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    T wvwvwv f»*■ f ▼ T 'T'T *r y» w ¥TT»■«r » T T«i
JSjocvmanZ SKr JSo&m&nZ
► Call 1991—Any Phone Founded 1871 <! > '
; Eoerg Woman Can En jog a shorter Dag's i | Bowman's Annual March Embroidery :
I Wor£ By Purchasing a Hastings' ► Sell© StdftS T0~U10n"0W
' Kitchen Cabinet Through Our ' i ' And there ' s evidence aplenty that it will surpass even our own hopes, if price- ■
► 6 ' values, extensive assortments, and the very newness of patterns count for •
: HASTINGS* KITCHEN: anything :
V-# XX vXXLii V < ► You've no doubt been waiting for this event to step forth, especially if you have attended previous 4
A T\T r TTT r> < ► Embroidery Sales, and right here let us promise an even greater 1915 Sale than any before. '
► 1„/\fj f/ V JTj I ty/y iy / J < ► There's no need to quote details of how months of preparations have been spent, but the following J
„ w values will interest every woman, and we advise purchasing enough for one or two season's use. '
There is no need to worry along in a kitchen that § JL | It's a temptation to boast, when calling your attention to the beautiful patterns in blind and openwork J
: all in a jumble, because there is not enough room, or : : stitches ' an,i youasked 10 look over * Read: ~
► because things are scattered about. < ► 239 yards 15e Corset Cover 2 539 vapdg Embroidered 1 39c and 50c match sets of Swiss
"D„ _ AA dM AA TT7 11 ► Embroidery, at, yd., |Q C Swiss, Cambric and Longcloth Embroidery,at, vd.. 25c & 29c
► ray SI.OO Down ana SI.OO weekly ; ; Edges, 3to 5 inches wide; ev
► And secure a Hastings' Cabinet—the cabinet that surpasses all others in hand- « > i° **■ JL* S ™ sFl °™;
► iness, materials, construction and finish. <i Flouncings, _< inches wide, at, _S. cin S s beautiful, damtv pat
► m , , - ~. . ~ . . h vd - terns for children's dresses, at,
► The good of any kitchen cabinet is the work it saves a woman, and the * 1 <■ AD** v< i m
► cabinet that saves most is the best cabinet. We claim the Hastings to be the 4 ® '
► best cabinet made, and prove it two ways. First, the Hastings is an evolution. <! ► ~«>e «»d S9e Swiss Flouncings, A f
►lt was not made complete in a day, or in a year, but it grew year after year, <; ►27 inches wide—;just the thing Jj'4 l 45-iueh Embroidered Voile
[ feature by feature. Each new device grew out of some need of the housewife, " ► for children's dresses or com- Flouncings, in neat patterns, at,
|L and no feature was added till it was tested and proved a saver. The Hastings ' ► hinnti.m mnvns- hpantifnl Haintv vd. CI OH
L is the result of years of study of kitchen work and tests to find out the molt < - ""J**" *»*"»• Ixautihil I »1.00
L efficient labor saving devices. 4 ► patterns., at, jard, 59c ll * *•/
Final proof of the Hastings superiority is that its features have been < * i S2.IX) 45-inch Embroidery
widely copied; pracffically everything on any other cabinet can be traced back ]i ' 200 yards 75c and SI.OO All- 'AjSST Flouncings —blind work em
to the Hastings. But the imitations have always been poor makeshifts, and a 1 K over Embroidery, 22 inches ' broidered on batiste note
J year or so late, when the Hastings was devising still newer features. More- " ' wide; extra special, at. width, at, yd CI f)f)
over, many of the best features have been protected by patents, and to-day are * vd v^
on the Hastines alone. " " " ZOL 1
. j ► . <y 11. ' Minn Moor—UOWMA.N 8.
► The Hastings slogan is a Shorter Day's Work. Ask for particulars and < ► 1 ~
k demonstration. i ► ry « n ta j y
; ; ; rve-sLaster oale of Women s
: A Sale of Sheets, Muslins, Etc. :hj anc l Girls' Shoes
Good qualities that will make these low Bolster Cases at 29*—value :?8v: 42\72 • ®
priees even greater values for the eeonomieal inches. ; k • v i r •« •
; "T"' ife ' o , c, ""? c a f d , i !i ,bieache f si,«ttag. .t jh j At Less Than Half Usual Prices
Seamless Sheets, at 49f—value SiV; 6:>x " i'** y d - —value cambric, sott finish; <!| j
;»o and 81x90 inches. » ki inches wide. j ust 1707 pairs of women's and young girls' dependable shoes
Seamed Sheets, at 35o— value MV : size 72 SpCCtcll of Sheeting < > r~r y —go on sale to-morrow at ridiculously little prices.
' X a Bl , 10l A remarkable brand that wears and washes 'j > Jjl l\ / / \\ The shoes are in every way p>rt'ect and ot' excellent quality; the
i.>vT; - M>lue I- -o: si/cs especially well; excellent for sheets, pillow i i > // / \ '\ \Vx \ styles are desirable and the various lots contain all sizes.
j n 1 -.0, slips and bolster eases. < j 1/j \ Vv _ There are low shoes, pumps aid Colonials, and high shoes ill both
: J- wdted amlin " lafk - ta " im " w " ite
I ! H3£:;i?S : ! j> SI.OO for the $2.50 Grades
I '■■■■ ; : : *JnmV l - 29 for the SS.OO Grades
j $1.49 for the $3.50 Grades
! ► No shoes will be exchanged, s lit (A O. 1).. or on approval during
I ! ► ~ this sale.
! | y Third FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
u Embroidered
; and Scalloped
!; Pillow Cases, a
| : 33c each Regular Prices
j y "N lien folks are preparing to beautify the home, or make certain
'► Very Special rooms distinctive, this offering will find a welcome. (
L Each rug was selected for its own particular beauty, and besides '
! ► Made from seamless tubing; those mentioned, are other choice designs and qualities at proportion
; > sizes 42x36 and 45x36. Sheets ate
I k Serapi at 9213.30—va1ue $319.96; Mossoul, at value $33.00;
I to match at $1.95 each. size 13.2x9.5. size 5.1 iy 2 x3.4. 11
Main Floor BOWM \N'S Mohal, at $133.34 —value $200.00; Mossoul, at $16.00 —value $24.00;
size 10.8x8.6. size 5.11x3.10.
► ———————— Serapi, at sl97.7o—value $296.56; Mossoul, at s2o.oo—value $30.00;
, m v\ 9 size 12.2x9.9. size •).7^>x3.B.
. Tempting Prices on B^S8 a i* 156 - 14 - v ""' jfsss&s *»»,
y Iran, at s3o.67—value $46.00; size Mossoul, at sl9.42—value $29.40;
► Spring W2II Papers MOMOUI, at s23.34— value $35.00; M Mossoul, <- at s2o.oo— value $30.00;
► size 3.41/0x6.8. . s i Z o 2.10i/ 2 x5.10y 2 .
' Wall Papers suitable for all rooms; Gabistau, at $20.00 —value $30.00; Mossouf, at $18.95 —value $27.00;
cut out borders ami matched combina- s i ze 3.4x2.10. size 5.3x3.2.
i k tions: pood selection of our newest ar- . Ca Q ra 7 d J a ' at $44.00-value $66.00; Mossoul, at $22.00-value $33.00;
r 11 .0- „* „ iiu size 9 -' x2 - 8 - size 6.21/0x3.3V 2 .
. rivals; values up to 2oc roll. Roll, 10r „ ..
1 ► v Fourth FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
y Wall Papers—for chambers —satin :
: :;^i^r^ , sr de!igns!va '- a Small Lot of Imported Noveltg
i ;
Paper hanging and contract work , ( onsistin ß, - i
! *■ , * .. 'ass« i» excellent weight for spring and summer skirts. Jf bought in the regular ,
y given prompt attention. wa y would sell for $2.00 and $2.50 yard.
y Fourth Floor —BOWMAN'S. Mnin FIoor—BOWMAN'S.
Charles Griffith and Miss Emma Diet
ter Wore Married Wednesday
ait . il <'or: <?si>ondence.
Dun. aunoa. March 16—Orville O.
Reed, formerly oi this plae, now of
E.izab :h. N. ,1.. was the guest of re!-
■.<: • - ■' Sunday.
t narlts W. Griffith, of Penu town
« . :n M;s> Emma Dietter. of West
c berg, Germany, were united in mar
.age at Hagerstown, Md., by the Rev.
- anger Kieffer.
Mr. and Mrs. George liinkel and
V, lliaai E. Miller, of Hershev. were
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
M 'iii • r over Sunday.
A- er Miehenur, of Marysville,
s . 'lit > ii lav with friends.
M ». -lenn'.e McCoy has returned
::ttcr an extended visit with friends
ii Harrisburg.
Miss Mac Sm.;h entertained the
school teachers of Penn township on
Saturday evening.
Mrs. • arrie Jeffers. of Xewport, vis
ited friends here last week.
Mr. anil Mrs. Alfred Collins, of
West Virginia, are spending a few
weeks with friends here. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Walter, of
Xew York City, and Mr. and Mrs. A.
K. Kettering, of Amnville, motored to
Rub Pain Right Out
WithSmallTrial Bot
tle of Old "St.
Jacob's Oil"
Rheumatism is '.'pain only." Not
one case i.-i fifty requires internal
treatment. Stop dragging. Rub sooth
ing. penetrating "St. Jacob's Oil" right
into your sore, stiff, aching joints and
muscles, ami relief comes instantly.
"St. Jacob's Oil" is a harmless rheu
matism cure which never disappoints
and cannot burn the skin.
Limber up! complaining! Get
a small' trial bottle of old. honest
'*St. Jacob's Oil" at any drug store, and
in just a moment you'll be free from
rheumatie pain, soreness, stiffness and
swelling. Don't suffer! Relief awaits
you. "St. Jacob's Oil" has cured mil
lions of rheumatism sufferers in the
last half century, and is just as good
for scintica, neuralgia, lumbago, back
ache, sprains.—Adv. I
r ——- ■ ■
this place on Sunday and were the
gU'-ts o! J. W. Mader and family.
Mrs. T. Cummings, of Harrisburg,
was a recent visitor at the home of
Mrs. Martin Cotnp, on Ann street.
The 6-month-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel Bender, is ill of pneu
Mrs. Prink K'ine. of Philadelphia,
has returned from a visit among
I frimsds here.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Mutzebaugh
were guests of friends at Xewport on
A. O. Zcrting purchased a two pas
senger auto at Lancaster Saturday.
AN. L. Both well was sur
prised on Monday evening when a
number of friends gathered at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Bothwell to
, celebrate the former's birthday.
Special Services in the Presbyterian
Church During the Week
1 Correspondence.
Milierstown. March 16.—The "Rev.
i H. W. Wannshins, of Port Royal, will
| preach four evenings this week at the
' special services in the Presbyterian
■ church.
•lames Roun<jley was a visitor in
i Newport on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. C-. C. Page spent Bun
i day in Harrisburg, with Mr. and Mrs.
H. W, Shoemaker.
Mrs. Annie England, of Covington,
Va., is visiting her cousin. Mrs. Annie
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Bollinger were
in Harrisburg on Saturday.
Mrs. John Beasom. Altoona, was a
recent visitor in town.
Mrs. Rankin CaJdwell, of Mercere
burg, is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. H. Ulsh.
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Darr Give Sur
prise for Daughter
So*"!a! Orr^soonHpnc*.
West Fairview, March 16.—A sur
prise miscellaneous shower xvas given
by Mr. and Mrs. John F. Darr at their
home in South Enola on Saturday even
, ing. in honor of their Mrs.
Charles F. Houser, who was recently
married. The evening was spent pleas
antly and refreshments were served to
the following: Misses Lillian Rupley,
Helen Kuatzelman, Ruth Starner, Ma
bel Miller. Pearl Ilarro, Margaret Len
-1 l;er. Pearl Lebo, Vera Myers. Julia
Durburrow, Evelyn Lenker,* and Edith
Darr; Coover Smith, Freeman Mfcßeth,
Earl E. Richard, Wilmer Burkepile,
•James Durburrow, Francis Durburrow,
Harold Houser, Roy Darr, iMervin Darr,
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Darr, Mr. an>i' Mrs.
H. F. Darr. Mr. an«l Mrs. E. P. Shamp,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lenker, Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Houser, Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
Durburrow. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.
Houser and Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Darr.
A social and supper was held by the
following young people at the home of
Melvin Holmes on Saturday evening:
Misses Florence Bretz, Dorothy Shaffer
and Jennie Boley; Milton tiroes, Charles
j Glessner, Irid Givier and Henrv Wal
Mrs. C. P. Xebinger, of Shiremans
town, an-i Mrs. Rudolph Kaley, of Me
chanicsburg, wore guests of the United
Brethren parsonage Sunday.
C. C. Killheffer. Mr. and Mrs. 0. K.
Eshenauer Mrs. Edward Kutz, Mis<
Ruth Shettel, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Gladfelter and Mr. and Mrs. S. 11. Xeid
ig attended the Sunday school conven
tion at Mechanh sburg.
Mrs. F. l>. Luse tramped upon a nail
so as to run it through the shoe into the
foot causing an ugiy wound. Dr. 11. B.
Basehore was called and administered
Twenty-nine persons attended the
prayer meeting at George Rhiver's on
Saturday evening.
Mrs. L. B. Cranford and Mrs. N'oah
Hippie visited .1. Forrest Cranford at
Penbrook Sunday.
I). W . Shettei was at Camden 011
The Rev. E. D. Keen Preached His
Pare well Sermon Sunday
Special Correspondence.
Lenioyne, Marrii 16.—Mrs. , Robert
I'rive and two children, Katharine and
Payton, have left for Winchester, Va.,
where they have been called through
the illness of Mrs. Price's father.
An infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Elder died at their home, East
Hummel avenue, on Sunday afternoon.
The Rev. E. D. Keen preached his
last sermon in the Evangelical church
on Sunday evening preparatory to tak
ing up his new pastorate at Wrights
ville, York county.
Calvin Strayer has returned from a
ihree weeks' visit in York countv near
Mrs. Roy Hoffmau and mother. MTS.
Deardorff, of near Barren s ('hutch.
York county, have returned from a
brief visit to Spring Grove, York coun
ty, called there <by the illness of the
latter's brother.
The graduating class of the High
school held a parcel post sale in the
firemen's hall on Saturday afternoon
and evening.
Isaac Baer, of Denver, Colorado, is
visiting his sisters, Mrs. Jqnas Smith
and Mrs. George Zeigler.
Harry Slothower, a student at Al
bright College, is visiting his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Slothower, AVest
Humane! avenue.
Lutheran Joint Council Sets August 21
for Annual Reunion
Special Correspondence.
Fisherville, March 16.—Miss iTene
Enders, of Huntingdon, visited her fa
ther of near town, last week a few
Mrs. Catharine Bixler left last Sat
urday for Harrisburg where she will
spent some time with her daughter.
TTie Lutheran joint council of the
Fisherville charge, at a meeting held at
Enders, decided to hold a Lutheran re
union on August 21. They will secure
the Tressler Or hans' Home band to
furnish the music for the day.
The revival in the U. B. church was
closed la«t Wednesday night.
iMrs. James Meckley and daughter,
Annie, visited at Harrisburg and Enola
over Sunday.
Mrs. G. W. Keiter is visiting in Ly
kens Valley.
Mr. Lehr and wife, of Lvkens, were
in town last week.
Scrvkes in the Lutheran churches for
Sunday are as follows: Preaching here
at 10 a. m.; Enterline at 2 p. in., by the
pastor, the Rev. J. P. Stanley.
Mrs. Busseil 'Prank and daughter,
Kathleen, are spending some time with
friends at Harrisburg.
The shirt factory is still closed on
account of having no orders.
Executors of the G. W. D. Enders
estate will sell the real and personal
goods at public sale April 3.
Mr. Klinger, of Williamstown, was in
town on Saturday calling on his busi
ness friends.
Nine Licenses Are Refused
Kittanniug, Pa., March 16.—Judge
King han<ded down the decisions of the
Armstrong county liquor License Court
yesterday. He granted 45 applicants,
refused nine and held one over.
U. B. Missionary Society Mite Boxes
Contain SIOO.OO
Spe -lal CorrespondencH.
Halifax, March 16.—The mite boxes
of the Woman's Foreign Missionary
Society of the U. B. church on Sun
'day it w'as announced that the total
receipts for the year were $160.<50.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Dunkel, of Luck
now, spent Sunday at the home of his
Bister, Mrs. Isaac 11. Bowman.
The Schell property on Market
street was sold at public sale on Satur
day afternoon to Barnard HoffmankJ
Enterline, for SB6B. 1
Miss Annie Clentinnock, of Harri
burg, spent Sunday with her »ist«
Mrs. George Schroyer.
Mrs. Lillie Stailey, of Liverpo<
spent Sunday at the home of her at
Homer Stailey.
Mr. and Mrs. C. X. Louden, of M
lersburg, spent Sunday at the home
Mrs. Emma Hess.
In labor, as in life, there ean be
cheating. The thief steals from hi
self. Tlies windier swindles himself.-