The star-independent. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1904-1917, November 05, 1914, Page 12, Image 12

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Friday Is Economy Day With Specials in Every Department
No Friday Specials Special Lot of Men's Work Gloves, Black Dress Goods Drug Sundries Specials Children's Hose Beaded Net
Sent C. 0. D., or Mail or Trimmed Hats 28* $125 black p a 54 iy 2 to 3-ounce packs of ab- Boys' 121,20 black heavy Beaded net, 42 inches wide
Fnday only, 50c "Scratch" calf skin inches wide. Friday onlv, sorbent cotton of fine quality. cotton ribbed hose. Special -light blue, reseda grey,
'Phone Orders Filled. 1 unted Sgloves. Friday yard 89V Special Friday only only 9* navy ancl Copen
_______ VL, I fill nnlv 29<J 5 * antl io * Dives. Pomerov & Stewart nagen. ror waisis ana aress-
- Friday Street Floor. es, worth $2.00. Friday onjy,
———— ———— trDives, Pomeroy & Stewart on l v varu 95* Witch hazel and butter- ____ yard, 98*
Petticoat Specials *■* Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart Men's Store. .nilk toilet soap. Friday only, ________________ tS'Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart
Second Floor, Front. broadcloth. Fri- per box of 3 cakes, 9* Wnmpn'q TTnw Street Floor.
Tub silk petticoats, pleated _ day only, yard $1.29 _ . , . WOHien S iiose
flounce, Russian green, emer- \ Cambric Gowns, 35tf Two-in-one shaving cream, 33c b]ack g .j k hose .
aid, navy, black and white. 42 50 Plumes , . ~ , , $2.00 corded coating. I<ri- r» gu ar size. pma first quality. Special Friday Tin,** r* n
Regular price $2.90. Friday BiaCK rlUffleb, Cambric gowns, high and only, yard, $1.69 Hnl >. 9* , J . White Dress Cottons
only $1.95 <2l iq shaped necks, yoke trim- ' * J> v
Jpl.Af me( j w j tk hunch tucks, neat ts " Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, 2oc and dOC cold cream, Pomerov & Stewart 10c white India linon; 30
Silk warp charmeuse petti- TWnlar *2 50 black French ruffle trims neck and sleeve. Street Floor. face lotion, tooth powder and Street Floor. inches wide. Special Friday
coats, pleated flounce; black. "egmar*. Regular price, 50c. Friday face powder. Special Friday only, yard 5*
emerald, wistaria, brown, plumes. Fiiday only, on i v ....... 35* only, 10?
black and white. Friday Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart ' __ . Mon'c TTn<i<» °. • w
on ] v 51. 50 Second Floor Front. ** Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart liewpie UlltntS Peroxide cold cream. Spe- lueu b nubc crepe and pique. Special Fri-
Second Floor Three Elevators. __ r»i«l Frirl«v nnlv ..«• dav onlv. vard 9<*
m Dives Pomerov & Stewart, Stamped Kewpie package " y _ 2->c black hose with white
Second Floor Three Elevators. ———————————— ________________ outfits, consisting of pillow 30e large size chamoisine. feet. Special Friday only, $1.39 English longeloth, 10
' 75c Muslin Curtains, Picture Frames tops, scarfs, safety pin hold- Special Friday only, ... 19* lU* yards to a piece. Special Fri
>—————— ——■ ers an( | l aU ndry bags, with fu Dives, Pomerov & Stewart rxr n: vp „ Pomerov & Stewart ''ay only, piece, ..89?
— Reduced fl ° ss to complete. Friday street Floor. 'street Fioor. ' u Diveg> Pomeroy & stewart>
Corset Covers, 25<J 75( . muslin W tIM silverine picture n~
Two styles nainsook corset yards long, good designs MI- frames. Special Friday only. Third" Floor—'Three Elevators. Men's Shirts
covers, embroidery edge and day on '.V, pan, * 7 0 * ________________ Fancv Dres<i Buttons - ________________
ribbon trimmed. Friday only, tar Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart 25c and 50c brooches, bar J ' $1.50 Russian cord woven Specials in the
25* Street Floor. pj ns aiK j st j (>k pj ns Special Fridiv nnlv npv pard madras thirts with white pm
t# Dives, Pomeroy & stewart Friday only, 10* Stamped Center Pieces y y ' p ' stripes. Special Friday only, Carpet Section
Second Floor—Three Elevators. KJ, $1.19
. - , . SI.OO gold and silver oxi- 2oc to 7oc stamped center «>v China and Japan matting
Remnants OI Uurtam dize silver iewel cases Spe- pieces and scarfs on a good . . .... *1.98 oxford cloth woven reduced for Friday—
- madras shirts with silk
Linings Goods, 10* • • shades. Friday only, mued patterns of which sev- s . ; pes . Special Friday only. 35c Zttinß, yard, '.Mc
. Rogers'silver plated forks, 12 1 /'* to 39* e sizes have been closed $1.19 25c matting, yard 10c
30c moire; black and navy. Remnants of 12y 2 c to lac fancv Datterns Snecial Fri- ~ . «ut, ..dl be placed on sale at
Friday only, yard rarUin serim, 88 indw. wide, day <»! iv, half dozL, . .59* S'tSa'S ■> very att,-active price to. »1J» nanaei .hut, w. h Japan matfng raga
, .. „. , white and colored designs. ■ norrow; the values are 25c rollar attached,
black s a tm e ; 36 Friday only, yard, 10f Silver plated forks, spoons. SI.OO per dozen and the .av only, ouc 27x54 inches, 30c value at 17c
wide. Friday only, yard, 29* ••a, st t sugar shells and butter cards contain y» to 2 dozen. fcr Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, ftx9 feet, $2.25 value at $1.59
*» Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart 6War ' knives. Special Friday only, Nainsook Combinations pecial Friday only, card, 5* Street Floor. Cork linoleum-
Street Floor. 100 lli. rs ' Ti go.. I \ I
—— Two styles nainsook com- Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, _ GOf value, square yard, ..43c
———————————— _______________sl,oo fancy beads with binations, corset cover and ' ree ° or ' ron ' _ „ , 55« value, square yard, ..3»c
- T . , „ QK , 50c Filled Cushions, short strings. Special Friday drawers, lace insertion and BedSpreadS (Wilted rubber stair
Nainsook Gowns, Sot only, 35* lace or embroidery ins^llion $2.00 lightweight satin treads-
Three styles nainsook Pomerov & Stewart a ? f a^( "NTntinriQ Marseilles bed spreads. Spe-
low neck, square, V 5 0c filled enshions, red and 5„... ri,., alar pnee tI.OO. F,,day Notions Specially , a , Priday 01llj ?1 . 25 sj.
K|' ~ ,2& ICS, " """iZZWj. *"™"'
broiderv trimmed. Friday second tioo. -inrec levators. 2oc perfect dress gauges. ( oc-oa mats—
onjv 85* Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Women S $3.00 Shoes. ————————————————— Special Friday only, ..10* $1 50 mats at $1.1!)
Street Floor. ~ ' $1.25 mats at »Hc
Men's Linen Handker- Table Damask
"9c Curtain Net l!)r I Jr.:'' f°° Z' 7*l chiefs, 8d & »l.uo bleached all liuen :
curtain wet, IJC call with black wiima.o* l * tab l e damask; 70 inches wide.
n« ac n p nn j» 39c curtain net. 45 inches 2 . . or , ctf ' U k ' d u ,O P S: " ar " Men's all linen hemstitched 5c steel magic curlers. Spe- Special Friday only, yard,
Colored Dress Goods wide; white and ecru shades. row toe lasts with wing tips. handkerchiefs. Friday only, cial Friday only, 75* Batll Towels
50c serge: inches wide; Kriday only, yard W 2c, or S for 5.- is" Dives. Pomeroy k Slcwart. r,O„ fancy Tnrldsh towels;
ill good shades. Friday only, erDives, Pomeroy & Stewart Street Floor—Hear. ' Pomeroy & Stewart 2f>c nickel spoon holders. Street Floor. ill pink, blue and tan. Spe-
Viird oDC Strpnt Flnnr Mens btore, otreet r ioov ...... 1 i i
oireei ___________ Special Friday only, ...5f ——— uial Friday only,
75c shepherd checks, me- 2uc card case with place m . n ~ bleached Turkish bath
dium size checks. r, , t Women's $1.25 Slippers, T ,A, «r tsi for pass or identification TWlli lOWellllg towels. Special Friday only,
only, yard, 49* Framed Pictures * ' Infants' $1.25 Shoos, card. Special Friday only, 6 , 4 c brown and bleached 3 for 25*
85c blue serge. Friday fiamed pictures, in- 59* 10* toilet twill cotton toweling linen buck towels.
only, yard, 69* eluding comics and many Women's $1.25 black kid . ~ 4-4 rubber sheeting, guar- for kitchen use. Special Fri- Special Friday only, .. 11*
beautiful subjects. '' skin opera toe one-strap slip- Infants patent lox anteed. Special Friday onlv, a . v Hn 'y> y ar< i.
SI.OO pebble granite; 42 only, 4 for 25* pers, light weight soles, sizes button shoes with tan suede 6Q * Dive. Pomerov & Stewert $ .98 round and square
inches wide, all wool. Friday Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart 3to 7. Friday only ...95* calf tops, hand-turned soles. ' • scalloped all linen luncheon
only, yard, 69* I Third Floor—Three Elevators. I I ' ' I I Friday onlv, 59* I 25c and 50c fancy colored I I k ' ou ' | I cloths, 36x36 and 36 inches I
. i Street o Kloor-RcaT Wart w Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, iclting. Special Friday only, *~ in diameter. Special Fri (lay
$1.20 na\.v sei'ge. fill 001, MM mm MMMH Street Floor —Rear. yard,
54 niches wide. Turkish Towels Dives, Po,neroy & Stewart, Silk Specials I i3T
,/ <vl ~., A - n iMIIM 19c bleached Turkish tow- Men's 50c Shirts, 25* Btrcet Floor * Fro,,t - 89c tub silk,-satin stripes. ! " '
wide- ail o '"shades.' Fridav [ds, stamped ready for em- Men s 50c white pleated Sheets and Pillow Cases Friday only, yard, .57*
n " ,yo " w rLr£r s Sky n oilr d j* ■r° b r Womett ' s s 3OO
- _ ' r* sheets, onl}. .. inches wide. rriday onlv, |fr
SI.DU to $-.00 crepe, silk Dives, Pomerov & Stewart ,nM k W fLs*
and wool, odd pieces; lengths Third Floor —Three Klevators. iSn 45x3ti-inch bleached !" f crinkle seetsuck .r ; \aid .-
- * u v r ir<lv: Pridav onlv Dives. Pomerov SC Stewart ... . , . colored stripes, b rid ay only, . . Women s Jf'-?.00 tan Russia
oto 8 yards. Friday only, —~ Men's store. pillow cases, ln-iday o.dy, ya rd, 6V4* $2.00 bengaline suitings; ca |f shoes; button and lace
' , 12o* 36 inches wide. styles, Goodyear welted soles.
$2.00 coating; 54 inches Ribbon Specials rrDives, Pomeroy & Stewart 2 °<' cotton suitings, solid yard 7Jc Friday only, $2.15
wide: best styles. Friday Satin taffeta ribbon, 1 to Feather Pillows Street Floor-Rear. shades. Friday only, yard $1.50 black erepe de chine; Dives, Pomoroy & Stewart
only, yard, jy o j ne i ics w j t j e . f u u ra njT o 40 inches wide. Friday only, street 1 loor Bear.
$1.50 diagonal; 54 inches of "colors; values'to 10c. Fji- 89c feather pillows. Friday 6%c lawns, white ground yard> 98< '
wide; all wool. Friday only, day only, yard, o* only,. 75* Lace Specials with floral design. Friday $1.50 shadow stripe chiffon,
• vard ' Satin back velvet ribbon in * %\%'et P Tloor—Kear.^''' 1 ' Valenciennes lace edges and onl J> y aul 3* 42 inches wide; green and Unbleached Muslin
75c navy serge, 50 inches black; lUj inches wide; \al- __________________ insertions; Ito 2 inches wide, 18c crepe; neat floral de- .vistana. rn .iv 011 y, .an . 10c 40-inch fine unbleached
wide; worsted warp. Friday ues up to lJc. Friday o'uy, _________—— —assorted patterns; values up signs on white grounds, rn- muslin. Friday only, j'ard,
only, yard 59* ard ' • • 10 £ Embroidery Specials t0 10c • Fl ' iduy only> yard ' s<? day ° nly ' yard ■ SI M black satin .Majestic. 71/j*
TI iOl . cs Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart _ ... , , . . . 59c silk ratine; self-colored 36 inches wide. Friday only, Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart
urDives, l omeroy & Stewart Street Floor Swiss embroidery sralloons German torchon laces, 1 to „ . . , , , street Floor itear
street Floor, Front Bt . reet loor - . + rnches wide vdufs un to W2 inches Wide; values to 3c. h^'res - * r,da - v on| y' yard ' 97 * btreCt
- ' 59c. Friday only, yard, 19* Friday only, yard, 1* «r Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart.
tS" Dives, Pomerov & Stewart tTDives, Pomeroy & Stewart 50c crepe; white ground Btreet Floor » Kront -
Women s underwear Corsets Reduced street Floor street Floor. with a colored embroidered I—————. Women s Neckwear
„ , ... , ... . figure. Friday only, yard, ... ~T . .
$2.50 white silk and wool French eoutil and silk bro-
union suits, medium weight; ( ' atle corsets in American Tyrioooo'<tl HO T coo . women SXianaKercmeiS ties in ombre colors, worth
sizes 42 to 44 Snecial Fri- Lady and Warner's Rust > o-i oc 01 Irlisses ijdue 50c crepe de chine, 36 39c. Friday only, 25*
dav onlv 51.95 Proof corsets, valued $5.00. Children S $1.25 Shoes, inches wide; solid shades, one Women a handkerchiets,
Special Friday only. $2.50 ©noes, ha l f silk p r jj ay yard, hemstitched, with cable bor- Planen lace collars in white
SI.OO white cotton fleece Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart, Hisses' $1.50 brown kid 15* der, worth sc. Fri.lay only, and butter, values up to 50c
lined union suits; low neck Second Moor Three Elevators. Children's $1.25 black kid laee shoes, made ou full toe 25 R organdy half silk- ' °. r I' rid ay only 2o*
»nd sleeveless. Friday only, American Lady and D. P. utton and lace shoes, Good- lasts with heavy stitched white ground with colored Women's handkerchiefs, Sleeveless guimpes in net,
59* fc S. corsets in values to $1.25. year welted oak leather soles. soles. Sizes 11 Va to 2. Fri- floral design Friday only slightly soiled. Friday only, high necks, worth 25c. Fri-
Special Friday 0n1y,... .69* Friday only, 75* day only sl.aO
ives oniei oy & Stewart Dives. Pomeroy & Stewart, »«Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart *« Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart itrDivfvs Pomerov & Stewart Dives, Pomerov & Stewart ««Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart
Street floor. Street Floor. Street Floor—Rear. Street Floor —Roar. Street Floor. Street Floor. Street Floor.
vv ~ ■
Tree Agriculture an Old Story on the
Island of Majorca
Approximately nine-tent'hs of the
aralbde area of Majorca, one of the
Spanish islands in the Mediterranean,
is planted out to crop yielding trees.
That makes one-story agriculture.
Then beneath the trees grass is grown.
That makes the second story, which
may properly 'be likened to the cyclone
Por miles and miles in every direc
tion that 'beautiful island is covered
with continuous orchards of almonds,
olives, figs and carobg, wiflli orasional
grafted oak trees, the sweet acorti9 of
which are prized as highly as the
This tree agviculture is nothing new,
for many of these orchards are of un
known age, and some of them give
evidence of having seen generations of
men rise, dig awhile ami die before
Columbus sailed ]>asit 011 his way from
Genoa to Gibraltar, and throughout all
the years that the white man has
striven in America these same old olive
and caro>b trees have been standing
there, hamlirng down their harvests of
fruit and beans to the men who raised
dther -crops at their feet —erops of
Wheat, oa'ts, 'barley, beans and peas—
From "Two Story Farming," by J.
Russell Smith, in Century.
An Infallible Sign
Whenever Robert's mother went
away on a visit the li'ltic fellow was so
badly spoiled by a doting father and
grandmother that upon her return it
took several applications of t)he rod 'bo
mend his ways.
One >lay when she had lirfen absent
for a week a neighbor asked Ro'bert
when his mother was coming home.
"Oh, she'll be back very soon now,"
he replied. "I'm beginning to get pret
ty bad."—New York Post.
i Tliey Seemed to Clash a Trifle, So the
Court Made a Change
It was formerly the practice of the
Supreme Court to sit from 12 noon un
til 4 o'clock continuously 011 oat'h day
that it was in session. Prom time to
time, as the afternoon progressed, the
Justices, one or two at a time, would
slip out of their seats, snatch a bite of
; luncheon and return. Sometimes as
many as four or five of them would bo
| off tshe bench at once. They usually
I had their luncheon brought to them by
their messengers and ate it in the little
curtained recess behind the bench, and
as thq argument progressed there could
be plainly heard in the court room the
clink of knife and fork 011 plate and
what O. Henry has called "the crash of
dishes 011 the American plan."
One day a lawyer pleading a case
made bold to entei a protest. He moat
solemnly inquired if he could count
upon the continuous and undivided at
tention of even one Justice to the
thread of his argument,. "The person
nel of the court has been twice entire
ly changed since I began," he said
Tho Court deigned no response, but
on the following Monday it was an
nounced from the 'bendi that a recess
| for luncheon thereafter would be taken
every day from 2 to 2.30 o'clock and
that the Oou*t would sit until 4.30
o 'clock every afternoon. World 'H
Out of Date Anyway
A correspondent writes us to know
if we can give the origin of the old
[iocm about the little child shyly cling
ing to its mother's skirts. We cannot,
but it is terribly out of date anyway,
for the present mother is so shy on
Hkirt that any child would have trouble
in getting hold of enough to cling to.—
Portland, (Me.) Kxpress.
Concert Pitch
She (at t'he ball game)— Why does
he make those motions with his arm
before he pitches tihe ball? He—Those
are signals to the catcher. The two
men work in concert. She—.Dear met
Is that the "con-cert pitchl 've heard
i about so often ? 'Boston Transcript.
Happy Outlook
■Mo't her, to engaged daughter—T
don't care if lie is a millionaire. It's
really perfectly outrageous for you to
think of spending your you nig life with
that old tfhing.
"Oh, that isn't all I think of spend
ing, mother, dear."—lLit'o.