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"I Know thy Work,Vaud thy Labor, and
; 2.
Go, labonoal4sPintinid 1); spent,
Thy joy to do thy Master's will :
It is the way, that Master went--
Shoald`nOt the 'servant tread it still?
Go, labor on! 'tie not for nought
All loss ;Is heavenly gain,;
Men heed thee not, men praise th'ee not—
Theatbleter praises ! what are men ?
Go, labor on ! enough, enough,
If Jesus praise thee= -if he deign
To notice e'en thy willing mind,
Nci 'toil for him Shall: be' in
Go, labor or! thy-Made aremask, - •
Thy knees are faint, thy soul oast down; ,
Yet.falter' not, 00,prize is npar—
The throne;rthedringdom r and the crown:
. •
Se4kehommalla 'dying at your,!dde—
See =lintels periehlep efer
Haste brethren ! the resene;oome4
, 3 7,45g,t, 1,4 on 1, 9gm...snon nitnjt,:fhkd , ;'
n! i itiporrell,4o7:lnxile.houte
tulfel.;-) J,War'N'
e:t t A Chusgh rum. 'Mau Inagructarty,
litaarg Sofitts.
8(POISS s.m so iisfor, SOW*,
at tendiitio. in Philo.
d • AV IL 4 9 , Plolv IPillg o diolci." 7 ;bl how,#w, Our
ooze oCiLosoph. 116vW112014 Esq.
" • - • , . . ,
HALVeloirgicAL.of : ll
The .1111110 ;
How-to bring up Cbpdren•
Things 'you Never dal
Clerical Eximisuret;
Out-Deer ; • '
A Pure.39y . ; ,
Pigs and,lifen;
Miscellaneous Items . *
Tobacco and Liquor ;
Mamma Itaroau Examuza. By tioreph C. Stites
Philadelphia I. J. 'B. Lippincott it Co. Pitta
burgh : John B. Davison. • '
This is a work, the appearance of *think was
expected with .much :interest _ ; and it was iluly
announced by dm at •the -thne of its issue::
unfortundtelY, tent:wits .the very time of the
beginning . of the late financial troubles, when
people had but little opportunity tor desire >to
notice, mut:Mess lc) read, new publiostions. :The
book is,hyn, minister 'who has;long occapidd a
prominent, poeition in the New School Presbyterian
Chorch,-and is at present a member,of the Third
Presbytery 'of New York, well known ;for his
genial social qualities, and also of high reputeas
a popular preacher. .The subject cf which
principally treatsi is ten agitation* modern times
with respect, to the subject of slavery. The
author does , not condemn 413183 in itself it but, Ait
spirit in whiohji beer, hem - conducted;;.and Bets ,
forth that this has been Injurious, in the eighes s t
degree, town parties concerned, • This movement
he designates by,the, title, $ 4 Modern Ttiform"
distinguished from . True Blforn!,. and diseneses it
as arrogant, malignant;belligerent,•impraoticable,
and destryietive, and `concludes by stating the
moraLestiinatiln which it shocildle held, and in.
makinciome • important remedial suggestions.
The appendixcentaitui much valuable matter con
corning:On action of_tes.NortherAand Southern
members of the Converitien,:thitt formed the Con
stitution of , the United ,States, With regard to
slavery ;'theinfidelity of some of -this •Abolition
leaders . ; coloredeiturchitiniberaidi:t in the Sciuth ;
the liorthern slave laws as - they once •were ; and
the Southern slave laws as they, now are. Con
servativdmen, thoth,Ndriktuld South, have spoken
and written itio high .praise of the manner in.:which ,
the discussion had beeneonducted, and ; its perusal
cannot fail to interest all reflecting and judicious
minds, at themesent juncture our .countres
Distribution of Bibles at Itacooan, Pa.
,irsinaiagr7th,.wasithe , :dar e :
pointed for the of Bibles , m this
church, (IteecoOn,) aid, it 'was'a notable day-
The generotui-offer of Mr.
York,-to' itraish-ia Bible to ,eaoh, one who
would. •,eihninit to 734emetty, peifecithrv , the
Shortertatiobbon,,(md recite it all at, one
time andwitl ont•prompting,wasmadeknown
from the pulpit; last Summeroind an invi
tation given to tonten&for, the-prizilq • , When
the trial Wits subsequently made, the result
ninety seven were reported as having
repited the:.'Whele of the Catechism ao9o, piing
to the terms proposed ' , '
.klarge number of happy , children and
youth, together, with others, ~b oth -- parents
and lower t o *wo i. w A.P
It Was;an eteeasion? ef:deep? interest, I and
one that will be forgotten ()Delves
on earth, of those preeent. And , vrti- doubt
not, mush precious frUlt will be enjoyed from
this interesting work.
An aidrese;was 'delivered by the. paator,
Rev. d. Ar.'lloKaig,.after,which the Bibles,
(beautifiVgaedged pocket,) which had been
brought le. the. church, were intsented, and
all elaimed,`and taken . away it'the time, with
the exception of some five orsix.
A letter otthanks, to the,henevolVonni
of these Billies, irsesulisdri,44. byeah one
geithsk And by , a nnanitooiS vote
it was ordered; that these proceedings, to=
geihnnikli the address delivered, be for
warded to the Banner and Advocate for
p on.
The, o ongion,o4 the business of this day
cannot fail 4 to' awaken the deepest interest
and joy in , the-beartoof all present. There
are not in theiviiiit *Od; three things more
precious and interesting thin the three here
groupedtkiethei, the Bible, the young,
and the Shorter Catechism. The first tiro
are the gracious- and '-hiiidy-:-Work-lof God;
and bear -Indefaceable evidOnOO, Of Infinite
wiadoin and goodness, and of -Infinite love
and mercy. The other is the,noblerit and
greatest,zorh of man, when laboring to ben
efit the young.
"The Bible is the , book of books." It
WAS written by holy men, inspired of, God.
This inspiration was full.or plenary, relatipg,
to the truth taught, the manner and time of
its teaching,andAts„ Words in:which tandt.„,
It is, therefore, God speaking to us, Fnot ins=,;
mediately, hntanediately by the
he has ohosen.—Seb. i : t*.
Thin inspiration began with Moses, aim
, fpr January,'con
School Children;
Thankigivie k Dinner ;
S. Thetkftd: ' • , . ,
Forty:Oho Years in Bed ;
Consuraritien • • ' '
The Lifftiongbonatie; '
Gratuitous Medical 'Advice ;
A True =din* Olittrity;
IHealtifaid Employments;
The Beet Student;
Blacking Boote; ' 1
Ifelghtis of Monuments: . .
four thousand years ago, and was continued in
the Church, with various changes of form and
periods of intermission, (the longest of which
was about four hundred years, from Malachi
to Matthew,) until the completion of, the
gew Testament, about the year of our Lord
ninety-six. This completed the canon of
Scripture. From this time the Spirit of
inspiration ceased in the world. It was no
longer necessary, for the obvious reason that
the volume of Revelation, now finished, con
tains all that is needful or profitable for
doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and
for instruction in righteousness." Man's
sinsonan's ignorance, and man's enemies,
can give rise to no want that is not here sup-
plied; no knowledge that is not contained
here. For historic interest ,and touching
narrative; for_ classic elegance, philosophic
truth • for Sublime imagery and moving
poetry; fot excellent, wholesome moral teach
ing ; the Riblefar:surpassea any and other
books tie world contains. But its highestex
cellelicefiiits goodness and glad tidings;"
its announcement of "'piece on earth and
good will to men ;" that Christ has died and
is risen; that sin is fiiiished ; God'reoonciled,
and' sinners Saved.
The' Bible is given natio be.once read, ad
relied and then forgotten ;'it is to , be studied
siiii„miderstoodi A
to tie read, and, re-read, and
'O again ; ta committed, to memory; to
be carried with as, lovedr.oboyedlan.d Prac
ticed. Ikiwthen a vAide mecum:; an every
slay,companion, f e.y,an, .to-*e.rynung ;: r a,guioe
inoivery Ainty,ApitAitrOglitot4,Pnol4 ,B o9ni
a lamp to da4iness and to,gather
around mien light. :We ,cannotliut rejoice
)n.wliatever promotes its circulation, awakens
attention to its contents, impreadon
and effect to its truths.
The same,glorious Almighty Being who
.gave the Bible, formed the bodies of the
young,` created their, souls, furnished 'their
_and inspired their hearts with "lac
don's and
,U emotions . ' What a wonder o
;meehinient is their bodies What greater:
Wonder of ibilimanship their minds,. with
all that loveliness and 'innocence '
Of counte
nanoe. that cheerfulness and buoyancy of
hopelthat vitracity of mirth and joy I But
above all'is the precious, priceless gem, the
immortal soul; that which heaven has so
valued, which all onrearth hold so dear. No
one can leek -upon children and youth with
out being sensible of • deep and,peculiar feel
ing, and a pleasing glow of delight. But
4.lteg.centiosartoe..4,tbitt,oontehiplatien, ,will
give rise to grave and solemn consideratiOns..
This' loVely season of youth passing away;
will - soon be gone; may suddenly cease in ;
":death...:They are liable astray. ,They
are surrounded; by 'cruel andmurderoueftes.
The snares spread for their ruin are hid; the
very poison of death is concealed. Their
,inexperience and unsuspectingness, create
alarm. They may be ruined by artifice
misled by enchantment.
Besides, they are .all fallen, sinful and
Sinning. In them the seeds of death al
ready exist. They are, by nature, children
of-wrath. --Their-immortal souls may never
live in immortal youth' and life.- Theseltlippy
hearts, may know no happiness in the maid
to come. These,rovely faces may, be all black
,and dismal with siespair and remorse. These
loved ones, so:cherished In our heart of
hearts, may never enter 'heaven, to dwell
`amid its glories. How painful the thought I
Let them live.! 0 Jeans;. Saviour, let theui
live andirt no wise perish! is the prayer of
every heart. - ,
The Bible speaks of the young and to the
young. It speaks of them as thosefor whom
Christ Jesus died; who may, with believing
Pain% be paihtkers Of cevenantblessings.
- Itspeaktrof - them as the-lambs of the flock;
having thetender care of thO Good Shopitecd,
whom ministers are required with a suitable
and sufficient Tatter' to, feed, and around
,whom are to be'placed the prayers and witch
fulness of the Church,. as two ' strong ` arma
of guidance and defence. And moreover it
says, "'of such is the kingdom of heaven." -
',What a bleated saying. Theyi• will constitute
s large , portion of the redeemed; And a
most:. interesting and delightful.' portion.
Mhat would heaven be without the innocent
happy, winning face of infancy ; the smiling,
cheering face of phildhood. If none but,
thefaces of the ; full grown and aged .were
''tobe looked upon, there, would : ,. there not
seem tobes great Want: of ''pleasing attrao
'avenue'? Among the loveliest, attractions
of heaven; even now, to many a;bereaved
heart;, are-the, dear children who are there.
And,forever and ever.tb.ey will he soureea of
joy to the.hosts of the redeemed.
But the:Bible Speaks also• to children and
Youth. It addressee them in' the 4anguage.
of instruction, of repeated. command, of ten , '
der reproof, and of - Varied promise; and it'
speaks them in thelanguage they can un
fderstandt. Timothy.frorn a child, kneat il the
Scriptures. Every child, with proper Ikons
instruction, may also , understand the Sorio
- How happy should we be that Divine
Revelation is not's sealed book to our ail
'dien that God has so formed , and adapted
his Word to the 'hinds and hearts of the
young, that they can understand and receive
intiortaut benefit fiom it ! What arlimmense
itigtitO:Blit this, tegive them the. Bible, and,
to;tesch theta its sacred troths I, There can;
be,none greater', and none else is , needed, to
those who value the Bible and loveAshildren.
Now,,in imparting religionsinstruution to
the_young, we are greatly aided by the *Mc
cessfulnabors of obody , of as wise r and. great,
and good maa4 l ,gykr;aaaambled on \earth,
since the 'days'-'of'llthe-ApOstles; viz., the.
Westminster. Assembly.. of Divines, who''
formed' our Confession' of Faith, and Larger
and . Shorter Catechisms: In the year 1641
application was made to Parliament for the
Calling of .' a general Synod , of , the " most
grave, pious, learned`and judicious :Divines
of 'theland, with some from ,foreign parts,.
who may consider things necessity 'tor the
, peace and good government of - the Church.'!. ,
An ordinance to. this effect was passed, bear
ing= data Junelitli,;l643. On the: let. day
of. July, 1643, this
~Aesembly s met in the ,
Abbey , church, Westminster , They. contin
tied 'their grave aria ptiyetful deliberations
together for the:period. of , five years, six
months and twentyitwo days. The Shorter
. Citabisn4PrePared.espieially for the. young,
was presentvi. Novembei 7th, 1647, over,
four years, after the!Asienibly'eonverted, and
after being-examined and approved,. was or
dered,to be * published. It his, therefore,
been in use over two centuries and - has been
cominittedlo memory by millionfLAPon mile
lions of the young.. It is most highly ea.
teemed by, all Bvangelical Chriatians,,ind id
rekardednis an intlispensable , requisite in all
propel' family training. The,Citachism bas
been theirebiole of conveying:, the minds
of Joillions t a, cotract, Concise, and: compre
hensifie.viewof theillootrines sad precepts of
Word. How immeasurably important
to-have such 'a
feria of sound words lodged
in the memory, and there to abide as long as
memory endurea,..and ttaeroisoka l poarerfor
influence; . in toning the character,#dnd 'it
may be, by the Holy Spirit, the meting of
conviction and,salvation `ltia a beneficent
,a) 3 4 I Theful work,tu excite, in every way, the
young to diligence andincoess, in ccutgittiug ,
. the Clechisin.
Perm* ind'.itikiiins o -youth Fesentv
*list-fan' eVontfni dayriithiml “BternitY only
Arjibtelktbe rank. Rai? ark a iktr4evolk,
Bibles, furnished by a plane and benevolent
friend, to be given to those who have com
mitted perfectly 'to memory, and recited
without prompting, the whole of the Shorter
Catechism. What a noble toil has been en
dured, and what a blessed reward 1 Never
did children get a better gift. Never did
your children occupy a more, honorable posi
Good Dr. Harris wrote three wills, in each
of them was written, as the invariable first
legacy, I bequOath to each of my children
and children's children, a Bible, with this
written inscription, "None but Christ."
Here you witness this testamentary wish ful
filled to yOur children and others, while you
are the yet litoing executors to lend° your
counsel and. influence to make it all •the more
profitable. Theis is great wisdom in. select
ing the Bible where gifts' are to be made
and rewards offered,:espeeially,to the young,
as it is thereby imore 'deeply embedded in
their pleasant memories and :lasting .affee-
The youngarsto supply the, Church : and
the, ivorld,,witk all the good, and. wise,- and
active,,:, and: faithful men they will need.
Then we must .never forget ..the , of
that, wise , man, ‘f Ifs We AvOuldlilrre good men,
alllmust have good children." God requires
that, we should train; TIP eiiii4ren in ,the, way '
they sheuld go, ,because , in no ,other viay can
we have men, who, will, go in ihe way , they
should,! Early training for good will be
successful ~What powerful influence it,
has thin& facts and . , history :
every/bete atteat._
Tire aged and vindictive:Hamill:mi . wished
,his sea to he the unsparing foe of Rome,
and.t4 this end hp tea' him, at the age 'of
Pine years, P the alter„and made him swear
to be Rome's enemy and avenger, as long as
he lived., .From that tinte , he toolt the , ; boy
with him the battle-field,,and history tells
with what unparalleled skill and terrible suc
cess he , obeyed; these instructions.:,;s,;
; Here : is ; a , most profound ~and important
moral lesson. If we would have .our chit
, dren wive, and. strong,. and eminent Chris
tians, we must not, only early bind, them to
Christ, by oath , and promise, but. as ; early
train them to ,actual service. Let,them be
as familiar with. he duties as the doctrines
of religion, , ,Teach them ,diligently, "`what
they L ate to beli eve concerning God, and
what duties God requires of ; man," but as
well and as Ailigently, tench them to tree
tice the doctrines and perform the du ties.
In this way,`: and only in this way, may we
expect' the " harvest handi',''' for whom ..nre.
pray.—Matt. ix; 38.
Let your prayers go with these Bibles,
and this training in the Catechism, that the
Church may have a strong and numerous
body, of working men from these yOuths.
My dear young friends, I know you are
happy Wiley. And it gives me very great
lappineas• to be able to present you this
beautifUl Bible; is a reward. You deserve
a' handsome reward, and here it is. You
have striven , hard and nobly; and this will
repay you. The Bible is worth, to you,
more thawits bulk' in gold; yea more than
mines, and mountains of gold. Already it•
has blessed you, or you would have been the
ignorant endwrretched children of wretched,
and perhapseruel heathen parents. Already
it has blessed you that you are not outcasts ,
neglected degraded and despised. Already
it has blesiedjou, in that political lil erty,.
that moral order and "Church
the kindness of friende—the religious in.;
atruction—the Christian example,' and'ini
all those gracious,' saving influences that
surround . you. And 'it offers to bless yea.
hereefter withAife and - youth';''with'joy and'
glory with immortality and- eternal life. ,
This Bible comes to you media 'kind eve
a 'generous 'stranger,'whoin you will' eerier
forget to hive. ; 'But His the Work of no hu
t man min&---it was written by no human
hands. It is the gracious gift of one, who,
we'rejoice knOw, 'stranger to you—
the gift of .your Father in 'heaven: A
Father's love has sent it - to you, and , it
points you tos that Father's estate; as an in-':
heritince; and to the old mansion—the .
family mansion, which you maysplairnand a l
possess, as your own. Prise it, then ; sindy
'it; lay up; mere and< more,, it truths m ypur
hearts; bind them about your necks, find'
keep them in all,,,your walk.
On behalf of the benevolent donor, and all.
those who have kindly helped on in this
matter, ,I present you each "a copy of this
beautiful Bible. It is emphatically your
own. Keep it always by you, as your armor
and guide in this, Worldoind .seek to make,
all its promise and all itteglory; your own
forever and ever
.1,1 iscellantons.
Grant Thorburn and Tom Paine,
Piune as a bold infidel .wnter, obtained
much eelehrity but ,thi evil tendency of
his writings is ; ueli diminished by ahnowl
- edge of his; life. Grant Thorburn, who
knew him well, being.ealled•out by the Oda:,
ton lniesiigator, - an infidel joUrnal, thnS
.LrespOrids to the call. We eopy;froni the
New York Obaervei.:
To the Edit6r of "the= Boston...lnvestigator
WIifSTED; Cr., Maichl.o; 1855:
Mn. EDITOR :—I wee' pleased- When I
opened jiOui investigator. 'Life , land 'health
beirticontinifed',4 iwilleomply;:with your ire
'quest; tibut *at' for`' /:! I - wilhtell ; you
the trith, as FAO stand before the ,Judge
of all the ' earth in a few montbsi;beingtnow'
in my 13d year--,(a step between me and
death.) To make the narrative ~plain; I
must first say a; few.• words about :Wm. Cai-,
.ver,, with. , whom-;Mr. Paine ;and I boarded . :
From my youth .I admired, Mr. Psine's
litical writings; . arid in. my,, ,twentieth year
was prisoner in „Edinburgh,: for, reading
and preaching, his ".Itighte of , Man." I
arrived in New York in june,1.794. A
few weeks thereafter,,Wm. Carver arrived
from England. He wrought, a journeyman
blacksmith, in the same sliop - with Mysel4 . '
he making horsenaila--4 making,
(not .ent),naila. ,Mr." Paine awd bearded'
",with Mr. Carver, hence our intimacy. He,
his wife, lithe were natives The
same town iri' - England. I - often sat with
them on the Winter evenings; hearing Them,
relate their
, youthinfi--pranka'and dee*. of
}iper 'years. ```'Thus ''l . learned , his Motel:) ,
from' cradle; traced him-through life,
and `foil'owed him to his gravein 1809. We;
agreed on politics; ; - and parted, by mutual
conient, on the "Age'of Iteason,i. 'never in
anger: He married'•ureepectable ,woman in
'the town' of Lewis. She died in eleven
months' • thereafter—a premature delivery
' from brutal treatment.' ;He". then married
the daughter of , the Collector of, the port of
I , Lowie; after .Three years she obtained i a
vorce for like ;treatment. In 1773, while
:be held an office in the Custom House
(given him by his father-in-law,) he was de taking; bribes from the smugglers,
and .fled to ; ,America. He. was appointed
;Secretary to ,the acorn committee of , the
Hop", Congress, ,and :toolithe . Oath ~of
oiAee,,not to divulge „Their' Bier*, H e
broke:hie oath, by publishing is the halm
ilftlol4,4o44ni ,r4l eOt of '! 1 searettinis- ,
sion to the court of - France by Snail-Jean.
He was summoned before; Congress, ee l
knowledged hiteself the author, , and was
dismissed with disgrace.[See the Journal
of Congress in 1774 or 5.1 This treadle?*
000asior,04, much trouble. tq Congrf 113, t a a
in the court of Louis XVI; and nearly
frustrated the coming , Gen. Lafayette,
With the French fleet ;and army. Mr.
Paine, now Went to France, j and was chosen
a menaher ,of the r firstConvention.
time he helPed Robespierretolestahlish the
freedom of the press; the-liberty of speech,
and the rights of , 00nseienbe, by means of
the guillotine. ~..Robeepierrorquarrelled with
Mr. Paine'; he was marked for a guillotine,
and :escaped by a miracle 4: Mr. Jefferson
sent a - frigate to bringhene,Mr. Paine from
the hands of his enemies, ;,He,-.arrived ,in
the Spring •of .1802., LifPekt..with him in
the City Hotel, a fear,idayAsfter his arrival.
He found : letters prging oo him .on to. Waisli
ington. A feast was got ready, and . theme
of likethinking were, invited. Paine en
tered late, his face unwashed, head
thorn,. and reeling like,a l dratikeit man. A
.look, of onnsternation shoie 4 for,th from every
Wee; mirth ceased; one O s one they, irent
'out, leaving Piine on his Chair, fast asleep.
Next day he received letters and Institio . -
"tiOni return' Neirffikr'
Burr came from . Eurppe, whither he had
fled ef4rl43 dueli :he kept
his law office in Nassau"Sireet, near my seed
store. From him ..I obtained the account as
abol'o , Ptated• -
. .Ar,Painpmput iihari v eight qr ten days.
*centime, the waiters 4 epysid abroad the
fame ,of his intempeasteeleyenly, and;filthy:
habits. The City Hotet end every deient
r'efused to board In this dilem
„) r ,,
Ma, William Carver took him
Mr. Paine was a man ef strong Mind; and
having seen the gutters in 'Paris flooded
with blood, his company was veryinteresting
: with
net under the infinence of brandy:
He told that wherk•Lenie XVI . ,` was,
demned by the Convention ; toi , suffer' death,
;each member, , on voting, wasp requested to
State reasons. cats to Paint„
be, voted;against his thinir genJ
, tlemeu;' said Mr l'aio4o.l‘7 l ke, are not mak
ing war on the person of.the king; as a man.
-We are contending for 'principle. linfOrtu
nately foe Louis, he was NA kingy he tbuld
'not help it. ' Let us banish lam to Ainriogi
there he can do no,liarpi. Let us spire his
life and givehim a,stinkg[paoriey to, live on.”,
I think ' this the bright speCin Paine's his;; coneequence, eChis very intemper
atehabits, he, was shunned by the, respect-
Able portion of his friends, many months
befOre his death. rte asked permisiion
from the.trustees of the:Soeiety of Friends,
to 'have his liOnes laid; 'lb their burying
ground; they`refused.. ' was much hurt
bitheir refusal. His father was a mernber
Of the Society of Friends in England.
Paine died of - delirium "tremens. His ' last
words were, " Lord Jesus,help l"' He was
``buried'``buried'on his own firth, , near Neir Ybrk.
'CariTer, his' warm friend and adinirer, as
lured= that` Mr. Paineidrank two •Aallons
'of brandy per Week; diming the last three
; months ofifier life. T. A.'Emmet, one of his
executony told Me; when; Mr. Paine's affairs
were , affsettledot.balance of $4OO remained
for his relations in: England .
Non,- friend Editor, Lwas a free -thinker
and a free voter,. undenthe Presidency :10f
Washington: t:ltherefore think I have das
igood a-right to think Ninny free thinker in
America. Lthink no republic:can exist with
- auto the Bible. When:the; goddess -.of liber
ty was ahabe in her cradle, she-was rocked
,to niaturity In -the: Bible shops of, Nunn: din- 1
setts:.:The, history of our dears sister..repub
lice, France •and Minden, Are mime in point.
Franklin says ,fi nerepuhlie Amp
,exist , except.
-the citizens are intelligent And virtuous."
I not aware that the Bible is generally;
read among the masses, except in Socitlind
and the United, , SinteNt the Eastern States
in larticular. In all countries , where -it is
not read? the; masses amine I ignorant , -as the
brutes that perish. Franklin, Fulton Morse,
Watts (steam iMprover),Airps, Hogg, Brown
,and many others, , somepf,them, never,';read
a:book, the' Bible excepted, till they had,seen
their twentieth year. , of •the improve-
Ments in Mechanics, Maiiihinerfand the 'We
in' arts, of huibandry,'#ere produced' by' the',
natives of the •Eastern, :States, where they:
, readthe-Bible and reverence the Sabbathi:
'Sciftlalid is emphaticallythe land , of Bibles:
'ln" Ireland' (Comparatively speaking) 'they
have none or if t t hey.have them they, don't
. read them. This day our jails, penitentieries i l
alms houses, :and State prisons, are full of,
irish,. You can't finds 'Sootehman in , :any
of them. In &Witt, everyman, woman
and Child can read the' Bible and write their
'own name. It is notlsein any nation where .
the Bible is' not read.c- 1 4 -wish you 'well my
esteemed friend. We are accountable to,
God , nnii for our opinions. - -Should brisinees
lead youthis•way, I will be • happy'-to see,
you. I'would give wdollarlothalf-anhour ..
with you; face ti:o foe If my name is in
your paper at any tinfe; - please :Send' me a
copy. Would' %A written sooner,": but'
time in short. • :
Thbielikth respect,
p aged 82 years.
When Whitelookty was embarking, in
1663, for Swe'iltii,likSa greatly burdene d !
with anaititil i
ethe'ilattteted state of Eng.
land. Resting at 'Harwich on the night'
'preceding his
„departurs, his mind was sorely •
distressed ailifli'eMited. It happened, it is
eg,. that a 'faithffil. , sertint in ra bed
. claw' by i *ho,',bridliig, that' his aearater. was
unable t from anLiety,lo sleep, at length 'said;
" Pray,Ar n .Will-you
.give me leave to ask
you a 41/#81 1 00 1 .: Certainly,"'said White
•belc_ ,e• you...think that
go erred, ..e4orld),Fe c 7 well before y,ou
came into it? " Una - mbar' And,
pray, air, don't ypu_thijik- he will govern it,
quite as won; Whenjyan are gone out of it ?"
"Certainly." then, sir, don't you think
you may trust him to govern it properly
:as Jong ,as -you Jive To. ; this , question ,
Whit,olOilikp had' nothing hilreklyvra, turn
abott!, he. wisely,f'dropped his
'harden, and was non fast rale*.
' Willem' the most beautiful thing which
the. Now:Tieses 4un shines upon? A balmy
that a drunkard's home? • No.
A. rioli,lome ?
~, N 9. A poor man's home ?
No: • A•country home ? No. A city home?
N,o. It is a 'Christian home, wherever
found.' 'This 'lac the happy home, where
God's love is the sunshine, and a thankful,
:Vila - Igo ) , peaceful spirit fillso,lolr)ike sweet
scents. ,
„TA yoqag man-once left the paths of virtue
and feltinto'Cickedness. 1 .'0h,” said
he, "I was never, never happy; for wherever
I'went and which , way I turned, an; angel
Meg l ine in the way. That angel was the
-image of my Christian home, and it for ever
reminded me of my father's counsels, my
sister's, love, my-mother's prayers, my inno
cent boyhood. I could not get away from,
it. And at last it brought the wanderer ,
No MAN' can be provident of hie time *%
i 1,
s' not
—Jevesty 3 Tagior,--• •
lifor Ilje gang.
Evening Parties.
One of the 'most difficult questions - that
comes before Christian parents, is how to
conduct those social re-unions; 'commonly
called evening parties, which-constitute no
unimportant part of the amenities of civil
ized life.
~ Shall the worldly type of such parties ; be
adopted, and cards, drinking and dancing
(all, of course, in moderation), be -intro
duced? We answer—no ! Snobamuse
ments are clearly inconsistent with ilie'pro
fession whinli.the
. ohristian makes, and' to
engage in them wog!' .be to concede ev ery
thing to the world.; The 'gayest and most
careless about religions nititterb care uomOre.
But if these amusements lie tianiahed, what
11; tiike: ;t heir' r piace;? . Siisarthes'OtitnPany
Almattiiti Ant;o a Qiiiikerie meeting,
.and sit: looking , at ,, their fingers? This, •we
-know; is supposed , by worldirpersons to , be
Ole . 'only alteriativet but experikkride . shoirle:
they are #ery,infiiiii'inistaksii.,
upon a company ;,of intelligent
Andowellinformed persons,to think that u
few— hOurs , wait s hang. eavy - upon .theit
extratddinal stinfultlik
parq,')ei,prolonged farintto the
.prip=ibly, necessary Omit irinfriwill:
dancing and gambling should bet; introduced.
to -keep the company aw ake ; but • such .late
'bonus. are exteed gly obj ectionable in-th eui
'paves, ,and: the practices they lead
are even more ao.
If a °party, only last -froth about seven to
aboutaileven-eolook, (and it. is 'difficult to
get' any one to' come earlier 'than seven,
- whilst nerB :,shpulp in our . view, remain
later.tliun ,is a period'of aboit
four_ hoists :to.pssa .other's ,acciety,
arhiqh Cwill-aotJmOre thamuaffordetimei
'ill 'that is. erolidliiittr , it.
of ;these' !minis.will'aoubtleiebii'oribil
pis ..wit a social repast;„ , ere we, , n
ithe.!gentinental. plan Lof-.oening parties, is
-mock .bettert;than ours.? win , tiermany, ,if
'We' are-rightly' informedgiibilies take their
usual eaMy• reps et; (4bieh should
Call,teiu) before going gut, and abont nine
.olelook, , eoffee, with atsimple,..and econonii
1ca1,,, though iiti.thar heaulegant, repasts of
cakes; fridtiAo: 'by the hosts.
thiS, Way,, lite - avoided, a
, rich" and heavy suppet; quaili"to the ,giv,er,
and, perhaps, .unwhoicecinctultbe-mceefter;
is-escaped.'The• time r lrimniseven to!-nine,
'could most' advantigiduldrbe -filled . iritb
conversation,Ai,. eiraimUiti,op
of, books, and4,4,l*lgh:A.4:
after suppenfinight be , ,spent aingiuti
byinns,l or other•religiona .pieceseelosingy if
'there be a'ministerpresent; yritlileading:the
ever, we thinkl 4 1 .0r0g
a social party, in any forced or perfunctory
manner; especiallyita sompany.imiiets /late
and 'breaks Up:early,'
that, Worship :ill
''eacli nail at liome..i~rill
.not be megleet4:.•- • •w, • :s, 7 •
• Were partiesanoremimpleandmoncaiiical,
and less: ceramonious;,ttheiS inigkinbe more
frequent; and consegtiently' the' !nicht
WhiChi on'e, 'Would
be,' 'Oll the: whole,- !better ' -- cultivated, and
many a useful plan for the good of society
PigliAiil ) ls„elltgg.edeAt w4} matur ed,-Pich
;meetings of Antejligoi#
.oPoef!!:j = T- .
lA. ,W4 lll '0 41 . 1 lirge
t „place ~to miiitio in evening TosfUss. We' think
it would ` he a dvantageous;
y ?lew if this delightful . nit were
and ern pl 4'4 ; isfoOl—,*ll,°l4os if
Vilifutian ! society here weiti49,:pni(sterficr
maniand•swaeei Christiana, more,-in the ,Ifre
*opt sinkt% df psalms 'and hymns, Both' in
DY`l.-1 61 t . E:-At kiNs
ereollectiont .110 e jot ,gl.l the .F.'9;*fposf gaffs.
Cornei Szathfield Eltreets,• • • !: •
• ,• • Pi,TYPBT-1/ 14 41!)1 2 44
New. York, - , - - - twos.
Philadelphia, " ' • - 4
Baltimore , - - - -
Win:ERN Exctriipam.
ciucinnaik o . . • .s *ow
New Orleans,' •
Pittsburgh Banks, par Ohio
Philadelphia Banks, ' par Virginia;
Other Eastern Pa., , , par Indiana,
Interior' Pa 2 Bentneky,
Niw•EinglaL Banks, v par Missouri,. '
,New York City . , par Mittigan,
' " -" State,
.New,Jersey,- Wens!
I .
Dibiweire, 4 . 0, N. Carolina, -
Baltimore, Pliri B . , Par o /4% .
Maryland, 2 Tennessee,.
District Oelombll 2 Gairei, •
cent. Oren's. ' vv.•
PittabiMighs Nat
Ward .;:t ;I,t;y;
Gold dull, at from 34 to i tun
notes ere taken asthe pox= ^
. •
pau.oliat. TfiLIItD,A F "P.II7BBIIRCLII,
Es;tabilshed 1840, lie legislature of
_ .
Pennsylvania. • , .. . ,
His SareieUeneY, the ilonrarimeißrichainui, President Ofihii .
Urritedfitatee... . Mom Judge Lowrie. ,
Ron. Judge Wilkins Rim. Chas. Naylor .;
' Judge Hampto n , i J . B; Moorhead: .;
P. DUFF. (author of Doss Book•Meeping,) President, with'
'a Superintendent, and five - aselitine terichers of Boolirl
keeping, and seven other teachers and lecturers. ..
J. S. DUNCAN, one of the best penmen fn the country,.
(author , of the' gimiot•bnelneis ant. ornamental "'penman
-04,J Professor of _Penmanship.
The notrise of IngteMition'fremi ItoOk-keeidrii is so
thoroughly matured, thatatudentagraduate in about half
the time required by other Colleges, saving g2O or $BO In
'Aim; slid board. • • t
tipwards,of four thousand:Andante have entered the in
stitution Arne foundid. To obtila fall Particulars of the
collegiate training *r• business and the characteroef the
institution,. send for its pamphlet circular of fifty pages'
with sienpleis of Mr. Danden'i initial; which's:6 -mailed.
free: .
DiMP'll • Bookliairmo, Harper's' new enlarged edition,'
pbetsge 20c.• Utl77'llBl Boolc•Barspo, $1.00;
postage ?c. 'DONOAN . IS BDIDN/.88 iND 01111LENTAL PENDANIEII7,`
crown qiiiith•SA.oo; Mailed poet-paid. This splendid• Work,
1110 DAPA,Bookrlieeping, bate.recently been awarded Env
rase FutrAmttu Sava& blzoiti lairtintis, Atoning'
(the,fact of their being.eheibesi•treatises upon. these sub
Poets now In toe.
Au elegantly-bound - copy of rDuntan'm Penmanship is pre
sented to. every Andmityrho hereafter graduatti in the In
Dolmen's Corr, SOOIM, complete in six numbers, twenty.
four quarto pages *each, ou fine Demy paper, with the auJ
thorn direettons for teaching, the most thorough system
for school instruction published, 12%eotuttif,pert number.;
liberal discount to the•trade, postage 17; mute, on;
application to the publishers, W. G. Jonswrom* Goy Pitts
burgh. • ' "••• • • fag '
TU ID . 1511 A MP lON tOOKR
WORLD, are only,striplingein ,coat, 4040 $9, or (fl
made gunpowder, proof, $lO, and, /eV st.wholaside.) The
test which they have; endured ie ueperaNeled: the great
est loc.k.plokers in the world, stimulated,.by the offer of a
large premium for !wend years, hare sought in vain for
a clue to pick them. They uotonly, bid defiance to all look•
pickers, but the offer of Two TROIMIAND DOLLARi for pick.
leg is continued to June, 1857, with ample guaranty. Th e
world is challenged for a competitor to produce a : lock of
equal value, for five fluxes its cost,whether it la need for
the apeciervault, night latch, or desk.
Perth mboy, N. J.
Ma. 8. E. WOODBEDGI, - BR:—YOn bare been awarded an
honorable mention, with special approbation, for barglarr
proof Locke and Night Latehee. They were considered by
theJufy . to merit all , thatyon elaim for them, as being the
cheapest, and at the same time, the safest and mostdorable
Looks on•exhibition, and a valuable acquisition to the cum'
mitnity. Tome, truly,
Srevu BaivoOis x
Commissioner of Juriee, Crystal PalaCafloY• 1854. •
jy22-nowly •
[Fatahihdrid In 1826.]
BELLS. The subscribers have constantly !onside an as
BELLS. sortment ,of Church, Factory, Steamboat, Locomo
BELLS. Live, Plantation, School bonne, and other Bells,
BELLS. mounted in the moat approved and durable numn or.
.BELLS, For full pull: ,to many recent improve
:BELLS.. m enta , viarrintie,, , illainetter of Belli,spece occupied
,BMILS. in Tower, rates of transportation, ao., send for a
Clireslar. Bells fbr the South' delivered in
411L1,13. York:'' Addreei .
frp. • , • .A.,R3OTXXLrB BONI, Agents,
. •
• Trfty. N. T.
5 ° 1 11 44... 5 . 1 "RK e1 ME 1
Mr zr~'PlWEprßh;'6Ml~is 3.Z n .; (:V.,-Te;r4htr
,„- pu ,
•I pxo'xn,
IE k A . I* it,E,
~ E 3.UN
' The Itestorek, usedlrith the Zylobaleamm . ,or
Dreeeink,, cures diseases Of th e'•hitit-atid stalp.
The,.Zylobalsarnum , or Dressing, uitgalons,„9 ll
the'best hair-dressing extant, for young -or:#111
We take pleasure in presenting the following
undeniable protfs that these , are the best preinifi
tiara! either in , Europe, or America. They, 6 , 4 P"
taiti no,.deleterions ingredienta--do not soil-or steam
STORER AND) ZYEopArAisium are prifeat'rearreit.
Altaiusing iftein fait afeeki,iay maleaMiktbilak hair to
restored to its natural color. I em satiated lON not a
BE MRS: , Ati - DRUS; lei? Itisany years
climate haring seriously affected her hair and scalWays,
"I have.derivedrauchadneatironr_the_use_of MBa. S.
.. W
I have tried various ,otlierreinedies for
my hair, but never anything thett l ie rita'rerbiley'Undpir•
'neurally benetted mei arb'as A. Allen's."
4f :.!
.T. H. EATON free. Union Univ., Tenn. , «I
have need KsB. 8. A. ALLEN'S "WORLD'S RAM
bnt i notWithetanding; lei' 'Memnon dletinegrids.
ibis. The falling-off,of 3 -hair-ceased,--and- my lock:,
which were,qua evray,restorad to heir,, original black."
y. ABGEN, -Ed.." Guide tco
Bottom. Mast. °° ghat NEB., S. A. ALIfEtt7S WORLD'S
Min RESTORER Abilk ZYL6BALSAkiIfit promotes the
eolith of the 'bah. 'Where baldness - hail tontmetieed, We
eibrenbe of Ma' own i3yeis.7r ';' '
`'REV. J A. R. CORNELL 'Cm.: Sec ; Pal Ectueln,
s. I A.-ALL*l6s
t*our,D43 , HAne Yiks&a.siattsg,
:.foe sralstfre, , lAmi naPPY tneel it Prevented , the fen
1 . 1 1 of. Lair, graq,. to
ita natural eme r y and beantlfal black."
REV. JATINi 'APIA Rd.,: `,‘.Claristiati
"mo IFOR. 1 . 11 "
RAIL RxemoßEß AND zuonitssmirm Strl) tied
preiaratib'ni I liave They 7:stolid by
ludr to Its (*tibial coloi."
RE*. J.`yirESt, Brooklin, N. f. I 'agilispity
to - 1;;ar - teetbia,i , to the' value and'etliCaLi iof .11eit9:ikf4A:
. a 43finapiii4 69aCknO100gejig ,' l l394,lll,ilMnaS
di f :4 • 4" • • - •
SEW rOZORGE 31::13PRferri , , AgtwtPe!in; Bap.
11 1 5 -Atte. ; 4 `AVe cheerfilAY- ree9=l9l4 i;k•
, 4 14 8T5. WO* D T , 4 l , a3 *§ T 94 11 4 ? '#) , Z P 4 II4 1 "
APT . V. -GEOWOLP, ; iWasliington#
Plvflp jpform.,l4n. whare MSS,. B ;; A. *MIN'S
WORLD'S Lien: REgiolitiitaritiotiiimi
eat tie Ilia eisi
kiiore Mitt* are Bleat they ptirportteleA ; .:
WOOD;ltickeriefotatcA r ete
hair bikreitly iblekeeed; The - seine tAruiicitanitUr
myfatiillyifiwbout waid.ol:s
&mod tare: net ihair boo ankiulsolkelYithicke4 l ,4llanil
.Y:4 1 9 1 . • 21, /". 36 1t4T. STP. a__ ._,raPlie , ..Bince 1 11 0 11 g rIa:REL.,- 8 .. L 4
tS .
AN T iq,* , . . 174A 29 10 .. R, ( 6° '* ea r 4 Pfftgfo i
Aq? Yo *. ."Since Wilffg MR S . S. i*TFItSiVOitIYS
itistDiNv AND
inii , hpriattifililti'lisobaMMllMlM.' , sl am
ostialed ?tie", •1. i t .1,
11 mega sor-inisits.w Imam* velum !Rem ( MC:
.31 LIMIRWAND:SIUSIABLIMptIfrewto:e.bAniti;
ft if : inn '
a lf l 9 * -!Atlegi! ( Yea Mrh." :1 11 ° P ri g
efra . "!s 'FF OFFicas or
,Ray ,T P. Twiti,.gd. a krOUthern " 4''o.,
Mffilimpa, "Tb•7liiikholiliibeirilef Obviiited,
BIM* APBTICOMI, - .ffait4 111411.)904 Othisq.
ii i 4r4;o f . 4 .1 .4 er y, •;v i ii ii x h i ri gi a ga r i e r viat
I ••••-• . ! .46.4 •0•OW "I i s. a x t , "11,,,„,,,
4. llo Wrrilll. or, .
qiijoisard - ; ; st,
utter i
,7,- I ever-
.7g .0 • •
'REV 111108 1 PLAROHARDITION/14(01".10 1 We,
4aktitOrina. • t3'.' A.Acitaliv wcniuys
REY,C.Y. Ngtfq, r ,04 . 48 ,0 107 4 - A. `,t7llltB.
ZYLOBALBAIIUM ili.iielliped thi) fain' ouYOf ii
hair, and • :
EV.‘m A . •
m. •
Y f F 5
. •
. 7 . 7 J./ I . th
f o
woßtin. ,
• 1 0 •i t
MBA. "
" fihr •
' F M.(
0 r° •
• •
II •
• a.
MEW .1) MORRIS,. Cron; Riverp2P. l:falpikuir
Wit greirmiry Whl, hams'isid ihidilludrzedointlq tde A
AND ZYLOB.AMABIUMIP 1.1 •:. - ts.„t :
REV.;TREL it/PREt — A r e! tft• `,*430°,1",
j , r
REV. 14" zviiritp; .13411i,* O. I here twig
AN D They, hive 'ohange . l mj hair)
to its natural colot, stopped Cdr."
REV. WM. R. DOWNS,. HoWard.a, , Neicvirork.,
MBE. 'HAM DitasiarNG hla
no superior:' IE eiesiniii: the hair arid 'es*p;lisiaoWil
LFsliness and ( linXincei the soft ;
nets, sillilnipiCsa f fatiail gloss ao reqielte to the human .
Might,qttote fro* others of the nat:qrons
letters We have, and are constantly,reoeivintr,L
but ire , deem l the. above .antEcient to convinge the)
otmost , ,akeptical that we have;at least the j imi l
:)preparations:in , the -world for the
.hair,of 3r9tel
We manufacture no -,other preparations.
Occiipyinv.the'large, building, cornerof,Breeni ff e i
•lind Elizabeth t .Streets, ; exclusively r for • Atride .
sales-room mei manufactory, We have no aims of
rinclination,to engage imother, manufacture& s
• 'These are the • only, preparations , exported •
- tu3y-luautity. to Europe. , ~;• •
• We •alsolWoulcl calif attention to the AA that
-, we have always avoided all charlatantism. , ::
iprepaiatione -are the highest -priced, brit. the
cheapest; because it laste longer, and doeainuiPe
'roa 9 the expense, in. the end, less tium , otheiss
•aspire to have the beet, not the-lowest
gibed , -
One'biittle of Restorer will laist nearty . " ;AI yeo F
1 5 , 6* 'per bottle.Balsnm; 87i
4 biotite:
,has "Mae .. S. A. ALLAN" RED ThiS. * tr.! 'outside
wraPpere, and In BUCK lax difeethia pasted on bottiet;
Restorer,bottles are of dark p . — rarkpig fi rhi s K w i th the words,
BROOME STREET, NEW, ,TOll.ll, , hlawn on them. Thu
Beggar hotline are 9f4r7t3A g 1 with with AiRS• 4, ALLEN'S
YORK, blown oh - " circulars around I:Kittlea copy
righted. None PoUttr• lie genuine. Signing •the. name by
. others fa forgery, will be prosecuted by cm as a criminal
• F...
80E3 Dm= TRY To crnra ParPAk&TlollB, ,
wmca TRIT PROFIT, InailleVo7 TELMA;
mem , '9 y •
Sold by "nee* every drug and ?envy goods dealer.
/461)4 all.l4StAire for it, formiition.` , kc:, to
MRS. S. A. AL Lar.51 9 11
''NO. 955 BROOIiE
ad: 4.17 ,
wholesale and retail in!PitWiesibiby
1 fiptebillis 3: s.zwilltela
tlloaid of 12 Trustees—Faculty 0(14 Teachers.
In Daily Attendance npwattla of 200 Students!
Professor of Accounts and Book-keeping,
I. I IItTeIIOOCK __ _ _
' Profeisser of Arithmeticrand Coramercial Calculations
Annior , oil.' The National Britian of Bookkeeping s'
tartar on , Business; its Customs and Usages.
Proleesor of Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, and Pbonograpb
Professors d Plain and Ornamental Penmanehip.
. . . D. BACON,
Lecturer on Political Economy.
Of the Pittsburgh Bar Lecturer on Commercial Ise.
3 , cs,. , JAlttlii W. K.ENNEDY,
Of "Kennedy's Bank Note Review," Lecturer on eos in ,
Spurious Rank Notes.
To furnish the best means for acquiring a T l loll.otqg
OittIONESSEIMIOAMION,Ia the shortest time and tt the
least emoense comprising instruction in DOUBLE ENTItY
eikiIiMEASPiNG, as applied to Merchandising, Bat
Railroading, &c.
.With all the recent improvements, taught without eatr,
Mapiti4Pcititig." With every itarietV and style of Butineo
• i and Ornamental Penmanship,
And, a thoncm, g,h.couree of .Counting House Calculation:
at: f
Full instructions given ha this important branch
ness education.
tUs ites,"Lawd` ad - engrains' of 'Coniniiiree ; Finance " 4
nking; Economy,,Connterfeit Notes
`entente having*enticed relatiOn to active bush iesa Otnkf
Bofik•keeping, , Valli Connattraial , Oonroa . .
Etationsu-y; /Wont . . . . . sk r ,
Aloard,,periteak,mt l be FibtalitedAr. , 2.5 0
Stndenta are not alialgetiestaa for Steamboat Book.,
Aii# l P 4l l4s or. Diploma.
Com.enteretitoytline—ino Taes: tion)—revlew at pleanne.,
time unlimited—ttsaal length of coarse from eight to
ttwelve weeki : :
Maur hundred and. ehritt*ueven Students entering. from the
"city atom, within oink year, beside the many from the
`• N; " • ;
fineciineaMliii=Writirtg and OiWinalars, containing foil
ri == Ormation, sent by mail free, of, charge.
= P W. JESEiso
. • # bon City College, Pittsburgh, it
, , pi t tetkinon - P - :—,_ pin less than li
„Illst,ST PREMIUMS werre awarded this College in the Fan
'oftlBsVevlor aliminipetitors, foi bait Writing. Them, with
'li previoni Pressitints, were, givernin Ohio. illehigau,
and In Louisville, gy, at
u theilnited Statea..Fair, and all for ;work actually done with
- PEI 'and INK,' and not for EngravedTenutsnehia. o ur
,Penmen are fullylcompetent to,do their own work stthott
the aid of the engraver to make it respectable. &JO
During the months of DECEMBER AND JAIDIART,
• - DH. A L=V4D - M. 'F I I"
May ,be consulted daily at his Rooms,
" 13T. 'prrysminalr, PENNA.,
For all afflictions of the THROAT and; WOE; alto, DIA
and other" complicated with
or. predisposing ! to Pulmonary Diseases.,
'lf Dam any cane DR:FITCH ihoiddlerunableto remain
during the. ported 'aboyemanted, the, appointment will be
conclxiderrby his asseciate,"DD.,li W. SYKES.
etre/fay ; remind ',those who may he
laboring tinder Incipient Cm:seated &Seams of the Throat or
.I„Lungs, of the importance of,giving „themselves timely A
lt-intim,- as it is only-whin takritt in reasonable time that
Hose diseases can be treated With any just hope titmouse,
and the delay of a few Weeks will not uniteonently retie
"SuPeleSslFfittal,an otherwise cnrablerame.
DR. FITCH would also add, thai as he is accustomed to
deal frankly with his patients, none need apply who an
afraid to learn their true condition, the actual !tatter their
Aullia,.andltheir -probable cluinces of recovery.
CONSULTATIONS, person:illy or by letter FREE.
wAilcomitunicationselionki be addressed either to DR. C.
- IL FITCH, or DR. J W trxxs; 19I: Penn Street, Pitts
bArgHi'Pa; ;, ; •* f e p & MK
ween Market and Chestnut Streets, Pltuladelptde, bare to
Dijrfaneilieen Salted Patna Hit* . Tense's Oil,
0197 TAWS; TN?* at theloweet "reces s and upon the let
- • '
All..;ltinde of feesethOr in the
rough wanted . , fa
erldele theleigheist nabs given in cub, a
1 taken ba-e3e,tuuagiptor,ll4des,, heather,
s tored free of charge
iniefsold en ehmlifeeto—n.''
..1 ,-.JAKES ROBB, M. SO Market Street, between the
(HarlotHouitsaXidlltfth Street, would call' the attention of
hinnies& and customers, and all others who may favor him
awlth~ftfifdrtrEde he be found at his
Haw Shoe Store, '!as above, with an entirely New Stock of
I Braidi Hatex
,sansialdng In peat of Gouts' Fang Opera
Mott Otingrese With* Onford Wee, db., dm; Ladies', Ewes'
and Children' Fancy Boots, Gaiters Tiee, S li ps, dc., very
beautiful; Boys' and Youths' Drees Roots, Bhool3, Ties and
; 1 T His /twilit Cone Of thee' hanputtever opened in this city, and
embraces everything worn by the ladies of Philadelphia and
( WNW* and,llie trusteot to please all. Great
care has •heen taketxlin aellatiting th e choicest geode, all of
which' iiebriaiti, , v
,He also continues menufactase, as heretofore, all Se.
'itrifitirchte•of Bbictelibld Shriek " hie' long experience of
er twuntyyeasatn.businees in this city is, be Mosta, a nif
infgnarality‘liitthimertiiini bine with their custom
I J., it teITITTION .he underlhe care of the Presbytery of
Zanesville, and is located at Washington, Ohio, on the Ni
Waal' Road,-,half-waylkoro , Wheeling, to Zanesville; end
only : three miles North of the Central Obio Railroad. Oh
mitre:tilting acre:entry la hilly and remarkable healthy.
A ,large„tasteful, and convenient, building, bat ben
'ereetbillinid iiirillahnd with suitablnapparatrui; the under
sll;ned , *vote - their attention entirely to the inetitutice,
t om' in tile • EsemeetrYlirrangeminta have been nude hr
=g young merven themost approved principles.
tine Cif stales hieltediat arolinglish and Ran&
Department, and is, extensive enough to prepare notate
fOr the i JeitidOrliiiiirtzi ttrei' beef Colleges.' Strict Marion
,will. .bs, .given. to, the. comfort, manners and morale et the
tpl:4 and - tber will enjoy the advantages of a anal
a Library, and a Philosophical Apparatus.
' Very 'tonal or back Ward boys irencitierteived, nor sill ny
be parmittedito remain who are either immoral, indolemi,
or unwilling' 'to 'form inibils of diligent study. On thecae?
, hand, Ire-invite young men of good character and Mahon
, habits, who desire a good education to fit themselves NT
business or for teaching; and especially pioua , young mg'
preparing for the Gospel ministry, Whose presence and is
Buono° we highly ; appreciate.
_._, 1 i , .
TRIM 07 Turnou.—lrilh C
e limalialTae g tartment, SIM
Per , 8011440.11 of dye' months;. Senior En glish llepartmet,
$10.00; per Seeition'cif tlie'monflue; Junket English Pepin'
ment, sl3.oo,,per : flesalon.of dye months.
TilitiOri feel mistlita' paid'in advance. 'Rooms and bear&
, log;pyill. tee ,flanisheet ny .f , eepectattler private families et
$2.00 per week. " The Seasions commence on the first ilea
fAsy.ol M.j.nd Of ;gave:lsabel'., -:
, 8.817.4. E. ALIEGINDEB, PrinciPs l,
ILI/0 ,1 70 lilt 34.,141lloiL11144411.0tanstant.
IC °411"" ' F linn/40PN NAN FAC
in qg South YOVIVEII Skeet, below Chestnut
.1 t: tr ()ZS PIELLADELP .
.1_ t:
Hinting And . Erzygraring, Mai Altered:9
vslopas with Business Curds , llonuropattilr Es",
opes, self and iodated dii•eitions, Paper Rage for s f";
aulturiste, grocers, ke., for putting up garden wadi s ll {
'TALPII9#6,, o; all kinds, via : earde, Bill•Hesde, C:
colors: ''" '
ENGRAVNetroxf Visitiwg, and ,Weddlng Cards, with":
ra4eir aziastly, of the 'finest English, French SEC
Aisislipa j
'to' order' 5 :14 maze uses quell addl.
• ISIP=POJIIIIIAJtar'e -Envelop,' for deeds, mortßar s
/4.4105 t Innis bisit manner Dy
0731" c':- ':'i.'.ll, • • cobBIRT.
N. B. Orders wit bylraPreso, or aa per agreezonn
'-)1444431 i. 01, • _!,., I. •
LW.O - 11 - 8 .
wittairoXlLN tg....Arrowemitb, a• gortrait on Reel, ' 2 '
014' 4.03111111e,'5i0. Prim tit
AFRICA ;"Itielddhiit'i'lfteteD Nzteen Years' Belidecti
1144 . b• Interior or Mao% and ,a;Joutne7, from the cspe,a
Good opotoLo' sac') on Wee& Omit th ence emu t ' e
• 4 1/ 1 1 V1 0 "ink the sRlvor, Zambesi, to the EBEIPM 001111.
LlyttrasTozni, D:O.D. For 131 e b Y,
1017 04 9 I,ll(tih Oat clegPßßANg'"Allegh'ai'
3 ., 1., Apples of .ciold ;, or a Word in Beason to Yoste ll . k .
analVomeii. 41y Ifie-itev. • Thcintai Brno - b, auth o r ' -
Mute Christian, Ac. 18nt0.,-pp.,288. Pries 30 and S 5 ,1 1118 „..
11: our ' Theology hilte Developlients. By B. r " '....1 --
piten. D- 1 ), , Pa5t6.7, of the , Second Presbyterian CbB.-,
Lardsville, Metatncicy." 18ind.; pp: 90. Price 15 and ''
111. Paith'the*rinciile oftWieirions. By Thomas 5uL, 5114
D.P., ofAlharleittoro, Nontlie+rolhia.• .18mo., pp. 70. rnr e
• ;Lal. , Atint.3litth; oe v alwauseitowl, not Forsaken. BY 211 s
gatthor of Ella Blintciii: Itheio.; pp. 2 “
3. Price 30 Oa -
;cents: I Withi elm oi y u giL.
V. The Little Girl's Treanor* : Jr Precious ThingB._n
.gilled by: Aunts Brooks: lamo, pp.-168 . price .l sa d
• - i B TDIThe LBW _Boy'S Treasury, of P . :veleta Thi)3o. Co.
by Addle. 18mo., 238. , Price 80 and 35 cents. n 1
• ... inings.... . • : ' .; i •
q t.
, . Marion Harriet a Tale of Persecution In thy FeTere.
tiierßhieentury. Bylthe !anther, of• Ella Clinton and . o° *,
Ruth. 18xn0.,.pp.,F . p., p r i ca, ..Bs an d 40 c ents. With o r,
era] iiiigis• minis. • - lit ,'A '
VIII. The Evening, 'mt. 18mo., pp. 84. Price 15 10 42°
IX. Ideditatkins in, Moines, and old ' Age. B 1 na ---,
W: Noel,ll -L.:. 18mo, pp. 114. Prioelb and 20 cents. , ~
X. The Elect Lady ; a Memoir of Mrs. BUMP CAthq
Bott, of Petersburg, :Virginia. 'By A. B. Van Band', v,
of New York. 18mo, pp. 196. Price 26 and 30 cents
11.1TheiRefuge. , By-the author of the Guide to tho.
Happiness. 12m0., pp. 227. Price 40 cents.
..;•.X.HII Dsugbters at School; instructed in k ae.-Ast of imap itie
tent, :By the Rev . Rufus W. Bailey. 12m0.„ pp. 251 '-
40 emu.. , . ,
, .B:EIL Thoughts on Prayer; Be Duty-ire Form -Bs Ba t~
.' o leitta-its Nn ments--its Blessing& By Joug i d
Greenleaf, pastor ofthe Wallabout Presbyterian nu
• Brooklyn, New. York. 12mo , pp. 158. Price 35 rants
XIV Notes on the Gospels. Bythe Rev. Id. W . 760t0
DD. Together with Questions on the lame.
The °coquille are in three volumes, price 76 cents.l ;
The Questions are In four volumes, price $1.50 per
nei,'or 15 cents each. - • 1 '
JOSEPH X. ENGLES, Publishing Agent
NC, 821:Chestnut Street, Phila del
• — lll - 01139 A. HIGNIEUEIAWit • , •
• a re(Successoto 8a1k.2 Harrah&lr ' )
268, Strest,
Has just received his Spririg stook of choice Family 0.
Ise, including
150 ht: chests choice Green and Black Tau:
60 bags prime Rio Cokes;
25 do. do. 'again& ccgr e c
' 86 mats do. Java • do.
bales do. Mocha , do.
20 banks New,York Syrup;
6 bhda. Love:ring'ssteam Syrup;
12 do.‘4rime Porto Rico Sugar;
60 bblialavariug's double refined mow;
4 5 %P. Baltimore soft do. 4 0 .
MlOANZidklei sauces, Fruits, Fish; Rolio'C liled
irifte ti, wbolessie aud retaiL
tanillned, giving an extended list of atosk.
111 E
PA s, ?AL
BR &c