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COURT AFFAIRS—August Term, 1857.
Enoch Dean va Joseph Harbaugh.
Savage's Trustees vs Davis & Smith,
Stevens for use vs Henry & Smith,
TIM MS Clark's heirs vs Brison Clark,
13, Grow's adner vs Abeducgo Stevens,
Sterling & Alexander vs - Bracken, Stitt & Co,
M. Creanland vs Caleb Wows,
Daniel Crownover vs Joshua Gorsuch,
Michael Quarry vs Wise & Buchanan
Patrick Kelly vs Penna. R. R. Co.,
George McCrum vs Then. Wits..
MeCtltCllooll vs James Entrokin.
J. Cresswell vs Robert Hare Towel,
Peter Crown over vs Daniel Shindle,
Samuel Beaty vs Wm. 11. Wharton,
John Dougherty vs Abr. Taylor et al,
Weiler, Kline & Kills vs C. Costs,
Edwards for Stunkard va Glasgews,
Joel Moore vs B, X. Blair et al,
liummill & Cresswell vs J. R. Cox, Adler.
Same vs Same,
Mary E. Trout vs Wm. 11. Icing & Flamer,
Mtn W. Glasgow vs ,John Brewster,
13. F. Glasgow vs. Same:
Timms Adams, mechanic. Huntingdon,
Petty 11. Bucket, tanner, Warriorsmark. •
John Bisbin, laborer, Porter,
Jacob Creswell, agent, 'l'od,
Alex. Cunningham, merchant, Huntingdon,
Jackson J. Fee carpenter, Henderson,
John Hunt, laborer, Cromwell,
Jelin Ilimt, farmer, Borneo.
Samuel Lutz, farmer. Shirley,
John Logan, farmer, Henderson,
David Long. farmer, Chic
Joshua Gornell, farmer, etss.
David Miller, tanner, Tud,
Benjamin Myers, farmer, Shirley,
J. K. McCallm, Sumner, Warriorsmark,
Carens Patterson, blacksmith, Porter,
Samuel Rorer, farmer, Shirley,
Benjamin Rhodes fanner, Cromwell,.
William Rothrock, brewer, Huntingdon,
Thomas F. Stetvart, Esq., farmer, West,
Jacob Stover, larnierriVarriorsmark,
Thomas L. dabs, hatter, (once) Huntingdon
William Thompson, farmer, Union.
Daniel Weight, farmer, Warriorsmark.
jl,llll Brown, fanner, Brady,
John Brown, fanner, Springfield,
John Beaver, tanner, Hopewell,
John Booth. teacher, Springfield,
Thomas 8011, carpenter, Barre;
Henry Boyer, fanner, Penn
Alexander Clue, farmer, Du
Alexander Coulter, laborer, Walker,
John Carl, miller, Dublin,
Abraham Crane,funner,kriteklie,
Basil Devor, farmer, Cromwell,
Jacob S. Deere,
blacksmith, Shirley,
William Dorris, Sr., gentleman, Hunt ingdott
A. W. Estate, inorchant, Mille,
GeiSillger, farmer, liniun,
Indrigir Garner, farmer, Werriersteat
'Andrew S. Benison, J. I'., Huntingdon.
Cruet, caridtnwr, Wet
j Oahu Al. Hight mechanic, Coon ilk,.
t,„ Joseph Hudson:farmer, I Lublin,
` &mum Backed., farmer, Tell,
Thomas B. Ruling , farmer ' Shirley,
Elijah Cl. Pluck, plasterer, Clay,
'Mellen' Jones, farmer, Franklin.,
Nathaniel Lytle, saddler, Morris,
Tolin Love, firmer, Barree,
John Miller, saddler, West,
James Myton, fanner, West,
Samuel McCord, farmer, Jackson
Joseph McCracken, farmer
John McClain, fkrmor, Tod,
Jonathan McWilliams, humor, Franklin,
Alexander Al. Oaks, ;hinter 131.ree,
,lemon Oliver, farmer, Franklin,
Isaac Peightal, farmer.
Samuel Porter, firmer, West,
Daniel Poightal, farmer, Ponn,
Jueob S. Park, farmer, Cass,
John Rupert, termer, C10,,y,
David Stevens, fanner, Clay,
Alexamlet Stewart, farmer, Franklin,
Lawrence Sweopo, mechanic, Clas,vilk,
Robert Stewart,
inn-keeper, JackKon,
Joseph Taylor, farmer, Cloy,
Samuel Work, farmer, Porter,
David Weight. fanner, Warrior mark,
John B. Weaver, fame. , Hopewell,
Jesse Yocum, mason Brady.
Fie°MO Bell, fanner, Bunco,
James Baker. mason, Cromwell,
David Herrick, thrmer, West:
Jesse Cook, farmer, Tod,
George Cresswell, merchant, West,
Dorsey Green, iron master, Porter,
William Y. Goshorn, fanner, Toll,
William Hutchison, filmier, Warriorsmark,
William H. Harper, merchant, Jackson,
John Henderson, Jr., farmer, Warriorsmark,
Hays Hamilton, nanager, Franklin,
Frederick Hoover, farmer, Penn,
John Pleadings, blueksmA, Brady,
James Homing, farmer, Berm,
Williom Johnsen, Warriotsinurk,
John S Lett, iron muster, Morris,
James Long, farmer, Shirley,
Joseph Law, membent, Morris,
Isaac Lininger, cabinet-maker„ Huutiugdon,
John McCartnev i farmer, Henderson,
Samuel K. Melts, farmer; Brady,
Jacob C. Miller, farmer, Barn.,
William Meredith, mrpou ter, Brady,
Jonathan Miller, theme,', Clay,
Jacob Miller, gentleman, Huntingdon,
la, Neil', farmer, Porter,
Cal,in Noble, mason, Cromwell,
Henry Neitrhoof, Wurriorsmark,
Joshua Price, fanner, Tell,
Charles Porter, merchant, Porter,
Joseph Bockats, laborer, Shirloysburg,
G. W. Hobison, clerk, Shirley
Gee. &q., inerchant, Shirley,
Abraham States, blacksmith, Walker,
Junies•Simpson, - farmer, Brady,
David Ibmilerson, tanner, Franklin,
Cheapest ""Job Prtitting" igace
We hare now made such arrangements in our
Job [?Dice as will enable no to do all kinds qf
Job Printing at 20 per cent.
cheaper rates
Than any Onlee in the Corunty•
Give us a .11. 1i we don't givooutiru satiafuc•
tion, uo charge at all will lie made.
--- 1114110.1 E.
A g.erif? (141tOrtnte141 Of BEWIAV all de
suripgions ju3l printed ,nul Jed( 41. du;
'Journal OElicc.'
Appointei of Referees, t:',oitooli Ruin
Notice to Hoteroes, lud t u cut Nut •
Sumuums, Vc4.1.10., Not. .
Con , plait I), • • .
CXCCt etri!.
Near the Lake Where Drooped
the Willow.
IIY (:1,01t6F. P. MOMUS.
Near the Lake where drooped the willow,
.• Long time ago,
Where the rock throws book the billow,
Brighter than snow—
Dwelt a maid, beloved and cherished,
By high and luw ;
But with autumn's leaf she perished,
Long time ago!
Rook, sum treo apt flowing water,
finig limo ago—
Bird, and hoe, and blossom taught lot
Loon's spell to know,
While to iny fluid words she listened,
Murmuring low.
Tenderly her dove eyes glistened,
Long tie ago!
Mingled were our hearts finever—
Long titan ago!
Can 1 now forget her? Never!
No, lest ono ! tio
To her grave those tears are given,
Ever to flow—
She's the star 1 missed from heaven,
Long time ago
HON. DAVID W1L3101"8
HotuDAystiußG, Ps., I
May, 5, 1857.
Towanda, TfradfoTil Co. Pa.
Sir: At a regular meeting of the Amer
ican State Council held in Altoona, on
the 15th of April last, it wan Resolved,
That a committee of five members be op
pointed. to solicit from the candidates put
in nomination by the Convention held at
Harrisburg on the 25th of 'Mardi, their
views in regard to the principler of the
American party. •
in pursuance of thu foregoing resolu•
biUtl the underpipted were ;ippoirwei raid
4 ..70711111itte - e: = - •
Joi nmaityr ,
You Will pleasn give u 3 categorical an
-6,1s to the folloving interroi•!,:aror; ••
embrace the principles ot the ro,
parry ro which your ~t,:rtion ,• •
r•,. you bolo r! , ••t :0 he . •
. . .
opposed to any L r .
! Ear. .1 I iierarchies in politic:
r, in favor of Free
for the ,tion of all classes, with
Bible nso tey.t book used theroin '
With great renpoet,
IV,: remain
Your humble servants,
Towanda, July 10, l~i,'i
Your letter of the nth
(lade to hand during the sitting et
courts, immediately on the close of whici.
I left home, and returned only a few day.,
since. This must be my apology for not
earlier having responded to your commit
I am rottuutitod to answer certain iut
rogntorieo propounded to me in purr.,. ~
of o resolution of the late convention !
at Altoona.
Thu history of our :irate ustabli. - :Lca e
who, and sofa policy in re poet to tl, •
point embraced in your first interrogstm,.
It will be found rere indeed, that any ay
cept native born citizens Lays held 1,;-! ,
official stations either in the lizeoo!,. ,
dudieial departments of our Statotouvor—
/sent ; and the same class, with compara
tively few exceptions, have filled the scats
of our Legislative 'falls. The eaturali2.
od citizen cannot reasonably complain that
this traditional policy should bo preserved.
There is nothing in it, intolerant or pro
scriptive; nor will the • enlightened and
patriotic citizen of foreign birth so regard
it. It imposes no legal diaqualilication.—
It takes fro, i iln no right. Official eta.
Lion of ri:uht beluts,., to T. w as. While
1 would adhere to this policy as one of
wisdom and patriotism, nu American who
properly appreciates his responsibilitie,,
would neglect au inquiry into the char..
ter and fitness of candidates proented for
his suffrage; nor could he, without Lousy.
al of the best interests of his woo;
regard the claims of priucipl.,•: =
.11i+ choice. Thu, :
wit"llau enligi is r• .1 : : • "
the r. musi, •,, ,
to one a on our . •
. . • , " "
.-.,,,,.' c , .'''.., . 1 , ,,...)„ , "..,;','.i,,,,,. \,,- ---, •,- • •
: :,' i ).,,:,! ~, 1 0. ..,, , -,..
r 2: 1 : ..,. 1 -:,.:( '-i... --,
.. fei P:11 . , r 1 , f - 4 ,V. lk:'; I l
L +,i
i* , U‘/ i ',' * 4 il l 4 ''.- !t . '
''i '''',, ' ''*'• • ' ):- '
/_._ 4; •
A ' '-'''
Are ymt frier ,f proteetion (,f
American ltv r , an
American inter,*
To thi, ymr ,ccond inkraigatoty,
ahall coutvat inpalf with a rtiraph,
The matt , ..r, , aildii,ed in your third in.
terrogatory too of the first impurtani,
and demand the inost,oricti,considcratioti
of the patriot and ntatomman. The ',old
ness and suceers with which fraud, are
perpetrated upon the Ballot Box, have
become alarining, and unleiss promptly and
effectually checked, taunt end in the nub
veridott of nut sy,tem of free!lovernment.
Thefi,m, of Liberty may remain, but on
ly as a cheat and mockery, I. , ,loitsing over
an cruel a ii , SpUtiSfll as ever ricr,el a ps,
, .f:tk ivikhlP-7
any nn.i . I , , ' I
pre,,ervn t!,, , -
Ityun tl,
i 4 war:a tr,,on wrain,r !'
urnnu and !July !, ! :
.I.l,rnc-1 t' 1, •1•.!i,,, in
Doubt', 'if
be so'nio. '•••I' • !
and faint. • • • ;r ;, • ,
should n • •,, •,
by looking le LL, • •
the groat stair,: of rt.furni iu ft!. •
It belongs exeluivelyte Ow Fiat,
tbic tyke:, tototion
proeribc the quitlircation, of tiled
provide stifv2:uards ,11:1
infliet punishment for nt , ault:, tit,
integrity of the ballot Ono tewn
State cannot bin early or vigoretwly exert
its conrtitltbAl3l r
urtti, • • •b, • 0 ••. ,••
the • ,-.'
It hoe over te , i.;
to the true Ameri,on,t euuntry
to Asylum for the oppresand of every
tiorl forbid that we should e
ungrateful fur Ilia bles,ings, as to
to share them with the hutted ❑nd indu,
trieuv uf whatever clime ur country; but
it is an uutrogn upon our hospitality; and
violation of international law, fey the
ti-uvurnuieuta of the Old World to
cargoes of criminal :1 and pauper.; on our
shore,. Our frovornalent eani,t b. too
in guardim; our
:j , Jilr fourth „ :
in rtt:titttuttt:ti;ity
nof t ititictittlitt,
the rt., ,:• . t
knowl ' •ec t : .
the people, i Lr• . ' , ut
spark open at, •
' I I.
- -
order At& !
.. ~ '7 .. :~',.. .1.. ~ ..
I I ,
. . . ,
" •
. . .
ci I :
which! .-• •••••.,;
. '
Nvrou R ILL within :
• - • •, .
1 nid,, ,hen,
t hi,! 7. i;./:/
~I:pir; ;r,~l
'MON, NOW AND PoltEt EU, f;1, ,::EPAUA •
i 11..•
•Ir i • r s.tait
• r, . rityrniit!
;art . t ;
:efor.• .•
triril, l•
the 1,0341,,t inlernti. t
tors if nelinions faifi, nu.; '
"t , nettrblint li.
'l' , f nv..tited with 1:; .
and In, in the ut • ' ' •
oxeit tr , HrltUr,ll Inlhancr
fig. .!"'
~., ~
.... ...~ .~ 1,
by Ow
. •
. 1 ,
. •
for i' •
but. actually r, JI our
Prote9tant !wt. of.nun
the tvara, , Itrauitaity irt
1, L.,• ry Tie,,(rner, • • • , •
•••.,t. le rlJts 1:1 ill
1:1.h ,:ltiVnJ
pre.,! of that as il ait I,
per:Gott mudi tan;
ter: as openly the face of ,lay, 41eaouttea i
from the nino,
ry, au . ? • lA,
ti,, alld . Moral Suasion.
A wayward bull of tho Ea.:raid lulu
of ~t:y ••. i.:, much
inale cuu,taut it, the LAt!
ha r I.r:a ..i., Oita left his bed and board, tollich ho atid Mar
gala, hip wife, had uccapied fur a lot'
llta I,:lt,u,Aird con/laud hiutsolf to thy n'hile , ;ll-nd spent hz ,, tin). itiointi
, • , . • • • :"rates. .445, • "'.,••-
, „ , .„ , , imrscit hand, ".
;ervance o
„ . ,
tt Cit.
-Phcir. (}ti.
rut..! n f;9,,,,
~ ... _.t.. ...~.. ~.. ~, li
, •
i ~:~~.~~~ ~ -,
. „., .
I Ill,:
t, , llotvir
!ich , +Ton the tre
Tsui! Li:o,v bird, caiic
,übiu, or
'tinit. G6lll
!t cHotly ou
rc,;t v.,ln
Titcy cur gur.l(l,, for ,Ttb, only
atta tht.o prut,ct our
ph:Lt.: , froth a ti,:itructo,
~.. .
ives at the "North etc thostly hu.di
4 , i,ared. It fend
nay iiijitry
liis) (armor. ilyuco..,ll. ducti him r
vt•ry importio.t
k,L. •
'i. 1 ( 11 . ,
6 ,, -
~..,, ~:,:::, :.:: - . g . - liv<: 7 l, , ,;;,.. - :• ft . 4 1
''..:l i ;'''''-: '....:•:' L' b•,' i - ' i I: ), 4 1 4 i M 1 i 1 frA
11N,,,t i "."• i, / ' i.. 4, i' • At y -,, , V.'',
ji ,i3O I IC , .:... lJ:'i ! eo , ril
~...„,..,, ..„
„,.., ~ ., . .r, D F - .......,
• ff)::
!• • •
7! •
nil," • : ,
• • •••• good
. It j,
, • , some
, ••Noct'tftelr
• . t• n flight to
.' • - • Ri - akinrd
' IV't! •
11l ~'lll
pt!, •
vbich it do ^ :,:i.•
tee, l hir c
pared, hu
I light
i,ut • .~:
..1 thu
The 1.1,1
The Gollen-wit:,;ed :,;
;• r
',V t),),1
:i~ ~ ..
1 i .
it n 1,1 :lie
.., ,~, ..
. . ' •
It , I , "
lov..ingt!ivir :,ncl utter![ ind
1. L, ~,
1 ..~ ~ ~.
.ti ~ ~ ,~.. ... ...
i nin (Jai' hnPy
!al aa I
.mini.. have,
11111 111 C11101:11:
eltl, we , r rnetun.,r
rUa. ;:o Nlr. 1
1k sc:inip,rol. 11
,LOl almost fool hi
113 lapid
thing! Friendly aline tree, With iow
branch., ! Clutched two of them rend
lifted our precious body into the lf
Taurus arrived just as we cleared the
ground ! Pawed and roared horribly--
Taurus did : We attempted to reason
with him. .No sort it use. 'NU oh
stiDat, hard of heart. Evidently a great
scamp. We eyed him.. lie eyed tip.
Cif"d eight for both of us. tieing in the
newspaper line, we urn in favor of the
publicati•nt -{ important news,
bu confess hit • Bull.let in con
un tin . ion, shucked our
• ! r t the fact that we
atitypnthy to
• ,
f our ear
:rs immense
;s also Clem i ly
, rnount
their eurti
Mr. hhhte, he
1)i.1 thi: tr
..•:•:. ~1 "Boanerges,
i.. • : Hreil at us, aud
• ell about three
aril was right, vve slid
and “put" fur the crazy
17" . distance from trmi to
::•1 in., tree to G c^o woo Just about
t fine list our assailant saw the
me - . - ,inent, and at en, again the chase
was a hot this tune tuts (listen- I
ced the "horrid critter," and scaled the
fonc , .., lauded in a field of rye at about
tile same inura;int that our pursuer's horns
,:ucic the top runs of the fence, and sent
zeprirted by the fence, we
•.. , iindrel a lecture that we hope
Renumber to his last moments.—
all dee alluwance :in his Cabe for
huLLub of the mowing and reaping
affair, but nevertheless concluded that he
was a great scamp.
u... ...........
Lack ?'
• .•
.. ".'iL (~~~~
... _ I..~:1:'.
, ttl try vile
„,; Itultiil),,, it
To It,
• I
Ll,B always
. !...ulnn t h an tV..I
is rl greillt!!
~1 • It'.l,ilUll~s' 11A
, anti
i ~..: ~
' .„ .
~}vct~ i ui u+
buy, tV coo - ccive
I,care. of
1 ;1
VOL. XXII. NO. 31.
• To understand the phenomin; essential
u the very existence of plants and ani
inal,, a few facts derived from observa•
. 'ton and a long train of experiments mus t
be remembered. Were the atmosphere
everywhere at all times, at a uniform
temperature, we should never have hail,
rain or snow. The water absorbed try it
in evaporation from the sea aril the earth's
surface would descend in imperceptible
super, or cease to be absorbed by the
air when it was once fully saturated.--
The absorbing power of the atmosphere,
and consegeently its capability to retain
Humidity, is proportionably greater in
warm than in cold air. The air near the
surface of the earth is warmer than it is in ,
the region of the clouds. The higher we
ascend from the earth the colder we find
the atmosphere. Hence the perpetual
snow on very high mountains in the hot
est climates. Now, when from continued
evaporation the air is highly saturated
wi,h vapor—though it he visible—if its
temperature is suddenly reduced by cold
currents descending from above or rushing
from a nigher to it limo latitude, its caps
, city to retain moisture is diminished, Mends
are formed, and the result is ram. Air
condenses as it cools, and, like a sponge
tilled with water and compressed, pours
out the water which its diminished caps•
city cannot hold. How singular yet how
simple, is such au admirable arrangement
for mitering the earth.
The Doom of the World.
What this change is to be, we dare not
conjecture; but wo see in the heavens
themselves sonic traces of destructive ele
ments, and some indications of their pow.
or, the fragments of broken planets—the
descent of stolies upon our globe—the
wheeling comets wielding their loose ma
terials at the solar !unlace—the volcanic
eruptions of our own satellite—the appear.
once of new stars and the disappearance
of others,—are all foreshadows of that Mi
-1 pending convulsion to which the system o f
the work' is (homed. Thus placed on a
/leavens - which an; t puss7a7rtrti7
treading, as it wero, on tho cemeteries,
•,;,1 J welling on the mausoleums of former
, orlds--let us learn a lesson of humility
and wisdom, if wo havo not already boon
• , :ocl of revelation.--North
•-!,. I!, . • , !!ith, whu
aas ! "we, m a :,onim - bull Le rrit , r, was
ono day training' the animal hi the art of
, auirm fer,ious, awl wanting some animate
set the dog, his daddy, after con
, . • . •r• !
pvimattion, centiontod to gat dowtt ,
upon all fours, and make light with Mr.
' YwznfjA rwaica began to urge on
tfi~• ,!
ter, boy—soizo Lim,' &c.;
at the dog , rnalo r. dip' find gat a good,
hold upon tint vld unit's proboscis, and get
tho dog off he couldn't.. So he began to
cr... oat pmiu caused Ly the dog.
• • ! old man,' shouted the
yuut;: Grin and boar it--
'twill tho pup V—Ex.
A ch, 3,
J:• ,it July itleidoriu, in Nowark,
nhrc Following, which find recorded' iu
the Daily Advortiser ) is worth transerib-
• .
• Y
A lady at tho corner of Broad and Mar
net strests, was standing 01 a barrel, the
head of which gave way, and she fell in,
eornplutely hiding the barrel with her ex
tensive skirts, exciting much merriment
a;oeLi t,hc spectators. fihe was extricated
from her unpleasant position by upsetting
the barrel.
late Ritasort GIVEN.—h has been as-
Iced, -why it is considered impolite for
melt to go into the presence at ladies
.;ft-siveves. while it is perfectly
eppear before gentle
, ,leeves at all ?"rim
the present king of
:1,1. none but women
„ • , . n and hence the
• 7 1111; SLX.,
. ' ' mho n•as inuidated
• sled, a cont.
1 ,:f1 in England,
• •
bridal engage
, . worthy of a true
• is enough of
;cif to C 0...., • iiis soul, 1 h i ll
wins engazciutif,."
':'urn ii
-L,Ligh, did you' , .say said the irascible
rler to the landlady, .11,1 woo trying
:.true what vita; oatonsiWy a chicken--
: tv , ...10 Ic,give illy (pinion nu
• • w.;s •o 1,1.71:
et tLu old
How Rain is Formed