germania Band, situations for a
dry goods clerk, four years experience, a house aid
sign painter, and light work for a young man. All
of them gentlemen of good character and will fur
nish recommendations. • Communications addressed
to Germania Band, will receive prompt attention.
WANTED, —a place to board and go to school
where I cando chores to pay. L. E. BOVINGDON.
Gertrude Kellogg.
Th zu'sdcty Evening,
DECEMBER 15, 1881.
Sale of Tickets begins at Kirby's Drug
Store, Monday, Dec. 12, at 8 o'clock in
the morning.
stock, and is daily receiving new
and Gentlemen's GOLD and SILVER
& SILVER Jewelery in tbe latest style.
ver Plated Flat dr Hollow Ware,
line of Foley's Celebrated
BANK Pens, and Pencils.
The BEST in use.
new. Call and be convinced.
himself on short notice !
Main and Bridge Street.
Have Come to Stay!
jkgcLtrt to tTce front
clticL prepared to do
better wortc tTicux ev
Shop one door north of Scott's
Bakery, opposite Post Office.
D, I*. St edge,
Josh Billings!
Wednesday Evening
DECEMBER 21st, 1881.
Tiekets now on sale at Kirby's Drug
Store,Whitcomb's book store and at
Fitch's confectionery store.
ADMISSION . 50 cents.
BggP* No extra charge for Reserved Seats.