The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, May 28, 1915, Page 10, Image 10

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15c Cake of Palmolive Soap Two years ago we moved into our present location. IJS-oo One 50c Jar 9
One 5c Wash Cloth Friday and Saturday we celebrate our May Anniversary Sale. Palmolive Cream I
Both This sale means attractive combinations of all kinds at prices which Purchases of $1 er Over 1
hnmw* ior w iH appeal to every member of the family. $1.50 Worth For SI.OO 1
OFREE We want our old and new customers to take advantage of the occas= ii niKO f loQll - „r*. ,jl
ion and we are going to make it interesting for all the folks, in or out of ! 1
Brush, 75C worth for town, who drop in to look us over. To make the occasion more to be 19c , we I
remembered we have arranged to give to each lady visitor to our store a powder gun, value ioc. H
Nail Brush ioc ® mall b ° x ° f Johnson's Celebrated Chocolates before 12 o'clock on FrU 35,. Worth For 19c 1
3 cakes Munyon's Witch Hasel Soap, 15c 311 - at Urday. [J
Whisk Broom ioc ■ Special, Manicuring Set 9
All for 25c Toilet Creams Shaving Creams Patent Medicines For This Sale Only, This Set Contains L \
AllfnmnhilA Wrial W »!•«> Hood* SanapariU. 6T« One beautiful 3.inch Buffer, H
AUIOIHGDIIC special "'taaan :> 1-mkle Cr™", ...
iKK- Hind s Honey and Almond. . ~J4c Awe _ Sal-Henatiea ~ . W\
With every 98c Chamois Skin, or over, 75c Poiupeiian Massage 49c J-& J .(.ream 19* ,)0c Glyco-ThvmolinV 38c O ne P lec e of toilet Pumice Stone.
we will give away, free, one 25c Rock 50c Creme Elcaya 3S* a** Authur'a 16c 35e Fletcher's Castoria, !!!!!!!!! One Orangewood Stick. I
I Is ' an ' l Spo " se ' #j£Toilet Preparations I SI.OO Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur, .. .67* I yßo.hcU
FREE £ ££?. «> w«t Wl 55 * Con,pound : ??* AU For 17c d
One bottle Sutol C 35e Pond'B Vanishing Cream 17* IkTl. Water '4BC 25e Laxative Quinine Tablets,'.ls* " f)
' J ' ■ - v '''' s 1-xora 39c ' " 1 ' 10c Imported Harlem Oil (><■ 75c COffihlTlHt lftH TTm* TC/%
Tooth Powder free ss<- sou Glover's Mange Remedy 37« wmMjiati«B For 25c |
with each 25c Tooth is* sSikln" 1 ;.::: :;: :\it J% SriJni c Wah,r *i 3 ?£ nm >»| 2 Cakes Hays' 5 i
_ , SWSI -ii.. i,• Miit«..„i o-a Oriental (ream sl.lO <>oe Bisurated Magnesia 39* <fI«KS tt c . - J -A il
Brush % t" £ i lv so* & e s .i,» 100 Mi Harfina Soap 50c I
==_ SUr" *** H l Bottle Havs' R i
SOc In Garwood's Faco P.wd.r ** »• Talcum Powder Health 25c 0 |
<mk 25c Gold Vanity Box Face Powders AH For 25c 1
■*% jt J* <%/% 50c La Blanche 38c ~T- V' *' 75e Mellin's Food 55c __ ■ .
Both for 39c oOc Java Rice 31c alO 25c Beecham'S Pills, ' I
^ ,80n 8 Haby 25c Black Flag, 19<* FREF ll
1 T SI.OO Pi vers Azurea 85c \nbrev SiVters VTA SI.OO Bromo Seltzer 67< w . il «
AL 25c Sanitol 17c 55c Colgate's, ' 15C |SLOO Eckman's Alterative, 67£ With every large CAN of Col- llj
o-l wSbnr'v"' 17C 25c ( ' ol '- v,o P sis - '.!!'!!!!!!!! 13C sl.oo Swamp Root 67* gate's Talcum Powder at 24c, we M
During This Sale Only Ro^r & *oa,lV t 39c a,, . t j , I '^ s Medicines, 67c MM will give away free one tube p
One Pair Rubber Gloves, 19c £ ::::::::::::::::: ; f **■": •'■ •'•'•' ■'•'•'•'•' •'*£ fed Donial Croam |
. 50c Pozzoni's. 38c iloc Mary Garden 41C 2 oc Sassafola 19* H
These gloves were made Doriu's Brunette Rouge, 39c x ii >ll , n . SI.OO I). 1). D 67* . ||l
seU for 35c and 60c ' ivltem^K,, Tooth Powders and Paste a™ *** 25cTube Colgate's A V
. X PRICE, 50c Djer Kiss 45c 25c Kolynos Paste 17* U A |, 9A L A a l | Brill** m ii. T-> j ISs? p
> lOr . 25c Lyon's Tooth Powder 17* iIOUSBIIOiu UTUgS XOOtll PdStfi |H
- Toilet Ssans HOO Pyorrho-ide 75* mb , E Salts 5* -)C« ii 1
I 2oe Graves Tooth Powder 17* 15 , 20-Mule Borax 9o One 25C 1 OOth | I
FREE S £[ 8 . soap :lit £ or Pow lie 10c lb - Sulphur Brush Both For OOt lyp |
A NVith everv 4J-1.00 Safetv Woodb » r . v 's Soap, 17c 25c Euthymol, " ! .'!!!!!!!!!! 17* 10c Sulphur « ,ld Cream TaJ ' tar loz - i H
A'y u 4. ac\' ' i,„n 25c Packer's Tar Soap, 15* 25c Sozodont Powder, 17* '3 for 25* « . . . TT . ___ H
Mdo Razor at 69c we shall gne 25e 4711 Soap, three cakes for ....40C 25c Kalphene Paste. 19* 10c lb. Powdered Alum 6C COmblliatlOll Hot Water S
awa\ tree, one -DC' Sliaving 100 Physician and Surgeons Sc 25c Lyon's Tooth Paste, 17C 4-oz. pkg. Creaui Tartar, 10* M
r f," ,sh ' $1 ; 25 ; vorth 69c - Bottle and Fountain Syringe I
I design with complete 3
n in k n •• • p \ ee P plant busy during the summer months the fittings. Were made to re- ra
nt " 'V° X 01111 S Kouge:o " e C \ Largest Manufacturer of Chocolate Specialties in the World have tail at $2.00. They are M
10c face ( liamois. with every 25e \ made a special package of Assorted Chocolates, which they will sell worth it. II
can Garwood's talcum powder at if \ unt il September Ist at less than cost of manufacture. They have given Fridav and W
19c. 45c worth 19C this package the befitting name of "Good-Will" Chocolates and we It( )) 11
for I ave agreed to co-operate with them, in preventing deserving workers °
I. \ from being thrown out of employment, by offering it to our customers <D! "1 H
FREE at practical cost. | j Nr pj
One 25c Hair Comb with even- 75c Hair / The President of the Company has furnished us with a sworn af- ~~ lj
Brusll at 47c - A7r fe ; ; // fiadvit that "Good-Will" Chocolates are actual 50c per pound quality SPECIAL SOAP OFFER
Mwmmmmm SI.OO worth for ,/ so there is no doubt of the genuineness of this bargain. l|
~ ~ ~ "Good-Will" Chocolates are made of the purest chocolate with For This Sa en y, enuine
Something For Every School rich fillings of nuts, crushed fruits or cream flavored with pure fruit MuHVOII/S Witch HdZel Soap
Boy and Girl . ' . juices '
on,, ioc Tooth Brush; one ioc hottie Snecifil Price Satiirdav Oiilv 23c d j Not More Thatt 2 Boxes wm 5c " •
Tooth Powder; onet-akeCashmere 1C« J J Poood Be Sold to Any One Customer.
Bouquet Soap. All for J-t)C —H^^ mmvimim mam^ mmmm mm—mm m ■ Limit, one dozen cakes to each customer. H
KENNEDY'S, 321 Market Street!