The Tioga County agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pa.) 1865-1871, January 05, 1870, Image 1

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ikvontionik tvaßt,vs t, st9.ll,ripa
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p. foja6 i -"' 111 1P. LAKA39I7.-
Subscrip . tign l 4 ,(p;r4 i -1- •
TEN LLlES•orthiitox itss, ItAICE ONE SQUARI
o, I 8 Ili' I 4 Ins f BPJos I 611.10 s I 1 Yr
Square, I $l,OO I $2OO I $2,50 ► $B,OO I $7,00 I $12.00
2 8q9ar0v,..._ 12 : 001 4,001 4,00 1 8,001 12,00 I 18,00
Unitl.loj o 115,00 117,00 1 22,00_1 30,00 1 50,000
NI•••:71 1 - 540'24 0 0 - 1 . 0: 06- 1 45 ,6 0 1 -06 : 60 rlOO.OO
a . 0
CR- Spools! Netreeo - 1!. tet `.pes-11berialttositi or
Loral 20 cents per Wise , - .0 i 1 It t * .
Traosieut.adentisbig stoat be paid for la adva 43..
A:GNU : eIk; illittiks,:',TobitlibleAlabki; Meal, /Ai
went Notes, Marriage Certificates, ac..on band. ', 0- .
Tan Golder &
Book,. klajo,ood FoucyiJob Rrillteris; - ..All,work
pristhviflq "oi%d eicectited.Stin.: tviBlo.
'ly; f7itnlo,
Attorney and Colinaslor at Law, Insuranee.
Bounty: rind Pejasion Agency, Street,
Welleboro, Pa., Jen. 1,.1870.
Geo. W. Merrick
Attorney and Counselor at Law. WCS 7411
Smilh, Eeq., Main Strpet, oppopito
Block, Welleboro, Pa — r -Jati. 1, 1870 ,
jib. W. ~:i.d4ul4
Attorney and Conlinlor at Law, Mandela; Tioga
county, Pa. Collections promptly, ott#3ndod'
to. Jon. 1, 1870.
Juo. It Mitchell,
Attorney and Counselor at Law, Claim, and In
surance Agent. Offioa ovor Kress' Drug Stop,
adjoining Agitator Office;
Jan.', 1870
Niles, -
Attorneys and Counselors at Law. T WJII attend ,
promptly to business entrusted to their earelir
the counties. of Tioga and Potter. Office an
the' Avenue. Jan. I, 1.870.
8: F .NVILsos.) • [J. B. Num.-
John W. Guernsey,
Attorney and Counselor at Law. All business"
ontrasted to him will bo promptly attended to.
Office 2d door booth of llazlett's Hotel, Tioga,
Tioga County, Pa.—Jan. 1, 1370.
Win. B. Smith, ,
Pension, Bounty and InsnraneO Agent. emt.?
munioations sent to the above address will re-.
calve prompt attention. Tcrme moderate;
Knoxville, Pa 1 .--Jan. I, IS7O. •
.John C. Horton,
Attorney and. Counselor at .Low, T.itign, Pa.--
0 Mee with C. H. Seytnour, &tr. Business nl7 ,
tended to with prciroptness.—Jan. 1. 1970.
W. D. Torben & Co.,
Wholesale Druggist?, and dealers io vuper e
Kerosene Lamrs, Window Perfutuerr;'
Pitiuts,,Oili, &o -Corning, N. Y. Jan. I.
Dr. C. K. Thompson,
Wellsboro, Pa., will attend to Piofcssional cail&
in the village of Wellsboro,, and elsewhere.— ,-
Office and Residence on State St., 2d doorlm
right going east.—Jon. 1,1870.
D. Bacon, IC
Physician and Surgeon. Will attend promptly
to all calls. Mike on Crafton Street, in rear of
the Ment Market, We{Mayo.—Jan ; I, 1870.
E. S. Perkins, 11. D.,
Reopectfully announces to the citizens of East
Chnricstno nod vicinity, thßt ho would be grate
fill f•yr their patreasge.' Office at C r ,1:
Kohler's tpre.—Jan. I, MI.
A. M. Ingham, M.
Iletneeoputhipt, Office at his ltesitleeco . .on the
Acunud.—.lan. 1, Mu.
George Wagner.,
Tailor. Shop 11ret door north of Roberts dr. flail.
i•y's lint d ware Store. Uutling,Titting and ito
pairleg done promptly and we11...-,Jao. 1,1870.
John Etner,
Tailor and Cutter. :hop opporite Dan t's Car
nage :.!. , hop, Maio .S t., where lie is prepared to
do work promptly Hod peat —Jail. I, Ih7o.
Thomas B. Brydvn,
Sarveyor and Urn Roman. (Juli t s loft at his
room, Townsend House, Wellsburo, will meet
with prompt attention.--Jon. I, Ix7o. '
E. E. OnIP),
Dealor in Clocks and dewolry, Silver and Plated
Ware, Speothelee, Cbdiu Btringe, 1-0. Watch
rs and .1 uwel ry neatly' tapaiped. I.lngraving
d.,no in plain bn , oirt) and German --Mansfield,
Pa., Jan. I, 187111.1.
l'etrolottu Ifottse,
wewttiold, Pa., Geo. Propriet.w. A new
Hotel conducted on the priteiple of live and
lot live, for the accommodation of the publio.
Jan. I, 18;0.
linzlett's Hotel,
Tioga, Tiaga County, Pn. 00011 t.tabling attach
o.l, and nu attentive bulgier always in attend
ance. 0 co. W. Illslett, Prop'r.—Jan. 1, 1/170.
WoWIOI.I Llor"ugh, Tonga Co , Pn. E. 0. 11111,
,t now and coinutodions building
with all the tunderti improvernente. Within
en.y drive of the best !milling and 6,,hing
tironn.ll in Northern Pentra. Couvoyance.
furni4bod. Torus moderato.—Jan. I, 1870..
Smith's Hotel, . , Pa.. E. M. Smith, Prqprietor. 'lnns° in
emulitinn in aceoutnintiate the traveling
publie in a 13aperitir wanner —Jan. I, 1870..
Keystone Hotel,
sabiosvine, Tiugn Co , PA., J. P. Bonn, PXPP'r.
(low' entcrtiinmen' for loan oral boast. Con
votient to the hyst fishing grounilA. Parties
aecommilliated with conveyances.—Jun. 1,'70_,
Dealer in Verapmt and Italian Burble, mann.
teesturer or Mont - intents. Tomb Sti.rses. he , eor
tier Morket and Cetior :its.. Corning, N Y. All
orders promptly ni•ufly executed. An•
drew Van Dusen, Agent.—Jan: I, 1870.
Vnion ifotef,
Miner Wntklnr, Prou'rielor. Thu traveling put),
will rind !hi, al I 01:11 . (0111/10 nod
linure to I•tI.1 , :It. frond rtnbliey, end anlit-
Irony° r. .Jun. 1. 1810..
THE Qamier
sE.t rts, vitopltik.Thit
NVII ERE delicious creani, kronth o:in
fection:try, Icin,bi fititte in* ilAtir
soas.)n, it nice dirt) of ft,t. Eeffee. or ehoeoi.ite.
and Opiteys in their reii•et - cat, fr hwt nt ett
hourr, rervcil in die bort t.tylc Ntxt doer t e
low Roberts h Bailey's Hardware Sti,ria. Main
wcAllboro, Jan. I, 1870.
Over & Volt th,
roma bitely ixerupiett by Belli. Seeby.
tipIUCS ANtl' ail 'Wiz- mad( 10
qrtior tpl in the beet tuntinur. -
Ntt 4f all kinds end
4.011. Ilion :14 n
W it El t, .
tVnliAl4ro, Jan. I. 11470.-I.
One door ahoy° the MeAt Market,
NV EL , 1 , 81301t0, PENN'A,
R ESPECTFULLY announces to the trading
publio that he bas n desitdille stock of tiroc
carips, couiprisiog, Teas, &trees, Spices, Sugars,
Molasses, Syrups, and all that constitutes a firs&
classistock. Oysters in ovary style it nil sea.
sortable hours.
Wallsboro,Jan.l * 1870-ti.
[ ~,.'"' 4
*r ^, c ~ ..,,~ ~ _ erg••
i:tli.O::t - ,::gt'.:,.:'., ,. . - k:.:::..0:::i - j(tt''..0
1 1
• i
f Points of Excellence.
• ail f<
Beauty Bud Elasticity of Stitch.
Perfeetion.end Simplicity of MAchinirx ,p ,
ils!ng bolb threads" difeetty frinn
p fastening of, iteth.i - ,by bond untrue 'Poste.
4f4uri/A; -
tie !A:14(89f 4 , o : licatten - wlthotti'ehbvigi 9F,
diestment. "" " •
'rhom see retains 113 Vitality ntid ITrinnbsa
ter w,,ashing and ironing.
Ilesiilos tieing-ell kinds of. work den° by. other.
Sowing 311tebines, the , zo 3.lneldnes,exeento the
'post beauttful and permanent. Embroidery end
?rnsitu6nlal ' ' . • •
x.rt-The highest iPreintztate at , all - ,tbe frird
and 'eihibitions • '4:4 'the united Statea• 'and
Karope, have been awarded the; drover tbfßaker ,
Sewing Alaehines, and the work done by them,
wherever ekbibited'ininonitaditicaf.')
,t/Wrllio very highest prize, VIE GROSS
OF TABT,EGIOROF BONOR, was conferre'd
on the representative of the Grover & Baker
§otring Alaohiries, at tho Ex,positiopjloiyerstille,
Paris, 1887, thtts'atle4itig their - great intierier
-I.;typ,vcr all other Betring,Mpoliii)es
iialdwin Stroot,
Of every descriptiOn, in all styles of Binding,
and as low, for quality of Stook,.as any Bindery
in the State. -Volumes of Arrervdesaription
sound in the best manner and in any style or
t i ouna
jaiiiriiiitez,gt;:oitak- ruleeri, 0 Books To.
Eteouted - iivthe tmst
gt,k, (es; ,Ligazlis
"ON `41•1410
Taal prepared to-Atrial:lh bak , numberkof ull
Reviews or Magazines publishedazz the United
qtates or Groat Britain, at a low price.
Of all sizes aiid qualities on band ruled or elain
Many quality or size, on hand and cut up ready
printing. Also, Itilits.PAP.,Fltt r and °Alt])
00A1tLl. of all colors and quality, in boards or
out to any size. "
(;ap, Letier;
Pelts, Pencils, &c. •
1 sub itgent. fur
PENS, or vAnionn sizes; ion LAM RS
[ w'll warrant equal to Opld Pens, Tho
host in use and no mistake. °
i the above stock I will sell at tho Lowest Rates
at all timos, at a small. advance on New York
prices, nail iu ltuat/tities to suit, purehasers. All
Work and stock warranted 118 rtglrthiliflted.
I rOp t 1
y solicit A
'are' ot puha() iitroit,
age. Orders by mail promptly ateended . fo,—, LOUIS ICIES,
Advertiser Iloilding.
Elmira, N. Y.
rp suhseribbr ha fitted lip . the 'Store first
do'or eort Thomaa ilarden'h dry goods store,.
for the inautifitetnro nod tale of ' ' '
CIGAR,,, (all grades), Fancy and 'Common
CHE WINO, and all kinds of
PLUG TOBACCO, PlT'ES,,and ;he . ch:o
cat Brand of 'CIGARS.
ripp E undersigned has fitted up the old Foun
dryl, building, near the Brewery,, Wellsbere,
and is now prepared to turn 'out fine calf, kip,
cowhide, and harness leather , in ; the best to in
not. Hides tanned on' ba'sh paid 'fot,
' ' '
welisbc,io,, Jan. I, 1870.
Groat ImproVement In Densistry.
DA VIN() pnrehesed the ,
4" ,4- trine ri of Dr. 'rollout's' in
41141. provelLpatent A rmprpD pr t h tot
1 1 '11.ites for Tiogn • Count. now tql;e_pletiiure
in offering it to the pithily es' the'grekteFtl)lB
coveity yet made in • ' ' '
); . y tho_q,e til which, we VIII overcome ` any flit) ,
and all dialculties which 1 - 'r & licret.olitre baffled
tho skill ,uf the west piacifeal • iti tlie
scuTl.l. ' 'Plates constructed — piton titiit . Oa* re
otilin perfeetly'lß tit 'uOthir all.) .. ciictituitinces or
t•,iethito Ts of the mouth , nitii; ail, cr particles of
tuna can ptisiilaygcttintiNribe.m. Thole having
.1.1 $ l l . ,•e, Gold or Robber Plates, COP. at hall
the e... , bus - a thv itoprpvement applied do them
t rip i r. ip every respect the, FOOIC. purpose. *IP
pew set. Perfect satiltlnclion guaranteed .
~,t* etas.: ' , CC. DRIT, Dentist.
.- 1.1.•ru: San. 1; 1g69.'
Tlil cert it) tbnt. w., Jure' now 117 , 10 g the Impr,or.
l'lnt , •B whim perleet entisfaction. `,PRTIPEC:_
the .11403 le orl4iites trouble
•,,,,t n.wit 1n . 114 , n.O ninnnb,plnte l l,
rieornini4Ol 111 E; irntlt"OVP4' tqattli Ri
.111...1 r It. 311:tlititiu 3et known. it:R. RIMBALL.
I :I IIM3I3I.O••3F II COrte4S4 .
0101 ANS AND 11lEtODEO1 t 3 1 .• •
~Ut ,
hy T. G. HOYT. Haines Brothers
_IL Nana*. Cniekorings, ein way..., and SteeleP.
Itinteroii-ter's Organs and Atelailfons, and M 11...
B.!ti A 11-imiio•s organ. There e all first.closs,
twtretnentt. Ilisvieg the . experieilve . of tinny
years in Mn•ica: In , truouenis, and Ruling:the
, ; i tne , oirt?r . grolter t.l eusto,-,
meis Coehty than any other dealer ip
Northoln•l'a Every In4trTum, is warranted
forlltfOt ishilieulnrs , *Pe DlURtrat.
C;tintg.gile.• I. iityrr.
Mau aid(' po. J.3 1 ! L 1570-1 3 ,- • ';
Planing 6:
with rapidity and exactness' with our new Ma
chinos. Try it Stud see. B. T. VANHORN.
Wellsboro, Jan. 1, 1870. • •
"~. ~~
srt ~'.:
QT.7lt. • W.O'X'T:O
Jnn. 1,
9arriagc and . .ilarness Trimmings,
• - •
Owning. N. Ir., Jan. 2; 1870-Iy.
New Tobacco Store !
L 6" Call and Fee for yourrelver. • ,
WellAoro, Jan. 1, tB7o—lf.
New Tannow.
Mechanical Dentislry.
~.. „~
• clTtl e ir a P e T o r tho , People.
IWlll.ll4lmTirto-stltsinli FOTI TIM
It is cheap biostitss-its Sitstaittiiitt is largei than
14TOW IS THE TIME TO I'Vlnt OlatißS.
; Tho New-Torh Weal/17 Trianno
Contain - It all the inipe 4 rtattlEdittirtalit ifubilitted-
In tbeltAILY TRll3llNll;lexeept these of mere ! .
ly loeal interest;' also literary and Scientific In
telligence; Reviews , of the most interesting:and
important New Books; letters frein'our 'large
corps of Correspondents; latest news received
by Telegraph from all parts of the world; a sum
mary of all, important intelligence in ell-city:
and elservhdre; a Synopsis of, the proceeding of
Congress and State Legislature when In session :
Foreign NOM received by every Steamer : Ex
clusive Reports of the . Proceedings of the Par
tners' Riskof Of iftngterlcan, Tnatitute.:,T'eike
About 'Fruil.; 'StoeltrFitiltWAaff CAII4 itily
(loods And Generitl Market ROOM ,
I TO Fun RepoFtis '''rrf . -I)lB6•Aprierrieta- Inititnto ,
taimbre Plitb,'aptl'ihd vlirftedi4gribullitria, NO i 1
ports3ri - iitiOt n a nnibioliVelifelithvorth 1 44. , b' Wel
. 4 übseription. _
e - llORTlbill i AtitAVtolliklibbt4T.
i' To keep paeo with the growing interest in
'prelatical liorticulture,..and. to comply_with_frie.
(pont appeals from all parts of the country for
information of a practical character on the sub-
Aectk , Weihrliepgagsd'thcf services oflutporepst
who I experienced in rural affairs to write In a
ht Lyle &series, of articles pa the orantrgeraent,
of f mall - Vinos. Fruit itidy . egiscatopundre,' .
And Vow to make therr,pAy,giviorgeeeralf and
Spec:* direcilons front planting telhenititaate
disposal OfOphe 'Crepe - ~ c " ~
,-: , ,-',
iOf year s there h as been a L fuerative bait:
ass carried on by unprincipled then, in'selllng
oration - and old; plants under fnowlnantatt, to. th.e.
nesperirneed. The Tribune will bo :always
oady to guard the fa rm e r against any such im
position that comes within our knowledge.
- I
, . .....
, To make The Tribune still more valuable to
is agricultural readers, we have engaged Prof;
amen Law s lreteikroOlturgeop liii, Agprpell , Uni
t ersity, to' amiwer'qttOslions enhcetrabg.k i diseases
Of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, and other...domestic an
pnals, and to prescribe! Ten:Mimi . ); AnsWera , landi
prescriptions will be giverronly through the col
mums of The Tribune. Ve aro sure tbat this
[no* . feature : in: The , TribuneiwilV add!, larg'ely to.
ilts reader& 1 - as alluiwzieri ofanidialksre liable toi
;neett theh;forna, Olen proffered. loquirlea, ebo'd
' be , made ; as brief,sn pessible, Omit, I theggetrtfons, ,
lanewers, and preseriptlens may, be, pubilsired,to
gether. In sport, ; we. intiend ithat ! The Tribune
It pap ;in Abe rudisitce . rn all , tbateencerps the
`Agricultural, Menufacturtog,Mining;end other
'lnterests of the country, apd,t,hat for; atialY. Wl'
completeness, it shall remain 'altogether the most
valuable, interesting, and instructive Newspaper
published in the world.
It has been well observed that a careful read
ing and study orthe - Farmer? Club In
The Tribune alone will save a farmer hundreds
of dollars in his crop. In addition to these` re
ports, we shall continue to print the best things
feiptt te on thej { ttliteAp;Asisielltepil Asap j!
and foreigirlilltai,!ammall **Ow
njures frout:yskir,tokioj.
fitimer can do Wittout it. As a lesson to Ms
workmen alone, every farmer should place the
Weekly Tribune upon his table every Saturday
.evening. TT ; •
The Tribune' Is the hest 'and eilimicist `papei iu
the country. This is not said in a spirit of
boastfulness. It has fallen to Blew-York to cre-
ate the greatest newspapers of the country.—
Hero concentrate i the commerce, the manufac
-0110 itteciminiral urces;4lleftegtiehltilial
wealth of tau Republic. so Here all the news gath
ers, and the patronage is so • large that journal
isirre.ah afford loprintit.,. This is the.strength
of Tho Tribune. We print the cheapest n en'd best
edited weekly newspaper in the country. We
have all the advantages around us. We. hay
:smug Ant xate_tl SernhAVeek ly;. all lb bifEct, TAI I the
elaborate an tt - iStraltrertrattrarevy---ei-.v. -
liehmegit—perhaps' - the most complete in Amer
ico—is devoted to the purpose of making The
Weekly. Tribune tbo best and .cheaposknewspa
per iu the world. The result is that . we•have so
systematized , and expanded .oln...resources that
every copy of The Weekly Tribune contains as
much Matter AS a' dataleciaio Think}of
it ! For two dollars, the subscriber toj The Tri
bune for ono year buys as much read ng matter"
es though he filled a shelf of his library with fifty
volumes,. containing the greatest works in the
language'. - The foree brebeoptiess can no:furthec
go .F
The 'Weekly Tribtind is the pallet of 4,110 pee.
pie. Hero the eager, student may learit,the last
lessons of science. Here the echtilttiMay
reviews of hest books. Hero may• he found
Correspondence trom all pans of .the world, the
observations of sincere and'gifted mein, Whe aertro
The Tribune in almost every country.
The Tribune , is strong by reason of irs enor
mous circulation and great oheapness. It has
long been conceded that The Weekly. Tribune
has the largest circulation of any" newspaper in
the country. For years wehave printed twice as
many papers, perhaps, as ail of the other week.;
ly editions of the city dailies, combined. This
is why we are enabled to do our work's° thor
oughly and cheapiy. The larger our circulation
the better paper we can task°. - No newspaper
so large and pompleie as THE. W.P,FIt.I.4',TRIB:.
UNE Was ever before so,low a priett.'
,The Treekly (p . ettLiti-
One copy. ono year, 52 issues.g • • 42.00
5 copies SO . ; 10 copies to drie•address,„sls and
one extra copy ;•10 copies to narnes *of'substsri
hers ono postofficat, $1 ep (kach,ankf2
copy ;•,20 •copies to_one address $1 each, and
an ex Era .:0py; , 20 copies to names of subscri
ber/eat Ode plaeo, $1.35 dads' nod ono e.Sttra ;
50 eQpibs fo,otia odoeu
,etich, and one ex.
Arri; :6 . 0 copies to names of subscribers st • one
pi ace,-81 10 each and one extra copy.,,,
is pulatished every Tuesday an 'Friday, and bet.
ing printed twice a weak, we - earl, of course; put
in it that appears in our weekly edition, in
oludiageyeryithing on the euhjeet of A0406;11:1
The - "Semi-Weekly Tribune also gived-in' the
course of the year three or four of the
by living authors. The' oost of these aloAc, if
bought in hook form, would_he from six to eight
dollars. TERMS " '
dopy nne your 7 104 numbers,, • $4
2 copies,bne Year,-104 nuMibqt ... 7;
5 copies or ' over , e:sieh ' - 3
Persons remitting fur 10 copkes $307111 re
ceive en citiiveiNry one.ysiiZ
For 0100 we wip send 34soptes nnt) the Dniiy
TboDnily TRIBUNE ig,published every mor
ning (Sim dfiyn excepted) nt SIIY per, yenr, $5 for-
six toontMl:' ; • - - • •
The Ttibuns Aknanac. 1870.. 20 cents.
Xriliana Almanao ,tiiiimint r l 838 to :10613-2
volucuur~s+r hnif Uhnd,Po...
liechl f eitiona Of a Bury i3y gorlie4
Creelak bii)111 5111:,Library $.1.11_0; ;. .
Afarsaret '1;4;o1S".
Pear Cillitiritor Protft; $1:
Elementiet 'Agriculture, el.etk: l
hutch Closols--llow to make them, 25c1r.
, I Sentfree on receipt of price.
Ifrinfiking "iotilittarices — rar - Intsshiptlons - or
books, Morays prtioarli 11.". drat oniNe*Ytgrk,
or a-
Cort Office Money. Order, if , possible: .• Where
neither.otthese can .b 6 prOeured , r6nd the money
in a - Registered letter. ; . ,*- • .
Terms, Capp In adimnee, a .1
• - &tray, - Tun Turner:3E, Ne* York. •
Tai LADY'S FRIENLI—The number , for "Jan.
nary, 1870;is a troltsplendid New Yeei'll gift:
A thrilling pieture—"Th the rapids"' of Nieigardi,l
is the first steel plese ; Theipeoncl, is .- biliutiful
titlqpige : fOr the . Fagoting enelie ‘ K if tit ;ttiikl.
Glower w reathed portrailer ;Jain- Isf: litdy - ;
• contributors—the brightly intellectual face of
Mrs. Henry Wood matronizing the yoji
dies--:•Mrs:i‘loultorti Ptorenoe' Percy,
Pre'ecott, Mies Douglas, August Holk,..iteptaliik
Hostner. Every admirer of these talented ladles
will desire to nee this beautiful plate. The Col.;
tired Fashion - plate, as usual, ettows,the latost
styles; it'd there`is besides's:page of tidily - col
ored patterns for Dalin Work. Deacon do Pe
ternon„3l9 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. Prleo
$2 do) a year. , ' ,
Orit SCHOOLDAY VISITOR.—The first number
of the Fourteenth yettisand Volume of tills wide:
awake Magazine is received,, nod we pronounce
it fresher,..brighter andbetter. thaCever.l. The
table-of contents is a rich feast throughout, and
our young folks are in eestacies over it.
The:. Publishers offer a Charming Steel Engrzi=
wing, just poblished, n. their pretninin plate for
1870, entitled "Help Me Up," worth $2,00 soapy,
for twenty-five cents each subscriber. The
terms of.tbe Visitor are $1,25 a year, or $l,OO to
clubs. Don't fail to send tea cents to Daughaday
4 Decker, Publishers, 42411Tfilnt4..Street, Phila
delphia, for sample Duinbers; prerratini lists, &c.,
,to., and eommeneo a club , atonce, at your Post
ifoltse Lot for Sale.
A (loop blouse and barn, on alot`of irro
21., ;Lorca, within ton ..tninntes walk ,of tiro'
Court Mum, Wolleboro, I. offered for talo. 10
<intro of John I. lilitehelli , Egq.,Wellaboro.
Jan. 25, 1870—tr. - • .
~~ °.
-~~ ~
r' it NEievApEn
~,t104.,, - -outAltil. t-4 1 1413..v 0 40-;•4 4, ...,zif , AN0rktr , r4.4:1
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till,,,er 1 ,0- Tilik: °MOWRY. -,ik--- -, 1.7 ,:,. --, ..., - , 4 ,
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iAn' 'ftit i ltlArleV4Wittl.P.Wll- ..: 1 40hittlh ii,-111-4.--- - ,.'••retsui,-isiols i
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ila r ir tgi i if 3 ;t4P9440,477 . 1L'44 s'', Y I s. 1 . T.- 1 ? r I I*U rt S-0 " 1 1P I T' y" flt
And de' rop:ei ?..,,yEsT4Fivo, *t . 1/0 *oil ' k l i si to l4l- -*4 l , .49 144
nd dolt* t t o - ttAz., ,4infovvem i gs, ;Y, 4 1 el ‘ I , lii' ie*lig.t C4'004, o 4 fifil"
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. 04 Ip l a * WU 40 nix ,I tlin' ) P r )- iiat t iviilif'tlo l ' 'fr4 t iiiii'l ' ij a iy f ii':f
h I tremor kiiittaitaldf ittcrielittidtit4 , •to ••• l i ...2, n 4 t,.. ° t,,.- ~n g ,g,,4 e *' ;
i 49,1 1 .1th,5,-11;$01 1 , 6 ( 0 144t-iTreeP,Wo4d-st: I t I ( ra i_Pß i s e 74"1 4 P' 13u J u 4p 1 49 9 - to t
a A v4 nd ta i ll tslifi th et t lrent a :ter fF il oct e lo g lit lttr gr 'h olui air d. Y , t g 4: 4 44; J u # t ridY uP ot d ' e a ft3 / 1 4 4 11 "t t in r e e , 5121"6 ' 'tliC"
heY hari iddd4 Oft; hilletkotrt het leerily 03 1 0 iI Won'reflectiOn it has seemed' nedia•
Aladrpliatii**l 4 o l o;fthe"l i wie o3 ,o '134.64.1d, give tt
brief account of the dir
t Th 4 oratila aiipptlV do slow; Ito 1;4; , 1 el 1 Tfereilir rock fell:di:Mona Vhieli'Condl
-40 thaxightiirladlOrieslandleries sae cries : , tutee solid &VAL& eili:plititet, tiii`a
i , I,lf 11,01 lAk.; A , . 1 -, 1:. ''' kfidilidgetif theiVand'of their historY
roxs;4 OI I III 34S I 4 I OYALYOIO494, 04 0 10 1 4 1 sigrIngi g l - ; t i t i i 1 ... 4. ts ' ' "
in this' country,
irth r h ?likqy rt t /I r jith h'vfasY?vf i x: rllh aot:i f f4l l l47r se i l :h 18 44 " kfol ' o l llo i Ei b lrle c Le/itigwdf r&tebod '
iPlitliSi riiPiii474Sesisr seAsitk to /ma to I ,tliat ripe maturity whic h teli f is attained `
Akad;At titetr,spsykakittepheartiterain4 a r.- , 1 1 0141itIttai ISieC' Ali acquaintanc e
' Drip-drop; drii-dtditiVveilthhinimee, '' ' 4 liVrtfi t tiebMer WtriiiSituvils akioesgerii•
, And skiii , diep illset'the'sycaitora.leaves, s: , tiat ' fir 6ider to gain, a eiirreet Idea Of :
AB tflharenever'whold bo`sanshiiiiagain. ' ' -, 1 1 'those iiiateins which Etre, represented in
1 i 7 ' ' Aur trw it . dm i n t v 't t ' '.l ~. , pt ; ;'..1 ,',
The mouriainetraid to the grave havdionei 1 - .., - - .., • • ,
i And' the waitustotamen are hero and are there , i s .4 . n,clarecting our thought:l'th this sub-
Vildi birds at the windows and gleam . * of rho sun ieelt j WA l aro naturally' carried" back to
I. Milking the'thatabbford‘rdti torpo Air, .. the'ellikin of all' ihings.--tO a tithe, maSr
and over top aadec,the,npst,nnliifir it e ' 7 .1
bat, joil eit the earth; tdgether with the'
Aw..(l,4•4oCatmstillrit-hprn i through the gray, other' wiles Whieh makenp oar plariet- 1
1 Anddriest bushes grow green with spray, 4ry : lisiiistimi-=•venus Mani,' Jupiter, die.
find the ditapled.waterits glad hatido , laPs. --4 , eiti,4th i rdivre oir'froM the greit e'en -`I
„' ~.. 1. -, ,",,1 1" , ~"- k` ,. .. ElT , .'_"i; ' -,) :li tad' 4unt'and"exiated' in P the' prig*
The loaves °I 4 1 1 Vi n `P C .Vid'i l PeA 0 73 4! weve, :I ti, 0 r ''t - , f -
tie ifs 0 apace ad - masses - of luininOtlO n
) And the num/lora pni, 41 the mourning ohms,
And over OA Po i tipetyo4 . to the:grave; vapor (- 'or nebulous Metter. These in
''s W
The long grasm" and blow's andblowp. tUttl;ltti they 'proceeded on 'their diiirrt-''
Afirrdcmir4drA 2'aTtlirwhy,"• , r- ' RP rettittitions;threiv off other masses I, And lova 9xutlio,ll9mto`fiimiowigiiimn springs, of Voila, ' , which ' eventualik' became
And thb , bafds 09)
bf_thp'iwafdorei - mth rings,, Moons, or satellites. The earth threw
Aie 0 4 1 Ilti iii P.e 4 ilvatli r oArt;:i` ~-, ' ' ' ettleficilltuchs'body ; Jupiter four,' and
-, , • 3 }l.,t t Pil ..,. •
Sittnrii eight. This retailevas Prodneed
t w
ky well k nown: law, which Is illus
tratedbY turning a grindstond rapidly
;--wheri , the particles of water are seen
to; be ithro*n froth' ifs diak. It was
thrkiuhibe operation' of the same Saw
that t h e' earth, while yet in a state of
ineindes&nee, was elongated at the
eqxititor and 'flattened it Vie poles.—
Astromnily demonstratesthat Venus,
Mani, &darn aud'Jupiter, are also ob
late tipliereids; and this effect could
have been by no`other cause
thani ttiititimated above, unless ' we
regard'l as aleorisequence of miracle=
Which lis rinphilosophical. ' • '
Such are some of the views, in re
spect to the early history'of our globe,
which • originated, in the minds of La- I
place,and Herschel, and which are gen
erally accented among men of science.
It is only one of many theories, how
tier, and not one of the established '
facts of , geology.. Beyond the time
whenthelirst , rocks were formed'ye
Can travel , only in imagination., `Wet
i na " ° lir infanc y..r th a ' Ml9d when
he'earth, !Oa burning f fiely.mass t and
glowed like the red hot iron at the
furnace-mouth ; we may 'eVen 'ge'',,he,
yard title; until we stand, under the
closely•hending horizon on the farthest
t)oundaries of time, where the darkness
`....r...FP5P hele r get papfdiVtt_bsN
• ••• 4- •-" La i r-L-I,lm 3 fu I 0 Y
the Creation of matter. To call a world
intq l existence required the , mighty en ,
orgies and the immediate will of the
Deity—the great Cause of 'causes. This
Is one of the clearest facts which ge
elegy has 'elucidated, and . the 'most ,
Crushing;blew which the legions of in;
fidelity 'ever experienced. One they
have the meitexqnisite - 'PereeptionC6r
the grand, the beautiful anti the true,
I yet It is here alorie that happiness, sat
isfaction and repose, can 'be found for
the soul, or the longings of the immort
al mind be satisfied. In the language
of Hugh Miller . ; " r .Th Christain has
nothing to fear, the in del'nothing to
hope, from the great tr the of ge(b.ogy.
1. )
It is assuredly not thro gh any enlarge-
Mont of man's little apprehensions of
the Infinite and the E ernal that man's
faith in the Scheme of salvation by a
Redeemer need be shaken. We are in
calculably more in danger from one un
subdued passion of our lower nature,
even the weakest and the least, than
from all that the astronomer has Yet.,
discovered in the depths of heaven, or
the geologist in the bowels of the earth.
If one's , heart be right, it is surely a
good, not an evil that one's view should
be expanded ; and geology is simply an
expansion of view in the =diirection of
the eternity that bath gone by."
We can never be positive that the
earth existed •in a nebulous state; but
we knowihat previous to'the formation
of the oldest stratified rocks, it existed
in a state of igneous fluidity;:and that,
as the process of refrigeration went on,
a' crust formed over the surface_of the
molten mass, and that then the waters
of the Ocean were created. At this
point geology becomes one of the exact _
scienteal;-for, from the`moment the
waves and currents began their work'
of erosion, and of piling up layer after
layer of sediment in the , profoonder
depths of the sea=--the story of creation
is written in clear and unmistakable
characters., The numerous leaves in
the books .i.f 'stone; which contain these
characters, have been divided by ge
ologists—if I'May so: exPresis Myself—
into various chapters. These divisions
have been made with respect to the
mineral contente and organics relnalnB
which chtiraeterlie edoli group. Fink,
there is the Azoic ,Age, or Age preced
ing the creation of life; second,' the ,
Silurian Age, or.; Age of Mollusks;
thiß thy...-Devonlah Age, or Age of
FisheWfourth, the Carboniferous Age,
or Ago of Aerogens ; fifth, the Cre
taceous, Age, or Age of Reptiles ; %lath,
'the Teftiary Age, or Age of Mamffaals ;
seventh, the Age of M an, or the Era bf
The Azoic Age, the first in geedogle
history, comprises all rocks which were
formed prior to the dawn of life upon
our planet. It consists of granite;
syenite, gneiss, &c., and constitutes the
only - universal i formatiohY In every
part of: the . World it Is present, and is
found to underlie all other systems,
though it forms the surface-rock over a
small territory only—having been buri
ed up by subsequent formations. In
North America it forms the surfaCe
rock over a belt of country reaching .
from Lake Superior to Labraderl; the
same belt extends from Lake Superior
to the Arctic (Mean. Second, a small
area in northern New York,and anoth
er south of Lake Superior. Third, part
of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas ;
Ilie Laramie Range in Nebraska, and
the Black Hills in Dakota; also the
Iron Mountains in Missouri.
The maximum thickness of the Azoic
is thirty thousand feet, and some of its
most impratant- 'mineral productions
are magnetic and specular iron ore.—
The famous iron mines of Swedere. be
long to this System ; also those of Lake
Champlain, Lake Superior and 'Mis
souri. No geld has been found in the
torgnanOus' ,gataing
• .`A CHICAGO Sokift
'EFFECT 01' REA b/NO aottfm 13 TITO"
sad - if
following The account of the co w
seqatficir of 'circitlating ticaigh's
1 5%. fr9_ O r a
T.Luanksgivinginumo . er tne xnaurte
of - that city. 'lr" ' • • ' •
purge again I'r a prom
inontAtizeli ofr thy NOrth Division, at
the:Poliee'Court yesterday, was that he
bad attnekeir s an t Ipdividi at
vito) was engages} traveliag,,aroaad
the city, and attempting to obtain sub,'
Scribers to the biogrtkpby Of the
eeltght -,* *. dough'. The attacked:
Persowsaid that the accused had sud
denly 4ome up to Min; observed that he
was' the destroyer of his - ilomestie hap
V e kt ie thoo.o,l , l s o 4 oe4s l
‘4 o t-aeStaatA (I With the
rife of the prisonett. , ir lie batUsbeen-6::
(Here ,h 9, smilcd
ingly witli his left and uninjured eye.)
Th - e'liea'eeirdfd - IT:)e -- ieem — tO enjoy
W t tlald„ ' 1 .104
Whit t tilt rhave made thyjs.latetne,At
ur nonoracomterrjtmger/oryounieu.
" It has ,alwa:ye t beeil, ,my t habitiv i hen
I reaciiedy hem° in the eVening to
eat dinner, and then mix and drink 'a
umbler of punch.?
I " What liquordo you use, asking par
don for the interruption?" says his
Honor. ,
" Crow„" says kr. c—.
; " trite ,t4ght," su his H onor ., '4sl
is my own" tipple or afternoon, and
Mighty seductive it isw
"But the other day," says Mr, C—.
when I' went to the cupboard, I, in
the words of am old English poet,
'found it all bare,' and I said to my
wife, ' how is this?' or more strictly,
`how the devil is this?, To which her
reply was that her, eyes had been open
ed •to the sin and danger of moderate
drinking. She had pnrehasecl that
'day the blographY of the excellent Mr.
Gough, and her eyes had been opened
to the horror of my course. Thereupon
she took the book and proceeded to read
several extracts therefrom. They were
gloomy. :i s.
"I attempted to reason with her, ( but
in vain. The more I reasoned the faster
she read, and we might have been still
at had I roll .1. 64 the Gordianknotby
going to a saloon and taking a drink."
" When I came hohte that evening,
1 went into tho parlor, and there saw
my wife in a state of unbecoming
drunkenness. It was a tabelau. There
,Were a :bottle and all the materials `on'
the table and .several' tumblers. On
the sofa was Mr. Gough's Life, open at
the one hundred and seventylifth page.
: Paying no attention to wife, who quite unable to speak, and had on
ci most lac c) 0
k- adaisical expression, I read
from ;the b , ,:at tust:that point. i3ug.
gestiug to- ives the propriety of getting
drunk in orc er that thei rhusbandsmight
seekowitl eked. lunderstood then, and
saw that my wife had underrated the
,011 the 111qhipt, and huit'crkde cif
getting liustidell'in it lady-like Wilk,
had got decidedly upset.
"I left her and went about my busi
gess. The next morning she was not
at all cast down, but asked me trium
phantly lapr'..l 7 i.,iked tl'iti i adtllng that
there were - Many Other valuable re
ceipts in the book.
" That is the way to reason with
Women," says his honor.
;" I came home latc;'' , said Mr. C--,
"and went to sleep. I was awakened
early in the morning by my wife, Who
`lz;egan reading from the book, which I
believe she had under her pillow. She
read, anothgr.;, long ? extract rOattve to,
CPiAliieto rum'ant 'the'.
Igrief it caused his wife. She read until
r fell a sleep again, and remained so
till morning. This state of things las
tCd for two or three days,, .I , ,purchased
another bottio and kept it locked up.
" She kept on reading the book, and
„As she advanced, she read it to me at
Mintier, at breakfast and at bed time.
day before yesterday morning
tke had reached the one hundred and
seventy-fifth page. Something there
)dad evidently struck her.' She did not
rend it, out, but was evidently medi
tating over it. I said nothing, but let
titings,.take their course..
"Thereupaa I took! the 'bbok away
Ilona her and tlirew it into the street.
'On my way down town I met the ped
dler, who insultingly 'asked me if my
family were supplied with the bingra
,phy of Sir. Gough.. Thereupon I did
knock him dnwn." •
" This court " sad thejustice, " de-
Cline &lift* any tam against the de
defendent. But it is far different with
the complainant. He can only he re
garded as a pestilential emissary or the
powers'•Of darkness I would fine the
man Gough if I had him here, and
since I have not; I shall fine this man
Who sells his works $lO for creating dm-
(lord in 1,140 family of zoy frjende
0itk41% ., .-0
141 ..5..% - 1 31',fc
(,M?,. -,,, 1, 1..-71,;4- VVAt; :-•
X ~
~ , - Niv - 6,4 •
--';:el% Vl'''
44,,,:;.1.0" '''.. t
' - -13:4-41,q-.4:1'.'-'
' 7% .
• -4-777:
*lSt ANtilligriStOjkik: CARY4i p 5
`~` x~* ~
4, 4 44 , , 4 4. .• 4. 4 , 44
11,4 A - •
.°, 7.w~:...~
~'• i I'.'iOU'iilkiitiitiiii:'''''''''''-1:.':
I ',**-' , .P* 1 4.**,,.00.. '4',
mar ago *onf torreepondenti waivin , A
(MintY, atirT/43,gat`i.ntlithtia
6flection ot:the'tviodipeoplelnet,ln
tllMV94ll) ll l4",;thef Ataterv'iMl)tpsiiantY, -
o Pfiforms , i.P,lybich X/Pxt n,M.40 0 F7,
ing frmeup,cfp.rnany.reapFets s o4lolo.
'people ar c up to AP3elit ; ready fo
the oF.iinotrori of . good Werke. „.
. a Riiir • 4n lea_ from
' 'where 'I lielv'tfiite,' Wm. Penn : `first
I Tended ; and the city'of theater le linty
fi t onrishingnti the place where the great
and good Quaketcommenced his good
werk.e. .-; •
• The excellent ,princlplea held and
taught by the So ciety Of s krtende,,havp
had inneli to doln
, ing the character
.Quakers' are "'yet,
are always read
Motattod works:
flemad named Du
Ails vicinity who
-dred yqlrs old! Hi
died in the house
fore hinl hadllyed
Map.: Ho voted '
Presidei4ta from Washington , to Gran.
I He Was a - very terdPerate man, and
this aecountedlin home measure Air' his
excellent health-. One' et the peculiar
, ities of thiseounty is the 'fact that for
,ntanyy ears the county town, Media , ,las
had the liquor, traffic entirely stopped:
liquors are .sold , there. They have
no.salcons, no barrooms, an"d-a more
pleatiant; thrifty, prosperous place can
not be fOund anywhere. The Charter
nooe - at - Media, a large, 'first Class
houseis kept op strict teetotal Princi• -
pleetal•it paye the stockholders- well.
Mr: Hankins, , an excellent christian
gentleman, is the proprietor.
At Media; Dr. Parrish an-Inebrl.
ate Assylurn called 'a Sanitarium, at
which a great many disc:: men, ine
briates, have been cured = d -ny Much
beneflited. There is a 1. ge • ssylinin
'or SChool there also for w• .k acted
Children, a State institution. a is a
wideawake, goahead, yankee Ilk wn.
There are excellent public
churches, neWspapers. The
Sons of Temperance and Good Templars
are strong there, and have done much
good. The Masons, Odd Fellows, Red-
Men and Knights of Pythias , are also
represented. • . '
Much attention' is given in this county
to the promotion of Bands of Hope or
Children's temperance societies. Sab-
bath schools also seem well- ; attended.
The interests of religion are Claiming .
much attention just now, and several'
important revival meeting and in prog
ess'heie and there. I
The lodges ofpood Te'mplars in this
ilounty areablysustained - by the church
es and pastors. I -have . held Nubile
,Meetings in,the Episcopal, Presbyterl
- :Baptist, Methodist and Quaker
housesWf this county, and have had the
heartico-operation. of the clergy of all
..t,hese...4kll..a.ther. ilpliominations. The
armors, Democratic - trr
are all very friendly to the cause.
The lodges of Geed Ternplars are large
ly attended, and they excel in good or-
der ; and in the •proportion of old and
young: people in them. I have met
quite a number of Roman Catholics: in
the lodges of this county._ Pomp aston
filing cases of reformation, the result of
*pod Templai influences haVe' beep
kiven 'Me: In 'one instance"a man
through ihtern_mrance and negligence
lost his Mint and all the property he
possessed, and with his family was re
duced to, pauperism. The Good Tern
plars took him into the lodge. Ho re
formed and now is living on and has
nearly paid for the farm he lost! These
proofs of the good of the Order meet us
in all parts, of the State, where the
Good Templar instrumentality is prop
erly carried on. Alt depenes on the
management of such associations. In
the hands of wise', prudent, liberal and
charitable people, the Order is a public
benefactor ; in the bands of, and man-
aged • by, improper persons, the Orde
would of course prove a public nuisance.
There is vo virtue : ,in the machinery;,
, 6ut if the truly wise and good work
- tylachinery,,it wll4 accomplish the cad
sired. it will save the fallen and save
the yousg ? save, society from the op
pressions and corruptions, vices , ; and ir
regularities resulting from intemper
ance. Ido 'not forget the many good
,people of Tioga county. I Wish them a
Merry Christmas. JAR. Al DAVIDSON.
faist tipproaehhig. Already it ba's sent
out its skirmishers ' in the'form °feting
ing winds, and bitter snow-squidls.
With it'will come long evenings - of leis
ure. Young men, what do you intend
to do with these evenings 7
There`are a thohstind inducements to
squander them. The' gaily lighted
liard-room, opens its doors and invites
you Ito enter. The theater, - the ball,
solicit you. All gods of similar tempta
tions allure you 'to spend your time and
money ;..and many of you will be drawn
into extravagant expenditure, by, these,
ih themselves, innocent amusements.
Another and worse class of tempta
tions will beset you. Tlik, drinking sa
loon, the house of ill-fame, will invite
you to enter, and with delusive' excite
ments seek to blind your moral' precep
nor's and lead yon to ruin.
What are you going to do with these
precious;, evenings? Will you throw
away their golden opportunities, and
bring upon, you p. burden of vain regret
fer the years that are to come?.Do, you
riot see their value, if improved ? •
There are thousands of young mechan
ics whin will see the6e words, and will,
some of them,-perhaps, resolve that
this Winter shall not be spent as was
tbe,last r . This. Winter, shall be devoted
to neglected acithmetic, algebra or book
4eeping. They will seize the coming
leisure to perfect their linowledge of
drawing, or to complete their perusal of
some scientific, historical or literary
work begun long ago, 'but still unfin
ished. They know the value of time
and they will no longer squander it.
Alas! how. few of these wise resolu
tions will be kept. Yet we are hopeful
that SOMO will be influenced by our
exhortation to use their time in a more
profitable manner than do the majority
of pleasure-loving young men.
The. means of self-improvetnent are,
now so widely, diffused, that no one
seeking knowledge cln fail to obtain
them, and while wedr not counsel, the.
ci n.
utter renunciation of innocent amuse
ments, it is always wiptdom to subordi
nate these things to higher purposes.
Young mechanics, andyoung men of
whatever occupation you may be, you
may refer your future succeSs or failure
,to the way in which you employ this
Winter's leisure. Then what will you
'do with your evenings ?
_''s~ ~'~:'~~'5
, ,
" 0 : 1: (-1 , 0 rz,
187 04 .-. 14
• •••
TyE isarx i o t
Those. who hava the,,
Pfdne," saki
enierlence of'Sergeant qhir was set
a naught bsr the 40ecentilitties'
d Bain , myTown
ilodicsanettluxeiiinillai to* but With)
tints de
Itrerence • Th party' Mak; inte
iisted. here was; guilty of meditated
wrong, widle,there the ,eifect of imagi;'l
nation, and, great anxiety-united tivconl ,
:found the experience of,the great T. 4011 . 1.
don detective. • • :
A young lady!,s jewels had been stol
en from her room on, Esplanade street,
end Mr: I. and 'niseif were sent , to look
them up. ArriVing at the house;44 ,
were 'shown Into the room where the
rebbery had been' committed, and I
`ainined : it carefully. Its was =a large,
elegantly furnished apartment, , ''and
showed no evidence of having been en
tered - by violence. CoStly articles be
longing to,a lady's toilet were scattered
, through the room. The NieWei, ease
Still lay upon the bUreau. The light of'
the morning sun streamed in at the
open 'window, and flaihed Upon many
a beautiful vase and riJh trifle. 'Pictures
hung from the wall, and goldand sit
Ver work in many a curious and'-rare
device set OF the, elegance of the
apartment. A splended watch set with
'jewels, was left untouched. Rich
shawls, and laces, and robes of great
value, bad been passed by, and only
diamonds had been taken).
The young lady herself was in the
room calmly observing all that passed.
There was 4 shade of anxiety on her
'face, nothing more.
Madam, you have no suspicion who
did this?' I asked her..
Why do you ask me ?'
' Because if you have, it may save
some trouble.' , • .
have ndthing to tell you,' she re
plied lu a tone which aroused rny sus
picions at once. el
She was a tall, stately looking lady,
With whom it would be difficult to as
soeiate,the idea of erirne. Vast resour
ces furnished her with every luxury,
and her :every want was gratified al-
Mcipt as soon as expressed. She could
not have made way with her own Jew
els:;: yet - her tnatiner convinced me she
knew in! . What way they had disap
peared. ' I .motioned my companions
from - the room and then addressed her.
You say you can giVe me no infor
mation?' ,: , . • , .. . ..
. ! . None , Mr. F.: l
' And ,et you/ know ho hey were
taken ?' • . -
Me S' The great black eyes flashed
With surprise, and the indignant blood
stained neck and face,
j‘ ; and you must permit One
to repeat, my :observation. You. can
- tell me all about it.' , : .
She looked at me - -with a strange,
frightened expression ; the flush faded
from her face, and a chill, grayish pallor
took its place. . -
Ilelieve me, sir, I know nothing,'
4 - ifd"ri . gtiti . `drept - lato - ixer--icrroiu,ti. virardti
,of entreaty: ' how should I knovi ?'
' That I cannot tell;• but Miss M—,
your ripem . has not been entered with
Violence... No professional robber has
been here, or these things, almost-as
Valuable as those taken, would , not have
been here. Access could not, have been
gained by tho windOws; tor theY have
, not been disturbed: Yew door was
locked fret& the inside and bolted. No
mere felon did:this deed. Miss M--,
You must tell me who is the criminal.'
Her excitement as I proceeded, be
came marked . and noticeable. Her face
was rigid with fear, and her hands
twitched ne vously.
i ,
` Perhaps lost them at the party.'
• I knew sh was not in earnest.
' No ; thatkds not likely.'
As. I spo r lqii my eye lighted on a hand
kerchief Iyhig on the floor.. I picked .
it up without her observing hie, and
made an
,excuse for leaving tbie room
for a moment.
. . •
I neglected to state that her aunt first
discovered the robbery. Enterink the
room at an early hour she found the
jewel ease open,. and the diamonds gone.
She inquired of here niece where they
Were. •
' In the case.'` : •
' ' No, they are nothere.'
' I put them there.' -
' Then they haVe„been stolen,'' and
. '
the alarm was given.
The young hidy had Manifested un-
Usualapathy, and had rather discour
aged' the idea of search May' be she
had mislaid them, she s' id;; -and they'
would turn up again. , •'' : •
Reaching the hall I found the name
of thetentleman• on the handkerchief
—Paul Esben—a gay gentleman- of the
town and .a pet of the' ladies. r
than one parent
,had to interpbse Jo.
prevent' him wedding his daughter.—
Ile was heartle - ss, soulless, moneyleis.
I knew him well.
Returning to the reon4l asked' Miss
.M,,if she knew Mr. Esben. " '... ...
She. seemed a, little,surprise, but an,
swerod..readily that ,she did. ..
'When did you see him last?'
' A mOnth.shce.'
'Not later ?'
'No.' ',
"Has be ever given you any keepsake
or present?' •
. .
Does he ever visit here ?'
No—my uncle will not allow him.'•
She was scanning ray face eagerly as
I asked her these questions, and was
evidently deeply laterest&l.
' Flow came his handkerchief in your
room 7' I showed it to her.
' What ! His handkerchief in my
room I' She stood before mo like ,a
lioness at bay. Her tall figure .was
drawn up to, ~its full ,height, and the
beautifulw-ovan looked in that indig
nant atfitudO"-never more peerlessly
did it come here?' I asked.
'Left )y himself,' she said. g I will
tell you sho Said, speaking rapid
ly, and vidently carried away by her
passionn e resentment. 1
I lik:d the man. I sympathized in
his pec liar position--the education,
habits a)d tastes of the gentleman,
without he means. He told me last
night - 04 t< he wanted a large sum of
money. did not have it, but I loaned
him my j :wets with which toraise . it.—
The jewe a were not stolen ; I loaned
them to I im myself.'
It wo (.1 never do fir the world to
know t iis, and I told her as ranch. I
kept her secret, faithfully, but- I got
back the jewels. 'She is dead now, and
there are none Hybl°. who know the
event of which I speak, save Mr. I. and
myself. It will do no harm to, publish
it, as a curious incident in a detective's
experience.—New Orkans Picayune.
• •
: 4 . .'. '• ";-:' '''; 4.:2-i:':',f.]-.:::)-;i".,','r'.-:-:...:,..:.1;:-,,,"..04',.-
4- 1.-4141-
• ;; ~•-•
4„:, 4
' , ,
t ,
1., I
.. q- -! • , ~ .I ,-: .1-.,- :.
Man • 4eara *we, goon sitt4r.-0 1 ,10 4 4 11 ,...:, 4,
mg of t i'e Nona& And.No;efoltg Icwau''.. --
rs ll ot ' aßt°4tic"ing 4 4 150 PC40 14 ! 1 *' '
If4et; in his sOokings,:witkitt ,OW II sad :'
thighs to match , stood in.. 'OW dOtok IPA.
yirikr*iitery with ' evident 44-tarlatoyi
1 ie.°
4 1 4_, "bran new" cars and anoktill.J:
A motive which mad 4usi arrived-ii '
t e; station: A: rough 'citizen '. eiciKl:'
r npar him, ) watched his l ' uthitsgrd#64"'
'wondet ; :attentively, and drawing ' near, •
entered into 'conversation- : with him. l ' -I
-' ',ll4s'was "down' from Vermont -- after.
work and wanted to get a chance Inv
-one of these here railroadslo-
in Said the other : "Why. don't you
go and see the Superintendent.?
'" W-a-1, I would if I ; know?d , where
to find him." ',- ' ,-..'
• "-Oh !'then come along with me—l'm
1;i:dog right:to hie office. l ! •:- .;.,,. •,
'Accordingly off went the twain, right
to the store where that. demurest of all
hoTers, Jed" 8 ., stood likes , p4triarcitid
spi er, waiting for any;unsophisticated
t t,
human fly that might flow der into , his
"Alai" said the wag Vir , o acted as
pilot,'t there ho is HeMis a _young
Man, Mr. 8., who wants &berth o the
n , .-•
railroad as brakeman ."1 .. ,
Sem was`posted immediately
" %11, I don't, know. Wa'vebad a
goodmanyapplicalonsfor the'pos>, and
in tact I had engaged a man to, go. out
'on the train, but he isnot up to his en
gagement, and I will talk toyou. Have
you ever been acqustemed to railroad
"'W-a-1, no, I n't; but I guess I
could learn it m ghty Soon. What's
the wages?"
t,‘-Thirty-siN dollars a nmth and
‘f W-a-1, mister, I'm ready, of 'you
say so, to take right hold."
"Very well, then ; I'll send , you out
on this traint; but ' I wish to put you
upon your guard with reference to one
matter, and that is, there is a set of
troublesome fellows continually hang-.
ing around the train, pretending to be
long to the road. Some of them. may
interfere with you. If they do, put
them off the ears at once—tell them I
put you on the train, and take wet ore. ,
ders or impudence from any one of them.
As to-your duties, when you hear one
whistle, screw on •( the. brakes ; if two
alarms are sounded, screw, them down
bard; and then when three are given,
loosen the brakes for the train to go on.
11l go with-you and put you i on the
train. You return here to-night • and
then I will see about your boarding
place." '
Accer,dingly down they went to the
station, and there the pretended Su- •
perintendent showed his employe the
brakes and the mode of using them—
leaving him with a fresh injunction to
"knock any one who attempted to in
terfere with him."
Before many mbautes the Vermonter
had a customer. The whistle sounded
and on went the brake.
"What are you doing with that
hrak.a ?" shouted the legitimate brake-
man. "Jump off if you don't want your
head broke."
• Jonathan looked. at. the rude interro
gator (a small man) with contempt, but
disdained : a reply.
" h-reeet !. a- h-ree 1 wh-000," went
the whistle and the new -brakeman.
screwed away for dear life, until snap
went the chain.
This was a cup too much, and off
went the infuriated little brakeman for
" What are yell doing there ?" asked
the conauctor, whd returned with the
men ; and stepping upon the car, he
placed his hand upon Jonathan with a
view to summary ejectment;, A brret
struggle ensued,, at the termination of
which the conductor lay sprawling
upon his back, with the small brake
man's head jammed between hie leis.
" Como on ye darned heathe sI"
shouted Jonathan, now fairly roused—
"come on ! Pine:ern you to cut up di
doks around me. Pin hired, I be.
Mr.. hired me for the business, and
of I don 3 learn ye ter tend to yer own,
it'll be coz yer strongerin I be!"
A fresh struggle ensued between our
hero and some half dozen others em
ployed on the train, who had gathered
around, and Jonathan was overpowered,
wLen an explanation took place, and the
Superintendent's. "store" was sought
for, but could net be fohnd, ,as the.
corrigible wag had not been' s _ inemi-
Oohs as to make the engageme t in his
own store ; and although he wa strong
ly :uspected as being the autt of the
too practical joke, no proof could be
hal , for by ' a shrewd management of
the muscles of his face, and cool assur
arm- aided by a different dress, he suo
cee led In arguing Jonathan out 'of his
sus ficion ' the latter - having charged
hi.. with the hoax. The , best part of
th , joke was the denouement.-- The
act al superintendent hearing' of the
in omitat le pluck displayed by the
Ye I , outer, sent for him, and it is said
th , t be now satisfactorily fills an fin
pp taut post upon, one • of the great
W: stern roads.
DRUNKARDS leave to
se , ety a ruined character, wretched
ex: mple, and a memory that =will goon
TO r.
I leave to my parents. during their
lives, as much sorrow as humanity in ,a
feeble and declining stale can sustain.
• I leave my brothers as much mortifi
,cation and injury as, I- could bring
upon them.
I leave to my wife a broken heart, a
life of wretchedness and shame, to weep
over my premature death.
I give and bequeath to my children
poverty, ignorance and low character,
and theremembrance that their father
was a monster.
Is not this the-better - Way, noonly
to pick apples, but to do gene
erally ?. We aregoing . to the jud ment,
i i
and we should have the fact in friew in
all that. we do. Itris just as wicked to
cheat in quality as to cheat in qtiantity.
To take the price (if a good article; hen
you me covertly putting of a poor*one
is no_ better s than robbery. To know
ingly take pay for more than, yon give,
Is not a whit more honest than stealing.
•A pickpocket may as well lay claim to
religion or morality as such a man.
PAT DOOLAN, at tl e. battle of Chan.
cellorsville, bowed low at-tCc non-ball
which whizzed just Edx in° es al: l ove
his head. "Faith," said Pat 4 !on+l 4 nev- ,
er loses anything by being polite. - ,
Many tourists to Niagara Falls
will agree with Mark Twain, who said
that the first tune he was there, the
back fares were so much higher than
the Falls that the Falls, appeared insig.
niflcant. •
yi ~, `.t: