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    anii £minft|.
SMITH & JOXKS have an attractin
card on the 4th page of thi- paper. Luol
at it.
REV. C. 31. I'LAKK will deliver a pub
lic Lecture at the Presbyterian Church,
in this place, on Friday Evening, .January
Ist. I3oS, (Nevr Years Evening.)
Our friend SHALT, of the AVelisville
Rural IJwfjct, is rjuite boastful over a
couple of "incidents" w.hieh have recent
ly simultaneously occurred in his domes
tic arrangements. We hardly know
whether, as his friend, it wouid be prop
er fjr us t > congratulate hi u, these hard
times. lie has our best wishes for plen
ty of good victuals for aii hand . through
th medium of his excellent little uews-
Suinrtiuii'j for Mr luxnics. —Y\ e direct
attention to the advertisement in another
column, headed " A Homestead for -510."
"The recent revulsion and panic should
<teach mechanics and laborers the nrceszi
*i <>{ having something more substantia!
•and permanent to depend upon than mere
.trace and commerce. The owner of a
few acres of land, when out of employ
ment, will have tiomethittg to subsist up
on (luring "hard times." Resides, even
at the present time, when so many amoi" r
l 7 J
us are our of employment, there is an ac
tual scarcity of mechanics in all parts of
Virginia. We would say to those who
want permanent homes, uo other iState in
the L '-'ion offers such inducements to the
actual settler—whether farmer, mechanic
or laborer.
The German Class which commenced
three weeks ago with but five members,
now has elcccn, with the prospect of more.
Rev. C. 31. lJ!ak' is the Preceptor. The
German is a very useful language, and
no one who occupies a position in busi
ness should be without it if he can pro
cure a knowledge of it. We confess, bow
ever that it is a singular lauguage, and
more difficult to learn than we supposed.
It* genders are, to one acquainted vritlj
the arrangement of the English Genders,
Tf-ry laughable. For instance, 13 in a
i Horse) is in the Neuter Gender, while
JZi tCtil. (Stone) is in the Masculine (len
der. Here is a complete somersault of
our good old mother-tongue. It is our in
icutioa, however, riot to be disheartened
by these singuhuilies, for we are bound
to learn the German language—if such a
thing is possible. The Class meets every
Tuesday and Friday evening.
Lord Clarendon has determined to
send Dr. Livingston, the African explorer,
to Lisbon, with the strongest reconimeu
e'tiriis, both to the King and gov i nnu nt
of l'<atugal, where also he would receive
the hoju'ty support of the Knglish minis
ter at the cot-it, in his ellorts to secure
rrcedom of navigation ol the Zau.bese,
sr.u the utmost taeihiies for commercial
ifitcreoursc with llie interior of Africa.—
fh:s will not only benefit that country,
ant prove one of the readiest modes of
breaking up the slave-trade on that coast.
>'e see if Portugal agrees to it.
whether of mind or
' My, is sure t > eo.a.aaad respect, even
Plough it be used against us I"
ibb'""\Vhat event in our annals is there
? ''*t Slavery has not set her hand upon
it to claim it as her own ?"
toutersjion t ri_^~t uiveifj,
Corrected Wttlc'y fur the <Journal,
I'M .V rt ift l>ry tivoCs, 0 rvceries, lion g' La pa,
llools J" S/tO's, Crockery, Cork, Flour,
Meat. Sotiuns, ,tv„ ,j\\,
Lwr. iupcrfiue, T 1 bbl., - - J7 5u
extra, ,r 8 00
Gut, •• •• - - - 30 00
• V -T, 4 - " - - - - 3 50
'Mkii,, 100 lb?., 2 50
I'-'TTER, *£ lb., - - r jb
" - 10(^12
•UL.OT, 44 '• _ 12(6 14
" u - 250ti30
*•, " " - 12
It)., . - - - 10
Sxix, " - - , 25
Scuiß, lb., - - - IQ(£l2
"'l'sa APPLES, " - - - 12
' '• Buihtl, - n. - - 2 50
M Keavs, 'jJ ' ... 250
., et *M4T J * 44 - - - 30
14 11 - - - 2 j
44 " - - - 87
" rE< " u 62
P T *TflEs' i, It 2ft
y*' V Dozen, * ► 12
n,n VTon ' • ' - - 7 & 8 e
Hu-ts, grern, qj !b, - 4
Gl, u dry > •' V r a
, " - 14
- 7
v Uvinqster's Xotice,
u hereby given that Jane W, Rut-
| M Administratrix of the Estate ni
t . fl .y* deceased, ht* tiled h. p
'?ui •" l ' ie Ik-giater's Office, in and for the
' " 01 Butter, ar.d that the same will be
t, " * 144 the Orphans' Court of said coun-
V„ U f T . uetda y lhe 22(1 day of December,
* ~ rmr.ti on ar.d allow..nee at
U, , " e P ii4ce ail per-ons interested
" 11 ttuy think proper.
JACKSON. Register.
* T 4, ru >!(;▼. 2?>, 1857. lVa2 r. .
The most superbly illustrated Magazine eve
published in America, is the December RUIU
taiuiug over svty splendid Engraving*, and giv
ing full particulars of the benefits si* the Cos
mopoliian Art Association, two do'Utrs a year
sin rle copies fifty ernt.*. specimen copies wil
lc sent at! person - who wish to subscribe ot
receipt of live postage stamps, (15 cents.)
C. L. DERBST, Actuary C A. A.,
l>4 t' J Jr. ml rug, At uc F'ark
IS!!>2cs asid Te>i(&utcuG.
A supply of good BIBLES end TESTA
MENTS, suitable for the Common .Schools
and VK:;Y CMKAP. may be had BV calling .-
the Bookstore of M. W. MANN, or on the sub
scriber. C. M. BLAKE, Agt. of
Perm a Bible Society.
Cornier sport. No. 2, ISS 7.
1 <o<e unable to purchase will be fur
nished gratuitously. ' [10:22.]
THE V* IN'Tl: it TERM of Coudcrsport
Academy, will commence on Tuesday
the lath of Deceitiber next, to continue
thirteen weeks. Grain of till kinds will
be received on tuition, at the market
prices, if promptly delivered; therefore
the tightness of money uecd prevent no
one from obtaining an Education.
J. H E:VPRICK, Principal
dlria dtilifi'ti.srmrnfs.
• -^N
ffj "i" VIRTI E of Sundry writs of Venditioni
J8 9 Exponas and Fieri Facia* issued out of
the Court of Common Pleas of Potter Co.. Pa.,
and to me directed, I shall expose to public
sale or outcry, at the '"ou:t House in the Bor
ough of Coudcrsport, on Monday the 21st day
of December, 1857, at 10 o'clock, A M., the
following de. v :ribed real est ::e. to wit:
f'ertain real fatal" situate in Sharon Town
ship, Potter Co., PH., Bounded o:i the north,
c ist and .outii by .Mann .t Nichols, an-*! west
lands of Jonathan Olds k Jonathan Olds.
Jr., containing fifty acres, of which there is
rive acies improved, being part of Warrant
No. r> t> tr r>.
Seized, taken ir. execution, and to b? sold
as the property of George \\. Wood.
ALSO —Certain real estate, viz: one third
of 944 acres and one half a.-re on Warrant
No. -PJ49. f'tu re in Wharton Township or Syl
vania Township. Pottnr Co., Pa.. Bouuded
north by Warrant No. 4 j'.'g. east by Warrant
No. 4d82 and lands of F. R. Backus, and south
by Warrant No. 4752 and land of F. It. Back
us. and v-- it by Warrant No, 2100—-all unim
Seiz-d. taken in execution. and to be gold
as the property of Thomas Wands
!j ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Hec
tor Township, Potter Co.. Pa., Bounded on
' the north by lands of 11. Loucks, ou the east
3 by lands of 11. C Leach, south and west by
l-'.nds of iiunsieker and Gariock, containing
t. ly acres, of which rbuut four acres art iui
- proved, with one frame dwelling house there- '
f o:1 \
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
- as the property of Matthew Young.
1 ALSO-—Cert.ilu real estate silurte in Ulys
j ses Township, Potter Co.. Pa., Bounded cn the
north by lands of Timothy (jaiutis, east bv
t lands occupied by Linus Evans, south bv
. Grover, and west t > Thomas ilaixiiiton,
containing thirty acres, on which is one frame
house anc three acres improved.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of GcOrge IL Baker.
AL.t-O—Certain real estate situate in Whar
ton Township, Potter Co.. Pa.. Bounded on
the north by ttie lands of (1. W. May, John
' M ilion and iters, and by the Binnemahon
ing Creek, on the east by binncmahoning
. Creek and mill rice, south by lauds of John
, .\l.iiic;n. Jr.. an l Siniur.nthoning Creek, aud
wist by land- of H. W. May. cont tini: gabout'
J 70 acre.-', of which twenty "cres are improved,
: with two frame dwelling Lous??, one frame;
- .V >rc 11 lis?, two f.ata ; b ;ru?, one board sii .n
--ty, autl wita so:r • fruit trees thereon-—ALSO
i One etli'.T tract, situate ia Wharton Town
ship. Pot'<rC'!., Pa.. Bounded nortli by lands
of John BearSeid, east by Lewis, soutn
by binds of Lewis, ami on the wewt by
lands of William A. Simpson, containing 50 |
acres, being part of Warrant No. 4920—ALSO
< ae other tract of land situate in the Towu
• ship and County aforesaid, Bounded north
by Lewis, east by lands of John Keating
A Co.. soui'i by lands of J.r*; % Ayres, L west,
by lauds of John Bearheld and Lewis,.
l containing one hundred acres,
j Seized, taken in execution, end to be sold
. as the property of B. W. Mv In tyre.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in O?-
wayo township. Potter Co., Pa., bounded on the
north by JJm Wells, 0:1 the east by Thomas
Kenyon, south and west by fc. P. Lyman, con
taining ten acres, of which four acre* are im
proved. with a frame house, frame barn, and .
, some fruit trees thcrzon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of S. It. Miner.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Civs- 1
ses Township. Polter Co., Pa., Bounded on
1 the north by land? of W. Morlcy, east by lauds
i of W. Morley. south by unseated lands of Fox
J ,V PiOss. ami west by iauds of Amos Rsymond
) and the David Bunnell lot, containiitg one
1 hundred and eleven acres of land, on which
> is twenty five acres improved, with ouc frame
' Lous 0 , one frame batn. aud some fruit trees
I thereon.
> Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
! as the property of Hiram If. Guernsey.
1 AL.SG—Certain real estate situate in Alle
> ga;iy Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bounded on
I t..e north by LiiN'os. 54 A 55, east by unseated
II lauds of tu.e Fo*. estate, on the south by lot
' Ko. Ci and liinghani .ami,, on .iio wc:t by
1 lots Nor. 51 63 and 65, containing two huu-.
> fred and seventy four acre- and eight tenth?
1 of an acre, being lot So, 5S of the alloir.ent of
the Bingham lands in Ailegauy Township, of
which eighty acres are improved, ttn acre?
chopped, ou which I* one frame house, one
frame barn, ou log house, and sume fruit
i trees.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as ths property of W. T. Jones.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Hector
Towr.siiip, Potter Co., Pa., Bovnded on the
north by unseated lands, east by land? of
Thopjns Lanning. south by lands of Mclvin
Mariin. and west by lands of the Bingham Es
tate, containing one .hundred and ten acres, of
which about fifteen acres arc improved, with
one frpine house, aud some fruit trees thereon.
—ALFO—Another let situate in said Tswn- ;
thjp, Bounded on tiw north bv the highway
called the Genesee Fork raod. and east by
Francis Strang, south by A. P. Cone, and west
by D. Snndcriin, tonuining one half of as
I acre of gronr.d.
j Soiled, taken ic execution, and U: b sold ■
i as the property of H t%rr Fzrrsy.
j ALSO —Certain real estate situate iu Bing
ham Township, Potter Co.. Pa.. Bounded on
the north by lands of-John Phillips and Es
tate of Fox £ Ross, cast by lac-is of Anx-s
j Lewis aud Evans, soc.tb by unseated
; lands of fox & Ross, and west by lauds .of
Fox k Ross, containing one hundred and six? v
uine acres, about eighty nine, acres of which
are improved, with two frame- houses, one log
house, four frame barns, one over shoi Sa.v
Mill, and some fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Harrison Rota £ J. 11. White.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Alle
gany Towmii'p. Potter Co.. Pa.; Bounded as
fohoivs: Lcginmng at a po.-t in the north
! Lite ot iut No. 4fi7, thence north one Inn- 1:•!
j! ,d to a post, thence east partly aiung the
south line ot lot No. -.•> one hundred and
V vonteen rods and >i.v tenths of a rod to a
post in the west line of lot deeded to the Pacts,
( thence by said line j>outh one hutidre.l rods to
a post the south west corner of the Peel Jo!.
, thcuce west one lutudre 1 and seventeen roils
and rix tenths ul a i<-d to the place of begin
ning, containing sixty nine acres and one
tenth of an acre.
| Seized, taken in execution, a;.d to be sold
as the property ot Wni. P. Cool.
AL&O —Ft. Fa.- Certain real estate situate in
Hector Township. Potter Co., J'a„ Bounded
OH the north by the highway culled the Gene
see Fork road, east -<y lands ot Fram is Strang,
south by lands of ('. P. Cone, and west by
Daniel Sunderlin. containing one half of an
acre of ground improved.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be told
as the property of Henry Ervay.
A '.eh 1 — Ft. /A'.-Certain real estate situate in
Eulalia Township, Potter Co., Pa.. Beginning
at a po r t at the south east comer of patent
No. 2124 in district No. 2, and being part of
s i 1 patert, thence north eighty perches to a
j post corner, thence west one hundred and six
'perches to a post corner, thence south eighty
perches to a post corner, thence east one hun
{. drcd and six perches to the place of beginning.
containing fifty acres more or of whLii
' twenty five acrc3 are improved, >,n which ij
•erected one frame barn.—ALSO—Another
. tract of land situate in Eulalia Township, Pot
, ttr Co., Pa., Beginning at a stake at the
north west corner of lands now owned and
1 occupied by Win. Avres, thence running north
by lands of Jacob Vannutter ten rod?, thence
• ; ea.t sixty rods to the public highway, thence
' along tin 1 a '.id highway eleven rods, thence
west by lands of \\ illiam Ay res sixty four rods
' to the place of beginning, containing eigh'
? acres more or less, lseing the same iand cou
| vcyc by Peter Ivaickcrbocker to I.ester ITar
r .vis 1-y d*ed bearing date Oct. 17. 182 i. on
which is six acres improved land, log housa.
! and other out buildings.
t! .Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Linus Walker.
A. C. T AGO ART, Sheri.T.
Coudersport, 270 v. 25, 1857.
Cosmopolitan Art Association.
axo Pow>Kd' would uevowkkd stattts of tuk
j Re-purchascd lor six thoosoml dotlarj. with
several hundred other works of Art. in Paint
ing. Sculpture and Bronzes, con pri*e the Pre
miums to be awrrded to the subscribere of the
who will sub - -ribe before the 28th of January.
ISSB, at which time the awardi will take place.
Every Hubiscr'.ber of three dollar* ii cntiiled to
A copy of the large and xplendid S'.ccl En
■grrtxiiig, entitled •• Manifest DtsTinY. ai.-o to
A cop, of the CosaonoLiTAS Art Jouhnal
one year, also to
A Ccriificate in the Award of Premiums. a!*o
A free admission in the Dusseldorf and Uos
inopolitan Galleries.
Thus it is seen that for every three dollars
paid, the subscriber not only receive? a
but, also, the beautifully illustrated
Two ifcsßv*• til Journal, Out
-5 i'J: I'.
Each subscriber is aIo presented with a
Certificate ,n the Awards of Premiums, bv
waich a valuable work oi Art, iu P.tinting or
Sculpture, may be received in addition, tints
giving to every subscriber an equivalent to
.•! value o fji:i e i Mitts, and a Certificate yra'.it.
Any one of the lending A3 Magazines i? fur
nished, instead of Engraving anil Art Journal,
if desired.
No person is restricted to a single share.
Those taking five memberships, remitting Sls.
.re entitled to an extra Engraving, and six
1 nil particulars of the Association are given
in the Art Journal, which contain? over si:cy
splendid Engravings, price y/Y/y cents pr num
■ her. iSpc omen copies will be s"ut to all per
son? who desire to subscribe, ou receipt of five
postage stamps. (15 cents.)
fc. L. DERBY, Actuary C. A. A..
10:22—6t. 543 lirondway, Sew Fork.
BF-4i_G. B. OVERTON. Honorary Secretary.
Couddersport, Pa.
Administrator's Sale,
IN PL KisUAXCE of an order of the Or
_ phau>' Court of the County of Polter, I
shall expe-c to sale, at the Court House in the
Borough of Coudersport Pa., on SATURDAY,
the IfiTII DAY OF DECEMBER, A. I). 1857.
at one o'clock, P. M.. the folicvriug described
real estate, situate in Sweden Township, Pot
ter County, Pa. :
Bouudcd on lite North by lots of C. L. Car
-aw, Jacob Herrington and John R. Miller : ou
the East by lands of George Fox and S. Ross,
and by liinghani Lands ; on the South by
: Bingham Lauds, and on the West by Biug
ham Lauds aud lot of C. L. Carsaw : contain
ing Too Acres, more or le->s, with the usual
allowance of six per cent, for roads Ac.: being
. Lot? No?. 10 and II cd' the allotment of lands
i of S. Koks in Sweden township, and parts of
M. rrants Xos. 130J and 2117 : abo it 50 acres
ot which R improved, and ou which has been
ere ted one frame Louse and baru ; also, some
L uii trees growing thereon.
JOEL HENDRICK, Administrator
of the E<te ue of Win. Lyon, deceased.
Coaderspoil, Nov. 25, 1857.
riIHE subscriber keep-* cosntantly on hand
a ready made, all articles commonly used,
in his line of baeinfss, by the people, such as
Plows. Coulters, Sleigh-Shoes, < devises of ati
kinds, Pick?, Grub-Hoes. Drag-Teeth. Wedges.
Grab-llooks Neck-Yokes, Whippletrecs. Har
row.?, Ac., Also Horse and Ox-tabors by the
quantity, so that any person who may wish
their or catt'e bin d, need have no delay.
Any article i:i my line made to order on khort
; aotice.
FLon on Main St perth end of the Borough.
l'A23-it PA VIP B FROWN.
is herebv given that the An did 01
appointed by theConA W make distri
bution ol'the proceeds of thi* siilc of feat' es
tate in the case ol Polly Lord cv-n/r James C
Curtis, of Mar Term. 1835, No. 8, V'H attend
to the duties of his appointment on
the 1 Stii day of December next, at two o'c-pcL
T. M.. hi the Office of the Frothonotary.
11. J. OLMSTED, Auditor.
Coudcrsport. Nov. 20, 187. 10: -2.
OTICE is hereby given tluit thslAuditor
appointed by tiie Court to make distri
bution of the proceeds of the sole of rra! es
tate in the case of Juine.- Uilliiigliaui. fur use
of N'. J. Mi: l-', vratH Cr shy \V". Fills, c f May
IVrni. 1834, No. 32, will attend to the duties
of his appointment, r.t the Office of lie Pro
thonotai.y, on MONDAY EVENING, December
21st next, at seven o'clock.
11. J. OLMSTF.D, Auditor.
Coudcrsport, Nov. 2d, 1857.—10:22.
Divorce \o(icf.
Daniel Dodge, ) No. 130 Feb. Term. 1837.
Adelia I'. Dodge, J A Subp una and u'i-u
Subpoena having been issued in litis ease, and
returned nihil, the said Adelia E. Dodge, the
respondent i; hereby notified and required to
be and appear in our Court of Common Picas
at the next Terra cf said Court, at < • uders
port. in the eotinly of Potter, to answer the
complaint of Libcllanr.
A. C. V AGGART ShcriiT.
Coudcrsport. Nov. Id 1fc'57.—16:22—1'-.
110 \V AUt) ASSOCf A'l'iO N.
' -1 Benevolent h's:ltali>n : esfah'udt'd /<>/ .• ■■•rid
trw'ou inent for tht rtUff of 'he ;rick OHti itif
trtijtd. with Viral-mi aid
Epidemic dixcistt.
i, FEV all persons afflicte-l with Sc xu:il D.seus
_ KlltEA. GLEET, SYPHILIS, th•• Vice of
e ONANISM. or SELF Aill Si£. &*., <v<*.
b'the awful destruction of human life, caused
t> by Sexual disea-es, and t' e deceptions pruc
c* iised upon the unfortunate victims of such
t- diseases by Quack-, severe! years ago d .ected
s their Consulting Surgeon, as a (. HARITAPLK
• ACT worthy of their name, to open a l>ipcn
_ tary for the treatment of this c!a -s of diseases.
- in all their forms, and to give MEDICAL AD
a t GRATIS, to till who apply by letter,
i. with ;t description of their condition, (ago,
i occupation, habits of life, &<•„ t and in c u,e
--1 of extreme poverty, to FURNISH MEDICINES
FREE OF CHARGE. It it needless to add
that the Association commands the higher
I Medical skill of the age. and will furnish the
_ most approved modern treatment.
The Directors, on a review of the past, fee!
i assured that their labors in this sphere of be
, nevolcut effort, have been of great benclit to
, the afflicted, especially to the young, and they
have resolved to devote themselves, with re
| newed real, to this very important but much
i despioed cause.
, Just Pubii-hed by the Association, a Re
: port on Spermatorrhea. or Seminal Weakness,
the \ ice of Onanism, Masturbation or Seif-
Abuse, anu other Diseases of the Sexual Or
gans, by the Consulting Surgeon, which will
he sent by mail, (in a sealed envelope.* FREE
OF CHARGE, on reeaipt of TWO STAMPS
" t for postage.
Address, for Report or treatment. Dr.
. GEORGE K. CALHOUN, Consulting Surgeon.
. Howard Association, No. 2 South Ninth Street.
Philadelphia. Pa.
l!v order of the Direct- rs.
EZRA L). HEART WELL. President.
GEt. FAIRCHILD, Secretary. [io:24—ly.
!)'25 Farms fi Sa!e inihr Valley
of Virginia tai llttclj.
FIHIESE Farms arc situated in Botetourt
JL county, Wi-atern Virginia, in one of the
' heal,'hi' ■/ regions in the irorld, as has been dem
on, tr.ited by recent statistics. The northern
• portion of the tract lie* within five miles of
| Kanawha and James River Canal, the south
em portion within eight miles of tiie Virginia
and Tennessee railroad. The main road from
Finragfle to Sweet Springs runs through the
centre of it. These farms will be sold bv j
subscription. The tract will be divided into
323 shares, ranging as follows .
1 Farm of 200 Ac's, contain'g iron k lead,
j 2 Farms'* 100 '* each, •' "
4 " " 50 " "
j G " 30
10 " " 20 " "
20 " '*lo " "
3o " " 8 " "
• §0 " " 5 "
I 100 " " 4 " "
200 " " 3 " "
500 *" << 2 " "
These shares will be sold at $lO each, and j
a numbered certiorate to any one making appli- ,
! cation. One-half of the purchase money will
be required before the division when thenum
bered certificate wil' be given—tbe other half
before the delivery of the deed, after the di
vision. Thus it will be perceived that each ;
! subscriber or purchaser is sure of getting a
; two-acre lot at a very trilling price, whilst r
the same time he has a than e of getting
valuable farm. The division to fake place on
the first <1: y of .March, 1858, unless the shares
should all be disposed of said time.—
Due notice will be given v.hen and where the!
division will be made, so that those who de
sire can be present.
1 lie.-e lands are surrounded by sonic of Hie
most famous mineral upriny* in the .State, and
are in tne midst of a deeply picturesque and
magnificent country. The title is good, hav
ing lately been conveyed by the Stat' to the
present proprietor. Some portions of the
tract are well timbered, and other portions
contain iron, lead and coal. It possesses a
1 strong and good soil, like iuo> lauds in the.
| Valley. The two-acre lots are all in one body
in a central and portion of the tract.
These lauds arc .-.old at a price below tnuir
actual cost, in order to induce s iilement. For .
certificates, circulars A *., appi> to
J. D. G \. NG EWER,
Agents Wanted. IRuhUhern, Pa.
Also for sale, in \V--i r rn Virginia, harms
partly improved at from sl2 to s3a per acre,
according to location improvements.
I lo:2 4—fc'T.
Tlic Potter County tgrifidtural
and IKoriieiiitiirai society.
A Sovietv will be held at the Court Hou-eon
TUESDAY EVENING ol Court Week, (22d
Tiie Election of Officers for the ensuing
year, and other business of importance will
engage tb<* attention of the Society.
S. P. JOHNSON, ESQ.. wiii address the
. Society upon subjects of iut<* to all.
Farmers generally, and all interested in Ag
ricultural permit#. are resp-ctfullv invitwl to i
'attend. JSO- M- HAMILTON, Secy. !
TrwTdltCl! conveys the remedies to the c,.vi
f f ties in the lungs through the air passa
ges. and coining in direct contact with the
" disease, neutralizes the tubercular .aitil-r, ai
. lays the cough, causes a free and easy expec
. {oration, litds the lung-, parities the blood,
imparls renewed vitality to the rerrous ,-y-ti-ui.
[ giving that ten* and energy so in ;:.-pcn<ubk
. t>i the lA'StdratioO ft haaltli. 1o be able to
. state o'Uiidontly tint. Consumption is rural ie
try iul.:i' itiou, is to tiff a somcc of una!' ycd
pleasure. li is as inueh tj.ndei the control oi
"i medic I . treatment as any Other formidable
•disease; ninety out of every ~uudred ou.,es
c.'.n be cured in the first stages, ailti htty J-t
cent, in the sc< "a i : b it in toe ihird St*>£o t
i is iijK 03tibie to save more than live per ct-fl-.,
i for the i.utigft arc so cut up by the disease as
to bid defiance to medical skill. Even, how
ever. hi the last s' !uhalaT;< u a'ddr ' - ex
traordinary relief to the suffering 1 attending
J this fearful scourge, which annually destroys .
j uiuely-fivW thousand persons in the United
States a'ouc : and a correct calculation show -
that of the present population of the earth,
eighty millions are destined to lill the Con
sumptive s graves.
Truly the puiver of death lias no arrow o
fatal a.> Consumption. In all ages it been i
the great enemy of life, for it spares neither
age nor .ex, but sweejis oli' alike the brsiVf.
th- beautiful, the graceful and the gifted. Hy '
• tin beJp of that .Supreme Leiug from whom
coineth every good and perfect gift, 1 am hi
j alibied to oiler to the attiicted a permanent
una speedy cure in Consumption. The 1
cause u' tubercles is from impure blood, and
the immediate efleet produced by th'Mr depo- j
siiion in the lungs i-, to prevent the free ad
mission of air into the air cePs. which cause?
a weakened vitality through the entire system.'
Then shrcly i' is more rational to efcjjfect great
er gou'l I:inn medicines entering the cavities
of the lungs than from those administered
through the stomach ; the patient w li always
find the lungs free and the breathing easy, af
ter Jnhalibg remedies. Tim-, Inhalation is a
io< al remedy, nevertheless it acta constitution
ally, and v. iih move power and eecUriuty tiia.-
remedies administered by the stomach. To
prove the powerful and direct influence of this
tliia mode of administration, chloroform
; inhaled will entirely destroy sensibility in a
lew minutes, paralyzing the entire nervous
sy stem, so that a limb may be amputated \>:th
ou! the slightest pain; Inhaling the ordinary
burning gas will destroy* life in a few hours.
The inhalation of ammonia will rouse the
'system when fainting or apparently dead. The
! odor of runny of the medicim S perceptible
1 in the skin a few minutes after being inhaled,
and may be immediately detected in the blood
• A convincing proof of the constitutional effects
'of inhalation, is the fact that sickness is al
ways produced by breathing foul air—is not
tli's positive evidence that proper remedies, '■
carefully prepared ar.d judiciously udminis-:
tcred through tile lungs should produce the!
happiest results ? During eighteen years
practice, many thousands suffering from drs- '■ of ill': lungs and throat, have been LU-;
ik r my caic. ana I have effected many remark
able eure-, even after the sufferer., had bem
prououuc J in the last stage?, which fu.''/sat
isfies uie that consumption is no longer a laial
dista.-c. My treatment of consumption is'
original, and founded on long experience and j
a thorough investigation. My perfect acquaiu- (
tancc with the nature ol tuber les. k<:.. ena
bles me to distinguish, readily, the various j
forms of disease that simulate consu motion,
and apply the proper remedies, rarely being'
mistaken even in a single case. This famil
iarity, in connection \v ;h certain pathological
i and micro-copic discovci ies, enables me to re
lieve the lungs from the effects of contracted
chests, to enlarge the chest, purify the blood,
impart to it renewed vitality, giving energy'
and tone to the entire system.
Medicines with full directions sent to any
part of the United States and Canada* by pa
tients communicating their symptoms byietter.
But the cure would be more certain if the
patient should pay rne a visit, which would
give m; an opportunity to examine the lungs ,
and enable me to pre- ribe wit • much greater
certainty, and then the cure could be effected
without my seeing the patient again.
O, \V. G IT A HAM, M. D.,
Office 113.1 Filbert Street, (Old
No. 109, > below Twelfth,
1 'I j
€J OH r L"
John S. Dye is the Author. tr
j Who has had 10 years experience as a Bank-*"
er and Pnblither, and Author of
A series of Ltciures at Hroadicuy Tabernacle,
when, for 10 successive nights, over
Lyvp'aO.c.uo People"A-sa
Greeted liiui with Rounds of Applause, •£-
while he exhibited the manner in which
Counterfeiters execute their Fraud-, r ud
the Purest and Shortest Means of N*
Drtecting them
The I'ank Xoie Kay ravers all say that he
the qrea'.tsi Judge of Taper Money living.
ijMtViifllj Ld'tOiM'fc.i 1u v iCS 77
Di -eribing every Genuine liil! in Existence,—'
and Exhibiting at a glance every Couu- I—l
terfeit in Circulation!!
Arranged so admiral !;, that REFERENCE T
is EAST, and T
gi-J-Xo index to examine! No pages to
• hunt up! But so simplified and arranged, .
that the Morchapt, Banker and Business C
Man can see all at a tllance. C
i'Lus each mar read the same in his own 7.
Most Perfect Bonk Xote Published. ' y
Also a List of v-
A Complete Summary ot the Fixaxce op
, Elr'ip£ it Aseuica will lie pwhliahed in each
edition, together with all the IMPORTANT
From an Old Manuscript iiuiul in the Ea?t. t*
It farnislie* the Most Complete History ► :
.ol'<Oriental Hiie,
describing the Most Perplexing Positions in
which the Ladies and tieukemen of that C
j Country liave been so often found. These
Stories will continue throughout the whole i~
year, and will prove the Most Entertaining R
ever offered to the Public. JRi
-Furnish -d Weekly to Subscriber! on- ~
ly, at $1 a year, Ail letters must be ad-,_
dressed to
JOIIIJ S. DYE, Broker, &
Pttbli!ir and ProprH-tyr, 70 Wall Street. ~
; New-York. * 10:!-ly. C
; I Nix and stap fi articles ir. the Prog Ue for j
1 ia: by E. K. H
FkOM. --* If '" -**
At Merchants Hotel. North 4th St.*,
accessible, your attention is culled to R,
:is jjossesxiug facilities au*i advantage# worthy
_ | of your consideration.
Aun ng it* advantages may he enumerated
its local ion, having rhortw lines of communi
cation to the interior, its proximity to the lion
a '-J A. ithrac'te Coal di.-ti icts of Pennsylvania,
the Urge and varied extent of its manufac
tures. bring fur in advance of any other city
'iii the I".'Led States, the moderate expen##*
ma .:} ■ r carrying on business, etc., etc.
The in -rket p s,s esses unrivalled adv&ct*
f r the sale of many kinds of produce,
such as I I.n r. Wheat, Barley, Wool, Butt®*-,
' 4 Choose. ,|r., while the charges made upou
, and .•itcidaut expenses arc more mydttf
ait? t'u ia lie g boring seaboard markets.
T j'V JR PAUL, Wholesale BOOT. SHOW
626 Market St.
llOl'rL. No. 4Jo Market and 423 Merchant
UItOCKRS, Nos. 11 aud Id, South Water St
1 ,/. C. FT EL LA XD. with Cf.IXE A CAR
i POL. Importers of WINES. BRAN*DIM,
GINS, A<\. No. 'lO4 North 3d Street.
?. R ORRIS. PEROT <V CO., Importer# and
W i.cle-'ulu Dealers in DRUGS, CHEMICAL*
No. 021 Market, and 012 St. James Si.#.
CONCKNTRA'i i'.D I.YE for making Sony.
Manufactured l>y the Peuti. Salt Co., Tara
turn. Alegh..ny *cou l lty. Penn. R*pro#ent®4
by LEWIS, JAMES a CO., Philadelphia.
HAAS A TAYLOR. Importers ad CasJj
Jobbers, No. 305 Market Street, IJOSIEJtY,
BPXX, Pi A IGI'EL CO., Importer# ®f
RlltS, yc., No. 37 N. Third street.
J AXES. KFX J'. SAX/EE £ CO., Import
er? and j.'bbcis of FOREIGN and DOMES
TIC DRY GOODS, No. 239 and 241 NorU#
i 3d Street, above Race. •
! CHANTS. Warehouse N*. 146 N'.3d S>;.
MOORE, IIEXZEY <V CO.. Importers and
Wholes Uv Dealers in HARWAKE. CL'TLK
IIV -ad GCNS, 427 Market and 416 Com
merce strcolS.
SO. ML H. PI BIGHA US. Importer seed
Wholesale Dealer in FOREIGN and DO
street, below Vine.
IlAXlf SA H'S in any variety and style qt
the celebrate i IX L stamp, manufaturril by
WALTER CRESSON, Depot No. 503 C®-
merce St.
IIA YMF IS. HATCHETS Ac., in gr&t va
rie'y. manufactured by C. HAMMOND. D#-
i po- No. 503 Commerce at. The attentiaa
of the trade A called to these goods as b#iag
equal in quality and finish to any made.
■JAMES BARBER, Wholesale Dealer U
rcr of GOLD PENS. S. E. corner of 3d
and Chestnut sts.
I'll ATT A REATIT, Importers of WATOB
W. earner sth and Market si#
Importers and Jobbers in
Britisli <So American Dry G-oodJ,
215 Market, through to Church Alley.
itQfC Months credit for approved Note#.
% [10:14~3BL
i Tift EM AT FACE,
In J£xchaiige tor Goodi,
William V. Keating. ] NO. 128.
Adolphus E. Borie j Sept. Tertn, 165?, ia
and ; the Com&iou Ple#
James .M. Wilcox, f of Potter (.'aunty,
vtrtu* j Action of Eject-
I.eonard McKee. J ment for the follow
' ing ties ribed lots of land in said county, t'®
iirsi containing two hundred and tifty-aevea
acres, tit uate in Eulaiia Townahip, and bound
ed ;ts follows : Beginning at the south-west
corner of the Tutiit* lot, thenee N. by west line
o: said lot rods to north line ot Warrant
No. 2129. thence west by said Hue G2.G rode
to N. J. lliUs' east line, thence south 43 de
grees west by Mi lis line 31 rods to center of
road, thence south 40.5 tods, thence west bj
Mil's' until line 40 rods to a corner, thence
south lib rod-, thence east 185 rods to a pout
in the west line of Almcron Neison# lot,
til .ice north 49 rods, thence east 50 rods to
warrant Hue. thence north 69.5 rod# to Tat
tle's south Hue. thence west by said line I*l
rods to the place of beginning ; being part of
Warrant .No. 2129.
The other 1< t. containing one hundred A*d
thirty-six acres is bounded as follow# : B
ginning at a post in the east line of the Keat
iap Lands, bcir.g the north-cant corner of a
lot surveyed to D. 11. Martin, thence north 20*
rods. west l'i9 rods, thence south 290
rods, thence east 109 rods to the place of b~
ginning: being part of Warrant No. 2116, iu
.Sweden township, Potter county, Pa.
\ad now. to wit, .September 22u, 185?, o
motion of John >S. Mann. Esq., attorney for
iTainTffs. the •' urt grant rule on Defendant
to appear and plead by third day of not
Term or judgment by alefauit. and order th®
pa. Lcation of the rule according to the Ac
|e-f Assembly, iu such cases made and provided
By the Court, 11. J. OLMSTED,
Poiitr, tf :
Certified from the Record this i3th day of
October, A. D. 1857.
: r , Witness my hand and seal of offica
L*• * • J a t (\iudersport, the same day aud yeax
lfl:18-Ut. 11. J. OLMSTED, Proth'j.
undersigned having bought oat 11
JL former owner; of the Lewisville Stoaai
Grist Mill are now prepared to do all manner
of grinding, ft 3 they believe, to the satisfac
tion of their cuitumcrs. Come and see.
c>. A. r.EWftt,
Vh'sset, Feb. 2>l, I^s".—❖- Ji.