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    I) A I L Y
VOLUME 111, NO. 95.
I). R. STOW ELL, of Elniira, was in town
yesterday on his way to Sugar Run.
. Judge MKRCUR arrived home last evening
and WVD remain in town until after the holi
days .
Misses'ViUGixi \ and ELEANOR WELLES,
of Wyalusing were shopping in town yes
Mrs, L. M. WOODRUFF is so much im
proved in health that she has returned to her
home in this place,
Mr. W.M.JENNINGS ha- resigned his clerk
ship in C. S. Ft roll's confectionery store, to
take a position in the machine shops, at
Say re.
EN-SherilV LvY l'oX, R. M. I'ECK, Esq., J.
A. SHAW, and Doctor WooDBURX are con
structing a sever from their several lots to
the river. This is a commendable enter
Mrs. Maj. O'RRIKN of Dulutli, Minn., is ex
pected to arrive in town to-day and will
spend the winter with her father, Council
man KEELER. The lady has a large circle of
friends here who will extend a cordial wel
come to her.
JOHN SNOOVER, of Oamptown, who has
acquired some fame in this section of the
county as a tirst class horseman, exhibited on
our streets yesterday unlatched span of brown
liauibletoniuns. that attracted considerable at
We are in receipt of a letter from our quan
dntn l'rieud, BEN. BEEIIK, late of Trov, now
station agent for the N. 1. C. R. It., at Ly
ons, N. V., enclosing a remittance for the RE
VIEW. Mr. R. is an artist and has left in
this county many evidences of his skill and
cleverness in '.hat direction.
Mr. E. It. VAUGHN, wife and niece, Miss
IIINMAX, were bidding .fiends in town good
bye yesterday, an J took the evening train
for the west. They will spend tne winter in
North Platte, Neb., and may possibly con
clude to make their future home in that
place. Mr. V. owns a tine farm in Wvalu
sing and is one of the most enterprising and
intelligent ci i/ens of that section of the
county. We hope himself and family may
• enjoy their trip, and that a sojourn of a few
months will sutlice to convince them "there
is 110 place liiie home '' and that they may re
turn with stronger attachments for old Rrad
ford than they now have.
Sale of the MASON real estate takes place
The tirst meeting of this season, of the Re
nevoleut Association will bo held at their
rooms, tins afternoon ot two o'clock.
C. S. FITCH has begun to display
his Christmas goods an 1 his stock of candies,
fruits, nuts etc., is the finest ever opened in
this market.
What can be more apeti/.ing for breakfast
than a plate of buckwheat cakes and honey?
You can buy the best quality new process
buckwheat dour and the finest quality of clo
ver honey at E, F. DITTRICH'S.
The star cough drops manufactured by C.
S. FITCH are becoming very popular wherev
er introduced, if troubled with a cough tiy
The time table of t!ie]N . h . L. it XV. It It
is arranged very conveniently for passengers
from this section going cast from Waverly.
New York Express leaves Waverly at 5:50
a. m., arriving in New \ork at 3:80 p. rn.
Day Express leaves Waverly at 12:25 p. 111.,
effecting close connections for passengers on
the L. V-, train, which goes north at 9:35, for
New York, and all intermediate stations. We
recommend this route to any readers who aie
going to New A ork.
flic Episcopal sociable at E. \V. ELWEI.I/S
Monday evening netted over it is in cash, be
sides affording all who attended a social treat
which will not soon be forgotten. The next
meet ing is to be held at the residence of Mr.
E. O. MACFARLANE, on Houston street. It
will be a "package'' party, aad much real en
joyment J- anticipated. Mrs. MACFARLANE
extends a cordial invitation to all to be pres
1881,. —William Griniley vs. K. L Kershaw
et al, W. U. Wattennnn vs. M. \. Wnttcr
tnan. Susan Anieigh vs. Vincent Draper et
al. Jeremiah Bailey vs. Morris Wilcox et al,
Ann Median vs. Douglass Wilson. A. Doud's
use vs. It. W. McClelland et al. Hannah
Iloleomb vs. I 101 lis Ilolcomb. Charles Main
et al. vs. Thomas (Jahvain, J. M. I'ike vs. C.
Hunsicker, Thomas Merideth use vs. S.
ltules discharged in each of the
above eases.
NT Morton vs J S Campbell et al. W S
Allen et al vs Julia S Thompson, J D Iveiser
vs N 0 Harris, Lewis Zaner vs James M
Ward, John Melvean use vs Plvnne Phelps,
Itobc-rt Mclvee's use vs J. N. II ilcoinb. Rules
made absolute in each ease.
L. R. Frost vs I>. V. Stodge, Amanda S
Cash vs C, Vanderpool. C. M. Manville vs (J.
\V , Armstrong, 2 eases, C. M. Mail villi 1 vs
E. E. Bufiiugton, John Ream and- u-evsA.
i>. 11 iekley. Rule to open jjdg nent in each
E. Pomeroy ys Geo. Rogers, et al. Rule
to subrogate C. 11. Webler and John You
inaiis t:> tlie rights of the plaintiff.
N. C. Harris vs (J. Hunsicker. Rule for
judgment for want of sufficient adidavit of
A. H. Slocum vs. Barney Clark. R lie for
sherilFs interpleader.
In re the lunacy of Myron Luther Rule
on tie 1 committee for an order to pav costs.
In r* the application of the Mutual Build
ingand Saving Fund Association of the bo
rough of Towanda. Rule to dissolve said
A. D. Coolbaugh vs. w. R. Storrs, S. A.
Rockwell vs \\ inheld Packard, Rose Vincent
vs Pa AN h . Canal A Railroad Co. Judg
ment for defendants in eacli ease upon cases
Coin, vs Dayton A Angle, Sam 1 vs. Shaw
A Co.. Same vs. D.ividow A Rro. Mercan
tile License Tax. Judgment for plaintiff in
each ease upon cases stated. E. Smith ys.'
P. Gorsline, J. M. Hoaglin vs. Mary M. Mar
shall, Rule made absolute in each case. Eu-
R. Lent vs. F. M. Dent, Divorce granted.
C. I). Nixon use vs. William Wolf, Issue,
Overton A Sanderson for plintitf, Wood A
Hale for defendant. Verdict for defendant.
11. R. Ingham vs. A J. Layton etui.. Tres
pass, Williams A Angle and W. T. I>avies
Esq. for plaintiff, N. C. Elsbreo, I). C. De-
Witt Esq. and Overton A Sanderson for de
fendent. Verdict for defendents. Reason
tiled for a new trial.
11. S. Rently Trustee etc. vs. The Susque
hanna Mutual Insurance Company of Ilar
risburg, Pa. Debt, 11. S Bentley Jr. A H. N.
Williams Esq. for plaintiff, C. M. Hall and
L. M. Hall Esqs, for defendant. Case set
tled during trial.
I. O. Blight vs. Ilenry Mercur et al. Geo-
Steveiis, Win. Chamberlain and C. L. Tracy
appointed appraisers.
Pomeroy Bros et al. vs. The Minnequa
Springs Improvement Co. Report of View
ers filed.
In re the petition of Canton Township
School Board. GII Webb, Ira II Smith, and
A' M Wilson appinted viewers.
L. B. Rodgers vs XV N Helton. Exception
to Auditor's report dismissed and report con
tinued finally.
Annie Carey ys C IlOarev. Divorce grant
E T Fox vs David Benjamin et al. A C Els
bree et al vs C Hunsicker, C J Allen vs G P
Wood. Rules discbaaged in each case.
Wyalusing Poor District vs Wysox Poor
District. Order of removal confirmed.
11 Wilson's use vs vs 611 Kitchen. Order
for feigned issue.
In re the petition to divide Wysox twp into
two or more Election Districts. James II
Codding. C S Russell and S W Alvord ap
pointed Commissioners.
The annual meeting of the National
Base Ball League will be held in Chicago
on December 7.
George Hazel, who challenged Rowel 1
to a pedestrian contest, having failed to
put up the required deposit, the match is
declared of!'.
The Musical Society will meet on Thurs
day at the resilience of Dr PRATT, instead of
IVA OVERTON, Esq.. as announced. Scale
A flat.
England had five children sick with Chills at one
time. Her pastor recommended Thcrmaline. She
bought a fa nily box and cured the whole lot. Ch
dreu won't take quinine; its bitter taste turns heir
stomachs. Thcrmaline is put up in cap
sulets, like small flat beans. Only costs 25 cents a
box. It lias never been known to fail, and is now
prescribed by physicians instead of quinine.
Miss KMMA WAKING respectfully informs the
ladies that she has taken rooms at Mr. Win. lveys
er's house, on I'ino street near Graded school
where she will be pleased to see all in need of her
services. Cutting, fitting and dress making done
on rcsonable terms, and all work warranto to suit
Two heating stoves for sale cheap. N. I*. HICKS.
A good girl wanted for general house work. In
quire of G. S. ESTELLE, at the l'rothouotary's
Good servant girl wanted by Mrs. das. Lewis,
North William st.
Select Ifanctug Via..,
l?y special request Mr. F. LAMEUEAUX, of Ring
iiamton, will give instructions in the above art every
Kriday afternoon and evening, at Mercur Hall.
Hours of tuition—Ladies, masters and misses at 4
p. in. (parents and guardians admitted free), gents
at 7:8 l) to !> p. in., assemblies from 9 to 12 m, All
tiie modern dances will Go taught Round dances
a specialty.
Largest assortment of Vases and mottood Cups
Clips and Saucers, in town at the 5 CENT Store.
Immense shipments of TOYS for the Holiday
trade, are being leceived daily at the 5 CENT
A good girl wanted a place to do general house
work Enuqiiir at this office.
Wanted, a place to do general house work, by an
experienced girl. Apply at E. G. Kramer's.
The "Senate" Saloon is not only supplied with
the best oysters in the market, but on the lunch
counter may always be found everything the ap.
petite craves. Under Chainburlin's jewelry store.
Until further notice the Coal
Dealers in Towanda will sell
Pittston Coal in yard at $4.00
per ton.
Loyal Sock in yard at $3.50
per ton.
Josh Billings!
We dues day E veil i n<J
DECEMBER 21st, 1881.
Tickets now on sale at Kirby'.s Dim:
Store, Wliitcomb's book store aiul at
Fitch's confectionery store.
ADMISSION ..... r>o cents.
SklP* No extra charge for Reserved Seats.
ft. 11. ,v
are up to the times in making new styles
of Pictures. The latest is a small Card
Photograph, called MINETTS which are
very pretty and take well, Price only 81
per do/.en.
Their Tintypes are also made 4 at a
time, made very quickly and sell 4 for 50
cents, card size.
Remember the place, Patton's
Block, corner Bridge and Main Streets.
The undersigned will oiler for
sale the balance of the Real Es
tate ot G. F. Mason, which he
holds as Trustee, on
Thursday, Dec. ist,'Bi, at 2 p.m
On the premises described.
Lot No. 5, containing 5 acres ;
lot No. 6, containing 5 acres ; lot
No, 7, containing 5 acres, lot No.
11, containg 4 acres and 26
perches. Those lots all front 011
Main street, and are on the west
side. Also the following build
ing lots 011 the east side of Main
street; Lots No. 47,48, 49 and
117, all front on Main street and
are 40 leet front, and from 160
to 170 feet deep. Lot No. 56
faces Ontre street; has 50 feet
front and from 90 to 100 feet
deep. Lot No. 79 faces Centre
street and has 50 feet front and
150 leet depth. No. 145 is fa
part of a lot facing both Creek
and Centre streets. Lots No.
148 and one 150 face Centre st.
and are 50 feet front and 150 ft.
deep. Lots No. 141 and 142 face
Creek staeet, These two lots
are in a triangular shape and
erch are 50 feet wide. Lot No.
85 is a corner lot facing Centre
street and has a house thereon.
Any of the above property can
be purchased at private sale by
applying to the Trustee or to
Hon. Joseph Powell, Wm. M.
Mallory, Esq., or Col. J. F.
Means, members ol the Advisory
third at time of sale ; one-third in
six months ; and the remainder
in one year, with intrest from
day of sale. H. L. SCOTT,
Nov. 9th, 1881. Trustee.