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    The Star=lndependent Gives Away 2 Orpheum Tickets Daily
The Name of the Person to Whom They Will Be Awarded To-day Is Somewhere Among the Classified Ads On This Page
Perhaps you are the lucky person. Look until you fiul out. If via r ; ; l is tic'csU please call for them before S o'clock to-morrow eveninc
or they will be icrleited. (These names are drawn from the Directory by a blindfolded girl.)
Real Estate
VACANT house at Washington Heights
for sale, corner properly. S rooms:
bath; gas. electric light. furnace; large
porch: lot 555140. Little cash needed.
BELL REALTY PP.. IWrsnor Building-
FOR SALE—Several properties at
tractive price, with little cash needed.
Now is the time i buy. Consider it ar.d
get particulars. BELL REALTY CO..
Rergner Building. _
FOR SALK—'Look at 1315 North St.. of
fered for sale at an attractive price.
S rooms, hath, g«s. furnace, porch**,
both streets paved. HMLL. REALTY
CO.. Bergner Building.
low price lot 50x110. corner prop
erty; drive alley on rear. Inspect these
houses. Nos. 3.*,">-3-7 S. Front street.
MY PROPERTY. No. North Cath
erine street. Mtddletow:i. Pa. Harris
burs electric ears pass every twenty
minut s Apply to .'. W. PORTNEY.
171 S. Front St.. Steeltor.. Pa.
5 l » ACRES—3 miles east of river, in
Fishing Creek Valley, frame dwelling;
$ rooms, frame stable, large variety of
fruit, sipring. p.-.ce 1900.00.
BR INTON- PACK KR CO.. Second and
Walnut Sts.
FOR SALE—! <4l Whitehall St.. oppo
site Reservoir Park. 3-story brick. 9
rooms, bath, steam eat: lot
1217 and 121S Mulberry St. 1217 is a
corner property; lot Sox7 4: will sell sep
arate learn o.:" price and vou wi'.l buy.
BR INTON-P AC KE R vV>.. Second and
Walnut Streets.
FOR SALE—In renbrook: IH-story
frame house. 7 rooms and bath: all
modern Improvements. combination
raise: cemented cellar: front, side and
back porches ho: air heat: fine lot of
fruit and grapes: cement walks, lot 3•"> x
150 feet. Apply :SO3 Canby St.. Pen
FOR SALE—City and suburban homes
and home s:tes; first class business
propositions. KOUGH. BKIGHTBILL A
K_UNii Sixth ' and Reily Sts. Both
FOR RENT—To young couple, small
brick house, near Fifteenth and Boas,
with improvements: low rent: good lo
cation: pleasant surroundings. Imme
diate possession. Apply H'7 Rous St.
Bell phor.e 773 M.
FOR RENT—A three-story crick dwell
ing; S rooms and bath; all improve
ments. Apply at 2153 Jefferson S:.
FOR RENT—Private rooms for house
hold goods, in new tireproof building.
Cleen and safe. Inspection invited. 437-
1350 Perry, 3rd floor ,s?s.'}o
1317 Perrv. 2nd floor. ST.OO
1313 Market *30.-0
:s» S. ISth. ...130.00. J-;.50 and J. ..JO
1216 Market $22.50
S. l»th—new $25.00
1214-1447 Berryhill $22.50
liOi Market
133 S. Fourteenth St
tili Derry JIS.OO
450 Crescent SL, lIS.OO
1417 Swatara. $17.00
>3O S. 134. a'J improvements,.. .SlS.'.'o
US Crooked St.. all imp $'.4.00
1015 Kensington. Improvements,. .113.50
1547 Perrv. 4 large rooms, imp..,. $12.00
1440 Vernon r $ll.OO
1320 N. Front, for colored. sll. 0
IfZO Berryhill St.. 3 rooms. $.<..00 ,
HARVEY T. SMITH. 204 S. 13th. Bell
FOR RENT—I9II Market street: mod
ern three-story brick dwelling, all im
provements; hard wood floors, furnish
ed throughout with window shades and
screens. Apply 1909 Market street. Bell
phone 2SOSK.
FOR RENT—IS 33 N Fourth St.: three- :
story mansard roof: nine rooms; im
provements; wi-ie paved street: trolley
passes the door; house in good condi- j
tion: possession April Ist. Apply to A. I
C. YOUNG, 26 N. Third St. Open even- >
COURT STS.—,MI outside rooms; i
c!y steam heat; elevator and janitor
service; reasonable rentals. MILLER
BROS. & CO.. Opp. Postoffice. |
FOR RENT—Store room. 430 Market'
St.. with small house in rear: apart
ment in Belvidere apartments, Second '
and Walnut streets: one larg- room, 33
x 23 fee:, s ond floor. 420 Market St.
Several very desirable seven and eight 1
room brick h.vases with furnace, bath,
front porch and lawn. sl4, sls and sls
FOR RENT—Houses *lth all improve
ments. at moderate rentals. J. E.
GIPPLE, 1-51 Market SC
bargains in HeaFEsiaira
\. Front St. I.otii I
I 1 vxl7o ft between Woodbine and
Emerald streets.
, i ft., northeast corner
r ront &nd Hamilton streets.
! S.">o« A sate St.
: wo-story bri- k with five rooms—
J>at and furnace—front and back
porches Lot I.UxSI. Price SI.HM:
and on easy terms.
KM I Fulton St.
14*10® ft., impro ed with a 3-
story frame h-use—i rbomso— fur
nace— front and back porches. A
very special price un'il April la*..
1544 >. Third St.
Thr»e-story brick—rr;e rooms
bath and steam heat. Lot ISXS»6.
This would make a good business
I or professional location.
I**oll S. Twenty-fcecoad St. I
4"x115 ft. tcorner) improved with
a 2-story frame house—« rooms
eiectric light—granolithic walks,
ape ial at 52.C00.
(AMP HI 1.1,
I'nrk lirnw— Plot 10x150 ft., im
proved with a double 2 « a -story brick
ar.d frame house—each side has
seven rooms bath furnace ce
mented cellar—front an J beck
porches—bay windows on second
This property is rented at $15.00 a
month, a side. At the price, $4,200
you will realize a safe 6 per cent.'
on your money.
I Fire lniaraare Surety i' ontl .
l.oenM and roiiri Street
» ' ' ' ■ - - I- i
Real Estate
9 HOUSES FOB RENT and 24-story
dwelling houses tor sale. Elder Real 1
Fstate Co.. 24th and Perry,Sts. )
; . ~
L 1 ' i
.l FOK RENT—New furnished front roomi
facing Capitol Park; stationary wash v
stands, he: and cold running: "water; n
- electric light in each room; also ust o( o
. phone ana large ba:h. Apply *lO North •
f L
SX>R RKXT—Second floor front ro, :n; E
e electric liffhc and use of b -:h: cen
trally locate.:, on South street near X
, t'n S.. o
TO I -1". ASK for tru kins: rich
I soil near city; rare op i »ortun:tv %
Farmers. know«hcws, gret bus\ . pull t e .
n stuff, attend market, make montv. !:i--
; MKK ZIMM HIM N r Walnut, Har- c
? ATARTMENTS FOR RKXT—Third floor. *
four rooms, bath and kitchenette, •~v A
1 window front, c.'.y steam heat. s;■ \/o .
- • per month. No. N. Third S;. A;n>'v 1
• Commonwealth Trust Co., Market
j street. t
I 1 APARTMENTS for rent, Jefferson 11
i street: also a house, 641 P.'.iuylklll f
• S:. possession at me Apply J. c. \
JjMEHRINO. .4.9 St. *
f O
:i| yl
Lost and Found •
L »
FOUND. • : F
— j ri
FOrXD—The way to and your cleaning
1 • and dyeing worries by calling either
phone for Sggert's Steam Dyeing ar.d
- French Cleaning Works. 1240 Market
St. We call and deliver. J
FOUND—A decided improvement in my i
i appearance since having my clothing
cleaned and pressed a: Parisian L>ve K
Work a 140? N. Third. Branch. HotTma:;-
: Kerns. 337 ChestnuL Bell phone. Cal.« .ri
. j ing and delivering.
;) * ~ O
; \ $
j t>
! bl
To the Holder* of thr Rnndu of the
UlrittanD sod Hlne >lountain Street v
nnihvaT 4'ompany. *
NOTICE :s hereby triven to the hold- Jj,
ers of all the outstanding bonds of t v .e
Lanslestown & Blue Mountain Street ir<
Railway Company secure', by mortt.nre
dated April Ist. 1905, to the Harrisbufg
Tru?* Company as trustee, that in ac- L"
, oordance with the provisions of the
said mortgage, the said bonds have been
, called for payment on or before April
Ist. 1915, at par. a premium of 5 per
cent, and interest to said date. After '
the said date interest will cease upon
all bonds not presented for pavnient be
: by that time. Holders of the said bonds
may present them at the office of the ca
undersigned at any time after March st.
Ist. and receive payment therefor in
accordance with the terms above stated *'•
| Trustee.
Notice of Application for n Charter. it
Notice s hereby given that an appli- ' v,:.
j cation Will be made to the Governor!
•of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania'
Ibv P. G PoIL J. F. Householder and wi
F. K. Bailey, on the sth day of April,
j 5515. under the provisions of an Ac: n(
| Assembly, entitled "An Act to provide
i for the incorporation and regulation of to
certain _eorporations," approved April ha
-£tr.. 1574. and the several supplements
. thereto, for a charter for an intended
j corporation, to oe called "The Independ
ent Heater Company." the character'and no
object of which is to manufacture, sell
i and install Hot Water Heaters, and for ~
these purposes to have, possess and en- ( -*°
joy all the rights, benefits and privi
leges by said act of Assembly and the 4 Ini
supplements thereto conferred. ,"
Solicitor. Pit
.... __
Beautiful AlNYear Bellevus Pa k
r i
i 3
;• . I
Twenty-first Street and Hillside Goad
This beautiful home is now ready for inspection. In
design, arrangement and workmanship it is an architectural
gem. and will be completed, even to grading and seeding the ✓
lawn; everything spic and span. Surrounded as it is by
other beautiful homes, this is one of the very choicest
locations in the city.
Sale and Exchange
THROI'OH purchasirs auto have for
s.ile all aroun.l work horse, brown.
1100. T years old; Market wagon, trap;
two sets harness. 310 Lincoln St.. Steel
ton. Pa.
FOR SAI.R Late model 5-.passenger
car. in tirst class condition: equipped
with mohair top. curtains, windshield,
new tires, extra tire, three tu 'es, speed
ometer. clock, full kit of tools, a bar
>l.l.ll fer |l.. k sale. L'.'ol X. Sixth St.
ONE Chickering upright piano, rose
wood case, ilniost new. ,-ost s."'oo. now
$-<!>. Terms s'..> 00 down. SI.OO per week.
WIXTKR PIANO (\v. .J N. Fourth St.
Blr. BARGAIN'S In unreJermed Pla
mcMtds, Watches, Jewelry. i ;:tarms.
Musical Instruments, etc. L'ash pai*i tor
olil gold a:iu stiver. i;e;',arins a spe
ciaity. C'.VV LOAN OFUCIi 4il Mar
ket street.
TWO delivery wn:;oi.s, one with
top and other v.;.,out. Phone To 1J i.
or apply Paxtang.
ON'K St>ry .<c Ci.irk Piano, walnut case.
--tod as mw. perfect condition; c. l .
Jt.O. new i:.". I'erms J.'.eO down. sl.oo
per week. WINTER : 1 \.N\> CO.. .'3 S.
Fourth St.
I\>R—U>; of steam radiators;
;-ipe. expansion tank, furnace, Ooiiei.
»;;i* walt-r heater. All go*».l .is now.
AU.iress -71 ca: c Stai-Independent.
1- IVK-PA.SSKNi! i.'it two-cylinder tour
lug .ar, i:: good nie li..n:cal condi*
lion, equipped with top. curtains, wind
shield. Splitdorf magneto, rear view
mirror. s::i ck absorcers. good tires,
spare tire, tnree spare tubes, P estolite
;ank, too.s, etc. Cheap for quick sale.
Address 1". O. Box J. Harrisburg. Pa.
->NK Bradbur) upright piano, ebonised
case; just overaauied; cost s3.\">; now
Terms down. SI.OO per week.
AINTKU PIANO CO.. .3 N. Fourth St.
•'c l :SALi^ —Maich team road horses.
racier tired Jenny Land, ruober tired
surrey, both good as new; market w:ig
r. and six sits harness, .14 Lincoln
■treat. Steel ton. Pa. Bell phone OX or
FOR SALK —Mathewson S-cyl. 50 H. P.
Spec-vister. rims; good
running ,ondition. Will demonstrate,
ite.x Garage.
JNE Arioa upright piano, mahogany
case. condition;
fll ;•."•<•. iVrras J .cc down. SI.OO per
inek. \\ INT Kit PIATvO CO.. N.
i-out til St.
■"'OR SALK—High grade uprigiit piano,
used tour months, for sale at a sac
i::ce. Easy payments, if desired. Also
iiuall VU'tiola \>:ih recorus. Address
'.e>, care Sttr , 4iuMoindttiL
)NE Wet.sell piano, mahogany
case: good eonu.iton. cost $»-.•; now
1139.50. Ternu js.t>o down. SI.OO per
Ve-ek WINTER i. A.No CO., .'3 .N
"ourth St.
•OR SALE—Toledo scales: computing,
30 pounds capacity, drum shape
blue*, selling price 5 to 65 cents. Csed
>ut a short tia.e. v'ost $l4O. Will sac
itice. Inquire J. M. SIIATZER, oZv S.
■ixteenth St. Eell .^ivsj.
lli South Second str*tt. 5,000 gallons
iew Era Kuuf Mixed Paint, Acme
luality. All the faii line oi the Acme
r OU SALE—At GABLE'S, 111-UT South
second St., s,tcc sets new Sash, >xlo
12 L., primed and glazed, at 11.15 per
et. Also other sizes
Hardly an Improvement
Duncan's v.-.fe ha 1 the reputation of
oiug a tir- • e!r.:=s Whan Dun
an died his neighbors put a tonili
lone over his yrave, with the epitaph,
Asleep in I'cace.''
Widow Duncan was wild. It was
leant as a slant at her, and sue knew
was. It meant that she (lid no: let
im sleep in peace when alive.
The neighbors assured her that it ;
as not meant that way.
•"Then it ought to say so."
To please her they jjjt a stonecutter
i aid. "Wo all believe that he did
ave peace here —when lie slept."
Bill Burglar—"l ain't gonna rob
o poor lone woman, I ain't."
Mike Thief—'"What's de matter?
ettin' softf"
Bill Burglar—"Soft, nothin'. Them
me, helpless women's de kind dat half
ills ye and then sends you to jail."—
hiladelphia Ledger.
Wants I
, r W ANTE I l —-T, n thoroughly experienced
~ operators on power machines. ApplJ
JENNINGS XIKU. CO.. 414-U6 State St.
W AXT!"; 1 A druc clerk, Q. A. Addreei
eare Star-Injependen:.
,1 To Join our Pressing CUib —Your Suiti
I steamed and pressed ami kept ill shap«
i." for. one dollar a month (four suits a
.. ■ month). This Special Price is for six
t months only. See us now and save
money. Drop us a card and we will
| call. The :oth Century Cleaning and
Oyelng Works. 225 Market street, above
, Palace Confectionery, SAM AOEL
. s'l'EIN. Manager.
THOUSANDS of chauffeurs will ba
£ needed within three or four months,
[1 in the city of Harrisburg. for public
, laxicab service. Prepare yourself at
_ once Make application for training to
• Auto Transportation and Machine Shop,
5 and 7 North Cameron S;„ fiarrisburg,
h Pa. Full, unlimited course. $35. Both
, ; phones.
WANTED—Men prepare as firemen,
j, brakemeiu njotormen. colored porters.
Pennsylvania iaiiroaas. Experience not
' necessary. $»o lo sluo month. Write
• Inter Railway Dept. 101, Indianapolis,
' lnd.
Al'TO transportation school wants men
.' lo becoms practical chauffeurs and
earn sls to sluu per month. We give a
'• .uotough course in crude and practical
work tor $.!5.c0. No. » N. Cameron;
;h . . ; ,".,e : I lq.
YOI'NO MAN, IX years of age, wants
woik of any kind; not afraid of hard
, YOI'NO MAN. 21 years old. wishes to
v learn barber trade, or to work in
store. DALLAS MOW REV, P. O. Box
.I)Newville, Pa.
WOI'LD like pv>sition as janitor or ele
vatorman; well experienced; can fur
. nlsh best of reference. Call or address
x #o'.' Sarah St., City.
MACHINIST and draughtsman wants
situation, if not in own line, willing
. to ttike anything, can furnish best of
j reference. Address 3716. care Star-In
- MAN wishes work of any kind in store
y or restaurant; good education and
;. steady. Can give good reference. Ad
_ dress "N," IS2o Briggs St., City. Phone
' gj>sS W.
IOUNO WHITE MAN wishes a position
sawing, cutting and splitting wood
• by day or by hour. Writo or call to the
j | address 152 a Fulton St., City.
>' WANTED —$20 to $35 per month extra
money to any employed person wlth
• I out interfering with regular work. No
! selling. No canvassing. Positively no
investment. Unemployed need not ap
. ply. Address The Silver Mirror Co.. Inc.,
J 123 W. Madison St., Chicago, 111.
; like wildfire. We need more men
! and women to help distribute. Full
. I time or spare time. W hoiei.u;e Supply
t House. 25 North Third St.. top tloor.
WANTED—Experienced child's nurse,
at once. Apply to tile Superintendent,
i Harrisburg Club, Market and Front
WANTED—'I.eah Barry. 221 Yerbeke,
to whom two reserved tickets were;
awarded to-day. good for the evening
performance at Orpheum, March ...
; lt'ls. Call for tickets at Siar-iituepend- '
ent office before S p. m., .March .'v, ISIS,
or they will be forfeited.
WANTED Girls over 16,
years of age to learn cigar j
making. Paid while learn- :
ing. Apply at Harrisburg J
Cigar Company, 500 Race
j i
WANTED—W.ishing and ironing to do'
at home. Call cr write to 647 Wood
bine strtet.
BOOKKEEPER and stenographer, ex
perienced in general office work, <le
slres position. Kindly st;ite nature of
: ivcrk and salary. Address H. D. S., P.
O. Box _:5. Hill Station.
WANTED—Young white woman would
like washing, office le or work
jy the day. Apply 2017 Wallace St.
COLORED LADY wants work hy the !
week or by the day; can furnish '
good refeiencs. Apply 1130 N. Front I
; street.
MIDDLE-AGED LADY wants to keep
house for widower; no objections to '
children. Address 318 Briggs St. '
WANTED—Position as housekeeper for
widower by young woman who would
like to take child with her. Address
or call 7 Hoffer St., Steelton, Pa.
WANTED—Young lady wishes a posi- j
■ lior. as assistant matron or as attend
ant In an institution; experienced. Apply !
20:fi Green street.
MIDDLE-AGED colored woman would,
like to have day's work or cooking, i
I Apply at 2S Linden street.
WANTED—A young woman would like '
general housework or day's work, i
Call or address BEsiSIE BROWN. <IOOS
N. Third St. |
WHITE GIRL, would like position to do '
general housework. 31# Briggs. Can i
furnish city reference.
j work of any kind. Call or address i
■ I-' 5 Fulton Sc. City.
i WANTED—Young lady wishes general 1
housework; can give references. Ap- 1
j ply 1022 Market St., room 2.
j MIDDLE-AGED lady would like day's I
! work or offices to clean. Can give I
best of references. Call or address !
[1735 Fulton St., Harrisburg, Pa.
YOUNG W OMAN wants day's work of 1
; any kind; can give reference. Ad-
I dress or call 22 Aberdeen St.
i By sprinking tobacco during the cur
j ing with a 2 per eent. solution of citric
acid the free nicotine, which causes
'the "bite,'-' is eliminated.
>i PACKING—A. H. 3HHKXK. j. u .\ url(l
y Sixth street, rtrst cla:.s puck. ; iCi-
U 1 fljvf* * Wa oricu "
- WENKICII. ,;. D iiiuuiton street -
j rurniture, cUiu.i jua piuuo parkin*.
g looked <tfwr at ooth onus
'• i wt hauling. Ui li |thon«
a -
x ■ 1
e »
( IX)AN \\ AJOM£D—S3,OOO on ilrst niort
! tag. at o per cent., tfood investment.
- Address 3t13, care Star-lnueponucui.
0 FIUb-IMiOOK STORAGE warehouse, di
* viued into private rooms for storage
" of household goous. .New building. Low
Insurance. Inspection Invited.
_ I tjouth Second street. H.viCiUsi.v u .
( ' smttAui-; co.
' ana distributors of merchandfse ol u.l
ktnus, iuonipt and ellleiuiu service,
WjuuoUiv's un I'. K. K. and I*. & it
. trucks. .uONi'UOMDKV ,fc i_u„ i'eipiior
n Llliv, A cuui uelow Market M.
t MONEY TO IX)AN upon real estate se
curities in any anmounis and upon
any tetuis to suit the borrower. Ad
aiess f. U. box lii.
0 | ALL KIXDS ol razor blades roslKirpon
ii • ed; uiauc better man uv\v, saieiy,
* per doaen; Star, 15c; old style, uio; leave
orders Henry Gilbert A: Soils Hardware,
- »li> AlarKet street.
, PIANO moving by experts. WINTER
? PIANO CO., 23 N. i'ourtb St. Uali
\ u °- " e " f^one.
i; LOANS—ijio to S2OO
j for honest working people keeping
house. Kates less than legal. Pay
1 j ments weekly or monthly. No noti
! lieation of employer or friends.
, CO-OPEEATiVK L. oi 1. CO.
204 Chestnut St.
Authorized Capital, SIOO,OOO
"I ANT person needing money in amounts
1 from i 5 to |ao uoulliij; a salaried vo
lition, would be benetited by
' i on us. Employes' Discount Co..3ti Noi iu
> Third St.
ALL kinds of hauling: large two-ton
truck; furniture, pianos, freight, in
i the city and suburbs. Prices reason
able Picnic and pleasure trips, day or
. I evening. WM. H. DARE. 1453 Vernon
I St. Bell phone 351TJ.
Death and Obituary
LLSCI UK—On Friday morninjr. March
1!». 1915. Alice Mot tor Lescure, wife
| *»l William J. Lescure.
Funeral on Monday afternoon at 2
; o'clock, from her late residence, N.
: Second street. Relatives and friends are
j invited to attend without further no
i tice. Interment private.
JENKIX^—On Wednesday afternooi.,
March 17. 1915. Elsie Louisa Jenkins,
wife of Raymond C. Jenkins, at?ed li>
years, S months and 26 days.
Funeral on Saturday afternoon at 2
o'clock, from the residence of her moth
, er, Mrs. Louisa Lutz. No. 1343 Howard
' street. Relatives and friends are in
vited to attend without further notice.
| WEAVER—John S. Weaver died Wed
f nesday, March 17th, 1915, at his home.
I 205 Pine street.
Funeral services will be held at Zion
Lutheran church, Saturdav afternoon.
; March 20th. 1915, at 2.30 o'clock. In
j terment will be made in the Harrisburg
i Mrs. W. S. Steele, 1622 State street,
desires to express h*r grateful aj*pre-
I elation to the friends and neighbors,
I who so ably and kindly assisted her in
her recent bereavement.
and hold a salaried posi
tion, we can supply in
amounts from
$5 to SSO
Will take your plain
note. All transactions
36 N. Third St.
Licensed Soom 2 Bonded
Printed at this office- in best style, at
lowest prices and on short notice.
For f Sale on Terms to Suit
Located on Derry street, between 21st and 22nd streets, built for comfort
and convenience; wide paved street, excellent ear service. Home buyers
should not purchase before taking a look at this well loonted property.
It would take a whole pane to describe the reason why YOl should inves
e tifrate this proposition. All the information will be cheerfully given to you,
'» | when you come to inspect this extrordlnary opportunity.
- I Oprn for Inspection at all time*. ineliidluir Sunday. liALI. AT I*. VAX-
I DI'KI.OO, lliiilder, -119 DERHY STUHKT, or Third and State Street*,
! Mnsonie Temple lluildiiig.
V ■
I >
■ 1 Spots arc blemishes on the beauty of the fabric in your garment. Our
I business is to remove them and restore the garment to its original new-like
, I appearance. Bring your clothing to us and have ail soiled spots
Gentlemen, now is your chance to join our Special Pressing Club. Your
Suits Steamed and Pressed and kept in shape for One Dollar a Month
j (four suits a month). This special price is for six months only. Think of
it. only 25e a week to keep your suits in perfect shape. You save a dollar
by buying ticket. Prop us a card and we will call for and
- ' deliver free. All work guaranteed.
• 77? e 20fh Century Cleaning and Dyeing Works
[ 225 MARKET ST. (.above Palace confectionery) SAM. ADI.KSTEIN, Mgr.
| i —————n————————^—A— f
j >
For Rent
i Desirable offices in the
Union Trust Building.
Onion Trust Co.
;; V '
'/ 1 n
The Harrisburg Hospital
Requires a daily delivery of twelve
, gallons of the very best milk obtain
able. Must stand the scrutiny of a
i daily bacteriological examination.
What have you to offer? Address
the Superintendent.
Miss Lundeen and Mr. Stantloy Do a
Rare Bit of Dancing in "When
Dreams Come True"
There was an "aviation waltz"
given in the Majestic last evening by
Miss Peggy Lundeen and Frederick
Stanttey that was so decidedly dis
tinctivelv as to stand out conspicuous-
I *
1 lv as the most delightful feature of the
j dainty musical comedy," Whtfn Dreams
Come True." -n
j Often dances which are supposed to j
| lend the poetry of motion to something '
! that ordinary h'as motion without the <
; poetry, require a footnote on the pro |
i grain to tell just what they are meant ;
| to represent. Not so in the case of the j
! dance of Miss Lundeen and Mr. fcitant- j
j ley last night. Anybody could have j
j told, without a glaince at the printed !
woTds. that their dance was the |
i " waltz aviation."
With arms extended full length anil I
j with each other's finger tips touching, !
j the graceful jwiir literally soared about
| the stage, making their feet go in a
i way unmistakably suggesting the
i operations of the airship's engine.
! Their extended arms fell on one side
i as they rose on the other, indicating 1
the tilting of the aeroplane on round
! ing a sharp curve, and then shot
• straight up as the airship struck a di-
I rect course protected from squally
i winds.
It was a very clever bit of interpre
i tation, given in connection with a
j sprightly musical show with all the !
| familiar accompaniments of pretty j
j girls, catchy music and other clever
! dances.
Ban on Bulgarian Language
Sofia, Bulgarjui, March 19, by Way
of Berlin and London, 12.23 P. M.—
The Bulgarian news agency
that the Servian Minister of Kducation
has forbidden the use of the Bulgarian
language in private schools in an effort
to destroy every trace of Bulgarian cul
ture in the eountry.
Philadelphia, March 13.—Conditions
for three days, ending Wednesday even
ing:, March 17:
Beef Cattle—The current arrivals of
stock, which were very moderate, but
entirely ample, were principally the
Ohio. Kentucky and Pennsylvania
brands. Prices were keeping fairly
steady, but trade was dull and disap
pointing. Cows ruled easy and calves
were a fraction lower. Quotations:
Steers—Extras higher; average best.
sS.4of ( i 8.50; choice, $5.20®8.30; good.
Js.OOJi S.tO: medium, $7.50©7.75; com
mon, $7.00®7.2.">; bulls, $5.50®7.00; fat
cows, $4.75® 6.40; thin coivs, $3.25®
i 4.50: milch cows, common to choice, $45
I ©75; extra. SBS; veal calves, excep
tional lots, $11.00(811.50; good to choice,
$10.59® 10.75; medium. $8.00®9.00; roni
! mon, 56.00® 7.00; southerns and barn
, yards, 55.00®7.00.
Sheep and I.a nibs—TTnder light re
ceipts both sheep and lambs were priced
a shade stronger, demand being suffic
ient to work a clearance on all deslr
| able offering's. Should shipments in
crease, however, to any extent, values
would probably decline. Quotations:
I Sheep—
' I Wethers, extra $8.50(89.00
j Choice $8.00®8.50
1 . Medium $7Q0®7.50
Common $5,00®6.0fl
] Ewes, heavy, fat, $7.r>0®7.75
Extra sll.oo® 11.25
Oood to choice slo.oo® 11.00
Medium $9.00®
Common $7.00® 8.00
ITogs—Risid quarantining was affect
ing local trade considerably. Quotations:
$9.80® 10.00.
Steers, 10®13; heifers. cows.
Still; veal calves, 15®16; extra calves,
17: southerns and barnyards, 10012;
Jountry dressed. 13®14; extra, 16; sheep,
i 10011; extra wethers. 12; lambs. 15<sS
lib; extra lambs, 17; hogs, lOJj.
Philadelphia Produce Market
! Philadelphia, March 19.—Wheal high-
I er; No. 2 red spot, export, 15s>,i (j: Hi;! u;;
No. 1 northern, Duluth export, 166 Vi®
171 U.
] Corn higher; No. 2 spot, export, 77®
i 78; No. 2 yellow, local. SOV.'u SIV,.
! Oats higher; No. 2 white, 85%®66.
j Bran firm; winter, per ton,«?
' 29.50: spring, per ton, $26.00® 26.50.
I Refined sugars firm; powdered, 6.00;
I Ine granulated, 5.90; confectioners' A.
Butter weak: western creamery, ex
j tra. 284/29; nearby prints, fancy, 32.
! Eggs weaker; nearby Hists, free case,
i $6.00; current receipts, free ease, r..B fj;
j western extra firsts, free case, $6.00;
(lists, free ease, $5.85.
• Live poultry weaker; fowls. 16®17%;
; roosters, 11 % ® 12; chickens, 14017; tur
keys, 15017; ducks, 15016; geese, 12
@ 16.
Dressed poultry firm; fowls, fancy,
190 i 0; average, 16018%; unattract
ive, 14®15; old roosters, 14; broiling
chickens, nearby, 18(6)23; western, 14®
22; roasting chickens, 17020; turkeys,
fancy, 21(8 22; fair to good, 180 20;
ducks, 12018; geese. 10©14.
Potatoes steady; Pennsylvania, per
bushel, 50®5D; Maine, 45050: New York,
38(f< 43.
Flour weak; winter straights. 7.00®
7.25; spring straight, 7.2507.60; do., pat
ent, 7.5008.25.
Ilay weak; timothy, No. 1 large halts,
18^00; No. 1 medium bales, 17.50® 18.00;
! No. 2 do., 15.50® 16.50; No. u do., 14.U0W
, 15.00. Clover mixed light, 17.00017.50;
I No. 1 do,, 16.00016.50; No. 2, do., 14.50
Chicago Live Stock Market
Chicago, March 19.—Hogs—Receipts,
17,000; firm. Shade above yesterday's
average. Bulk, 6.75®6.85; light, 6.60®
6.85; mixed. 6.6006.95; heavy, 6.:i5®6 85;
rough. 6.35®6.50; pigs, 5.506*6.70.'
Cattle—Receipts, 2,000; slow. Native
steers, 5.808 i 8.65; western, 5.35@7 40;
cows and heifers, 3.2507.75; calves, 7.00
® 10.50.
Sheep—Receipts, 5,000; firm. Sheep,
7.10(88.15; yearlings, 7.850 9.15; lambs,