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    The Daily Review.
Towanda, Pa., Tuesday, Dec'r 16, 1879.
t( Daily Review" only 25 rent* per
month. Try it.
Mails arrive depart and at the Towanda
Post office follows.
Phila. N. Y. and Eastern States. . LOO A. M-
Dushore Laporte ifcc 9.80 "
L. V. way mail from the North. .10.00 '•
Sheshequin &< 11.00 "
New Era &e Tues. Thur and Sat. " "
Asylum &c Mon. Wed. and Fri. u
Troy Burlington fcc 1.00 p. M.
Leßaysville Home &c "
Closed mail from Erie&N CR Us 2.80 "
L, V. way mail from the Sout h.. .4.80 "
Canton fce 5.00 "
Barclay 0.80 "
Cl's'dmaii fr'm Elmira & Erie 111110.40 "
Canton Monroeton &C 9.00 A. M.
L. V. way mail South 9.15 '•
Cl's\hn,l Elmira Erie & N Cli It 10.00 "
Troy Burlington &c 10.00 "
Stieshcquin Ac... A 12.00 M.
Barclay 1.00 P.M.
New Era Tues Thur and Sat.... " •'
Asylum Mon Wed and Fri " k '
Leßaysville Home Ac " "•
Dushore Ac 2.45
V. way mail North 8.45
N Y I'llil and Eastarn States 7.45
Office open from 7.00 A. M. t07.45 P. M.
Monev Order office open from 8.00 A. M. to
7.00 p. M.
Otliee open Sunday's from 9.00 to 10.00 A. M.
HARRY HIDE is making some exquisitely
beautiful wax-flower hoquets. Samples may
be seen and orders left at C. T. KIRHV'S.
We learn that Mrs. John MAIIDIN, and her
live ehi ldren, living near the upper depot, are
(lnwn witli the diphtheria, and that another
child of the same family died of the dreaded
disease last week.
I). F. PARK, merchant. of Athens, and W.
T. NORTON, merchant, of Terrytown, are in
ry men this week. The former is serving on
the DeWitt vs. Schrader Land Co.. suit which
will occupy most of the week.
■ -<.
Have you seen the big black bear at JOR
DAN'S market V MULLOCK is bound to keep
some attraction there. But what is of more
interest to people generally is tin* fact that the
market is always supplied with the choicest
meats, the largest lish and finest oysters.
We wish to call especial attention of con
sumers of coal to the fact that the celebrated
Loyal Sock Coal has not been advanced, and
is now selling in this market irom one dollar
to one dollar and twenty-live cents per toil be
lw anthracite. Mr. MAI.LORY controls the
Loyal Sock, and il is gratifying to consumers
here to know that they are buying it at lower
liguresthan the people of Dushore, who are
only six miles from the mines.
The election of Fire Department others last
evening was conducted in a lively manner.
As much interest was manifested as is gener
ally witnessed at a political contest. About a
hundred and seventy members of the Depart
ment, voted. The independent ticket was
elected by a large majority. The following
are the officers chosen :
Chief h'nr/ineer — C LARK B. PORTER, of
No. 8.
Ist JSNL Kmj.—A. S. Down, of No. 1.
'ld. Axxt. Kmj. —J. J.( 'A VAN Atoll, of N0.4
The pvrxoumi in attendance from abroad
participating in the ceremonies forth • Dedica
tion of the t'hurch of ss. Peter anil Paul, on
Sunday last, includes tin following names:
lit. L{O\. Bishop O'HARA, of Seranton; lit.
Be v. Bishop Mi'tJIADE, of lioehester: lit.
llarrishurg; Hev. DENIS O'IIARAN. of
Wilkes-Barre: Rev. Titos. MCGOYERN, of
Danville; Rev. ARTIM R P. HAVILAND. of
Philadelphia; Rev. .Lis. B. WIIELAN, of
Towanda: Rev. P. T. Room;, of Hyde Park:
Rev. Tnos. F. COKEKY, of Seranton; Rev.
JOHN SLATTKKY. of Susquehanna Depot;
Rev. JOHN COSTELLO, of Athens; Rev.
The choir of St. Vincent's Cathedral of
Seranton, participating in the ceremonies,
was composed of the following persons: A.
(jßoss.Organist; Prof. W. AUIIRKY POWELL.
Tenor; P. F. LYNOTT. Bass; Misses M. ()'-j
M ALLEY, S. Nl< KS, J. MURRAY and S.
Dt'EEEY, Sopranos. Misses M. GROSS and
E. LOFTUS, Altos.
At the morning service was sang Kyrie
anil Credo, from Mo/art's 12th Mass, Jesu
Dei Vivi, Trio, by Verdi, offertory; Sauetus ,
Benedict us. from Millard's Mass, in (L Agnus 1
, Dei, from Gcnerali'n Mass, after offertory;
Tc Deum, by Carr.
At the evening service: Vespers, by Este,
■ hymn Bone Pastor; Ave Maria, hv Millard;
Magnificat, by Mozart; <), Sahitaris, Trio, by
Mcrcadante, Tantum Ergo, by Rossini.
Court Proceedings.
Wednesday, December 10 1879.
John C'hilson vs E W Decker—Appeal,
i Verdict for plaint ill' #75.01.
Nathaniel Davidson's exr vs J Leroy Cor
hin —Assumpsit. D'A Overton and Win
Foyle for plaint ill': Elhanan Smith for de
fendant. Verdict for plaintiff $813.99. Rule
for a new trial.
In re the petition of Catherine M. Phinney
for the benefit of her separate earnings—
Prayer of petitioner granted.
J II Cbaapel vs W C, Ridgway et al—Kulc
| to open judgim nt.
F If Cole et al vs Daniel Cole—Rule on
; pi aintilT to give security for costs.
The following Sheriff's deeds were ackowl
To 1 Mcpherson, lot in Towanda boro;
propi rty of A J Noble. Con $792.
To Howard Elmer, house and lot in South
Waverly Boro: pro| erty of J F Shoemaker.
To Howard Elmer, hone and lot in Athens
twp; pro pert v ofJlll iI i - Nayilen. Con $lO.-
j 00.
i To J F Park, lot in Overton twp; prop' rty
of P(J Epley. ('on $5
To Samuel Hunt. 2 lots in Alliens twp;
property of A Hunt. Con $2901.
To II Streeter, 2 lots in Wysox twp: prop
ertv of Eli R . (ton $45.
To J N Webb, adinr. :? lots in itidghury
twp; property of M O'Connell. Con SI7OO.
Jo J II Webb, 92 acres in Smithtield Ridg
hury and Springfield twps; properly of Wm
Haley. Con SBOO.
To II S MeKean, 50 aere> in West Burling
ton twy; properly ol' F L Stanton. Con $550.
To N C Elshree. 2 lot- in Warren twp;
property of M Naunon. Con $25.
To II S MeKean, 00 aeivs in West Burling
ton twp; property of F L Stanton. Con $(>10.
To B Kuykendall. 99 acres in Wysox twp;
property of W and \\ S Moscript. Con SB.-
To S C Hall, lot in Athens boro; property
of C W (flapp. ('on SSOO.
To E Wells, 2 lots in Wyalusing twp; prop
erty of Jim Lynch. Con $1750,
To Harriet Peoples, 12 lots and 40 perches
in Pike twp; property of II Sherman. Con
To M N Pomoroy. 15 acres in Armenia
twp; properly of'l F Rogers. Con $1750.
To S C Hornet, house and lot in Wyalusing
twp; property of Jno Lynch. Con $502.
To N S A His, 8.3 acres in Orwell twp; prop
erty of 11 K All is. <on SIOO.
To Pratt A Co., 1-2 acre in South Creek
twp; property of J S Anieigh. Con $l5O.
To Irene Mason, 1 lot in Towanda twp;
property of Edward Croak. on 50.
Monday, December 15, 1879.
In the the assignment of S M Woester for
the benefit of creditors—Auditor's report
filed and confirmed Nisi.
A J Noble vs Wm Moseript et al. Lwi>
Zaner vsjolm ( ullin et ill—Auditor's reports
confirmed finally.
Court appoint; W II Cariiochau, I Mel'her
won and L M Hall as the Board of Examiners.
J P Kirhv's use vs 1) R Blackmail—Rule to
strike off acknowledgment of Sheriff's deed
A D Spacing vs Charles Stockwcll etal —
Rule for new trial discharged.
Gil Welles \s .1 T Noye et al—llule to re
remove cause to I". S. Circuit Court made ab
I>. C. DeWitt vs The Schraoder Coal Co. -
'prespass, in cutting timber on plaintiffs
land, (il'idley A Payne, 1.. M. Hall and N.
C. Elshree, for plaint ill*. Da vies A <'arno
ehan and J. F. Sanderson for defendant. On
Country dealers will find it to their advant
age to buy their candies at. FITCH'S.
In 1872. GAI.EN WOOD, now a minister at
Leßoy, E. E. DOANE and A. LEE SMITII,
hankers at Canton and Blossburg. respective
ly, and A. C. FANNING, an attorney at Troy,
then room-matt s at the State Normal School,
Mansfield, entered into an agreement by the
I terms of which the first son of either of the
above named gentlemen should be entitled to
a silver cup. Accordingly, in pursuance of
said agreement .on Thanksgiving day the above
name were at the residence of E. E. and
FANNIE DOANE, in Canton, and presented to
j their bright and intelligent son. SAMUKI, N.
DOANE, a suitably inscribed silver cup. The
LMMmtM.'bc.iw gn: tr\ • tv r^.rTir/4irvursvp•*•-*.•*
; | presentation was made by Rev.
Wood, in a very pleasant and appropriate
, speech. The occasion was an enjoyable one,
; and Ion;; to be remembered.— Troy flazelte.
The Trov House is soon to go into other
hands. Xatiiainkal Fokd, of Muncy. has
leased if and purchased the furniture, and
will take possession as soon as a license can
b" obtained, which will probably be in a short
time. Troy has been rather proud of Iter
• temperance hotel, and there will be general
regret to see the character of the house in
' this respect changed.— lb.
The protracted meetings held at the Baptist
church for the past few weeks ha- been well
attended, and their spirit have been excellent.
It v. .J. 15. Fi:i:nc 11 has conduct< d the meet
ings, preaching every night. Considerable
interest lias been manifested, the members
readily responding to the efforts put forth.
Fight or ten converts have been reported.
The meetings will continue. — lb
Diphtheria is on the increase in Smillitield.
Out of one family of seven children, three
have died, and three more are now sick. In
another fainih of illrec elirid:en. all ar ■ down
with it. and new eases are reported every
day. Rev. Dr. ('i.AttK. at the earnest request
of his friends has again resumed the practice
of medicine, and gone to battling the plague
with marked success. — lb.
-5 lowing decision of the Superintend n of
Public Itistruetion i- <; great imporfane- :
tax-payers a-, well as director.-, a- Coiaiiou
()f the law upon the subject will deprived! -
| triets of the State appropria* ioa. and -mbjee
Directors to severe penaltii
Dkiwu i'mkn 1 op ! i n. Ins.. i
Ilarri-lung. I'm. De<. I. Is7;. )
There is but one time it) the vear when di-
I rectors can adopt a new scries of texl books
' for the selioojs und< " their 'marge, or eliangt
| old ones, ami thai is between Hue t mi.*- of
| electing teachers and tic opening ■'
j schools. S .•<•! ion 23, \•of M !. i f-\ -;
•• Tliat immediately after tic annual • I'-cji r.
: of teachers in each school district >f the slate,
| and be fere the opening- of din school- f.rihc
ensuing t< rin. -lie.. -hall ben meeting f tie
1 directors or controllers and teachers of each
| district; at which mo-ting the diro-ior. or
i eoiitrolh i's -hall decide ti: o>i 1 a -cries of school
hooks, in the different branch • to lc teuglu
; during the ensuing school year: which hooks.
I and 110 other, shall tie u--d in the schools of
I the district during -aid period."
J Such i- tin: law. with this exception, that
I hooks cannot now be changed more frequent
| h than once in thn e years.
Sup, rinteiident Public Instruction.
- ♦
Dealers are paying t: e following prices to
day :
I lay, per ton, no
Wheat, per bushel, 1 25
Buckwheat, •' ho
Rye. •• 70
<>als, • g IS
Corn. • sc,
Potatoes, •• ;{()
Apples. •• 40 to 50
Fggs. ]>er do/. 21
Putter. 23 to 2S
Lard, 7 tos
Pork, 5
Chickens, 7 to 8
dMW— mm in, 41 i.i lAwiwr mmnmm --
I'ndcr this head we will insert FItEE. notice* of
nit-nations or help wanted.
A voung girl who can tend baity, wash
dishes, etc.. can secure a good situation by
calling on James Wood.
A voung man of good moral habits wishes
a situation in a Dry Goods or Grocery store,
; three years' experience. Good references'
Apply to the edttors of this paper.
Cigars of about e\erv known brand at
j Fitch's.
Don't put otf your Christmas purchases
until the last moment. Fitcii has a full line
j of candies and confections, and now is the
1 time to make your selections.
Mrs. Flktchku is selling millinerv goods
at cost.
Prices way down in Gents tine and coarse
; hoots and shoes. All goods warranted as
! represented, at Blum's.
On account of a change in mv business,
I 1 will sell Millinery Goods at cost.
Airs. M. A. Flktchkh,
No. 4 Bridge street.
The continued mild weather has induced
Roskxfikld, the Clothing merchant, to re
duce the price of Overcoats and other winter
Clothing. Call and secure bargains. There
will be plenty of cold weather yet.
.* /, >1 ).1l 'WTV W
For a good, durable and i;< at tiffing shoe, Bj
go to liM'M'S. Hfl
PATCH BUOTIIKKS pat 30 cciil>. in cash. SB
for pheasant-. ami tie* biglm-l prior for hut- BB
tor. IMB
£ if'lf you want a stvli-h !> i. cheaper than
yon over bought one, a' ! at INsc\; iKim**- 3|H
clothing store. WHS
Mam- il'.;! Smoked Beef, ;l( ajHlj
MY Kit it Rkvliif. market. Bridge street. S
OVKKCOATH so eh. ap that > <>u . an afford to |BB
huv two or three, at ItosrN) M t.l>'s clothing AM
store. &■
fffjf At MYI:k AT DKVOK'S market i- tlm n
place toge! tender steaks ami nice roast*-. |BI
BSiTMyer A Pevoe are re.< : ,intr fresh jßg
Oysters daily, at their mark- ?, Bridge St. tajlM
fifßnv your fresh tish a 1 Ki \i>ru,*-. lB
—* ' *~ • 999 & DKYOK keep t!k iarge-l and 99
best assortment of Fruit- and Veg-tabl - in
town. mt
UT-iftJoto E. R. Ilt'vnia.i/s lor the '■-!
Steaks and Roasts. \ BB
Genuine Bacon of the h>t <|tiaii'\ al
ways on sale at 10. 1). RUNDKLT/ market.
OYSTERS to-day, at E. I>.
:]Ctf A room for rent in Patton's Block,over
.Jacob's store. Apply to J. <i. Pat ton,
J'jf .Jacob- is selling Overcoats all the wa\
from SS'J up to any price you are willing to
The PA It AGON School Desk i-the best in flj
the market. Warranted not to get out of
order or break. Call at Flios'r's Soxs Fur
niture Siore ami examine the same. rl 8
If you want the best vegetables, the largest
ov-ters, tin- best cuts of meat, and the lines! B
sausage to b. found in Towanda, call on Mr. 8
MCLLOCK, at the old Market, just south of 8
the Ward House, S
■J;'if Geo Lynchcome lias opened a new fl
Barber Shop over Powell'.- -tore where be is B
always ready to wait upon all those w ho mat
favor ldiu with their patronage. Shampooing
heir eutting Ladies* and Children's hair at >
their residence no extra charge.
This NOTICE is intended to inform all per
sons indebted to the late linn of McINTYRK
A* ill ssi'.i.i, that the\ must make immediate
payment or costs will be made. The hook
anil accounts are in the hands of
JAM ITS WOOD, Attorney-at-law,
Towanda, Pa.
i-mans." * 'rc. y -m* jm\*' jit, *. jwoti - v nrm.-, •'.ta
ran Q"T *P C\ 7\T it 'H
V. A. I W' A LMM I^/.
Plated ware
In MADll.l.'s Crockery Store, stands ad
ourned until
December 16.
P. J. DEAN. Sheriff.
■""(i \L.
s w /
Invites die patronage of his old friends and the pub- •!
li' general.j . j Oiall keep a tuil assortment
of all sizes,
A ard and office, foot of l'iue street, just south ot
Court Jlouse.
Aug. 30 N. TILL.