The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, May 26, 1915, Page 9, Image 9

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    Sail and Exchange
ONE PIANO —Wu useA about one year.
I an: leavlrs city and will sell It
reasonable on monthly payments. Ad
dress J74S. care Star-Independent.
117 South Second street, 6,000 gallons
New Era Ready Mixed Paint. Acme
quality. All th» full line ol the Acme
n:>ke. J
FOR SALE—At GABLE'S. 111-11? South
Secoud St.. 6.000 sets new Saab. Bxlo
»12 L. primed and glased, at $1.16 par
let Also other slsem.
TOOLMAKBR—Steady position for first
class man: must be experienced on
Jigs and fixtures and Universal milling
machine. Reply in writing only. giv
ing age, experience and reference or
names of last two employers. Employ
ment Dept., Stanley G. Flag & Co.,
Pottstowr-, Pa.
WANTED—Two first-class tool dressers,
familiar with treating high speed
steel. Apply Main Office, Herr Street,
Pipe and Pipe Bending Co.
WANTED—Several good barbers, to
start Tuesday, June Ist, during two
weeks' convention, on commission basis.
Will secure positions for these men
after the convention, if they are capa
ble. Apply in person. HKRSHKY
MEN'S CLUB, Hershey, Pa.
YOUNG MEN' learn a trade: earn *3O
weekly; permanent positions: good
salaries, short hours. Free booklet "I"
tells how. Merg.inthaler Linotype
School 244-246 West -'3rd St., New York.
PERMANENT traveling position that
will pay 1150 per month; must have
small amount of capital; good oppor
tunity for right party. Address No.
3791, care Star-Independent.
WANTED —Position as chauffeur, either
as Jitney driver or for private fam
ily. Can give reference. Address or
call C. S. U.. 71 N. Seventeenth St.
WHITE MAN wants work as driver or
caretaker of horses, is willing to do
any kind of work. Address or call J.
11. BLAINE, 505 Cumberland St.
WANTED—A boy of 15 years would
like position as office boy; can give
good references. Address 16, Lemoyne,
WANTED —An experienced dining room
girl. Apply HERSHEY HOUSE.
WANTED—Experienced girl for gen
eral housework; reference required.
Apply to J414 North Second St.
A STRONG GIRL or middle-aged wom
an for general housework; good
wages; also room and board. Address
or call 107 S. Second St,
WANTED—For general housework, a
reliable white girl. Call between 3
and lu a. ill. or b and & p. m„ at 1304
N. Second St., City.
WANTED—A saleswoman for shoe de
partment; must have experience. Ap
ply ROBINSON CO., corner Third and
Bioad Sts. !
WANTED —Yampers, tip stitchers and
headers. Apply Harrisourg Shoe Man
ufacturing Co., Vernon St.. Harrisburg,
Et ; !
WANTED—Experieiiced help. Ap
ply Silk Mill, corner North aud
Second streets, Harrisburg, Pa.
WANTED Girls over 16
years of age to learn cigar
making. Paid while learn-1
ing. Apply at Harrisburg
Cigar Company, 50U Race
street. '
COLORED LADY wishes cooking or ;
general housework, can give refer-.
encr. Apply SOS York Ave.
STENOGRAPHER and typist; voung
lady just through business school;
has good references and know s ho v to
do the work. Address K. M., Box 63, 1
Pax'.ang, Pa.
WANTED—Days' work, washing, clean
ing. etc., by middle-aged lady. Bell
phone 266 R. Or. call 814 N. Third St.
WHITE WOMAN wants days' work of
any kind, or will keep house for a
widower. Address 92_2 Ash Ave., City.
WHITE LADY' wishes days work or
washing to do at home. Address
1359 Fulton St.
WOMAN wants day's work or washing
and Ironing to take home. Applv 1404
1- ulton St.
WANTED—A position as child's nurse,
or would like to assist with house
work. Address or call 1004 Julia Ave.
YOUNG LADY' wishes position as cash
ier; has had experience and can give
best of references. Call or address 631
Kelker street.
W ANTED—Day's work or office clean
ing. by a young white girl. Address
1208 Fulton St., City.
— \
Houses For Rent
mil N. 19th St., 3 s. f„ 8 r #lO
140 Linden St.. 3 s. f.. 8 r #!2
1228 N. 6th St., 5 r #l2
2141 Atlas St., 3 s. b., 7 r 913
2116 N. Seventh St., 3s. b., 9 r... *l3
l.>oß Allison St., - '-t s. b„ 7 r. #l4
1505 Allison St., 2' s s. b., 7 r. b.. #ls
152. Allison St., 2". s. h„ 8 r.. . . #ls
123 Dewberry St., 2 s. f„ 6 r #ls
1535 S. 13th, 3 s. b., 8 r. b #lil
1538 S. 13th St., 2 s. b„ 8 r., . #i«t
1500 S. 12th St.. 2H s. b., 8 r. b... #l.l
40 N. 10th St., 2'j s. b., 8 r #lu
U6u Emerald St.. 3 s. b.. 8 r #l7
2245 Jefferson St.. 3 s. b., S r (IN
20 N. Cameron St.. 3s. b., 8 r„.. rai
»46 Camp St S2O
1207 Derry St., 3s. h.. 9 r *22
405 S. 14-th St.. 3 s. f.. » r #22 50
133 .V. 13th St., 3 s. b.. 8 r. & b„ #25
203 Kelker St., 3 s. b., 8 r #25
1814 Green St., 3 ». b., 11 r. b., #27.50
612 N. 16th St.. 3 s. b., 9 r„ . . #27.541
23 N. 18th St., 3 s. b., I i #2*
2.02 N. sth St.. 3 s. b., 7 r. b #3O
2220 N. 3rd St., 3 s. b., 10 r #32.54)
1914 Market St.. 3 s. b„ 10 r #4o
2230 N". Second St., 3 s. b„ 9 r #45
1114 N. 2d St., 3 s. b., S r #45
2120 Chestnut St., Bellevue Park, #SO
23 S. Front St., furnished (Sept. 1;.
SO9 S. Front St, from Sept. 1.
3M Muench St., 4 r. &. b. ( #l2
35 S. Summit St., 3 r #l2
13 N. 4th St.. 3 r. & b #25
2208 N. 3rd St., 3d floor #4O
2208 N. 3rd St., 2d floor #45
FOR RKM—Summer i-nttnK<**, fur
■ likf anil uiifuminhrd; alao, Huhurli
aa houses. Consult our list.
Insurance Surety Bond*
Locust and Court Streets
PARTNER WANTED with about »1.500
or $2,000, in a good paying business;
guaranteed from SSO to SIOO per week.
Apply 3792, care Star-Independent.
Real Estate
-142 S. 19H St.: 2H-story frame dwell
ing: 7 rooms; front and rear porches;
lot 20x110; you will find the price right.
Will exchange for farm.
Country store located in York Co.:
10 miles from Harrisburg. frame build
ings and large store room; well estab
lished business. Price of property.
$1,500. Stock and fixtures at Inven
Walnut Sts.
ISS ACRES—3O acres pasture and tim
ber land; 9 miles east of Harrisburg:
nearly new 9-room frame dwelling; well
and running water. This farm can be
bought for $7,500. RRINTON-PACKER
("P.. Second and Walnut Sts.
(25) ACRES ($1300)
Apoplexy) between (70 to 80) second
stroke—Must sell at once. Fine (8)
year horse (2) Jersev cows (2) hogs
(90) chickens (160) corn (30 oats (8)
wheat (5) rye (7) potatoes (hay) and
(straw) Including Farming Machinery—
Note the Low Price only $1800). Pos
session at once. On Main Road (tele
phone) in (2) porch home, extra fine
Bank Barn, covered stock yard (2)
wagon houses, out buildings. Fruit,
Meadows and Creek advantages and
only (2) mile to Market.
(50) ACRES ($1600)
(Man) and (Wife) six (Children)—ln
herited. poor management end to avoid
(Sheriff Sale) means above low price
for Quick Sale. Joins large (City Mar
ket) near (3) railroads (SO) trains
daily anil (2) Trolley Lines. (100) large
fruit trees, valuable creek and mead
ows. Home. barn, wagon, poultry and
hog houses. Valuable match team
horses, (;.) fresh cows (4) hogs (50)
poultry, geese, ducks and guineas: hay,
straw) (corn) oats (everything) only
(75) ACRES ($3500)
(I'eath) Sorrow (No Family) give
away at above price. (Buildings) like
(new) ten r»om (3) porch Home with
(telephone) large Bank Barn (2) wagon
houses, covered stock yard, out build
ings; all new Metal Roofs and (painted)
last month. Fine spring water, creek
and meadows. (600) feet to school and
church. On Main Road handy to (2)
markets. With team horses valued
i ssoo> and (4) fresh cows (8) hogs (70)
chickens, hay and straw (corn) oats—
Quick Sale only ($4300). Bargain.
Danville Telephones Sunbury
■ Mornings (7 to S) Evenings
| AX old-established grocery store, on
I the Hill, doing a good business: sold
lat inventory. H. G. PEDLOW, 110 S.
I Thirteenth St.
FOR SALE—A new brick house, all im
provements; side entrance; now va
cant: can be purchased with SSO cash,
balance $15.25 per month. H. G. FED-
La)U . 110 S. Thirteenth St.
A PROPERTY on the river road, with
about ' 3 acre of ground; good house,
porches, granolithic walks, price $2200.
H. G. TEULOW. 110 S. Thirteenth St.
gas; electric light; S rooms and bath;
large porches; lot 60x150; fruit; 3c car
fare. BELL REALTY CO„ Bergner
3-story brick; s> rooms; Bath; gas;
electric lights: steam heat; porch; lot
18x100. Inspect il. No. 21:4. BELL
REALTY CO., Bergner Building.
Penbrook and Camp Hill; various
sizes; good locations and at very rea
sonable prices. Get particulars at BELL
REALTY CO., Bergner Building.
ONE of the best and most desirably lo- '
cated homes in Wormleysburg, Front
St., can be bought far much less than
it cost. Large house, all conveniences,
gas and electric light, hot water heat.
Address 3 790, care Star-Independent.
FOR RENT—2-story porch front brick!
house, 1507 Boas St.. to small family;
all conveniences and pleasant surround- 1
ings. Inquire E. O. SHAFFNEH, 107
Boas St. Bell phone 770 M.
No. IM3 Whitehall St $32.50:
No. 1350 Market St $:;..00
No, 12» t>. Fourteenth St., ....$22.00
No. 228 N. Fifteenth St $20.00
No. l.'-oO NaMdain St SIS.OO
J. K. GIPFLE, Kol Market St,
FOR RENT—House No. 1815 N, Seventh'
St., with seveu rooms, in good repair,
with a large yard with fruit trees, rent:
icasonaole. Apply 42U Mac lay St.
DESIRABLE houses and apartments for
rent, ail over city. Reasonable rents.
Inquire HARVEY r. SMITH, :u\ South
Thirteenth street. Bell phone 218 M.
FOR RENT—House, ail improvements,
city steam heat; central location, 4
doois above MarKet street, suitable for
boarding or rooming house, it N. Fifth
St. Apply S. AIKLTZER. 513 Walnut St,
-542 S. lTtii St., $18.50
540 S. 17th St., $18.50
Apply Kulin & Hershey,
18 South Third Street.
FOR RENT—Houses with all Improve
ments. at moderate rental*, J. a,
iJIPPLE, 1251 Market St
ant location, on the Hill; private fam
ily; gentleman preferred; must come
wen recommended For particulars
call Bell phone 1331 R.
TOR RKNT—Furnished rooms, single or
en suite, with board if desired; just
vacated by members of the Legislature.
Two minutes walk from Capitol. In
quire Til North Sixth St.
FOR RENT -1* urnished room for gen
tleman; opposite Reservoir tennis
courts; breaktast, board. Inquire Bell
phone 153-R.
FOR RENT—Two new modern apart
ments. 1814 State St., four and six
rooms; Urge, light, cheerful; three bay
windows in each apartment; tiled bath,
hard wood floors, beautifully paper
ed. electric light, steam heat, cab
inet gas ranges, refrigerators, shades
all new; front and back porches, side
entrance and back yard; rent reason
able. A. S. MILLER & SON, Eighteenth i
I and State Sts. Bell phone 3896 J.
, I'OR RF^NT—One flve-room apartment,
with front and back porches; all
modern improvements, at 2019 Green St.
| 213 CHESTNUT ST.—Two small 3-room
apartments, rent 13.50 and $4.00 per
week. AH improvements. Call A F
WEK.N'EIt, 213 Chestnut St.
MODERN and sanitary; steam heat;
electric lights, gas range and water
heaters; laundry trays; finest equipped
for medium rent in city. Location 1419
Vernon and 1416 Thompson Sts. Open
for inspection. Apply BAPTIBTI, Third
and Chestnut Streets.
FOR RENT—-Large room, third floor,
tire proof building; corner pf Aber
deen and Strawberry avenues. Freight
I elevator service. Apply Commonwealth
1 Trust Co., 222 Market St.
*r> Buy Honkm|
SEALED PROPOSALS for furnishing
steel plates, dies, halftones. ll»t«
plates, zinc plates, binders' stamps anil
electrotypes for the execution of the
public printing and binding of the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania.
In compliance with the provisions of
the act of Assembly, approved Febru
ary 7th, 1305, as amended by an act
of Assembly, approved May 11th, 1911.
1 hereby advertise for proposals for
furnishing s>teel plates, dies, halftones,
line plates, zinc plates, binders' stamps
and electrotypes required by the Com
monwealth of Pennsylvania, necessary
In the execution of the public printing
and binding thereof, for two years from
the first day of July next, at certain
rates per centum below the maximum
rates tlxed in a schedule prepared by
the Superintendent of Public Printing
and Binding, and which can be procured
upon application to the Department of
Public Printing and Binding, Harrls
burg, Pa. Proposals must be enclosed
In envelopes, sealed and endorsed "pro
posals for furnishing steel plates, dies,
halftones, line plates, zinc plates, bind
ers' stamps, and electrotypes," and be
delivered to me on the first Monday of
June, A. P. 1915. being the seventh day
of the month, at or before 3 o'clock p.
m„ of said day, accompanied by bond
with two sufficient sureties, or one
surety company, in the sum of ten thou
sand dollars, as required by said act of
Assembly as amended as aforesaid. Such
proposals as shall have been received up
to said hour will be opened, and the
contract or contracts awarded to the
lowest responsible bidder or bidders.
The right is reserved to let the con
tracts In parts to different bidders if it
should be to the best interests of the
Copies of the schedule, blank bonds
and forms must be had at this office and
no bid will be accepted unless submit
ted upon such form and bond tiled
therewith in accordance with the said
act of Assembly as amended as afore
Superintendent. j
Harrishurg. May 20, 1915. |
Administrator's Notire
In the estate of Naomi W. Good, de
Notice is hereby given that letters
of administration on the estate of
Naomi W. Good, late of Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania. deceased, have been
granted to the undersigned.
All persons knowing themselves in
debted to said estate will make pay
ment immediately, and those having
claims will present them for payment
Administrator, Carhp Hill. Pa.
Charter Notice
Notice Is hereby given that an appli
cation will be made to the Governor
of Pennsylvania on Thursday, the 10th
day of June. 1915, by Dr. John R. W.
Hunter. Carl Hanson, Milton E. Grove
and Marguerite L. Hanson, under the
Act of Assembly, entitled "An Act to
provide for the incorporation and reg
ulation of certain corporations," ap
proved April 29, 1874, and the supple
ments thereto, for the charter of an
intended corporation to be called "The
Overland Harrisburg C 0.," the charac
ter and object of which Is buying,
selling and dealing in automobiles,
automobile accessories, supplies, equip
ment and repair parts, and for these
purposes to have, possess and enjoy all
tiie rights, benefits and' privilege's of
said act of Assembly and the sup- I
plements thereto.
J. H. CRAIG, Solicitor,
Deputy Sec. Internal Affairs.
| NOTICE is hereby given that on or be
[ fore Tuesday. June 15, 1915, the un-
I dersigned will die his credentials with
and make application to the Pennsylva-
I nia State Board o£ Law Examiners to be
examined on the tith and 7th days of
July, 1 y 15, for admission to the bar of
the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania:
WALTER R. SOHX, of Harrisburg,
Pa., a registered student at law in the
Dickinson Law School, and in the law
office of Hargest & Hargest, Esus.. of
| the Dauphin County Bar.
In the Matter of the Kslatr of John K.
Fertijc, late of the To»n»htp of Mid
dle I'a\ton, Uiiuiiltln tount>, Pa., I)e
--j reaped:
j Letters testamentary on the estate
! of the hbove named decedent having:
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons indebted to saki estate are re
quested to make payment and those
having claims against the same will
present them without delay.
Executor. Northumberland, Pa.,
! HENRY E. FOX. Attorney,
Harrisburg, Pa.
PACKING—A. il. SHRENK. X 906 Nortk
Sixth street, first class packer of fur
fciture, china and Drlcabrac. Bell phone
! I WANT TO BUY six or eight second
hand hot water radiators one corner
cupboard. Address No. 3793. care Star-
PIANO MOVING, tuning, packing and
storing; work done by experts. WIN
TER PIANO CO., i'i N. Fourth St. Bell
phone 146.
Feather Renovator,
luuu Paxton street.
; FAST motor truck express, 1 or 2 tons—
all kinds of hauling; freight and fur
; niture in the city or suburbs, at reason
able rates; day or night service, picnics
and pleasure trips; safe and best of
service. THEODORE T. PRECHT, 411
Hummel St. Bell phone 3t>44J.
ALL kinds of hauling; large two-ton
truck; furniture, pianos, freight. ID
the city and suburbs. Prices reason
able. Picnic and pleasure trips, day or
evening- \VM. H. DARE. 14»J Vernon
St. Beil phone 3517.1.
for household goods, sj.ou per month
and up. We Invite inspection. Low
insurance. 437-445 South Second St.
MONEY TO LOAN upon real estate se
curities in any anmount.s and upon
any terms to suit the borrower. Ad
dress P. O. box 174.
amounts from |5 to SSO, holding a
salaried position, would be Denetited by
calling on us. EMPLOYES' DISCOUNT
CO., 36_N._Thlrd St.
Hi & Fifteenth St.
Bell Phone 2S»«&
Notice is hereby given that City Tax for 1915 is due
and payable at the Office of the City Treasurer,
Room 14, Court House. An abatement of one per cent.
(1 r ' r ) will be allowed if same is paid before August 1,
City Treasurer.
Second Hand Building Material
All kinds second-hand Lumber, Brick, Sash, Win
dow Frames, Doors —all sizes. Inquire at the Old
Steam Heat Plant, 136 Short Street, or Hotel Plaza.
1914 Personal School Tax, sl.ool
The office of the City Treasurer will be open on the
nights of May 27, 28 and 29 from 7.30 to 9.00.
Also on Saturday afternoon, May 29th, from 2.30 to
City Treasurer and Collector of School Taxes
( ,
Lost and Found
FOUND—The well-dressed man. He
always sends his clothes to Egbert's
Steam Dyeing and French Cleaning
Works, 3245 Market St. Do you? Call
and deliver.
FOUND —A decided Improvement In my ■
appearance since having my clothing (
cleaned and pressed at Parisian Dve
Works. 1409 N. Third. Branch, Hoffman- I
Kerns. 337 Chestnut. Bell phone. Call- !
lug and deliveriiig |
I/SST—On Sunday afternoon, about 4.30
p. m.. between Hummelstown and
Harrisburg. a toolbox and license tag.
Please return to 1301 N. Third St.. City. .
Death and Obituary
BOAK—On Tuesday. May 25. 1915, Miss :
Emma Boak. formerly of Harrisburg.
died at Mahanoy City.
Body will be brought here and fu- I
neral services will be held Thursday'
evening at 7.15 o'clock, from funeral
parlors of F. C. Neely, 908 X. Second >
St. Relatives and friends arc invited
to attend without further notice. Final
services at Andersontown, York county, |
Mr. and Mrs. D. Deardorf and family |
desire to thank their neighbors audi
friends for the kindness and sympathy j
extended to them on account of the |
death of their son, Charles Dpardorf.
Specially Selected Company and
Singing Chorus
PRICES SOc to 92.00
There's Nothing Shocking About
Electrical Venus
Except the current, and that's
Mats., 5 and 10c; Eve., 10 and 15c
/ % ■
To-day and to-morrom I'arainoant. j
"BK KSHOT JOHN," by Charlea E. j
Vao Loan, in 5 reels
Ess. Comedy, SUE; Lubin, INDIS- |
CI.EMEXCEAI CASE—liy Alexandre ;
Duma*' Madlemork. i'onerfnl Story. J
V |
Tech High Auditorium
Thursday Evening, May 27,
at 8 p. m.
A booklet of interest to investors
or those seeking investments
"How to Invest Money"
Sent free on application
SI Nassau St. New York
"T"" - ~ . 1 '■
| Large Room
ji About 4,000 sa. ft., third j
jjl floor, fire-proof building j
|l| Corner of Aberdeen & j
II Strawberry Avenues j
|| Freight Elevator Service i
! j! Apply |
ill Commonwealth I
Trust Co.
jj 222 Market Street j
If you work, keep house,
pay your bills and need
money for a good purpose,
we can supply it in
amounts of $5 to at
legal rates, payable weekly
or monthly.
Organized in 1909 hy
local people with local cap
ital to save borrow i i's from
extortion, the Co-opera
tive, regardless of what
others advertise, still leads
for business rates, terms
and service.
204 CHEST.-* LT ST.
Open daily-from 8 a. m. to
6 p. m., and Wednesday and
Saturday evenings until 9
: / >
j Frank R. Leib
| Real Estate and Inserance
j Office No. 18 N. Third
St., Harrisburg, Pa.,
Elegant Suburban Home
on West Third St., New
Cumberland. Detached
dwelling on lot 50x140;
has all improvements.
I Owner moving to Phila
| delphia and will sell at a
[ reasonable price.
615 Mahantongo St.— 3-story
frame dwelling—B rooms and bath.
Possession a": once 111.00
1437 Vernon St. —3-stor.v brick
dwelling, 8 rooms. Possession at
once. Rent, $14.00
Toolmaker and Jobber
New Shop. Modern Equipment for
Horseshoeing, Wagon and Tool Work
Bell Telephone
C«atin tied From First Pas*.
should get to work with the digging
Tho cars were decorated with
"Good Roads'' streamers and State and
National flags and presented a gay
sight as they shot across the Market
street bridge on the start down tho
Cumberland Valley. Cloudy skies did
not dampen the spirits of the party, al
though the camera men were hoping
for a little sunlight to make their work
more effective.
The first stop wag near the old Bt.
John's chur.-hyard, on tho Trindle
Springs road, between Harrisburg anil
Mechanicsburg. It was there that the
Governor's party saw the big corps of
road-builders who were recruited bv the
Motor Club of Harrisburg and who had
gone out early in the morning to get on
the job. They had their coats off and
were working with a will, notwithstand
ing blistered hands and, in some cases,
a limited kuowledgc of what picks and
shovels are intended for
Myton as "Slave-driver"
J. Clyde Myton was in charge of
the gang and everybody agreed no
slave driver ever got more work out
of a group of men. There were seven
ty-five workers busy there when tho
Governor arrived, and they greeted
him with a mighty cheer.
The Governor, who wore a cap and
an ordinary gray businoss suit of nat
ty appearance, smiling broadly, jumped
out of the car and grabbed a shovel.
Without removing his coat, he made
the dirt fly for fully five minutes from
a gully at the roadside into the middle
of the highway.
Then, amid more cheers and a few
handshakes, the gubernatorial party
sped on a rnila further, where they ran
across a band of foreign laborers "from
Steelton who had been hired by the
Motor Club of Harrisburg to put' in a
day 's. work with pick and shovel.
Many farmers joined, in the work with
out pay.
There the Governor got out again
ami, after chatting with the foremen,
grabbed a pick, with which he dug
| most vigorously for fully ten minutes,
j without, however, removing his coat.
| The foreign laborers were astonished
: at his energy and each lost the full
[ ten minutes' time as they gazed at him
| with open-mouthed wonder. The ex
| ample he set, however, stimulated the
j paid workmen to work faster for the
J rest of the day. When the Governor
I climbed back into the car the perspira-
I tion was running from every pore and
I the palms of his hands were blistered.
Tries in Vain to Drive Mule
Just east of Mechanicsburg the next
stop was made. A band of volunteers
was hard at work when the official
party arrived. The Governor climbed
out, picked up a shovel and helped
load dirt into a dump wagon. A mo
ment later it came to his attention that
a big sprinkling wagon was partly
mired in a ditch. A farmer was vig
orously exhorting a mule and a horse,
that constituted the team, to pull the
water wagon into the center of the
"I'll show you how to do that,"
shouted the Governor, and he nimbly
climbed to the driver's seat.
"Geddajj," shouted the Chief Ex
ecutive of the State, as he mildly lashed
the stubborn mule with the reins, but
-not an effort was made by that balky
| animal to move the sprinkler. Repeat
ed urgings had 110 effect and the Gov
ernor had to give up. He reluctantly
climbed down from the seat.
" You can't make that mule go,"
drawled a farmer in blue overalls.
''His name is Local Option," to which
the Governor smiled and remarked:
"Wait till 1917."
Greeted by Collage Girls
Irving College, on the outskirts of
Mechauicshurg, was the next stop.
President Campbell, of the college, was
at the gate when the autos pulled up
and he led the Governor to the front
porch of the main college building.
There were assembled 100 very pret
ty college girls and the Governor
doffed his hat and threw a kiss. Ho
shook hands with most of the girls who
swarmed around him and they made a
great fuss over him, all of which vis
ibly pleased His Excellency. They sang
college songs and gave the college
yell, ending with "Brumbaugh! Brum
baugh! Brumbaugh!" and as Governor
departed two of the prettiest of girls,
on each of the Governor's arms, escort
ed him back to the car. The Governor
made a brief speech in which he gal
lantly told the girls how pretty they
The party reached Carlisle at 10.45
o'clock and paused' for a few minutes
before setting off for Newville, 11
miles further down the Cumberland
Valley. The Governor said he was en
joying it all immensely.
Girls Help Governor Dig ,
Newville, May 26.—0n the worst
j stretch of road in this section, extend
| ing over Cemetery Hill, Governor Brum-
I haugh and his party got out of their
1 machines and engaged in real labor
j this afternoon. Newville women helped.
In company with four girls Governor
| Brumbaugh dug a stretch of ditch.
Near Oakville the Governor's party
j stopped and unpacked lunch baskets
j under a big oak tree at the intersec
j tion of three roads. The entire party
j had luncheon. They then embarked on
! t-he last leg of the jouney, through
I township roads in Southern Cumberland
I county. They expected to head for
j home late this afternoon and to arrive
j about 5 o 'clock.
The Motor Club of IHhrrisburg sent j
I its road-building recruits to work on
the Trindle Springs road in Cumber- j
land county this morning, which caused j
a howl from some members who reside
|in Dauphin county, but Cumberland '
county had the greatest call on the
Harrisburg club, for two scores of Me
chanicsburg and Carlisle autoists are
members of the elub.
Hummelstown motorists kicked and
wanted some of the roads in that sec
tion cleared up and there was a kick,
too, from Millersburg. The Motor Club
of Harrisburg has promised to take
these people into consideration next
year should Governor Brumbaugh de
clare a "Good Roads Day," as he will
more than likely do.
Autoists from Camp Hill, Mechan- j
icsburg and Carlisle entered into the j
road-building with a vim and the club-j
was aided greatly by Cumberland
countians. Consequently the local |
blanch of the Pennsylvania Suffrage,
Association, which promised to provide j
luncheons, had little to do to day in !
this county, but a dozen of the local |
■uffragists signified their willingness |
last night to visit their
burg sisters who purposed to serve
luncheon to the road workers at Shire
manstown at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Mrs. Alice Starr Houck, of Mechanic*-
burg, was in charge of the luncheon.
Governor Down the Valley
Governor Brumbaugh was far down
the Cumberland pike by the time
luncheon was served and the Chief Ex
ecutive did not have the opportunity
oT" " )e uest °' these suffragists.
Bud rage activity wau confined prin
cipally to .the country districts. Ac
cording to a statement issued at the
Hate suffrage headquarters here, tho
women in Allegheny county planned to
feed 15,000 men. In Franklin coun
ty, where Governor Brumbaugh will
probably visit before the day is over,
the women served 40(f lunches.
Waynesboro women provided 200 of
these, i'hambersburg women helped in
j the luncheon problem. Gettysburg
I women helped in Adams county. The
same menu held good the Stale over.
There were plenty of sandwiches, lem
onade, iced tea and coffee.
The Governor is more than eager for
his administration to establish better
roads in Pennsylvania. When it was
seen that the State revenue was such
that roads could not get the amount
ot money that they should have, he de
cided to let the public-spirited people
of the State help and his Good Roads
Pay declaration was made before the
road bills were passed in the Legisla
1 no,OOO Work in State
The hearty co operation throughout
the State has pleased the Governor,
who was compelled, during the recent
session of the Legislature, but one new
road created. This was a Gettysburg
battlefield road. It is estimated 150,-
000 volunteers worked on the roads
The road between Lemovne and New
Cumberland, was overhauled to-day
under the direction of the Motor Club
of Harrisburg, Surveys has been made
by practical road men of all of the
work proposed by the club and when
the workers started out this morning
crushed stone was found in availaiblo
Contracting firms in Harrisburg
and Cumberland county, lent men and
teams. Mechanicsburg motorists collect
ed more than s3>oo for this work and
the New Cumberland committee raised
close to $ 10' O. A stretch of roadway
near Cemetery Hill, Newville, was re
paired and Representative Bbv, of
Newport, headed a committee from
that town that repaired the drcbank
Hill road.
Officials of the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company took an a/ctive interest
in the Good Roads movement. At At
glen many tons of cinder were given
to the township authorities, whilo at
Thorndale and Middletown, nearly a
train load of dirt was donated for use
on roads in adjacent territory.
Volunteers for Lebanon County
Good roads day was generally ob
served throughout Lebanon county. A
holiday was observed in rural districts.
iPiles of crushed stone, material for
rebuilding roads and hundreds of en
thusiastic. workers are on hand.
All of the coal dealers in the county
announced that they would observe a
holiday and placed teams at the dis
posal of the si pervisors.
State Senator E. E. Beidleman, of
lHarrisburg, sent a chectk of $lO to
the County Commissioners.
Work in the Coal Regions
Hszloton, Pa., Ma/ 26.—The succee*
of good roads day in the Lehigh coal
ifield was marred by an early morning
drizzle that threatened to keep tiff un
til night. Despite this many volunteer
laborers and teams were on the job and
i<t was expecfed to do considerable
work. The coal companies, this city
and in the surrounding municipalities
and private citizens donated the use
of teams, tools, laborers and. high way
Philadelphia Produce Market
Philadelphia, May 26.—Wheat lower;
No. 2 red, car lots, export, 152'»155- No
1 northern. Duluth export, 163® 166.
Corn steady; No. 2, car lots, export,
75}j®79 1 /6; No. 2 yellow, local, 8214®83.
Oats steady; No. 2 white. SOUi'GOSs
Bran dull; spring, per ton, 2S.oo'tf
Refined sugars steady; powdered, 6.10;
.line granulated, 6.00; confectioners' A.
Butter steady; western creamery, ex
tra, 28%; nearby prints, fancv, 32.
Eggs steady; nearby tirsts. free use.
J6.00; current receipts, free case. J5 70-
western extra firsts, free case, $6.00;
firsts, free case, $5.70.
Live poultry firmer; fowls,
roosters, 11@12; chickens, broilers,
30; turkeys, 13@15; ducks, 10&15;
geese, 10® 11.
Dressed poultry steady; fresh killed
fowls, fancy, 18® 19; aver.: ee,
unattractive, 14@15; old roosters, 13;
frozen fowls. 1«@J8; roasting chickens,
14@18; broiling chickens. 22®27; tur
keys, 18@22; ducks. 12@1S; geese. 12
Potatoes lower; Pennsylvania, per
bushel, 40®45; Maine, 45@50; New Vorlt,
40®45; Florida, per barrel, $3.00@5.00.
Flour tlrm; winter straight, 6.90®
7.15; spring straight, 7.25®7.50; do., pat
ent, 7.50@8.15.
Hay firm; No. 1 large bales. 20.00®
20.50; No. 1 medium bales, 20.00@20.50;
No. 2, 18.00® 19.00; No. 3, 15.50® 16.50;
sample, 14.00®15.00; light mixed, 19.00
@19.50; No. 1, 18.00® 18.50; No. 2. 16.U0
Chicago Live Stock Market
Chicago, May 26.—Hogs—Receipts,
26.000; strong. Bulk, 7.50(6 7.65; light,
7.45®7.72V£; mixed, 7.10®7.70; heavy,
7.10@7.60; rough, 7.10@7.30,; pigs, 5.75®
Cattle—Receipts, 13,000; firm. Native
beef steers, 7.00@9.35; western steers,
6.75@8.20; cows and heifers, 3.35@8.80;
calves, 7.00®9.50.
Sheep—Receipts. 8,000; Arm. Sheep,
7.20@8.25; lambs, 7.75@10.50.
i- \
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