The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, November 19, 1914, Page 7, Image 7

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Liberty Band, of Steelton, Will Be
Present To-night Under Bandmaster
Zala—Same Named Band of Middle
town Announces Program for Friday
The fourth aunual fair of the Citi
zens' Fire Company, -of Hignspire, is
continuing to attract large crowds each
evening. The Highspire band was pres
ent last evening and played a fine pro
The Liberty band, of Steelton, under
direction of Bandmaster Zala. will 'be
present fhis evening with thirty men,
when a varied program will bo rendered.
Friday evening the Liberty band, of
-Middletown, will furnish the music as
per program appended: '
March, "International Aviator,'" M.
A. Althouse; "A Xight in Berlin.''
•lohn Hartmann; "Forget-Ode-Not," in-
termezzo, Allan Mavbetli; "ißeminis of Verdi," A. ileinicke; Kilauea,
'"Hawaiian Patrol." G. Stewart;
"Indian War Dance." Herman Bell
stedt, Jr.; "Alita," (wild flower) Mor
ccan, T\ H. Losey.
The fair will close Saturday evening,
and the attraction will be the presence
of the Lemoyne band of thirty pieces.
The fuueral services of Mrs. 'Bar
bara Tim mm a wore conducted vesterday
afternoon at the home of her sou, Harrv
Thumma, in Highland, by the Kev. C. K.
'Boughter. Burial was at Highspire.
Division No. 1, Ancient Order of Hi
bernians, will give a masquerade ball
this evening iu honor ctf women of the
division's auxiliary in the hall of the
Benton Club on North Front street.
Employes in the frog and switch de
partment of the steel works. Steelton,
•have requested Che reservation of 3,000
seats for the Friday night service at
the labern&ele.
Steelton Lodge No. 111. Knights of
Pythians, will confer the third degree
upon a class of candidates this evening.
A social will follow the degree work.
In celebration of the event of his
becoming a grandfather. W. H. White
broad. secretary- to Steelton C'airip No.
•".GS9, M. \\ . of A., will tender a smoker
to the members of his camp to-morrow
evening. The smoker will follow an im
portant meeting of the camp, during
which officers will be nominated.
Mr?. Teai'l Gable,.after spending sev
eral days with her sister-in-law, Mrs.
Charles Holdiman. North Front street,
has returned to her home in Hegins.
W. M. Good and daughter, Miss
Emma Kate, after spending one week,
with Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Good, 305
South Second street, have returned to
their home. Princeton, W. Va.
Mr. anil Mrs. Harrv E. Wooleot, 268
North Front street, left this morning
on a trip to New York City.
Mi«s Wilcox, the. visiting nurse en
ployed br the Steelton Civic Club, wiU
be in her office from 8 a. m. to 9
a. m.. from 12.30 p. m. to 1.30 p. m.
Skull Fractured in Curve Overturn
Ashland, Pa., Nov. 19.—'Rounding a
curve at I>avelle, near Oiere, on his way
home to Valley View from M't. Carmel,
Jacob Harner, aged 50, was thrown out
upon his head When his automobile over
turned. The man was rushed to the
Fountain Springs hospital, where he
lies in a critical condition a frac
tured skull.
Without Apparatus, Inhalers, Salves,
Lotions, Harmful Drugs, Smoke
or Electricity
Tt is a new way. It is sornethinsr ab
solutely different. No lotions, sprays
or sickly smelling* salves or creams.
Xo atomizer, or any apparatus of any
kind. Nothing to smoke or Inhale.
>• o steaming: or rubbing or injections.
No electricity or vibration or massage.
No powder; no plasters: no keeping in
the house. No;:-,in? of that kind at all.
tiling delightful and healthful, some
thing instantly successful. You do not
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undermined my health and was weak
ening my (will. Tho hawking, cough
ing, spitting made me obnoxious to all,
and my foul Wreath and disgusting
habits made even my loved ones avoid
mo secretly. My delight in life was
dulled and my faculties impaired. I
knew that in time it would bring me
to an untimely grave, because every
moment of the day and night it was
slowly yet surely sapping my vitality.
But I found a cure, and I am ready
to tell you about It KRBK Write me
Send no money. Just vour name and
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Sam ICatz: Please tell me how you
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SAM K.VI'Z. Suite Room TONS
4325 Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111,
R AKKliSts U KU- ST Aif / 7K.NT, THURSDAY EVttiMMl, JNUV EMBER 19, 1914.
Western Tier of Mills Are All in Oper
ation Except Slab Mill—Both 12-
Inch Roll Trains of Merchant Mill
Department Working
Tho Bessemer mill of the local pliant
of t'he Pennsylvania Steel Contj>any re
sumed operations this morning after an
idleness since September 1. Tho prod
uct, Mayari steel, made by the deplex
system, will be used bv several of the
local mills which had been using open
Hearth steel exclusively, t'he former
metal 'being needed to complete a num
ber of small orders received lately by
the steel company.
Of the tier of mills in tlhe western
end of the 'works, only the slab mil'l is
shut down. 'Both Xo. 1 and No. 2 bloom
ing mills are running and the new 44-
inch mill, forming one of the chain of
new mills, will shortly be fired up and
a test run will be made.
In the merchant mill department,
both No. 1 and No. 2, twenty-inch roll
[ trains, art\in operation. The'frog shop
; is working on a fifty per cent, basis at
| ipresent and there has been slight in
crease in tfhe working hours at the
bridge and construction department.
Continued From First Fife.
paring the width of Front street as
shown on the map with that of other
streets concerning the widths of which
he had positive information.
Counsel for the plaintiffs immediate
ly figured they had discovered a loop
hole for gaining a point and produced
a map of their own, on which also no
6cale was indicated. They sought to
have the engineer tell how he deter
mined the width ol' streets on that map.
The plaintiff's map had not been
admitted as evidence and City Solici
tor Seitz moved to strike out the testi
mony concerning it. which was intended
to be offered as a part of the cross
"That is not cross-examination, and
[ move to have it all stricken from the
record," said the City Solicitor.
Lawyers in Fresh Spat
"I have just as much right to cross
examine a witness as you," snapped
Mr. Haiii. "You are snapping and
snarling all the time, trying to prevent
my making progress."
Judge Johnson interrupted by ruling
out the testimony relating to the plain
tiffs' map.
Mr. Seitz weut right ahead with the
argument with couusel.
"Is that so?'' he asked of Mr. Hain.
"Do you think so. ehtf"
"Yes, and if we wanted to do that
we it, too."
''Well, you will limit yourself to
proper cross-examination and the Court
has stricken out your testimony and out
she goes."
The wrangling ended with Judge
Johnston rwntM'kiiig: -
"You fellows are fighting without
being mad, 1 assume."
A moment later the lawyers were
whispering to oach other, presumably
for the purpose of laying plans for
making better progress, as suggested by
the trial Judge.
The property owners claim title to
strips of ground on flie west side of
Front street, approximately 135 feet
long, and extending from the old line of
Front street, n-ear Couoy, to tJiie low
water mark. The City contends the
property owners have title only to the
ground as far as the high water mark.
Estimates Are Called for
Also the City contends that in tak
ing the ground for the reopening of
South Front street, it did not infringe
on the rights of the plaintiffs, anil that
even if a small part of the individual
owners' ground had been taken, the
rest of their property will be benefited
by improvements the City contemplates
—such as planting shrubbery, making
fills and protecting the embankment
with a retaining wall.
The witnesses who were called yes
terday were asked to estimate the mar
ket value of the plaintiffs' property
before and after the taking of the
ground and the street opening. In each
instance the City Solititor asked the
witnesses to assume, when making es
timates, that the city will carry out its
plans for beautifying the South Harris
burg river front.
"I o'bje.'t to that,"' said the oppos
ing counsel. "That is mere guess work.
You can't assume what the City will
do. They say they will do this aud
that, 'but will it be done?"
Judge Johnson overruled t'be objec
tion and directed the witness to go on.
Mr. 'Hain again objected, this time mak
ing a'more extensive argument.
"I don't want to express an opin
ion," began Judge Johnson." but I
have driven along the river front sev
eral times. Is there any doubt in yoiir
mind, iMr. Hain, that the City will carry
out its improvement plan just as it lias
done and we are toUl it will dot"
"Well, I don't, know about that,"
tho attorney replied.
Witness Thinks .S6OO .Fair
In obtaining from witnesses informa
tion that deals directly with the ques
tion of damages, the City Solicitor ask
ed for opinions as to losses or 'benefits,
based upon the assumption that the
plaintiffs are without a legal right to
construct, a permanent building on tarn,
part of the ground to which they claim
title, situated between the'high and low
water marks.
I.VBany of the witnesses, however,-pre
ferred not to make such an assumption.
One said he thought that since the
plaintiffs paid for their ground they
fhould be given ample return for what
t'hoy lost. Besides, t'he witness said,
lie icould not understand that 'there is
any existing legislation that will not
permit a man to do with his property
"just as he feels like."
The witness said finally, that tine
strip of ground (belonging to each plain
tiff between the line of the high water
mark and the low water mark is worth
not less than S6OO. He said 'he would
not offer a reason for fixing'that amount
save that it is Ibased on what the own
ers ,fwid for it. That amount is S4OO
less than claimed by each plaintiff.
Gift Bear Came High in Fine
Kane, Nov. 19.—A bear given as a
present to E. G. Moore, a Buffalo hotel
mail, cost him $112.30 in fine and
costs, when he shipped the carcass to
Buffalo, not knowing he was violating
the game laws of Pennsylvania,
U need a Biscuit
Nourishment—fine fla
—wholesomeness. All
for 5 cents, in the
A food for every day.
Crisp, delicious and
strengthening. Fresh
baked and fresh de
livered. xo cents.
A delightful ntew bis
cuit, with a rich and
delicious cocoanut fla
vor. Crisp and always
fresh, xo cents.
Buy biscuit baked by
Always look for that Name
V )
Those Meant for Firemen's Convention
Just Received From Manufacturers
The final report of the finance com
mittee of the Harrisburg Firemen's I'n
iou, covering the expenditures for the
State firemen's convention held here
last October, will be made at a meet
ing of the Union Deenn'ber 8. How
ard O. Holstcin, chairman of the finance
committee, saya that after S3OO sub
scribed by hotel men. waich has not as
j»t 'been paid, is received there will be
enough money in the treasury to meet
all bills contracted for the State con
The 500 delegates' badges which
were ordered, but did not ariivc in
time for the convention, reached 'War
riaburg yesterday and the work of
mailing them to the various companies
has been started.
A meeting will be held on Thanks
giving Day in Norristowu to decide on
the city for the next convention. Sev
eral cities that were mentioned have
turned down the proposition on account
of the large expense connected with it.
At the next convention a standard
badge will be adopted. Each delegate
will receive one. which he will be ex
pected to wear at all conventions
thereafter. This will eliminate an ex
pense item of about $1,400 a year.
Episcopal Provincial s'jard Hereafter
to Contain Two
Pittsburgh, Xov. 19.—Women for the
first time in the history of the Protes
tant Kpis'eopal Ohurc'h were yesterday
recognized on one of the eight boards
of that denomination when the Synod
of the Third Province, *i a session here,
decided that the Provincial Board of
Social! Servi.e shall hereafter be com-
posed of one 'bishop, f&ur presbyters
four laymen and two women.
The question of giving the B.vnod a
name resulted in it being finally de
cided in favor of Washington Ci'ty,
wit'h the province being known as the
Province of Washington. The synod
also decided to elect the presiding
fcisflvop for three years, eligible to suc
ceed himself.
Jefferson City, Mo., Xov. 19. —
Woman suffrage was defeated by 140,-
206 votes at tho Missouri election on
November 3, according to official re
turns given out by the Secretary of
State yesterday. The vote in round
numbers, on that and the full train
crew amendment, was:
Full train crew, ves, 159,0 00; no,
324,000; negative plurality, 164,000.
Woman suffrage, yes. 182,000; no,
322,000; negative plurality, 140,000.
10 North Market Square
We do the best dental work that
can possibly be done and we do it at
charges that are most moderate.
Painless extraction free when plates
are ordered. Largest and most com
plete offices in the city; sanitary
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Hours: 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. Sundayt,,
10 a. m. to 1 p. in.
Continued Fro* First Pace.
Russian advance guard are now in re
Violent fighting has been resumed
within a two hour motor ride of the
gates of Paris. At Tracey-le-Val, where
the main battle line from the north
swings to the eastward at the point
nearest Paris, a German advance led to
a violent encounter. The Germans at
tempted to recapture the town, won by
the allies a few days ago, but accord
ing to the French war office statement
to-day they were repulsed with heavy
In Flanders the artillery duel, de
scribed during the last few days as of
furious intensity, has become still more
violent, on the part of the Germans at
least, but here, »s elsewhere, the op
posing forces are holding fast to their
main positions.
An offfcial German communication
states that heavy fighting has been re
sumed in th e Argonne forest around
which some of the most severe encount
ers of the war have raged from time to
time during the last two months. A
heavy loss, it is said, was inflicted on
the enomy. In a battle between two
squadrons of aeroplanes, it is said, one
airship of the allies and one of the Ger
mans were lost.
Turkey's explanation of her act in
firing on the American flag at Smyrna
has not been submitted nor has the
Navy Department at Washington re
ceived a detailed report from Captain
Decker of the cruiser Tennessee, one of
whose launches was under fire. The
Washington authorities were confident,
however, that satisfactory amends
would be made by Turkey and that no
complications would result.
Austria is calling for more soldiers.
The older men of the Landsturm of
1870 to 18110 have been summoned to
the colors.
Austria apparently has the upper
hand in her war with Servla. Reports
from Vienna state that the pursuit of
the enemy is being carried further, and
that the Servian retreat at places is
attended with heavy losses. Unofficial
German advices stated that Russia had
sent troops to assist the Servians, but
the authenticity of this report was in
doubt since such a movement of forces
would involve a long sea voyage around
the continent of Europe or the invasion
of Bulgaria or Rumania, neutral coun
The Hague, Via Loudon. Nov. 19,
3.30 A. Ji.—Advices received here
from 'i'hielt, Belgium* which were
brcugiit by way of San Van Gent 'by
messenger and are Jated Monday, No
vember 16, state that west Planden,
the scene of incessant military opera
tions. remains an island cut off from
the rest of Belgium through the blow
ing' up of most of the bridges leading
thereto. Peasants are obliged to make
emergency bridges from plan Its and
crawl along on these to escape from
r.lie danger /.one. The Gentians have
declared the territory west of the rail
road running from Antwerp to Brus
sels and thence to Mons on official war
area, where nobody, including even
Germans, is allowed to travel without
a special military passport.
Dixmudc Entirely Ruined
It is difficult to obtain reliable news
of the situation in the war /.one, as the
bedraggled men and women who man
age to escape' are too miserable through
colli and hunger to give an account of
their experiences. Their only definite
recollection seems to be the continued
cannon tiVe and the endless processions
of wounded filling their villages.
It was learned from some of them,
however, that Dixmude, the scene of
such severe lighting, is entirely ruined.
Nieuport. also suffered severely. In
Vpres the Cloth llall, which was one
of the few ancient buildings saved
from the English siege in the year
1833, is severely damaged by shrapnel
In Termonde Uw Germans have or
dered the schools reopened, but since
the 10,000 inhabitants have been re
duced to a hundred there are no pupils
and, besides, as four-fifths of the town
is 111 ruins, there are no schools. The
bridges here are lightly guarded by
men of the Bavarian lamlwehr.
Many German Wounded in Ghent
Ghent is deserted by its population,
but is overflowing with German wound
ed. Zeebrugge, according to reports,
has been maiie a station for submarines
iiy the Germans. At .Most the popula
tion is beginning to return. The peoiple
are establishing thenlselves 111 shacks
and in the ruins of their old homes.
From the entire province of Flan
dors. where the roads are full of aim
lessly drifting people, come creditable
reports of cver-increading suffering and
privation. Food is exceedingly scarce
and many persons are suffering from
hunger. The peasants are cutting
down the old line of trees at the coun
try places for fuel.
Brussels is quiet. About one-third of
the papulation there is supported by
public charity. A similar situation ex
ists in Malines.
Loudou, Nov.» 19, 4.13 a. m.—The
correspondent of the "Times" in West
Flanders relates further indications of
an impending German retreat from the
line they are now holding. Their
transports, lie says, have been moved
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back several miles at different points j
and the mining of roads lias been car- j
ried out extensively in the past few |
According to the correspondent the.
arrival of the heavy British guns of j
late has done much towards deniora- j
lizing the Germans, whose guns arc be-!
coming much the worse for heavy wear'
from reckless use.
American Corn Arrives at Liege
London, Nov. 19, 3.2S A. M. —A dis
patch from Amsterdam to the "Stand
ard" states that forty wagon loads of
American corn have arrived at Liege, j
in charge of American consular officials.
This is four days' simply for the popu
lation in that province.
Philadelphia Division —113 crew to j
go first after 4 p. in.: 109, 101, 123,!
117, 120, 107, 122. ' j
Engineers for 109. 111. 120, KIT. 1
Firemen for 113, 117, 120, 107. 1
Conductors for 109. 101, 125. i 22.
Flagmen for 113, 107.
B'rakemen for 107, 122. j
Engineers up: Welsh, Goodwin, Sel-j
lers, Brooks, Hennecke, Newcomer, \
Young, Madenford. Earhart, Snow.
Firemen up: Martin, Ilouser, Her-j
man, Huston, Kestroves. Shaffer. Hor-■
gaii, Everhart, Spring, Myers, Swank,
Conductors up: Ford, Fraelich. j
Flagmen up: Bruehl, Kochenour. j
Brakemcn up: Stohman, Fergueson.j
Ferron, Sweikert. Brown, Collins, Grif- j
tie, Allen, -"Riley, Dengler, MoNaughton,
Middle Division —2 2 crew to go,
first after 1.30' p. m.: 25, 116, IS, 24.
Conductor for 116.
Flagman for 24.
Brakeman for 25.
Engineers up: Free, Simonton. Wiss
ler, Minnick, llertzler, Moore, Havens,'
Magill, Webster, Kugler.
Firemen up: Zeiders, Reeder, Look,;
Gross, Sheeslev, Fletcher, Liebau, Cox,;
Schreffler, Buyer, Wright, Thomas,;
Bornman, Weibley, Kuntz, Heagrist,
Conductor up: Bogner.
Fireman up: Mamma.
Brakemen up: Plaelc, Kipp, Reese,]
Nearhood, Schoft'stall, Stahi, Bickert, 1
Peters, Myers, Spahr, Troy, Pipp, Roll-j
er, Bell, Henderson, Mathias, Heck, j
Me, Henry, Frank, Kieffer, Fleck, Kane, j
Werner, Kilgor.
Yard Crews —Engineers up: Stahi,
Swab, Silks, Crist, Harvey, Saltsman,!
Kuhn, Snyder, Pelton, Shaver, .Landis,
Hoylcr, Hohenshelt, Breueman, Thom
as, Rudy, Houser, Moals.
Firemen up: Lackey, Maeyer, Sliolt
er, Snell, Bartolett, Getty, Hart, liar
key, Sheets, Bair, Kyde, Essig, Ney,
Myers, Boyle, Shepley, Crow, Revie,
Bostdorf, Scheiffer, Rauch, Weigle.
Engineers for 707, 1831, 14, 1270.
Firemen for 707, 1171, 1831, 118.
P., H. and P.— After 11.30 a. m.: 3,
1, 23, 20, 24, 12, 16. 6, 10, 11.
Eastbound —After 1.15 p. m.: 67,
51, 60, 64, 62, 70, 68, 53, 57, 71.
Engineers up: Ti'frton, Wyre, Wire
mau, Sassman, .Martin, Kottner.
Firemen up: Aunspach. Brown, Biug-
aman, Calm, Chronister.
Hrakcmeu up: Crimes, Ensmiiigcr, I
'Taylor, Miles. I'a ye.
Philadelphia Division—242 ercw to j
j;o first .Titer 3.45 p. ni.: 237, 206,
225, 226, 240, 203, 212, 216, 243.
Engineers for 242, 237, 206.
Firemen for 242, 226.
Conductors for 212 216, 227.
Flagmen for 206, 216, 220, 226
Relief for Catarrh
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tHow the Remedy for Catarrh
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tmwd by an tor years simply bc
'temedy applied CaUSe V m P toms havC been
directly to the treated while the cause of
tranes. the trouble has been left to
circulate in the blood, and
bring the disease back as fast as local
treatments could relieve it.
C. E. Gauss, who experimented for
years on a treatment for Catarrh, found
that after perfecting a balm that relieved
the nose and throat troubles quickly, he
could not prevent the trouble beginning
TV over again.
Tmac"'°has h ' a on , te * CaSCS . COlll( j
direct in/iuence completely remove all
corn's membrane's signs of Catarrh frdninosc '
ai'ies i the dis- an< * t ' lruat > ut ' n
ease by renwv- weeks they were back.
ing the cause.
Careful experiments and investigations have shown
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Witli the valuable book on Cet&rrb. I
Brakemen for 212. 225.
Conductors up: Guudel, Jjogau, Ketr
!er, Stanft'er.
Brakenncn up: Carroll, Wertz.
lor, liice, Sfa Jler, .Summy, Campbell, \lw-
I Pbeargon, Long, Boyd" •Wolfe, Stinie-
I ling, Myers.
Middle Division—22s crew to ;;6
| tirst after 1.30 p. m.: 107, 10 1. 115:
i 102, 112.
i Engineer for 22.
Fireman for 107.
ißraikeman for 10 2.
Goes tc the Root of
Stopped-up nose 3
Constant "frog-in-the
Nasal discharges
Hawking and ip'tting
Snoring at night
Bad breath
Frequent colds
Difficult breathing
Smothering sensation in
Sudden fits of sneezing
Dry mucus in nose
and any of the other symp
toms that indicate ap
proaching or present catarrh
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