The Potter journal. (Coudersport, Pa.) 1857-1872, November 17, 1859, Image 2

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-ittfeisAUve been filled vlitt, die court
'prpieedingtritt the case of , ft Old BroWn"
tuld-the gher unfortunate wen Who rush
tid.jwith-him inter the jaWs of nth in the
t .. te-tztyitiibli.,
• of- the State of raj dia.
this gat& to give a synop
stkof the ifitdinglacts in the trial, as want
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iimecJings aVittcf: ,
On:the:l.sth of b'etollet phlhuina
esstainatiosi, 6oternenied at Clidges.
theseut of jttst ice of Jefferson coun
t#,, Vs.;
_Eight uintilire.fea *Vete on file
,nclia. and by their daetion the Sheriff
Wlghi. the prisoners inter Coiilrt.tinll6r a
irtl . tilkity., armed times
' ntitttlier Btonif's Invading force—
A r k *ere- placed as s gstard around the
court house in order to prevent his c:
cape should he succeed iu breaking the
iron manacles which buund-hint to Cop-
Die, the 'other prisoner. BroWn seemed
weak and haggard, with his eyes swelled
(tout ,the Effects of the wounds on his
Sheriff Campbell rea& the cotnmitment
of tho prisonert. ' • Mr. Harding ; State's
Attorney; asked- that the Court might as
sign-counsel fur prisowers, if they had I
The' Court. inquired if the prison
epr had counsel, when' Drown addressed
the °edit sit : • •
f. I did not ask for any quarter
tiro. was taken. I did not ask to
have-Ai/life spared. The Governor of the
tali of Virginia tendered me his assurance
hp - e a fair trial and under no
ciiititpitariees - whatever will I be able. to at 2
teudlo;e:trial. If you seek my blood you can
/ .Many moment without the mockery
of R trial. 1 hare had no,counsel. nave - not
Mk ableacirkse,with one, I know nothing
about the feelings' My fellow pri s oners and
I am utterly attend in any"watt to
my own defence, '
ily.mentory don't serve • me. My health is
iasulkcient l , although improving. There are
mitignting circumstances, if a fair trial is to
be allowed us, that I woad titge in our favor ;
Mit if we - are lei tie foice'd mere form
of a trial, to ezeFuflort , ou tday spare your
aitvel:that trouble. I am ready for my fate
/ not ask a trial. I beg for no mockery of
a irial;.no insult, nothing but that, which con
saili6etires E'r cowarcli4 wonit: drive yo 4 to
pfseti4. '
, ' ,l l;eak not to excused from the mockery
of e3rial. .I . do not know, what the design of
this examination Fs; I iisi,not know what is tr
be_the benefit of it to the , Commonwealth ; I
hare now little to ask;, other than that I be
nut fuolishly insulted - , es cowardly barbarians.
insult tholie who fall Into their power."
'At the conclusion of this speech the
Court assigned Messrs. Faulkner and
Botts as counsel for the prisoner, the :
former of whom declined, and the latter!
accepted the position. Mr. Botts was i
aiaLtaft bylVir.'Green his partner.
" - Od,the 26 of Octobor esaminations of
wittie*a fur the' proseentte c'oriftitenced.
dits Brown stated that he had
fultctlifiderice . in the goodness of God ;
that he„wai'confident that He 'would res.
etia''llinf. from the perils that then sur- '
nauided him; that he had before bad
Hee pointed'at hitu, knives at his throat,
and his life in as great peril as' it then
was,, but that God had always been at his 1
side; arid that as ho knetir HE was with
him hi timed nothing. ,
• On' the'27th Brown was so unwell as
tti.Make it necessary for him to lie down
iere bad" - which was brought into Court
tor thatpilipse. • Mr. Butts read to the
I - dispatch _reective4 from respon,si.
ble - Partin"uf dhio, thdt . live of
Brown's inlmtdinte relatives werd'afflict
ed with ins a n'ty, that this r mektal disease
watt hetedifary in the, family, and that
these facia - could be proved by witnesses
wha - would 'attend the trial if necessary. I
thrreadink the dispatch to If rows lie af
finnedthe truth of the statement but . re-'
fi54,4 .- tarte' any' advantag,a of this plea,
hiineelf . to - . be 'sane. He ,
dtildiettto Meet his fateas a Matiand not!
as e'presnmed maniacs. - -
fietOlia . r, a young man
named - 1 - loyt.,,frum , Boston- arrived at
Ch3rlololln, al Paiinsel .fcr firown. He
.140, 12E+0;341, of 'admission to
theil4,6lViriiinia,, and &lied .for timol
the: hadlatment,
the-teftimotty atrt4dy Laken.
ThiS:Wai:deniid., The teitiiony for the
pinseeUtiin 'eleSid
that afternoon, cad
cloc**et differ from :the repro already
plibliahicl; Ten witnesses fur Cie prose-,
outiim were ,eastinined mid the evidence'
or 111WO c-TattTelinvir ravred. - -
the object of this was to praie that Brown
did not design the taking of life or any
, other act of cruelty except in self-defence.
'Two or three witnesses were examined,'
itetetiters,4tddt'ot tiisWer teOciF7osui*'
ta.st6pcei l a Riot hating lan icSerAd.
3 I'4 lAnwß.roSii fro al .4 `ths Ved 'it'd,
dli‘s4`-tlik Cart, st ating tliatlairiougV
Gov. Wise had promised him a fair trial,
it waa after all- nothing brit a mockery.
He stated that his money . had'
Veen lakelilreinlitnl afid — my , had'
therefore no means to eatploi.aWy r ori'dtto
riff eiranda for him or - to - hunt rip tesii
teeny ; that the officers had refused
rheir—lttgy.:Al.r:ser-ci.frg.v4WwriTlFfer-2.ltiss .
witnesse.s,;;,tlA.lte: had .ne,confidence.
thc,connilei.,oit*Atp . birs hy . .thabourt,
and; Oat, 4 1 :,..)T?n 1 C4 tichs.tporietnqpt.Pf
the pouri.. for, a '.feti ;hours to.,girc him
spoke.nsking for time which wile . refused.
31cssra. Bott _and It; r,eett,, - r Virginia
counsel,withdrew from tho r cas. - ,.T.:
On. tiro 290 l or . October; A shoji,time
waa.given s for,.new , eguuselfor,tite 'priron,
er.wim'. had just arrived, to consult-,-io
P e atn). Chilton,..Esq., of Washing ton;
titd : Henry Griswold, of ,Clcar land, Ohio. I
Mr. Chilton made an address to :the .
Court, explanatory of his positiun. He
I was there at the earnest solicitation of his
friend. 4 - and being there,.he deSired "to do
his duty. aS,doi'insel for the prisoner, but
this he eeta dot do Without at least sev
eral !mutt for canning the case, the law,
indictment. etc.. lie Iherefora askedlor
fa delay of,s . f. at. rioters.. But the Court
refused thig. Tfit tttial must go on. The
'examination of witnesses.waa then resum
ed, and concluded in the afternoon.
- Mr. Mit*, fa?. the firise - uer, rose and
submitted:a-motion' that .rhe proseeettiou
t: •
in this "en*llo. to ilea ,oiY6
the 6ofitits id:the indictment arid abandon.
the others. • The indictment consists of
four counts whi r ls end'orSed thus: an in
dictment fer .treason,; advising and con
spiring With .filrives aid otters to rebel,
and fur murder. The charge of murder
is laid in two of the counts, the third and
The charge of treason is in the
first, and the second* eba'ge alleges a
charge different. frow that which is eu-•
dursed on the_ back of the indictment.
and which is upon record. The second
colint is under the following statute : "If
a free person advise or conspire with a
slave to rebel or make an insurrection, he
shall be punished with death, whether
a rebellion or insurrection 'be suc
cessful or not." But .the second count
'Ltd eliA'india l lpetit Is tha(th'ese ph'ities who
Art: chafded; b. 5 IN . !'n'ditlnVent conspired`
together, and, with other persons-, to in
duce certain slaves, the property.of AI
-stadt and Washington, to make rebellion
and insurrection.
1 There is a broad difference between ad
[ rising and conspiring with s:avei to rebel
rand advisin g and conspiring with others
Ito induce slaves to rebel. Whether be
was to avail himself of this irregularity
by instructions from the court to the jury
to disregard this -second. count entirely; or
whether it would be nrciperlo IY,ait until
the conclusion of the trial, and then move
lan arrest of judgement; he left to his
Horan to decide. Fitt prroceeddd to arg.ue
thamotion that the prosecution be con) :
pelted to elect one.eount and abandon an
-1 other, quoting. Archibald's Criminal plead
;Lim in support of his vie*: He (rather
i alluded' to the hardgititis whiCl'i test UPon
!the p'tisefier.fd meet various and direct
charges in the's;am6 taril.
I .Frotn the authority lie lead it Would he
I seen that in case of t:eason different de
scriptions of treason could not be united
in the same indietntent. High treason
, timid not be associated with other cree
-1 stn.
.. If an inferior grade uF an offence
of the 'same character could not be in
cluded in se, arate counts, still less can
an offence of a different.charaeter. Trea
son in th 4 eauntry is high treason; trea
son- against the State of Virginia is trea
son • avainst her sovereignty. We have .
no other description of treason, because
. can only be conatuitted against'
sovereignty, Whetbei• that of the T.lnited I
States or mia sovereign State.
He ties replied to•by Messrs: Harding
'ind Hunter. % The Court decided that the
trial must
,go on. The jury had been i
charged and sworn to try the prisoner on
the indictment as drawn. Ariel the til
el the counsel might move fur araarrel.t.
of judgement.
On Mondy the trial was,resuracd. Mr.,
Griswold and Chilton both addressed thei
jury ably and at some length. They were
fullewed by Mr. Hunter for the proscera
tion. The Jury brought in a ver:tict of
'' Guilty.
.of treason, advising aail con-,
viroVieith,sla ves. 4) rebel and for ill ztr
dei• in the: first degree." "
Brown sat up in his bed *bile the ver
dict Was read, after Which ho lay down .
'quiely,. saying nothing and:umlaut' no
demonstration Of atiY kind. . ' : • •
citiltod Moved an arrest of judge
Mont, beth on account oferrors id the in=
diettnout and errors in. the verdict, Tile
objection Was that the prisoner had been
tried for tat offence not liptmaring on the
record-o} the Grand. inty. The verdict
traS:iet each count geparately, but
on_the whole . indictment.
The prisoner hai also 'been- found guilty
of ttro,..cdunts for murder of the came per
It was - Manifest he Could . not . be
guilty'or Kith: By agrectheitt
postponed. argu
ment 4" these points was
BrOWn, was tFcn rdtpaudetl to jail ;• and
the, trial offloppie centuionced. .
the. 2d of - November, Brow.ti was
brodght into Court to receive his sentence.
The Court Bare its decision - on the ino.
Lion to arrest 3143,11140 t, the
objeetiorts made. Oa the `olijeetion that
treason caaupt, iie cominitted_ p;.:ai.pst a
',. ilclteNtelfitga -- eitszefs; - It recltsrih•ar
wit pferiiii . ,alitgl'#l ttce was du treoeitili usaY, '
be'teOfiplairfe'd.-.llOst ot, tit StatO ttliie
pasiedlawts akatils),itreasou.l Tho , lAjgo: I
tions tkti,tii t'll'g.../di;tn of the Y t ierdipt, riscarii
I'ot twOtra also" regarded ass i n sofffdioaf vri
V Tliii.Coati ' 'hi/tasked Iltocenlilithef
Tic ilea: tittytif ' to say •',.hy 890.kn00,'
l'ariotiltkalif. iso:FrO' Danced, I , !:et:i
BNAtri sisiottit ', an& ill a clear and dig. - .z.
ttnet etiieZtStiiri • •
; -
,!‘ I - ha7e,
.trty ... ll please . tit „Coort,:! ft .feW
' rds to .say. , - • ,. - • I ~ .
'-, ETa.tbe, T.deoy {averytbing.rbut
What T-hae alt, along ailtnitteyt—the,des*n
o rt , tayiarb to f,s'e• thefslit•N'es.z - s - li Unto - 4V c,eP."'
ti , lnty - IfiltiNeAalle ft clean ibilik'br•ilikit ikat- .
Irtg':ii.lT:ificir.l'is - V'tel r iftEr;''. ;wired "...TA - yeiti.ti to
MissourLand,threre,..,took. Aria . istave3l.ltrirtout I
the sia plitug: 'cif 4i . ..
~g u, it pi?... eitti - r . side, .rn'oy id
thetil ' I lira agtt 'the 'etkiriitr,s'.. - ti it'd ' fi de 14* Tet
tlieni iii-Caitaditlf desigzeilFto hive- airise
the" same thing agaiii t -on.:. littgersealel ;"141irat
was Ull.; : iete, tided: .- -I. never diskitilteasl.ttratui
mit:bu.trde or_treasaa, otzto deitroy . ,piiperty.
ob to excite ;or incite the slaves to rebellion,
ft - ti d '6' LEA e' an - IA Urteetipli. I . ' -; T... . •
• I" r,haVe another:objection; 'andltlititilk; it Is',
Oft:St :that I- should nuffer.l4l , it - . pCtialty. I
144 i. i nterfered
- iii the tuttundtlwhilt. is admit,
lias, been!rairlytpro,yen .(for ladad reilse; truth- I
tfiTiie'ss and Cluidor,' Of 'the, it . .lite!" iitirfiOu, of
the - "wifii . e.ises 'tl•dio 'fiiiits festidtro in-tttl,s'• r ease,j
had f so interfered in-b4half iirthi'*ch, - the•
powerful, the intelligeot,T the. sti-ealle&greato
or in belOr of their frientl4l either, father„.l
mother, brother, siceir,,,.wife 2Or ebildrea, or;
tin;, of that class, hull! suirefek and sacrificed;
'whet f have in this interference, it would have I
',been affright: • EN-eh , iiiir#.' in this Court !would r i
have deemed:it an art erorthy of rewardtath er 1
than punishment. 'this Court isekno.wletiges. I
las I Supiose, the vaidity of this. law o,l* God.
I sec a bolt lt!'s.s - ei. hero Which I suppOse to i
Ibe the Biddle, ei at least - the Nf w ''resttu en I
!That re9,elfes' me that 'all things whatsneYer
I would that nten should do to •me, I should
Ido even so to them.' It teaches me further.
I t'i • remember them that . arein bonds as hound , :
Iwith them.' I endeavored to a cCup to that !
instrUciton. I say lam yet too young to tuf- '
desst:l - nd that God'is any respector of persons.
I I believe that to have interfered as I have done,'
I as 1 have always freely admitted I. haVel done, I
tin behalf oftlis despised poor, was no wrong:
but right. Isiow,.if it is deemed necessary thtit r .
I I should forfeit say life for the furtheri'oce" of
the ends of justice, and mangle O4'6soetl' ftir , r 1
titer with. the blood of my children; and with
the blood of millions hi,- this slave conuirvi
I whose rights arc disregarded by wicked, cruel)l
I and unjust enactments, [admit, .41) let, it betl
done. Let sue say ono word further. :, I feel I
entirely satisfied with the tsreati.kient "I . have 1
received on my trial. Considering the cit.-1
cur/Isla:lees is has been, more generous (than I;
expected, but I feel-no cobsciousness oh guilt. `
I have stated from the:first 'Olin t was M'ytintert
Lion and what Was not. T neve? had' :um' de
sign against the life of nt4'v foinroii, 0..‘01r an.l
disposition to commit treason, or excite the
1 slaves to rebel, or make any general im4urrec- 1
tion. I never encouraged any man to; do so,
but always discouraged any idea of feet kind.
Let me say also in regard to the statements
' made by sores of those connected with me.
I hear it has been stated by some of! them,
that I have induced them to join ms, bit the
contrary is true. Ido nut say this to:injure.
them, but a; regnAtin,, , their weakness. Not
"7.0 ;..rood me but of his OITIf accord and the
greater part at tbeir.oiru expense. A slumber
of them. I. never saw nail never had a ‘ortl of
comers:llion with; till the day ,they cisme to
me; and that was for the purpose I finale &tat
' ed. Now I 'have done." 1
While Browo• was speaking,_ perfect
quiet prevailed.. When he had finlished,
The Court proceeded to pronoun, e the
sentence. After a
.few prelitninab. -
warks, in which he- said no reasOable
doubt c.'uld exist as to the prismter' guilt,
he sentenced him to be buoy in palitic oiz
P,4 du,/, the 2d of December.
[Cook,. Coppie and Thompson,! have
been convicted : nd sentenced to bci hung
on the 11Th of Dee., and *e presume that
Brown will be reprieved until then and
hung at the same time. Stevens been
handed over to the Unifed States! Gov
ernment for trial, the prosecutor; hoping
thus tp involve distinguished Republi
cans in the trial as witnesses or other.
wise. They trill fail' ilf.their designs.—
GERRIT Smirit has become insane in
consequence; of the Harper's Ferry trials,
and has been taken to the Utica Asyium.
He constantly supposed himself nudes
arrest at Harper's Ferry.
glitta (.tfurnal.
Tim 4411 ifob. 17:1859.
re - The elections in NeWYoik,Mas
sachusetts, New. Jersey and.. WISCODSiD,
have all resulted in Republican
iies. Particulars next week.
zef.. We pre/mine very, few if -any of
the citizens of this county know v)hen
the County. was organized, 'ot . any thing
of its early history; afa awe that.s6trie
of the most intelligCnt of our citizens Were
iguoidtit of the !batter until they heard tf
paper read before the Ladie,s'.l.iterafy,
Association a week or so ago., We take
pleasure in giving the paper .a place on
our. first page this week. It Was ' Care.
fully compiled from the Aets - of Assembly
and , tither sources- Fly eb'mpetent and
well-informed citizen, and will be read
with real interest by every local 'reader of
the JOURNAL. Our readers will do well
to'lay away this No. of the ,paper' for fu: 7
ture reference'.
TUE N. Y. Eve. 1-1,.t thus , tersely Statesi ,
the position of theparty to whieli . nro - give
our. hearty' support : ..-• . •
The Republican party is the party of
freedom, the parry of justice, the party of i
peace, the party of or4r, theparty of coop 7 -
only, and the party oil honesty. .4 is op
pposed Ce f lin:of uff itlflf i' u:li a Tel
Ihein..94 . ttle,t , opposed to' frpOusitilwipp%l
posed to the_reigo of roadie . ", .401ed,,t0
olitigittp .. kei,ttin and tO , ,ttio' sulibarif of
tho Zet
tens, thee, rote I
•+ t••• 4 • '
~- ~.
- V_
vg: "Voc e ;Voting' la. Voitfep...
' 1 . , tions. 1.....,:',., '% [-
We clip the i'following pithy ps i fil.4itil
B row the last Warren ail: . I '
.] ‘‘ some ottite Chautauqua. papers Intl
ptin ate that' Worthy
_Putnl washcheated
nt - the - 1,40(o ,Connty...9oavetiAtuti,.bechuse
tine cil'his - votes - Stuck 'in' the' ht linink
- nd didri4 - conic Out 'till lberbillet-forlh'eti
ext . office. ' Better. then ..abandow: he'
' owardly secret ballot, 11S WC have. 13ring ,
your delegates up to the idea 'twee pitch.,
and 'volt will. know who dodges indlho
We • commend the above argument - in.
fliver of viva voCe votiOg in c in . ziety Con-.I
, yen t ions to the Republicans 'of . tiit eonn
tp. It is cowardly, for those who repro•
tient others, to desire to de it sccretty:
What should Wd . think of the members* of
Couness and of th'e '
Le. , itature; if - they
. _. • ' '
should abandon the erre race method ofl
Voting, and Conceal Shcir aettous'frons ih
knowledge of the 'people? - :1 - Such secret
tj.otin ,, would not tolerated' for a month:
'or the same reason,_ the Repubtican of
this county, if they are ytisei, wili choeSe
delegates who frill vote in. Cotiventioni sa
that their'constituents can see.their reh,j
old. 'Let there. be a fair and inst ripre.'
sontation of the different Townships and
open voting• for candidates, and there. Will
be no trouble about the ticket nominated;
1 • 1
*lk4arest Way of Meetingtile.
IttiA)l6 - nih)dinicali,e . ii
- ,i•iityl
•1 - Ticket Nett 'Yeplr.
1 -- The following letter' Own We We 11 5 ...,
4`pro :rigitii'ioi . contains Mori; teozilliii'q Of
.., . l,
df ieal advice , than the best , speech ever
clivered. , , - If the
..Republic.anSl or ;lilt
! County desire to make a sure' thirty Of 6'B .
1,4 bole doWnty 'ticket nexf..yei,....iliey wiTi
at -once profit by the lessOn contained in
'this letter : ; • , rr .• : ;
' COOTCYN, October , 27, 1859.1
-11 M
Mrt.:B7OIUNG :'in your last Weeh's issue;
'-Prank" urges the formation of 'political
lelubs in every township throughout the,
epunty, as a preliminary . movemeirt i vior
ILO the - grand struggle
/ in -- prospect, neit. ,
ly ar. That such a movcruent would tic
c mplish; wonders, have not the least
I doubt, but there is another *ay ef .cclOb
.b ng" which deserves the attention of ev
e y one, vii: geliabititiefor the Agitate!!
Now I insist iipori the RepubliCansgiv
ing the Aystatora more extended cireii
jation throughout the 'county: . •-•:- - ••L: v_'?[ ''l
I . would 'ask who arc the vrtrkers of the
rqutilican Party,- or any Other party?'
Is it the' man that •iiiipporti his county I
Oper, - or, is it that large class of Voters
Who withhold their support? , • ]
Who arc they who know how the party!
is .getting • aloug ? It is most assuredly!
those who support their partyliaper. Who,
laic' t hey , that
,cle the groullisj, if-the emi'n- I
iinotninailtins do not Snit them ? Ii it
those wlioldo 1 , 0, rdad;theirconnty paper ?
' I The' Republicans who withhold their
al:ipport from their party paper in thin
cOdutf, Se counted by ;ho. tholsoud.
Let avery*fiscriber try andlget one, and
there wilicEo a great; deal of labor per
, Wined. for 1860. - Pass around the sub
; seription• list fer We ..4.9 , 1eat64.; -14. i
_ ._
*Free .VresS Destroyed
It t-Netcr -
!-- *
port;. lierluelf;y. ! -
„.. 'Most of :our regders . hato'heirrO of the
Free South, published at Newport; Ken:
tacky, bylV3t. S. flurztj It *as an
out-spoken, butmodeirife anti -Slivery. pa
per; printed and published by Mr. Bai
ley's wife and tioug4tert, anti- *as th it
only means of support. The ShiNIE-bo,&.
- • ,
ing chiv:lry of Kentucky could not tol
rate free 'speech in ~ t hat 'State, and'isti
, ..
they ordered a mob to destroy the press
dnd type pu, which the Free South wati
. - :'
published.- The tuoh.obeyed orders with
alacrity: ' Mr. Bailifs enttre, property
has been . fieuroyed, and his, farnilY left
. 1 •
without any. means of earning a liripg.
o,f course , the doughfaces of the North
Who: set up such a howl at ':the terrible
Moor r of Jolty Prown,',hare denoupeed tlin
Kentocky.riet. , Well,perhapS theyihare;
Ind we .harc . pot yet biard a WhisPer frog
a istun q ie one of these allies of Slareryond
• - . -- -
so our friend of the *tat: Utizette - pert**
. ,
nen tly . asks: • . . : r , - : .
.. ,:
~. • L
~ Why is it, that the Qbee I
e ! Democratic ~printS which have beep ..
miiiing such a, terrible ado oyer,the.ortt- •
rage of 1-farpent Ferry mob„, hare
ing to say in condemnation of. the .uici,re
tecut,,,oittragecif rt rueb . at,Nearport, Ken
t liy, :by whieli a .newspaper of was!
Idirlesslyfindlted, rat hi man and his:fain- ,
ilbr, . who edined nsupport by- the !publi- i
cation o of•the newspaper referred to, were
gi . ,essiy and ' tirti*roully. irs!ilteit, for .no.
o her ,caute ihap „that. of, freely, speakipg
ti sir opirtiotti 7.1. We. hare thutr.far. took.
e' in vain fet,d; tittle Word:-in their, W
m '.,' tie in, refeft'hdc to . this lriklr ,Initided
p oceeding.,, :\..Tbq CARA i t
,80AIRti , fitttl - 1
n , tbit , to denennee- itt. the lttft of , ktficn; 1
o • , and vioNnoe .ahneil at.the freecittm of 1
t ought, of speech. and 011ie : iresa,
a. n, find
,ne . wordsiwillti ieentntlal Of
4 • punciatjoil
,ten! severe to ripply . .t.o. the
• arpqr's. : Pert. act . : of - ',rioletto 4 - WlllO4
R'• : RittlCtli At the J!peppli4el. - illstltutP,3o •
Of lWeVrifiry hirid** h
differenee ? Does it iudieitte,
'_mistakably, 'heti the Danwerstie fres'
Ttlin Serth andi - ,'lLffroc4te Of
the' Slavery andr foe of . ..Finnan. .ktir
othir infere nce 7ptoviitife" • •
• ,t;
I • , . - •'- : I ; .
Pnicka*,,V*itc#o l *_ .: ,•-.
" .- '- 7, lfhen his ezeolkirfe4, Willitun F. tieV
' - er; called the iicim.John:4. Kriez_to , 44l:
aid - as the law -officer of iiiii,gabinet, the
peopleput-confutepce.iw-hiat; and- - wh en
licrsiteild up-,for the doctrines of his moan
&tali its the face of the'effOrtatt . tbii - Nti , '
iional Administration to coerce him into
- t'he iiiiiiiditief 'die teetiriiptiiii'iWilidle;
the &at Jiitart;;ori the. -State
with pfeasik - iiiid the people* were en
ilinSimiticliihis Stepp:nit. But when iliat
weak-kneed: Lan ttrtow - inade his whin
ing appeal in. thiState t e lliventioni every
sensible:Man knew that Vrad.or'S-oPpesi
tien.,to ,Lecompioasin 'ttpuld . so&
. 00ze
out at his fingers' ends.. -: :. . ~ '..:
Already' Lis organ - , die 'State SentiAel,
, • ,
is aS:rapipant a p ro-slavery' 'sheet as the
State affords, and as reel:less : in ;tan
-tiering, the Republican cause, and its
advocates, as ever ivai 'the Pepai,,qranian.,
Witness the following :- from tbe,Sentiltel
of detOber.29th. i
"'frit result of that expedition (BtOwn's
raid on Vireinie,Y hascreated I feiiipOia:
ry- ;panic iii • the: l lieptiblican rapid, and
the 'danger that itiipeuds over the heads
lof many of ' theiriproMinent. leaders; ilm- -
plicated in that ikarioirs tragaaion has
iiMpbsedi preachreStraitit upon ;Lin,'
I which -Will probably last until this storm
has} blown over. IB'ut they are' neverthe
less. the same party—reckless, dishonest,
traitorons.and unprincipled. 'One-thine
to-day;_ anothet 14-worrow any thing for
&ter itlit spoiissint, UnleSs . we'inis.fakc
them' mill, in - order to avoid tile- odium.
which atfadhes" te , , thew in - eorisequence!
of the Harper's &fry
. transactiom they
will change theirinaing again beforithei
Presidential election, and: repudVa t e every I
suspected leader. • Tliey have ,not : the'
.00ntage : , to sustain manfully _those who i
sustain. their cause, bat, coward-like, de-I
sort-in the hunt of danger those who dared '
boldly to, carry-out their principles - :" _
We arc at a losS- for any - motive- or ex
cuse for uttering Sueli
.gliosS and notorious
fillsehoads_'agnitistl:, majority of .the peo;- .
pie of the ,Free States. • Reckless, dis.
honest, traitorous) and: 7aieincipled e are
epithetk w,hich any. bar-room loafer can
glibly tepeat,lnt 'we ,sithmit they are =-
seemly and out of place in any respectable
newspaper; and that a party 'which: de
fended the 7ilyrde:iima attack on a Sem
tor of the truitedStates,ivhile..ivriting at
his, desk in the Senate chamber, is• uot;iW
a condiaon kaiak° these•einziges againsi
any opponent with decency or - Prey:day!!
If Governor Packer desires to retain al
particle ,of respect from •honest mew, fiej
ha c l.better Lim' soMe other defender ,thau
the glib libeHei of 'the . &urine;
THE TRIBUNE--ziow more than eighteen
years old, and hitving. over Two Hundred
Thousand sub,scriberS, or constant porchasers,
diffused' through every State and Territory of
our Union—will'. continue in essence what it
has been—the earnest 'champion of Liberty,
Progress, and of-whatever will conduce to our
national growth in Virtue, Industry, Kuowl.•
edge, and, Prosperity. It will continue to'
urge the emancipation not only of 'the clack
laborer from chattehent and legal, impotence, 1
but-of the White li4enise from Land,Mottopo.l
ly„lntenifierance, Ignorance. and that 'depend
mice on remote Markets which paralyzes ez.i
ertion by denying to Toil any , adequate and!
morally Certain Telford. Believing that the
chief evil of OUT time ;is' the iuordin.tte multi
plication-and disprop o rtion of Non-Producers,
it will continue to waT against whatever tends
to degrade Manual Labor or depr:ve it of its
just and full recquipense, ft will inflexibly
commend the policy Of winning hither from
Europe, the' Useful Arts, and,. whereier Noy
may be. needed,. the Artisans as well, for whose
products our country is now rimming recklws
fv,,, into debt, while our laboteraToant in fruit
-ass Own of employnient, feaiing their, chit;
dren, in want of bread, though the farmer 5.
too* oda eoinf*P,Fd to sell his crops at Most
inadequate prices. In short, while battling
against rffiloustertsp:,and eve# 611161 4
festation of that evil Spirit which Seeks thro'
the spoliation of other ;countries that aggrand.
izement which is to truly attained only
through the due developMentend cultivation
of our internal resources, it will urgently MI.,
!locate a more effectively discriminating Tar
iff; the Freedom of.thiPublic Lands, the-con
struction of st .gailroad frot4 the nayigahle
waters of the Mississippi to those of the Pad.
fic, and every other Measure which seems to
us calctilated to enhance the dignity or the
recompense Of Labor 'tend promote the well;
being of Mankind. 1-
The "irrepressible- etinfi;ctr between Dark-
ness and Light, Inertia and.Progrees, SlaVey
and Freedom: moves steadily ontVird. Isola.
fed acts of folly and aiaduess may for the moz
meat give 41. ticeming 4 , advantage to' Wrong;
but God still reigns, and the Ages are true to
Humanity,end, Right. , i The year,. 1860 . must.
witness. MeMorable icentlict between these
irreconcilable antagonists.' The ' queition—
it shall Human Slavery be further strengthen
" ed and diffused by the power and under the
"flag of the rederal Heim?" is now toxeceive
*momentous it,not *elusive answer.. "Land
flat the Landless, ireast*Negroes for the .N -
“grolessu is the battle-Or of. the. embodied
%Mewl *lto, hiving Jut svrept
la- '
Ohio - . and the• North . Wes t, appear in the
gew Congress, - backed-by nearly; every Free
State,tit-demand u recognition or every many,
*Wit cultivate and improve a .modieum or
the eartles suifate vrherever 'he has not been
antiolptited- by" the =State's cession to anotb.
er. Vico Ilontes - ,..end_the consecration.of the
virgin sPilClf till. Territorial to ,freo
two requirements,.but one policy-.-must Inrgt
Iy absorb the attention of CongroSi tlitougb
the ensuing session; of -the' reb i tle• la the
soaceediti; Presidential' eaniritni t And, what::
ever tiamsairnediatwiesne, *6,6mi - riot :doubt
that the, nitimatA verdict wilt be in accord, at;
•nce - with t e tiktnte.r oritnpartii,
the innlienable,lbghts m
: - Ala'vring 'Made arrangements for f a
fe_graplite reports of the doings of C
atit;of tylia,tererelse transpiring at ti
eral;Mettopolis shall seem. worthy . 0 i
regetid;itoti hat ing extended both mu
and-Poniestie Correspondence :Intl et
eil.*r-Edit'orial staff, we believe the
May ittfely,*bollenge au comparison
'rivairwitskther as an exponent of prine4
na..a. tenni° mirror of the passing % ro b ]
propose not to be surpassed nor u nt i e
in the collection or presentation of Intel!
thoughesebete'llat reputation-10 ,
prise wit idh .11-f.tiettitiresl%iliribio g
gers ond,Cler4 in.beatiop public offices to t ,
officierdoeti4sehts. —
:errderivor not.tosarri,fico,the. httt,
th i
Wilfbe.wilat it obits Ulu, while we l
stantly study,t9.4tillpYkii.eTe ; ryfeat to
"make .each hcrit i ie ,thn
t eenerari.eratet..p!we rtliss and die,
has affirmed,the' l atteees - s;of dtir
and thage 'ethic futtire-shill
by equal enrnestneSs.anftossittnitp..
those who believe. the-general. it
our journal to , be . salupwy
ing tbatjuiluence, through an
sUbscriptions. .
is printed ofn liege - Imperial sliest; ita
lislfed ei'etc"ini:nrng and 'eyening • (Ss
excepted). a It contains Editorials es fi ll
les of the times, etaAoyi#g a large ear
the best newsrapii i:riters •of:the day ,
pestle a - nil Iroleiktitdfiesp - ondence ; Prot
ings of Col.griss; ': . reports' of I .eeturi.s;
sews; Goitre, liorSe, and, Produce Marin
Reviews - of Rooks ;"Lfternry Intelligencei
pers bll Iffe - Cif:liiieS and the Arts, &C.,
stried to - make ilrc TrrLthe a .neu:spap er
the Flints Of thopnblic—its*Telegraphi e
a) ciyer.sls,ooo per annum.
is mailed to
scrbrs at . .. SC, pei 'cktitturn,
is piiblisheite'very Tudimer'
contains-all thi editorials of the I ails,
the Cattle, - Horse,' an d eiterat %whets, n
My reported -expressiy •for,the - Tribune.
rigid and Domestic Correspondence; ay
ing the sessions of Con - stress it containi
tirtt4 of Congressional doings. with tht
important speeches.' liTe'shitil, its 'wren
make the Serne; , Wiekt.y . Trilhene a Literary,
Ara as a - political' newapapefvfand icerr
termined that it shall remain In the from
pf family Papers.' '• " •
One Copy,' one year , •
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ofce; will be antirled icirra"eopy:
a dab of fifty ( We' will sindllie Daily Tril
(si - year/ -. • •
The Semi: wank Tribune Is sent to Cll
men ut s2.per anuriiri:— •
Itjrgf eiglitpage "piper for *the countr;
I published every §atur(Tay;.iiiid contains
torials on the
. tripics . of the ti
the news of the Aveek,- interesting corresr
ence Prong all pnits - Ot the worl4; the'New-!
Cottle Horse, and Produce 3furkets, intet
iniand reliable Politlcel;3fechaaical and
ric oleo ral: articles, dtc„ 4... - 1 -
shail,‘dariak:ttiii . yeeti-,-
stantlY laiiti to latprot:e. the Honliti.of Oft
structive.'entertainment ardeded by..
WEEKLY TRIBUNE, which, - We'intend,Sbl
he llie.tiest. FitaiilV Weekly_ Xeweraper pc
lished in the World. IVe.cOneider the Can
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raisers a yeties Suli•teCiption per F o; •
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Any person sending . us a Club of Twonty.4
more, will be entitled to anextra copy; l'l
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