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;In Five Minutes! No
' Stomach Misery.
Heartburn. Gases
5 or Dyspepsia
; Ton ran eat anything your stomach
craves without fear of Indigestion or
Dyspepsia, or that your food will ter-
J ment or sour on your stomaeh, if you
' n ill take Pape's Diapepsin occasionally.
Anything you eat will be digested;
• nothing ran ferment or turn into acid,
t poison or stomaeh gas, which causes
Wedding in Zion Lutheran Church at
Hummelstown This Evening—The
Rev. Dr. H. S. Games and the Rev.
D. Burt Smith to Officiate
Zion Lutheran church at Hummels
town will be the scene of a brilliant
wedding this evening at 7 o'clock,
when Sliss Lillic Walton, daughter of
•Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Walton, of
Brownst-one, becomes the wife of Assist
ant District Attorney Robert T. Fox, a
son of Mr. and Mrs. James G. Fox. The
ceremony will be performed bv the Rev.
H. S. Games, pastor of the church, as
sisted by the Rev. D. Burt Smith, of
Easton, a former pastor of Zion Luth
The bridal party will include the fol
lowing attendants: Miss Carrol Walton
as maid of honor, Miss Virginia Fox,
Miss Hilpa Schrum aud Miss Shearer,
as bridesmaids, and the best man will
bo Ross Walters, of this city. Philip M.
Mover, Elmer E. Erb, Thomas Fox and
Paul Sytes will act as ushers.
Immediately after the ceremony a re
ception will be held at Locust Farm,
the home of the bride's parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Fox will reside in Hummels
town, in their handsome new home, a
gift of the bride's father.
The Misses Horning Give Delightful
Affair in Honor of Their
House Guest
Misses Florence and Miriam Horning
entertained at their home, 608 Dauphin
street, in compliment to their house
g'lest, Miss Rosella Fralich. of Millers
burg. Music and games were enjoyed
ai.d dainty refreshments served.
The guests included Miss Rosella
Fraiiek. of Millersburg; Miss Elizabeth
Albert, Miss Evelyn EvkenbeVgcr, Miss
EJith Hall, Misses Miriam and Florence
Horning, Miss Blanche Garverick,
Nelson Miller, George Shader, George
liittner. Ili-kes Knelt, Derrick Fah
ncstoc.k. John Ellicker, Garbcr Wil
liams, Frank Machamer, Paul Horn
ing and John Horning. Mrs. Horning
was assisted bv Mrs. Garverich dur
ing the evening.
Meu of Zion Lutheran Clsurch of Peu
brook, to Eutertain
I'll. •• Men's Organized Bible Class.''
of the Zion Lutheran church, of Pen
broii!;. will have as their guests the
Jamilies and friends of the class at an
entertainment and oyster supper to be
. gi'.en on next Thursday evening. No
\ ember If. at 8 o'clock in the town
Ihe committee "n arrangements
iiave prepared an excellent program
for the evening's entertainment,
A quantity o! fried oysters, ice
cream, cake and numerous side dishes
will be prepared to accommodate a
large number of invited guests.
Birth Announcements
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Coloviras,
11>OS Market street. announce the
b./th of a daughter, Monday, .Novem
ber 16. Mrs. Coloviras was Miss Ber
tha Oastro'k, of this city, prior to her
Mr. and Mrs. J. Elmer Sto.kdale,
Juniper street, announce the
birth of a daughter, Anna Jane, Sun
day, November 15.
Eshelman-Bowinan Wedding
Marietta, Nov. 17.—Miss Elsie E.
Bowman was married yesterday morn
ing at the parsonage o!' the Grace Re
formed ehurch, ljancaster, to Chester
G. Esheltnan, of Strasburg, by the pas
tor, .the Rev. I). G. Grass, the ring
• eremony being used. The couple was
unattended and a reception followed
at the home of the bride.
Returned From Washington, D. C.
Raymond Baker, Thirteenth and Ber
ryhill streets, returned yesterday from
a week-end \isit to Washington, 1). C.
I 7 j
One Cause of Bad
Complexion-the Cure
"L.ook at a section of skin under the
microscope ami >ou will readily under
stand V :iv ( .<1 let'cs g-neraily injure
complexion," sajs Dr. tl. Robert
Mackenzie. "The skin, smooth as it
looks to the naked eye, under the slass
exhibits a lacework of tiny holes,
mouths of myriads . r little glands. To
keep the skin healthy rheso holes must
be unobstructed, that the perspiration
and natural oil can have free outlet.
Should the glands he blr>cked up with
irritating gritty particles, a common
result of using powders and creams.
Nature retaliates by causing sallow
ness, roughness, blotches or pimples.
"As a substitute for all cosmetics I
recommend ordinary meroolized wax. It
not only does what the various face
preparations are supposed to accomplish
but its peculiar'absorbent action frees
the pores from the daily accumulation
of impurities, also absorbing the rlevi
ialined particles of surface skin. This
produces a natural, healthy, youthful
omplexlon. One ounce of this wax, to
be had at any drug store, usually suf
fices to rejuvenat" the poorest com
plexion. It is put on nightly like cold
cream and washed off mornings."—
family Physician. j.-Jv
Belching, Di>.;.inoss, a Feeling of Full
ness after Hating, Nausea. Indigestion
(like a lump of lead in stomach), Bil
iousness. Heartburn, Water Brash. Pain
in Stomach and lntestiuos. Headaches
from stomach are absolutely unknown
I where Pape's Diapepsin is used. It
! really does all the work of a healthy
stomach. It digests your meals when
your stomach can't, ft leaves nothing
I to ferment, sour and upset the stomach.
Get a large fifty-cent case of Pape's
! Diapepsin from your druggist, then eat
anything you want without the slightest
[discomfort or misery, besides, every
I particle of impurity and gas that is in
vour stomach and intestines will vanish.
Should you be suffering now from In
digestion or any stomach disorder, you
'can get relief in five minutes. Adv.
Entertained at Their Home Near Mid- j
dlesex ill Honor of Their House
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Wolf en- j
tertained at their home near Middle-1
sex, in honor ofv Miss Anna Musgrave, j
Miss Irene Musgrave and William H. I
Musgrave, of Middletown.
The house was prettily decorated !
with autumn foliage and flowers and j
the guests spent a pleasant evening!
with' music and games. At a late hour I
refreshments were served to the follow- j
ing guests:
Misses Anna and Irene Musgrave, I
Mae Shambaugh, Edith Zeigler, Kath
ryu Zeigler, Viola Brelim, Edna Karns,
Ijaura Karns Letha Karns and Messrs.
William H. Musgrave, Herbert Zeigler,
Ira Snee, Charles Wolf, Lester Wolf,
Paul Martin, Herman Bretz, Joe Forten
baugh. Mr. and Mrs. Shambaugh aud
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Wolf.
Mr. and Mrs. Ebersole Entertain in i
Celebration of Former's Birth
day Anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Ueorge Ebersole enter-!
tained a number of relatives and I
friends at their home, 1314 Sus-que-j
hanna street, in celebration of the for- |
mer's birthday anniversary. A ttirkcy j
sirpper was served to the following |
Miss Elizabeth Bankler, Miss Uuth j
Jones, Miss \.la Bifctinger, Miss Susan
Zeiby, Miss Edith Zerby. o:' Millers- j
burg: John Starry, Joseph Smith, Lew
is Smith, Harry Steele.• Charles Pot- ■
t tic her, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bankler,
Mr. and Mrs. A. Leighton. Mr. and
Mrs. i . Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel |
V,looks, of Enola; Mr. and Mrs. Jack.]
Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Ebersole.
Mr. aud Mrs. Burns Hosts
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burns enter
tained at dinner at their home last j
evening in honor of their guests, Mr. j
and Mrs. ('. I. Cute, and children, Anna j
and Joseph, of Panama. Covers were j
laid for forty guests.
Party for Visitors From Panama j
Mr. and Mrs. .lolin J. Kelley, North!
Sixth street, entertained at their home, I
Fri lay evening, iu honor of Mr. Audi
Mrs. I. Cate, of Panama, and Missj
May Books, of Pittsburgh. A feature!
of the evening's entertainment was the
violin and piano selections of Miss;
Helen Kelley. Supper was served.
House Party at Riverside
Miss Helen C. Kauffnian, 818 Lewis'
street, Riverside, entertained a nuni-,
bev of guests at her home over the i
week-end. The party included Miss;
Dorothy Laverty. of Philadelphia; .lack
Dellav'en aud Walter Leas, of Burkaellj
College, I.ewisburg.
Entertaining Guests From Panama
Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Cate and chil
dren, Anna and Joseph, of Panama, arei
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 1
Thomas Burns. Mr. and Mrs. Burn?'
and their guests recently motored to
Hershey, Lancaster and Philadelphia,
where they attended t.he performance I
of "Sari," at the Forrest theatre.
Musselman-Keene Wedding
Marietta. Nov. 17. —Tlio Kev. .1. W.
Deshong, pustor of the Lancastei
Church of God. yesterday united in
marriage Miss Eflfie S. Keene and
Harry C. Mussel man. of Lancaster, the
ring ceremony being used. They were,
Duing-Baker Wedding
Millersville. Nov. 17.—Miss Ruth
A. Baker was married Monday even
ing to Harry K. Duing. by the Rev.
George Reichert, of the United Breth
ren church. The ring ceremony was
used. The couple were unattended. A
reception followed.
Clarence Mentz on Trip to South
Clarence Mentz. 1503 Berry hi 11!
street, left for Philadelphia on Satur!
day evening to take the water trip
from Philadelphia to Jacksonville,
Florida. While there he will visit Key
West, Plain Beach, St. Augustine and,
other points of interest. He will re, (
turn by the Atlantic Coast line to.
Washington. D. ('.
De Wet, Head of Rebellion, Wounded
London, Nov. 17, 4.35 A. M. — A'
Pretoria dispatch to Keuter's Telegram!
i Company states that General Christian
' l>e Wet, who headed the recent rebel
lion in the Orange Free State and the
Western Tranvaal, has teen wounded in!
the head. De Wet's followers are re-j
ported as much dejected. It is said:
they are poorly armed and laek ammu-J
Irish Guard General Killed
London, Nov. 17, 5,05 A. M.—An-;
j iiouncoment is made that Brigadier
General Charles Fitzclarence, of the j
Irish guards, has been killed in action;
at Ypres. He was connected with the:
family of the Earl of Munster, and was j
4!) years old. t I
News of Persons
Who Come and Go
Miss Jennie Bricker, 27 8 Briggs
streot, left Saturday morning to spend
some time with friends in Phoenix
ville and Philadelphia.
Miss Fannie Housekneeht, of the
State Health Department, has return
ed to Mont Alto after attending the
Vale-Princeton football game Satur
Miss Pearl Miller, of New Freedom,
Md., is the guest of relatives at 3-2
Crescent street.
Miss Adeline Wells, of Weilsville,
has returned home after spending the
week-end with Mrs. Blaine Booser,
Regina stree..
Miss Carrie Swnvely, 1420 Market
street, has returned home from Head
ing and Philadelphia.
Miss Bertha Wise, ot' Hunimelstown.
is the guest of Miss Anna Brenneman,
210 North Fifteenth street.
Lawrence Glass, 40 North Seven
teenth street, has returned home from
Columbia after a week-end visit with
Mrs. William Harper, 351 South
Eighteenth street. has returned home
from Marietta.
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Kenshaw,
Mrs. Hemman, Mrs. \ei non Kister, of
Wormleysburg, and Mr. Caldwell, of
Porta Rico. attended the missionary
meeting at Mechanicsburg yesterday
Miss Mary Laverty, 122 Sylvan
Terrace, has returned home from Phila
Mr. and Mrs. William .Roatli, of
Maytown, who have been guests of
Mrs. M. Henderson, at Regina street,
have gone to Highspire where they
will be guests of their daughter, Mrs.
Mrs. Thomas Burns, of Diilsburg,
and Mrs. Curtis G. Nesbit, of Wells
ville, were week-end guests of Mrs.
Grace Watson, 1111 Penn street.
Mrs. Jennie Miller, 1529 North
Fourth street, has returned from a
visit to her daughter at Carlisle.
Miss Alberta Hughes, of Altoona,
was a visitor at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. William Ross. 1521 North Sixth
street, for the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sausser, of
MifHinburg, have returned home after
a visit with Mr. an 1 Mrs. Harry
Kersdiuer, 1725 North Sixth street.
Miss Mary Bonsali, of Newport, was
a week-end visitor with Miss Anna
Stoher, 1726 Fulton street.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spangler and
son, Charles, of Rossville, spent the
week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Boyd
Nesbit. 1111 Plum avenue.
Mrs. Joseph Thompson, of Newville,
is the guest of her niece, Miss Louise
Mclvor. 1727 North Sixth street.
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Orris, of Lin -
glestowu, spent the week-end with
Mrs. C. L. Sheaft'er, 4y31 Hamilton
Harry Sites has returned to Phila
delphia, after a few days' visit with
his father, A. W. Sites, 1003 North
Sixth street.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. 11. Evans, 267
Sassafrass avenue, spent tl»e week-end
with their son. Edward Evans, aud
family, at Lancaster.
Mrs. Charles Slcntz, 319 Hummel
street, has returned home from Allen
Joseph Calvert has returned to his
home in Altoona after spending sev
era! days with Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Calvert, 351 >outh Eighteenth street.
William Burn, 1300 Walnut street,
has returned "home from Oxford where
he spent several days with relatives.
Mrs. J. Hanunacker and children.
1713 Walnut street, are spending a
week with relatives in Selinsgrove.
Dr. John F. Culp, 211 Locust street,
is in Washington, 1). C.. attending the
meeting of the American College of
Mrs. Charles Ising and Miss Agnes
Ising, of Shiremanstown. are guests of
Mrs. John Whistler, 322 South Thir
teenth street.
William Henderson, 2005 Greeu
street, is spending several days in
Johnstown on business.
Russell Tom lin son and William Tom
linsou have returned to their home in
Chambersburg utter spending the week
end with their mother, Mrs. W. Tomliu
son, 1619 Regina street.
Mr. and Mrs. Raj- Savercoll. of Lew
istown, are guests of the former's moth
er, 2005 Penn street, for a week.
Edward Green, of Brooklyn, N. V..
who has been the guest of his sistar,
Mrs. L. T. Wunbaugh. 1808 Penn
street, is the guest of relatives iu Bain
Miss Blanche Uood lias gone to her
home in Bainbridge after spending a
week with her aunt. Mrs. L. T. Wan
baugh, 1808 Penn street.
Miss Mabel Lockwood, of Indiana,
en route to Philadelphia, was the guest
of M S.«C. M. Ewing, 1500 North Sixth
street, yesterday.
Miss N'elie Hepford and Miss Vi
nardia Hepford, 204 North Second
A|i|»lian«TN I neil uut! Vpprotcil l>> i . s.
fiovfrnmrnt—Nin, Here
\V. B. SEEI/RY, the noted expert, is
returning to Harrisburg anit will be at
the Commonwealth Hotel, Tuesday and
Wednesday, November 17 and 18, thor
oughly equipped and prepared to deal
with the most difficult cases.
His Spermatic Shield Truss, used and
approved by the U. S. Government and
the Czar of Russia, will retain any rup
ture, affording immediate relief, and
frequently closes the opening In a slmrt
TIONS. Clean and durable: no irritat
ing leg straps or binding of hips.
Examination and advice Free. Pa
tients treated on former visits invited
to call for attention without charge.
Home Office. 1027 Walnut St., Philadel
phia. Pa. Cut and keep for reference.
The Dance Des Roses
Broadway, New York
Will conduct a studio for the in
struction of modern daucing in Har
risburg and is prepared for a lim
ited number of pupils for class and
private instruction at moderate
prices- Application for rates and
appointments will be received by
mail by H. J. Barucb, Plaza Hotel,
Harrisburg. ,
/ \
Uneeda Biscuit
Nourishment—fine fla
—wholesomeness. All
for s cents, in *the
ntoisture-proof package.
A food for every day.
Crisp, delicious and
strengthening. Fresh
baked and fre3*n de
livered. io cents.
A delightful ntew bis
cuit, with a rich and
delicious cocoanut fla
vor. Crisp and always
fresh, io cents.
Buy biscuit baked by
LAlzuays look for that Name
street, are spending some time in New
York City.
Miss Anna Nissley, 222 Hamilton
street. has returned from State Col
lege, where slie attended a house party.
Professor Alles and liis dancing part
ner, Miss Anna Smith, of Young's Mil
lion Dollar Pier, of City, will
demonstrate the one-step. hesitation
waltz and fox trot Thursday evening,
November 19, at Wiuterdale. Adv.
Condors ill Chile
"ho majestic condor is, air men ex
cluded. the largest flying creature in
the world. Swift and extraordinarily
strong of wing, it figures in the Chilean
national arms as a symbol of strength.
The following is one of the native de
vices for killing it:
The hunter, having covered himself
with the skin of a newly slain ox,
would lie on his back on the ground,
while his companion would hide him
self not far away. Down would swoop
the condor to feast upon the carcass,
but directly the claws touched the
body they were seized from within
the oxskin by strong gloved hands that
held tile bird a prisoner. Then the
partner would break cover and slay
the captive with what Chaucer would
have called "a yorde Smerck " from a
club. —"Chile—its Land and Peopje."
Holiday opening a-ntf souvenir day,
Saturday November 21. Grand Union
Tea Store, 208 North Second street.
Improving the Milk's Quality
A certain Glasgow milkman was sus
pected of using the pump handle rath
er too much before starting out with
his milk delivery. The other day as
he was standing serving customers in
a busy side street a man passing nudg
ed him utid whispered, " Ijook out; the
sanitary inspector is coming round the
corner." Turning off the crank, he
rushed for his cream barrel and, filling
a huge can from it, opened the milk
cask and emptied it in. The "sani
tary" r|i»l not come, but the wife of
the "tipster" got a splendid supply of
rich creamy milk that morning.—i,on
don Tatler.
At the Photoplay
"In Tune With the Wild," a three
act Selig wild animal drama featuring
Kathlyn Williams famous star of tl>e
"Adventures of Kathlyn" series, will
be shown to-day along with a two-act
Lubin drama, "The Sorceress," and a
Vitagraph comedy, "The Evolution of
Percival." A program well worth see
ing. adv.
Ships and Waves
When the waves of the ocean are
one-half the length of the ship and
one-twentieth of the length in height
the stress upon the ship itself is very
little increased above that in smooth
water. But when the waves are of
the same length as the ship or one and
one-half times its length the stresses
are considerable higher than when the
ship is in smooth water; hence, in view
of the fact that waves are seldom
over 500 feet long, the maximum bend
ing moments which come upon a ship
900 feet long are much less than those
which come nppn one 500 feet long.—
Chicago News.'
Number in District This Year Exceeds
That ol 10IS by 2.lo—Many ;
Changes Are Noted in the Various
Wards, Boroughs and Townships ]
Reports compiled from returns of tho ■
district assessors show that Dauphin
county now has 25,535 able-bodied
men between the ages ot' 21 and 45
who are lialble for "military duty. This
is an increase of 250 over that of
last year, When the enrollment totaled
Thp Eighth ward report shows Dhat
this year there are fewer men in that
district liable for service with Uncle
Sam by eight men. The Ninth ward
has the largest representation in the
city or county with a total of 2,295,
while tho smallest district in the city
is the Third ward, which has but-219.
In tho county, outside of the city,
Susquehanna township takes the town
ship higih honors with a total of
1,122, an increase of 60 over last, year,
while Rush township has the fewest
with 9. There were 11 who qualified
last. year. In Bteelton, the largest bor
ough in the county, there are 2,086,
against 2,145 last year. Swatara
township this year has 707, aigainst 884
last year. The decrease is due some
what to Paxtang being classed inde
pendently of the township with 73 who
are liaible for military duty.
No More License Tags
The last of the 7,250 hunters' li
cense tags which County Treasurer A.
H. Bailey received last summer was is
sued this morning and the Treasurer
now is issuing only the certificates.
His supply of license tags may not be
replenished for several weeks and until
that time unlicensed hunters will get
only the certificate or receipt of pay
Marriage License '
Philip M. Messner, Dauphin county, 1
and Eva M. Cox, Elmira, N. Y. I
Heptasophs Also Decide to Hold
' 'Booster" Meetings in Nearby Towns
Dauphin Conclave, Improved Order
of Heptasophs. held a well-attended
meeting last night at its rooms, 321
Market Street. The following officers
were nominated for the ensuing term:
Messrs. Bolger and Seiibert, for archon;
N. A. WaJmer, foT financier: Philip
German, for secretary; Phillips, for j
treasurer and for representative to the j
Supremo Convention, to 'be held in j
Richmond in June, 1915 The conclave j
appointed a committee to meet in con
junction with the committees of other ;
conclaves, called the visitation commit- i
tee, and will meet with the general i
committee on November 19 at Sixth :
and Cumberland streets at the P. O. E» j
A visiting committee from each of |
the various conclaves of the Improved !
Order of Heptasophs of Harrisburg and J
vicinity has been formed and all the I
committees will meet in F. O. E. hall, i
Sixth and Cumberland streets, on Thurs j
day night, when the association will be
formed into a permanent organization !
j and officers will be elected. It has 1
been decided to call it, the Booster Com
• mittee of the Allied Association of •
j Heptasophs of Harrisburg and Vicin
! it>v. All Heptasophs are invited to at
tend on t/he 19th at F. O. E. hall, Sixth
and Cumberland streets.
The Dauphin Conclave's committee
will visit West Fairview this evening, ,
Steelton on Wednesday evening and
East Harrisburg Conclave at Fackler'B
hall. Thirteenth and Derry streets, early
Thursday evening, where Booster meet- ,
ings vvill be Jield.
Both Together
Uttle Miry had been sent to the
store by her mother to get some fiv :
i paper. She was a long time in return
j ing, and the mothe* began to get ;
I anxious. Going to the door, she spied i
I the little girl coming up the street, and
j called to her, "Mary, have you got
! the flypaper?"
"No, mother," replied Mary; "it's!
got me; but we're coming together."
Montreal Churches
Montreal is very religious. Men kneel
on the steps outside the churches. With
two galleries all aroun'd, Notre Dame
will seat 10,000 people, a.nd at tomes :
t'housands StamJ. In tlhe old church of
Ronsecours lamps in the form of ships
are hung. Some are ancient galleasses, j
some brigantines, some modern screw j
steamboats with proper "boats hung to:
their davits. —New Yor'k World.
Take a Glass of Salts Before Breakfast
If Your Back Hurts or Bladder
Is Troubling You
No man or woman who eats meat <
regularly can make a mistake by flush
ing the kidneys occasionally, says a
well-known authority. Meat forms uric ;
acid which excites the kidneys, they
become overworked from the strain, j
get sluggish and fail to filter the waste
and poisons from the blood, then we get
sick. Nearly all rheumatism, headaches.
! liver trouble, nervousness, dizziness, !
sleeplessness and urinary disorders come
from slnggish kidneys.
The moment you feel a dull ache in
the kidneys or your back hurts or if the
urine is cloudy, offensive, full of sedi
ment, irregular of passage or attended
by a sensation of scalding, stop eating
| meat and get about four ounces of Jad
i Salts from any pharmacy; take a table
' spoonful in a glass of water before ,
i breakfast and in a few days your kid -
I neys will act fine. This famous salts is
made from tho acid of grapes and lemon
juice, combined with litnia, and has
been used for generations to flush and
etimulate the kidneys, also to neutralize
the acids in urine so it no longer causes ,
irritation, thus ending bladder weak-1
.Tad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
! injure; makes a delightful effervescent <
i lithia-water drink which everyone
j should take now and then to keep the i
I kidneys clean and active and the blood i
pure, thereby avoiding serious kidney !
complications. Adv. )
Daring Pr.ce Redactions on Ladias' Suits
For quick# Belling we ha\c grouped several lots of Ladies' Tall and
Winter Suits, selected from our regular stock, and reduced prices to a
fraction of actual values. Yon will see thejn on display in our window,
and it' you have any conception of value you will be quick to buy.
$12.98 Serge Suits, $15.00 Eponge Suits,
mn QO i $8.98
"•"o All wool eponge suits in brown,
navy, black and Copenhagen,
All wool serge suits in navy caracul collar, cuffs and trim
and black, guaranteed satin lin- mings, satin lined, skirt made
ing, worth $12.98. s t\Q w "'th yoke and side pleats, short
J>o UN coat, worth $15.00. d»Q rwo
Bal<i P m ' e w.yu Ha|e )>r . ee $0.90
SIB.OO Suits, $35 Chiffon Broadcloth
Suits, $18.98
$10.98 High-grade imported chiffon
broadcloth suits in the wanted
l/Ot of suit, in serges, iinfin shades, excellent workmanship,
ished worsteds, broadcloths, newest models, silk linings,
basket weaves, etc., guaranteed worth $35. Sale (C JO OA
satin lining, all shades and mod- price 1 O.VO
els, worth sl6 to |/\ QQ Other broadcloth suit?, worth
$lB. Sale price, .«P IU. 70 S4O. Sale price 922.98
S4O Velvet Fur Trimmed Suits, $22.98
New models with short coats, made of excellent quality velvet,
flowered silk linings, and trimmings of monkey fur, AQ
worth $40.00. Bale price, VO
• $3.00 Crepe de Chine $1.50 Kimonos, Special
Waists, Special
Wednesday only, $1.69 Wednesday only, S9<?
New model crepe de chine
waists, in assorted shudes, full lowered ami figured crepe
$2.50 nnd $3.00 values. Special kimonos, full cut, worth $1.."i0.
Wednesday only, limit one ,
to a cus- . <p i sfL w P ecial Wednesday OA ,
toiner $ 1 .Oy only O" C
10-12 South Fourth Street
r 1 v
Selected By J. HOWARD WERT
No - 308 - Sweet Evalina
Way down in the meadow,
Where the liles first blow,
Where the wind from the mountains
Ne'er ruffles the rose,
Lives fond Evalina, the sweet little dove.
The pride of the valley, the girl that I love.
She's fair as a rose, like a lamb she is meek;
And she never was knowu to put paint on her cheek;
In the moat graceful curls hangs her raven black hair,
And she never requires perfumery there.
Evalina and 1 one fine evening in June
Took a walk all alone by the light of the moon.
The planets all shone, for the heavens were clear.
And I felt 'round the heart most tremendously queer.
Three years have gone by, and I haven't a dollar,
Evalina still lives in the green, grassy holler,
Alt ho' I am fated to marry her never,
I'll love her, I'm sure, for ever and ever.
Sweet Evalina, dear Evalina,
My love for you will never, never die:
Sweet Evalina, dear Evalina,
My love for you will never, never die.
Lanigan's Ball
In the town of Athol, lived one Jimmy Lanigaii;
He batter'd away till he hadn't a pound;
His father he died, and made him a man again;
Left him a farm of ten acres of ground.
He gave a large party to all his relations.
That stood beside him when he went to the wall;
So if you but listen I'll make your eyes glisten,
With the rows and the ruptions at Lanigan's ball!
Whack! fallal, fallal, tal lad-eddy:
Whack! fallal, fallal, tal lad-ed-dv;
Whack! fallal, fallal, tal lad-ed-dv:
Whack! fallal, fallal, tal lad-ed-dv;
Whack! hur-roo! for Lanigan's ball.
'Twas meself had free invitations
For all the boys and girls I might ask: <
In less than five minutes, I'd friends and relntious
Singing as merry as flies round a cask.
Kitty O'Harra, a nate little uifU'ner,
Tipt me the wink, and ask'd me to call,
When I arrived with Timothy Galligan,
Just in time for Lanigao's ball.
Whin we got there they were dancing the polka,
All round the room in a quare whirligig;
But Kitty and I put a stop to this nonsense,
We tipt them a taste of a nate Irish jig;
Ob, Mavrone, wasn't she proud of me t
We bather'd the flure till the ceiling did fall,
For I spent three weeks at Brooks' Academy,
Learning a step for Lanigan's ball.
The boys were all merry, the girls were frisky,
Drinking together in couples and grou|>s,
Whin an accident happened to Paddy O'Raflerty.
He stuck his right fut through Miss Flanigan's hoops;
The crathur she fainted, and roared, "millia inurther!"
Called for her friends, and gathered them all;
Tim Dermody swore that he'd go no further.
But have satisfaction at Lanigan's ball.
Och, arrah, boys, but thin was the ruptions,
Meself got a wollup from Phelim McCoo,
Soon I replied to his nate introduction,
And we kioked up the divil's own philalaloo;
t asey, the piper, he was nearly strangled,
They squeezed up his bags, chaunters and all;
The girls in their ribbons all got entangled,
And that put a stop to Lanigan's ball.
In the midst of the row, Miss Kavanah fainted,
Her face all the while was as red as the rose:
The ladies declared her cheeks they were painted,
But she'd taken a drop too much, I suppose;
faddy Macaty, so hearty and able,
When he saw his dear colleen stretched out in the hall,
He pulled the best leg out from under the table,
And broke all the chancy at Lanigun's ball.
Remember That a Tired Stomach Is a !
Weak Stomach
A good dinner at. night is necessary I
(or those whose pleasure or work keeps j
them up very late. But for ordinary
folk, who dine at 6 or 7 and go to bed j
about 10.30, only a light, wholesome)
repast should be taken at the end ofj,
the day, when muscles or nerves are|
more or less exhausted, says a phy-1
A "tired stomach is a weak stom
ach" is a golden rule to remember. |
Yet how often one hears people say:
"I've been rushing about all day, and f
am tired to death. I must have a big
! meal to make up for it!" You may put
| the big meal into the stomach, but, you
' cannot mako the stomach digest it.
A belief lives strong in the heart*
and minds of the majority of man
: kind, including persons of wenk diges
tion, that a quick brisk walk taken
| before a meal gets up an appetite and
. helps the stomach digest the food.
| Now. this is exactly what it doesn't
do. Exercise spreads the blood through
the body. The oid fashioned middav
dinner is not a bad thing.—Washing
ton Star.
Next Sunday. Pennsylvania Railroad
Special train leaves Harrisburg .">.45 a.
m. A long day in the greatest American