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    fiuntinghn ournat.
Wednesday Morning, August 18,1857,
"Once more our glorious Lauver out
Unto the breeze we throw ;
Beneath its folds with song and shout
We'll charge upon the foe."
LEVI EVANS, of Tod Township,
JAS. McELIIOY, of Porter Township,
HENRY GLAZIER, of Huntingdon,
FRANKLIN IL LANE, of Brady Tow'p.
G. W. MATTERN, of Franklin township,
PERRY MOORE, of Tod township,
PHILIP D. STEVENS, of Cass township,
The County Ticket,
Tor good and sufficient reasons, which will
be understood and appreciated by honest and
intelligent voters, we feel it our duty to with.
hold our support from a portion of the ticket
nominated on the 11th instant. The hostility
to the first two nominees is so wide•spread and
intense, that any other course on our part,
would leave the whole ticket to an inevitable
for Mews. Wharton and Glasgow arefreafi
from the ranks of the people, are not in any
way connected with past party intrigue, and
will command the support of all the friends of
fair, honorable political action. Their election,
which we confidently predict—in connection
with the balance of the ticket-:-will be a Can
tary lesson to the demagogues of all parties,
and teach them that the people are, after all,
capable of maintaining their rights and the in•
terests of the Commonwealth.
Iu supporting the ticket, as now constituted,
we will make no unprovoked attack on any
man or party, but hold ourselves prepared to
defend our course and repel every assailant by
such facts and arguments as truth-shall justify
and MIMES dOlll/111d.
By appointment of the State Committee,
Hon. DAVID WILMOT will address his fellow
tilizons, at the following places:
Somerset, Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 25.
Greensburg, Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 26.
Washington, Thursday afternoon, Aug. 27.
Pittsburg, Friday evening, Aug. 28.
Uniontown, Saturday afternoon, Aug. 29.
Bedford, Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 1.
M'Connellshurg, Wednesday afterooon, Sept. 2.
Chambersburg, Thursday afternoon, Sept. 3.
Huntingdon. Friday afternoon, Sept. 4.
ilollidaysburg, Saturday afternoon, Sept. 5.
Altoona, Saturday evening, September. 5.
Allegheny city, Monday evening, September 7
Kittaning, Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 8.
Clarion, Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 9.
Franklin, Thursday afternoon, September 10.
Meadville, Friday afternon, Sept. 11.
Waterford, Saturday afternoon, Sept. 12.
Erie, Saturday evening, Sept. 12.
Beaver, Monday afternoon, Sept, 14.
New Castle, Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 15.
Mercer, Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 16.
Butler, Thursday atteruon, September 17.
Allegheny county, Friday and Saturday, Sep.
tembor 18 and 19.
Indiana, Monday afternoon, September 21.
Johnstown, Tuesday afternoon, September 22,
Clearfield, Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 23.
BeWont°, Thursday afternoon, Sept. 24.
Lewistown, Friday afternoon, Septembrr 25.
Bloomfield, Saturday afternoon, September 26.
Duneannon, Saturday evening, Sept. 26
Harrisburg, Monday afternoon, Sept. 28.
Mechanicsburg, Monday evening, Sept. 28,
Carlisle, Tuesday afternoon, September 29.
Gettysburg, Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 30,
York, Thursday afternoon, October 1.
Chesnut Level, Friday afternoon, October 2.
Lancaster, Saturday afternoon, October 3.
West Chester, Monday afternoon, October 6,
Media, Tuesday afternoon, October 6.
Phila. and vicinity, from the 7th to the 13th.
Our friends in the various counties aro re•
quested to note these appointments, and take
immediate steps to circulate the information,
and to secure a full attendance of voters,
Chairman of Cimmilloe.
11111" The American Republicans of Muir
Couoty•met iu Convention at Hollidaysburg,
on Wednesday last, and nominated a county
ticket, us follows:
Assembly—G. W. Patton of Altoona.
District Attornoy—Benj. L. Hewitt of Dol.
Commissicner—John R. McFarlane.
Director of Poor—George Weave,.
Auditor.—Abram C. McCartney.
OUR Tii;E:Er
We this week hoist to our 01:.$1 Lead the tick-
et we shall support in the .Acct ion, fur
county offices. It is Col, •• :nen of nn'
impeachable character, stern integrity and on•
doubted capacity. Such men are and always
have been the very life of republican govern.
teems, and with such men victory is always cer
For Assembly, LEVI EVANS, of Tod town
ship. Mr. Evans is one of the pioneer settlers
of the southwestern portion of our county; a
man known to the whole community, honored
and beloved for the upright, honest and consis
tent course, socially and politically which has
ever marked his life. Such men, in our legit
'halve halls, would be honorable to the cone.•
pity, and confer lasting credit on the constituen•
ey they represent. We need just such men in
our Legislature as Mr. Evans,—men who will
not stoop to the gratification of their iustsgror
gold and silver at the expense of honor, justice
and their duty as sworn representatives of the
sovereign people. And where is the tone who
would dare question the truth of the assertion
that our Legislative Halls have often been con.
verted into places for the enactment of crimes
of bribery and corruption. We must eradicate
this evil, sod the only way to accomplish this
desirable object, is by the selection or election
of men above bribery, who do not seek n num.
illation from motives of "pecuniary diameter,"
but who will be true to the principles of jut•
tire, honor and integrity, true to their constitu.
ents, the interests of the Commonwealth, and
to themselves. We can support no one for this
office who will not come up to this standard.—
Levi Evans, in every particular and point, fully
fills this measure, .d we hereby enlist our ev.
ery energy in his behalf and shall exert our ev
cry faculty and whatever ability we possess, to
secure his election; and we call upon Republi.
cans, Americans, Democrats, men of all par
ties who love the right, and desire to do right,
to aid us. Come, one and all, and push on the
column. Levi Evans will be our next Repre
tentative if our people have not determined on
shutting their eyes to honest, straightforward,
integrity, andwinking at or openlycounienane•
ing political dishonesty, corrupt nominations or
political demagogueistn. Men of Huntingdon
County, what say you ?
For Prothonotary, JAMES McELROY, of
Porter township. It is unnecessary for us to
Say anything of the abilities of this gentleman.
Mr. McElroy is a man known to the communi•
ty as a gentleman of stern integrity, and busi.
ness qualificatious second to none other in the
comity. He never asked for an office, never
sought one, and does not now ; he only
consents to permit his name to he used in cots.
nection wills the office of Prothonotary, at the
earnest and urgent solicitation of his numerous
friends. We place his name at our masthead
with & P6figßAPii U 16191. chaff.,,l"Ur t .U m
didate one of the noblest works of God---an
honest man. We look upon the election of
James McElroy, as a very probable if net a
certain event, and to accomplish it we are rea
dy to "fight the good fight."
For Register mid Recorder, HENRY GLA.
ZIER, of Hulitingduit. Mr. Glazier has filled
this office for the past three years, with great
credit to hiutself and the utmost satisfaction to
the people. Honesty, integrity, nod honor, is a
part of his nature. Indeed, so well and favor•
ably is Mr. Glazier's probity known in thccon.,
munity, that it has passed into a proverb, and
nhonest Harry Glazier," is the appellatieu by
which be is familiarly known. With such a
tune as Mr. Glazier on our ticket we have no
fears of defeat. His election is beyond a per
adventure, a fixed, unalterable, certain, unde
niable, self evident fact. This is the same gen.
tleman who carried his election over tl o co•
harts of Locofocoism, arrayed against him some
three years ago, and licked diem inn fair field
fight, to the tune of lire thousand majority !
We are proud of such men, such nominees, and
with a certain victory in view, we enter boldly
the arena, and defy the whole Locofoco camp.
For Treasurer, FRANKLIN 11. LANE. of
Brady township. Mr. Lane is the present in
cumbent of this office, hehaving been appoint.
ed en decease of A. B. Crewit, and has held
the office for a period of three or four mouths,
rendering satisfaction to all parties, and
ning troops of friends. Mr. Lane is a gentle.
man, a scholar, and we have no doubt will give
his Locofoco competitor, ono of the "roughest
roads to travel," he ever experienced, and coup
pel him to "hang up his fiddle and his bow oh.
oh," in an inglorious defeat. Mr. Lane will, of
course be elected, and by such a majority as
will: make Mr. Lightner bear thunder and think
he's struck by lightning.
For County Commissioner, GEORGE W.
MATTERN, of Franklin township. Mr. Mat.
tern has been a lifelong opponent of Locofo•
coism, and has never swerved from the line of
duty, or faltered when culled into the action.—
That he will be elected is "sure as fate."
For Dirt ctor of the Poor, PERRY MOORE,
of Morrii township. Mr. Moore has several
times been elected to office by the people of the
county, by large majorities, and we have not a
shadow of airoubt of his success in the coming
contest. The people delight to honor honest,
upright citizens, and will elect him by stela.
illation, almost.
For Auditor, PHILIP D. STEVENS, of
Cass township. We are glad to see the selec
tion of goad men made for these small office.
Mr. Stevens is a man well known to the com.
!milky, as fully meeting Jackson's standand—
he is honest and capable, and will receive our
hearty support.
Here is an unexceptionable ticket. It con.
tains no worn oat party hack, no tool for mum.
tooth corporations or rich aristocrats. Unex
ceptionable in every particular, and without
doubt one of the best tickets ever presented to
the voters of the county. We ask the hearty
co-operat inn of e very iu•lividual in the district,
who i...pposed t.. 1...c..h.e..i5m.--which is only
sllllth4tr 111111.1 lie til/r111.4 . It Ilnillllllllll, Mormon.
ism end aid in electing it•
Victory is curtain it• we are united, uttd why
should we net unite in the good and glorious
cau.t. lin. .I.4enting the Sbatn•Democntey
,111 . ...4.,.th•J 311, we are :are to cuu•
Pursuant to a call, the delegates of the nye.
ral townships and boroughs of Huntingdon
county, assembling in Convention, in the Court
House in the borough of Huntingdon, on Tues.
clay, August 12th, at 1 o'clock, P. M., for the
purpose of placing In nomination n County
The Convention was organized by A. W.
Evans, Esq., of Cassville, President, and Col.
B. C. Lytle and James Harper, Secretaries.
The credentials of the delegates were then
presented, and a committee on the same, con.
misting of W. B. Leas, B. F. Glasgow and M.
F. Campbell, Esqrs,, appointed. The delegates
were as follows
Alexandria—Win. Phillips, Wm. A. Neff.
Brady—J. M. Stonebraker, C. It, McCarthy.
Barree—P. Livingston, J. Gibboney.
Birmingham—J. K. MoCahan, W. M. Lloyd.
Cromwell—G. W. Cornelius, J. H. Chilcott.
Clay—J. E. Glasgow, Elijah J. Heck.
Cassville—A. W. Evans, Jacob Gehrett.
Cass—John Crotsley, Jacob Park.
Dublin—Prof. Woods, Joseph Hudson.
Franklin—John Laporte, Daniel Conrail,
llopewell—Jas. Entrekin, John Beaver.
Henderson—Jacob Miller, Stephen Moore.
Huntingdon—John Whittaker, W. K. Rahn,
Jackson—L. I). Tate, Joseph Porter.
Juniata—David Hawn, Thos. Dean.
Mortis—Nadi. Lytle, Jos. Isenberg.
Mt. Union—Col. J. A. Doyle, J. W. Shaver.
Oneida—A. Stewart, A. Corbin,
Orbisonia—Jas. Harper, J. H. Faulkner.
Petersburg Bor.—A. Renner, G. Barclay.
Petersburg Dis.—W. McClure, J, Neff.
Penn —Dr. J. Aschom, Col. A. G. Neff.
Porter—H. W. Swoope, Jacob Nett.
Springfield—J. Baker, W. H. Gorsuch.
Shirleysburg—W, B. Leas, S. L. Glasgow,
Shirley—B. F. Glasgow, Peter Myers.
Tell—Geo. Wilson, S. Macedon'.
Tod—Col. B. C. Lytle, D. Aurandt, Esq.
Union—M. F. Campbell, Esq., G. Hazzard.
West--Dr. Sons'! Hill, Maj. Wm. Moore.
Warriorstirtrk—P. Bucket, Dr. H. K. Net'.
Walker—Thos. MeCohan, 'Samuel Pcigbtal.
There were two setts of delegates from Tod,
Petersburg and Franklin districts. A protest
front the Republicans of the latter district,
complaining of unfairness in the election of
delegates was read before the Convention.—
These matters were all satisfactorily arranged.
On motion, the Convention proceeded to no•
minute and ballot for a Representative to the
Legislature. On the first and second ballots
the vote stood :
Ist. 2d.
S. S. Wharton, 28 33
John Williamson, Li 11
Perry Moore, 11 20
B. X. Blair, 7
James Bell, 3
The names Of Illegal's. Blair and Bull were
withdrawn after the first ballot. Col. Wharton
having a majority of all votes cant, on the see•
and ballot, was declared nominated.
The balloting for Prothonotary resulted as
follows :
10 14
9 17
.... txmaguiv,
Peter C. Swoope,
Levi Evans,
Joseph Porter,
James McElroy,
M. F. Campbell,
James Wilson,
Whereupon Jas. E. Glasgow was declared
nominated for Prothonotary.
For Treasurer the vote stood :
Ist. 2d. 3d.
F. H. Lane, 14 21 30
Jas. Bricker, 23 25 25
David H. Bare, 18 9 3
Alec, Stitt, 5 4
D. Womelsdurf, 2 4
F. H. Lane was then declared nominated for
The balloting for Register and Recorder re•
suited as follows:
Henry Glazier, 47
A. P. White, 10
Henry Glazier wan then declared nominated
for Register A Recorder.
For Commissioner the vote stood :
Ist. 3d. 3d.
G. W. Mattern, 16 29 40
John Plenoer, 14 15 16
Peter Swoope, 2
David Hawn, 5
Win. Walker, 2
IL Grallius, 5
M. F. Campbell, 10 14
G. W. Matters was thereupon declared note.
hutted for Commissioner.
For Director of the Poor, the vote stood:
Perry Moore, 32
G. W. Cornelius, 8
Saint Eyre,
G. Keith, 4
N. Lytle, 3
John Lute, 3
Perry Moore was declared the nominee fur
Director of the Poor.
For Auditor the vote stood
Philip Stevens, 43
G. Hartley, 8
Philip Stevens was then declared nominated
for Auditor.
A vote was then taken by the Convention for
its choice of State Senator, resulting as follows:
For J. Sewell Stewart, 46
J. C. Watson, 10
Mr. Stewart was instructed to make his own
On motion th nominations were mado unn.
863'Tho shipments of coal over the How
tins and Broad Top Railroad for the week
ending Thursday, August 6th, amounted to
2349 tons For the season, 48,727 tons.
j Prom all accounts, Bradford county,
the home of Judge Wilmot, will give him a
majority, this fall, that will astonish the na•
tives.—Some one hae said that a six mule
team would haul all the Packer men
in the county. Another has suggested a
different mode of arriving at the result,
in October, namely, to take the entire vote
of the county, and deduct therefrom twelve
Post Masters. The remainder, he says, will
"be iu and about' Wilmot's majority."
gray- A new counterfeit has made its appear.
ance-20's un Farmers' and Drovers' Bank of
Waynesburg, Pa. Engraver's name imperfect,
the letters in State of Pennsylvania on top of
note imperfect. It is well calculated to du.
Packer and Poltroonery.
An army of soldiers with a poltroon for a
commander who should issue a bulletin just'.
Eying his sneaking away front the enemy when
challenged to light, would be apt to bayonet
him on the spot and elevate some one of re•
quisite pluck in place of the lilly-delivered do•
rant. But the democratic party of Peunsylva•
is animated by no such spirit. Instead of tor.
ning indignantly upon the fainthearted Puck•
er and demanding to be led at once to the fray
they turn tail with hint and slink off content, d
with their voluntary disgrace. The white I •
thee instead of being regarded as infamous is
adopted by them as an ornament, and they
march off, beaten without a fight, no if such a
retreat were something to be proud of. After
purchasing their victory• last fall• not by fair
fighting, but by the vilest frauds, it is not to
be wondered that they think cowardice a vie•
tae. Base is the slave Cant fights when cites •
ing will serve as well.
When Packer was nominated we heard a
great deal from his trumpeters about his abili
ty on the stump, his immense powers no an or
ator, and the certainty of his vanquishing the
'Black Republicans' by his single might. A
ter Wilmot was nominated, and it was given
out that he would probably challenge Packer,
the democratic press was mightly tickled at
the preposterousness of the idea. Wilmot
challenge Packer! lie would never think of
such an act of assurance ; as well put his head
into the lion's mouth at once I Presently it
was reported that Wilinot had challenged hint;
but the locofoco leaders were incredulous and
suffered themselves to deny it as a thing
shot could not be. Then came the letter itself
from Judge Wilmot, inviting his opponent to
canvass the state with him ; and although the
poor leaders were astonished at such extraor•
dinary temerity, they never doubted for a me
meat that Packer would accept the challenge
and administer a fitting rebuke to one who da
red thus confront the giant.
This was the state of affairs until Pucker,
the great orator and statesman, ignominiously
fled affrighted from Wilmot, and took refuge
behind the State Committee. The latter was
thus compelled to stand up as a shield before
him, and put forth a manifesto to the faithful
explaining why the challege was declined.—
Alas for the expectant democracy ! Instead
ore fight, as anticipated, it seas a light—a base
desertion of the field to the enemy without
striking a blow. But they have got used to it
very soon. Evidently they werel not as keen
for au encounter as they pretended, or they
would not fall in so generally or so meekly in
this glorious back down. They have shoulder
ed their arms promptly for the retreat and the
party presses, which so lately were looking for
ward to the annihilation of Wilmot by Packer
on the stump, are now• convinced that stump,
fregartt i er alinwrg6hylil that the true, way
At nn American State Convention held nt
Dayton. Ohio, on the sth, Col. P. Van 'Frump
was nominated as a candidate for Governor;
N. T. Ash, for Lieutennnt Governor; Jonathan
Hershman, for Treasurer; John R. Arthur, for
member of the Board of Public Works ; John
Davenport, for Supreme Judge, and C. C. Allen
for Secretary of State.
The Democratic State Convention suet at
Columbus on the Gth inst„ and made the fol.
Governor, H. li. Payne,
Lieutenant Governor, W. H. Lytle,
Supreme Judge, Whitman,
Treasurer of State, Morris,
Secretary of State, .1. Reinhart,
Board of Public Works, A. L. Backus.
Resolutions ores adopted by the Convention
endorsing the Bred Scott decision, approving
of the administration of Mr. Buchanan, and the
doctrine of popular soveigfity, as advanced by
the Rioisas Nebraska act, and favoring an In.
dependent Treasurer fur Ohio.
sceir B. V. Sanford, who was recently Ileillii•
tinted fur Congress by a Republican CJIIVCII
- Wrics'h. WRY held nt NewiThrt, ley. , reeelitly
°poised the campaign by a Republican speech
The Mum Candidate.
at the county seat of !altos' county. The
The correspondence between the Democrat. I
speech was listened to with great alit alum
is nominee for Governor, and the Chairman i
and nothing occurred duriug the day that was
of the Democratic State Committee,
is °by ' . unworthy of lesituckiatts. During Isis speech
ously a nrisioeuvre pert Gen. Paelier
Mr. Sanfiird said so verrsevere things or
to present a 1111111/0111! for shrinking me
4peaking of it us a great evil. The lie
from a disenssiou wide!, he dread; enter tap.
tem, not Abulitiouists, as his
on. The litir mid of "I° he ar er s laid been.
; inure so, in•
principles and policy of the two prominent
odoliai, were Jeffers. and T he ro•
parties the Stole, by their respective candidates
cal of the Missouri Compromise he declared
is a movement calculated to give to the pub.
i s ) vas the "perfidy of plighted faith." He was
lie mind a proper understanding the goes- of. --- not in favor of immediate emancipation.
tines upon which 1110 people trill be celled to
vote and to lead to a just discrimination be. par A man, who is au entire stranger 1 0
tween the merits of both platforms. As it is I the neighborhood, was found hanging to the
doubtless for this very reason, that the Demo• I limb of a tree in East Goshen, on the read
erotic nominee declines to meet his opponent i leading to the White Horse in Chester Coen.
ill debate—he is fearful of the result, should I ty, Pa. On Thursday evening he stoped a t
intelligence and unbiassed, holiest conviction Rocky Hill, and enquired the way to Philadel•
be allowed untrammeled exercise in consider. phis. He then started on his way, and when
ing the issues of the day. Ile knows that a he came to the paint where be was found, it
fair discussion of the subject of slavery—the appears that Ito tnounted the fence, took out
great question of the contest—would remove his pocket handkerchief, tied it about his neck
thousands of our best informed citizens from and alter tying it to the limb, ho swung oil.
his standard. The attempt to cost the respon- An inquest was held and the jury returned a
sihility upon the Democratic State Committee, • verdict in accordance with the above facts.
has failed to deceive the people, who ere Oro'
the whole intrigue, and justly condemn the el•
fort to evade a outdid and fair challenge by
such unmanly means. Meanwhile. the Repub
lican candidate will go before the people, and
explain fully the principles involved in the easo
rues—principles which his opponents dare nut
discuss with bins.
Yet, after all, the poor creatures who are
compelled thus to vindicate their weak•kueed
candidate are to pitied. Whatever they hove
to do, no matter how distasteful it may be, they
do it, mid change their tone and their tactics
us submissively as if they were galley slaves; but
it :s plain that while they submit they do not
like the jibs and jeeri to which they are sub
jectcd, that they march down the hill with
touch less spirit than they marched up. But
while we pity them, their mean-spirited coin.
matador is worthy only of contempt. Ilereaf•
ter Packer and• Poltroonery will be synotip
mons tem,
"Ask My Committee ,
In the old 'tinier and Marble times, the La.
cofocos made o vast deal of capital by cliarg•
ing that those gentlemen were in the hands of
a 'Committee,' and multi do nothing without
consulting their bodyguard. The letter of Mr.
Packer and Mr. Duekalew are a virtual. an.
knowledgement that what they falsely charged
upon the Whig candidate of those days, is true
in their own case at present. Gen. Pucker, in
mead of accepting the challenge of his emnpet•
itor, an any high.mindedgentleuian would have
done, skulkingly exclaims, 'Ask my Commit.
tee.' And that Committee, knowing h:s cull.
bre, place as emphatic veto upon the project
of free discussion. Free discussion, indeed !
—why the very principles of Locufocoisin is to
enslave the mind as well as the body. Their
majorities are made up by people who will lie.
ten only to one side, who are held to allegiance
by ignorance and prejudice. Their leaders
dare not meet their opponents in a fair fight,
but are compelled to skulk behind and beat
about the bush. Well may the candidate of
each a party when challenged by an oppoLent,
show the 'white feather,' and i meauly exclaim,
'ask any Committee.' It is his only alternative
to avert disgrace in every uncoliater.—Rcading
Female Murders in Pennsylvania.
Two men and women recently convicted in
Pittsburg fur the murder of the uncle and
aunt of the latter—an aged brother and sister,
who had accumulated some money. Although
several women have been conviete) of tour.
murder in this State, at different periods, only
three of them were executed, and these in "old
times." There is at this time a woman in the
Wayne county jail convicted of the murder
during Governor Porter's Administration, an.
other in Huntingdon jail convicted during Gov.
crnor Biglers's term, and we believe there
are altogether six or eight sentenced to death
iu different jails. if our recollection serves
us right, it is about thirty years since a Gov
ernor of this State signed the death warrant
of a woman, and there will probably never be
another. About four yenrs ago, we had oe
ension to examine the official papers of the
State refuting to this matter, and from them
we gleaned the foregoing facts -Lock Haven
The Campaign Opened.
A large and very enthusiastic meeting of the
friends of Wilmot was held in Bloomfield, the
county sent of Perry, on the 3d of August.
There were persons present from every election
district in the county. W. W. Dickinson pre
sided, assisted by no less than fifty vice-presi
dents. The .meeting was addressed at length
by the Hon. ll'. b. Kelley, of Philadelphia.
The speech was lengthy and able, and was re
ceived with enthusiasm. After he closed, Mr.
Baer, the Buckeye blacksmith, followed
The meeting passed strong. resolutions, endor
sing the Harrisburg platform and nominations.
Among the resolutions passed was the follow
ing, whirls we commend most earnestly to the
attention of the Democratic press:
"Resoired, That the refusal or the Dimmer',
tic candidate for Governor, Wm,.V. Packer, to
accept the challenge of David - Wilmot, to dis
cuss before the people the questions involved
in the present campaign, is the best evidence
that their candidate is either ashamed of
principles, or is afraid to advocate and defend
them, and for that course the people are asha
med to vote for him, or to trust hint with pow-
Ohio Nominations
1J The Congres4ional election in Nobras•
kii territory has resulted in a poll of 1470 for
Perguson, Independent, Dem., 1309 for Thay
er, Republican, 1114 for Chapman, the rev.
ulur Democratic nominee, and 1091 for Bank.
er. Chapman was the member in tho last
Congress. The aggregate vote, as above, is
4994, with ono county to hear from.
ser Advices from Karns state that Co,
maw Walker had returned to Lawrence with
the United Status troops, the apprehensions of
an attack on Fort Riley by the Cheyennes hat•
ing proved groundless. The squatter multi.
cipal govcrnment•ol' Lawrence met on the 27th
and was engaged in perfecting ordinances.—
The election returns front all parts of the ter•
territory indicate a large vote, and nearly mum
imous for the Topeka Constitution.
kir A murderess lamed Charlotte Jones, is
now in the prison at Pittsburg, awaiting public
execution. A few days ago her sister expres
s wish that Charlotte would send her some
money to buy a new dress, that she might go
to see her hipg.
Sernankin, the prize fighter who fought
with Bradly, has loft Buffalo for Albany. He
has nearly recovered, a ad still insists that he
can hooch Bradly "out of his booth." The
purposes to fight for $.5000 in October.
jar A Camp Meetini:Tvill be held on Friday
the 4th of September, about two miles above
Orbionin, on the Littleton rood.
siir The Farm 'Journal has been merg, ,, l
into the American Agriculturist, and the two
have become one. Subscribers to the former
will be supplied with the latter for the full
term of their subscription. The Agriculturi,i
is one of the best magazines published in the
country. Orange Judd, Publisher, Nu. 191
Water•st., New York. Price $1 per annum.
• - - •
le - The Inventor for September has been
received. It is an excellent No. and should be
well pat con tend.
StarGodey's Lady's Book, and Graham's
Magazine for the month of September, are on
our tattle; they being rival periodicals, nod
both aiming nt perfection we will knee our
numerous renders to decide the contest.
par Returns of the Texas election indicate
that Runnels, Democrat, has been chosen Gov
ernor over Houston, American, by 12,000 ma
jority, and that no opposition candidates have
been elected to the Legislature es far as heard
Jottxsox's Mar OF TOO REPUBLICS or
Nowro AncteoceA. Puumsolm 1117A.J. Joax
son, N. Y.—This great work, just published, is
in ninny respects superior to any work of th e
kind ever before issued. It embraces all North
America south of the 50th degree of North
Latitude, including the Canadies.
States, Mexico, Central America, West hullo
Islands, end a part of. South Allied.. There
are indeed other maps which M.clude this same
extent of territory, as Munk's Mithell's New
and Colton's, but none of these works con
make any pretensions to merit equal to this of
Johnson's. In the first place it is much lar
ger than either of these, being 72 by 80 inches
in size. This large scale has enabled the
author to insert a vast amount of information
of the highest importance which neither of the
other works were able to contain. Hence the
Counties of all the States and Territories are
ditinctly colored and named, the principal
towns, the railroads, A., Ac. We are particu
larly pleased with the Imount of recent info.-
motion it contains in the new Territories. We
find, for example Arnizonia, and many Lew
places which we have looded in vain on othe r
maps to find.
It also contains a map of the World on
Mercator's projection, on a much larger scale
and more full, complet •, and thoroughly fin•
lobed than any other we have seen. On this
also u•e find something new and recent, the
discoveries of Dr. Kane in Polar Sea ;
all the plans discovered and named by the Dr.
up to within 9 degrees of the North
Of the whole word it is dillienit to speak in
terms of too high praise. It is a fine copper,
plate engraving; und as a mere work of tint,
onsuivusseo. is Is IllustintUd with 1.4...1;raal
and Costly Daguerreotype views of small cities
of our Country and the splendid Capitol now
erecting at Washington. For general refer•
once, in the family, the °nice, the library, the
seholl•room, it is 0 work which ought nut to
be dispensed with. Its prieu is remarkably
moderate, and we heartily cononend it to gen.
erul patronage The work is to be sold wily
by agents, and we aro inthrc u •d this stale is to
be immediately canruss6d. Dr. a Allem gen
eral Agent for the State may be addressed for
agencies at Harrisburg. A. J. Moore of Coal.
mon% has been appointed Agent for this Coun
ty, and will commence canvit,ing immediate
ly,—W e have Line of those maps in our pose.
sion and can recommend them 110 the best ev..
er published.
Gas Meters
As our citizens are now interested in Gas
Matters, the following iteta trim the New
' York on the use of G. Meters, will
probably not be uninteresting to them :
ut• Cr A:3 suit for rent of
Gas Meters, furnished by the Gas Company,
was recently decided in New York City, against
the company. The court held that as meters
were fur the use of measuring the quantity of
gas consumed, they were for• the benefit of
the Gas Companies, like the weights and meas•
ures of merchants, or the meters of Water
Companies. The seller and not the buyer are
hound to furnish the means of ascertaining the
quantity he delivers, and he is hotted to verify
the de:ivery of the quantity he charges for in
his bill, before ho can demand payment. The
Judge said: "I am entirely satisfied that the''
companies have no legal rgiltt to charge toe
the use of their jolts and weights, or the
man fur his gther meter. In each case
the dealer lass to adoptsotne means °lasses.
tattling how much the customer has had."
This cuts ofla large revenue of the Gas Com
pany in New York, and will affect Gas Com
panies everywhere, if it be sustained as law,
as it will undoubtedly he.
There is very little demand for Flour to-day.
Standard superfine, !nude from new wheat is
nominally held at $7,25, and sound old stock,
and late inspected Flour at $6,50a 6,75 per
bbl., without sales to tiny extent. Corn Meal
is wanted, but there is very little Mock to . oper
ate to, and some Ilan been picked up at $4 per
Wheat is scarce, prime lots are wanted, bet
are too damp mid unsaleable. Rye is in less
demand and brings 95e. Corn continues dull,
and we are only advised of sales of 20000 bus
yellow most at 80c. afloat. Oats meet with a
moderate demand al 42e pia' bushel.
In the Catholic Church, is this borough, on
Monday August 17th, by Rev. P. M. Doyle,
John A. Duck and Mina. Emelia Manager,
both Huntingdon.
Estate of Hon. Robert Allison, decd.
Administrator's NOtioe.
Letters of Administration, with the will an
nexed, on the estate of Robert Allison, late of
the borough of Huntingdon, deed., having
been grunted to tho undersigned, he hereby
notifies all persons indebted to said estate to
make immediate payment, and those having
claims wifl present the 311111 e duly authenticated
for settlement. JAS. GWIN Affin'r„
WOOliti HAIR 11E.,08,111,--Th:g wonder.
fill preparation is having an extemdre eale iu
of th e Union. It is one of the few
• • ut m • ;i dA, 1"11',•11 new acid over the
count, that aro wally ulna their inventors
eldita - fir them. Wherever it has had a fair
trial. the result has hem] just 88 Wood pre
tlitAs. It has am,. Wiled to turn the white
hair bat to the natural color, where the diree•
Ilona have been strictly followed, awl to neme•
rens wows it has restored the. hair upon heads
that Lad been bald for years. It is not preten
ded that it. will make the hair u,row in every
Coot., but where it fails there is certainly no re•
medy. Thu restorative of the hair has hem
elfeeted in so many instances where the ease
seemed utterly hopeless ' that it IS certainly
worth while for :al who have lost their hair to
try the experiment of using a ;mule or two of
Wood's It.Aaratire. —Mobile Workman.
41:&.• The in.( skeptical people can he con
vineed by trial that nll the fitmily medicine!
are :got hainbay, and Ilia! among the thousand
or let hi lilt there are a few or „rout merit
and alillutibted worth. Of these, lir. S:tnlbrd'F
Invigorator, t r Liver Remedy, shade first and
finVIIIOSL among the remedies of the day that
con he relied Oil :1:1 a medicine that, is all it is
reccursmentled by its proprietors. Jt advertises
itself un every trial, fur there are none who
me it hat tell their friends to do no, and so it
goes from mouth to mouth till all the t,cople of
the Union have learned the good id' this truly
medicine. It is 00000one:01ml with Lc:Aim:mi.
als to prove its virtue for the cure of liver emu •
plaints of. every kind, from the wool I 'pimp
sia to a e oilman headache, and is particularly
adapted to .lioneliee, Deranged Stomach, Itow•
el Complaints and diseases of children.
One or two dust, ore said to cure a cull with
scarcely n failure. It is worth a trial ffir
alone, It is partienlarly adapted to the use of
ladies, particularly those or sedentary habits.
Some ladies of the highest standing in socictot
have give. their certificates of its efficacy, 81,4
WO Illy 10 Mt who Ore ailing, try one bottle of
you will never be without it.
Hair—highly perfumed, superior t.
any French article imported, and for half the
price. For dressing Ladies' flair it has m
equal, giving it a Lrn . ..dft glossy appearan cc.--
It causes Gentlemen s flair to curl in the tuosi
natural manner. It removes dandrilf, alway,
giving the Hair the appearance of being free l'
811111111,00:led. Prier only fifty cents. Sum
genuineunh,is signed
PETItIDGE 1, (70. N. V. Pruprieturs of the
Tiowidand /lowers:
Fur sale by Jule• II untiugdon. fuel :t1
J. A. HALL Principal
The next school year, co misting. otibiki
exclusive of vmations, gill commoller Oil Mon
day, the 24111 in.vl. The year will be divided
as heretofore into ih I, 86010., eliding on the
Ist day of st day of March, 1050, and
lot day of July, respectively.
Terms of tuition for the regular classes will
be the same us last year, vie; Primary class.
es, $12,00 a scholar; Fre,limen and Sopho
more classes, $15,00 a schohte ; and Jolliet
and Senior classes, $lB,OO n sehol sr, the one
at, or bet. to the ensl ut ena
Terms fur the l'enehea class, $5,00
month, I 2,00 a seeeiun, ur a ycnry ter
able in adeanee.
Huntingdon August 19ili
Cersloo A MOVIIII..aa
A number of gentlemen wanted to ea:iv,
two or threu couitien each in an ii:.;encv i.a'.
insures those properly qualitied the bigL , ,
compensation. They ehould be of mature
intelligent, talented scud industrious ; and a,
will make twice us much an in teaching, Verk
ing t or tiny other businenn. Alllll,,
b. A!.1.!., Harrisburg,
quire at tho Adam's Express onieu.
Administrator's Notice
- - - - --••••••
I.:•tters of Administration or the estate et
Win. Rutter, late of the village of >t•hisottiit . ,
&c . d., !laving Lena granted to the undersigned
all !whim's indebted to said estate are required
to mate immediate !',meat, and those having
eiainci against the same will present them du•
ly authenticated for settlement.
.lAS. HARPER, Adm . .
A ug.1..),7,7:61.*
Executor's Notice
j Tesnimetttary on the estate of Us
jJ tharin, (twin, late of the borough of
d , e'd., having net, granted to
the tindersigmtl, all permits indebted to said
canto nun Lucolly notified to !natio payment,
and those having (titbits to pre.imit them rut
W. P. 011 BISON, Ex r•
Whereas, A certain man nioncil Matthew
Garner being deranged in his mind, left ltis
11 , 1 , 13 in Woodcock Valley about the first of
May last, and has Oct been heard of since tae
first of June. Said Garner is about 5 iiiet
or 19 inches high, gray eyes, dark complexion,
53 years of aged, and his hair is middling lung
and gray. Any information of his whereabouts
directed to John Garner, Jr., Spruce Creek,
Huntingdon county, will be thankfully recei
A tig.19,'57,3t.
S.4 l ll'ellfdaishtirg "Whig" and 'Register,"
Bedford Inquirer, and Lewistown Gazette,
publish three times nod charge this ollice..„M
By request of numerous 61ouds, I respectful
ly otter myself as a candidate fat Legisla
Conlmola, August I 111, 1857.
Mehh Edilora
At the solicitntion of my friernlq, I hereby
offer myself as an candidate for the office of
Porter township, August 1.1, 1857.
The store of J. W. Saxton is now open for
sale, by wholesale nod retail of the entire im•
moose stock of goods at greatly reduced prices.
Dealers and all others who have the cash
can bo accommodated at auction prices. Terms
1.-100 Sacks Ground Alum Salt and 30
tons Plaster to be disposed of.
Att'ye for Creditors.
A tig.5,'57.
T EADPIPE for sale at the Ilitedwate St ore o
Antiphlogistic Salt.
This celebrated medicine is fur as to at the
Journal Office . For all Inflammatory disc ases
it is a certain cure. Get aha x and try it, 3°
who are attilieted.
,lenclid assortment of Stone Creek' fur