The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, August 31, 1870, Image 2

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The Tribune has the-following from
. under date of the 2144; hist; ; - --
" A telegram from Berlin, whichwas
received at the Embassy bf - tiks 14,Orth
German Confederation late lasV.eveni'g,
announces that Marshal Bit:mine, at the'
bead of the French troops, made a most
-desperate ()fibril Just.-at- dayhrealt Able,
morning, to' cut his way- through the
Prussian investing line. lEfe was wet
instantly by the Prussians, in great
force, and, after three hours of deartt
rate fighting, repulsed - Withn treraen
dous loss• to the French: - Bazaine 'waa
. driten to ,the insidesfortress,t-of Metz,
-,114,th his. force greatly damagecmt , .
5,,, " .,The-. Tribune, correspondent- at the
f -ptiwelatk . beadquatters giveitha follow
ing- decent:lt of the battle of GraVi3lotte :
'• ' " The battle fought to-day, he 18th,
began at 10 iu the morning and lasted
tillafter 9 thiaevening. -Until noon it
vo t ,i,au, artillery duel. The French liPes
being Areal:fed altelg
~thti' hills Cover,'
• frig the two; roads leading from Metz, to
, Verdun,' having on their right Sank a 1
- -ler& holies; known• as LaVitlette, -- with
a wailed garden, held - in greatj- force .a
sunkenroad that led straight from Gra
the center of
- their position.
i l
, 6 . 4 0 n t e French left, the road wound
ver t the crest of a bill on which twelve
earthivorke had been thrown up. Eight
mitrailleuses, beside artillery, were pos
---ted to'command every approach to this
strong position, and their: guns swept
the valley reaching from 'Gravelottel
.:., eastward, by which the Prussians bad
I to advance. Behind this line of -strong
,defense lay the forts. St. Qtientin, mak—
: trig tbknesition apparently ope of tin
prznable etrenkth, and completely, pro
--fte ng the French rear.' "
- 2- , - , • "The.,position at first held by the
- Prussianstwas to the east of the French
facing toward Metz; occupying the sou
thermitost road Verduu, and reach
invtiver- the Chain of hills lying be
. twtivoi Gravelotte and Rezonillie. - The
result of the,. artillery contest was to
compel- the French - to, abandon. their
_remit advanced poaltione. and_ tbe -line
by Which they hoped to cover both of
-- tlitiroads *as Irk - weed and tiriVeli back. .
'' "'At noon Prussians were able---to
,puah forward their artillery; the French
_guns proving unable to resist the weight
of. the Prussian Illre. The Prussia_ bat
teries shortly after nopn Were in posi
tion on eitheridde Of Gravelotte, so that
-neither of,the roads, which at that point
;branch off' to-Verdun north and south
westerly, were , any longer , open to the
French army. I reached the Held'just'
as this forward" movement' of the Prus
sians,had been accomplished. • The
-groud was-favorable for a good view
of both positions, and it' was : apparent
at a glance that - the French bad alrea
"dy relinquished a line- of defense int
.-nortant to them - tactically as well- as
k:,; 4 ! By ,2 - o'clock the French batteries
covering the Veidun road - from the
north and east *ere silenced, and tha
Prassigtis bad advanced so far from.the
'south of that road as to occupy the farm
house at Malmaison, a little northwest
.from-Gravelotte. Twenty minutes la
' .ter the French fire - so slackened -and
wavered-'that,. t.he Prussian batteries
were once more pusheCfOrward, and
took up a new position in front of Gra
velotte. At 3:20 the Plussitifi cavalry
ent into action. They , advanced un
der a hot fire from the • kretich guns.—
The attack was made in considerable
force by the Uhlaus, both curassiers
and; hussars; but they were at first
without infantry support, and could
make no iterlous impression on a posi
tion still naturally strong and still held
in fore() by all arms of the French." •
Another 'correspondent) telegraiihs
from POD t-a-Mousson, onu nd tiy, 21st:
"The French, in the baffle of Thurs-'
day, were driven back to the forts of
St. Quentin, ..where •from the Prussian
front they are still visible._ The villa
ges of Vionvllle, Flavigny, Rezonville
and Gravelotte are much burned, and
resemble slaughter houses. The fields
are covered with dead Prussiabs. Their
cavalry; • while, charging the -Frencli
lines beyond Gravelotte, suffered much.
"The vast numbers of dead Frehoh
still (in the battle field' of Tuesday,
show the battle of that day to have
been as terrible for them as that of
"The Kirig arrived here last night.
itrtragi ,tsiziai();VW;lt:
turne towar yltry.
, " There are tiny rumors of
- King William's account of thiS battle
says the French were cut otr from, Pa
ris and driven back to Metz. •
A telegram from Pout-a-tussog, of
August 19, reports :
" Yesterday the Prussians won 15 bill-
Haut victory near Gravelotte._ The
' French were expelled from revery posi
tion they held, thrown back lupon Metz,
and confined to a narrow territory
V around that fortress.' They are com
pletely cut off from Paris. A Prussian
army corps holds the .railways from
Metz to Thionville. The Prussian loss
es have been heavy," ....
It is saidthe French loss during the
week exceeds 80,000 killed, •wounded
and missing. 'the French claim a vic
tory at Gravelotte., •
A•later account from King William,
• concerning the battle at Gravelotte on
the 18th instant; says:
"About 8:80 'P. M. fighting ceased
gradually. Without this I should have
acted as at Koniggratz. The troops
have performed miracles of valor against
all enemy, equally brave, who withdraw
by inches, resuming the offensive, to
be again repulsed. I cannot foretell
the enemy's fate. I shrink, from learn
ing our 10880.. I had designed bivou
acking here, but I find that rnin with
out my luggage.t• In 'fain, I have not
removed my clothing for' 9 hours."
i f
It is reported that the mpress is ur
ging Napoleon to abdica e in favor of
. his son. Gen. Trochu is in supreme
command at Paris. The Committee of
Defense,•of which he is the head, have
. thafullest powers in all matters per
taining to the defense of the city.—,
Strasbourg is yet held in a state of siege
by the Prussians. The general in eom-;
tumid tias driven out all non combatants,
to husband the supplies of the city as
far as he can.
The Tribune, speaking of the great'
battles before Metz, which seem to be
the decisive battles of the war thus far,
remarks as folloWs : , .
' '"'T, he tactics of Badowa Were repeat,-
edfitGravelotte. The Pruisianabegan
the engagement with . a divided army,
or rather two armies moving from dif
ferent directions, with orders to.form a
jurietlon behind the enerny's - poSition.
Bazaine covered the point which the
Pins/dans had selected as that upon
whlehtaconverge r and actually lay be
twilam the two armies which .behad to
fight. - it was not until after nightfall
that the junction was effected and the
victory won ; but it ,was then complete,
and forced Bazaine into Met; where it
had all along been the design of the
grusatans to confine him. The battle
was purely defensive on the part of the
French. None ofl the several bloody
repulses of Prince F rederica; Charles's
? attacks were sign I enough to enable.
Bazaine to follow with an offensive
movement to extricate hi s from his
great danger. He held thong posi
tions ,of the field. Thond line
which he assumed was pronounced in
vulnerable, and the direst attack of
Prince Frederick Charles would doufit
less have failed to dislodge Bazaine, had
not Von .Steinmetz struck they, right
flank of the Freucb soon after night
fall. The Prussian attacks were in over
whelming force, and persistent; at ev
ery' hour, from morning until night, ,
reinforeemeAts fot' tliedi arrived upon
• the field • and the French were out nu in
' boVerd at 'least two to one. The Kiang))
ter was horrible, the Prnt , sians lo,ing
by far the greatest number- of men, in
consequence of the desperation with
which they attacked.
"The attack of Von Steinmetzon the
French right, was but the repetition of
IPrince Frederick , Charles'a fatz t ious as
sault on the Austrian right at &Wawa—
of Blitcher'a grand charge at Waterloo.
1 It was as decisive of this battle as the
others• were of the fates of Benedek and
the First Napoleon. Bazaine could not
• hope to resist it,
_and retired to Metz._
Darkness was his ally ; else the attack
' of Von Steinmetz must have resulted
in the rout, if-not the total destruction
' Of his army." . .
n. •-•, -
`WEDNESDAY, 'ockuwr ;ll,' IS7O ,
.. , .
At a meeting of hei Flogs County Repot:4lOn Com
mittee, held at Wellsboro,.htay 81,1870, it wee
Resolved, That ' n election he held by the Republican
elecotra of Tioga aounty, - at the several places_ of bold-
Sag election!, in their reimiletlth election districts, eh -
f .
Saturday, Sent.lo' 18711, between the hours of ,one and
six n'oleck in the , iletrioon . or apid - _ day for"thelpur7
ipso of electing t a persons-from 'e,ach ' election dis•
trict;tO represent pin dietticts in a Repriblican °Minty
Oodvention-, to be held. l at Idanafield, OD Frida yobe that
'day of Septerober,.4B7,9, Pr the'pisrpoie of nominating
thrldidates tip baetipported lit thaentuing islet:ooll.r
The following jisamed gentlemen •wtre appotnted-
Coramittees of Vigilance for their respective towushlpa
and boroughs. Their duty la i to see that notice la given
of the time of delegate meetings, and to open and con
duct the elections 10r delegates at thatime uhnsed, _
Bloat,- A I Janfelf.'L .11, - Smith: . -• - ,' - j e:,, :, , . ..
Brookileld.-L 0 Seeley, Nl3 Selick; ... s '
Chatham, F W 4 Ilinith,-L 0 Beach. , ''''''' "' '
• \ Charieston,Robert. Trull, livanLowbso t s t. -, ' ,
' CZYMeri 0-0 Ackley, S Rowland. '
thringtoa;L It Walker, Edward Rita: '-
Ctroington Borough, Thomas Jones, D 8 • Price. :
Behan r, John D ic kinson . John Karr. ~
MerAckl,ll -- -W purple, F.liattiorton... . -,'. , •
-Elk. Lorin Wetmore. John aynexd; -
.. • . •- !
Eibland,joel 0-,Parkbung,;" liver Daticock. - , -
.. •
. Ihrtnifgion;Joi,oble ligghles,'h , ll•ol9sm - :-, ~..
• Ild2 Brook, A. f'VOCk. Al Stratton. ~ ,
- (Gaines,George Barkt : D.K 'Marsh . - - - •
Jackson. Joseph Seteng ,J F Sim : levant-. .
'Liberty. Wm L Beagle , Narbor." ;
- •
7C " ilk, A Alba, Linden Case.' '-; •" . ' , -
- , Zawreriectrak, Wm Politick, it P Radeker. - .
- ' .Lawrence, - Joseph Gullet Nathan Grinnell. - '
itsiniburg, 0 D Main, Iraldwin Parkhurst. ". • • '.
dfan Wm E Adam!, Wm Iloilande.
• . 3/W/chary, Caleirillaupreond, Merrill Staples.' - -
NOrris,Job Dthne Wm`'abl.s.- - -•- •
Nelson, Joseph Campbell, 0 B DaStlei. - ' ,
Oceola: Norman Streit., ,W T Thampbray, • ' •
Richmond, Morrison Rose -21. Al Spencer ,
But/ancl; Elmer Backeri Rose,
Frost: • •-•.„
-.- -
• ' Shippcn, 0 D Leib, SerabelScrenton. S . , •
&Swan, Russel B Rospdayette G ray . ..
Roo, D L Aiken, CW. veiess.
21bga Bispugh,D (lame on, 0 B Farr. . • 1
Union, 13 F Irvine, J E Pleavelarid. . !
Ward, W Chase, llenrysiloilis. - . • - .
lrearboroL_Joaort.Wiffleme , Andrew G Sturrock.
WetWd, w N uriburf,'Job RoxfOrd.
• .11"es*Id Bora', N W lirigauglitOn; Charlton Phillips
-A. L. ENSWORTII,Chairman.
A. - 34,:Bstutirr, Secretary. • - ' '
General Shopidon" vas appointed by
tbe President to visit the seat of, arlek
.Europe,. as a Cornmissioner for our gev
ernipent, and he arrived op tbeground
in time to be•an; observer of the great
battles recently •feught. had,:peo
inission from the King of Prussia to
accompany Gen. Steinmetz to the front.
He snuffs the battle. afar otr, - add .
•Illies"to be in' at 'the-fight. We have
no doubt his observations, will . 11e Of
'great value in-any fnture, war in *blob
.we.e may bkSo'inifOrtunate - as to be
The publip debt of the United Statea
is $2,389,314,476; that of Great Britain,
$3,985,158,250; that of France, $5,833,-,
400,825. Under the faithful adrninistra'•
lion of President Grant, our debt is di
rniulahhig at the rate of more than 100
millions a year,, while those of the oth-
er powiii named, are constantly increa
sing. They are so great a " blessing,"
that those countries are making them
greater from year to year. We can Well
dispense with all such national com
fort's. The 'difference is, that we live
on a - peace footing, when at peace, while
they live di) a war footing all the time,
Our County Convention. will 'be held
'on the 16th of. September ; the election
of deleo , tites thereto, on the 10th of the
r e i '
same ?onth. We call the attention of
-the Vigilance Committees to the' near
ness of the day of caucus, and hope
they will give notice of,the time and'
place of holding it at an early day: A
few notices posted in the vicinity, sta
ting where.. and between what hours
the election will be held, are all that is
required. It is usually 'held at the place
of holding the general election. .'We
ti0.t.1.; . the .rsot.4..irs.‘ , . b..41.-0-...3..._ re..Air..t_takx.....
tem than a mere caucus. They are so
held in Most of the districts of the coun
ty. All who desire to take Ipart in. the
nominations, may not be able to 4ttelid
just at the hour of the ,caucus ; ;and it
is. better, on very 'nanny accoujots, to
have the election open several hOurs."
So far as we hrve heard, therell i s very
little excitement over our local nqrnina
lions this fall. No doubt there will be
more befOre the finalday of electioneer
ing probation ' arrives. We heartily
wish there were offices for all, so that
• none of us should be dissatisfied ; but
as there are fewer offices than aspirants,
some of our-friends must be disappoin
ted. We have no doubethe defeated
*ill retreat gracefully mid in good or
der, whan they fully learn that theynre
conquered. i .
The defeats are ordinarily better for
those who suffer, them, than victory
would be. A man, who is kept out of
.office, generally finds his opponents are
his best friends, after. all; They save
to liith his self respect, if they but make
thetwielves heard before h concludes
to boa candidate; but
. ifelie hears so
much from his friends, and so little
from his enemies, as to enter the field
as a candidate, under our system of
electioneering, he'must ever thereafter
feel that he has committed the un par
donablsin. Hence, in the Interest of
all aspi nts to office, we have .petition
edla the eople to abolish this systensi, so
[that those who come to fill our office6, -
shall have enough self respect Itft to lie
able to take the oath with some sort 4f
'appreciation of the obligation ,it imp>
sea. Not that' the candidates are to
blame: they only bow to a •cust m
which commands them to do so, and
says if they do, not, they shall not be
burdened with the cares of official po
sition. No ; thepeople are to blame ;
and it is to them that we appeal for a
correction of this evit-'• Were it not a
custom, what more ridiculous and dis
gusting picture could we behold, than
that- of four and twenty officeseekers
Marching over the hills and into. every
corner where a voter can be found, pa
rading themselves as strolling players,
in search of the emoluments of office,
which they' are ready to repeive and ap
propriate-for the benefit of the people 2
And to think that so many of them are
supernu4eraries! Truly it is a great
'waste of talent! .
But the people seem bent on having
just such a scene each year., Many of
them feel slighted, if not visited-by the
candidata. Now there are about forty
thousand inhabitants in the connty.—
Think of electioneering the Republican
forces among all these . ! Of arguing
clahns to five thousand voters, and play
ing the agreeable' to twenty thousand
not voters, but so related and connected,
with the five thousand,cas to -make a'
tavi)rahle talprre , biot(A left , upon their
or, prominent importance! Of
kitqAtig the praWag all the
wives, and of chucking all the chubby
buys and girls on their chubby chins i•
Good people, : iet us have4ons
all this waste of time and money and
public conscience. Let. us qo away
with \ officeseeking, and let the office
seek the officer. When that da.Ntreomes,
we shill have better men in office, and
there will be more honor• in holding of
It has come to pass, that men hol
ding. office are looked upon as beggars,
iraele importunitleti for abnit bave been
,- \ '
fltat 0 I.
answered,' to be quit of them,' by, some,
and by otherkswith' expectaiian' of fa' I
If a, man holds an taco,' he %ex: ,
peeted,t,O contilhute to • every • charity,'
And to:subactiliallberally for every pub.
lie eriterpiliei; and why Becausebe
le'cOnsideri4l - 41ilibliii beneficiary him=
atilt 1304V-wilt - tnr=;so•tking - -as
looked'upon as 'a , charitable' bequest ;
when it::4?-04ii;
a duty, only upon` those' vibe - are oho;
Sell foi their reflect honor
upon the holder:
' •
, -
Lewis D.
,Campbelf,has been uoniina
ted for Congresslit the db3trint, of
°bin, by the Democrats. :Pen. Schenck;
eve areigladie knew i •is the Republican
`candidate, e , .11-Vvia lekiiticted -that ITSV.
landinghara' 'wotild''be put - forward
again; le be beaten by the old war horse;
lint; hnia
. ;= . 4 . .te' Temperance Arty* hav e nonli,
na4l l Clark, for pevernOr, in
the:State of New York, and Wendell,
.Puillipf in hiassachusotte. : It is poor
policy for RepOblicaos;, most: men
who will support that ticket, belong to
the Republican party.: In Maine they
-have done, the same thing. Parties can
not now be divided merely on: the tem
perance question ; the UM° has not
other questions are 'of mere hi
mediatel,y vital CenkeidincO, Sobriety
and temperance are high reCommends=
tions for candidates for offi cial posltions;-
, ,„
but we fear many-would he left valiant,
' , were such a standard adopted and en
forced. - .
•Horace Greeley is mentioned as 'a
candidate for Governor in .'New. York.'
The standard 2 of public Morals is 00'
IOW; in NOW - York, to permit the - elec
tion- 'of 'so fearless au•adirocate of justice
and good' Morals, as' Honicb Greeley, to
any such oiliee in that. State. The re
ward of 'such men,does not come from
the emolinnents 'of Office: " , ' '
Poorl.W the man who
:was turned o ut of Congress Jaet, winter
for sepinzmaAetehips, is Said. to have
given •iip in. despair.' .
—The Republicans are having a stor- .
my ;time. In the Erie district ''of this'
State, - over the nomination' for Presi
dent; Judge'. -Erie county,: which has
over 8;000 -Republican Voteiiy claims
Elia:She Should have as many votes in.
the ewerence as both EMI and War
ren counties, which togetheti cast 3,588
Republican vote's. The delegatei from
the latter counties rOliis to, accede, to
this deinand ; when a bitter, contest fol
low's, in which more than . 800 ballots
are had, without a nomination. An
Adjournment brings the parties toge
ther again, and, after much contention,
the Erie delegates withdraw, when Mr.
L. D. Wetmore, of Warren, is nomina
ted. It is Suppoied that Erie will in
sist,. Parties should reskect the wishes
of the mass of voters composing them,
if they would maintain- their - strength.
7 -Hon. John A.. Bingham is again
nomilated to Congress froth, Ohio.
-The Legislature passed a law laSt win
ter, a copi --- of which we give below,'
and call the attention of persons subpoe
naed as witnesses to it particularly. It
is a law made necessary by. the preva
lence of a tendency on the part of ma
ny citizens to disregard the Mandates
of courts in such 'matters. The law is
as follows : •
" That if any perion shill have been required,
by virtue of any writ of . suliprettit; or other pro
cows) Vend 2,xl.ttpAtily,iumixairgiatAkl u ffg,
offal tribunal in this Commonwealth, or who may
have• been recognized or held to bail to attend as
a witness on behalf of the Commonwealth orfie
fendant, before any court having jurisdiction; to
testify in any prosecution; as aforesaid, shall Un—
lawfully and wilfully, from this Commonwealth,
or from the jurisdiction of sqolt court, and with
intent to defeat the ends of public justice, elope,
abscond or conceal himself, and refuse to appear
as required by said subpoena or other legal pia
cess or recognizance of bail, shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor, and, being thereof convicted, shall
be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding two
thousand dollars, or undergo an imprisonment
not oteesding two years, or both, or eithpr, at
the discretion of the court. \
A month or two ago the Democratic
editors of- , rural PennsylVania assem
bled in convention at Altoona, to coun
eel together as to their course in the
coming campaign. The result of their
deliberations was to make it " blister ~
ing, burning, scorching;" to demand a,
" white man's party," and the " resto
ration of the. Constitution as it was."—
They are already engaged in this Quix
otic crusade against accomplished facts,
and_are exhausting the classic vocabu
lary of !their model , the Rev. Petrole
um busby, in their warfare. Demo
cratic city papers, which were not rep
resented at the convention e have eager
ly followed the example of those who
were, and the whole party press in the
State is now fighting " under the ban
ner under which all the substantial vic
tories of the Democracy -since the war
have been won." = Elsewhere, North
and Sotith, their colleagues have taken
higher ground, and are denouncing the
course of these Bourbons of America:
The Memphis Avaianche thus rebukes
" The party in the IsTorth clinging to
the belief that the results of thawar
will ever be reversed, is too small to
take into account. It scarcely equalia
corporal's guard in any one State. It
is not repreiented by a single journal
or politician of influence. Its repre
sentatives are the Brick Pomereys and
the Henry Clay Deans—leaders without
followers, representatives • without con
stituencies. • Henry Clay Dean still
talks of the divine right and re-estab
lishment of slavery, threatens another
revolution, and 'denounces all other
platforms as radical. His test of De
m.ocraoy is eternal warfare against the
fourteenth and fifteenth amendments.
to _be enforced' *more bloodshed, if
necessary. He is in perfect accord with
the Southern Radical Democracy."—
The notorious desperado, Mickey
Boyle, who was convicted of assault
and battery with intent to kill, at the
October session of our Oistriet court for
1868, and who broke jail before he v•lis
taken to the penitentiary, was captured
on Tuesday, in East Mauch Chunk, by
Mr. Charleil Miller,- after a desperatel
struggle, is now in jail: It will bare
membered that on the night of the 4th
of July, another rough, known as Slip
pery Harkins, was beaten .nearly to
death, near the bridge-on the east side,
and his statement was to the effect that
Boyle li / ad committed the assault; and
"'Slippery," much to the snrprise cif
those %Nilo Vitnetsed - the extent of hit
'injurie , i, and the disappointment of Oth-
Ors; recovered. Co Tuesday,
40wever; Bdyle mysteriously re-appea
red,"aud after jumpingthrough a win.;
dow and perforiting - sundry other gy
rations, pitched upon his ancient ene
my, Slippery, who unfortunately came
upon the scene at this moment, and in-
Meted another, but; compared with the,
former, a svery slight" drubbing.' At
this juncture Mr. Miller put - in au affil
pearance, and after a snuggle' succeed::
_~ _
ed in 'security tying *Yin". dkoonvor ,
log him to jail. If beidan, break out,
' he valiv,Jore:;:em,in ,
'Ott -court,
*hen sentence
.tie reviV4l, and 114 taviattnp
poitunity to visit the Eastern IYenitOn
:—Thlejictliool o Owl, we tti441.31, of flop
The DireitOrg spare on; eltPeff' makeit *ll;stolsis J.. 001 out attqt.t , ..7„)
faint d'at rottooffio
• Tife. language • 1 • 'l 4 Elf g ll ,°N,fairM tithe "
matins will bit tatight. By - Otdif'OiltlEti:boara.
r puraxr—Bminr,, Paizieeil:,olo6' nib
,IctrAlpat Pre:sit to
bliteMaiiiline-RebY Gliftanity - :•• •
'MOORS-41ARVil1—Aii ISico*lii 8n di''e tad
init.; - `by Rev. 6. - P". l lViiittingeMrikWit.'ll: Moore
4n(ls.llise,Phebe Marybt t bothrOf Riebeketul.
• t
OiGOOTl—R4RE—At'tsatlPbirleitt‘lb,Apg ,
22d, by Rev. 0. W. StoneY_Mr.'49.lK.,osgedel. of
Charteat4p, 4b1:116 of 'Mid,i
dlehttrY. • • • • • • • • - • -
; Itio - P110,E;.43T 1 4,N5-4'n - ' , Odoiliilir;' the
7 14th inat., by 3d. Shaft, MaPhee
to ; Mies guest' 6koveto,
• •
D,BAnga3. l '
OLARK-4n Oharleetoii, Aug:l444ly 1870,3fr5.
Woks Clark, wife of leteiitAler4 l :44,s4 11 . y*.
• The d'eceased v/ashorr( tt Pittitteld,'Vt.;and
moved to this place 88; years, ago. *DWI wait a
member of tlieWesleyea Church, and 1 was
highly esteemedhy all who knee' her.- Her lait.
eh:knees, though short, 3fits borzwxviti.k, true cbrirr
ties,. fortitude, like Stephen , her laitlyords 'were I
g ayer to the Lord; then tardy sank to sleep in
HAVDNS 7 4a 2*;lB7o,'Mr.
Royal T:, Havens, .afterru lop&ilinetss '44 menthe,
aged : 7.2. years. • ,
n Midd ebery,,Auirolftth„ lack.
ing but a far days of 77 years of ag -. the well
known and much beloved Mr. Edsellifitchell.
•Deitttit 'did-=not surprise , hini.7. Noi,More that
_hilt a score of yeartrhe bad been!oweitlee with
girded loins and burning lamp .for tl4 poling of
the bridegroom—waiting for '" -to dawn,
and - theshadotra to•ileitaway." = ;Theelatich has
lost a pillar, society a -good :
home a,goodhusband,'a loving father,and a.true.
Mend. The first white. Ohild born iarTiogacouu.'
- ty;—his life was almdst coeval With the' nation's.
He had sden oar population:bare:4e frdm four to
forty millions f, and , thenation ; thrlop,emerge
from the "bapttsm of Die the.
Mood,, • -
To his friends.wholoame in to' ecohim die, he '
-said, "I'll look around this chyle to see how, many
will try to meat me in,heaveo.". 1 2.0145 children
who came to receive his'dying blessing;ho - said,
' l 'l have prayed for you all; 191 pray the prayer
of niy,Savionr, tudd-your. .Saviottrt,-.".kather,
give them; and as Stephen prayed-=Lord Jesus
receive my spirit. .1 1 m going hopie - -,to heaven.
I Shall soon know what the angels ire doing
there. Don't weep for me: yon'bulibtro rejoice.
I am going home to glory." • ,
"And ,I heard a voice from beavels saying,
blessed are thediad that die in the Lord; from
henceforth,' yea, smith the spirit; for they rest
ire= their labors, and their, works do follow
ItAMSDEL-7-Lissel, wife Ratnsdell,
aged 28:yeare, 1 month awl 15 days. '
And she to heaven has passed.,:,
The course of xi:melee! instruatienAt inetitti
tiony is identical withlhat of the Most luceessful
nineio schools Of the country. 3 opens the shor
test possible road to a nom!) musical education,
saving a vast amount of ti no and labor. • '
Instruction is given on the piano, organ, vio
lin, and other orchestral instruments; in harmo
ny and composition, cultivation ofAhe voice,-no
tation, and singing at sight.
The regulay, graduating course is divided into
five grades; eaoh grade being*Telbdtvided into
three divislons The mule comprised in the
course, is classified according to,the divisions of
the grades, beginning at the simplest and. exten
ding to the trios and includes the piano
forte.worke of t einoient: and :itiandern • ciefindo
The prelimin4xy technical sindlia arerarringad
in accordance with the division - it:and grades; ma
king a progressive series of etUdies'froni the
to the ; end of the third' grade. After
that,point has been reaehod, the Come is oontlnA
ued with the sbidieseemnprised intbie course.
Rens oft Tuttiox.=Per term_ of fourteen
weeks, payable stiletfy in 'advence.:, ,••
Piano, two lessons per ;week 'sl4. 00
Organ it • lt
I • 114 00
Violin - , " . _ _ 'l2 00
Othetieroltestral instumente,eioh - 12 00
Harmony and.eomposition, twa lessons-a` - •
• - ffir'ie Nyeek,'On‘elesses) 5 00
The above rates eOrrespondivith &a old ratei
at.sl2 per term ,of twelve weeks-.-use offplano
and organ two hours a. day inoladed. -
Those who purstie'the regular;ooarse 'and can
sustain a critical examination' lethe 2 sinte, 'era
award(' a Olplonia. -
No deduotion will be made for temporary
sense from lessons, nor for lessons.-discontinued:
• The fell term begins Sept. 7,'1870; 'time adver..
tisement in this paper.] . 1 • !
OlifirbTeaoherii.of mimic and the put;ixugene
rally can be supplied with inueic`,qiudi otlon
books of tho most 'approved 'matted . Portions
abotit to-purehase pianos or organs, - will find' it
greatly to thew interest tyl,oorrespotrd with us.-
Orders will receive promptatteatton, andtshould
be directed to ' I L G. Rory,
August 31, I=7o. five 1 Manafield, Pa. •
ES RAY.—Came to the enclosure of the sub
scriber,- about the firs* ef August, a spotted
(red and wittt_e) steer, - atio4t four yearS old. The
owner is t ,requested to prove property, pay char
ges and takwhim away. DANIEL FIELD.
Delmar, Anz 31,1870 aw
Strapid •, , • ,
• .
OM the eolosnre'of khe sibserlber, on the
11th Inst., red yearli ng heifer, short neck
orns turned in. Any Information of the
e heifer will be liberally rewarded.
• ' E. BOWEN;
arlestou; Aug. 31, 187 p-awe
abo •
_ Irs.urrn
oPERATxvii AND mitimuclAL
A new and sapeilor bate for artificial teeth—
having three times the strength pf the vtiloonite.
Is offered with 'the 1185131114100 that it removes.ev.
ery objection made by the patient. Teeth filled,
cleated and extracted in the most asproied man
ner.' Altworkreglstered and Warranted. Office
No fit Main at., Wellsborc,
Atig.,lll, 1870. , •
- __
TIOGA, PA. Dealer in
HARDIN' 1. p
' ' of all kinds, ' "--
Building Material; Iron Nails; Cutlery,
Stoves, TinoWare,•4lb.'
ANY 'STOCE OF STOVES embraces Forty.
different -kinds, and ‘..1.. inn prepared to
guarantee .
• Bottom - Piices - to Coolyßuyets. '-
I have also ou band a largei stook of •,
• : • .Electric. X Cut . Saws,
. _
land • Moor'e''Dontka•Bnieed Arch.' Frame Wijod
Svgs. 'These are the' best Biwa in t fi e'world, and
:are fully warranted~,
' The best stook, of 911)
d Ramona LAN.
',TBEINt3 in the count
_._ • • •
I have-ttatny articles not kept by other 4eal
era whieh i would be glad to bOw, end give
'.prloes that will defroompetitian. -
Aug. 81 s 1870. J. 8011111172141 N. Jr.
, ,EasOu.6- ' to'
~_ ...,
,— :: ::
THZ - : a*, . 1 11
this lino. ea'
't - . 112‘' - '
, orating . a..publlo thatlAti
dailly-(llFtikilipritacep,* Yb
, oetrae toilotett-,L,± i , e, - , -, r
Leaves' Weitelera, at ii . " . a..,!;
Maietilittlitlo:3o4:aa - I- --- '-' ,l l
Leaves Mansfield :art i 0
-11VedlgbintrAblf.m. - t'
> '-41111:-24;1870.:•-tf. .-± • •-_ ' .
Jl4 on the estate of •
•late eof•Jaekson- towns,
• those IndehtidAse 'soot •
and khoiaiskting
Aug. 17, 15174:0741w;
it i . -
or a or en . -
• F . , 5 . 14 4 -• i t , .., t t, , ; . •
r ~. ,
A GOOD dairy - far - 'in galowaship, iI-
L . 0 8e DoPart,•2o.,. a • out * tnike weld of the
Borough of. %loge. about 1 0 sores: improved, -
arid 46 unimproved. gas on it throe barns,
three.dwelling houses, an apple and peach etch-,
erd, and other fruit trees. ,Terme easy. Alio ad
joining on the 'west, e Lash timber Londe
from,4o t0,200' 'strait% deowd, with tut acres
improved, with a good We, a good heel. gala
'apple orchard. > flood f. ra • rping farm. :' •
Aug. 17, 1670.4 f... 7 0. ): • egYIKOITR,
Tiotny Pa.
-.. FOR , ' LE; •• ':‘
111 HE Store, Pwellin,.Uolmo and irambses in
c l ,
I Bloseburg;lloga un , Pa., ormerly *a
oupied by Nast A A se ,' in tho moat but.
nen part of the town, • ffered for sale much
below their value. For pri e, terme,Ao., confer
with M. P. Elliott, E ~ * . o Wellebaro, or the
pubsoriber, 0 H. 8BY8101111t; °
Aug. 17,18804 f. ' TIN* Pa.
l ,
to I ) !1 ,
I 1
, . .
House, of for Sajle.
THE undersigned offers .r.ssle a r -village lot
with house and bark o . it, situated in nose.
,ills; County'', Pe. - &heel „
Ittril 8.1 . STEVENS; , -
Aug. 17,4870-tf, - - Middlebury, Pa.
.. , .
FOR. 14: E-I.!' ''' - '
Real 'Estate-an 'Si re - of - Goods!'
• r. . i ~ , .._
ryas subsoribir Offer tai, isle a' beige and lot,
J. at East Charleston' Mega C0 . .,'-'Pif.. With lc
Store <bob.. - Alio a heuse and lot isfooT..
s ington.llorough, Tina
, oounty. .. .-, '.
The house and prom sell! in Bast „Charleston
are well calculated for .the accommodation of
the traveling pane: : Desiring to live more qui
etly 4 will sell, this propert, ,at a bargain, And
.on easy terms .' Address or, ' i
Call' on tee at; East
Charleston, Tioga CO4 a. t " '
: - Aug. 17, 18704.40 . - ', ELIAS . , TIPPLE.
CABE PAID yoß•vnicop:AT • •
.. . sziAßs .t, DBRBYIL
Wellsboro, Tune, 8,870-3 m. ‘ •
Select S heel.
I - _
Rs..m. SART, ofill }open a &fleet School
for Young Ladies of this village, Sept. 8,
1870. Terni to oontinie IS weeks.-
Tuition—Tor common Eng. Brandies, $6.00.
Higher Bug. with Frei& or German, 800.
Aug. 17,1870.-Bw.'• ' '1 ' • •
LATELY known lug thaTownsend Howe,
and for a time 000nPled by D.-D. Holi
day, has been thoroeghly refitted, repair
ed and opened .by
. • •
who will be happy to oooorismodate the Old
friends of the house at very reasonable rates.
Aug. 24, 1870. DANIEL MONROE.
Bushels of LIME
Aug. 24, 1874)...-4t
No. 4 Arcade itloo , Pording, N'.
Bargains for
A rare chance for
oneoho sou fr om t
r entire stook of
( HoOp
CTsets, Kid' e
oods Ribb.‘
kerchiefs,.l 4
and Lace' ,
iery, - GI/
,aad a large ;as
• '
ti order tQ:pake room fo
Fall and Wi
Aug 41 070.
ir-method of !n•
`iwboive' ,
• weep*? - two . ' pyi - •
; I
40/o• at
r ; m.; and at
I. to sl,ooeii, - -
vUle tiota granted
Seam thawed,
ega Co., PA.,' * ll
to mho psym' nt,
'nut attn . to
SHELBY, 13: r.
! I ;
for 'ralo by
' 4
, W. C: l gitEl3o.
4 ,
oloie Barn!
I data until Sept. : 20;
I t 00
loves; White
ne, Hand"
~ Mos.
• yes, - ,
itment of
our large arrivals of
ter -Goods.
Congps o N. Y.
'D6 tat propose "to be
, -
Quick Sales.
Everpthhig 'Usua l Hy Kept
July 27, 1870.
. 2 ;0;
OFFICE 819 132coNn ,A4.E2 , 1C1E.
Between 18th and 18th' Streets,
• .
. A., VD3RBLATT, has discovered the most certain,
sobedy and onty efibotruil remedy in the world for
wealtsfeas in the took or limbs, strictures, affections of
the kidneys orirladder, Involuntary discharges. impo
teoeit general nervoturnesS, dysperds, tan
go rilow4pirits, confrudon of ideas, palpitation of the
bark tlyo ltytrembling. dimness. of sight, giddiness,
disons'of the bead, throat or shirt, affections of the
lunp, liver, stomach, or bowels, those terrible` disord
ers. arlidng from 'afary habits of yonth- 6 secret and
solitarypraiticei; more fatal to victims than the songs
of sirens to the mariners of Ulysses, bllghtnlng their
ptoat brilliant hopes and anticipations, - rendering
Marriage, &0.. Impossible.
especially who have become the viotims of solitary vice,
that.dteadful and ilestructive habit which "alintiapY
sweeps to in untimely grave thousands of young men
of the most exalted talents and brilliant intellect, who
might otherwlsehave entranced listening gestates with
.the thundering. of eloquence, or Waked to ecstasy the
'living lyre, may call with full • confidence.
Married p• orlonng '1)2011 and ladles content.
plating marriage, being aware of physical weakness,-
eYlteuie debility, deformities, especially cured.
' He who plates himaelf under the care of Dr. Pleb.
blast. may rellglintaly confide in his honor as a gentle
man, and COnlidfilitly rely 'on his skill as a physlolan.
• Organic Weaknesic
Immedlatety.cnred. and AO:Vigor restored.
Tie distressing uction,whith rimders life Misers.
Me and marriage impossible, is the penalty paid by the
.victim of improper Indulgence. Young persons are
too apt to commis, mans from not being aware of
thirdreadhl conshqtionces that may ensue. Now, who
that Understands the subject will pretend to den i tthat
She power of procreation is lost sooner by them ' ling
Into, Improper, habits than by the prudent f. Besides
being deprived'of the pleasure of healthy oftepring,
the most eeriest. and destructive symptom of both
body *mind asAb,rr The system becomes deranged, the
physical- sod meat a 1 weakened, loss of pro.
creative power, nervous irtittbilikfr dfscloPllNDSlpjtse
don of the bear*, fridlivertioti, constitutional debility,
and wastineof the frame, cough, donsamption, deny,
and'early death.
Dr. Pishblatt graduated from one of themest emL
neat Colleges itOhe United States; has effected some
of the most astonishing cures' that were ever known;
many troubled with ringing in the head and 'erect/ben
asleep, aria Mirfunines to, being alarmed at sudden
muds, basidlibless, with derangement of mind, were
Cured inimedistely.
• It'AßTlonaii NOTICE!. •
S 3
• De.Astdditt addressees all those who have injured
themselves by improper indulgenoes and solitary hab
im,--wtdoh ruin lbothbody and mind. unfitting them
Pyroltfier business, study, society or marriage.
-These are some flee sad and melancholy , effects pro;
dnewl by early UM of youth, vie ; 'Weakness of the
bask :and limbs,' -in the breast, diainess of eight,'
loss of muscular Or PsdPiniink of the heart. dr&
pude, annum thomptome ofconuumption,
derangement of to fi digestive functions Lo.
WINTALLY.—The of On the mind are mutt to
be dreaded. Lou of inionorY; confusion of ideas, de
pressibh °Lubin, evil forebodi4s, 11•0711021 to soeiety.
seltdistrinit, love of solitude, ho., are Romeo,
the evil' Produced.
Thotuiands of pinions of all ages can now Judgiiiihat
is the cause of their declining health, losing their vig
or, becoming weak, pale, riervons an/. emulated, hay
ing a simian appearance, about theepoil, cough, and
symptoins of consumption.
- Young Men;
. .
lelro hare injured themseleof by • certain practice, in
dulged in arhen Clone, &Wit frequently learned from
evil cotnpanitutsi ; or?ltehool; the effects of which are
-afg,htly fel=r lideepottel if not cured readers
= maga ; and destroys both body and mind,
should apply immediettly.
What a pity teat a young man, the hililee of the.couti
try, the pride of his parents, should be, snatched from
all prospects and enjoyment. of life by the consequen
ce* of deviating from thereat), of nature, and indulging
in a certain secret habit. Such persona mast; before
contemplating .
reflect that ti sound mind and body are the most \nes
-eatery requisites topromote connubial happiness. In
deed. without these. the journey through life beeOmes
. 4 weary pilgrimage ; the prospects hourly darken -to
the 'view, the mind becomes shadowed with dispeir, end
filled with the melancholy reflection that the happi
nese of another becomes blighted with our own.
When the misguided find Imprudent votary of pleas•
tire finds that he has imbibed the goods of this painful
disease, it too often happens that an ill.tirasd sense of
shame or dread of discovery deters him from applying
to those who, from respectability, can alone befriend
him. „Be falls into the hands of designini pretenders.
who, incapable of coring, filch his pecuniary substance,
keep him trifling month after month, yoors._l ong , t ,
the smallest fee can be obtained, t end in dispair leave
him with ruined health, to sigh over his galling dfitap•
pointment; er, by the use of that deadly poison,Mer
cury, hasten the constitutional symptoms of t his ter
rible disease, such as aflbstions of the heart, head,
throat, nose, skin„ km, progressing with a frightful ra
pidity, till death puts &period to this dreadful sUffering
by wending hint to that undiscovered country from
whose bourne no traveler returns. -
p. B.—Thosi who reside at a distanceiand cannot call,
w in receive prompt attention by writing, stating symp.
WWI, *o. 11. numb &TT, M. El,
As* 94 *MA?, - SJ. lieeow4 Ave. New Vevii.
1 :
; t
. I
befo l ,
o will
and w
that kweilive up to
all P
We keep ,
in a First-Class
The Atlantic Cable:
pIiOtIGII transmitting ,Ite vary
great tepidity, bidding defiance to'simeidle
,taliee, Horse Po*er and Btaanl,.lo7aelettbelecti
-sboldedly a ;6 ..."4
sad is that Lino wait GROOBRISS are to t b
foand, (sooner or The
' y;lll,ficrefoya r t4o . l4i' nottcO that r,
COniiiittos tp reoelifed'azid - 'lfransinit'io . his ens-
Of every thing tinder the heavens, intbeline.g
with the most inoredib i le dispatch. What is the
need of mentioning articles when the public is
assured that EVBAYTHING that ever ought
, , be kept in a
is kept hero and for sale. The only thing the
subscriber promises to do as an attraction 'to
customers besides beeping the best assortment
of Goods in.the town, Is to try to give every
twin biti money's worth.
June, 8, 1871. ' L. A. GARDINER.
Denis and See the New Goode!
taken the stoic recently occupied
Mr. Laugher Beebe, and filled in with a
new and elegant stook of all grades of
• tt s
Whloh cannot fall toliloase the,cloaeat buyers, we
Invite take a look through the -eame.
Weyire offering great bargains to the ladies in
few pikes of which we grve'bolow
Light Alapacas & Mobairs, 22 to 26 cts
Lawns, latest paterns, from 22 to 25 eta
Blank Alapacas from 40 to 75 cents.
Grocery Department.
We have an ex
And at,prices that
Sugar from
Tea from 75
D. B.,Deans
Syrup; 80 ce p ,
Coffee 14 ce
Chewing To:
• We aso keep a Large assortment of -miscellan
eous goods, malt as Is usually found in dry goods
for Men and Boya, arb varied and complete. We
, keep in.the -
trade, the diffgret styles; to please all, and cd
the est manufacture.
In opening our rtook to- the publio we propose
to sell our goods at tb6 lowest: prices, and by
strict attention to business to receive a liberal
share of patronage.. One figir- is /extended to all.
IT.,B.—The Goode purchased of Mr. Bache,
will be sold at cost until closed out. .
Aug: 10, 1870.
just received at
May 4, 1870. . THOS. HARDEN.
'C. F. :0 , 0. Moore,
Wellsbore, Pa. Mob and Pashto on', Water
Street, in rear of 'Court House. They will for.
nish horses, single or double, with Buggies, or
Carriages, at short notice. Long experience in
the business enables the proprietois to antiounop
with confiden they can meet any reasonable de
mands in-their line - . Drivers Nrniehed, if desired
and passenger carried to any part of*the country.
Thankful for as t favorp, they invite ooptinuatym
of custom. ims reasonable. -
N0v.24 • 18 4.47. '
!opartner h ip.'
Tundersigned have this/day formed a
1 copartnership under the :name and style of
Eastman b. Van Horn for the purpose afoarrying
on the Profession of Dentietry lat Wellshoro ' Pa.
Welleboro', Pa., Aug: 10, 18704 w.. •
4i:A •
Ohairmaker,' Turner, and
„ Furniture Dealer.
L'tALE ROOM and PACTOAY opposite Dartt's
0 Wagon Shop,Main Street,,where he je pre
pared to furnish Cabinet Ware of any MEd to
those in . • •
Orderepromitlidlled and aatiefaotionguaran•
teed. Fano)! Tuning done to order. • 'l'
11ibuTe,4161.3870._ 3.I3TIONLIN.
ellont lino in this! departgrant,
tankt. suit all. ,Look at the
figures: .
r o to 181 cents.
ts. to• $1,50.
Saleratus, 10 cents.
, • ts,
Is ace° froth - 80 cts. to $l.
stoma. Our assortment of
Fiats and Caps
Boot & Shoe
0. 0. MATHERS,
Baoho'o old stand.
giciarvoy.soid ImpßovED , rwenty.r. i . j oi
► ir I.lfthitie. , • The ek e ,,
Taw)`,Me4fuelpt the. erketi Agen. te,intc i
levesit ratan. AWeral et . nuxi eion allowtd. lot term s
le elreuler;liddeees cep. Agent .
pp chi t s peok Phila4eldhla, •
liAltilESS SHOP.
rrinz -1311DtItSIGN D '
jr.)ld say to the , ear
jil. aorta of Wellaboro a dvi n1411341'116 b k .
-1:- ' --' ,'.. -•.1 - ' ' a
Horne s Shop
a operat °wort,Grafton reel,. otween Main
s fait - ' -i . 8t reel, '
and Witalsta., where :10 fa'Preparad 0 3 ant
faetuto 411 kinds Of , ; . • , - .... '
Double-6:: Sin i gle Harnesses /
Iq tho besi atylo, and or the best' material.)
.1 : LE1 AIR.Wqr pidiNt
On sbolt nor' and • good. , I employ the to il
workmen, nd use nonu but the boat material,
and amthlroforei piopared -to please alt 1 0 10
want anYtb ng ki my Itne.
W. :
July 20,187
1 L : • .
B ARKER f htte iturpturned with his attend
New &DeeirableGoods.
Hte entire stock he offers a¢ a Tower price ibis
knerrn for years. 2 :Please call and-look them
over. You vrjlt .firtcl
at bottom figures. igrocluee taken in eiebsoge,
J. It. BARRER.' -
'2, 1870 tf
We'labor°, June
.. . ,
Cleanie the Bbioad.
:.',,., ivArii corrupt or tainted Doo eon
• , are lick all over. It rus, , bunt
t - 01 , -- r
in Pimples, or Sores, or in same at.
1 tive;disesee, or it may merely key
you . listless , depressed and good for
nothing, • But yon cannot have good
• ,(hialth-While your blood le impare,-.'•
" ' -• ' • Aye 6 Sarsaparilla purges out thou
impurities; it expo disease and stimulateethe orient_
oft life into vigorous action. Renee it rapidly cam
a variety of ciompla to which are caused by Impurity
of the blood, inch rUi Scrofula, or'King's Evil, Timm.
Cicero, Sores, Zrupti ns, l'imples,; Blotches, Doily, lA.
Anthony's Fire, toe• or Eryeipelas, Tatter or Salt
Rheum, Scald 'lead, Itiejr, Worm, Cancer or Cancerous
Tumors, Sore Eyes, Female Diseases, inches ItetenHon,
Irregularity, Suppris i s s ion, Whites, Sterility, also ily.
philis or Veneral Dia es, Liver Complaints, and Heart
Diseases. Try Ayer'S Sarsaparilla, and see for your.
Self the surprising activity with which it cleanses the
blood and cures these disorders. 4_
During lateyeareithe public have been misled by
large bottles , ppitenclig to give a quart of Entracte(
Sarsaparilla for one id liar: Most of these h ave been
frauds upon b e' sick , or hey not only centin little,
If any, Sart f w tarilia,! b t often no curitivetgradient
whatever. ence, bitter disappointments has followed
the nee o -the various extracts of Sarsaparilla width
flood the - raarkdt, übtil the name itself ha ' totem.
synonymous with it position and cheat.' Still as call
this compoulad,l" Sarsaparilla," and intend a to supply
such a remedy . as Shall rescue the name fro the load
of obloqay whiah rests upon it. We think we have
ground for believing it has virtues which are irrealeti•
ble by the class of diseases it is inteded to cure, Ws
can assure the sick, that we offer them the best attire
tive we know; how to produce, and we have reason to
belle, e. it is; by, far I the moat effectual purifier of tl,
blood yet diedovered. • '
Ayer's Cherry..Pettiral bi Bo universally known to
eurptuss every other medicine for the cure of Oongbe,
Colds, Influenza, Iloararness, Croup. Ilroncidttis, In.
cipient Conenuiption, and for the relief of Coll6lll*.
tlve Patlantti in advanced stages of the disease, that II
is useless her to recount the evidence of its virtues.—
The world k owes thew . . 1
Prepared b Dr .`J. C. AYBD. & CO., Iditeoll, Wes.,
and sold by all Druggists end dealers id thedkinee
everywhere. 1 1 May,.18f18707-2m
• e
X:lo.4L s‘ TAX S.
I El ,' purifies the blood and cures.Scrotula.
Syphil , Skin Diseases, Rheumatism , Diseasesof
Nonce l and all Chronic affections of thablood,
Liver, nd Kidneys. Recommended by the Medi
cal Fac Ity and many thousands of our best 'M
ums.,l., a I
Read the testimony of Physicians and patients
who ha i l) used Resadalis; send for our .Rosadalies
Guide to Health Book, or Almanac for Mester,
waren we p 111.111521 for gratuitous diatributiotOk
will igHe you much rabble information. I
Dr. I 4 W. Cirr of Baltimore, says ..:
I tairA, pleas re in recommending your Havant.
Is as a very powerful alterative. I have seen it
used in itwo cases with happy , reetalta,—one in a
case of'secondary syphilis, in which the patient
pronounced himself curedafter having taken Orr
bottles 'of your medlclp.e, •The other is a ease of
1 scrofula of long standing, Which is rapidly in.
Proving. uud4 Its use, ani the indications ate
that the
_patient will soon recover. , I havecate.
fully examilled the f,rlpula by trhich your
your Rosadalis is made; am find it an excellent
compound of alterative ing •edients. , \
. .
Or. Sina's 1 4:if Is`icholnavitle, Hy., sayit he has
used Roaidat incision of rtcrofula and Seconda
ry Syphilis wth satisfactory results. As a clear,
er of the blood I know noletter remedy. .;
Samw;l6, McFadden, Mu rf tersboro, Tenn., says
I have used seven bottles of Rosadalls, and tau.
entirely cured of Rhenmatism ; send me four bob
ties, as I wish it for, who' has eaters
lcus sore eyes. .
Benjamin Bechtol;of Lima, Ohio, writes, I have
suffered for ;twenty years with" ark inveterate
eruptlpn over my whole bbdy; a short time since
I purchased et bottle of Rosndalis and it,,effetted
a perfect cure.
Rosodalls is sold by P. It. Williams & Cuand
W. 0. Hressl a Wellsboro; Philo Toiler, liege i
M. L. Bacon, Strasburg, and Druggists generally.
March 9,1 70.—1 y. . .
April 0,187041 p.
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mentioned goods of the be quality' einem on
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