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    Washing Won't Rid
Head of Dandruff
the only sure way to pet rid of dan
druff is to dissolve it, then you destroy
it entirely. To do this, get about four
ounce* of ordinary liquid arvon; apply
it at night when retiring; use enough to
moisten the scalp and rub it in gentl>
with the finger tips.
Do this to-night, and by morning
most if not all of your dandruff will be
goue. and three or four more applica
tions will completely dissolve anil en
tirelv destroy, every single sign and
trace of it. no matter how much dau
draff you tnav have.
You will find, too, that all itching
sod digging of the scalp will stop at
once, and your hair will be fluffy, lus
trous. glossy, silky and soft, and look
and feel a hundred times better.
You can get liquid arvon at any drug
store. It is inexpensive and never fails
to do the work. —Adv.
Th« Bev. F. J. 8. Morrow Assisting at
Tower City Services
Special Correspondence.
spent several days at Philadelphia,
Camden ami Hammcnton. N. J.
Elmer Fewer is at Washington,
D. C. „ .
The Rev. F. .1. S. Morrow, pastor of
the Methodist Episcopal ehurvh. is as
sisting at the revival service at Tower
Mrs. \Y. F. Reed and Mrs. David
Carman spent Thursday with Mrs.
Charles Clouser at Marysville.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hawk, ot Bel
aire. lowa, spent Sunday with Mrs. B.
F. Thompson.
R. A. Simmous, of Pottsville, was in
town. Tuesday.
Daniel Hcibias has moved from I>au
phin to Green Hill.
Mrs. Margaret Fertig has returned
from a visit tc her daughter. Mrs. John
E. Putt, at Harrisburg.
Jacob Conrad spent Sunday at Wil
liam sport with his daughter, Mrs. The
odore Lannert.
Mrs. Charles E. Shaffer spent Tues
dav and Wednesday with her mother.
Mre. W. NY. Davidson, at Harrisburg.
The Mite- Society of the Methodist
Episcopal church will hold a sauerkraut
supper in I. O. O. F. Hall to-morrow
afternoon and evening. Ice cream,
c&ke and home-made candy will also
be on sale, „
Mrs. Lincoln Ream, of Fort Huuter.
(••■••eot Tuesday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. D. Beiuter.
Pupils of Wlcoaisco Schools Entertain
ed By Oeorge Bardman's Family
Special Correspondence.
Curtin. Feb. 19. —Isaac Werner, of
Millersburg, called on friends at Mat
terstown. on Monday.
Miss Florence Cooper, of Paxtang,
and Miss Helen Cooper, of Elizabeth
ville. spent a few days at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Schreffler.
D. D. MafteT, who visited his sister,
who is ill in Clinton county, has return
Earl Raker, of Elizabethville, visit
ed at the home of 1. A. Schreffler re
I. H. Sohreffler and Willis Cooper,
made a trip to Elizabethville the other
Twenty-four of the pupils of the
Wiconisco schools enjoyed a ride to the
home of George Eardman and family on
Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ulsh made a trip
to Gratz and Elizabethville, Tuesday.
The Holtzman school was closed last
Friday because of the burial of John
Willis Cooper visited his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J>hn Cooper, at Eliza
bethville, on Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Isaiah Sehreffler and Hattie
Schreffler spent Sunday afternoon at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Narhaniel
Mrs. Henry Werner entertained a
number of her neigMwrs at a quilting
party on Tuesday, i
William Sharlock. a cigar manufac
turer. of Now York City, and Nathaniel
Buffington, of Elizabethville. visited at
the home of I. H. iSehreffler. on Tues
Henry Werner and Roecoe Klinaer
made a trip to Harrisburg on Tuesday.
Daniel and Michael Sehaffer'e hire
lings. Theodore and James Martin, left
for their home on Tuesday afternoon.
Henry Werner assisted C. Is". Miller
in butchering on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McFadden Visiting
at New Orleans
Special Correspondence.
Halifax, Feb. 19.—Mr. and Mrs. W.
J. Mc-Fadden are spending some time
at New Orleans and other Southern
Mrs. W. J. Dunn, of Harrisburg,
is spending some time with her mother.
Mrs. C. B. Wilkert-
A. H. Prenzel is spending a few days
this week at Washington. D. C.
C. C. Bender left yesterday for Mil
ford. Mass., to visit his grandchildren.
Rav. Ralph and Nellie Callahan.
August Newbaum. of Halifax R. D.
No. 1. was in town on business Wed
Mrs. Fred Smeitzer, of Sunburv. spent
Tuesday at the home of her brother,
Harry O. Chubb.
Mrs. Elizabeth Jones Goes to Altoona
to Beside "With Her Son
Sp- :ii Cc-r-esponileno-.
Millerstown, Feb. 19.—Mr. and Mrs.
William -tones, of Altoona. spent Sun
day at the home of Jaroe* Shotsberger.
Miss Jean Thon»[»son. of New Buffa
lo, spent several days with her eousin,
Miss Edith Rounslev.
The Rev. Mr. Deavor. of Mifflin,
preached in the Methodist church on
Sunday morning and administered sac
riment. He was a former pastor of this
Miss Helen Rouneley spent Sunday
in Thomfisontown.
Mrs. Elizabeth Jones has gone to
Altoona, to reside with her son in that
Emory Fry has returned home from
a trip to New York City and Philadel
Mr. and Mrs. James Rounsley spent
the week-end in Altoona, with their
son. Iceland, and family. '
Mrs. Lewis Ulsh entertained some
friends at her home on Tuesday even
ing in honor of her husband's birth
Mrs. H. W. Rinehart entertained her
sister, Mrs. George Kinter, of Dauphin,
on Sunday.
Mrs. Laura Carter was in Harrisburg
on Tuesday.
Harry Kepner, of Allentown, spent
| several days with his father, L. H.
Mrs. John Harris has been seriously \
■ ill this week.
Mrs. Melvin Beamer, of Altoona,'
| visited her sister, Mrs. Martha Pretz,
: this week.
' Sunday School Classes Will Hold an
"Alphabet Fair"
if Special Correspondence.
Marysville, Pa., Feb. 19. —Mrs.
Shakespeare and Mrs. YanCamp'sj
classes of the Methodist Sunday school •
■ will hold an "alphabet fair" in Dia-j
j moii.i hall on Saturday. Home-made ar- I
tides as well as refreshments will be
on sale.
The revival in the Church of God'
will be vonf.nued. The revival has
been conducted bv the Rev. Charles
A. Parson for the last seven weeks. !
A pleasant party of Marysville 'a |
younger set was held last evening in i
W iiite's hall. The evening was pleas
j antlv spent in playing games. Refresh
ments were served. Harrisburg guests
i were present.
The following program will be rcn- :
■ dered at the Teachers' Institute of |
| Marysville and Duuvannon boroughs i
: and Penti. Rye aud Whea;field town-1
ships wfiich will be held in the Marys
j ville Hijyh school room:
Saturday Morning. 9.3o—(Music, in
j stitute: devotional, the Rev. C. A. Par
; sou; address of welcome, Ira S. Brinser;
i selection, orchestra: "Initiative in Edu
: cation. ,Tohn Walkey; ''Teacher and
Tort Baok." Alma Pennel; "Co-opera
! tiou in School Work." Ray Davis;
"Teaching Literature in the Grades,"
'-Margaret Roseboruugh; "Number!
Work in the Primary Grades," Eflie |
Bell: '' Number Work in the Primary!
Grades, Lena Hollai*i; " Physical i
Welfare of the Child." Stella Hench; I
reading. "What Shall We Teach."
Sara Swisher; reading, "Methods of |
Teaching," Ruth Fenical; "Busy
Work tor Primary Grades," Helen
Hain;" "Current Event in the
Graues. < hattie Geib; selection, or
chestra: " W no Is Responsible for the
Welfare of the Child?" Mae Sipith;
Introduction to Beginners," Cathe'riue
Hamilton; Iris-lory. •• What Shall We
Teach f" Margaret Myers: historyi
,"Methods of Teaching," Gertrude
Hammaker; "Primary English," Spon
, sler Shearer; selection, orchestra.
Saturday Afternoon. I.2o—(Music,
| High school; "Value of Little
Things," Nancy Bitner: "The Ques
j tion, Edith Mader; "Personal Pow-'
, er." Kinser Shearer; "'Mistakes in j
Teaching, .larvey Rodgers: redtation.
, Bertha Harding: selection, orchestra: !
I address. Superintendent D. A. Kline; j
j as an Incentive to General
Education." Josephine George: "In- !
| eentives. Esther Seohrist; "Written 1
(Composition,"'' Earl Haas; •• School
Room Decoration," Alma Charies: 1
"How Can We Make School-Like I
.School Life?" Maria Coofer: "Essen- j
tials of a Good School," William
j Kines; selection, orchestra: "School
Room Wastes." Tirzah Lepperd; i
Methods of Tea'hing Primary Geog
raphy. Lmise Achenbach; address, j
, ' Home and School Relationship,'* p.
i if - Harhold, principal Millersville Nor
j mal: finale, orchestra.
Methodist Brotherhood to Celebrate An
niversary Monday Evening
Sp'c.'al Correspondence.
Williaaistown, Feb. 19.—The Broth
erhood of the Methodist Episcopal
j church will celebrate its first anniver-'
sarv in the assembly room of the
church Monday evening when an ex
cellent program will be rendered and
the members banqueted. A street pa
rade of members of the organization
will take place before the program of
the anniversary celebration takes place.
Charles Coles, associate editor of the
Lykens "Standard," was a town vis
itor Tuesday.
Bryant Ralph entertained the Phi
Delta Tbe>ta Club at his home on West
'Market street Tuesday evening. The
members are: Thomas "Bond. Jr..
*. carles Straub. Robert Fasold. George
Bond, Weldon Watkins Bryant Ralph
i and McKinley Wagner.
The Rev. j. C. Fasold returned from
a visit at iHarriaburg.
A musftval program was rendered to
I a large aadience in the United Evan
gelical church.
A dance was held in Shadle's hall
! Tuesday evening under the auspices of
! the athletic association,
i _ Amos Lebo, of Harrisburg, spent the
I forepart of the week in town.
Russell Haller, of Harrisburg. is
I visiting his parents, »MT. and Mrs. Ben
jamin lHailer.
Program of Services to Be Held in the
Churches Sunday
! Special Correspondence.
New Bloomfield, Feb. 19.—The usual
monthly union preaching service will be
hold in the Presbyterian church next
j Sunday at 7.30 p! m. The Rev. Harrv
1 Boyer, pastor of the United Brethren
■ church, will deliver the sermon.
Mrs. John R. Adams is visiting her
daughter, Miss Grac« Akiams, a sofcoal
j teacher, at <Camden, N. J.
The regular sacramental service will
be held in the Presbyterian next Sun
day at 10.30 a. m. The usual eomtnuni
cant's preparatorv- service will be held
on Saturday aiternoon at 3.30 o'elock.
Selling Medicines at Half Price Under
Guarantee of Cure
After two months of remarkable
sales. H. C. Kennedy, the enterprising
druggist, says that his plan of selling
at half price the regular 50-eent size of
Dr. Howard's specific for the cure of
constipation and dvspc|>sia, and guaran
teeing to refund the money if it does
not cure, has been the greatest success
' he has ever known.
Anyone suffering with dyspepsia, con
stitution, liver troubles, headaches, diz
ziness, coated tongue, or the general
tired feeling, caused by inactive liver
and bowels or disordered digestion,
should take advantage of H. C. Ken
nedv's new departure and buy a bottle
of Dr. Howard's specific at half price,
with his personal guarantee to refund
I the money if it does not cure.—Adv.
ATLANTA. 3H i>. fcijh
WHITBY. »X tm. hi*
tht2S KM OmU. PhM * r«„ be. Mafen
1 ;
Mrs. Henry Fleisher is visiting in j
Mrs. Helen Darliivjtjn has been vis !
iting her cousin. Miss Mabel Darling-1
ton, at L'wistoAU.
Mrs. W. F. H. Garber lias bee i
speuding the past week with her daugh
ter, Mrs. K. R. Kurtz, at Miffliwburg.
Miss Theresa Miller spent Wednes
day in Harrisburg as a guest of her j
brother, David Miller.
The New Bloomfield Literary So-1
ciety, ecmpesed of New BloomrieM'?
business men, debated on tlie "Right
and Wroug of the present European :
i War.''
Ladles' Sewing Circle Attends Liter-'
ary Society Meeting at Blain
Special Con
New Germantown, Feb. 19.—The |
| Rev. T Gibson preached a fine ser- !
mon Sunday evening.
The Ladies' Sewing Circle attended'
the Literary Society meeting at Blain j
held by the pupils of the High school.'
Samuel B. Trostle is serioiftly ill j
fiom heart trouble.
Mrs. William Willhide and son. Rus
sell, of Baltimore, came here last week
,to visit tihe former's sister, Nellie :
Johnston, whe has beeu suffering fot
I months from tuoere.ilosis.
M,r. and Mrs. Charles Watt and
I sou, of Marysville, came here last Fri- |
j day to visit the former's sister. Lydia,
i who is seriously til.
James A. Noel aud son. William A. j
! Noel, attended the School Directors',
meeting in Harrisburg and the Perry
county School Directors' meeting in
New Bloouifield.
Harry Sanderson, brakeman on the
N. & S V. railroad, who had his leg ;
broken some time ago in Newport, is j
convalescing rapidly.
Russell Swart/, went to Harrisburg,
and will probably ' isit his brothers in I
the West before he returns.
Mrs. Homer Kell, who spent several,
i weeks with frieuds iu 'Harrisburg and ;
attended the funeral of Mrs. Drum
good in York, has returned home
The M. E. church members will hold
a festival iu Snyder's hall, the proceeds
I to be devoted to the pastor's salary be
: fore conference.
Ira C. Morrison, expert butcher, has j
j killed 245 fine hogs for the farmerj
this season and also a number of
I beeves. He is now hauling lumber
j from the saw mill to the station.
A number of our young women
I about March 1 will go to try the reali
j ties of western life ip lowa and l olo
) rado. where, it is said, work is easier
i and more money cin be commanded.
Annual Social Given Last Evening by
the Knights of Malta
- " "■
Middletown, Feb. 19. —Mrs. Sherman
Hawthorne, of Harrisiburg, spent Thurs
j day afternoon in tjwn as the guest of
the Social Circle.
Clarence Davis will go to housekeep
ing in the house vacated by William
, Arnold, South Wood street.
Miss Beatrice Lereh is seriously ill
\ at her home in Royaiton.
, The annual social held by the
Knights of Ma'.tas last evening way
largely atteitl and the Rev. Fjllyr
ißergstrfS;-er delivered the ad ires*. Aft
er the business ot the eveni.ig \VJ;
transacted a stcia! 1 '-ir was heid and
refreshments were served.
Mrs. Frank Henry and two ch'ldrcn.
: of Chambers )urg, are visiting Mr. a id
Mrs. George C-irr, i?jutn Wood street.
The funeril of the la:e Edward :
Fletcher will be he ' frcm St. Mary's
i Catholic church on Men ay morning
and Father Hc.vard will olHcitte. Iu
1 terment will be in the Latholie ceme-i
i tcry.
The masquerade held in the- Luna
j Rink last evening was largely attended.
Four hundred and niueteen admission
j tickets were -:old an,l 205 skattrs neie
on the floor. The four prize winners
for the $2.50 gold pieces were Mi-s
Eva Durbc.ow, ct' Ilar.l.'jurg. 'or#
i drersed lady; Jennie Lervh. most comic
lady: Fred Botts, best dressed nun;!
•John Lutz. moit csmic man. The judges
were Mrs. Jc<o[ii Gottshall. Mrs. E. C.
and Mi s Mabel Kurtz and H.,
Hess, Jr., T. O. E'kenrode and Har.y l
] Fenical.
The regular meeting cf the Literary
I Society cf the Grammar school was
j held this afternccn. very int:r
esting subjects were discussed Vn Lin-|
- coin and Washington.
The borough council met in special
session W'e.Lnesilay evening in regard*
to the car company closing L:wrenoo
street. The main discission was to j
, leave an opening fjr workingmen a,
i quite a number get off the cars at th.v
' jioint. The ear company agreed to the
proposition until the weather permi.-
ted the work to be begun, alter whic't
the street will be Hose I for gac I.
Erisman. Kic;' s aud Hipph
were appointed as a committee to icok
up the matter and ro,>o l at the nex:
meet ng e<f council.
Furie Manfred and Mass Kathrvn
McGarvey. riot!) of town, were united
in marriage at the St. Mary's
, eburch on Wedneiiciy afternoon at
4.30 o'clock by Father Howard. After,
! < he wedding a supper was served at ihe t
j home of the bride's mother. Mrs. An
nie McGarvey, Lawrence street. The
couple will make their home with the I
bride's mother.
Dr. J. F. Blet-her has returned home
from a business trip to Philadelphia.
Mrs. Jacoh Em'bick moved trom the
Embick property, on Scath Union
«?treet, to the Lutz property en Swat
ara street.
Funeral of Mrs. Alex. McLaughlin Held
Wednesday Morning
; Special Correspondence.
Elizabethville, Feb. 19.—The funer
-1 al of Mrs. Alex. McLaughlin was held
Wednesday morning, the Rev. C. P
Wehr officiating. After brief sen-ices
at the house, the remains were taken
to Enterline, where services were held
I in Bowerman's church and the burial
: made. Mrs. McLaughlin was a faith
| ful member of Salem Reformed church.
The survivor* ai* her husband, one
daughter and four sons, Mrs. Charles
Yerges, Carsonville; Curt in C., Eliia
bethville; Harry, Dietneh; John, prin
cipal of schools at Westfleld, N. J„
and Robert, Enola.
Clarence Zeiglfr and his bride vis
ited Mr. and Mrs F. W. Riegle on Sun
day. They were married at Hagers
town, Md.. last week. The bride was
, formerly Miss Winnie Riegle. They
will be at home at Mechanicaburg.
The postoffice at this place has been
moved into the Daniel building and
dte postmaster and his assistant have
more room and when settled will be
aide to handle the mails promptly.
Mrs. H. H. Weaver is spending the
I week with her daughter, Mrs. A. .Ross
( man, at Montgomery.
Mrs. John Shaffer, of Treverton, was
the guest of her sister, Mrs. Isaiah
i Romberger, Tuesday.
I John Rush is spending a month's va
cation at Hegins and Spring Glen.
The Rev. J. S. FaruswortJi will
■ preach his farewell sermon in the Evan
gelical church on Sunday evening and
"ill attend the annual conference at
Reading next week.
i Reno, the magician, will entertain in
| the school auditorium February 27.
Miss Nellie Bufthigton spent a week
at Washington, D. C.
Mrs. Hiram Schram will spend the
balance of the winter with her daugh
ter. Mrs. C. M. Hoffman. Philadelphia.
Miss Jennie Kessler, of Millheim. is
the guest of her sister at Hotel Snyder
Prof. Hohgatt to Give Concert In Tab
ernacle This Evening
I .Special Correspondence.
Mechanicsburg, Fob. 19.-\lt is now
fully decided that Evangelist Miller
will preach liis last sermon in the tab
ernacle on Sunday evening, at which
| time a farewell service will be held.
\ ery vigorous efforts are being made
to organize a Young Men's Christian
Association in this place, and indica
: tions are that they will be successful.
This evening Prof. Hohgatt, of the
Miller party, will give a concert in the
I tabernacle. He has requested that
I not only the regular tabernacle choir,
but all who have assisted the choir or
substituted at any time and all orches
j tras who have assisted shall be pres
ent this evening and help swell the
i songs. Miss Jane Ra«. of Irving Got
. lege faculty, will give several read
On the evening of February 24 the
Washington, Rescue and Citizens' Fire
< Companies, of this place, will go to
1 Dillsburg to attend the fair of the I
.Citizens' Pire Company at that place.
The Bibic class of St. Mark's Lu
theran church held a social last even
i ing at the home of Mr. aud Mrs. Frank
| Roudymaker, West Simpson street
Our Sunday schools are represented
; in the tri-eounty Sunday school insti
; tute, which is in session in Carlisle.
Mrs. Harry McCartney, of Carlisle,
was the guest of her cousin, Mrs. R.
Wilson Hurst, West Main street, the
I early part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Xesibit, of
Philadelphia, have been called here by
the illness of Mr. Xesbit's parents. Mr. j
! and Mrs. J. C. Xesbit, West Simpson
Mrs. Myers, of East Berlin, is visit
ing her sister. Mrs. Andrew Stambaugh,
South York street.
Teachers Attend Institute and Scholars
Get Short Vacation
®pe<-int for »«i'r,niieiiCr
New Cumberland, Feb. 19. —The
Rev. A. R. Ay res, pastor of Trinity U.
B. church, was in York to-day, where
he had charge of the funeral of Fred j
prick Pcmraning, who died very sud-j
denlv on Tuesday.
The regular monthly meeting of the I
Sunshine Guild will be held Monday
afternoon, February 22, at the Council!
chamber. Fifth and Bridge streets,
yfromptly at 4 o'clock. The president
r urges ail members to be present.
The Sunday «<*hool class of Mrs. W.'
' 'L. Parthemore. of the Church of Cod.
met at the home ol Miss Esther Zorger.
Fifth street, Inst evening. The bu-i
--nrs; session was fallowed by a serial. j
The Ru-'v Boe Sewing Circle cf St.
Paul's Lutheran church wiM mee at I
the home of Mr-". William Simmons, on j
Market -;re»t. afternoon.
The Rev. J. V. Adsims, pastor of'
B -!>. 'msn Memorial M. E. ehuich, will
attend the annual Centra! Peuneylva- j
uia Conference v hich convenes at Siia- j
inokn the week in March. At:
a meeting at the fourth quarterly oo i- i
ft recce he'd Tuesday evening -1 alius B. j
Kaufman and J. A. Pprenkel were I
elected delegates to the Layman's Con-j
ference whi h will be held at the sr.niei
tim" an\l place.
Mrs. Harry Conrad is iII with pneu
monia at her home on Fit'ui street.
Misses Irene and Minerva Nye, o'
Take a Glass of Salts to FIUEh Out
Your Kidneys and Neutralize
Irritating Adas
Kidney ar.d Bladder weakness result
from uric a<id, says a noted authority.-
The kidneys filter this acid from the |
blood and jiut-s it on to the bladder, ,
where it often remains to irritate and '
inflame, causing a burning, scalding'
sensation, or setting up an irritation at
the ueck of the bladder, obliging you to
seek relief two or three times during the
night. The sufferer is in constant dread,
the water passes sometimes with a
; scalding sensation and is very profuse:
again, there is difficulty in avoiding it.
Bladder weakness, most folks call it, j
, j because thev can't eont-ol urination.
While it is extremely annoying and ,
, sometimes very painful, this is really
one of the most simple ailments to over
, (oine. Get about four ounces of -lad
Salts from your pharmacist and take a
tablespoonful in a glass of water before
breakfast, continue this for two or
• three days. This will neutralize the
acids in the urine so it no longer is a
source of irritation to the bladder and
J urinary organs which then act normally
1 again.
Ja<l Salts is inei]>ensive, harmless,
and is made from the acid of grapes and
- iemon juice, combined with lithia, and
I is used by thousands of folks who are
subject to urinary disorders caused by
t uric acid irritation. Jad Salts is splen
i did for kidneys and causes no bad ef
-1 fects whatever.
I | Here you have a pleasant, efferves
- ' cent lithia water drink, which quickly
. j relieves bladder trouble.—Adv.
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Each Garment a Novelty in Itself
< Ladies' Suits
In Tans, Blues and jkjj I
Blacks. Satin lined
Coats. Beautiful Styles.
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h———— ctsw ),.» «»i jggtKrsgsg—mi i m »gic— n
Harrisburg, were guests of Mrs. \\. Z. as the teachers were attending the lo- Mrs. Kuukle, at Washington Heights,
Parthemore yesterday. institute. held here this afternoon, yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Leach lire fur-j n, ar ] es stedner, of Harrisiburg. Miss Carrie Simmons,, of Hershev,
nishing their home on Bridge street. was a of Mrs j| £ mith spent yesterday afternoon with friends
where they will go to housekeeping. i terdav. * ' here.
George Beekley an,l son. Harold, vis-l Miss Lizzie Mover, of hamoyne, Mr. and Mrs. Parke Hart-man movefi
ited Pittsburgh and attended 1 the j called on friends here yesterday after- into Leroy Sutton's house ou Water
Stough meetings at Altoona this week. J noon. street Wednesday.
There was no school session this j Mrs. Harry Reneker and son, Harry,
afternoon in the borough and Elkwoo l visited Mrs. Reneker's parents, Mr. and Artistic Printing at Star-Independent.
VSiL • y>i ° 1 j
, Tbl* incident, drawn specially for this newspaper, the New York Herald and the London Sphere, took place
on a high point In the Vosges Mountains during a French attack on a German custom house. A lieutenant rushed for
w«rd with a rifle with which to batter down the door of the bouse, but he was immediately killed by the fire of the
Germans inside. Another officer who tried to do the same was also killed. Finally the French decided to rush tb«
house and were successful in capturiug it The Germans did not give In until the last man Cell.