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And all Diseases of the Lungs and Throat,
Which conveys the remedies to the cavities in
the lungs through the air passages, and coming
in direct contact with the disease, neutralizes
the tubercular matter, allays the cough, causes
a free and easy expectoration, heals the lungs,
purifies the blood, imparts renewed vitality to the
nervous system, giving that tone and energy so I
indispensable tor the restoration of henith. To
he able to state confidently that Consumption is
curable by inhalation, is to me a source of anal
lo) ed pleasure. It is as much under the cin
trol of medical treatment us any other formid
able discus° ; ninety out of every hundred ca
ses ran be cured in the first stages, and fifty per
cent. in the second ; but in the third stage it is
impossible to save more then five per cent., for
the Lungs are so eat np by the disease as to bid
defiance to medical skill. liven, however, in the
last stages, Inhalation Okada extraordinary re
lief to the suffering attending this fearful scourge
which annually destroys ninety-five thousand
persons in the Culted States alone ; and a cor
rect calculation shows that of the present popu
lation of the earth, eighty millions are destined
to fill the Consumptive's graves.
Truly the quiver of death has no arrow so fa
tal as Consumption. In all ages it has been the
great enemy of life, for it spares neither age nor
sex, but sweeps off alike the brave, the beauti
thl, the graceful and the gifted. By the help of
that Supreme Being from whom cometh every
good and perfect gift, I am enabled to offer to
the afflicted a permanent and speedy cure in
Consumption. The first cause of tubercles is
from Impure blood, and the immediate ellhot pro
duced by their deposition in the lungs is to pre
vent the free admission of air into the air cells,
which causes a weakened vitality through the
satire system. Then surely it is more rational
to expect greater good from medicines entering
the cavities of the lungs than those administered
through the stomach ; the patient will always
find tho lungs free and the breathing easy, after
luhfiling remedies. Thus, Inhalation is a local
remedy, nevertheless it acts constitutionally and
with more power and certainty than remetlias
administered by the stomach. Ti, prove the pow
erful and direct influence of this mode of admin.
istrtition, chloroform inhaled will entirely de
stroy sensibility in a few minutes, paralyzing
the entire nervous system, so that a limb fluty he
amputated without the slightest pain ; inhaling
the ordinary burning gas will destroy life its a
few hours.
The inhuhttion of ammonia will rouse the sys
tem when fainting or apparently dead. The o
dor of many of the medicines is perceptible in ,
the skin a few minutes after being inhaled, and
may be immediately detected in the blood. A
convincing proof of the constitutional effects of
inhalation, is the fact that sickness is always pro •
uueed by breathing foul air—is not this poultice
evidence that proper remedies, carefully prepar
ed and judiciously administered thro' tbo lunge
should produce the happiest *emits Z During
eighteen years' practice, many thousands suffer
ing from diseases of die lungs and throat, have
hero under my care, and I have einem.' many
remarkable cures, even after the suttercrs had
teen prononneed in tbo last stages, which telly
satisfies me that consumption is no longer a
disease. My treatment of consumption is
original, and founded on long experience and a
thorough investigation. My perfect acquaintance
with the nature of tubercles, &c., enables me to
distinguish, readily, ill° various forms of disease
that simulate consitinplion, and apply the proper
remedies, rarely being mistaken even in a single
ease. This familiarity, in connection with car-
Min pathological mid microscopic discoveries en
able' me to relieve the lungs from the edicts of I
contracted chests, to eularga the chest, purify
the blood, import to it renewed vitality, giving
energy and tone to the entire system.
Medicines with full directions sent to any part
of the United States and Comities by 'Patients
communienting their symptom by letter. But
the cure would be mum certain if the patient
should pay me n visit, which mould give MO un
opportunity to examine the lungs and enable nut
to prescribe with much greater certainty, and
then the cure could he effected without my see
ing the patient again.
1181 FILIJEIIT STREET, (Old NC, I 09,)
Below Twelfth,
Augun 5, ,857.-ly,
Of MI disease ; the greet, trot cause
Springs from neglect of Nuture'e le we,
When a cure is guaranteed in all staged of
Self-Abuse, Nervous Debility, Strictures, Gleete,
Gravel, Diabetes ; Diseases of the Kidney and
Bladder, Mercurial Rheumatism, Scrofula,
Pains in the Bones and Ankles, Diseases of the
Lungs, Throat, Nose .d Eyes, Ulcers upon
the Body or Limbs, Cancers, Dropsy, Epilep
tic Fits, St. Vita's Pence, and all diseases ari
sing from a derangement of the Sexual Organs.
Such as Nervous Trembling, Loss of Memo.
ry, Loss of Power, Getters! Weakness, Dimness
of Vision, with peculiar spots appearing before
the eyes, Loss of Sight, Wakefulness, Dyspep
sia, Liver Disease, Eruptions upon the
Pain in the back and head, Female irregulari
ties, and all improper dischargesfrom both sexes.
It matters not trom what muse the disease origi
saw!, however long standing or obstinate the
case, recovery is certain, and in a shorter time
than is permanent cure can ho effected by tiny
other treatment, even after the disease has baf
fled the skill of eminent physicians and resisted
all their menus of cure. The medicines are
pleasant without odor, causing no sickness and
free tram mercury or balsam. During twenty
years of practice, I have rescued from the is.
of Death many thousands, who, in the last sta
ges of the above mentioned diseases lied been
given op by their physicians to die, which war
rants me in promising to the afflicted, who may
place themselves under my care, a perfect and
most speedy cure. Secret aiseases aro the
greatest enemies t o health, as they arc the Hest
mu.° of Consumption, Scrofula and many oth
er diseases, and should bee terror to the hu
man family. Asa permanent cure is scarcely
ever effected, a seniority of the cares tailing in
to the hands of incompetent persons, who not
early fail to cure the diseases but ruin the con
stitution, tilling the system with mercury, which
with the disease, hastens the sufferer into a ra
pid Consumption.
But should the disease and the tecatment not
cause death speedily and the victim marries, the
disease is entailed upon the children, who aro
born with feeble constitutions, and the current
of life corrupted by a virus which betrays itself
In Scrofula, Teeter Ulcers, Eruptions. and oth
er affections of die skin. Eyes, Throat and
Lunge, entailing upon them a brief existence of
suffering and consigning them to an early
Galt-abuse is another formitlable enemy to
health, for nothing else in the dread catalogue of
human diseases causes so destructive a drain
upon the velum, drawing ire thousands of vic
tims through n few years of suffering down to au
untimely grave. It destroys the Nervous sys
tem, rapidly mutes away the energies of lefe,
neill3e6 mental derangement, prevents the proper
sfdvibilistektit df the Syliftm, disqualifies for mar
doge, society, business, end all earthly happi
ness, and leaves the sufferer wrecked in body
and mind, predisposed to consumption and a
train of evils more to he dreaded shun death it
self. With the fullest confidence I assure the
unfortunate victims of Self-Abuse that a speedy
and permanent care can he effected, and with
the abandonment of ruinous practices my pa
tients can be restored to robust, vigorous health.
The afflicted are cautioned against the use of
Patent Medicines, for there are so many ingeni
ous snares in the columns of the public prim,'
to catch and rob the unwary sufferers that mil
lions have their constitutions ruined by the vile
compounds of quack doctors, or the equally poi
sonous ncstrums vended as "Patent Medicines."
I have carefully analyzed many of the so-called
Patent Medicines and find that nearly all of
them contain Corrosive Subtheme, which is one
of the strongest prepdrations of mercury and a
deadly poison, which instead of curing the
ease disables the system for life.
Three-fourths of the patent medicines now in
use are put up by unprincipled and ignorant per
sons, who do not understand even the alphabet
of materin medico, and are equally no destitute
of any knowledge of the human system. having
only one object in view, and that to make mon
ey regardless of consequences.
Irregularities and all diseases of males and
females treated on principles established by
twenty years of practice, and sanctioned by
thousands of the most remarkable cures. Medi
cines with full directions sent to any part of the
United States and Confides, by patients commu
nicating their symptoms by letter. Business
correspondence strictly confidential. Address
OFFICE, No. 1131 Ftt.nonrSf., (Old N 0.109.)
Below Twelfth;
011 01110
tOlEttan flozitirvaltzn.
John S. Dye, Author,
0 Who has had It) years experience as n Bank- 1
Le er and Publisher, and author of "A series of ,
' Lectures nt the Broadway Tabernacle," when '
afar 10 successive nights, over 20;000 People
0 greeted him with rounds of applause, while ;
‘)lie exhibited the manner in which Counter- 1
falters execute their frauds, and the sur e st and
Cshortest means of detecting them !
, The Bank Note Engravers all say that I 1
is the greatest Judge of Paper Money living. ,
0. Greatest discovery of the present century
for detecting Counterfeit Bank Notes. Pc
-I.lscribing every genuine bill in existence, and
Imexhibiting et a glance every counterfeit in 1
LW circulation !! Arranged so admirably, that
er'r term.: is cosy and detection instantaneous.
cir No halo, to examine I No pages to
hunt up !
rcßat so simplified and arranged
a that the Mehant, Banker and Business tnan
I: can see all at it glance. English, French and
,0 German. .11111 S each may read the same in
:his own native tongue. Must perfect Bank 1
hi Note List published. Also a list of all the
Private Bankers in America. A complete
c.; summary of the Finance of Europe and A
i merica will he published in each edition, to
-1 e gtther with all the important news of the day.
; Also a conies of tale,, from all old Manuscript
I ZS timid in the East. it tarnishes t2o must cont.
1. 911 e the must perplexing positions in Moe t
the ladies and gentlemen of that Country !
k ites, been so often timid. These stories will
a continua throughout the whole year, and will 1
... prove the most entertaining ever offered to
.3 thepublic.
'cckly sulmeriltels only
at al i t .' ::,tt l A tl l ' ‘
All must be toldre7sed to
rat JOHN S. DYE, Blunts., Publisher
0 Proprietor, 70 Wall Street, New York.
(0 April 22, 1:55.-Iy.
Jr. Hardman, Analytical Physician.
Physician for DiFeascs of the Lungi, Throto
und Heart—Formerly Physician to the
Author of ~L ettets to Invalids," IS COMING
See hollowing Cord.
October Appointments.
Dr. Hardman, PliisTeinn for dim:low of tli
Lungs, (thrillerly Clll42lllllllti )1., -
tine Hospital,) will ha in attendance
rooms as rollows
. . „
Iltnaingdon..litekson's Vote], Saturday,
Lewistown, National Ilotel,
Patterson House,
Dr. Hardman treats Consumption, Bronchi.
tin, Asthma, Larryngittis and all disca,s of the
throat and lungs, by medical Inhalation, lately
used in the Brointon Hospital, London. The
great point in the treatment of all It moot mat,
dies is to get et the disease in the direct milli
ner, All medicines are estimated by their tui
tion ul on the t rgan requiring relief. This is
the important fact upon which Inhalation is be-,
s ed. If the stomach is diseased • we take
medicine directly into the stomach. If the lungs
are diseased, breathe or inhale medicated va
pors directly into the lungs. Medicines are the
antidotes to diocese and should be applied to
the very seat of disease. Inhalation is the op- I
plication of this principle to the treatment of
the lungs, fur it gives us direct access to those . ,
intricate air cells and tubes which lie out of
reach of every other means of administering
medicines. Um reason that Consumption, and
other diseases of the lungs, have heretofore re
sisted all treatment has heels because they had
never been approached m a direct manner by
medicine. They were intended to act upon the
lungs and yet were applied to the stomach.—
Their stet'et was in tended to be local, and yet,
they were so administered that they should not I
act constistutionally, expending immediate and
principal action upon the unuttending stomach,
whilst the that ulcers within the lungs were un
molested. Inhalation brings the medicine in
direct contact with the disease, without the
disadvantage of any violent action. Its appli
cation is simple, that it can bo employed by the
youngest intent or feeblest invalid. It does net
derange the stomach, or interfere in the least de
gree with the strength, comfort, or business of ,
the patient.
()Tenn Dtesases TREATED.—In relation
to the thllowing dis cases, either settee compli
cated with lung affections existing alone, 1 aibo
invite consultation. I usually find them prompt
ly curable.
Prolapses and all other forms of Female corn
plaints, Irregularities and Weakness.
Palpitation allei all other forms of Heart
Disease, Liver Complaints, Dyspepsia, and all
other diseases of Stomach and bowels, &e.
All diseases of the eye and ear. Neuralgia,
Epilepsy and till forms of nervous disease.—
No charge for consultation.
S. D. HARDMAN. :NI. 1).
Juno 3, 1857.
DEB. La. BILLE6IIg3OIIII taldll22f,
Nulty 2110,1401 N PA.
.Ttin, 13, 1,137,
The Free-State party is very actively
engaged in holding nominating conven-
American Safety-Paper Alanufaelor'fr THE TRUTH ABOUT KANSAN. thins and preparing for the October elec-
Company of New York. Tii O. r_TEAFT I 6 ties. They are determined to deserve
Capital, $500,000. ADMINISTRA'fIONINKANSIS 5t0,,,,,, he working hard for it. The vol-
A. Will ;LAS, President, Offleer7o Wall it, Large I 2.,,,,. 3.19 p,,,, With 11 Collll,lcrillos. flavor military organization is rapidly
i t Perfect s„.„,.ii, ay „/„..,,,a warn , of p,„,, f t ,„• tory of the Territory. until Joni', 1857. Eta- augmenting and many are enrolled.
Counterfeiting on Paper. To Prevent Pilot, !..1 imp A fall ttecomii id its discovery, . grog- -............---
graphs .d Atiasintie Counterfrik, .I,:rfornres, " Ph : . ' '''''' claw''', ""''" l '' it " r P""'" ti " The Horrors of the Revolt in British
Manilas or Alterations. , a. a ;en ',Dry, transeet. ; ons an.. even t s event , s firmer
Having purchased the Patent for the exclu- ' Governors Wet cr told Sheimon, political din- India.
sive right to manufacture and sell the new Cho- ' sc , ions. personal OW 1111111ers, election frauds, 'The mutiny in British India has been
mical Paper in America. invented anti patented ' lu'les ant outrages, willt portrnits of Proini
in England by Haney GLYNN, a celebrated mint : m um. Mete., all InilYautlietitienteil, productive of some of the most fearful
chemist and officer in the British Army. it is I,Y 11 , 11 N 11. (i1111)N, NI. it., Private Sec'y sce ,,,, th a t t h e history of t h e wor ld a ff or d s
hardly necessary to say that the Paper is re- to Cm , • fleary•
cignmenticd by SI, Kent, Assayer or the U. S. Carefully ....moiled fiere the facia ,i,,,,,,,,,,,, and its progress it may be justly feared
Mint, mi.. Lynam of the New York Clearing on tile in the department til Slate at Witsbing- will be marked by fiendish outrages on
House, and Kende Brothers, extensive and ton soil other papers in the possession of the
skillful photographers, 233 Broadway, N. Y. author, anti a fall account o f "The Inv-,iion the pint of the natives and retaliatory
The latter silty that no imitation can be made on or lidtt , u , trout Missouri ," the vulture, troll burial rites from the British soldiery the
a cheek or blink note, printed on the Sanity l'a foul itentinum of the Fro, State prhuncrs, the
per. Below is our list of prices i Chantl • Ter nil. 111.71111.'1111: .! 1!, AIN:WIWI IS,- contemplation of which will shuck the
,tier 'tuition, the murder of flittlion and uthers.
Bunk Checks-35 its per Tho mutineers in the first place
Bunk Bills—slB for 1000 sheets. "Th., contriiversy between Governor Geary
Tt„ pr ,,,,,,,,m,,,,g o f t h e perpetrated every description of horror.
Bills of Exchange—sYs for 1000 sheets. : find Jude. ' , c.f.i. ,
Protnissory Notes-40 CIS per lb. Territorial Leak! itere, of the Pro slavery eon- Tlit• details of their atrocities are not once
Sight and Tito° Drafts—s2s for 1000 OCCIS. YelltiUll, /11111 the oicaliMa,ion of the Demucra-
Insurance Policies-40 eta per lb. tic Puny, with a fiSketch of Kansas diming its sickening and heart rending. Not satisfi-
Railroad Snicks a Bowls-40 cents per lb. early truitlil-s miler Cars. Reeder and Shan- ed with slaughtering the officers and men
Bonk nail State Stocks-40 its per lb. nun." It invasions, battles, outrages; murders,
Bonds and ISlottgages-40 eta per lb. I A copy will be sent to tiny part of the United they mangled and mutilated the women
Wills and Deeds-4o eta per it States, by mail, free of ru ,,, w4 on reeeiPt a and children and apparently delighted in
Fee wrapping Silks and other fine articles it the retail price. A libentl discount to Vie trade.
is excellent, as it prevents moths. 40 eta per 'lOne agents wanted. Price in cloth $l. putting them to death to every inhuman
pound. Paper, 50 eta. and atrocious mode. The British as a
For Indentures and Agreement, 40 emits alb. CHARLES C. RHODES, Publisher
All State and County Recm EIS should always Inquirer Building, Philailelphla. natural consequence, the moment they
be printed or written on this paper, es thoche-
micals inserted in the pulp net only prevent ' - - secured nn advantage, retaliated in a spir•
.autiphlogistic Salt.
erasure or transfer, but make it lasting ns time. ' This celebrated medicine is for sale at the it of excitement and revenge; and thus a
For Southern Climates it is excellent, and Journal Office. Fur all inflammatory diseases letter from Peshawur states that f•of two
much superior to any other ;as the moistness of it is 0 certain cure. Got abe a end try it, yo
the climate dues not destroy it,—tiro properties who are afflicted. hundred prisoners who were tried and
inserted Al the pulp being a preventive. In an 1 •aaa................... - tai , -.c. ,- i - aaiani , a.aamaitia."....s.ars convicted, forty, were executed, by being
southern States, Cuba, the West Indies and the
Central •Atnerican States, no public records can blown to pieces from tho guns. _ This
bo kept over 20 years, written on the ordinary I UT iPthi 1 1 it 11 , g. terrible made was resorted to as a neces• • WHAT MEN DRINK.
paper, while the oils and o th erchemicals insert
ed in this Paper makes it indestructible by the -,-!--,,,--',-!--,- - ! - z!-- , - ,,,, ----:-:-- , -,--!--=!--- nary example, and' with the object of stri• A story has been going the rounds of
ravages of [lore. It is all proof against moths, LATER NEWS. king terror into the hearts of the native the papers for several weeks, the gist of ,
rats end other vermin, which feas t on and do- j m ur d er of a Rl-f-Slate Man in Lecomp•
stroy all other paper now in 11513. troops generally, The scene was awfal. which is contained in the following pare
/on—Gl. Luta, jorced to have Le
.. The Company have now in operation Mi ll s Human trunks, bends, legs and arms graph
in Morris County, N. J. of itbuitt 300 horse complon—Col. Philips of the .Mew
power. and are shun to fill nil orders for Paper Park Tribune Threanned. were scattered about in every direction.— "In the manufacture of brandy from
at the shortest notice. I
ST. Louts, Sept. 9, 1857 All meet their fate with firmness but two, i raw spirits, a cermin article called wssence 1
All orders for the Paper must be addressed ,
to 6 . NICHOLAS, President of the Company , I arrived this afternoon by the light- who refused to be tied up, and thus to lof brandy,' is sometimes used, which iii 1
No. 70 Wall Street. ! ning train and the Pacific %Broad, and save time they were dropped to the ground 1 its properties is nearly allied to prussic
W3I. BitawsTen, Agent, Huntingdon. l hasten to My before you the following
Ang.5,'57.-3m.• and their brains blown out with musketry. I acid, and a drop or two will produce in
,_______ I items of Kansas news t
----This account, terrible as it is, is from a stunt death. At Toronto, Canada, a man-
A CARD TO TIIE LADIES, , On Wednesday, "d ins[, ut it ball was l .
DR. inironiEws GOLDEN PILLS : given by the citizens of Lecompton, Cal- fetter written by a British officer. At ufacturer of brandy, named Morris, opplied
ARE inthilible in removing stoppages or irreg• i vie Bailey, it Free-Stale citizen of the this distance from the scene, it appears' his tongue to a preparation of this essence
ularites of the menses. town, was mortally wounded by Lieu . , ,!ling. and yet it shOuld bo retnetnber. : with a view probably to ascertain its
'These Pills are nothing new, but bare - been Unit:Rt.,, of that pia,.
used by the doctors for minty years, both in , rt , ; l t' . '', parties were iii a slate of 1 ; stretigth, and in less than sixty seconds he
iari c.c.: IS n1.,11 I 5 tame if din ~,(),, Id '
France and America, with unparallelled success; ~ ~ ,
and lie is urged by many thousand ladies, who it, t ro..tattery Won iii the Tt•mtory, laud ' I. ' - ' excitement. and that the wog
glace used them, to maim the Pills nubile, tor was lte,i''lV engaged ‘l , tring tilt , dales.'. ..,, ~,I ' r life. The s-drit [bat prevail
the ullevintiott of those suffering front any ire, . ties. .11, the battle of Black .hick 1,- was e d ~,„,,„,, he British, ntav be inferred
gularitien of whatever nature, as Well as to pr., 'I I. (..1.2 v Pines SeCl/01.1 111 COllllllOllll. 011 Irmo dm general tone of the letters One
ventmegilitticy to those ladies ribose hcoldi d m orght io question, he was loud irIIOX
.nerm,...,.....-,...:-...-1.--........, ..., .6 . ...... U.', .. . ,
~,,..„......,,,,,,,..„A,..,,,.. ~,,, officer says., Ilea wh, n rt inforceinents ar-
Pregnant females or those supposing them: of a Free State man t i e ern morning.— rive i-we -trio - -,.... ....... ~..,..„., „,...,.___
,elves so, are cautioned against these Pills ,
f?...! , .. !
c ..: , :1 r ey, ,, who, with
p b r i e nl , h i e n r, a, is . t the kali:y.llam! breadth of the land and cut
while pregniust,.. the proprietor mutilates u•
responsibility alter the above admonition, al- . • ill - • 1 . 1 -1 , . lill the into minus, or hunt into invisibility every
though their mildness would prevent soy min- bull, end demo; the evening left the hall scoundrel iii India."
chief to health; otherwise these Pills are recoil, . for the purpose of assisting an acquain- ' Another says :—"Wu have been relies ,
mantled. Full and explicit direetions aemati• I lance home. 'The person he was tudieg, ' .ig the mouotorly .
of camp hue by hanging
puny each box. P n
rice, $1 per box. I being intoxicated, demurred to Bailey's
Sold wholesale and retail by oct a s nt!), and prockett interfered, and with- Wine fellows and I hope we shall continue
, Gral Agent
out the slightest provocation, stubbed him thisankind 'of thing, until they are nurn•
for Huntingdon Co.. Pa. I
I have appointed Dr. John Head Sole agetit
in several places. The bowie 'mite en. bered by thousands." An article in the
for the sale of toy French Periodical Golden ! tend rho right lung, and ot ile• In o-t 11,- ~,,,.,„,, ~..,,,,,,„hn.., after vooking
Pill), tar the borough nod county of Iluntia,, ,, - I counts Mr. Bailey wa. • ~. . ~• .
and cruel manner in which
don. All orders must be talaresie.l to him. I, v . 1,,,, , l iv I, ~,,, L. . ~ ,
~ ~ . .1
He will supply dealers nt tho pcoprieno's prl. , ~, , , ,
~ , ~ ~ .
~ t , . , • , •. • . .t• lames Mid put Europtions to dead'
e.,,, nod send the Pills to holies feiiii'id ,, ti , / , .)
.... , . , ,
leht,l it) hitt
. Orli,. For to
fyl . Of the
,the ;,ttt
dp zj;4ll:it..are is written wit each and t!r
J. 1)1.71.'0NC0, saturti
Ill•widway P. 0., :•;ew York. o.war
t . !..... ' 'MG'S PATENT ' otter should not, be tried, and the other
f - , ... Itt., A% 2' Z 0! V determined that lie :Tumid . 'the ultras
X 1133 LI la ",,, ~,:.,..,, L . ) rjyjila A I . ft 41111) at . twill probably triumph, us they generally
SAl'E;i. " On Thursday, the ;:tl int 4, Glen. J. 41.
',nut and Col. 'iattn. Walker visited the
itt , tf.`'"''''''•"" -, • .. .. La nd O ffi ce at Lt.ettintdott. and whit:. qui-
IV IT II iTlc.t, -;!.P'''' '''''ii'..!' l' oil DLit ',
r. !•,'.l_: :. 4. 101 ci t y transacting it; 1' •A ~,,,.•, W.,. W.
fOrintqf that II Mot: , . .iile 11, ill ti:o
II A L L' S •i)l t
!,! :!!.!,--!,,,. llto 0 r . ~ , ! ! !
i il itr , #4i '... pi Ner pot of n.. , , n, . ~ . mien
tlon or ;,,,,,,1Li,,,. (:, „ ~ .0 ,•. ; ..,,, th ,
PA'CENT '...%,., : ;i!, : , 7, ' ,
,'f!* LOCKS. . . . • 1 i ,
advice of SOU.? Iris - ads, the t.e..••• . en
r• . ' -7,:;ii-7-" , .... , 7, :t 'V,,, : . ° for Lawrence ; not be 1,4,1 :ii,...i.y v..dent
FARRELS & HERRING, Mikers. threuts were made ii&ttitt., hist. • Where
WALNUT ST:-, DELOW SECOND, PIIILAD„, can be tin doubt thus, It Lune hail presist
ed in staving, lie would have been itssaul
gala': GREAT IN'IEREST NIANIFESTEH ti d, and prnbaby murdered.
I- by the public to procure more certain semi - , rp ,,,, ..t.,... In
~... of these
r xeii ,
rite from lire for valuable papers, snub . Itonits, : . .' '
m 0r0 ,,,, Deeds, Notes as d n ooks ~, , i ,.„„„„,,, circtinist.ttices is intense, and the fact of
than the ordinary SAVES heretofore in use ad . ,- : the imeling of the Constitutional Conven.
ded, induced the Patentees to devote a huge ;Air- t;on being ut hunch would strengthen the
of their time for the last fourteen years, in ina•
belief that a colitsitin will occur before
king discoveries mud improvements Mr this id,- .
It is a
long. getvral feeling in Lawrence
jeer, the result of which is the unrivalled
that the various Ea: tern correspondents
Herring's Patent World's Fair Premium
Fite Proof Sures, will find it difficult to tittell.l the sittings of
Universally neknowledged no the .1A7,11.10S that body. 'l'lle Pro-Slavery men are
i !
auto OF TON WOULD. l. P
D. Having been awarded . particularly bitter against Col. of
, Medals ut both tho Worlds Fair, London, 1851, ,
1 the N. Y. Tribune for an article in which
and Crystal Palace, N. Y., 1853, as superior to .. ..,
Lunt un .
he said less gunrdt , cl by the Urn-
all others, it IS lIGNV undoubtedly entitled to that
-appellation, end secured with Hall's Patent Ned States army, the Convention would
Powder-Proof Locks—whielt were also awarded t•liave to (rattle its constitution in Missou
separate Medals, (us muses)—fronts the most I ii i .i. ,, Brown, of Walker's organ, has
perfect Fire & Burglar Proof Stites ever yet of
been using this as an argument against
tired to the p u bli c .
• Nearly 300 'Herring's Safes' have been tested Philips, and as his paper is extensively
' daring the past 14 years, ant more than 10,000 I circulated in Leeoinmon, the effect has
have been sold and are 11UW in actual use. been to excite the passions of the ultras
ki m
Chilled l s so
of B . hiler and
anti or anuf act lron Batikured to ord Che er, asts ll . .
itgaiiiht Mr. Philips. Some di ffi culty sill
and Vaults, Vault Boors, illuney Chests for doubtless gritw out of the affair.
Brokers ' Jewellers, Rtilroulls, private fatuilMs, Gillespie, Wilson and Gordon, the three
&e.„ for Plate, .Diamonds, and other valuables. men lately arrested by the Leaventvoith
A1ay20,'57. _ l Vigilance Committee, were taken out of
Cheapest "Job Printing" Office their confine tient by the excited populace
tikl was sactua Ix v. and would have been summarily executed
, bin fur the exertions of Mayor Adams and
We hare now made such arraugeineuts La o, , ot her „,,,„,.h.„,,,h, ho pledging themselves
At ( Wk. " 8 will e' , "ld''' "' '" `I" ' II kii " l ' " i th, iONLIC, bilOUld he dune, persuaded the
Job Printing at' 0 pee cent, p.-0 1 ,1, to foreg,o their vengeance. II t Bri
cheaper rates, ,•„ „,,,..t the gang, WilOsit . rt•St'llee Is
Than any Unice in the Coun ty- ! A the turd, • . h
Give us ii mill. line don't give entire saiisiue- i watt . . c".l.'''' . ..' • i . ..t
lion, . charge ut all will tie made. 1 yet been arrested. It IS ,O l ipOsvfl that he
, escaped down the rivt t, ..ed cdfict rs have
Change Of Time.
On and after Thursday, Sep
f. 3d, f , ,,„. : be, a seta* or him. Aii , li..e' . :on fur city
seuger Trains on the U. &B.T.R. R. will officers was to he jit'i.. Oil ‘. untidy, the
Leave thuningdott at BA. M. and 4p. M. 7th inst., and some apprehensions were
Arr,vS at ” 2.8 e P. M. k e,40 " expressed that disturbances might ensue.
14 &
g< G
,111 W bail. ha,. it great majority ,0
.he I.• • • ',Twit cone into
1,11 non.,
re:wined a sin
--one portion of the men be
n ropy, now
tviih lArb:trians and generosity on
and rayibhrs or dedieme ladi
u.,1 killer, of innocent children and de
renc..l,, men to be treated like human
'l'h: :cadet. may inter from the forego
to .
, g, ton shocking condition of affairs.—
pcoplo of England, cays n ',option
bat., to the National Intelligencer, "are
giottin:_t to understand the extent of the
revolt, and the magnitude of the disaster.
, o ,te able to form something
liter Oh exact notion of what is implied by
Om word., "mutiny of the Bengal army."
Tl,ey turn to their Gazetteers, and find
that British India has a superficial extent
of more than 700,000 square miles, with a
population of about 130,000,000. The .
nation Stateg adjoining to or surrounded
by British territory have an extent of near
ly 800,000 square miles, and a population
of nearly 800,000,000. The aggfrgaie
itary force of the native princes is about 1 But if the well skilled manufacturer 1
-100,000 men, or about 100,000 more than wishes to augment his liquor to net upon
the usual municipal strength of the An- the bruin and nervous system rather than
gin-Indian army. It must be remember-' on the digestive and circulating system,
ed, however, that the native Bengal army I that is, to intoxicate and stupefy rather
has ceased to exist, either through having than excite and irritate, he has only to
mutinied or having been disarmed, thus change the leading drug of his "essence"
reducing the Anglo Indian army to eon- from costic to narcotic. Instead of arsenic,
siderably below 200,000 men. Fifty- cayenne. corrosive sublimnts, phosphorus,
eight regiments, wholly or in part, have etc,, he will use prussic acid, strychnine,
ruminated, and twenty-one have been din- henbane, belladona, etc.
armed. Although the disaffection, or at A. dollar's worth of either of these drugs
least the outward expression of it, has will increase the potency of a whole barrel
not, so far as is generally known, extend-i of alcohol, in whatever form or disguise
ed beyond the Presidency of Bengal, con-1 it may appear as a beverage, one hundred
tabling about 440,000 square miles and a 1 per cent. Hence, if a barrel of brandy,
population of nearly 80,000,000, yet the , without "essence," will amount, when n
one of official speakers and ministerial tailed by the drink, to ona hundred and
writers kiive us to fear that the private ad. twenty dollars and ninety-six cents, (ice
vice, of the lievernment are of more gine allow half a gill for a drink, price six
my character than those, which have been cents,) one dollar invested in prussic acid
submitted to the public.. T h e site of the : and strychnine. will enable the same bar
Ai wisierial press has gradually deepened rel to bear an equal amount of water while
I free , levity te seri..Hess, whilst We have each drink will "make drunk come," equal
i an almost universal assurance of journals , to the genuine article, and it the flavoring
. of ',eery shade of 'tarty opinion that great 1 or pungency is carefully managed with
efforts and serious sacrifices will be neces- i extract of logwood, burnt sugar, sulphuric
nary to restore the disputed authority, and acid, vitriol, sugar of load, grains of para.
vindicate the arms of Britain in India.—
The revolt may, and ninny people think
it will, spread throughout the whole of
British India and enlist in the service of
the revolters the whole of the neighboring
native princes. Should this unfortunate
ly prove to be the case, England will be
plunged into war with (including China)
nearly one half the human race. This is
certainly an extreme case, but no mortal
foresight can pronounce that it is impos•
sible." The crisis is evidently critical,
and we cannot be surprised at the intense
anxiety which exists upon the subject in
England. Delhi. too, which .vas at first
described of as a weak place, is now sp.
ken of by the London Times as a "sec
ond Sevastopol," and it is observed fur
ther that the English soldiers will be oppo
sed to a well trained army, men whose
chosen pursuit is fighting, who have been
disciplined by English commanders, who
have proved their prowess in many a hard
fought field side by side with English
coinrades, but n•ho are now actuated by a
deadly hatred of British officers sad Brit.
ish role. As natives of the soil they are
fighting for their country, and as revolted
troops they are, every one of them fight
ing for their lives. The struggle, we
may infer, therefore, has been and will be
wns it corpse.
From the various commentarie, which
have been tuade in relation to thin fatal
experiment of touching one's tongue to the
.essence of brandy," it would seem that
tremely vague and indefinite idea of the
nature of this strange potent “essenco."
We propose to enlighten them, to the end
that they and their readers will have a
good reason to adopt the "tasty not" adage
in relation to this and similar essences.
The true essence of all the alcoholic or
intoxicating liquors in the world is alcohol
ttblaw Spirit" is simply alcohol, di
luted with water. every other alcoholic
beverage whether known as spirituo, or
malt Minors, &c., is oath tag loose
—and certain ex.
k now as 'ram whisku
W ith
this ras; tvhsAey t
pound or c seucc, all kinds of liquors, runt,
brandy, wine, gin, ale, beer, etc., in all
their variety can be made to order ou very
short notice, and of any required degree or
flavor. pungency, or intoxicating potency.
Tne manufacture of these compounds bus
become quite an important busimss, and
anion of our chemists end druggists make
their manufacture and sale a speciality.
Tho adulteration of alcohol, or the inanu
factor° of fictitious liquors, is as profitable
to the producer os it is killing to the cos.
tomer. For example, ten cents' worth of
arsenic or corrosive sublimate, added to a
barrel of rum, brandy, gin or whiskey, will
double its commercial value, that is, it will
enable the dealer to add to it a barrel of
water, and still have the sonic poten:y to
effect, or disturb, or stimulate the system
as an ordinary glass, or drink or dose.
VOL. XXII. NO. 39.
dine, cocculus indicus, hops, alum, horse
radish,..botanical," juniper, lime, chamber
lye etc., the most fastidious taste' will not
be offended, and the connoisseur will find
his cultivated appetency and sensuality
fully satisfied, %elide the dealer gets for his
barrel of brandy two hundred and forty
one dollars and ninety-two cents.
The paragraph above quoted represents
the "essence of brandy," which killed
the Toronto manufacturer, to be in its
properties "very nearly allied to prussic
acid." It is indeed so. It is as nearly
allied to prussic acid as it is to itself. The
same experiment has been tried many
times before, and with exactly the same
result. Many chemists, physicians and
apothecaries hare accidentally tasted the
contents of a bottle containing prussic acid
and "in less than sixty seconds were
corpses."—Life Illustrated.
Reported lap;essly fn• the Journal.
Almost a Tragedy.
'Teas the close of a healthful evening.
The sun had just sunk to rest amid a hale
of glory, leaving the heavens magnificent
ly robed with his golden splendor—yes, so
majestic was the scene—so grand, so lofty
and inspiring its beauties, that it dress-, as
it wore, instinctively, the attention of a
man, who held tightly in one hand a
frightful, unsightly razor! whilst in the
other ho grasped convulsively a letter,
which he had at that moment received
front the lovely object of his earnest affec
tions. Aye, unfortunate circumstance,
whilst he had loved her with all the ar
dor of his capacious soul, she had been
won by another. This melancholy de
velopement threw him into a fit of wild
delirium. Re called for wine and when
the goblet was handed him, he gazed up
on it with smiles of fiendish madness, its
eyes flashed with a detnoniacal fire, and
when quaffing tho hellish draught he
seemed to reel with toad intoxication.—
"A Razor !" he cried—but thank God.
as he was tipati the verge of executing
his wild designs, the glorious beauties of
the fading orb of day rescued him front a.
the letter (or shaving paper. •
JaZit Cal.
To the Free and Independent
Voters of Huntingdon Co.
A 3 my name stands before you as a eau&
thlte for Assembly—to which allies I We no
iis,isiitions and present no claims on the
ty, r , r services rendered any political party,—
;mil inasmuch as questions of importance which
will seriously allitet the lion
union of
his giant Ottintuortwealth, (the prosperit y ` of
v.liicli is if the greatest interest and should m
eek e the ettialid consideration of every
er of the State,) are presented to the people
for their decision, it is expected that I should
deilne my position and declare my sentitnents
' iu relation to those questions. The people of
this Commonwealth arc now called upon to ex,
press their preferences (or or against the pro•
posed appropriation of three millions of dollars
of the proceeds of the sale of the Main Line of
our Public Improvements, to the completion of
the Sunbury & Erie Railroad,. and also on the
repeal of three mill ton:lngo tax now imposed
by the Commonwealth on the Pa. R. R.
Company. On these questions, lam free to
say, that in case of may electioa I will "first.
last and all the lime," with whatever ability I
may possess, oppose the appropriation of any
part of the seven and ono half millions, to any
purpose whatever, except to the liquidation of
the onerous debt of our noble Commonwealth.
I will oppose the repeal of the three mill ton.
nage tax, which, in toy opinion, ought to con
tinue as n source of revenue, to relieve the em
barrassed condition of the treasury—which in
felt by every tax-payer.
In taking this course, I ant aware of the sit•
action in which I am placed; that I incur the
displeasure of the combined forces of the Pa.
It. It. (la., that I have no !money to spend in a
campaign, no offices at my disp osal , no money
of corpations at my couttualtd, no hired press
to sustain me, no shrewd political wire workers
to operate for my election ; but I have to con
tend against all the political manceuvering of
the sharp shooters of all the political parties
of the county, the combined forces of mammoth
corporations, and all the' collectors, lock•tend•
ors, weigh masters, with 11, host of ether employ
tes along the• Canal and Railroad. Nor do I
expect any 'nun to vote for me who desires an
increase of our State Tax. My desire is to
lighten the burden :if the tax payer, by appro.
mating all monies belonging to the State—al
ter necessary expenses of government shall be
met—to the liquidation of her indebtedness,
so that we cony yet see the day when our farms
and workshops may be relieved from the heavy
LARS, which new rests upon the property of
every tax-payer of the State.
11ith proper and economical management,
the State Treasurer will never again be under
the necessity of resorting to a loan, to meet the
interest on the debt of the Commonwealth.—
Ilut on the contrary, eight millions of the debt
could be paid the first year, and two millions
1 annually thereafter, which arrangement would
in the course of twelve or thurteen years, en
tirely wipe out the debt.
here to the fernier, or mechatdo, or any
tax-payer, who duos not desire the payment of
1 our State indebtedness, especially if it can be
accomplished without any additional taxation?
gar What is more beautiful and poeti,
cal than the child's idea of ice— "Water
gone to sleep."