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Little Talks on Health and Hygiene
By Samuel O. Dixon. M. D.,
D., Commissioner of Health
*■ *
Atlas bore the weight of the heaven*
upon his head and hands, affording to
n Greek myth, but those of mankind
who carry the burden of life, too often
lot it rest upon their shoulders. Stoop
shouldered men and women by th<
thousands are to be found among the
followers of sedentary occupations.
Nine oat of ten when the subject is
mentioned will square away ■ their
Shoulders anil say, "I'm getting a lit
tle careless about that." Then they
make a momentary resolve that they
will brace up and overcome the fault.
That it is a fault and one that has a
• ustiut't bearing upon health there is
no question.
No system .>f physical culture is
complete which does not include exer
cises which .teach erect carriage an I
deep breathing. One of these is im
possible without the other. In this lies
the chief ill effect of stoop shoulders.
To maintain good health we sluiuld
use cur lungs to their normal capacity
• t all times. The proper purification
of the blood through oxygenation re
quires ample brent hiug. Prop your
shoulders forward and then try to take
n full breath; see how impossible it is
to do so iu that position. Breathing
v.'th the shoulders forward an i the
breast bone depressed is only partially
accomplished. The lower portion of
tne lungs cannot he emptied and in
stead of receiving a supply of fresh
air they will be tilled with residual air.
To work, sit or walk day after day
with "the shouiders hunched forward,
means that the lung capacity is les
sened just so much and A corresponding
loss of vitality results.
Such a posture aiso permits the sng
ging of the diaphragm, a resulting di>
placement of the abdominal organs and to serious digestive disturbances.
Do not resort to shoulder braces or
other mechanical menus to correct
stooping shoulders. These are but
makeshifts which o not remedy the
real trouble. Make the mental effort
necessary to keep the body erect. By
maintaining proper posture the muscles
can be strengthened and made to do
taeir work of holding the body up
When children exhibit a tendency to
g. - ow stoop shouldered parents and
teachers should see to it that they are
j.iven physical exercises to correct the
Decathlon to Be Substituted for Ail-
Around Championship
The special committee appointed by
•he delegates of the Amateur Athletic
Vnion to amend some of the general
and athletic rules of the association has
completed its work, aud copies of the
proposed changes have been mailed to
the Board of Governors for a;> roval.
Chnngis i! twenty or' the rules have
been suggested, some of which arc radi
<.il. In most cases the committee rec
ommended changes which would con
form with the rules decided on by the
International Amateur Athletic Federa
tion l'nion at its meeting in France s.imiiior. A notivivc change is sub
»titation of the Decathlon—the ten
event all-around contort of the Oiym
pic gauies for the all-around chain
i ioush.;\ which has be n the blue rib
l 11 event in track ami field competi since 1 ss4.
Camden and Heading in Extra Scries to
Decide Title
i J iv ade ;>h:a. March A special
meeting between fie representatives of
t ie Camden and Heading teams, which
I'iiisbed ou even terms it the Kastern
1. ague Basketball league, met Presi
dent S cheffer at the ivngham hotel yes
terday afternoon to arrange for the
j '.ayoff.
It v\.ts decided to play the first game
i-i Camden to-morrow night and the
foil • _-.i.,ie in Heading on Wednesday.
]i a d game is ne-. e-sarv, the place
©i >utest will be decided after the
f ou game is played.
for Pains
in the Back
Put 3 steaming hot towel over the
painful spot for a few moments to
open the pores; theti rub with Omega
Oil. Qv.ick relief usually follows this
•ur.ple treatment. Trial botie loc.
f \
Wide Lumber
Narrow Lumber
Long lengths.
Short Lengths.
Any kind of lumber
von want is here in
our yard.
And if \VP don't
have the exact size we
can easily cut it to
It makes no differ-*
ence how small your
order is, you will get
it promptly.
United Ice & Coal Co.
Fcrater and Cowdan Street*
Dandruff causes a feverish irritation
of the scalp, the hair roots shrink, loos
; en and then the hair comes out fast. To
i stop falling hair at once and rid the
| scalp of every particle of dandruff, get
, a 2i»-cent bottle of Danderiue at any
I drug store, pour a little in your hand
and rub well into the scalp. After a
j few applications all dandruff disappears ;
i and the hair stops coming out. —Adv. ,
Franklin County Jurist Gets Endorse
ment for High and Important Of
fice From Majority of the Attor
neys Practicing Before Him
Chambcrsburg. March 22. — \V. Rush
Uullan. President Judge of the Fr.uui
lin county courts, whose term of office
will expire this year, formally an
nounced on Saturday that he will be a
candidate to succeed himself. Judge
Oillan was elected to the bench ten
years ago on the Democratic ticket, yet
politics played no part in his judicial
career and his uannv wili go on the
Non-part isnii ballot next fall with the
endorsement of both Republicans and
Democrats. I
Thirty-five members of the Franklin
county bar. lawyers of varied politi-j
! cnl faiths, petitioned the Judge to
j again be a candidate for the bench and
that petition it was that influence 1
the well known jurist to make the for-'
mal announcement on Saturday. Those
lawyers who sought the candidacy an
nouncement from Judge Gillan repre- '
sent seventy si\ per cent, of the attoi
nevs now in active practice before the.
local bar.
In his letter announcing his inten
tion to again he a candidate for th
| lunch. Judge Giilan, 111 part, said:
hav t . endeavored to administer the law
ac -or -.iug to its letter and spirit, with
1 out regard to my opinion as an it
| dividual and without regard to flu
' opinions or prejudices of any class."
Deputy Cottrt Clerk's Wife Dies
Carlisle, March 22.—Following av
iliness e:' tioariy four months, Mrs.
1-aura A. Mentzer. wife of deputy
clerk of tho courts Fred R. Mentzo
lied Saturday morning at 9.30 o'clock
at her home in Springville. Death was
due to a complication of diseases. She
was 56 vears, l! month and 20 ,iavs
Surviving her are her husband and
two daughters. Mrs. Frauds Dunn, of
Philadelphia, and Mvra at heme. Fou.
sis tera, Hit Solomon shelton, of New
ville; Mrs. Samuel A. Fry, of Enola; '
Mrs. C. H. Leib and Mrs. Irwin Weisi.
•of Boiling Springs, also survives, as
do one brother, George B. McCaleb, of
Shippensbu rg.
The funeral v.ill be held Tuesday
morning at 10.80 o'clock from the
Evangelical church. Carlisle.
Fall Fatal to Aged Lady
Oettyscurg. March 22. — As the re
sul: of injuries sustained when she fel
v. several steps. Miss Charlotte
c ii«d Saturday morning at 9.15
s»t tile home of iier nephew, Andrew
B -ker. 217 South Washington street.
>iie was aged 90 years. 10 months and I
6 days.
Miss Moore was ascending the steps
at the Becker home three weeks ago :
last evening when she lost her balance ;
and fell backward, landing heavily at
the foot of the stairway.
Pastor Accepts Call
Waynesboro, March 22.—The Rev.
I. Marshall Rutherford, Philadelphia,
has notified the session of the Presby
iterian church of Waynesboro that he
will accept the call extended to hjm to
beet me pastor here. He will take
i charge of his work in Waynesboro. Sun
day, April 11, and will remove here
i about that time. Mr. Rutherford is
pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian
churen. Fifty-eighth street and Chester
avenue. Philadelphia, and has been
verv successful there.
Only Per Cent, of Last Year's Crop
in Hands of Lancaster Growers
Lancaster, Pa.. March 22.—The leaf
tobacco dealers of Lancaster have at j
last commenced their long delayed buy- :
iug of the 1914 crop of Lancaster'
county, but it is a question now how '
much best quality goods thev will get.'
Xor will they get it at as low pries
as they had calculated upon, though
the prices they are receiving are very
I much too low for the growers. The bis j
outsi le concerns have bought fully 6o j
1 per cent, of the crop, and another 10 !
| per cent, has been taken by locai
packers, leaving 23 per cent, still in
the growers' hands.
It is significant of the changed con
dition of the Lancaster tobacco mar
ket that prior to the last three or four
years the entire crop was either soldi
on the field, before the plants were cut,.
or before the Christmas holidays. The !
last few years plenty of growers had ■
their tobacco on hand up to the time i
the spring work on the farm began, i
which was a serious handicap, as the
care of the tobacco took them from -
other very necess.v.y work. The crops
sold the early ;-Urt of the present sea- 1
son brought fiom 9 to 10 cents, prob- j
ably a fourth of the tobacco bringing
this, while those sold recently did not
bt;ng more than 6. 7 or 8 cents a
pound. The last named figure was for I
tobacco that the grower could have
sold early in the season for 10 cents, i
but it was held for better prices. Grow
ers, alike with the packers and cigar
manufacturers, looked for a spring'
boom, but as this appears backward
about coming the growers are now
anxious to sell. As the new tobacco j
was cured under very unfavorable
weather conditions, a good deal of con
cern is felt by the packers over the
question of it going through the sweat |
properly, failure to do so entailing
heavy losses upon the owner.
William F. Weiser Dies at Tork
York. March 2«2.—William Frank- ,
. lin Weiser, prominent banker and
churchman of this city, died yesterday
after a year's sickness of anaemia. He
was cashier of the Drovers' and Me
chanics' National bank, a member of
the National Geographical Society, ;
the National Banians' Association and
was prominent in the Masonic lodge
affairs of this city. Mr. WeiseT was 50
years old. He loaves a wife and two j
» ▼ w <¥' * * *> <r vf tt? ttttt w ▼ ▼ yr ▼ ▼ *r t ▼ t ▼ t t 1 r? wv w w * v v * t v t w w* w ¥
See Window Display /vSec Window Display
To-night ihjJL/tArliiAJirJfw To-m S ht
► Gall 1991—Any Phone Founded 1871
| A Gigantic Sale of Bedspreads, Sheets
and Cases
■ . Commences To-morrow—Tuesday j
; An Event Extraordinary— Beyond
; Economies in Bed Apparel Eve
* Xovv this may seem a bit forcible, but the facts remain, and we intend showing every visitor 4
► to this sale what genuine Bowman economy is—these goods having been purchased when cotton <
I * was at its lowest }
; The Story !;
► During manufacture small spots or too much bluing got on them which caused them to be classed as "seconds," but where the thrifty '<
| ► housewife or rooming house mistress, who will let that interfere with saving from a fourth to a third, when the first visit to the wash tub •
► will make them look like new (and few are ever used before washing). <
; [ Note this—EVERY THREAD IS PERFECT, and no holes or imperfections will be found. f
► Conveniently arranged on tables with cards bearing prices and sizes. !<
I )
I 1,188 Bed Spreads I :
| / j
► / UF i * JSJUSj| |jj ~£. . It was a real Christmas-morning treat to watch these cases being <
y 1 -j. \*VS.* -jy- A opened, and bundle after bundle of the prettiest, and most delightful '<
► I X 1 iW?, B
patterns show themselves. The qualities are extremely pleasing, both 1
Jir to and texture. Many are particularly well adopted to hotel
N , and rooming house use. If you happened to be among the number i
[ X ,\ X ave seen these spreads, you'll realize the wonderful savings in
► • store for you.
4 . nA e .. „ 51.75 Crochet $1.50 Crochet SI.OO and $1.25
$5.00 Satin $3 Marseilles spreads, $1.25 Spreads, SI.OO Spreads, 80c
► J f Double bed size: extra heavy Double bed size; made of to select from.
► Bize 80x90 inches . rtoral ; Size S4x9o inches; heavy quality; many patterns to select combed yarns; weight, over three ———
► and round patterns. ' I f^ 8 ' desiß " B ' l nusual * xl * U P °" ndß: PXtra A Table Of
~7T~~7~ 51.50 Crochet $l5O Hotel Sample Spreads,
$4.00 Satin $2 . 50 Marseilles Spreads, sl.lO Snreads SIOO From
Spreads, $2.55 Spreads Si 60 Fan qd. fin. ' 50c to $5.00
I *,,. , ■,. M m ™ it CT " ih '™ di
► quality spread, with raised pat- j P"» «*®s hemmed; satin pattern. 240 in the lot. quarter bed size; only 2t04 of a
► terns. fiuish. Splendid quality. Main Floor —BOWMAN'S. ■———■ kind.
2,174 Sheets From
► Coming from such well-known mills as Utica, Mohawk, Pequot, Nesponsitt, Portland, and others, is a guarantee in itself of unusual
► wearing qualities, and a notable feature is the fact that little "dressing" has been them, thereby displaying the real, fine textures.
K On account of conditions, stated above, they have been stamped "0," or "ES," or similar identification marks. Some have the original
► trade marks on. In these we also call attention to hotels and rooming houses, as well as hospitals and institutions, also housewives who
will lay in a supply for some time to come, or those desiring one or two. •
f Shest-., a. 7Sc s , „ 6Sc *,™ PiUow Cases
at Savins Prices
made of I'tica sheeting marked , ' wCV- V lllil J. lIVVO
i ► „ 01 n.i u i * i hemstitched; made of excel*
O, Slx9o inches before IIIIIIIIIIIIIFTTTTWif 7
j hemming. lent muslin; 3-ineh hem at top; Made of Mohawk muslin, marked "E. S." l iB
y First quality sells at $1.10; j ShCCtSj fl-t 45c Made of Utica muslin, marked "O." (ll
y made of Mohawk muslin; SlslOS First quality sells at 69c; 4 ,;> x36 value 17c at Jjj
. ———— especially good for hotels, room- 45x36, \allie 1. 0, at
y « a. cn. int? houscs and hospitals; 63x90 Other pillow cases in 42, 45, 50 or 54-ineh, at llllillillllllllllllllllllllfffl j {« |g|
' OiieeiS, 3,1 OVC i inches. 121/ A
| . First quality sells at 95c; ex j 0060/0/ OQ/G 0/
; Sheets at 35c, Nesponsitt Bolster Cases,
i! > _ 3 for SI.OO at 29c each Made of Portland and Utica Mill Sheeting,
► Sheets at 65c First quality sells at 45c; in the followiug sizes;
► dl UJl# b!eache(l . laundered; 3-inch Size 42x72; value 35c. b3x99, 60<, value 90c.
w First qualitv sella at 90c; j hem; center seam; 72x90 Size 45x72; value 40e. 72x99, value SI.OO.
i ti. .i j i- inches a- j- -c 1/ 1 - 81x90, value SI.OO.
y mnde of Fortland muslin; extra mines. g, ze 4ax<6i£; value 4ac. 90x90 value $1 10
, > quality: 81x90 inches. M a i n p-i 00r —BOWMAN'S. Main FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Sisters Laid in Large Stock of Drug in
Hope of Breaking Habit
Pittsburgh, March 22. —Astound-1
, ing condition? are revealed in connec- 1
tion with the death Saturday of Mrs.. •
:K. A. Kirbv in the West l'enn Hos- ,
pital, followed yesterday by that of ,
j her sister, Mrs. T. A. Decker. Both
1 resided in Homestead, and the death .
(Certificates show that both were victims,
of "chronic heroinism.''
According to physicians at the hos ;
pital, the sisters laid in a big stock of 1
heroin just before the new Federal law
j regarding drugs went into effect on
March 1. It was their plaf gradually j
to break off the habit, bvt they are
sand to have sunk into & veritable re
i vel, exhausting their stock within a
(few days. A Homestead physician had
them sent to the hospital, where tlieyj
! lay unconscious and delirious till death.:
City Physician B. A. Booth last
night said more heroin deaths in vari
-1 ous hospitals- might he expected. There
are hundreds of victims throughout
the city, and virtually every hospital in
. the Pittsburgh district has a half doz
ien heroin patients. Seven young men
' caught in a raid on a heroin joint were
! sent to jail by a local Magistrate Sat
Memorial Service for Clergyman
Willow citreet, March 22. —(Memorial
l services were held here yesterday com
j memorative of the death of the Kev.
Henry M. Herman. D. D., a former min
. ister of the church, who died Saturday
at Dayton, Ohio, aged 89 years. He was
i a graduate of the Franklin and Mar
i shall College, and of the seminary in
1'862. He served charges in Pennsyl
, vania and Ohio, and when he was east
visiting in this section a short time
ago, he requested that the services to
day 'be held in his honor. The Rev.
H. S. Shelley, pastor, had charge.
Odd Fellows Celebrate Anniversary
Marietta, March 22.—The Bethel
church list night was the scene of the
fortieth anniversary of the founding
of Cassiopeia Lodge, Odd Fellows, when
the Rev. William H. Marshall, of Har
risburg delivered an eloquent discourse
on '' The Two Foxes.'' Aston's brass
orchestra, of Columbia, furnished the
music. There was an elaborate mu
sical program given and Miss Gertrude
Y. Villee was the piano accompanist.
To-day the annual entertainment was
held and the executive committee of
the State met here.
Baccalaureate Sermon to Graduates
■Marietta, March 22.—The bac
calaureate sermon to the graduating
class of the Hellam High school was
delivered last night in the United Evan
jgelical church, Wrightgville, toy the pas- i
1 tor, the Rev. (M. Teter. The commence-
Iment exercises will be held next Sat
| urday evening. One of the graduates, ,
!Mi#s Amanda Lehman, has not missed a
j session of the school in three years.
Retired Tanner Dies at HO
Litttle 'Britain,- March 22.—Uriah G.
Gray, 80 years old, a retired gardener
and farmer, died yesterday from a com
plication of diseases. We was a mem
ber of the Mennonite church. He leaves
three children and a number of grand
To File Deeds for Camp Sit*
Lebanon, March 22.—Colonel L. V.
Rausch, keeper of the State arsenal,
Harriffburg, was in Lebanon Saturday
and called at the office of Recorder
Charles-T. Doll, where he lo»ked up a
number of records in connection with
the recent purchase of the 1,300 acres|
I of ground for encampment purposes i
Mount Gretna. Colonel Rausch sa
that the formal transfer and filing i
.the deeds would take place within
few days.
License Court Finishes Work
Ebensburg, March 22.—With til
exception of one application all of tk
license petitions for 1915 have bee
disposed of by Judges P, J. O *Conn<
i anil M. B. Stephens. A total of 29
has 'been granted aigainst 300 in 191'
Thieves Create Newspaper Famine
Darby, Pa., March 22.—Newspap
thieves, who have been active the la
two or three weeks, produced anothi
newspaper famine in Darby, yesterda
stealing 150 papers in a bundle
Fifth and Main streets, and a bund
of 50 from Ninth and Main street
Lost Sunday a bundle containing 13
| papers was stolen.