Wellsboro agitator. (Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.) 1872-1962, July 24, 1872, Image 4

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Packing and Transporting Eggs.
. .
We have be - en asked ;.he question, tittles
tliout number, as to the,feasibilitypf the
tebsportation of eggs for hatching purPosed,
and their tendency to incubation: We have
not a doubt that if eggs are properly packed
and shipped, a largo percentage of them will
hatch. We do not believe, however, in
packing eggs in sawdust, having had more
than one case practically demonstrated that
eggs so packed will noatch• over 20 id t'o
- cent., we care not w dry-or how much
pains may be had with 'the sasydUst. We
have experienced i4almnst,qirery conceiva
ble way with' this packing forthe past eight
or ten years, and fund the result to be near
ly the slime in every instance.
We were inform(l, years ago, by a breed
erl of large: experie ce, that the fumes aris
ing from sawdust - ere, in nine cases out of
ten, almost sure to kill the vitality of the
gg ; and after repeated expel invents we
have found thia 1 heory prote'tue. Bran fur
1 asking eggs is much better than sawdust,.
:Aid far less liable to destroy the vitality of
the egg;- though in long vOYages this is
c ven liable to absorb moisture, and hence,
injure the incubating qualities of the egg. '
Div rotten is the best thing that can he
i ied in packing eggs. If this cannot reach
-1 • he obtained, lac good dry hay, and cut
i• - with the cutting box about an inch in
longth, and use it instead ; -no deleterious
ili:ets will arise from its use. Iki\ Packing : ,
wrap each egg separately in a piece of tea,
or other soft paper, find place - it' in a bok--=
after covering the bottom thereof tin inch
or more - '4 - vitli rowed or cut hay- t with the
b,rgt, end downwards, in this way fill out the
first layer; after which place an inch or more
of the filling over them, and then proceed as
before until the box is full; topping offwith,
at least, an inch thickness of the tilling be
fore placing oh the cover. Be sure and till
in rowen or cut hay around the sides and be
tween the eggs, so that they will not touch
each other, or the sides of the box. When
the box is full, place the cover on, and fast
en it down with a few small-screws instead
of nails, as the jar in driving the-nails may
damage the eggs, We have known
. eggs
transported from England packed in tins
manner and more awn eighty per cent, of
them hatch. .
There, is no necessity for dealers, or Wh
ets, to be at the expense of procuring the
so-called premium boxes for the transporta
tionl ( f eggs, if they will follow the above di
reetic ns, as we believe they will find that
eggs . o packed will hatch successfully, if
they are "all right," and fresh when put up.
'this is a matter of treat importance to those
purchasing eggs as .well as those selling;
therefore we should be glad to have the
experiences of others that we may print them
for the benefit. 4 all concerned.—Am. Mimi
A cheap Cellar Bottom
In sections of the county- wherit there is
an abundance of cobble-stones, collect a few
1 mds of thine about four or five inches in di
ameter, grade the bottom of the cellar, lay
the cobbles in rows", told ram them down
1)11e - third their thickness into the ground, so
that they will not be,sunk below the line of
the rows by any heavy superincumbent pres
sure, such as the weight of a hogshead of
molasses or tierce of vinegar. The bottom
of the cellar -should be ,graded so that the
outside will be at least two inches lower
than thetmiddle. A mistake` sometimes oc
curs by grading the cellar bottom in such a
manner that the centre will be two or three
inches lower than the outside. When,this
e. the case, should water enter from the out
side, it will flow directly towards the mid
dle - A straight-edged board should be
placed frequently on cacti row of stones as
they arc being rammed, so that the upper
t ales' may be in line xt it it each other. Af
ter the stones are ittol and well rammed '
down, place a few board,- on the pavement
to walk on ; then make a grouting of clean
sand and water lime, or Rosendale cement,
and pour it on the , tones until all the inter
stices are filled A:- .t.ou as the grouting
11 is set, spread a layer of good cement mor
tt r one inch thick over the top of the pave
ment, and trowel the snrface off smoothly.
In order to spread the mortar true :aid-even
oa the surface, tat an inch board one foot
It. m the wall, on i the surface of the pave
,: - ni, •;tand on the board, and fill the space
li nh mortar even with the top of the board;
a`ter which, move -the board one foot, till
the space with n .irtar, and trowel it off
sly toothly. .Such a floor will cost less titan
a board floor, and vill endure as long as the
•I:1 - ter,troctine is kept in repair.
.1 num mad,: Ite furegvhig manner on
the ground. In th basement of a barn, a
p ggery, or a stable, would be rat proof,
a td would he found cheaper and more per
-1 iceable than a plank floor. The work
s'tould be done in the former part of the
,t rowing season,. so that the cement may
It tve sufficient time to become dry and hard
before cold weather.—.Ththoitrial Mo;,tlll.7l. I
- I
What is High Farming?
It is a system of tillage and farm manag
inent that is self-sustaining ; a system that,
t. Ices nothing but the-lure land, the domes
tic animals, the farm implements and ma
c idnery, and cultivates the soil, sustains the
f Amity and the animals, pays the annual tax
deft ays the expenses incident to the im
provements that must be made on the farm,
.mcels the annual interest on the money in
vet,ted in the land, eventually pays for the
land, all from the product of the soil culti
vated ; and after one, two and three decades
of years, leaves every acre in a far better
ate of fertility than the soil was at the be
inning. This is high farming. There are
untold numbers of quiet, unobtrusive tillers
of the soil in many of our States who have
eonimenced precisely as we have indicated,
i hoot one dollar of cash capital ; who have
evenue whatever besides the natural re
-, ices of their cultivated fields, and who
tard work and judicious management
their families, paid for their laud,
•••ed all their buildings, paid for all their
N:tl , l,,ble improvements, and at the same
tire , have brought their land up to that state
t oductiveness, by their judicious man
ant 1:11411, that every acre now yields from
t to three tons of hay where only one was
ori:_inally gathered, and they harvest nearly
tv 0 bushels—in many instancy more than
two—of cereal grain, where the product was
but one bushel. That is high fanning.—
Yet such a system of husbandry is usually
sneered at simply because the proprietor
knew how to save his money to defray the
expenses of imp] ovements, rather than spend
three times more than he made —A. Y. Oti
s reci•
tir.h.rm.sti CitnAxt.- 7 -‘ Next in importance to
having' milk perfully pure and sweet, and
free from all anima l odors, comes the matter
of keeping the crt ttn after it is taken off tbe
milk. In 4he first place, the lesS milk there
is with the cream' t the time it is set in the
cream jar, the better. A great deal of care-
Ics:-ness is shown in this matter, for be it
ktioWtt that milk makes cheese, while the
cienui only makes butter, null the more
milk there is in the cream at churning lime,
the more cheesy-flavored will be the Mittel,
and therefore the more likely to spoil after
ward‘, ittilcssewessively salted. Really pure,
irtiod 'butter requires very little salt, while
Lotter as ordinarily matte will soon spoil un
less NI ell salted, or kept covered in brind.
Secondly, the cream jar must be of, the
very best quality of slone ware; thick glass
would be still better; and it must have a
cover that will exclude :ill insects.
Thirdly, the cream jar should be kept iu a
place where no noxiou- od u rs or ga ,, es van
be absorbed when thy jar is opened to add
more cream, and also w here the temperature
an be kept cool and equable, say at CO de
revs; end lastly, the cream as to be made
i Ito butter as soon as it just begins to sour,
and when the jar is emptied it is to be thor
oughly cleaned and scalded in boiling water
before beingitgain used. —Jou r nal of (Meta
Yaltiable information to those putting up
fruit and desiring fruit jars of any kind: •
Boil Moderately.
Strawberries.... . . . .
Pine Apples. sliced... .....
Pears, small sour
Pears. Bartlett in ha1ve5........
Peaches in halves
Peat hcs , whole
Pine Apples sliced X inch thick
S.berian Crab apple, whole
S ,, nr Apple?, quartered.........
tope Currants ..
lilta Grapes
Quinces, sliced
They have a new waY of treating the bre,
ken legs of horses, which ought to be gener
ally known. A valuable horse in Hartford,
Conn., had its leg broken a short-time since, \
The leg was carefully set by an experienced.
surgeon, and was covered thickly with plas
ter. When the plaster "set," or hardened,
it kept the limb as immovable as if it had
been made of iro Thus treated, a broken leg will knit together in a brief time and be..
come as good as c ,cr.
"we atrliillffrAitr rl ' Baclit4Pen I,._ht,
P4l. .
"We have this day substantially turned our backs
upon the pest; we now stand In the present and look
forward to the great future. The past la gone."—
Moms 8. ricadricks, at the Democratic Mate convention
of Indiana.
Yes; turn your backs upon the past,
Fitted with the record of your shame;
,And, if you can,.,bot frop..your minds
I I ;Cour tongicdsl74rtikpiti4rirtalinti t
I A - 11
Turn quick awa lallapret 1' 3 ;
A thing yqn ink pcl vi k tatUa4 . l?ng,--
A monestur , fed rid burned -
Till its devout-big jaws were strong.
Turn from the c!oNvard's part you played
When traitors struck at SnuAter's nag.
And sought the Stara and Stripes of old
In slavery's mire and filth to (hag.
1 ,
Tee, turn your backs on 1 you did
While patriots struggl ' for the right, •
And treetop WI cku r eVerY side
In frec4orteirglorions ht. , ' "—" -
Thank Godt the noble rti ii who fought
To save their heritage flame,
Can lace the record they have wade
Without a single blush ashame... /
. ‘ —Crawfordsville Journal
Soldiers'! ` Whom do theßeb e ls want for
President _Then don't vote for him
Forney, in the Pro of the hth of Ju - ne r .
says: "General Hartrauft was a prays
dier, and, we believejs .c*lidnest mau.-":'
• A signifidnnt fact—that the religious press
of the country is, almost without exception,
against the Cincinnati nominations. - ' •
One of the mottoes of the campaign' will
be the statement of Horace Greeley, that
"Gen. Grant has never been beaten, and he
t be..3 _ 1 3 -";-', 'IC. 7;
"Wi 4 41-Croide toqie next ' November', "
said tin honest delegate in the Wisconsin
Democratic Conception, "we shall wish we
had not abandoned the path ot,vl4llp.f,t•-,
Wendell Phillips says: "i would prefer
Grant to either Greeley or Adams. Greeley
is licit a bit better than Andrew Johnson.
lie is of about the same stripe; and his ad
ministration would not be a hittetter."
Very many of the bold gentlemen who
Announced at' Cincinnati; that they had
'lnirneti.the-bridges behind-thea.', are in
q u ring anxiously for materials for pontoons.
We await their return with a shudder. ,
The Toledo Blade says: "Horace Greeley
turns in horror from the corrupt Lcet and
the more corrupt Stocking, to find sweet
comfort in the arms of the Blitirs. Gentle
Liorace t Guileless Greeley !"
Let all laboring men make a note of these
words of President Grant: - The tine pros-
writy greatness of a inilion b) be
mind in the elevation and cducaiiou of its
Tea is down fifteen cents a pound, and
coffee is lower than before. . This is the con
sequence of the action of a Republican Con
grchs, which removed the duties from both
Andrew Jol i o,on proposes to be a candi
date for the tlovernutship of Tennessee on
the (reeley plattorm. 'Tis veil. lle will
come just about as near to an election as
For ( ttraing all Dentoeraht hVI ly,
No mortal co o fd ever heat (it eeley,
80 tO Nt1)1) hhealmse, , . ••, . ,
And make him•Of use, • ' '
Fhey ha) c made him them ebief—this same prepley.
General Butler, ,in a speech : at- 'FanCtiii-
Hall, Boston, said, in reference to the in
dorsement of Greeley at Baltimore: "so far
as 1 haVQ any understanding of political ac
tion, the only fear I have under haven is
that he will nut be nominated at Bal imore."
The New York Timex, after carefully
canvassing the political probabilitie's, pub
lishes tables to show that two hundred - and
thirty-nine electoral votes *ill probably be
cast for Grant_and Wilson, sixty-nine for
the opposition, and fifty-eight doubtful.
An exchange says: Andrew Jack Son has
been officially withdrawn from the Presi
dential candidacy, and consequently many
Democratic voters in Berks and Bucks eoun l
tie.; have announced their intention of tak
ing no part in the coming campaign. ~..
Dr. Greeley once remarked, "if there was
not a newspaper nor common school in tle
country, the Democratic party would he far
stronger than it is." Ilow the venerable
ruralist must now regret the friendly• efforts
he has made in the interests of education.
A Democrat who was present at the Bal
timore Convention, tells us that he heard
no National airs played during the sitting
of the Convention. It was " a llizeploncl, - ; say
Mitrylaml," or "Dixie." Nothing more,
nothing less. He came home a Grant man.
—Doylestown I n lellio n eer.l
• u.
At the Virginia Democratic State Conven
tion, ex-Gov. - Extra • Billy Smith gave the
most pithy statement of the Democratic
platform yet. 'Said he: "Give two Jew of
Gentile, dog or devil, I care not which, so
We beat Grant." This sort of thing mast
make Dr. Greeley happy.
We have reason to believe that inGreene
county not more than fifty' Republicans
will vote for Greeley, while four 'times that
number of Democrats cannot be dragooned
into swallowing the pill, though it he—dis
guised in -"a power o' sass. z=aitskiti Re
coniffr. , - _ , -
' Cue of the funniest pretenses about tbil,
Greeley movement is that' it is one, of the
people, and not of thd Politielans.. - ; , :This in
the face of the fact that the Men - W . lief -con
cocted it, run it, and tare now ..inflating it
with wind, are Gratz Brown, ' M'Clure,
Cochrane, Fenton and that sertot -trading;
huckstering place-seekets., - - , - ~...
Speaking of the proposition that the
Democracy should -swallow" Greeley, the
New York World said, "The World will
contribute no slime to give the animal a slip- I
pery passage down the throat of the devour
er." Well, the whale has swallowed Jonah,
and we shall soon see which will get the
worst of it.
When the mews of Greeley's 'nemination
was received in New York a salute of 100
guns was fired by the Deineeratie leaders,
and a banner hoisted, bearing ethe words—
tny r .ponds to the nomination of the
Baltimore Cud tention." Here lie the weak
nessand the danger of the whole Jiang,
Tammany has adopted Greeley, AD di - will
take charge of the campaign in his behalf,
A good many of our Bucks county Dem
ocrats have lost their interest in polites.—
With two Reptiblicans in the field fo ii. Pre
sident, and with no Democratic email( ate to
vote for, they don't care which whips. In
fact, if there is to be a Republican Presi
dent anyhow, they rather prefer a certainty
with Grant to an uncertainty with Gree
In case of his eleetion Tammany will de
mand and attain a controlling voice in the
Government. Within. the last year the
country has seen enough of the effects of
Tammany rule in New York, under the
leadership of Tweed, Hall and Barnard.—
Tammany herself now proclaims that she
"responds" to Greeley's nomination ; it is
the duty of all good.add honest citizens to
see that she gets no further.
The Buffalo Expre;ts , says: "The surpris
ing feats executed thi.. summer-by Prof. H.
Greeley and his small but select troupe of po
litical acrobats are not surpassed even by
that accomplished anaconda mentioned, in
the old song, who could
"Swallow hunst'lt, crawl thrciugh himself,
Como out with great facility;
Tie himself in a bow-knot, snap Ma to 1.
And wink with great agilify."
The Cleveland Lcadar says: "John
Morrissey, the gambler and prize-tighter,
has come out strongly in favor of Greeley's
candidature , : Straws show which *ay the
wind blows. I It will be remembered that
during the "Young DemOcracy" tight in
New York, Greeley intrigued with MOrrissey
fur the nomination for Governor. It is
;umetinies charged that President Grant's
friends are not all that could be desired. L
- would 'President' Greeley's be ?"
Everybody knows that while theltruggle
for national life was going on Judge Thonip,
son was not regarded as a very ardent Suppor
ter of the Government and its measures. On
the other band, Judge Mercur, whose name
is on the Republican ticket, was'an unflinch
ing and effective friend of- the Union, and
there was never a doubt as to what his opin
ions might be. 'lf devotion to the .fie try
and its preservation .are to be counted-71n
making a comparison between the two can
didates for the supreme Bench of the State,
the record of Judge Mercer is certainly
much to be preferred. 1
The Toledo Blcide says: "A man is known
by the company he keeps: Horace Gree
ley is now the associate and tool of the
Tweeds and Halls ot the. Tammany Ring; -
and of the Gilmores and Yergers of the
South. For the bribe of the Presidency he
consents to betray the cause of freedom and
justice into the hands of its bitterest foes.
Let no man be deceived. A man's chosen
associates prove his character beyond all
' dispute. The ex-rebels associate - with Gree
ley only that they may use hint to break
down the g iart3r and the cause Which have
so ably r led their murderous assaults on
the Feder Union. - When ho shall have
served - their use they will cast himAigide as
contemptuously-as ever a betrayer flung
from the 'embrace of miscreants he 'had
basely consented to serve.
Tizno Sugar to
Minutes. qt. jar.
6 0 oz.
6 4
10 8
8 8
20 6
15 4 u
15 -- 8
25 8"
.10 6 "
10 8 8
20 none.
15 10
8 8 "
A Jt3ilo 4N#Egt+PA)i .1
-',.,RA,:R . ,D WARE
dl kinds
: V .f) ''l•
Ss. 1,4
Parlor, Cook and Office ,
Stove -----
for wood. or caw
Table and Pocket Cutlery,
of all kinds,
Petroleum Fluid,
he beet light is the world' and every article connected
with tho
Hardware Trade,
licryls Block, south skle'otillatu stasat, hex; ductx,to
C. C. Mathers.
April 8, 1872
CASSIUS M. 4itt.Y.
rpll.lB celebrated Stallion will stand tbi
following places, via
Will be at Vernailyea's on liondays 2 '.;lock p. m..
until Tucaday 14.rning; Westfield, Tue ays 1 o'clock
p. m., Until Wednesday morning; Rua:. e, Wednes
days D o'clock a. in., leave 1 o'clock p. td.; OaCeola,
2 o'clock p. in. Wednesdays till Thursday morning ;
Itecchers Island, 10 a. m. tini . 12 in. Thursdays;
renceville, Thursdays 2 o'clock p. in., till Friday
morning; Tioga, 10 o'clock a..m., till 3p. in. • Friday;
Weilaboro, Friday 6 ecloaCti, in., till Monday morn
' This horse was recently, owned by L. 13. Smith. and
has a Pedigree second MAW Stallion in Northern
Pennsylvania; beings balthr4her to the famous trot
,ter George 31.Pitclibiand 3i4dy blood bay
10 hands higktlnti Weighs 14d s.
.TERMS—Tatenty-fttStitilliint Ablipre Single mare,
'O. forty dollars:pet Tertiglists fOr abigle leap.
Owners who part with their taints Wore' foaling
Will be held responsible for service of hor*O.-
Welleborci; "day 16,1872-3 m
- 8
ea Id
2. 2
u . n:s
5 , 0'
, E
g 2
g L'
• W
- ''' re
g p
g, ry
VI 0 •
HAVE just returned from the city with the largest
stock of
over brought luto Wolleboro,
consisting of
Ladies' Kid and Cloth Bal
morals and Gaiters,
Ladies, Misses, Children
and Baby's Shoes. .
• -1
Gents' Clot& Boots it. J Shoes
Prince Albert Calrß oots,
Boys' Calf 4. Kip Boots
Youth' Boots.
Iu fact. all kinds of Mena* and Woinen's weir, kept
n a ilrst-class Shoe Store. qTtie beat sewed Warps
Shoes ever offered to this market. We defy the world
It you don't believe ike, try us. WO buy only the beet
took, and have eB gOod Cordwaineit as money can
REPAIRIIip_ done; neatly 4 and wan dialiAten
Leather and Findings
of all kinds Eonstsidly,on Likud
Cask paid, for, I,l.ida, Deacon-
Pelts- and:Film:
Having just filled up our shelves With e eholes . stock,
personally selected for this ... market:we , resPectfillp .
solleit a fair share of trade: 4, Small profits and, quick
returns." We believe to be a good baldness marlin :
and we hold the beat goods, to be the cheaper% We
keep nashoday., aseererit anit=t-t9Pilect
all sized state:dm A Wet - instte *Ur- tie - Attd!the
ptiblie generally to call and aw . urdne`oru• stock. No
trouble to show goods.' Always to be found. one door
north of O. B. Kelley's Store, Main Street, Malabar°.
PA •-•
May 1, 1812.. " DEBBY- h FISHLEft.
W. NAVLE. would say to biz Itientla that
Ur Haman Shay :z coaatazttlx ittockattatO i
Heavy and Light Harnessei;
made is a attlartanttal manner, and teamed at pricer
that cannot tail to suit. • - - 1- -
The best workmen-einplwed, and none but the beat
material used.
ner. Can and
'Repairing don e on short notice, and in tlikbeSt
Jan. 1, 1872-Iy. ' GEO.:W, MIME.
t- , ..:: fi 7: .4 Y , .• , L ..;*' ir' ; :. _SO i , ::::: i: _a .-:- :0 ' 1 4.5,. ,':.
. , .
Suited to the SSAINeiIti.DE, and 'additions made almost daily, to which we ;Amite the attention of all
'in want of DRY GOODS of any kind or N:ariety: We make a apecial of
‘'tto 40.i1.1:13P
• ' • I
sad La both or ether df tlieett dtpaitiuetitii, we are not tlicelted id this tiection. Our 0,
order it desired by the moot - '
~ ,
We take pride t o our CARPET DEPARTMENT as one of tits tustitutioui of the tow,
about 100 roils of all prices from AS cumin* so $2.5Q we can omit almost any customer -1
and none need lass our village to find a litszlety. Almost 140 entire stock, was purchnsi
and %re 041041 aitliog 40 Ay 1140e11 - 41111P041010.- Mate laPii&wAlt to buy oktulper, as
— ll4lvadcd4 in 41,4itet. ~ • . , - .
Cotnizio March, 1872.
- . .
The Cheap One-Ptice-iCath:
No. 2 Union Block, Wellsboio.
WiISC: 4 4V
• has just received lots of
‘: AND , . stailmkß .
such tut
Fancy . Cassinieros Roady , iado Clothing,
Boots aud, Shoes.
t I
ifir I have marked them down to very LOW prices for cash. Nciw is the time to s
Olothing cnt and made to order, and a perfiot fit guaranteed.
Jun, . - .
.:Fi :- f' '1
; ..• ' ~1 ''' ' ' :. t.
teaatal at the
The Largest Establishment in No
- • „
itAPING facilitLeg for baying and handling large quantities of Goods enables
!owes! Jobbing prloea. In mu' retail department Goods are sold at a
s. A large stock of
Transfer Ornaments, Strip
Jan. 1, 187
New Spring Goods in Cor
We now have a fun and Vary, carapleta`ak)ck
Staple ail Fancy Dry Goods,
',,) -, , - BA'ILLED:' .WORAVII!'_gy.
11 ,
‘, oltizenanf ,Tioga County ere cordially invited to call and see us
Iff- 7 3- ITierritoint gea Bret
Ne - 7v spring. Go
that thy haven't time to write I A new
and Brushes *b Carrhkge.,,
Cutter .ffinimenting.
- -
:Aral lino of all clones of Oooct opptalianing to oar
• ,
I_ -
and waiting on oustomera,
. ``-,'io.p-
it- `'
11 r.) , * al
°the will be wade to
! „mid Its tt comprises
a quality and prices;
d lbeforo tho advance,!
they are continually;
ats, Caps,
'cure go .1 bargeine
hero Pa.
em to offer them at the
advance, over wholesale
t. Y
la dock.
joini IL MEWS.
'MS Cwt 11011465* 418,111141'0f USN
• nia instrument la medially dealgiata t x the put.
[rat. applividitin of
It la tho only form of instrument yot i»reoted with
ts hith field can toy can Ral 1., j 1. up, and
porfectill e_pplicit to all paste or the affected 0.0..1 pas.
aagria, and the chambora or cavities common:-. flag
therewith, i u which sores and elect a froquwal exist,
andlroat hich the catarrhal dlae4a.gu. generally
.reeeeds. The wautor infoccfla In treattug catarrh
.eretolure hue album largely from the impossibility
of applying fumeillee to there cavities and chambers
by any of the oidinitry methods. This obstacle in
the way of effecting cures is entirely oveicomo by
the invention of the Dietician lu using this instru
ment, the Fluid Is carried by Its own weight (no snuffing,
'forcing o pumping being required,' up due tiastill in a
full gently fl owing outwit to the highest poi tie* of
the nasal passages, passes into and that oughly
cleanses all the tunrit nod chimbore connected there
with, and flows out of the oppbsite nostril Its nee is
pleabant and so simple that a child could understand
it. 1r uli awl *spilt:lt directions accompany each
infitintuent. When used With this lust' azuent_Dr.
Elago's Catarth Remedy! ouren recent attacks of
**Cold to the 'Rend 'f by a few applications
op:uvula* of Cedars h. Fropo ut loam acne,.
discharge failing into thrum cam..thin s piton,,
watery, thick mucus, purulent. e, &c. In
Others a dryness, dry, watery, weak ut iiiiiamcd ores,
stopping up or obsti damn of nasal passages, ring..
Ina in ears, deatness, hawking and coughing, to clear
throat, uleeratlons, aradis from ulcers, voice altered,
Dna twang, offenolve &ninth, impaited or
plvation of Bantle of siTlOlllO4 tat , tel, ,It nese Mew
tat depression, lose at appetite, inaligestiou, enlarged
tonsils, tickling:corigh Ae. Only ti few of these
Symptoms are llkoly to . , be present in any case at
one thee.
• llyt. angers Crottasia iteniedy, ulteu used with
Dr. :Pierces rkhaal Dom ilie; and accompanied
With the oenstitutional treatment win. h 13i
Metaled in the pamphlet that wraps It bottle of
the Remedy, is a perfect specific fur this loathsome
disease, and the proprietor otters, in good faith,
$l3OO reward for a case ho cannot cute, The
Remedy is mild and pleasant to -e., containing no
strong_ or canstlo drugs or pOlfloiDi. itio Vela, rh
Remedy is Bold at 50 cents.- Douche at E.) c cola, by
nit Ihruggisls, or either will ho fr.ait l ed by priquie
tor on receipt of tO cents.
R. V. PYliattlif. , I. ,
Sale Pro a toe,
11U14 AIL), N. Y.
Jiate 26, 1872, Rot—iy
• Dentistry.
oA- ' AYING returned from a visit East, I ant now pre'
pared, with a now stock at goods and instruments,
offer superior inducements to thos e , in tt ant ut any
thing in my line. ' Artitlerel teeth lieeet ted on a flow
And superior Mute, at low.rates. Teeth extracted with
out pidn. Preservation of the natural Lath it speciality.
Work warranted. 'retina reasonable.
Jau. /, 1872-tf
Change, of Base.
-- Stock of Goods
DOUGLIT for mail, and to be nolkl for cludt:iteaelt_
prime.- Credit exstedu vlayed ant.
`• Pay as you go." hi a trite oh]. //lall/11, and, when
lived up to, the true doctrine tor both seller and buyer
•I Intend to soil goods at ,Matt profits, fur cosh, and
respet•tfully solicit a trial troll, old patrons, and from
all others who wish to buy grocerles andstaplo goods
at close figures.
January 3, 1872. tt
rIEORGE WAGNER, luta 'oat IlTeht..l a superb 'as
,eortment of all hinds of
and prepared to anuuntuclure in the BEST STYLE,
Ind ou the ihurteet notial. Persons wsuttug Clothing
will please drop in and see my stock. Good Firs and
the beet of work guaranteed.
Jan. 1. 1872.-/y. GEO WAGNER.
General insurance Agency,
J. H. & J. D. Campbell,
ARE prepared to Jaime Policies in first class Corn
pantee on all kinds of Insmabh. I.r.:peity against
Fire and Lightning at reasonable rates. We travel and
examine ell risks personally in the eounties'of Tioga
and P6Ber., J. H. CAMPBELL.
Nelson, Feb. 7, 1872-Iy. J. D. CAMPBELL.
•Tioga rtlarble WOrks,
Tnu undersigned is now prepared to execute all or
ders for Tomb Stones and Monuments of either
4 -
IteStiadt , Rat/and Marble )
of thelatest style and ajfpreved workmanship and with
dispatch.' •
Re keeps constantly on hand both kinds of Marble
llaxet will be able to suit all who may favor him with
their Orders, on as reasonable tents as can be obtained
in the country,
Jan, 1.11372.
Ladies' Furnishing Goods !
j.,U„ in tha Cone House Store. A largo stock of Goods
just received and will be sold cheap. .
Mrs. E. E. KIMBALL will have charge of the Millin
ery department, and will be glad to see her old friends
and new ones at all times. Drop in and see our now
Deo. 13, MRS. A. B. GRAVES.
*B. B. A. lIIM 's
BOLD would& inform his friend
that be has moved his carding machine from
ellsboro to his place of residence, one-half mile west
from the red school house near Brewster's. All work
in the line of carding will be done promptly and well.
Bring On your wool. S. A. lIILTI3OLD, Prop'r.
dune 12, 1872-2 m
Dry 4arCoclocl.gs
The publia is cordially invited to calFand look through
our large stook, as we are selling at low figures for
ready pay, Wo alkali receive - I
constantly from the city to keep our assortment full
and complete. _ 1
July /0, .1872
Good 'Avert's!
VAN TALKENBUItG & CO, would say to their
friends that they have a good Livery established
in Wellaboro for the accommodation of their Eriendi.
Good Horses and Carriages
always on hand at moderate rates.
Stable on Water Sleet oat:tette Geo. Derby's.rest.
deuce. 0. G. VAN VALKENBURG.
June 28, 1872. 0. W. MOSIER.
4, Man i Zstrayed. .
ON the 28th of June hist, a bare belonging to the
subscilberjatteped out of the pasture on Babb's
Creek arid illtrir 'way- She . MS a large mare, weigh
ing abotrtll sorrel. with both hind feet white.
a mall strip inter face; one aide other mane cut off,
and about '7 years pi& Whoever, may find her is re
quested to ,take cote of her, and sena me weld, and I
will remove her and pay all charges. Address
duly 10, '72-3we Cedar Run, Lycoroing Co., Pa,
A. B. EASTMAN, Mentika,
WelbsDoro, Pa.
psi i 41141
fur gentlemen's
(Successors to J. IL Ita
Dealers in
of every description
lu abundance, all lauds and freeli
rm. Of iv niskey, ;pima _
Liquors, doctored, spiced, and sweetened, to please the
taste ? :called " Tonics," " Appetizers,' 'r Restorers,"
&C., teat lead the tippler on to drunkenness and ruin,
but a e a true Medicine, made 'from the native roots
'and heii hs of California, free from all Alcoholic Stimulants.
They arc the Great Blood Purifier and s Life-giving
Principle, a Perfect Renovator and Invigorator of-the
System, carrying off all poisonotts matter :lid restoring
the blood to a healthy cond:tion, enriching t, refreshing
and invigorating both mind and body.. x hey are easy
of administration, prompt in their action, ccrtam in their
results, safe and reliable in all forms of disease.
No Person can take these Hitters aecoid
fog to directions , - and remain long unwell, provided
their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison or other
means, and the vital organs wasted beyond the point
of repair.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion. Headache, Pain
in the Shoulders, Cong.' Tightness'of the CliesttrDiz
iciness, Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Bad aste
in the Mouth, Biliotth Attacks, Palpitation o the
Heart, Inflammation orthe Lungs, Pain in the regions of
the Kidneys, and a hundred other painful symptoms,
are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. In these complaints
it has no equal, and one bottle will prove a better guar
antee of its merits than a lengthy advertisement.
For Femolo Complaints, in young or old, -
married or single, at the dawn of womanhood, or the
turn of life, these Tonic Bitters display to decided an
influence that a marked improvement is soon percep
For Inflammatory and Chronic Rheu
matism and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Bilious,
Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of the
Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder, these Bitters have
been most successful. Such Diseases are caused -by
Vitiated Blood,, which is generally produced by derange
ment of the Digestive Organs.
They are a Gentle Purgative as well as
a Tonle, possessing also the peculiar merit of acting
as a powerful agent in relieving Cmigestion or Inflam
mation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Bilious
Diseases. • I ' -
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tetter, Salta
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Car
buncles' Rifig-worms, Scald - Head , Sore Eyes, Ery
sipelas,ltch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name -or nature,
are literally dug up and carried out of the system in a ,
short time by the use of these Biters. One bottle in
such cases will convince the most incredulous of their
curative effeets. II
Cleanse the: Vitiated Blood whenever you
find its impurities bursting through the skin in Pimples;
Eruption!, or Sores; cleanse it when you find it oh-,
strutted and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it when it is
foul; your feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood
pure, and the health of the system will follow.
Grateful thousands , proclaim VINEGAR BIT
MRS the most Wonderful Invigorant that ever sustained
the sinking system. ,
Pin,. Tape, and other Worms, lurking in
the system of so many thousands, are effectually de:
stro_yed and removed. Says a distinguished physiol
ogilt: There is scarcely an individual upon the face dale,
earth whose body is exempt from the presence of worms.,
It is not upon the healthy elements of the body that
worms exist, but upon the diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed these living monsters of disease.
No, system of Medicine,' no vermifuges, no anthelmin
itics, will free the tystein from worms like these Bit
Mechanical Disortaca. Persons engaged in
Paints and Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type-setters,
Gold-beaters„ and Miners, as they advance in I:fe, will
be subject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard against
Or twice a week, as a Preventive.
Intione, Remittent, and Intermittent
Fevers, which are so prevalent in the valleys of. our
great tivers throughout the United , States, especially
those of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Ten
nessee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colorado, Brazos,
Rio Grande, Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roan
oke, James, and many others, with their vast tributa
ries, throughout our entire country Turing the Summer
and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of
manual heat and dryness, are invariably accompanied
by extensive derangements of the stomach and liver, and
other abdominal viscera, There are alway s more or less
obstructions of the liver, a weakness and irritable state
of the stomach, and great torpor of the bowels, being
clogged up with vitiated accumulations. In their treat
ment, a purgative, exerting a powerful influence upon
-these v nous-organs, is essentially necessary. There is
rift Carl a rts for the purpose equal to DR. J. WALKER'S
NINEG R BUYERS, as they Will speedily remove the
dark-c lored viscid matter - with_which the bowels are
loaded at the same time stimulaiithe_seeretions of
the lit' , r, and generally restoring the healthy Iririctious
of the igestive organs. 1 '
Scrofula, or MORN ;::Vii, NiliilC Swellings,
Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled eck, Goiter, Scrofulous
Inflammations„lndolent Inflammations, Mercurial Af
fections, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes,
etc., etc. In these ,
.as in all Jollier conifitutional Dis
eases, WALKER'S VINEGAR BITTERS have shown their
great curative powers in the , rriest obitivatit: and intract
able cases. .
Dr. Walker's California Vitteg - ar Bitters
act on all these cases in a similar manner. By purifying,
the Blood they remove the cause, and by resolving away
the effects of the inflammation (the tubercular deposits)
the affected parts receive health, and a permanent cute
is effected. _
The promertleg of DR. WALKER'S VINEGAR
BITTERS are Aperient, Diaphoretic and Carminative,
Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic, Sedative, Counter-46-
tant, Sudorific, Alterative, and Anti-Bilious.
*.r/130 .111113ricisr ann ....a Laxative properties ot
DR- \VALIUM'S VINEGAR BITTERS are the best safe
guard in all cases of eruptions and malignant fevers,
their balsamic, healing, and soothing properties protect
the humors of the faeces. Their Sedative properties
allay pain in the nervous system, stomach, and bowels,
either from intlamtnation, wind, colic, cramps, etc.
Their Counter-Irritant influence extends throughout
the system. Their Diuretic properties act on the Kid
neys, correcting and regulating the flow of urine. Their
Anti-Bilious properties stimulate the liver, iii the secie
tion of bile, and its discharges through the biliary ducts,
and are superior to all reaedial agents, for the cure Of
Bilious Fever, Fever and Ague, etc.
Fortify the body against (listens° by pari-
Ling all its fluids with VINHGAR 111 - truus. No em.
uc can take hold of a sp.tem thus forearmed. The
liver,. the stomach, the bowels, the kidneys, and the
nerves are rendered disease-proof by this great inrig
Directions.—Take of the Bitters on going to hed
at night from a half toinur and one-half wme•glacsfull.
Eat good nourishing food, such as beefsteak, mutton
chop, venison, roast beef, and vegetables, and take
out-door exercise. They are composed of purely veget
able ingredients, and contain no spirit.
J.WALKER, Prop'r. R. H. ItIetIONAILD & CO.,
Druggists and Can. Agts., San 'Francisco, Cal.,
andcor. of Washington and Charlton Sts., New York.
May 29, 102—ttm.
Pianos-! . Organs !
I v you scant a first-class '
Piano or Organ - - I
call on 81. F. DOWD at pr. A. B. Eastn'ian's office.—
Ile has tho
.EStey Organ, i'v cover (5.
BrOS, , ,Pia72 , o<§,
Sheet Music, 'lnstruction Books, Piano and Organ
Spr.eads, and anything in the, line of first-class musical
Goods; J. F. Stratton S Co's Band Instruments.
Also the Domestic Sowing Machine. Call in and see
me. B. F. DOWD.
Wellsboro, April 24, 1872.-tf
Every year increases tile popularity
of this - valuable, Hair Preparation;
which is due to merit. alone. We can
assure our old patrons_ that it is kept
fully up to its high standard ; and it
as the only reliable and perfected prep
aration.for restoring Gual; on FADED
flAm-to its youthful color, making it
soft., lustrous, and silken. The scalp,
by its use, becomes white and clean.
It removes all eruptions and dandruff,
and, by its tonic propet:ties, prevents
the hair front filling out, as it stimu
lates and nourishes the hair-glands.
By its use, the hair grows 'thicker and
stronger. In baldness, it restores the
capillary glands to. their normal vigor,
and will create a new f4rowth, except
in extreme old age. It is the most
economical Hun DRESSING ever used,
t:s it requires fewer applications, and
gives the hair a splendid, glossy- ap
pearance. A. A. Hayes, M.D., State
Assayer of Massachusetts; says, "The
constituents are pure, and' carefullyi
Selected for excellent quality; and I
consider it the BEST I PREPARATION
for its intended purposes."
.NUM \' Vit3
\ It t 1
r mtv-Ms‘.
Z'old by all Druggists, nil(' Dealers in Aft;dicine;
Prioo Ono Dollni.
nuckingham's Dye
As our Renewer in many cases re . -
quires too long Ohne, and too much.
care, to restore gray or hided Whisk
ers, we have prepared this dye, in one
.preparation; which will qUickly and
effectually accomplish this result. It,
'is easily applied, and produces kcolor
will neither rub nor wash off.
Sold; by all Druggists. Price Fifty
Cents. '
Manufactured by IL P. HALL & CO.,
NASlttr.a, N.H.
Jan. 1, 1872
For Sale in Knoxville.
/AA now two story frame hcruiei Clood terms of.
Juno 12. 1872
fered, Can
t My offlce.
In from Ono to Twenty Minutes,
after re.ttlinglll6:t4vertketlient been :thy
, It wag(lnt tsitd.:43
ont lrataMly etopa the r,#(.[ pxoticiatilti;
Inflamrliatlonft,:4lol (me.' C'onge.thm uh , 110, •
Lunen, Stomach, towel% or Gthcr
our poi kat lon.
an mallet kiv, Violent or ex. ritdatitur. 16e1, 0 . 1
, RHEUMATIC% Bed•riddr - n, halm], eni , plt,t, .
!Neu ptuslrattat rclibea,,, May ruth,,
(TINOFS . IIO3 01 , 1 HE I
Si/P. F. THEO.% T, B)lFFicol.4'
1.:1:0131% DIPHTHERIA.
Ell 1tA1.411 . A, 1211.1ThLy1
npi.h . lo, lamb,' Belief 1.,
1 , 11 It whvie tl,o 11:41f1 or dittimlity
:,11.i cornf.ut .
dulpq in half a tninl,kr of Tat, , .„.
ananentleilre CRAMP.% z- , PASM:;s, WI: :111'1 y.
IIEARADRN, SWF; 11F.A . DAvIIi , j, MAIN I ill
I oiSEN l'ol,lo, \VINO IN; Ile.
Tr:vv.:46.n st4,reold always wxiiy niirtll%
Itertd/( - It444er With 1,00 A. f, wdr", i ill
1.1 . 1 Cll-1 . rie. 4 3 or fermi trr.pi clr.invu ef u ,t,
Onnt Ft ,'.el, Dcway /It
FEVER AS I) AGUE turcl for pi; ,
not a rolied3l agcnt flit v, •
and Agap, and all c•thpr Dial .tie. , : , ,
phoid. 1:t,lloyi, and cdbra-' E,v4.-14
}'ILLS) :0 (wick ICADWAV6 10E.\ ii
Fifty _5 per bottle. :lola by Drug,gia
D R.: R A W4113 1 ` ) 8
art QUICE.,,_ :30 RAH D ARE TUE
Every Day an Increase in Flesh
and Weight is Seen and Fen-.
Ever; drfp of the ItlLl.l.t I:f.'.“,
ENT communicates .Ib.mtigh the 7314 . ,.t, Sw. at, 1 ~
Mal Mimi' fluids and juir,-; r.f th, sr3tent the VI ",
for it repairs the Wrl-tk - r or the body with
inaterlat.' Scrofula. St 01'1112, Comutopti , m, ,t,
disease, lfleers In the Thro,a, T.11116r , ,
the Glands and other prat, of the ay t ,
Strumotis Ir4eilarg4 s roan ti... :0”I 01;
forms of Skin tliqu.szes, Et opt Freer
heed, Ring Wuriu, Saltßh .
Snots, Worms In tine. 1 , 1,,h, Turoed 42.me..rs in It
Womb, and all weakening smt ',
Sweats, Lost of Sperm, and :ill ws , tei of the pr - n„•
pie, are within the 011'3117t: lang, ny 11,11 t. vudi r
ern Chemistry, and a few ria)q`v.lll ploy( t , ,
j.eisMt ,using for CitiUrr 111Cf.V.`folLILI of ctis,.a.,i
potent power In rare theta.
If the patient, daily becoming rrihiceil Ly tie' v.,,.;
and decomporition
coeds in arresting these ws.qc,,, and repmrs the •
rms.' material ramie flora he ,Itl y mot t
Not puly does the SAM rArma lan it N.A...
all known remedial agents it, Cl,'. Ulf C 01( . 1,19111,.
Conatitational, Fold edism b.., It to
positive cure fur
kidney & Bladder COmplailit.,
Urinary, and Womb disetoe9, Grard, „,
Stoppage of Water, Ineontioenre ci U r ;,,,
case, Albuminwla and In ail %%lore
duet devAta, or the a afar cloudy, to,
SlltOtancev - jtke the white of at, Q.:, 01 t hr,
talk, or then 14 a morbid, dark, bilkola 0
white bon-dtrit dr , pozitq, and when there r.
burning sain , atiou when pl z •in,r xau r , an,,f
...‘iii/an 01 . the Back and along the Loin,. -
WORMS.—'The only imoa nijaad
for Worms—Pin, Tape, tie.
'rumor of 12 Vearm' Gna
Cured by ifindway's co:di-eat.
Dv. have 6ut Ovarian Tomer in the o ,rir
/newels. All the Donlon 1,1,1 •• there tve - no in b, f, tt ' I ,
every tieing, that wan , lot ntrni. ,
fate your Itea.ilvent,nlll-tlinti4l.t I tiould IT) it , 1...1
In tl. t o n ntein I Intl cuff red for tw, lie tie. 11, t
of tbe nn,l one Lox vi 4v • i,
lbra of your Ftriy.lv Itfli, 1, viii tht it r. not I lyn I er
fern or felt, aid 1 feel Lett, r, tiointee, and Lalq.o r tli oi I
f o r tiVi e lve yeare. The ii'ort tczni, tt u it iLr l• ft
bowel., over the Froin I Tito• thin to ).et th. o..,eau' You t . .1111•111,1I.I1 it if y !ono,
lIANNAti 1!.
perfectly lasteles., cler;untly Nr 101
purge, regulate, purify, aeon. 0, an , t,, hrthen
Aray'a for the ell!: (1 oil flu, r-t
Bowela, 'Kidney 1:1,1,141, r, Ito
!iced:why; Constipati ~o n I to -1, •
1 1 4 1,1K0t, 1 tiunm
theisoweht,,iltle_,. , ' and alt h e h i t.,
cert. \Van - anted. to (Aka ittt o cure. Y.it. i \, .,
ble,_conizitning no nieroir, - , mil. rat., ,ir kit Iris the; ~,•
Oh.et tho follo%oing tuptoms it
Dis Orders of oresne
Inn ant I.f the Pt. ,
ALl,llty of (ho tit0m0,11,51,00, 11..11 um. 1.. I
Fulltie,, or Weivjltin the StUirmch, Dour Eruct 01,0
Fluttering it the ht or the Stotts:v-li, F 011,0111,, ,
Ilurried ni,d lti nothing, at 0, 11.
or Surro,tirh4 SAl , ations. whru m n 14,1,,g tot • I
V. 0%, IN,LS or IVO., ,of. r Ow :-eht, 14. N.; sot 01,11
the' I Derie,eney c,r Pettpuatioti, th •
and Ater, P.llll In the Side, Cho. 1, I.lllltc, ra.,,1:17,14,1, t 1,.
I tent, burning ih the
.K few alose,[of 11A.I/WANZ'A ,11 ell
lent front ill 11,e ahtlitr lutf,Wit tt, I
Par bon. DE,U11(11:-,TS
READ .• FALSE A\D TRI.E." n.i ,
FtamP to ItAD \VA'S( , N. ;,.• e I
Yolk. Information worth thout.ar
May '.49 •In -I
The High Bred ..Hrtilthietoniao
-9[ l 3' ca. t ti Lig 1 vi 11 i t --
'l'o IN A ND A t,`' 4
11 ill stio (I lt)i. ru Li ;Ji itril 117(?), , I. I
f 1 ppro7 •e( I ellli i ("S (11 11/1' Bif ) i;' ,
of the slb. , ;eriber ii i
10 ,t.tic A. ' 5 .1 r. t: , -
• I n irs old lef•'li, • •
imported II mill ‘ui, li. 11,
, //V I" 14,4 1,1 P - 1:h.,/itt.,
dam by 0.'.1 ur,amt i hi'
men i. d Wit .11.1 a ti 01.i111 Ili I 0 , 1 j ,•
lay EP•Ut,d' 1 • • • TOW NJ dam,
'Ate ,Irr I,y Hilt's mom' mot,' a,/
fOal, it in 3-a l, and he by tiheranot's dive prn , hr 3 •l.t:e.
raisin n New Brunswick, and represented as a i lia 1
Itri-d 1 n•Msh mare, ltred by \V mgah- Tit mob',
, D ll , zOl,l to LA m . Thuiston, Los oil, Ma- e., 15 thl, :oat I •
Daval 11111, Br:l4,volt, Vt., 1511, in inh po-ses ,, ,net . 1 . _
quircd great taro,' This 11 Ir.(' got more hull pr
colt:, than any Muse of Ins day. He deed Nov., 13--;. , 3
He was the sire of "Elfra» _lnce." and gland Lite
the dam td "TOWANDA," Our white past , r
black points, dark hay-, lc, hands 3t inches high, 10,
years old m July. He is one of the most ieto.ohlt
animals this country has produwed. lie is I.cauttio3
blood-like, of great strength, and. action pi feet_ 11
is in close proximity to to 0 of the most nothbl, ,
in this Nation • fin ?able/ ore ia rz and
and as the sire of trotters, these two great borseh t
far abhvC all competition in this orany past generate
A better illittsuin of blood is not in the Ante: ican I. -
than in "TOWANDA." Ile is a fortunate cross 11 ,
bids faar for a brilliant future in - tall respects. lie
success, and true anti it will be appreciated by ep. h 1,
judicious men. We have arrived at a period mito:
mere stilted gabble about the horse is of but lull, 03-
count, and anything of a slut; history er
lug, cost, labor, Jong research, thought and mole, -
"The American Trotting Register," which coma all
that is known 01 the lie:digit:l' 01 Trotting llorsesi then
ancestors and descendants, with a - record -01 01 1 el
fished perlormancta in mlnch a mile ti/Is trtati if
paced in 2:10 or less, front the earliest /km Li/
close of ISCS, and full record of the, perk,rn,an.;.. ,
.1169 and MO, gi‘iug complete snunnaries r.f ov,
'thousand contests, with an introductory
tree origin of the American Trotter. This is a •
thing. False pedigt ees are quite too e,munion
work shuts out imposition to a great degy, 3 II
Wallace, the compiler of the "American gtn,l a I
Trotting Register," fovea a better r' • !
the Horse than toy rather.
"130 WAN DA" m ill be drown 111 harnt,s t • 11, •
that think of patronizing him bt twr-n the hwir,
five and eight o'clock, a. m„ ou pleasant 'INV( k dt. -
His style and flue trotting action, when traim v I
surely make his own eharact,-r. the elo,eo
brings the man to his feu- mime 50 it is ',•
of ear Pi.
' TER) S—One hundred dollars to instil r- hk, ni‘ a. '
dollars'. t time of sereke, which will flOt ilc li IWi
in any recut, and seventy-file dollars 1 1 / 4•\ li I.
foal. Best care taken of mare; on rese , onahle II f" ,
All acciilciitn and escapes at on - iur's rah All a , .• ,
must ba left or brought tolhe stable elivii de,ir.,l -
Mares lof proven in foal can be rtturn«l lie‘i ~ ., . 1 :I•
free of .harite. :4 ) I
ScAstix.--Firht of Al .- Ird t.l July first. l'.lll ~ i-
First of September ; to 1).N...el fiber first.
JblIN D. - .)[()NI1N 11
Towanda, Pa., May 8. 18111,..!--3ra.
A LI, kinds, styli a and 9.1 ::CS of
fl executed in rnanlipr at P. P. N 3,
Clallety, imiposits Cone blouse, ‘vellsisicii
Portraits on Porcelain Plates;
Nothing finer can be offered than files. , beautind
eelain Pictures in a vebiet ease or 'rainy. Thi
lICS4 and delicacy are superior to anythin,: I
on iron or paper. If you want a
of yourself, go to liar:anon: l s. ~
If you want tho very best that _nn 13!. hal, :-.• 1
If you cant something that looks like ~ti, g.. 1, .`
It you want an old Daguerreotype.
Arnbrotype, or other Pietnres copied and onlarveil.liE
can do that as reasonable as any other 111311.
will be finished In India Ink, Oil or Wat,..r
tlkh ired
!Persons wishing pictures of
groups and ,bikihn
Will receive especial attention. i
t. large
_Aassortment of Fratnes and Frantue‘
constantly on bawl. All tinily of Mst.l a
Pictures Framed to Order
N. D.—Dnit't mlatahr Ulu over A. 13. E.i•.tur'n ' '
Dental Itoomg.
April '24, 1872.-tr
THISWeII known Stock Horse will stand toi ntr , 'R
during the season at the subeeriber's Stahl., in
Wellsboro. Ills stock is so well known Melo is n..
eessity of remarks. It is sufficient to iiny, for +s :a
stars they are lot surpassed, or for power of
auco. This Hors() is a coal black, weighs 1000 10.. ''
Rotted, end kind in harness, his foals prove the n+."-
tierviceable of any horse in this section for all Purl"'
sea. Ai, the request of numerous patrons, I ha,. ,
termitied to Stand him where ho can be fount' at ail
times by.thoso that wish for his service.
E. A. FISH, opricio'
Wellsboro, May 1,1879-3 w.
, .
,House nd Lot for Sale.
RE undersigned offers for Hale his !louse and 1,, t
on - Main street, in Elkland, Ps., at a 'very lo" ; - plici
eacd lot contains one-half acre, and is wider good eu!.
tivation. For terms. &•3. sooty to the subscriber.
Ad, FD.. /0. itlaiblati -O. P. Bacaos,
J. P. BarA
CF VF.PII. )11
Good Picture