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Furred tongue, Bad Colds, Indices- 's
tion. Sallow" Skin and Miserable Head- '
aches come from a torpid liver and eon- J
stipated bowels. which cause your stom
ach to become tilled witfc undigested i
food. which sours and ferments like <
garbage in a swill barrel. That's the
first step to untold misery—indices i
tion, foul gases, bad breath, yellow i
Public Schools to Be Closed All Day
Thursday—Prominent Stores Will
Close at Noon—Arrangements An
nounced by Several Fire Companies
if tiie weather proves auspicious
Steelton will send thousands of its resi
dents to Harrisburg to morrow after -
uoon to wiuiess ;ae great firemen's j-a
rade. In honor of the visiting firemen
the borough schools will be closed ail
day and ah the prominent stores will be
ciosed at noon.
Several of the Local fire companies
nave announced the following arrange
ments for Thursday preparatory to go
ing to Harrisburg to take jart in tiie
Hygienic Hose Companv: All mem
irs are requested to mee: in the hose
bouse at 12 o'clock. (noun» in full
uniform where a special car will con
vev ti»e fifty-five men who w-iii parade.
Paxtang Hook and Ladder Company:
The Humane V re Company, of Royers
ford. will t»e guests of the "Hookies'"
to-morrow morning. P T ior to going to
Harrisburg the guests and visitors,
headed by the Bainbridge band, will
make a s:reet parade from the Pax
tang house. Nor;:i Krout street, to the
Baldw in h se house. South Front street.
The three companies w>!l then hold a
s.'.ort street parade prior to leaving for
< itiieus' Fire Company: All mem
bers are arged to meet at the house.
Pront and Pine streets, in fu 1 uniform
a; 10.JO o'clock, from which place a
s:>e ai car w-1! take them to Harris-
E>urg at 11 o'ck»k in tie morning.
Oa.i of U. B Sunday School Attended
\ pleasant surprise was he, I at tlie
•ne of Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Comp,
.'47 hrlstia-.i -treet. Monday evening,
;i honor of M-s. Comp's mother. Mrs.
W. \V. Kce i. bv her class of Centenary
I'nited Brethren Sundav school. After
a ol.giitf.;i - hour was sptait re
freshments were served to the follow
ing p-rso.'.s
Mrs. W \V. Reel. Mrs. 1.. B. Mc
'• ■ :ara Hummel. Mrs. .I&mes
Mentze--. Mrs. William E'rowetl. Mrs.
v.k Shoop. Mrs. Harry Billet, Mrs.
' ! Paese. M>s Emma Paese. Mrs.
V. ;.,a:n Geiger. Mrs. Kliiabeth Otstot.
v -. .'oh:: Wa;ner. Mrs. Harlacher.
Mrs. K:iv: a Householder and son. Le
*■>. M ; E\a. Hvnicka and daughter,
lerine. Mrs. la-a Brown. Mrs. J. 1
'lced. E.c-o> Reed and Donald Ree i.
*:n Shoop. Irvin. Reist. John Dou
; iv. M < omp. J. G. Wolf. D. W. \
Ka-<• utcr. Mr-. George Gallagher. Mrs.
Na T., lij ami sou. William.
'*aura Reitze'. Mrs. Ida E\>nnellv,'
MKune. V-s. lomp an I daughter,;
\una, M"s Re:st. Mrs. W. Karstetter, !
M-s. Goldie Paese, Beatrice Don-1
c. .. . Anna Ford and Gladys Billet.
Soixt Raised By Local Hungarians For
Relief Work
A bcneficia> dance and entertain
ment was held by the i-teelton Hun-
P ar.ans iii Mi.ler s hall on Good street.
•Saturday evening. During the even
ing many i aiuabte articles were auc-'
: ne.; off. and the spirit of the bidding
showed the sympathy of the Steeltou
The dancing hail was prettilv deco
rated with Hungarian dags an 1 sym
bols, and a large sized crowd danced to
.he music furnished by a stringed or
chestra. A special feature of the even
ing was the rendering of several Hun
garian national songs.
The pro'ee-is of the evening amount-i
ei to upwards of »500. including sub- i
Aileged Elopers Caught
Nick Ferencic and Mrs. John Slov
■na\ who are alleged to have eloped
from the borough a short time ago.
"-■re apprehended In Pittsburgh and
ill be brought to Harrisburg for a
Hearing befo-e Alderman Murray b»-
' onstable Ha:nes on a • barge prefer
re iby Mrs. Slovinac's husband.
r— ——— ™
Barking Throats;
October Colds
They don t bound good—they !
don't fee! good—and they have the 1
whole winter berore them unless
broken up now by taking our i«
Cough and Cold
Forney's Drug Store
skin, severe colds, everything tliat is
horrible and nauseating. A Cascaret
to night will surely straighten you out
by morning—a 10-cent box will keep
your head clear, stomach sweet, liver
and bowels regular aud make you feel
cheerful and bully for months.
Don't forget your children—their lit
tie insides a good, gentle, cleans
ing, too. occasionally.
f The Rev. Charles A. Huyctte Officiated
1 at the Ceremony Which Occurred at
the Home of the Bride's Parents,
s Mr and Mrs. William Kistler
s Rea Calvin "eim. Worcester, 'Mass.,
aud Miss Atine Kistler. of the borougli.
were married last evening at the home
j of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William M.
[| Kistler. 196 South Second street. The
• ; Rev. (lharles A. Huyette. pastor of the
Firw Reformed church, officiated at the
s ceremony, which took place at S
o clock, in the presence ot' many rc'.i
• tives and friends.
! The ring ceremony was used and the
bride, who was given away by her fa
iher. W. H. Kistler, wore a charming
costume of wh.te charmeuse with
1 toifc-hes of pearl and delicate lace and
she carried an arm bouquet of w.-.ite
button chrysanthemums. She was at
tended by Miss Addessa Kistler. her sis
- ter, who wore a pale yellow- satin gown
with duchesse ace tr-romings. Profes
' sor Cobo, of ?*tate College, was best
. man. The wedding music was played
l|bv Professor Charles F. Maekev. of
• Harrisburg. The newlyweds left at mi 1-
' i>:_rht for Worcester. Mass.. where they
wiil reside. Helm is employed there
i as c-heniist for the American Iron and
Steel Company. He s a graduate of
>"tate College and also of the SteeJton
High tLass of of w*hich
. class his bride"wras a member.
Yonng Colored Men Effected Organisa
tion East Evening
The Young Men "s Republican Club
was organized last evening among col
ored residents and the following of
ficers were elected:
President, C. W. James: first vice
president, Reuben Garnett: second vice
, president, John Wood: treasurer. Peter
Wade: secretary. Allen Fry; assistant
secretary, Chester Roebuck.
A-thur Kilheffer and John McCahan,
of Knaaut, two young men were re
leased by Squire Gardner last evening
after having gi\en them a hearing ou
the charge of felonious entry and lar
ceny. preferred by Adam Gruber. of
> Enhaut. Insufficient evidence caused
the release.
George Nastof was arraigned before
Squire Gardner iast evening on charges
of desertion an 1 non-support preferred
by h s wife. Ba'ba. En default of bail,
Nastof was committed for court.
Aaron D. Kluzh. Highspire, will be
given a hearing before Squire Gardner
this evening at i o'clock ou a serious
i charge preferred tw William 'Hand,
The Rev. P. 51. Hooper will officiate
! at the prayer meeting to be held in St.
; John's Lutheran church, this eveni»T
I at 7.4 3 o'clock.
There will be no preaching services
I in the Main Street Church of God Sun
day, owing to the absence of the Rev.
James M. Waggoner, who will be in
attendance at the Church of God Elder
The Carnation Club, of Mt. Zion
Baptist church,-will hold a mock wed
ding to-morrow eve'ning. Music for the
, occasion will be furnished bv Mrs.
Emma Steyans. Mrs. Lizzie Page, Mr!
and Mrs. Earnest Johnson.
Benediction ended forty hou-s' de
motion at St. James' Roman Catholic
church ast evening and about twentv'
visiting priests took part in the serv
ices. A procession of the parochial
school children, led br twelve flower
girls, was held,
j The Rev. C. B. Felton, pastor of
Halifax Methodist church, will preach
i at this evening's home campmeeting
iin the First Methodist church. Wil
liam X. Thomas will lead the singing. ,
Miss Wilcox, the visiting nurse em
Ployed by th? Steeiton Civic Ciub. w ;i )
be in her office from S a. m. to 9
a. m.. from 12.30 p. m. 10 1.30 p. m.
John Runkle, Last End. attended
the \ ork fair yesterday.
Mrs. Sarah Herman. Feiton street,
is spending the week writh York rela
Mrs. David Cargill and son. Warren,
'■ of Lew:stown, are visiting relatives in
the borough.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Kennev. Bridge
port. are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Kennev, South Front street.
Ooerlin. Oct. 7.—The Oberlin schools
will be i-losed Thursday afternoon to
ailow all who desire to attend the
firemen s parade in Harrisburg.
Preparatory services will he held in
Salem Lutheran church Sunday morn
ing and evening.
The Holy Communion will be cele
brated in Salem Lutheran church Sun
day morning and evening.
Miss XeLl Book lias returned from
Blaine where she spent Sundav with
her parents.
Miss Emma Ksheuaur. of Millers
burg. was entertained by her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eshenaur, Sunday.
IThe Rev, and Mrs. D. K. Ruplev en
joyed an auto trip to Gettysburg yes
j terday in company with the Rev. aud
. j Mrs. Thomas Reisc.h. of Harrisburg.
I Mrs. George Btzweiler, of Millers
| j burg, is visiting her parents, Mr. and
I'Mrs. Harry Eshenaur.
George Stengle has returned from a
j week's trip to Philadelphia,
s 1 The Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Boughter
t | have returned from Philadelphia where
1 they attended the I'nited Brethren con
p ference and visited friends,
r, Michael Po'tn. Camdeu, J., is vis
•l J iting his brother, John Polm, Page
Raymond Lebo spent yesterday with
1- I friends at Highspire.
Mother and Son and Two Girls Ar
rested for Firing a Dwelling House
, and a Reform Training School—One
of Theta Said to Have a Weak Mind
.Vsistaiit Fire Marshal Wolf did a
: neat bit of detective work at his home
in Williamsport this week iu securing,
confessions from four fire bugs that]
!t hey had set fire to two buildings.
Clifford Cohan, a young man, and his
mother were arrested for setting fire to 1
: their home. The sou confessed that
* ■ he had sat, r:tted the interior of the
t i house with coal oil and set it ou tire,
| E>ut slid he did it in the interest of his
[mother who had told him that if the
house burned down she would get the
insurance, and she hinted strongly to :
the boy to set it on fire, which he did.:
' Mr. Wolf secured photographs of the I
• interior and found evidences of coal j
c oil, and the boy made the confession.
. Mother and son were held at the dis- 1
t - posal of the court.
Two giris. inmates of the Reform
Training school at Williamsport. set j
j j the school building on fire, and when ;
* arrested they confessed that they had
| done so in order to escape school. One 1
J girl, aged 16. will be sent to a Reform!
school, and the other girl, sai i to be of
r | weak mind, will be placed iu a home.
! Bigelow and Dixon to Speak
Kridav of this week will be Subur-1
ban Improvement Day at Bristol. Bu-ksj
I county, when a large meeting will be
, I held to consider plans for improvement
of the town and surrounding country.:
. Sta'.e Highway Commissioner Bigelow j
! will make an address on good roads
• and State Health Commissioner Dixon;
will make an address on how to ini
prove health conditions.
[ Board of Pardons
The regular meeting of the Board of |
1 Pardons will be held on October 21.!
1 but already a number of applications |
for executive clemency have been re '
ceived. The list will be a large one,
1 w hen completed.
Public Service Commission
The Public Service Commission this
afternoon considered the application of
1 the Jersey Shore Gas and Fuel Com-j
pany to purchase the controlling right |
in tiie Jerse* Shore Gas Company, 5....
ator Edward F. Beilleman anl George
R. Heisey, of this city, appeared for'
' the applicants. The Commission will;
announce its de ision later.
George R. Dxon. vice president of
the Pennsylvania rail'oa i company, was
scheduled tu appear before the Com
mission late this afterncou in advocacy
of a five per cent, increase 0,11 inter
state freight rates.' This proposit-' n
is now before the Interstate Com marc e
Commission and Mr. Dixon's arguments
were along the line of those presented
to the National body.
Appointed Policeman
Charles J. O'Donnell. pf Harrisbarj,
for eight years a sergeant 011 the police j
force, was to-day appointed a police
man for the Harrisburg Society for tli?
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Of
ficer O'Donnell was appointed to the
police force by Mayor Royal recently!
but the Councilmnnic Commission re
fused to confirm the appointment.
Wanted in Elmira
Governor Tener has honored the
requisition of the Governor of Xew
Vork for the return to Eimira of Coran
L. Goodwin, who is wanted in that city
on a charge of abortion. Goodwin is,
under arrest in Wellsboro. A protest
was filed against the honoring of the
requisition, but it was not sufficiently
strong to convince the Governor that
the man should not be returned.
Chief Roderick Improves
Chief Roderick, of the Bureau of
Mines, who has been ill for some time
at his Ha/.leton home after leaving
Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, :
where he underwent a painful opera '
tion, is said to be so much improved
that he will be able to resume his desk I'
next week.
Put in a Sub
Notice has been received at the
j State Department that the name of Da- 1
vid M. Hertzog as a candidate for,'
Senator of the Washington party in 1
Fayette county has been substituted I
for that of J. W. Dawson, who has'
i withdrawn.
Frank D. Henry, Republican eandi
late for Assembly in Butler eountv.
has filed notice ot his withdrawal asV
candidate. 1
Governor Goes West
Governor Tener left this morning for
Brownsviile and to-morrow will par
ticipate in the exercises attendant on '
the dedication of the new bridge over
the Allegheny river between Browns
vilie and West BrownsviiLe.
Another Heir for the Churchills
By Ataocicted Prrts.
London, Oct. 7, 10.20 A. M.—Mrs.
Winston Spencer Churehiil, wife of the 1
first lord of admiralty. 2ave birth to j
a daughter to-day. Mrs. Churchill •
•ormerly was Miss Clementine Hozier, J
daughter of the late Sir Henry Mon
tague Hozier. She and "Mr. Churchill
were married in 1908. They now have
three children, two daughters and one
Succeeds Ousted Mayor of Butte
By Associated Press.
Butte, Mont., Oct. 7.—Clarence A.
Smith, president of the city council,
was elected mayor of Butte last night
to succeed mayor Lewis J. Duncan, who
was ousted yesterday by District Judge j
Roy Avers for nonfeasance in office |
during the labor disturbances last sum-1
mer. ]
:i in nil
Complete Official Fig
ures for This County
Show Gain of That
• j __~__
Iu City There Are 6,930 Republicans
Registered ami :l. 118 Democrats,
But Many Voters Have Not Indi
cated Their Affiliation
With official reports showing the
j total county registration to be a 'J,020
I increase over that of a year ago ami
j well ou to 300 more than iu 1912.
| when all registration records were
broken, there also is an indication ot'
1 heavy gains by both the Republican
and Democratic parties.
Exact increases according to party
affiliation, cc.nnot l>e obts tied from
the registration books or until after
the primaries in 1915, in view of the
fact that \oters at the lust registra
! lion were not bound to state to the
j registrsr the parties with which tl|ey
j are affiliated.
The total registration in the city
this >ear, the official figures show, is
1 13,400, an actual increase of 1.585
lover that of a year ago. Exactly 2,474
i Harrisburg electors refused to state the
party with which they ar,» associated. registered to the number
of 6,93o^that being more than twice
i as large as the Democratic enrollment
and registration which is limited to
There are 559 declared Washington
party men: 45 Prohibitionists, and 13S
Socialists in the city.
This compilation was made by the
clerks to the County Commissioners
from the books of the registrars who
j had their last sitting on Saturday an.l
' w;is given out officially this morning.
While the gain in the city registration
; over that of a year ago is 1,585 it
also is«sti7 higher than the April, 1914,
registration which was 12,833. The
registration by precincts i" tjie city fol
lows: .
3 , a •£ ' t '
= t = 2 - 5 :
j'. hill |;|!|
Ist Wd.
, ift pet. 25 11 it os; i sr.
i I'd pet. 210 *2 ; ii _• _« 302
i 3rd pet. 114 "'6 7 n 1 15S 334
' 2d Wd.
Ist pet. 93 is n II 4 4 11•_>
-*J pot. 91 57 111 II II 7 165
3rd pet. MB 8;; i> n l 17 224
Mil pet. 124 53 16 11 3 39 -..'35
I st'i pet. 238 fis 27 3 " :! 1 3K4
'6th pet. 179 96 : 1 1 5 49 351
3rd Wd
Ist pot. St 4 4 3 1 n 1J 161
Jit pet. 89 36 | 11 II ; i3g
3rd pet. 57 34 U 0 0 16 107
4th Wd.
Ist pet. 220 S6 10 11 0 t; :i33
2d net. 259 122 14 1 0 38 434
sth Wd.
Ist pot. Party not stated. 154 184
-•1 pet. 147 70 8 1 1 22 249
'3rd pet. IS3 1111 7 11 3 23 326
4th pet. 48 0 II 0 0 221 '.69
6tii Wd.
list pet. . 193 118 9 1 2 36 359
-d p»t. 186 10S HI o 6 23 333
3rd pet. 55 19 10 o 3 8
1 ith Wd.
i Ist pet. 92 si> 3 2n 6 153
1 2d pit. 166 <7 3 i 1 ::i -J49
3rd pet, 112 32 4 0 1 16 165
4th pet. 157 611 1 J rt 17 38 293
sth |>et. 7 1 51 12 1 7 131 179
6th pet SO 34 11 0 S3 209
Sth Wd.
Ist pet. Party not stated. SI 81
'2d pet. 17 in 0 o o 29 56
3rd pet. 22S 7ti 30 I 0 67 396
nil pet. 1 3 1 II 0 191 196 !
stll pet. 137 36 HI 2 2 93 JNO I
9th Wd.
Ist pet. 116 28 1 0 II 17 192:
2d pot. 16S 103 11 1 1 22 307'
3rd pet. 166 66 5 0 1 17 255
4th pet. 109 3.8 13 2 3 19 IS4
! Sth pet. 184 64 37 2 26 31S i
6th pet. 146 98 27 1 1 12 255 !
I 7th pet. 133 55 24 1 O 67 2SO
Sth pet. 104 42 10 1 1 19 177
9th pot. 98 37 1 1 0 1 20 -167
10th Wd.
Ist pet. 203 6.' 24 1 7 10 517
2d pet. 162 140 16 1 2 64 385
3rd |wl. 11l 73 15 0 17 V, 248
4UI pFt. 96 44 30 1 4 96 271
11 til Wd.
Ist pet. 273 129 11 7 13 6,8 501
2d pet 252 133 17 3 5 51 isi
12th Wd.
Ist pet. 127 53 10 0 3 I 197 [
2d pet. 244 104 20 0 3 63 434 :
3rd pet. 143 105 19 2 5 57 331 i
13th Wd.
Ist pet. 96 (7 13 0 2 27 185'
2d pet., 117 53 20 Oil 55 260 !
Totals. 6930 3148 589 45 138 2474 13400
Day Nursery Flag Day Plans
Announcement was made to-day that
the Day Nursery will hold its annual
"Flag Day" on Saturday, October 24, :
or, in case of rain, on the following
Mrs. Whitlock Homeward Bound
By Associated Press.
London, Oct. 7, 10.26 A. M.—Mrs.
Mallie Whitlock and Mrs. E. B. Brain
erd. mother and mother-in-law of Brand
Whitlock. the American minister to
Belgium, are passengers on the steamer 1
Baltic which left Liverpool for Xew
York to-day.
sjS Don't
because the swollen glands
j§ and inflamed membranes often
! affect other tissues and impair
their healthy action. —.
great relief because its cod J A,
hrer oil is speedily con- / V
▼erted into germ-resisting
tissue—the glycerine is praszca j
curative and healing, p*"?*** j
while the combined emul- B' —— j
sion strengthensthe lungs lisßSp- j
to avert, lung trouble. J
Where to Buy Your Piano
or Player-Piano
There Is One Thing Absolutely Certain —You Can
Buy With Greater Knowledge After
a Visit to This Store.
For here you have an oppor
tunity for investigation, compari- aOB/F
son and decision not possible in Jifik
any other store in the city ; and, SHP
any man laying- out hundreds of
dollars for a piano or player
piano that ought to last a life-time
might well want to see more than
A great deal might be said in favor of our ® lily rW J
low prices, made possible by our extensive jßij
business; but we feel confident that compari- W
son will convince you that you do get the most m
for your money in buying here. W
Reserve Your Decision Until You Make a
Visit of Inspection to This Store
Don't Miss Hearing the The New Style Victrolas
New Edison Diamond at $75 and SIOO Are Ready
Disc Phonograph If you had ex
new instrument to trola stop* in Ind
the public Mr. Ecli- see how much
son believes that H more you get for
instrument that re- 11 They are larger,
produces the music ?i H more refined in
that you know ; !IB tone and provide a
with a new inter- j different and bet
est and brings to m ter system for filing records.
unfamiliar work a Other styles at sls, $125, S4O,
master's interpretation. SSO, $l5O and S2OO. In any de-
Hear it and judge for yourself. sired wood finish.
Prices, SBO to $250. |j Complete stock of records.
88-Note Music Rolls, Your Choice of 7,000, at 20 Per Cent.
Discount. Liberal Terms if Desired. Old Instruments Taken
in Exchange. Expert Tuning, Repairing and Draying
Troup Building, 15 S. Market Square
1 All Strangers in the City Invited to
Visit Association Building
The Young Men's Christian Associa
-1 tion. Second anil Locust streets, extends
:i most cordial invitation for the fire
men in attendance upon the State fire
men's convention and all strangers in
the city, to visit the building any time
between the hours of 9 a. in. and 10
! p. m.
They will be welcome to the read
ing room, library, information bureau,
boarding house register, city directory.
Every courtesy will be extended to
them'. The executive force will be at
their service throughout the week.
Cardinal Ferrata's Condition Grave
Home, via Paris, Oct. 7, 3.40 A. M. —
' The Condition of Cardinal Perrata pap
al secretary of state has assumed a
: grave turn." He is suffering consider
able pain with some fever. The at
tending physicians have abandoned the
; idea of an operation, owing to the
i age of the patient.
Philadelphia Division—l 2 7 crew to
go first after 2 p. in.: 105, 125, 120,
103, 119, 122, 128. 111, 108.
Engineers for 103, 127, 128.
Firemen-for 103, 119, 127, 128.
Conductor for 110.
Flagmen for 120, 125.
Brakemen for 103, 110.
Engineers up: Speas, Buck, McGuire,:
Heindman, Henneck, Gallagher.
Firemen up: Martin, Swank, Spring,!
Penwell, Barton, E. C. Myers. Lantz,
Horstick, Ijibhart, Copeland, Behman,
Weaver, Myers.
Conductor up: Houdeshel.
iKlagman up: Harvey.
Brakemen up: Busse r , File.
Middle Division —241 crew to go
first after 12.40 p. m.: 237,
Preference: 8, 4, 3, 7.
Engineer for 3.
Fireman for 8. •
Conductor for 7.
Fl.tgman for 7.
up: Simonton, Briggles,
Hertzier. Smith, Minnick.
Firemen up: Davis, Stouffer, Licban,
Drewett, Beeder, Seagrist.
Klagman up: Cane.
Brakemen up: Fritz, Werner, Fieck,
Ma tin as, Holler, Boyle, Wenrick, Schoff-
stall, Kane, Myers, Stahl
Yard Crews—Engineers up: Landis,
; Hohensholt, Breneman, Rudy, Houser,
| Meals, Stahl, Swab, Sillks, Crist, Kuhu,
j Pelton, Hoyler, Shaver.
Firemen up: Barkey, Sbeats, Bail',
j Eyde, Ney, Myers, Bovle, Shipley,
Crow, Bevie, Bostdorf, Sehieffer, Raueh,
I Weigle, Lackey, Maeyer, Sholter, Snell,
j Bartolet, Getty, Hart.
1 Engineers for 306, 707, 322, 1758,
I 1820.
Firemen for 1886, 707, 1270, 1699,
I 90.
Philadelphia Division—2l6 crew to
go first, after 3.15 p. m.: 225, 235,
210, 223, 248, 219, 251, 231, 230.
Engineers for 210, 212, 223, 231
| 232, 243, 251.
Conductors for 216, 227, 24 3, 225.
Flagmen for 222, 232. '
Brakemen for 223, 227, 245, 248.
Conductor up: Pennell.
Flagman up: Kroh.
; Brakemen up: Deets, Myers, Al
! bright, Quigg.
Middle Division —lol crew to go
first after 1.45 p. m.: 223, 219, 226,
231, 230, 248.
Brakenian for 101.
P., H. & P. —After 4p. in.: 10, 17,
24, 4, 11, 22, 1, 5, 18, 3, 23.
Eastbound—After 1.45 p. m.s 63,!
57, 56, 53.
Conductors up: German, Hilton, i
Engineers up: Glass, Tiptou, Massi- j
more, 'Wvre, Pletz, Rich wine, Craw
ford, Lap*, Fetrow.
Firemen up: Longenecker, Bowers,
Brown, Binghaman. Corl, Kelly, Grum
bine, Aunspaeh, Lex, Snador, Chronis
ter. Sellers, Palm.
Brakemen up: Maat, Shader, Win
kle, Holbert, Cheney, Ware, Carlin,
Smith, Greaff, Maurer, Machnier, Ely.
Full Set of Teeth, .. .$5
Crowns, $3, $4, $5
Bridgework, $3, $4, $5
II Ifl/'O Painless
MAIIVO Dentists
Office Hours, 8 A. M. to 0 P. M.
Open Evening*
New Consignments of Dictionaries to
Be Distributed—Popularity of
Great Offer Increases
"Battle-scared heroes."
That phrase once brought unpleas
! ant notoriety to a well-meaning man
I who failed to write what he meant
and found through bitter experience
what the omission of one letter may
mean in a written word.
Could the same thing happen to
you f
If so, why?
With the New Modern English Dic
tionary at your elbow you can avoid
such pitfalls as writing "angle" when
yon mean "angel." Some person might
take offense at being called "a perfect
Think of what a vast difference there
is between "stationery" and "station
ary," "planning" nnd "plauing," anil
the hundreds of other comparisons
which can he culled from a dictionar) - .
Then clip one certificate from the Star-
Independent and prepare yourself to
avoid mistakes and trouble."
The intelligence of the public is but
one of the principal elements which
makes the distribution of the New Mod
ern Dictionary seemingly a most sim
ple task.
The other element is the sterling
worth and beautiful appearance of the
book itself. A restaurant cashier testi
fied to this the other day when it was
remarked that she had a New Modern
English Dictionary lying beside her
cash register.
"I was one of the first to get one,"
she said, "and I want to tell you that
that book has started many persons
clipping the certificates. They ure sur
prised us soon as they /see it.
"I am goiug to get another one for
my sister and I think I'll just let that
one stay here for the present, because
I surely wish the Star Independent all
the luck in the world."
The describer of dictionaries thanked
the young woman for these few kind
words and went on his way, thinking
how poor his powers of description were
as compared to the convincing influ
ence of exhibition of the dictionary
It' you don't believe every word of
it, come to the Dictionary Department
and be convinced. You may examine
the books all you want without taking
Needed Aairing
"What's the matter with vout" ,ie
manded florem hotly. "I've got a right
to air my opinions, haven't I?''
"Oh, of course," replied Brightly.
"They're so stale and musty they cer
tainly need something of that sort."—
Philadelphia Press.