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Editor and Proprietor.
Wednesday Morning September 22, 1858
The Circulation of the Hun
tingdon Journal, is great
er than the Globe and Alll
erican combined.
H. F. CAMPBELL, T. E. Onntsox,
W. H. GORSUCH, ago. WlLso's, EsQ.,
Ictec WoLvenToN, J. A. HA M.,
Do. J. A. SHADE, Cot,. A. KEITH,
The Huntingdon Jonasat. for one year, and
either of the Magazines for the some period
will be sent to the address of any subscriber
o be paid in advance as follows
The Journal and Godey's Lady's Book, for
sae year, $3 50
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•nn year, ,V 3 30
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one year, $2 75
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Year, $3 a
The People'. District Ticket and the
Speaking from what we deemed ample,
and know to be reliable facts. we have Ire•
quently declared through our column, that,
since the fatal mistake of 1856, a vast ina
jority of the Americans of this county, in
cluding all the respectable leaders of the
party, have been sincerely opposed to the
dangerous doctrines and corrupt practices
of Locofocoism, and that they have always.
held the same principles with the Republi
cans, only giving the Slavery question a
little less protnin'-nce. This vast majority
of the Americans have no just ground of
difference with the Republicans, and are
now, as they always have been, for honor
able union with them, and steadfast co op.
eration against the common enemy. Ac
tuated by this teeling and belief, both par
ties have, by spontaneous consent, laid
aside, for the present, their distinctive
names, nod agreed to battle, in the more
potent name of the People, for principles
dear to both. We hesitate not to say, that
every patriotic heart rej-ncee at this union,
based, as it is, on principle, and demanded.
as it was, by the honest masses who cure
but little for party names, and have a
strong distrust of party intrigue. The
People, the reel sovereigns of the country
—however basely they m iy fora time be
despoiled of their sovereignty by an un
scrupulous party with its hoard of plun
dering spoils, men and hungry, hireling
subordinates—have broken the thraldom
of party and inaugurated, in all parts of
the Free States, the means of deliverance
front Locofoco tyranny and misrule. In
this county they have thus far, nobly
dicated their ability as well as their right
to rule and regulate the political iiitereets
of the county; ■nd the same spirit per
vades, we believe, our Congressional dis
trict. In this county, an intelliger t Con
vention contained and organized the pri
mary action of the people, by nominating,
with great unanimity, a strong ticket of
good-and true men, most of whom have
never sought office ut the hands of the pen.
ple, 'to 'lerve them. Fifty years ago,
when wise legisletivn, economical govern
ment, and faithful execution of law were
dish/If/tusking glories of Pennsylvania,
this is just the kind of men a I,,,ted fur
public trusts, and this was, ionpliatically,
the manner of selecting and calling them
into the public service Office-seeking
was not then a regular pursuit, governed
by no principles of integrity or honor. DI
ficiul stations were not then a purchasable
come milts; nor did bribery and corruption,
peculation and fraud then disgrace our
name, or demoralize our citizens, or threat
en our liberties, The evident determina
tom f the people to recover the goiid. old
landmarks so long trampled clown poli
ticians, is a hopeful token of party rotor
illation. if the People are true to them
,elves, honorable men of till parties will
give their standard; and dein
agogties and political vampires, di-iirased of
all power to betray, divide and plon,ler,
Will be forced to avow their. Locitfoco pro
clivities mid sneak back to the barite°tm
and ruin-pal .s )f their master.. Sei, to it
then, people of Huntingdon minty, that
you advance the good work you have in
auguruted, to its glorious consummation
t ;ire no heed to the surmises that c noun
Reptitsbl.caHs are dissatisfied with the
miners for Congress and State legislature,
except so far as the rumor may serve to
awaken your vigilance and augment yoar
efforts. Suffer no vague fears of defeat to
depress your energies and weaken your
exertions for the triumph of prinei,de as
embodied in your catiditlatos. Messrs.
Blair and Wig,. are known and acknowl
edged, t y friend and foe, to b • honest and
capable men. They are eminently quell
fled by talents. integrity anti character, to
honor the station., they have been called to
fill. They are thoroughly imbued with the
pure, old Republican doctrines, and firmly I
attached to sound American interest;; and,' .
th -refore, no true Republican will so far
forget his dnty to the people of this district
and the party they have organized, as to
oppose any worthy candidate of their
choice. Of the Americans of this county
we can speak with equal conlidenee. They - a
in, a
Cr „ zine —The Ucw h er
hold, as we have already stated, the ilenti!number
is now before
cal views of the Republicans on the oh. this Al"gaz:ne
us. It has five co tired fesbier virile., to
sorbing subjects of free territory, the rights
of free labor, protection to have industry gether with a vest amount of the mast.
choice ['totter for Indies and gentlemen.—
and property guarded suffrage. hey have
For Price see our club list.
the credit, ton, of making the first move 1
towards the pt,rinatteut union of the Op•
position under ,he broad banner of the Emerson's,zine.—The Septem
bee number of this in enittiable Mae izitie
People, trod have three of the four condi
is on oar tattle. It contains a vast smonet
dates that compose the county ticket. They
cheerfully admit, in common with the Call.
of interesting mutter nor to be
did men of all parties, the high character where. For prce see our club list.
of S. S. Blior and B. B Wigton. It ts,
therefore, a slander on their integrity nod °Alunble ' lit
erary periodical f .r Occoher is new before
common sense to suppose they can prove
tie Amon!! its eneteres are : The New
unfaithful to the ticket. For nn A tneri•
can, in this county, to oppose any part of World view
" The (3. "'"'"
the People's ticket would bury him s P°P"l",... of
11r, F,ns its \lass
full exp{„tioooft .e
Jeep under the reproaches of his own par!, Wign i" e's A
ty that the hand of plaice! resurrection h language &e• Svc 1".”' price
could never reach hint. Nay, it would tit- '" our club
taint his friends, if he had any—which is
&dry 116 knelt. -Ilickiiell was nit
hardly supposable- and: drive hint and
them together into the congenial embrace old established Bank Not. Repartee
of the coininon enemy. With the facts of Philadelphia, and has now jellied etch
the case before them, men of ordltiar3: holey. We may rem rely on n t o„ i
sense can not doubt the littegrity of the porter
Americans of this county. We admit, Due Jnerned
and always have udiniited, that a leer who 1 As Editors are not often trouldnil v
o,llthe i nsOves will vote ugainst cemintinications front th- liter. o!
a part, perhaps the greater part, of the place we (though not of tiro !.1 '
People's ticket. We deny that they will time to seed you this brief
do so from any peculiar regard for Jlauri- withstanding every thing in
cuaism, but solely because they ate Lore arouitd us is ao•I drooping p,
locos, riad.,r Locators itiflu..ue, mot tee e sCurcdy 0 livino feature,
nemr anything iit kart. It would be hippy to soy, the e.ditc,drin
os louical to call Arnold a pal riqt. oi the young of tht• I, cult t, are nor
Point, because he wore the p ing nets .cted--durit g thn hint two eve_
form, as to call these hirelings Auteric ins rings we have been Pere iiktis only, nu I
because they wear the in ignia of the ;we believe profitably, ers rained witi.
Order, whilst they persist in diS,raciog Exhibition of the Select School or this
the honorable name they unworthily bear place taught b 3 fir. %V. A. Houck. 1 1.1 0 •
They belong to our loss, the enemies. not; 09 entering the school ream, we wore th •
of American Republic iiiisin only, but of lighted with the .asetul manner in which
American institutions and American fiber. I the house sus decornted with wreaths,
ty. The sooner they throw off their dis
guise and show their colors the better for
us and for the country.
We have endeavored to give a plain mat.
ter-ol fact statement of the prospects in
our own county. Row is it with our sis
ter counties of the Cringre,sional district
As far as informed, we believe ell is rigla
in Cambria and Somerset. 01 the post
lion of our younger sister, Blair, there is
at present writing, NOIIIII doubt. There is
reason to fear that the Locofoco element is
much stronger in the American party of
that, than of any other county in the dis-
trict,and may work mischief. os it has al
' ready given just ground of alerts. But
we are not sufficiectly i formed to discuss
the matter now. %h e will wait the devel
opments of the week, fearing evil, but tin
ping our fears may prove to be without
I foundation. It may not, however, be out
of place at this time, to remind our Amen
' can friends in Ilttle'Blitir, that the candidate
is one of their own most worthy citizens,
a man of unbenditig integrity, of continuo.
(hog talents, high literary culture. profound
legal attainments and a moral character
without a state—a man above suspicion
and without reproach in all the relations
of life, public and private. W e would re
mark, too, (list, Mr. Blair's political opin
ions and principl?s are knows and appro.
ved hydl/ sinc!reopponents of Loctifocuisin,
of whatever name or party. not in this Con
gressionul district only, but wherever Mr.
Blair hlinsalf is known. The defeat of
such a man at such a cri , is. l.dl ith
crushin weight on the !qui.) , that Cllll,eS
it, whether by open opposition or luke
warm support. We treat o ur f r i s md,
whose position is in doubt, will speedily
set themselves right. nut ovoid the
ty of el, cting n Locofoco to Congress, and
destroying the American p.m), in one of
its strongholds.
eir- We intend far our part to give Mr,
Blair, the Republican candidate fin. Con,
gross, our hearty and earneat suppirt, he
is 0 young nut of fine talents, and will
represent the Helm bl'e.ot liNrty to the best
of his nhility—and nu thtithi could he re
tertained of a majority ro this couitty, if
his merest and that of the party wore lett
in the hands of Irue and tried Dire 14 the
comity. But aheu we See two or three
broken down pohtical hacks, who have
been denounced and repudiated by the par
ty—and who have always been year al er
year, aspirants for Wilco, end leg , i v..
honors, with mit o single qualthicalion fer
such places. We greatly doubt wile' lit r
their I.tlining the paternity of 11r. Blair s
nomination, and his con,cience keeper.
will have no salutary influence where they
are known, Could not th• or new fledged
worthies he restrained, mid tarry nt Jer
lien until their Republican beards should
CliarM.s Kale H truant) has our sincere
thanks for it baski , t of most delicious grapes
May the vines continue their fruitfulness
Earlueogs Reply to the • uperitoen•
,vam too I•tte for publilntion loot vrt ek,
it trill be found on the first page of to
ke§..l'lie Exhihition of the M iln wood will take place on Wednesdny
20th of Septeokber. The friend,' at Edo-
Cation ere invited in attend.
garlands and flowers, presenting on up le- Fn. the Lorain Co. Engle, 011'o.—
ptarance at once pleasing and attractive.fori..t. kinds of ionic ore advertised that wo
urn a.•sur.••l will stret;;iLeia the i
boinit•r sos, , ended over the stage, andout,nunu that w 1 w: 1 11 1 :: . , k ;
MOW all arch VI flowers, Colltailling the .1,01 dies all that if. pruiniritt4 ; save
cnpuun ''Kul,"l.'dge wo l i!,7u u o r d j i
Ci l e \ ct ri Tt d orr i tii n we ms is e J is
very approprhtte to the occa-ion. tint, it, tr u l y b er „.L.i n i etli•ria. lie.
but lila teridl decorator's were n em We .1 wit, hit d enough to send is at couple of
lust night o f , no the y outhful ()""°"' p th rt i ti t iTtr l :o t t e t ' l l e ( lo r
sayiets ant' Drainittibt.i, performed their dif• I u fri,,el ,tlor had been bald t'or ut leant teirty
it has . re k store c t i l heir entirely, in.d it
1•1 , -tit part ,to the pleasing admiration of
large end attemive audience. The exec. tswe't:ty aw Ll'invet.h":fltisanwe whet lit
clot's consisting of 10 or 51) pieces. Essoys we shall he glad to have taw trendy try d for
Orations, Declamotions, u„,,,,i„g Di n. I form-elves, as we believe it in just shut it pro.
1nt41034, &c., interspersed and enlivened (rants t° be,
with appropriate pieces of vocill music.
The exhibition was truly praise-worthy,
and reflos great credit upon te u .:l,,r and
pupils. While observing the talent (Its
play,d by loony of the pupils, we thought
we beheld the budding of future flower:
which would, in their season, shed forth it
beauty sod a Iragrance• that would tell la
vorably upon the community in which
their lots may be cast. Those pre: eat,
(with u few exceptions.) by their emhust
aunt and smiles of approb:ition, evinced
their a,•preciution of the purlorinancts.—
tt e are sorry, however, to say there are
those around us, who speak in unqualifi•
ed term. of disapprobwion of the exercis
es of the exhibition whilst we refire', that
fogyism Is so rampant in our midst, we
rejoice in hopes of the times Com
ing," when those swop to the wheels
will be removed; nod the Edueational
Chariot will move onward with locomotive
speed, freighted with the rich treasure of
knowledge, to he disseminated among the
youth of our laael, and to•rpetuated to the
unborn inilhons of flume s. We hunt)
thut 11r. Ilnuck in about to resign tenchilig,
to engagviii th.• tr. which event.
the profession will lonic a bright orna•
.meat We hope. however, that his n
of tis. fulness will not he it he
h.i as fiiithful in his future culling ac he
has hemn in his past. we prong, f o r hi m a
rich nut only in the heart, of it
'generous penple, but in the ov,rinqing
ki”gdoin of 1.6 heavenly muster, in whose
im yard he is called to labor.
Jlaikl g. '5B
j Buchanan and Cass Repudiated.
! A grrat battle h,twt, th • Buchanan and
anti-Buchanan factions of the Democratic
party has jest. been (might in Michigan.
Every imaginable de vice• was resorted to
by the Badman party to defeat ow woo
in•oion of Charley E Stewart, for Govt,
hu , Stewart is, noiwithstanditor all this
tim Democratic nominee Buchanan and
Cass newel heaven and carat to defeat thi p
nominalion..othl we 7.11 , 11' 1 ." they sill
now spare no pains to defeat, if possible.
his eh-ction They will enalo. war upon
him as they are now waging it against
"the little giant" in Illinois
PIMPLEi Am, lit.t7rtra77b—Are the results of
impure blood. Th 4 blood becomes thick and
el , tgatlt The s• in is not tilde to cast 0' the
impurities so impotant to health. Hew many
younif men mid wemen we see with thefts et-•e
emit with pimples nod blotches, who are en
dea,ring to remove them by the uee it soups
Rod washes of various kinds. This is very dart
germ's nod should never Ii practised by per
-130143 111,401 s of coed lve th. :let hero wlot
have children allbeted with arid veep.
tinuv should lu,, dry them up by exit:foal atit
phi whole, for in this x•ne they will alit , ; is the
111111101, Mill prodnee ill health ti e • the child an
riog its whole life• bate. There is no Ili, lit,
that likes to bee her children afflicted with t'ett..
hle health.
S 1 Itil:'3 INIIIAN ROOT 1'11.1,S pre•
pared expressly 1, the care at crap; ions or tioP
sltio, such as Pimples, Blotches, Sore., &e.
They the blood from all impolitic, pro•
dociog n. hcaotifol, clear and healthy shin. so
Int, admired by all peopleof taste awl rctinc.
Mor,'s Rout are sn'al I
all avitkrs itt
Tut: VALUE OF A Nl.l,—A /ewe hi irseli , de
0, IVrt Irvin a ttt is opparootly ot very Mil.
th;•lr 111141.
10V5,141 .
w,..1.1 ,
.:Ivs..r Awry .pf x 110.0. I. 1,41
Cl1:1:11. 3,2 , 1 o,eaintl uutly.r.
K,, ..,
hwy. •ii rt•••,;.l..)ca. d
I•::,•i.iy thoui.vol ju h .,
Al,l worb r
Ow , r T,c, her J. 11,!:. ~hi.•(•,..1 to the match
h i , ,el.;e!,:tl
Lowyer, who ho,ol iii 4 tlttlry. tt:l , l hliu
he would pet h!.n threl,ll I t a 1 1.....00ive
f rthd he W. tts: gtod wool. tirse
mike.' the young long i. he would 10
teke twenty th.eti•ci„l NOSE? .1%,
this the yo , kitg follow gxve a ,keided any. OA
Euxy the Attorevy then weni, to tho
and ;ohl him that it was all at "hem" aired, h.
v 101111 ;; holug so [mot., that eer tt.
isw,wlerl,e he let,l ~tat jewel alone l'or which
rehise,l tWI,III, 11,11ill1111 010,4! . 1 . 1114 ,a 1 is.
titu,itliatt, 11.01 the W... 11111, 1,111 I tilY.
when he got it sight uf the jewel he
• • his nos, but. forsona,
10,4.1 a Lilidmei,
• , %oda hit, not only bavtql thu
hit face, hot iketnolly prevented one
,!•• painful nod horriN,,
.1: nnmaginahl, Rood thu
:11.1 is known, and Ow marks on his face
nn >t t6a truth of his Matement.
For mile by Juba It a,l, Heleing.lo.l ; Wm.
G. Murruy..l.. It. Putt..., 0. W. Puttee, 1.. v
vi G. I....tiner, 51eFat.blee Leue..., Geo. A.
Jere., ; Whit.. l Co.,
Gayspert, and all the principal Druggi6t3 itt
the Cuite.l Suttee.
Tne letter broke oat, soinethit4t ever a year
ago, tat the inside of my at ito.,,.xteudtugji,„,
the elbows dosett to the wrists; also 011 01.3 Nee,
intawilittittly round the mouth and chin, aml eon
t i ne d to ben pei:fret iOrofrOt to me WWII cored by
t 1 t I,l o od :skGrriar. .Ni) arms, at time,, were
ann., eSS, U.. 4 to thou etaois WWI 8000 ,
I/11 VALI:B LIALVANIII 01 io n blessing to „„ t h,„. ne „ o t o weed at „„, fist. e on
invalid, f o r it will relieve then, , or mitts ..X..111 , 11 lit lin or work and ,onlvtitoe,
n, it is
token internally,
orI t! sti3uam been r , eely hr trout (rutin'
l'ain anti Inisery can nut exist where the GA le ! Mid 'eel it floe to Mr. and to the. pub_
V A SIC OIL iit used. tic r!vtall to ttukttlis atlteitten.,!it !lope
I mei oo.rrsl, : ke try self may bo heuUtfitsd
If you have a sore or pinful and using "
gel a bottle of Do YALCR Get,vv:vie Ou„ tool
you will nut rue it —no! you will purchase.
Thi„ Imo h etet the ' , me , en d will h e ee : Sworn and mit.seriheti bffore me, one or rho
i.. time in cot.. Aldermen in Innd tor the City of rinnhurg, thin
ANIt uNIA STE it AVermea.
SILADELPHIA MARKETS.' 110110a)elitir, hew. 22,58 Yn
PHILADELPHIA, July 38, 1838.
FLOUR ••Superflue. per burrel, 10(iyil 110
xlrn•• " 5
6 25(50 50
4 00
Atir Flour and Cuia 'Maul
I%'hoa—n;(l.. por hushed,
operseed 14 3°g4 50 per G 4 pounds
Timothy eyed
" rpr bp phol $1 68
GREAT BEUTIFIER in g k the letter oriouN M. READ, ..1 , 1,48-
~o long tenstlecessfully sought, Pil to Gov. A. 11 (eider,l President of the
FOU NI) AT LAS ' , People's State Convention, tccepting the
nouatiation for Judge of the Supreme
Olt it tc-1 , ,, p 0111qt:tidy gray li,iir to it 4 Court. F
original col., ~ , e, .s I oviri.intly the bold
head; rem 'v., ell dandruff, itehimt awl all ..cruf- L POILADEF,PIIIA, July 27. 1 / 3 58.
iiiii, se itil bend and all eruptions; makes the ' DEAD •;IR: —I received this morning your
hoe soft , healthy, ii... 1 glosiv ;,eel ,vill preserve letter of the 2.lth inst., infortning ale of
ill° nap i 1111011.41,10 %Igo, remov, s, . if by mag
my inianituous noinination by the people's
le, sli I teaches,Ste.front etc face, and cur. all
neuralgia and nerve!as head ache. Sac circular. Conventiott, usseiniiiiiil at I larrisborg. for
and the tol,toving. : the office of Judge of Supreme CIIIIrt , anti
' I enclosing a ropy of the reSoltitions passed
Itover. N. ii., Feb, 2.1, 1857. •
PI2IIF. U. J. WOOD Sc CO--Limits; W•thin •
by that body, which I have reAd tv:th great
~ fi,,, ,I, y, we 1„,,,, i . e „, e d ~ „,
~,,, 0r .d., r4 Care. I cordially approve of ihe senttinenis
no.l coll. is, Prof. .t. H. Waist'a Hair 'Rasters. or geti , rai policy cipressed in them, and
ii,, i 1,,i iu do) we were compelled to send to occ.•pt Ilith great iliffidence the ontnina
-1,0,-,.“ .or ii Wuu•litS , (the 8 dozen P. or. tion thus tendered me. If elected, I can
5 ,,,,,1, 1 Ai helm; suld,) wild.) we might order it •
only pr"in Ise, so far as my ability will per.
t• g e " ;;1. 1 : i j '. /I ri ' L l. : ' ;lrU ' li . 1 1 1 1: 14 atone i''ri or i jt e r :,: e w i c ' u l , v t e ont a c y r i s d , mil , an impartial and faithful discharge of
iiii.l we iiiiiiiiih..tiiiii, i.iiii idinninge it reuelves the ditties of this high judicial office.
n o . the ii,.,,, siii..ia i ,t;al and worteY eit l, .." . I ton very respectfully nod truly yours. v.,,ity. linty e.inviiiee us tla.At it 1, .1
,Cad ll' I. MAUI 1, tang bli one bra,:: of $1 1 -----.4.4141.1.1.
Si , •11111 one dozen $2 size; and uclieve us , S TATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE.
yoia, cur) iweetielly. I The President of the People's State
.. —........... ~.
1). LATHROP CO.& l c
en on H.. A. H. ;in
Hickory Grove, St. Charles co. 1110. I nuanced the u ueotleinen to act
Nov. 19, 1856.—Pr0r. t), 4. \Vood.-I)eur ' a State Central Committee cur the pms
sir r sometime Lan autioner we ware tiolu,ed
to n.O :won)
meets were se e . edderm, we few our de . , •. Fu ll er ,
ty to p,..01111 the alliteteil to report it. Ulla] les A Close, do.
tior little soo ' s head lie l/sie Mlle tool boon , ,iattul, do•
perilmle revered with curesond some cello" it do
tee......a Lead. Tbe heir aluaest ent,reiy canto J. Ch ., eter.
ot, conseq... nee, 0 1
100 Ilielld001:1,4 '
Jlllnn S Brow., 1)11 1 ,, .t0wn•
nolferniv, une IMMO your lie, -
toratice, we alas. with but little hope of coo - Henry kinar, :111.'llivie ii.
cess,out totinrmorptise, and that of all nor
very few ,ipplAtatiutis removed tile diseane I ll: l i b :Lc ,. E Ni c . k i,7: / ',,, 1 !; " ; " 1 1 , i , " ,,, ' ,: v i1i e.
tatty, loxitrient crop ut hair „ 'l.l ,
bnOtt started out, out we call s. that our ' 1 -.." , Ilt. ht.
„ Chun k .
% 1
o tt r B I ,,i r I I, nere.uru, alb” H"r i rq 11. 1 1 1 1 k.
0) 1,1 V llkaharre,
do lieteby reeountiend US a juin, li
See .on sVarren
pelf:et rein. IL , r d,sui,o4 ill too se.tid and
I , J. „_,
Hair. Wu ate, ;oar:, reopeetfully• raimer, atm cy.
LiEO46E tiluutNiloTti,kat, (3,,,e A. Prick, Danville.
SAItAII A. tlluuiNftol'it.ol. Udmurt Todd, Carlid,
O. J. Wood & co., Proptictor , 312 Broadway Judi. Wool. `.2otisholloclren.
Y.Uk, in Vie ginAt S. Y. wire raitiog Cab- Joust \Vollmer, Darisburg.
awl lit Alaritet St.. St. Lou;, Jlu. A S }lenders.. Lancaster.
Aii.l b.: 411 )rtienhlt.• OIIVer J Dickey. do,
Sept. 22, 1859.-3 r
David E. Small, York.
Tin: %Villa]) CIIALL ENGEI;!-- AK. McClure, Uhambershurg.
David NlcNlartrie, fluntingdon.
Alexander Ebetighurg.
TIII7 51.001) SEA ItellElt Darwin Phelps,
Edgar ('mvtf, Greensburg.
te.GI,OIIIOUSLY TII,II.I,MPII.IN'iI I W... Nicl(ennen, Wiishinuton.
Swoni stotement of Davil Iticere,y, of Na- Thoinas 51. Oarshall, Pittsburg.
pier Town4iio, Iledforil count v. liobt Ll.Carnitchan. Ibritlinghatn.
185 n, as near US i Call eeMeillern'er
Joh. , N. i'urvionce, Butler.
.1,41 Hlople sonde its appeuriowe iny al'-
pyr w•Aoll beeititio ettlorged and mare. „ Si .,) , Nkret,
~„. iti 1 , 111 . 1,1, and a wadi or blue Alte c Ilu nick pm , r. Meadville
• in-.... without ell , . Pin'ing the Oro ext. o . l " Philip Clover. Sirattonvillt,
in, I on Pr. rly, tit Sieliell.hure;„ who
roootviee.l it CA NCI . 11. nod o wit•lt
ut .'' al bre ad poultices. Fitanou
t h e ., ..o avail 1 culled upon Dr.
5.,..,••r. of 1),..01,111e, 000001 , e1 1001110, who
104., prop 81,1,0 th • Canner anti uavr
ow intern ll RUA b 10.1iodit.S—the latter
NI. 4 1.1'.112 ;tr. 0011,60 ; but all Iu nu
pia as .4.1,51,'150c10ti51110. spreatling In
-1 11001 'O.l a preparNtitill or or
•eti',•, in 5 fora, ,ilve This iur a tl,ns
nitlaimaation Soon
itivreased. I hoot oallod upon 1)r. Stiller of St.
11110 Pronoun
the di toile Coneer, and applied it Sidl . o
S•nlrl to 1111 a out er-titiliag remedy, but it hod no
etlert what •ver in etteeking the spread of the
:.ore lo Deeionlier, of the same year, the J.:-
1 , e.! hull Olden 110110 .1 E.:rumor part or tor ini .er
Lit. hod attacked tbe nu., wool 1 west to
. .cli^re I eonsolted Ile. It. ti.
of t •, Fleetie Cl/110111'.
01,1 0, .114,, , • a Calaliei , s ('‘,110,0, super.,
dare 1 ri in .0 1 .1 a, or inereary.'' . Lv
nrnlirll tel 11 z.l O bib rhinos, And giioo limo inter-
Nl)' fitee i.eateli 111.. but 11,0 ill
ii:kommiti 1 11,1 11 A !hot , I_lllV 1,1110,33, lu
r e ,.„„„,. , lora, he ia , oe.a.ieui 1110
hal for :1.1111". I' 0 A0....1 agaiii re
torneil. vii VitAelir Site 5 1 .1111 111.11 1 could
1111 t r,,tnt do ' ,,. f .t~Olll. , liy I lA:Rooted to
Coicitnion, 11.11 .t.,; tri t 01,1 It . under the
charge of Ile. e Watt
• vnt, wibbtl l remained
u nto Se;01,111 , ,t 0 . A I , I I IA . .O.IIOA 11 1110 Ito llietl
evert kit', 1.1 1 . , ,1 soceuivietl iu
i • •, Niii I rut timed
noon. th , red
dts:draing ulevis
upon e•.• 1 0 Ail 111, I using . Nu wton's
preparati 1110 , 1101 th: that I got Solo
ul'. I . 1 kit f'.tntl . l cot,tinuyd growing on
nil it !tad ":urn Olt li'e leit ut thy tioe, toe
actle . .l , ,
ueL . .
j o
curt I, since lie. Ely ,11.1 he could uu.y
0,..,ef Ina that a vitro wit inllooollllc. In
)lurcli, .1 bought a hottic ill - Mood se:At
elier," I , ut 1 must lei Moll in it.
I trite utak 1 ,thimvitucti 100111 g it ;
but I :,.out that 1 _omen ~ty mty.
and olso tout ilio ut,ra c•, dry tug
I euatlt:iied, ait.l li the tutr , l WM.; ta
ken ine Lice Wa: 11101 101, :04 It 110 a
..-.• beine spa I 11400 boo.
0.1,11 I have t.cen ror am lost :A:yea
.11 . .A1 0 1, Illt fact, I.a ioolly alb flg m e ` i 011,1
poatetol 111 II 1.).1g. r W , it, i1.1. .pa 0011
my lire, 01111 widen lota lieen doi:e 11,1 :.0011
ia,truawar.a.ty ar EL, o"uu
1)4 VIA) t
Sworn 0101 slll,scri ll cll. than 31,1 Oa.;
I). 1800, holtire 10, uln of toe
01 lie I'rat'e in 111,1 fib' the Boraugoo.
burg, Muir eillibt) rd.
itliebs- 11 J Junes. Jolts GOBLE V.
B e in g amioed wint at g res tuns Tetter on the
arm, tun thee—after trying litany rout adios
w hi c h u t te rly latioo to oust.-1 wu• purattatlod
by W. U. Bu t ros 3, Cu. to try Litylso's Itultau
,ed Blood Suaroltur tool ouw t niter
'limiting the a toad Witt, ptunut.uou ot) ,, eir
11. All that tract marked (3) in said Dia
gram emitaining 203 acres 39 perches and
culled t h e
one * L i fr i Ptas r t S ra P e ll t n i g 's ll e ° l " ete7 and
Huntingdon Furnace. Sept. Ilth, 1958.-31.
has thereon a dwdlling house saw.mill .d au
exeellent spring a wuier. To he sold 41,8 the
r p,„,„ vi n a t.hd &roil dee'rll real estate a Josuha W. Kerr, deed, under
,N. AUDITOR'S NOTICE. his last will.
12. All that tract marked in the said Dia
., , , ---- .......................... --;•-; - ~---,----7 grunt with the letter (F) containing 179 acres
mut o, too Th e mm e m e ned enpotmeo anintoir b y the '
124 perches and called the "Creek Farni."—
.".%. clii ,, ("mut to ascertain and report the liens agninqt ~
About 80 acres thereof are cleared and a dwel.
MA Ectste I.f . 1 tliVil Enyeart, lota or Cromwell
, CEII Xclensto. Tow ns hip deed., end to make dhoriliiition „e liag . house thereto, erected, the uncleared part
,08 3to. the proceed.; (tribe some will amen.. for that of this tract is heavilytimbered: To he sold
raliawa ai h i s t a ce , t o th e itneto ng h of Hon - us the real estate of HenryU M. Ker, dee'd. un-
A.RIS WAY. :ingol,t, on Thursday the 14th /lay llf October der his h i ., st ill .
1107,1, when and where all persons interested eon All diese lamis except Afilnwood lie in one
pine their attendance. body 'tear the borough of Huntingdon and
Does to,3budy want to get into good bust.JACOB MILLER. will he sold together or sepurately GO as to suit
nets, by x hid, they eau melee from $75 to • Huntingdon. Selpt, 15 1858.-4 t. I purel avers terms. third of the purchase
.. , I eo n non,,li wAlood hard labor? If so hentl SCHOOL TEICHERS W INT ED. 1 mousy ") l''' ',aid on confirmation of the sale,
moo . mos in tromps or money, for retort, mud the residue to be payable with interest at
posio, o, and by return mail, you will seceive • Teachers of a go o d and Moral character, and such times as may 1,,, agreed upon on the
. day
~....i., a the grandest money•nauking well qualified to Teach the various broom,. of sale. 'lke unpaid purchase money to be
xenon, ever appeared to . Di een t tre cl by taught in COllllllOll Schools will be employtxl, secured by hoods and mortgage.
a 0 ,., a . 4 i,. „„d proved to h e i n v e h ot hi e by and receive liberal wage.. by nipplyinu: inim& ; Sale to commence ut ten o'clock of cold .
one million of Southern people. Address, 1 diately. By order of the Board of Directors. 1 Attendance will be ' h
given y
A. C. DENSON, Mobile Ala. ' JOHN HONG, SKI. I . DAVID •13. - -It.ER, , 41 4 / 6 10 . If*
Sept. 22, 'sB.—ly. Week tit Sop. SI, 1860. ' ' Lap Al* lain- 41k
1 25(.1 1.)
1 ;i5,!! . . I .141
New SLTTLENIENT.— A hew smilt scent has
item loomed at llammontoon New Jersey, w hivh
for 14heeese 111111 pheiress rivahl anything we have
heard t f in the West. There is a large end.
gratiton having oolojectionito the West on tuoc.7otoot
of unhealthiness. distance and assoviation,
which enoloraces this new enterprise. The land
is is a panel climate, and the soil is said to he
amongst the hest Jersey soil. 4101'Sey, 33 will
be:,,,, bt e m . 6 . ,ri(mitklrtil *Stllti3tit, tot the
Patent 011iee, is the first aurieultural Slate in
the l'idon lor the value of its pianist la. nal.
111011 bMI is within thirty miles of P . iladelphia
loy railroad, and enjoys one of the he-n markets
in the Unionn. The tide of ethigration to this
place is immense, is well from the west. us
from the North.—Manv of the best grape grow
ers of Ohio have lovat!il, with a view of mak
it, wise. To Judge of its progress, the poop•
tdootlon one year ugh is numbered at only five
petsoonss it now 11111.1. en; over right hundred
, s •da. has she. liiiihlrol find IWell l y lire boil
' din,. three stores, two (douches, Episcopal
and Methodist. stmts. mill, !nick yard, marble.
yard, poololie school, sewspaper, &C., some t wen
; ty-live miles of hell Mills opened, six square
; stiles loeing improved. a new railroad station.
and all the elements of as old plate. Wi. are
satisfied that this place must possess merit from
its unparalleled progres,
Six•tt to take Outgo of the
Sehoul: of Carbon I)i•triet fur the nothing net •
6111.11hCrai Wagne will be given. Alpints
will elect the count,. Supt. et Coalment on Thur,
dry, the 23d Sept. inst
So c'y. of Board of Directors.
Codllll.l Sept. 15, 1858.—st.
rioneetfully announces to his
Men& moll the pahlie generally. that be has
Vasetl that ohl unit well enablished TAN I'IIN
STAN') kno,Wll ns the Mitt/jay/104
on the cornet it Ilil find (lharles
Street. in the Borough of Ilittitit , 7 I ■ B
thm. M
ile has recently put the house througha them
nal, course of repairs, and is now equal to any in
this plate.
Ills TABLE will always he stored with the
heeei the se eleeon can afford, to suit the tastes
a ted ani'f l ti ,( N i ~fguest ,
His nit „.. , 11 always he tilled nide Choice Li
quors. a n d Ilia ST.,III.EIIIWiIyS attended by care.
hit ~nil :mete the o,thers.
hopes 1,, strict att,...m00 to hugituros
and a spirit 1.5 neeonallation, to leer:: and receive
slyave or public patronage.
Sept. 15, 1858-Iy. 1. MeATEER.
HORST) sTovr.tvr.
The above reward will be paid by the un•ier.
signed fur the apprehen ,, ,n ct inn thief and re•
weer • et the lire stolen from then, at lion•
tininlon Furnace, on the Add of the 31st of Au•
- -
53111 llOrgelP SI large fine boy. nhont nine years
old. with White hind legs. left torn!, hoof white,
111111 white stripe in 11. s flee, with rather light
111411 e aoll Nil. $25 will be pail tit r either the
opprehention of the thief, or the recovery of the
. 4 Thick Darkness covers the Earth.
4 lnel •Gross Darkness the people.
'"':end all Others, will take Notice!
THAT they can supply themselves, in any
quantities with
Jones' Far Famed Patent
011, LAMPS,
At the Wholesaie . :11;111:441; HEAD QUAIL
South SECOND Street, 38
The onlyplare where exclusive Agencies can
be obtained fur the States of Pennsylvania,
New Jersey and Delaware.
These Lamps give a light equal in intensify of
flame, and eimilar in appearance to Gas, and
lire claimed to be superior to all other portable
lights, now in use. No fear of Explosion—No
ofl'etisive odor. —No snmke.—Very easily trim.
mcd.—As easily regulated as a Gas Light.—
Can be adapted to all purpmes.—And better
than all for a poor matt,-50 per cent. cheaper
than any other portable light, now in common
Knopf% Paten! Rosin and Coal 011
. Lamp.
piy-f,:unim, Oils, Wicks, Shades, and every
article in the line. S. li. souTuLAND,.
No. 38 South Second Savo, Philads.
I Egole of John Shinyler, (he'd.]
Letters or Administration on the estate of
John Shingler, late of Todd township, dee'd.,
having been granted to the undersigned, all
persons having claims against said estate will
present the same far payment. and all persons
indented will make payment to
.1011 N E. KETTERMAN, Adner.
Parndise Fuririee, Sept. 8, 1858.
Diountain Female Seminary.
The Wiener Penn a Mountain Female Su.
urinary will open OCt. 281 h.
G. GRIER. Principal.
50vt 1 5,'.57..3m,
r br..lornh Hoffman. &TV.]
'l•he undersigned Auditor, uppoinied by the
Orphan's Court of Huntingdon county, to die•
tribute the balance in the hands of Jane D.
Crewit, kixecutrix of Alfred D. Crewit, dec'd.
who wax adisinistrator of the estate of Dr. J.
cob Hoffman, Into of the borough of Hunting.
don &Cif., amongst those legally entitled there•
to, hereby gives notice to all persons interested
that. lie will attend at his office in Huntingdon
o n Saturday the 25th September next, at 1 o'•
p. m.. for the purpose of making said this.
trilliniOn, when and where all persons having
irgaiwt said eslnte are requested to pros•
eat them to the undersigned auditor or be de.
barred from corning in upon said fund.
T F.: O. H. CR E MEIR,
Aug. Slot. 1838.--4 t. • Auditor.
A newspaper devoted to literature and agri
culettire, also setting liirth tall accounts of the
nr•w soden!, nt• ilanimantoe, in New Jersey
eon he suliwri hod for at only 23 eta. per annum..
Inclose {.outage mumps for the amount. Ad•
,rrc•st-t Editor att., filllool liatnia,lon Atlantie
Co. New Jorsey. Those w ishing cheap Intel of
the very bent quality, in one of the healthiest
ntel most delightful climates in the Union, see
advertisement of Hammon ton Lnnds.•2t
I N pursuanue of Orders of the Orphans'
1 Court of the county of Huntingdon, the
Tracts of Lund, &e., hereinafter described, sit
uate in said comity, and near the borough of
I luntingdon, will be exposed to public sale on
the premises,
Ott friday, September 24th, 185 S,
As the property of JOHN KER, lute of said
county. d e el, to wit;
1. All that tract marked (A) in the Diagram
annexed to the return of the inquest, contain•
tag 237 acres and 130 perches, it being the•
Mansion Farm of mid dee'd. About one half
of this tenet is cleared and under cultivation ;
about 40 acres of which is meadow. Run
ning water for cattle, Ae., luny be readily in
troduced ion, almost every field upon this (brit.
There al, up.. It a two story triune dwelling
house a large lo irk barn and other buildings..
Also, 'I, g 1 , ill
2. All thne tract marked (C) in said Din , .
gram, containing 37 acres and 68 perches,
and called the Moore Farm. Somewhat more
1111111 Ilia of this tract is cleared sod under eel.
tivation, a fair proportion of' which is meadow.
On account of the nearness of these two farms
to the hurough of 11 untingdun and a large
quantity of meadow upon each, they would be
well suited for grazing or stock farms.
3. All that wave marked (11) it; said diee
gram. tat:alibiing 183 acres 132 perches; about
one half of this tract is cleared and under cut.
tivatiop, and has thereon erected two tenant
4. Al: that tract marked (E) in enid
groin, containing 214 acres, 87 perches ;About
In° ores of this tract are cleared mid under
cultivation. No buildings thereon.
5. All that tract marked (0) in said Di.
gran', containing 110 aeres; woodland. i
0. All th e ; tract marked (K) n said dia.
grain, containing 87 acres 147 perches, wood.
7. MI that tract marked (L) in said Dia
gram containing 148 acres, and 83 perches
8. All that tract marked (M) in said Dia•
.. ram containing 117 acres 147 perches; wood
9. A lot of ground in the village of Smith•
field marked (0) in ooid Diagram, having
thereon erected u small lug stable,
10. An undivided interest in Inwood Aead
emy in Dublin townslip, the extent of which
interest will be made known upon the day of